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Midday talks "Maga Teen" vs WAPO

Thursday, February 21st
Jayme & Wickett talked about the $250,000,000 lawsuit filed against the Washington Post by the Covington HS Student. Does he have a case?!

Midday hosted KCI HOUR!

Wednesday, February 20th
It was "KCI Hour" with KCI's Justin Meyer & Edgemoor's Geoff Stricker IN STUDIO with Jayme & Wickett!

Midday with Dave Helling

Wednesday, February 20th
The KC Star's Dave Helling joined Jayme & Wickett to talk about the Alabama newspaper's editorial about the KKK. What's a newspapers' role in allowing such...

Midday talks Jackson County Jail

Wednesday, February 20th
Midday took LOTS of your calls on Jackson County Sheriff, Darryl Forte and asked, "What questions SHOULD he be answering to the public at this time"?