Kansas City council members are talking financial transparency

Details about funding the Loews Convention Center hotel

Bill Grady
December 06, 2017 - 5:17 am

On Wednesday morning the finance committee of the Kansas City council will consider an ordinance aimed at financial transparency.

Council members Heather Hall, Teresa Loar and Katheryn Shields sponsored the measure asking for details on how the Loews Convention Center hotel will be bankrolled. 

The city would kick in thrity five million dollars in convention and tourism funds, to be repaid with the room tax, and it donates a seven million dollar parcel of land. The council members say they've been asking for details for months, and aren't getting anywhere. 

KMBZ asked Heather Hall if she thinks there's a concerted effort to keep council in the dark. Hall and the two co-sponsors support the hotel and say they're being fiscally responsible. Pubic testimony will be heard Wednesday morning. 

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