Your kids are fat because YOU parents are lazy!

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Thursday, October 12th

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Right the painting has been has begun we are in studio during breaks and you'll see the final video Dan wind bombs recording it put things together. We are painting pumpkins white ceramic pumpkins for charity and when we are at the Johnson Tony hole and remodeling show. In a couple of weeks a pure Roland park convention center. Then now there will be on display. And some people pay for them. That real. Mean. What minimum bid like five box like that pity and let's be fifty cents or whatever you whatever you wanna put and. Take this home with Israel become part of my a Halloween to court Dudek river Halloween now. You know decorate for Christmas but really I'm never home for Christmas I am no I don't live in a place where again at your traders at my house okay side. Gotcha and it was five. Yeah we don't to a lot of we do a lot of Christmas decorating Halloween I ain't that. I don't really think we do a whole heck of a lot but. We will have videos and pictures and you wanna see some of the all the blank the blank canvas. I guess is. Up on net our Twitter account and KM BZ radio. And it's up on FaceBook as. Variety now just put it out. I'm excited that. This thing it I can't draw. No neither one of us can I just hope that I'd be horrendous gas might it was a very good artist I inherited none of that and so I thought no. Short of is what got us a high school sometimes is a identical on that make a mess. Why it needs to be within my skills. And so I think might be I'm at least thing that I have started as identifiable as the thing I wanted to. OK I think I I believe mine is the beginning shape I. They keyword cash for you don't forget if you want to win a thousand dollars and if you win the thousand bucks will let you bid on our pumpkins in per thousand by. If you want to that would be really cool to charity. So if you want to that's cool if not thank you for yourself what is the word. Charette SH RED charette text that word and seven to anyone and you can 1000 bucks. Are your kids fat. All out there let's just cut just blunt about those and not talk about like unhealthy whatever it weights on and if our walk. Because there's a big study out US news published it was adamant other places. That says new research published in the lancet sat in the last four years the number of obese children and adolescents across the globe. Has skyrocketed. Ten full now that's that's across you know that's not just in the United States that's everywhere but that is. The number of obese kids in adolescence has gone up by ten times in forty years. They found that specifically five million girls were found to be obese in 1975. Compared to fifteen million in 2016. Boys saw a similar increase in obesity numbers. And it looked at 200 countries. With too funny 400 population based studies. And so they said while the number of obese children in the world has soared they're even greater numbers of kids. Between the ages of five to nineteen were moderately to severely overweight so it's not just obese it's even just moderately overweight. So it's going up off the charts and it just talking a little bit about why trying to figure out in I it's an activity. But I'm wondering also what challenges there are in keeping your kids helping not just because of video games. But what about teaching healthy eating habits and that kind of thing and so for those of you that have kids that you consider to be overweight and I think we know it. You know I knew that I was a little bit overweight as a candidate and you're really sensitive about that. What's why and argued trying to doing it what's the challenge I don't back yet to act how do you combat obesity in your kids 576779. Or 21890s era if you've got kids that are not overweight how to get there. Just look my sister and I were never overweight we were blessed with metabolism. Then people would die for. But I know there are some some parents out there that have kids that are not blessed for this metabolism and how do you combat. Other than just saying make him go outside OK we understand that. And Ed have you had did and he had to watch your kids would what they eat 57677. And it is Jamie I guarantee their parents that are out there that are listed like. And my kids are are chunky I guess you're gonna how to get them food to eat healthier. How what do you how do you change eating habits you know if you've got a kid that that's already overweight what do you do about it. My experience my parents both worked a lot Evans on dozens my mom was worked at a hospital lot and so. I was raised on fast food and spaghetti. It was just on it was just a matter getting food in my mouth not a matter of being healthy. And my mom wasn't healthy I I think it's it's a matter of example to I was never tire height I didn't learn any help it does my