KC civilians mobilize to aid flood victims in Houston

Military-surplus wrecker used recently in Kansas City floods

Bill Grady
August 29, 2017 - 6:01 am

Kansas City, MO - Two local men who brought out their very large military-surplus wrecker during recent flooding in Kansas City are now heading to Houston. 

Cyrus Dawson owns Stonehenge Landscape and Design. Along with business partner Spencer Sherf, are taking their HEMTT A4 M984A4 Recovery Truck (Wrecker) with 52 inch tires to assist flood rescue efforts where they can.

They're also heading down with more equipment. "I'm taking a larger jet ski and I have a 25-man survival raft made for the ocean and once you pull the cord on it, it inflates," Sherf said. "It has an overhead canopy on it."

The watercraft will enable the men to perform rescues in deeper water.

"I'm think that if there's a place where we can't get any farther with the truck, we can launch the jet ski and the survival raft," Sherf said. 

Dawson also is also carrying food, water and basic medical supplies. They left Monday night.

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