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Wednesday, June 20th
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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. Michael Kron TV is your heart is for the day. I don't I am glad I'm back I was going to be back yesterday. And then right score. I was post and then I called Scott's. And it was apparent. That I could not come back yesterday and so I am glad to be back today. I'm not ready. Much to talk a lot about what happened but these don't see everybody's. Doing. Better. The only thing I do wanna say publicly. Is that. I. Cannot say enough cannot. I am so thankful and cannot say enough. For the folks at Overland Park there sports medicine. And concussion management program for kids like I literally. Cannot say enough about what they have done for us and. So gutless or god bless them. Missed terrorism the way I'd. IA. And so happy that you're having a boy boy boy. The white Brothers it's lovely yeah me so happy and the kids name I believe we've had we sat on Travis Rodney Scott Jonathan. Mark Hurd will we we said John and rod sky jump around Scott Travis marks her right. I think actually agree. Well day in this is getting to be like the longest child's name and history of names. Great to play like he's. Right. That he's not. We have yesterday when David called me to say that she would not be able to join us on the show we actually do have audio of that phone call Travis. Yeah. Yeah. It. I don't know I don't understand one word you said okay we. And yet that's about it no we of the acts like Travis what's the actual audio. Well plea after ten. After I don't think much has patents patent means that my page at Stanford shot. It's sex. Was doing now. Yeah. If you ever see in terms of endearment and that scene with Shirley MacLaine. That. That's. Was optional. I believed terms have been your it was filmed in Lincoln Nebraska I believe you're correct in every time a doctor would say to me. You know anxiety. Stress. Safe place low lights lot of rest I would say yes that is what I need now what about my tax. We're gonna get some medication during it. And if they think I'm crazy. Yeah. Let's talk about if you pop her pills. I get Medicaid are you apology peace pill now all I know where you indulging in the panic though. Oh. It was like. Crying like. Ugly crying every second of the day minute and I he's like you know you can't like helps. Anyway it was it was pretty bad wasn't. A rot. I love I just cost and Mike I think about I don't ya got. So I'm coming back from a little ones we like to go to from time to time and by that I mean every day. Anyways on drive them back and my phone rings Rodney. And I looked down and I see that it's. Now we just. Too long. So I'd say hello. This is at 115. In the afternoon. Yesterday. All year. OJ. Yeah. It's. 01 word you said. Especially all. I heard radiology. Second opinion I'm not coming in and in between those three things that I heard was a lot. And that's all I swear to god. You know I turn around and I don't say. Okay I'm paper does at Tennessee tomorrow what should take the day all the. The bills to so probably. Believe it or not I am glad to see your face. All I'm glad this year. Viewers are about the medicine that there was a comedian when time. Woman thing about. She stressed out all the kids and crazies and keep of lies was a doctor the doctor it was wonderful. It's called value that was so great everything was so nice. And when I want to get it refilled their like no this is for use don't give it to the. So anyway I I met a better had space obviously all I want is an end. And like tell fart jokes and like make me laugh it would look. Like I've got to bring it back up to speak to the inevitable I brought us all midget tornado yesterday and I was a mini tour. Ornate white mini tours and it was a mini me in the Hernandez it. I I hold religious channel IQ and a session yesterday. I do not have an obsessions and it. Almighty god when we were on vacation trash can blown out or was that that isn't there a story. Here's what's so awful. We're at the airport. To come back to kansas'. Carry. From teen scene from TMC were caught on their rod TCI to sink because. He went with him I with my Mother's Day on the beach. I missed my life. Was that. There was a everybody down there like it's 98%. There was a little black midget. The airport. He worked for light their version of why. He works for their version of the TSA. I badge on and everything. Like well like like a normal sized ads against her resume normal sized bed. S security or was it. In miniaturized adds there's a it was a normal sized bags on a smaller version of US. Here is the problem. My obsession with midget and it's not a bad session I'm fast. Sarah looks goes down. And Obama. You use the first thing we learn as children really one of the first things. And you're out you're out all point stare. And stare and she was pointing out. Walt you. Oh really. Yes I'm gonna go and say already fourteen minutes into the show there's something wrong with via. What's your which remain today. Who he want my name to me. I need care now. Eager stripper and after about seven is Ronny went at it. And there's there's a story and then today you're stripper name is the color of your underwear and the last thing UA. Go. It's gotten to. White sort of. Was he's. So it would be. It. I guess checkered serial. OK. Please welcome checkered cereal to the stage Cara. I'm pattern or Mac and cheese laughter. He's a serial. Well there was there was a medics. You mix your cereal. I'll kill demons. Honey Nut Cheerios fruit loops and raisin bran has an interest is okay Scott ago I do what measures. Chips. All. And I am and the residents. And a lot I would pay 1250 to see commando troops. Her name she. Lessons and as I hope not pay 1250 please welcome navy's cottage cheese this age we'd rather not now. A gentleman. Here's navy cottage cheese us. 