thirties. I just at some point just decided I don't like this anymore home figured out for myself and I did so I think it's leading by example is one thing. I get that the kids are active. But I think parents are busy I think that's part of it is just it takes time. Megan's parents too much credit but I feel like it takes time it's it's easier to grab fast for her to grab prepared foods and it's hard a couple of. 5767798. How do you combat it oh or Aggies seemed blazer like it didn't work sucked brining Johnny first up I 91 KM BZ I Brian. Not bad yep kids. Our day. I want. Up and looked and it. What is or isn't that while I'm we get asked after it I love that adds a great answer Brian how do you combat childhood child obesity. Yeah. I think that I figured the activity. That I got there they. Aren't here a year. I have league guidelines or will you call it what you call somebody obese. As things yelled over the years. I don't know the answer to that to be honest on. But don't you when you. I get to there are technical definitions and terms. You know what is technically a piece of what isn't. Just kids are overweight and you know it's Republican Adam and and let's assume that overweight is not healthy. I did they let you talk about making regular old. Maybe. There today. Yeah. I think the may prompt them. It is. In the W then that ended. The idea that we do. Although people think that there's scenarios like. Overprotected you don't. Yeah I it it's definitely changed I mean it and and what's interesting is the quality of food. Is better today in terms of the health. That the health factor of what you can get your kids are here like I look at my sister's bridge from my two nephews and one of them is skinny like me that one's going to be is it shovel lob. Now and I look at that bridge when I'm at her place and a look at him like all this healthy food for kids. I don't remember us ever having healthy food for kids yet kid childhood obesity is on the rise. On yeah I and several people are playing on the tax find healthy food is more expensive. You know she at a cost more to got a whole foods that it does to get in Allen and it costs more for the organic stuff. That it does to go to McDonald's on and so price is a factor on. Just go to activity thing for second I blame the solid kids sit in front of video games in the TV because one of the things I learned losing weight and this is one thing. I know have a nutritionist who tells me all the time. If you wanna maintain your weight loss on its more about what you eat and not your physical activity peel put in your body in the first place you don't have to burn it off and and so it's it's it. Largely. Has to do with food and and physical activity is a lot just like to be used it for keeping you healthy and in terms of your weight it really is the food matters a lot. But 767798. Childhood obesity is on the rise in this country and is not even a joke it is straight up oddly combatant. How do you combat how do you kids keep your kids eating healthy. 5767798. How we get here your calls next including he really did call from Phil. He'll be our leadoff hitter will get to Kathy wanted to Lori lead to everybody coming up next here a 91 KM BZ 91 KM BZ midday with Jamie and wicket. Javy about is selling like wicket. It's a very productive day during breaks for us here in the studio breaks up 3 and 2 o'clock and average renowned team to get these RNC we get for an hour. He breaks it which we got a couple of hours on that team until after 2 o'clock. I'll be here 4 o'clock or painting pumpkins in studio and you can now. You'll see the video later on. And some of the pictures. Because rooted for charity and I don't know what Jamie's painting and she doesn't know what I'm paint it we have Mike in those boxes and we'll do the reveal coming up before too. But what people are fun is if we somehow just recorded the conversations that you and I are having together yes we do the story that is way more entertaining and hit it it because we. The other is doing and second we're having similar issues with the resources we have available to arrest somebody for suggested by the ways and you know I should paint kneeling football players on the pumpkin. Why would you say that up. But right now we're talking about the story that sort of US news and Robert port there's that was published published in the lancet that. Shows that the number of kids that are considered to be a peace across the globe across 200 Kron our country's. Has gone up tenfold in the last forty years and it's for ages like five through eighteen it's all across the board. And it's not the kids that are overweight it's the kids that are also urged ICG is the kids that are obese it's the kids that are awesome moderately overweight. And we're trying to figure out a couple things on if you have kids that are overweight watch what's keeping you. From having a kid that is that a healthy weights and we understand that. There are kids that can be are pleased adults that can claim to be really physically active but by definition be obese. Kids are very obviously of waits while I don't care tall you are I think we know advocate is overweight and I don't think. That it's healthy for any kid to be overweight even if there are kind of physically active. Nonetheless the question is what do to about it and it for either have done it successfully and have healthy kids that are but couldn't wait is it meant apple does what he'd do it differently. 