Your constitutional right to protest is NOT absolute.... #BOOM!

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Wednesday, August 8th
The city of Charlottsville has declared a state of emergency...

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. I've been down. This is. Poll and it's. My people. All right loser artists today and I am Hewitt tax suggests to me. Seven to anyone's estimate. Tech sitting here in the running for a thousand dollars of puberty cash destiny at seventy works in Bonita Plattsburgh she does and I thought tonight does do but this one's with a Y. Desk with an eye is the one works. It's Carol do you have for us before interest that wrong okay. Eight story about a miracle. At its peak and woman's house exploded July 19. On Tuesday she posted a FaceBook page that one effort cats that was in that explosion no way survived. And was found. All well and good. It was the red White House explode and they've set up a storm dimension parents I don't know why it out they weren't home at the time it was a strange smell. House exploded. When your house. Doesn't sound like it considering she's the director of marketing at its peak of. For partner was assessed this to Pique your eyes as I can yeah. You don't. Eat you know math every time. He started it's like rod when somebody gives disappearing you always ask burst despite the spouse or oppose this because Kansas comets which. They have a photo of this house. Picture a well was her eyes were all that was left was the group than her feet under at. But that's what this looks like there's nothing. Left I'm okay it asked the obvious Alison yeah how far away it was the calf or the crews brought in a cat was found any type a lot. It's little ears are going to be known now it's yours are sent two blocks away and mr. it is this maybe sought government where Mr. T is survived and then her she now looking at that wagon to the ground in a pile of rubble they took it to bet she's a miracle. One and miracle 2.0. Great story guys. Administered his little eight years he's got total can't look on his is like once. And did you wilders still. So happy that she pander to cool I will post it because you gotta see this photo that is. That means. Cat is named who admits it is that me outlets. Yes Scott replied yeah outlets. It's. This. Just trying to fight and he kept on camera now it's a perfect ending the supply earth adjournment wow I mean I've been clawing for a great good news stories she was is blown away and found them. Are you done what happened drier in my eyes. So sad. It ends scheerer. I go back to our. Well because I see I've got a lot. When I'm in college I don't pay attention a lot of eyes sometimes I keep bits and pieces of weird things in my hand. So I was telling Scott I know. That cities have the right to restrict under certain circumstances these protests. And I looked out over the raped. And there a couple of cases I want to remind you. About. In what cases the neo Nazis one. And they were defended by the ACLU and unlikely ally I think we would all agree. But the ACLU. Rolled. That figure out in Charlottesville before they killed that woman. Zacks. These city did not have the right to revoke the department of the neo Nazis and here's why US district court judge Glenn Conrad rules. That the man who won this permanent the neo Nazi guy. Has shown. That the decision to revoke their permit. Was based on the contents of his speech. So the court a year ago ruled. When the city didn't try to pull that permit. You cannot do that because yes we agree with the ACLU in this skinhead. That the decision to revoke the permit or pull the permit. Had something to do with the content of your speech which is hate speech which is protect it. So the courts had no can't do that let protest than this woman dies fast forward to today. No first amendment rights are absolutely this is from liars dot com but the right to gatherer. Is the only one that includes the most important limit in the actual words of the amendment. The right of the people too he's a totally protest assemble peaceably. That's important. It means law enforcement can break up any gathering. That has turned violent. Or. And this is the one I'm underlying. Raises a clear and present danger of violence or disorder. That's where they could get them. I could argue. That this group based on their behavior last year at the same guy same permit same protest. Is raising a clear and present danger of disorder. A lot of people will argue it's high standard that but it once you. That that did that it was the whatever you can't call. It it was them that showed job. With the bricks in their hands that caused the problems of their for a hair provoke. Or revoke. The permit. But you have to stop these people come to hurt them. You cannot revoke the permit based on the content of someone's speech exact I am so you agree and am. I cannot leaguer actually forcing me to defend neo Nazis. You cannot revoke somebody's. Right to peaceably. Assemble. Based on the threat. That another group that opposes them is going to show up but you can if you can prove that group raises A clear and present danger of violence or disorder and that is why did you proves why is it sold horror. I. Let me finish my sentiment wanna ask your question why is it's so hard to ignore people we disagree. Whether it is horrible. Anti semitism and tie. Black whatever. Why isn't so hard in America. For us to ignore people we disagree and just say you know what they're crazy I'm going on home and I'm gonna watch looney tunes like it's. Here. Let me give you an exam and died last year