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Bothered you that your upset about in our lives we go on air and go hey man this thing's really bother people calling. Into all the time. We're glad your back. Today on talk about. Alec kidnapped children for cages or let's not. Could talk about it the president did just sign an executive order I just saw him on the news. A lot out. He signed an executive order that's gonna reunite the families. That's not at this hour it's the expertise of the can I ask one question before we not talk about it no guitar note I just I do wanna ask a question before we don't talk about it. Logistically follow me here you are not a fan of government a lot of people listening to this program. You're not a fan of big government again at my dad I'm not I'm not a not a fan and they think they screw things up I think they make things worse yes. Going along with that logic. That it's too big there's a lot of red tape they screw things up. My question once we do talk about this. Is logistically. How does heck she do we reunite. Him. These children who have been. Taken. With. The mom and dad they belong to. Some of them aren't two peca. And that today some of them are and I heard Washington's Washington State we've got Simon was in Jersey that took some. I worry mission Michigan. I worry logistically. With the people who are charged with this. Disaster. Debacle nightmare of human policy. Logistically how we make sure these tiny people get back to where they're supposed to be I don't know. I without someone fallen through the cracks a toddler a two year old kid or one year old can't tell you. You know his social or where's my mom's from or where did I come from or why am I here and understand what is happening and some of the sixteen Urals. I'm talking about the babies the toddlers. You know a four year old Scott EUU laughed at me for putting a land here on my. Then six year old a five year old in Chicago. These kids don't have land your. They need them and part of the problem I believe it was in. It was in the Wall Street Journal ripped through this. One of the major papers were there was New York Times Wall Street Journal over you said today. Had the kids. The young kids. And by that I mean toddlers and babies. They were being placed in what were called tender age camps tender age can't sank. The problem it is. How do you. Because. When you have a baby at the hospital for example. And god knows you know that. They give you pretty. Yeah span. With the bark total. Right Hank Aaron and then they put on your babies somewhere in Durham ankle or on the wrist correct me similar risk man with a an identical Barco. So when you're two or three days were up to the hospital. And it's time for you to go home with your new addition. They scanned your wrist and then they scare and the baby's wrist. And they say OK that's small that's maybe your free to go. They have not done. With these parents based on the news reports that I saw this morning. On Good Morning America. And and so. How do we know and now if it's a thirteen year old and a mom that's again and say you know I'm so when so. Estrada. And that's my mom now throw in a language barrier. Well I'm an event that's exit of crossover but. Their planet this country does speak Spanish job. But take a nine month old or one year old. And now you just have a parent that says that's my baby okay. I am Toledo telling them now. There is no way we are going to have a successful. 100%. Reunification we we there's no way we never should have had the super there's no way we are going to accurately. Figure out where. The babies belong. And you mentioned. The hospital bracelet I'm glad you mentioned. Because in West Virginia yesterday. They swapped babies on accident. Baby AA went to room 12100. And baby B went to room twelve a two. And the babies went to mothers that did not birds these children and here's the reason I bring that up. Even under the strictest. Of standards. Think about hospitals got hit up. All the hoops they jump through to make sure when they take your idea to give him a shot bring him back. They check your bracelet carrot they checked they've spent so every time 25 times their second place bracelets an hour. They still mixed up these babies is this week in West Virginia. Tell me this is not gonna happen with these kids at the border there is no way. That we are not gonna have kids not reunited. Appropriately. With the families to whom they belong. I've 767798. Summit just wrote in and out we're not gonna talk about some areas we are. Chris we are it's the biggest news story of the day this is a news talk station how to we ignore. But let's do it civil okay. Let's do it without yelling at each other and being mean somebody says another win for trump. Moon and I I'd love to hear. 