5767798. How'd we get here as well let's talk to filling Kansas City your 91 KM BZ Ifill. You know. For a long time and outlawed sought the we have practice now in the country there are. Don't bother former operate there food. That's been confirmed. Is. Work for order through the obesity problem in the country our Fleetwood bombing. Who these these these well over small. Water so water well. And the wrong kind of Rupert who cared. Be eaten in about. What that's what the terror murder and you know we're here at Verizon and diabetes. What Parker. And there are a lot of got it down here because of the not in order aren't yet you still. Thought bill. I got to I was gonna set I wonder if you had seen kids eating unhealthy. As you grow up and act I think you're you're spot on man a week they're there are more fast food restaurants that we know what to do with I mean you and I talk about. Creating the fur perfect fast food meal. Yeah and kids see it and they want it and kids are busy and parents are busy and it's easier and we did Toobin there's nothing better than the party holds. I was that that was the parent of two kids that. The child of two parents that worked a lot and the closest fast movement clause was hardy's. I had parties chicken sandwich twice a week as I can't do it real rallies around here. Does that mean I've heard of it or not rally unit that nobody knows rallied cops had an Omaha I am starving all of a sudden we're talking a lot a lot tax now Hungary. We sent Travis out again and take that debit card again Travis we need Cappy in south Kansas City and 81 KM BZ. Hi I get past there so many things like that and I'll try to be quit two point earth at all. You know it seems silly. But our guards or caller we have little posted stamp yards and an advocate and an art of the we have the biggest art. And they are that are out and hang out and had not uncommon for media have pointed that out over the summer. And you can't just send them out and they get dealt just OK. So it's easier for parents. That way you know what happened in sight no network cap and by not say. And that it on video game all I am not I don't mind might help me out but the other thing is about the eating is. You know parents don't have time anymore to fight the battle you know quit acting doctor say what it takes like that rate and equity development pay for it. And with mine you know three kids it was a battle to keep up that right. And that didn't and the unity and you know parents are just too busy and that's what that these days and so. You know without adult blogging right down and their work so they note that there is an afterschool and while they you know cut their purchasing it backs. You know they say you know you policy writing talent and make right choices. But unless you're you're Bayer elders go out and make the other and though. Several several things signal and it you know we have lots of rules that are out just strictly built around boot and it doesn't make me a popular. What is there and get. They what rules have that you add your house. They only get pop on the weekend I singled them there on the weekend. Days past that when they come home from school. There are you know their snack cap to be a fruit corn dairy before they have a you know what crackers or some car. And then you know I just say about fight for dinner and we're not only home for dinner so I'll app and. Do you make your lunches for school. Urge to eat at all. Now I don't they eat out there is they they take their land and I'd donate they do fairly well and I haven't consent when they were younger. What were younger I told him I knew what they were chipping at school but I kept track now of course I don't believe that anymore about it. Whenever aggravated so they thought they had to take that for you as well. Yeah. Don't. IA Gucci gotta do Kathy and I'm sure that is a battle but some adult like. Going to so there's an and we are there still adults that don't eat fruits or vegetables all don't Andy my wife doesn't eat fruit and none she doesn't like seeds and and texture and Suzuki didn't she doesn't eat any fruit so she S exit animal web site. But she's. Right it is kind of what your raised on and if you're toxic eat those things when you're really young that you have more of a taste for it it's hard to develop that tastes as an adult. Kathy thanks for your phone call pre shaded Laurie Lawrence your 91 KM BZ what's up glory. Hi my call and I took one at that point out