Scott I state and this was just because shopping and some pushing and some mace was brought out I would agree with you. The standard is clear and present danger of violence or disorder let me ask you a question. What would you tell your children to do if they were in traffic. And somebody engaged in road rage with. What would you tell your children to do to not engage because that person's crazy okay and will shoot you so. If somebody flips off your kid in traffic. Tries to run them off the road. Do you tell your kid to stop and say get out of the car. Or try to run them off the road no issue because what you don't I'm not to break Scott was that the government can't shut it down that's not true that there is face day and injured under which. They can't and I'm just saying. Wait wait act and that. Barrels of my mind. I remembered that standard it is a high standard. But there is a door and that door exists for the government to walk through it and say. This is a danger to the community. We are not going to let this happen this is not a danger to the community of Charlottesville. If everybody just ignores now ma. I wanna tell you when they cannot shut you down okay courts have repeatedly held that authorities can not break up a public protest because it slows traffic. Inconveniences. Pedestrians. Is annoying. Or makes other people match. However. However. Authorities may prevent or stop gatherings that clearly pose other immediate threats to public safety such as. Death. Here's thing it's amazing to me that America and this goes on both sides which drives me cores. You want to and by UN I mean you mean the collective. You want to shut down the protest of any group that dare to say anything you don't. Sock it this is America three people died in the same protest okay first of two police officers who died. Died and helicopter accident. They wouldn't have been there hovering over that crazy people at the crazy people more down the Telecom running over to element to her death Dana it the helicopter was not trying to descend into the crowd. Because some woman had just been run over to her death. Anymore than if if police officers are. Dispatched to guard a protest. And they're police officers were there because city resources have to be deployed only to Dana that there's a state of amber let's at least give me the common courtesy of letting me finish. If if there was a protest in downtown Kansas it. And two police officers were in their patrol car. And somehow lost control and ran into a stop sign. And died. You would not blame that on the protest. You would say. These two officers who had been dispatched to guard the protest. Died and and on related accident. Two to ten at the police officer's death on the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. Is a stretch of the imagination I think you know now if you wanna save that woman died last year in the protest. Because that lunatic got in his car and drove through the crowd your absolutely right. However. Don't com and counter protest. Leave them alone ignore that it's also is their right under the constitution to counter protest is. The people who work for testing. As all and despicable and file as they are have gotten a permit. To assemble. Anti saw last year did not have a permit to protest or counter protest. The white supremacist jerks. If anybody had the whole ball on their side. Which is hard for me to admit it was the white supremacists. The counter protesters. Didn't have all it. The protesters do. Now that's not to excuse their bad an awful behavior. But the counter protesters. Did not seek a permit from the city of Charlottesville. To protest. The protest. They eat in essence dare I say this broke well. As hard as that is for me to admit I've 76 of. Seven. Scott parts referencing Casey smile you know over the past 23 years doctor Ross Headley has done an unbelievable transformations. For people who were unhappy with their smiles. Picture yourself. Having a perfect smile that your upcoming class or family reunion a wedding a big date. 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I'll let you guys are following this is as a 191 votes that separate these 209 when you come out and got yours says Scott parks is one of those provisional ballots that has to be counted and has to arrive by Friday. And I just wanna read this update because it's it's a lot. Different than we thought. Collier says as a voter might have forgotten their photo identification as required by Kansas law your license may have been expire like George Scott. By federal law does individuals are allowed to cast provisional ballots which are later judged to be valid or not. We estimate there will be more than 8000. Of those provisional ballots statewide. In the 2018 Republican governor primary some will be deemed not ballot. But historically. Most of them are. They will that be counted for the first time at public meetings held by county election an. Judges and what they do is Dana they go individually through every ballot like mine. And they say okay Scott parks voted general Parker between senator why was his ballot provisional. He is he was unaware that his license that expired. Carry. Is Scott park's resident Roland park just to be voted the right place yes they've been count my votes. A record of her ready so no I voted for. Call your I voted for you notre. I think those are the only two of any substance. Those are my two so. Jeff callers now 190. Votes. Below Crisco balked because I voted for Jeff Cole. A mustard but as. My vote will count only because I have a driver's license was expired federal