Kansas Turnpike Authority installs equipment to increase speed, improve safety

Jim Cunningham
December 06, 2017 - 7:26 am

Kansas Turnpike Authority


Drivers who use the Kansas Turnpike will see a big change at the east terminal toll plaza near Bonner Springs. 

Most of the toll collectors are gone, replaced by electronic sensors. Technicians recently installed a system called open road tolling, which allows electronic customers to zip through at highway speed. Cash customers will still exit to get a turnpike ticket or pay.

The new system is safer and it provides better customer service, said Rachel Bell, Kansas Turnpike Authority spokeswoman. 

"If you have a compatible electronic device like a K-Tag, or a Pike Pass, or a transponder used in Texas you'll be able to use those highway-speed lanes without stopping," Bell said. 

Nearly 70 percent of toll employees are or will be at retirement age within the next 10 years, Bell said. KTA administrators felt it made sense to begin their transition to open road tolling.

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