that we have to live by example of our kids. They're gonna do what we eat there and we sell our house with a bunch of junk they would only go out to eat all the time men. Don't teach them about nutrition and they're gonna do. It was BC and I would like now and that study how many of them were. These kids came from families with overweight or obese parents because. That's really where it starts. That's a really good question because I mean if if I. If Lee and I are able to have children. Might buy food habits are gonna have to change when nick it is able to select its own food is I got three bags a chips in a jar referral of Jolly Ranchers that in my closet right now. Well and Mike and let All My Children were little and I decided that myself and battle. We are rotten and you come out of about how to quit. With that labor in sick. When my husband and I decide that are helping so firm. There were a little bit of a bite at first or in Dayton but now there. Why aren't they want and they they don't about the restaurants they say no about. That car and protein and and what to eat and and I didn't do anything differently other then eight I. Mean I didn't and is and they that. You know and that there is special occasions where I'm we did anything toll op like mentally art that. The family couldn't come are out and have a meet in which Internet bet. And we get lead by example in our our children show and I'm I think that's that's geeky. Sounds good lord thinks the focal go to Jody who's in belt or 91 KM BZ I Jody. I. Can't. Why stealing that sometimes we pay we put too much emphasis on that wait kids aren't at fort ways. And now that each 141516. And 23. But when they were younger and Q who Wear. How he'd wait probably in the and then you more edgy and probably they would be considered overweight but now you know those two guys who were overweight that there are 626. You know in a note to set them I think sometimes. There's much that. Fumble on the kitten and you know there will be oneself or. Is Caroline and weaker than. And Jerry thinks the phone call appreciate it out last sort of this goes to rich in the north Lander a 91 KM BZ what's up rich. Well very interesting topic. People I mean my wife and they are very active. So we we we don't vote would mean from the advocate of school almost every night we're there baseball right. So there are a lot of calories we don't need a hole like we should. So when we do that he'd you have to be Smart about it you can stop at the local place that hamburgers and agree that jar. Or you can pick a player who would make a putt more so here salad for ten. You know like Coca eligible Turkey and what we get out now is our voice. He's cute circuit that has been quite a bit like not now the coach to a subway or get a sense you know they went dead. That they can go back I'll at least for body feel. But it the same time that all they do need to create an uphill bad about it but that the they're burning so many calories that it doesn't affect the market. I think you can you know that it be kept their lot yet to be Smart. Just warn them when they're good capitalism slows down rich they're screwed. A lot. That you're filming. Thanks a folk comment appreciate it you can read about it on her FaceBook page you can give us your thoughts there text in 22980. 91 KM BZ midday with Damien wicket that Stevie not a silly house Republican coming along I can't see it that'll wanna see it till 2 o'clock I mean. Some other supplies. OK and I average out. Dan line bomb is in studio he's doing a lot of the filming. Save for the video later on C yeah deceit can take on we kinkle FaceBook lies because we're doing it during the breaks right because we have this talk show to do Hauser is coming along down. Tell us he's stepped in dog -- quite the choice is just got an idea what what choice and I have asked. And interest and there's so many ads that it is an Internet connection as Tommy and questionable. House by now doing is looking pretty good again. What I snot lives learned that at all possible. Isaacson will city Iowa City I'm a simple and so yeah include anything to yet know how that's gadgets we certainly a special Y times what ticked act 010 right yeah exactly. These two tacked to important people of what you get little stick useful little on this and put little on the backs of the UST. I didn't do it expects to. That was better guidance in this is looking pretty good thing its record of of me it's very ambitious. I said I'm not over and over again and yes he's cited a batter earlier I think we have to be done by two. So I might. TV's going to be here to like weird show two to. Says yeah that's it's only it's not on your right it was ambitious I went off an image online as I used an exit. Evil lord if Fareed that the color outside the lines it's watercolor. Right look at these are white ceramic pumpkins that obtaining and they'll be auctioned off for charity at the home remodeling shows Johnson count against