law. Oversees all of this it says that we have to do this process we have to let process play out I just think it's history agency there's 8000. Ballots out there hmm let's say 6000 of them are deemed. A center right Sam and were waiting for rod get back for good news. As we might be just a little bit later on the news somebody says would you allow prices to protest. Yes. As despicable as I find that group. Yes I would you are allowed to peaceably. Protest site and assemble and here's what I would do if ice this was protesting in downtown Kansas City. I would say while there bunch of idiots. And I would ignore them I would not go to the protest account of protest. I would say I hope you find god soon. Like I hope you get to meet god soon. But yes if ice is wants to protest. In downtown Kansas City. Or anywhere in our city they should have that right. This is America. We're going to allow Nazis to protest we have to allow prices to protest. Get your calls JP ross' bearer JR hang tight you guys are all coming up next to the news or McCarron marks. Awaiting the Kansas governor and make a statement about yesterday's primary we'll have more next. Man I know it's been hot but get on the schedule now with lightning landscape an irrigation start thinking about fall lawn care and maintenance. All of your landscaping and irrigation needs. 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A federal judge in Texas heard arguments today in the case brought by a coalition intends states trying to put an end of the deferred action for child that arrivals or dock a program. It protects some young immigrants from deportation. Attorney general Ken Paxton plan to address the media after the hearing and with the microphones set up outside the federal courthouse some from the opposing sides stopped by to say a few words. They have what you. Are pundits have been living here for years I'd go into it is Amanda home here in this home. We hit this day. Answered traffic and weather together and acts. Like landscaping irrigation. They do not work. Church with holes in them when they come out and work on your front backyard our yard looks. Fantastic. Betty lush green lawn gorgeous plantings. That rain bird irrigation system but one of those things and you don't have to worry about waste you don't have to worry about hauling that hose all rounder for a backyard to water. 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I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer narrow more Katie NBC weather. And it TC 991 downtown is 98 or official weather station KM BZ is now on radio dot com tell the app and take this everywhere you go Caremark certainly is 981 KM BZ. Based on the comments made just heard the news. But I guess this is a terrorist organizations god may declare war on the United States. I would remind you the Nazis and the kkk are often referred to use terrorist organizations. And the Nazis through Nazi Germany most certainly declared war on the United States in 1941. So where do you draw the line. JP in Kansas City hello Jay Payton. Good afternoon OK. I have to agree previously you have a right to protest. Okay second last night on PBS I watched program. There was. Document document in eight. Chart they'll. And there was a report. In conjunction with Robert blue chip program which line and broke lupica. There with a wonder collaborated to do this document that are document prefect. I Metairie and got in the. To report that they went into Thompson and and he. Started covering the violence that that that there could be a march. And in doing that he's started the record sort of treatment programs and there are much film critic in Tibet. And he started looking okay. This the first time this has happened back in fifteen. And the a couple of Alley. Each shot and some of that film that was taken some protesters who were on the right. We're the same individuals who were involved in Chara bill. He ordered into one of the conflict ago it was to protest same thing happened. Sane individual social arena. Now they estimate that you bill. People come in five states. So that's simply just a local you know local group. And it's. Unfortunately you know one of the things they got into the statements that that the president made it out. Charlottesville. It actually been thank you import it is and pot a bit gave them the right to be able to do you know can. However equipment but if I'm agency I don't wanna turn this into a trump thing is we we do everything we can not to talk about Donald Trump on this program. Because there's no winning in the snow blues. Trump didn't give them a right to do they have the right to do it. Until. You can prove. There's a clear and present danger with their demonstration. And all I'm saying is I don't think it would be difficult to prevent this weekend have already declared a state of of emergency but they've declared for fear would you not agree Dana. But what's our use of to clearing it. Unsafe and a clear and present danger as people are dying away. Stop over there and we've now reached clear and present danger right and you and you bring in the governor. A body you bring the good point I think. What they've done is they've declared a state of emergency to. Activate. Extra law enforcement. In anticipation or fear. That it's him and like last year. I mean there's no and I think when you declares state of emergency it opens up. Channels for resources that you might not otherwise have government resources matched by our own right. And so what I think are doing because I think you'd agree with me on this there's no way. That these white