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In the market today. Head on out to Volkswagen of Lee's summit why pay more somewhere else get to this zeros on it Volkswagen only some US for Cristina tell you wanna see Dana's cock. To thirty wanting Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara mark Serb police say 23 year old Ashley fault surcharge to be officers with a sword before they shot and killed her last Thursday in north planned neighborhood. I was the first to officer involved shootings that dank policing and they tried to stopper with nonlethal means that those didn't work something they called unusual. President from signing an executive order allowing immigrant families to stay together while their cases are being processed the drug administration has been maintaining a zero tolerance policy. Trying to force Democrats to compromise on immigration issues including funding for more border security and a wall. ABC political director Rick Klein says Republicans CB upcoming mid term elections in part as a referendum on the president's policies. They don't really want immigration to be on that list yes this. Motivates the base it also motivates the other side and if you wanna talk about getting liberals progressive city being gauge this election if they're not already. Minority groups immigrant groups out suburban women all of them you can imagine the images of the last couple of days being an absolute nightmare scenario for republic. I'll check traffic and weather together next. We saw other fronts to make it a progress you are area showers and possible thunderstorms are expected through the afternoon time in lingering into tonight. The storms will have a potential to be on the strong side may produce heavier rainfall are high right around 85. And the overnight lows in the mid to upper sixties. Another round of showers possible thunderstorms for tomorrow that high even cooler 75. In only a low and chance for rain in the forecast Friday the high upper seventies. I'm staff meteorologist at a pretty era Mauritanian DC whether that. Mean I radar Casey I it is 81 and blue springs. 79 at your official weather station the radio dot com mapping is the official there homeless KM BZ downloaded today listen to us any time anywhere. Tara marks our news 981 KM BZ. I'm not mistaken is Spanish for the won't separate. I've 767798. Go to the phones. Richmond in blue springs who returned. Fair. Pay per iMac all along promote her book certainly is that you think. And accurately and Kara M so hot dry our caller. I don't think you have an idea I did call tonight not. I would with a name that data you call received or you fat or pregnant and she would not give an answer. Clark our our member. Talking about this are reunited it's the issue I think it's. Our concern are concerned about getting the kids back. Our corporate owner simply. I mean I'll ever when it's time on that. Regular that we are such quite neat aren't they remember that they've been looking. And I mean we could argue that Europe are hot money or. It before he admitted that or in the wrong. I'll kind of open to make sure that it is corrected. Maybe not all the ones that can go through their parent or put. In order to best serve the children who can't you know there's a purity America now that that double. Damn maybe. You know as a last resort may be. An and then in the meantime what abdomen Foster homes or. I don't know I do know this is someone said to me. We have a nine month old we have no word that this child would you take this child I would not even blink Scott I would even blink I would direct you to it in a second I would do it. Build over the Bartolo bill. I. Question this dean and direct political process. Have made this a big big thing and it is that they cling don't get me wrong why would they talk about just two years ago Obama don't think that. Puree that a lot bill tell me and I'm asking because I've been out of the live for the last 48 hours. It is my understanding when we had an influx of older teenagers crossing the border on their own. The Obama administration had a place for those kids to get where we kept them in sorted it out in all of that stuff. I don't ever recall a humanitarian crisis to this extent where we were taking babies from their mother's arms and putting them in in camps. No I agree with you are hurt that George Bush people doing it. I. Babies bill I can't find anything out there where we've done this with babies and toddlers and here is where the mother in me. Them the bears starts to come out and harming these children if you are for your result. The worst thing you can separate that child from its mother arbor right. For segment well art are built their part have and I agree more than disagree I think so too I think actually America agrees. But if if your argument is accurate and and I can't find. And maybe it's a lot of looking Harden off but I have looked. Stories that suggests that children were taken from their errands. Now granted there was that them. Kolb this mass exodus of kids who were coming to the United States believe it was in 2015. I am but they were coming here without their parents. So they were put Indies. Detention facilities until last week of Figaro what to do with them. But they came here with out their parents now we're talking about. Kids were coming here with their parents but let's just say for the sake of argument though that. This policy has been going on as you said for