the no pressure but they're being sold right decades they've got a look you don't wanna have the lowest. Two nations for yours if it's gonna buy your own. I've. 03 bucks. Just get an awful lot to say at a fair for all eroded with the other one's right to buy one get one by one get Jamie's that's what it's curtains. Ultimately you vote which what do you think is better later on on FaceBook we have the final products. OK so on things are gonna called and about how to keep your kids from being overweight. And later we'll talk about its money is spent on Halloween candy. But now that's boot up Hungary. Yes I so we case of a fan of these Chicago cops that decide to sue the cubs and Major League Baseball. After something happened to him that has happened in a lot of places. All right so he was blinded in one eye by a foul ball at Wrigley and his name. Is John Luke's LOO asks. And he would to a game on August 29 at Wrigley Field was cubs and pirates gave a ball that was hit on you off the bat. Hit it in the left side of his face the incident left him blind he says is the vision loss may be permanent. Any might need a prosthetic high. He said quote I haven't done much since August 29 among short term disability I'm not sure what I'll be able to return to work he is sixty. And works in information technology and management. In the Chicago. Area so we should point out that it Wrigley Field if you about their safety netting does not extend to the far ends of the dugout. Which is where he was sitting in an area that did not have safety cell. So there's that duct so picture of the diamond and it goes to the dugout but it doesn't go. To the far end of the dugout and you're so doesn't go further up the first or third baseline. Yes and and the person before we even got too far in of those I asked wick and I said you. Don't know when you go to a baseball game that you're kind of taking your life in your hands you know that that the risk of sitting in a really good seats. Is that you might you might get I thought well that's the chance of taking going to based on an. And on the back that your ticket. It says you know if you buy this deceit of paraphrasing here basically. You know the club assumes. No. You don't worry about the risk of injury you kind of sitting at your own your own race. Yes except that this guy that filed the lawsuit says he was that the game as aghast and did not buy a technique didn't buy it that's his legal loophole right there he's heeded by the ticket here's a recess I was told my C it was a good one I've only been to a few games and does that so close of the field with my family was really exciting for me. But in the fifth inning a foul ball came off the bat and hit him in the face he says he lost sight in that I immediately. I his son was sitting next on saw the ball coming but at no time to warn him I and before the accident he said he had 20/20 vision. And so well he's had multiple surgeries since the accidents five broken bones in his face has a hole on his science that bleeds into his mouth he sent. He's Dolan after a crazy amount of money by the way an ankle after twenty billion dollars or Hewitt incident like this you hear ruckus Aussie you're like oh my gosh how much does he fit her. That's at 50000 dollars that's and actually they said his attorney said they're not seeking a particular sum of money. Base of the lawsuit seeking more than fifty gram but as it jurisdictional requirements for Cook County. It's O doesn't sound like he's suing firm hundreds of millions of doll because Adam. Does he have a case 5767798. And text into two dining zero. Tickets purchased for a Major League Baseball games state the risk of being hit by a foul ball limited tickets liability. But he didn't I yanked its okay he got it is a form of friends so. Well then. Who bought. And does that person bear the response of all you guys and the liability of telling him. If if it if it really is about who bought the ticket. I ask who bought the ticket and should that person then. Have the legal responsibility. To tell hand hey you can get hit by a foul ball in the face and lose sight in one eye. And then that lets this guy make the decision about whether to go to the game and take the rest. I hate this story because it is common sense. That if you were sitting that close to a baseball game. And you're sitting that close Tora ball is gonna come off the bat Uighurs an assumption of risk. But it's 20s17. And we RD talked about the Vegas shooting victims suing Mandalay bay last hour. They may have a case is this guy I have I need a lawyer. It's not like he just got a bruise in the guy you know it's not like he just like he got a black eye at some point I mean he claims he has lost vision and that he's had multiple surgeries has sent more you work. And so I get it's on your ticket but I challenge. I don't like that I don't like outlaw I don't like you give up. All legal responsibility you know I mean I don't like that you go to a