supremacists who plan to rally this week and in Charlottesville. Put down in their application. For a permit to protest or to assemble whatever. Fully plan to kill blacks and run over women with heart yeah. I mean that's not in there are okay. So we have in the hydrant and a well I didn't read that part. We have to assume. That may. Claim mark. Whether they intend this or not we don't know but they claim. That this is going to simply be a peaceful hateful protest. We're going to peacefully. Protest about the people we hate cac. And the state is assuming that other people who disagree with them anti flaw. Any other liberal organization. Is going to come in and counter protest against them. Therefore creating a scenario. Where there might be escalate escalated tensions. And a fight. And their for the state and the city have been pro active. And I've said let's just declare state of emergency right now as we know what happened last year. Let's activate the National Guard get them in here were bodies we have on the street the less likely things aren't in control. But I I I think it is a dangerous precedent. When you start telling groups. That you. And not for that matter disagree when you hire on the same page in this the people protesting in Charlottesville this weekend the scum of the year. That they're there or they are the belly of the snake. There's no doubt about it. But I think they should be allowed to protest so long as things don't go out of control bear in rural park a longer. I think you still you know bands original. Oh sure sure they're not a question should phenomena with the first amendment rights. Cherish Shula the shipping. And well first bit of emergency call option go out. The National Guard usually require a state of emergency is based on. Sort of actionable threat. SA declared an emergency in the middle of the protest there would have broken up to torture actually Caroline both the same time. You can't declare state of emergency and give them proper. The format. You have to you have to do one or the other general or not sure Robert. Ordered her state of emergency of you have information or tell people that by and those troops courts are here okay. They're pretty aren't being violent the super player. We're airing this group so you shoot first and report say that their concern OK well then we will hear about a permit. For that reason because of public safety. Or well. Who I'd I don't know that I agree with you on this one better and here's why. I think the state is being pro active declaring a state of emergency you look at her and her. I am and you're assuming the opposite. Well that's what if they acquires critical urgency. To be and based on an actionable. So I I would sure there are declaring emergency. There are a real reason. Otherwise they're required an emergency order long. Where street or market street bridge about Albert. Ultimately. Baier here's the problem. If they don't declare a state of emergency and things get out of hand like they did last year. You would be the very first. Two coal into the show on Monday saying why did the city why did the state of Virginia not declare state of emergency move for him. And have extra personnel and law enforcement ready to ago just in case because they knew the way this played out last year. Why didn't they just anticipate that was going to be the way it played out this year. They can't win for losing. No other player personnel without acquired sort of remark in June. To work at all. You can't and bear you cannot call in the National Guard with out a state of emergency. I think National Guard call and other forest Orson cheaper areas straight shall. How'd they do approach that are on the part. I have an ritual on the march. Well actually brought in jail or whatnot then surely people there shortness will be couple while on a parking garage they cut the cynic could say hey. You guys came on critical actually actually real torture you in jail. Our group and those. Gone they're not here anymore then permit if they can't prove that or are on order it or not went to jail or common. The equipment and they strain or edit. Or. A report here aren't we were not comfortable with this should. And into the auditors someplace. But you're assuming that was only the neo Nazis and commit now. Bad acts I mean there are ways. It permits Wear cute they want triple Olympic trip. But is this the city of Charlottesville has a population of 48 house which is to say roughly. Slightly smaller than the city of Sean. And if you're telling me that the police department in the city of show on me. Even if they activated every single police officer they. Would be able to monitor. And control. A massive. White supremacist rally you're crazy bear. And they care that they can't provide sixty. They can the side and not an issue the problem that occurred the standard to art for them. This stand there is a present danger. Danger. A present danger of violence or disorder and I'm guaranteeing you that the neo Nazis the white supremacists. Have said in. In every media opportunity. And surely in the in the permit request. That they intend to peaceably. Assemble and have no intention of engaging in violence. Okay now what that's not Obama if it won't just record a song featuring Charlie at the Joker than that on March if they were told by day. FBI informant that they're not white supremacist groups say they're planning on doing something and I told the city. Would like to get that connection to our water and getting your car they found that. Then why did that manager Clark or danger you're. But what is here. That have