Illegal dumping investigator sees no shortage of violators in Kansas City

Jim Cunningham
November 16, 2017 - 6:55 am

A few days after a man unloaded a dead deer near Kansas City's Jazz District, it would be easy to assume that the city's illegal dumping investigator had just about seen it all.

Alan Ashurst has seen a lot, but he does not say he has lost his ability to be surprised. 

"Any place that people feel like nobody's watching, and they can sneak a bag of trash, they'll do it," Ashurst said. "I don't understand why people do it when you get 80 pounds of garbage you can put on your curb, and the city will come and get it each week for free."

The city is fighting back with electronic technology, but people still get away with illegal dumping.

"We've got surveillance as far up as 145th and Prospect, about 150 Highway, all the way to Platte County," Ashurst said.

Whether the trash is in for form of yard waste or something else, fines average a minimum of $500 for illegal dumping. Some of the common items found in unauthorized dump sites include household waste, building materials and old mattresses.

Anyone who has information about illegal dumping in KCMO is encouraged to call 311.

Kansas City authorities say they have identified the man who is accused of dumping the dead deer. The man has been ordered to pick up the carcass. He still faces a possible fine. 

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