game and while if you're I've alcohol in your well then Major League Baseball cubs have no responsibility for that he could have McCain can't work. He's got legally I don't now. But I want him to have a case in in the situation I I hope he gets something for it. Because that would and you chose to sit there mutilated but is there any seats. And even more regionally based on hard so is there any seat in a Major League Baseball park where you are guaranteed not to get hit by a foul ball. Mean guarantee guarantee you they I mean you you can't. Less likely you will not get hit by a foul ball if you're in the outfield. Okay you might I buy a home run ball crappy seats right but if you're sitting bid that there isn't adding. And the netting is pretty strong I've never seen a ball goes for IC to ball gets stuck in the net and I've never seen a ball goes through the net cell. As close to a guarantee is I can say is right behind the net that's as close to a guarantee as I can get. You housing and it buyout ball just goes out you know I mean not home run but like if it does goes. Everett terms but not solve like it you get hit by a ball like gets involved it's evolved everything out there I mean you could get hit by a ball that is thrown at overthrow like they act the third base in the overthrow the first baseman back in line up in the crowd. I want him to have a case I don't I don't I do because I feel like there should be some legal route. For the people that ten cent a black guy but this is sixty years old he's nearing retirement. Who knows who's gonna hire and you know he needs his old job back he can't do. I want heat you know. It but then who's who do you in the liability. If it's not his fault. I get that he's suing the me Major League Baseball cubs but it's not like the ball was intentionally hit act him. But they can say put mourn outside. Extend the safety net he knows what happened. Each brought up some really good point about getting currently about coming up next. Because they do it in other countries we don't do it here 5767798. The guy didn't buy a ticket to a cubs game but he sat down low he was given the ticket all of any guy. He says he can't see. Does he have a case against the cubs 5767798. It's all your calls coming up next a 91 KM BZ. AMD's. You know we are painting. You're bringing the pump get over the telephone and talk to people in pain at the same time it okay look at the screen lowered or paint pumpkins for charity in studio white ceramic pumpkins will have more details on that a little bit later. And you can vote in which one you think is better and or Jamie we don't I don't know what she's drawing or painting and she doesn't know and I've paid. I'm little stories are coming after Russia's near. And no man and a problem would you do we know there. And we're talking about a baseball fan in Chicago who was blinded in 19 by a foul ball during the game at Wrigley on the 29 between the Chicago Cubs and the Pittsburg pirates. Ball hit him in the last I and left him blind in the left I. Nice is I haven't done much since August 29 on short term disability. Not sure when I'll be able to return to work. The legal Luke the only legal loophole I can see because this is ridiculous she sit close to a baseball game you assume the risk. And it said on the ticket. Generally it's it describes July among the errors when you by the ticket he didn't buy it now. 5767798. A suck it Jerry in park bill Jerry your 91 KN BC what's up Jerry. I just had a comment about the baseball. At this time. My question would I don't know all the guys as a legal. Right to it or not my question would be at the ticket of a contract between a customer and a baseball team. Shouldn't. Baseball team has some kind of confirmation that the guy accepted that risk. I think we use that that is their outweigh and you buy a ticket. I had and I know what you're saying like. Damp to get confirmation you read the back of the ticket where it says you assumed the risk like you sign contracts at a speed right I I don't wealth and because that's there they're out when you purchase it. But he didn't buy it so I don't I don't know Jerry and I don't know how that works. Yeah and I don't know either like. It seemed like baseball obviously don't want share an idiot. Risk this program is coming from the base. I that's I think the phone call Gerri we appreciate it 5767798. David in part failure and 81 KM BZ what's up David. Yes hi I'm I'm kind of the guy. You know it's toppling it happened but you take that risk would you go well game. You know it's. I mean I've been an improbable come pretty close ups you have with people and and that's an awful thing. The if the ballclub. In the stadium or whatever it works big advocate. It'll help with medical rosters on technical potential of reasonable spore. I don't either and think the phone call because the cubs are what are the most valuable we look at this Forbes. Value to. Cobbs and looked this up. See what the value