been. And why did the city give them a permit odds probably bear because it made it very resembled one on one hour are very pleased at the please let me finish a sentence. Our I don't erupt. Or clearly if they gave them a permit is because. Your hypothesis. About it FBI informant. Doesn't really exist. What then there there goes straighter but mark you as well. And you could say the same about the other thing that there is urgency was done for the right reasons the president out. A real threat that they know that they're making mistakes. Giving out the parliament I'm sure can't do well. The first large I say the city acting promptly by doing both at the same time right. And that's that's a fair argument Bayer if if if you're saying there is no FBI informant because if there was an FBI informant. You are with me on this there who said I am imbedded. Undercover. With this neo Nazi group and they are more than planning violence in Charlottesville. Well city of Charlottesville not only would be required but would be expected. To deny any permit for a U Sobel a summer would you agree. Oak bet that the Mets fair. But and here's the problem here with Regis and and you thinkers strangely in agreement here. If they do declare a state of emergency. For fear. That this is going to turn out just like last year. And people or get run over and years saying the governor or the mayor whomever has to do some governor. Is saying all right well run over the streets odds to take its NC. And you after wearing the National Guard right which is gonna take hours. More violence more people getting hurt maybe god forbid. Knock on wood it doesn't happen more people being keel. Then on Monday afternoon were gonna have a conversation about why. That governor of Virginia not declare a pre emptive state of emergency. Knowing how this would likely end. Barrier right. If all they're going to do is peaceably assemble. You should not declare state of emergency. But then let's armchair quarterback this on Monday. And I think we're all going to be singing a different. I 76 times. Have I talked to you about the most fantastic. New. Neighborhood. In all of Kansas City country taken and I never heard about it it's called cottonwood canyon if you have not heard. About cottonwood canyon got to go check it out. It it's an intimate resort style community nestled in the woods smack dab in the middle. Of stunning wilderness landscape on one of the best new golf courses in America by the way he got to say. I Jordan model homes some of the most breathtaking views you'll find anywhere in Kansas City it overlooks creeks small bluffs less native landscaping. And in the middle of all you'll find Kenyan farms golf club. Just a short stroll. 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Presidential election were dug in to reelection because of that. But its export export our control but you can't. Art reference thanks for calling. It's part of it. You control it the best you can have them and I know you would argues that. Calling a state of emergency is controlling it to the best of your ability. I would I actually unlike bear I don't have a problem with them preemptively calling a state of emergency just to have people on hand. For example if there was going to be an crisis rally in downtown further idea from the text and there's going to be a crisis rally in downtown Kansas. I would expect that would give pre heat. I would have no problem if mayors like James not only activated. Everybody on the police force. But also said to them then governor hate. Governor parson we'd like you to call in the National Guard jacket and just have a month standby we're not saying we want them in the city. But just have him ready to go. Have them you know down in south Kansas City just ready to go if we need them. Accounts grabbed lords are Rossum warrants and the we'll get the news kubert cash Russell. Buried under dual one X. Well I would start overall I had a question I guess we'll vote you. I I think history shows. They. Black white matter. Always violent at those types. Rallies on Maxine Waters is. Now not too long ago or am not saying that we should be getting to the basis that our congress people and even on my repaired violence with that. We have protest. Student journal or colleges. When someone like Milo or binge bureau and Coulter these people come and and so I guess we are apt to start can't Lena left and right guard spokesman because we can't market those. I don't know that I would agree with you that there has been violence at all black lives matter protests. I think you are detaining with a very broad brush to try to prove your point. But if your point is and I I don't think you made it is as clearly as you may have intended. That there are problems on both sides you'll get no argument from both sides are equally despicable. Q or to cash is Kate CA PEK. 872881. K 872881. Skip to the newsroom here is Caremark. Happening now and can't be easy to Kansas governor not ready to call for a recount yet it's more next. I and the and Mason gestures when and there are couple weekends ago with several friends of ours and that my dockers celebrating her birthday of their last weekend. Give a birthday a special occasion an anniversary. Check out Jasper let him cook for you hate table side mozzarella theater is still in full swing as one of the things my daughter asked becoming get Cheney's. Yes you can get the cheese one of the only places in the world. You'll see that mozzarella made fresh right before your eyes right their table you're gonna love it. 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