seven years. You would say it was wrong under Barack Obama would you not what kept the wouldn't have also been wrong under Donald Trump. Then why did Donald Trump and his administration fights so hard to keep this policy in a fact. It's strictly for armed. We're using them as part. That's right under your apps now on that bill you and I will agree. That they were using these children as pawns to get 25 billion dollars for a border war on the you and I would agree. And ever and and and for a nation to use children as pawns for legislation. I say shame on us. Barbara the government. It's good to well. In south Kansas City Tracy you hang tight hello will. Good afternoon guys and ethnicity was I have some intelligent questions frozen intelligent people. They called all review taught. Nor could do it. I'd just what it's a good voted Republican and I voted Democrat that voted independent. Over the last 3530. Situations are available for president. It's liable to all three parties. And I just have to say it's the Democrats. Decide to full. On this stupid border all. After it trop has pulled this stunt and after he claimed that Mexico called the paid for I'm going to be extremely upset but the question that. This. All of that here and defense cuts for the last three or four days is that all these folks that are coming in from Honduras and from Mexico from all these other places are criminals. Rapists and and they've been spectacle of the border. So my question would be. If there's been over the border in there have been legally committed to the country right. Why and they held a base in their mother province to peak at Washington State leads kids in Texas. Why were they just say it radical. If it were legal spectacle aborted away tribes people tell right. Side has not turned more than just say goodbye. Why put these children in case in cages and it's in the what do people call and say it was that it for the country to questions and to all the elements of the country visited Washington State. Because of course the trop might be an MS thirteen. Our rates are killer to a signal that the peca has separate achieves. How does that have a does to guys. I don't know I will say this will I think the issue was capacity. With putting these children in these camps in a few border cities. And I agree they should have just said we do not have the infrastructure. To handle what has become a humanitarian crisis we don't have it turn around and go back. But you got it. A lot of optical mark conversation that's an American intelligent question. That would give it. If you're committed to this country it would which is what their development these people are doing right. Why not just say. Time. Why technically that it can spend the money. What is it difficult to them and Acosta transfer toward now that's an awful it's the worst in state Hillary delegate to back on bill. So now I obtained this thing out there an element of slide back. Yes what do you know what what is always amazed me about this entire. Debate if I'd call that well is even the secretary of Homeland Security said the other day in the attack the president echoed it. Said if you want to enter this country you have to go to a port of entry for if we don't want people coming here illegally. Which. Will you're absolutely right all of these people have done. Why don't we just simply add the point of entry or at the border or where ever just say. You can not come in and period. And good story. Talk about a deterrent take your kids away from their parents is not a deterrent it's criminal. And their attitude that rebuilding what was common Mexico City. And economists closely and you don't then you go to the Mexican consulates it'll line. From my house to your radio stations people trying to get him legally right. So it don't apocalypse of the Mexican consulate open United States consulate to try to get in this country they're trying to without a proper documentation. Paperwork to keep in this country an alliance of that law. Then there's probably something it's become automatic. But I just don't understand the bad debt actually carry it all these people are little and we don't want them in the country but it still. We're playing good and it anyway. Just doesn't make sense but I local and so it is. The reason why that is in Washington State moms and that contributed to protect and here's why in my opinion because they were trying to come here illegally. They were state they asked for asylum. And then they were separated. And that's way. There are really bulletin that child if it means tidbits on purpose and and that warmed up in. I got that anybody can ever tell me. That this was done to get Tisdale mortal it's you go back to restore what Donald Trump's hit two weeks ago is that I don't get the and not do what it. That's exactly dozens backwards and Democrats sided thing I'd do it attracted my law. So all the tribes support it's their call that your children that like to do it in there in advance of the question if you would please. Because I can't do it in its native fox to do it. Ask them to. Donald Trump told us two years ago they gonna do this big beautiful wall and Mexico's gonna pay for so I wanna know why as a taxpayer. That a target attack right now and I got to turn around and get right back for its romance Walcott 25 billion dollars while have to pay for. While it may may keep open a fourth the