of the Chicago they are the fourth most valuable. Squad in Major League Baseball right fourth most valuable team in Major League Baseball like could you just paid him. Go on for fifty grant they're worth two point 68 billion dollars a say that again the Chicago Cubs are worth two billion dollars to half billion. I feel like they're going to do the right thing. I IE I would think that that family will do the right thing by it. I aid down. Now here compact UII get dead. Common sense tells me your take the risk we don't know ball park and that. Eight somebody who hits the ball thrower it's gonna go necessarily you're gonna evens the best ballplayers and and are gonna have foul ball every once in awhile and they can't they can't control that necessarily. But I want this guy to have at least a little bit I don't want died got a black I'd have a case but I want to die that lost sight in an eye and can't work. To have some kind of legal recourse at least to get his money back for the expenses you know just. Pay back for the medical bills by the way the royals on the 26 most valuable franchise in baseball pitcher wondered. Just under a billion dollars so they're worth over a billion now they were before the now the worth about just about a billion. 5767798. Thinks that phone call David appreciate it let's go to carry in Ottawa carry your 91 KM BZ. I care about charity ticket situation and I wonder why even adding that jacket baby cat baby when he locked in the stadium and that it true that he had passion that I have read it had we are people out there and make it a war. No I eat there. Back. More than any and you are not what we are constantly at battle. Quietly. Not out in the open and try to help they related I don't. Legal precedent or crackpot I want. Hot dog and she hears. You know. Out there and I don't act like Bill Curry or are. I don't think ever operator is making you sign a paper saying that you understand why the ball the correct. You're right. And you can't come back and you are a great. Car and port and it. All mean you don't comment. There are trying to come by although there. It. It's it's one of those it's another question for for the lawyers to speak legalese and whether or not the purchase Stanton. I in the case I mean if anything I think this will increase the netting at Wrigley. Well right and I think that's partially why he has maybe not but I'd like that's partially why has a case is because. All they had to do was put more netting up to prevent this from happening and they did. Add a lot more netting in 2012. But it doesn't goal. Far enough in some cases I guess. In an EG a brought this up I mentioned before the break was stuck in Egypt in the morning show before we came on the air. And he he big may be remembered that you want to gain it's played in Japan and they have netting all the way hourly all the hacking and up top physical body falling. To their deaths. Smart they have when things that happen at some relatives happen now that sadly it's happening in America and at at based coal stadiums for the fall over the railings or wherever. So I mean in Japan and they have knitting all over to prevent stuff like this. Mary in Johnson County or 91 KMB easy morning Mary. Well and IQ. Are they all. That he wouldn't be here I'll let let. Counting the years and I know. I'm. But there are fine program that is here at best it is now in there and well and nothing. Not at. Home they often look at that had been at the GO. I I ice I think I side with the cubs zionist who just like you do marry legally I I don't think he has a great case. But I want him to get the. His medical bills back east north to half billion dollars or fifty cents got it fifty grand is like a drop in the bucket right. Go to Jerry in peculiar 91 KM BZ what's up Jerry. Yeah. I have. In my opinion. A man you're about to ticket. Our work. Did you ever Ager a catch up real quick to turn your radio downforce place. Thank you very much are we appreciate that. That table to check it. As responsible for inaugural said that he couldn't. Well. He didn't buy it again he didn't. Biden team. I would demanded bid by the ticket that's when you have Bible apply very possible that made its ticket to. It's gotta I was injured. Goodness I don't. And eight are you on it looks a little more he'd get addicted does somebody else. Think over the phone call man it would it would be very 27 team if his body that gave him the ticket is the one that gets sued yeah. For the damages that would be so 27 team would net. If the law says it is the purchaser and without the risk purchaser. Especially if the guy that student ever at the ticket in hand. I now. I I hope the cubs do the right thing I don't know if the cubs are gonna do the right thing I hope the cubs through the right thing. And you'll see more netting at Wrigley you'll see more everywhere. And get it's EU aid is not why isn't letting up right. Because fans don't want it in the way a year of them you right.