weighted towards what is it keeps his promises right. Thomas got a paper. All right because he promised someone else a third party was going to do something that a third party is not going to do. That would be like me promising Scott. That rod right now was going to hand you a hundred dollars. Does have. And you cannot promise action on behalf of a third party. That has no interest in providing that action. So says why does everybody keep blaming trial for policy put in place by previous administration's recent bomb. Some is that bush had a similar policy. I need someone to tell me when we have taken babies and toddlers away if I you know I there's an I don't. I don't call tell you when there's no way it would have been in the news under bush are you kidding me yeah. It's the media was not involved with the bush. Here is Jeff Sessions in May of this year. If you are and he speaks for the administration of course. If you are smuggling of child and we will prosecute you ever met child will be separated from you. If you don't like that they don't smuggled children over our border. I don't recall. Whether it was under Clinton bush. To. Oral bomb I don't work hall. Instances of children being taken from their parents this was a trump policy. He obviously realized the polling and the pictures were not doing him any justice. He reversed course today. Signed an executive order demanding that the children be reunited with their parents. How how people say this is a whimper trump I don't know. I think we're gonna hear from Tracy in just a moment and says it is. And that's fun. I don't recall. Under George W. Bush this being a policy of the US government. And if it was the media if you think they went after trump the media hated George W. Bush and summer arts. So I didn't we hear about a Baghdad. Why are we only hearing about it now. Because maybe it didn't happen. This was saved from administration policy we have realized he would always remember the CI he'd lost the debate in public. And he had to reverse himself he had no choice. I 76779. You know making the right higher retaining the right hire can have such an impact on your business. So it's crucial to make sure your job post reaches the most qualified candidates. Tried posting on the job board but you really know who'll see that. When you post George job on Linkedin it reaches 70%. Of the US workforce. And unlike job boards Linkedin is a community that career focus people visit every day. 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Was that I feel that wouldn't return. On. It was buying in law under Clinton it was called Lauren hill. Yet Flores and was under ninth Circuit Court. That cannot put that. Agreed to a lot if you will into. Back. And Clinton didn't cut it bush didn't cut it Obama didn't cut it. Rob made an issue and you know what the guy isn't a lot negotiator. It may look like cave. But you know he got some import and we're gonna see what it is probably about six or seven. You yell. Poll that. I'm gonna look up the floor has built its named apparently after congressman by the name of Bill Lawrence. Taxes seventeenth district. A look that up and everybody's text in saying this is a policy in the Clinton. But not enforced until now right column for whatever reason Amanda I don't know the reason. How would he be able to. Get some leverage on this. Six to seven months from now since he already signed the executive order today. With no preconditions. Say at. You know. At immune. And he is aim there negotiator. And there is no way he did this without get out because he knows. People who agree with him. Is it. Whether a lot of people pulling would suggest trees have been disagree with him on this one. Absolutely wife. Colbert said that Clinton met Hillary gonna win I mean. You know I can ask people on the east the west coat an opinion held that back in polling results from out yeah. Race and Brooklyn and lower boost comes out and calls this humanitarian crisis the trial. But they're also we are all the mothers trees in what you're Democrat or Republican we're mothers and I think so it's humanitarian issues. Here are just. Humanitarian issue it's a lot issue and that's a different I am a mother I'm expecting my first grand isle. I wouldn't put them in the situation. Where they might be taken from me because we have to determine if I'm truly their parent or Simon you're using them to get comfortable. And say hey. I ever and I would just say thank god you do not live in a country where you are fleeing. That plant of course we can't possibly understand why parents would do this with the United States of America. Tracy you hang on we'll get back to you in just moment because I I think you have a much more to save them when them we have the time to what you say let's get to the newsroom here is care marks. Happening knowing KM BZ the president has signed the executive order stopping family separations of the border more next. I hear or see him and son now is the time that you've never even thought about getting yourself atop the lines in Iraq. Home standby generator. Do it now they are offering a free seven year parts and labor warranty. On call lines in Iraq generators it's a huge value and it is a real value. That warranty is valued at more than 700. Dollars it covers all parts of labor for seven years from the date of installation. 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