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Thursday, May 24th

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. Dragons here today at Google map. About spelling the word don't. Which is your keyword cash so Nancy games they misspelled it actually there are two common spellings for the word don't. And Diaw and UT is the preferred spelling according to Courses do you you GH and UT dough nut it's like flyer which is supposed to the united everyone spells. So. Kubert Cassius hours doughnut do not. DO NUT. That is the preferred spelling dictionary com to get mad at him day. Donnie I have a story for you yes. From the Washington Post today. And Amazon echo reported a family's conversation. Then sit it. Two random person in their contacts. Are. It happened in Portland or again. Where the family received in nightmarish phone call two weeks ago on the crazy one that collars quote unplug your so right now Hewitt didn't act. Apparently one of the likes of Howard echo devices and their house silently. Since recordings to collar without the family's permission. The person they send it to happen to be an employee of the husband. Guys like I would you say these eyes and saying. We have now unplug all of at first my husband's like no no way in the recipient of the message said you've sat there talking about hardwood floors. And then they went into details about the families conversation. And their job dropped and he says oh my gosh you really did hear what we were saying. Yeah. This is not new this is nothing unusual the fact that it's and it's the wrong person is a little unusual. But yet all the crap you say around that thing. It's been recorded. Another take it it's not that silly paranoid rot the device yeah harmed her options are constant. Core audio. I didn't notice the device supposed to record audio. All after users issue voice command known as they wait word. Yeah OK if it's not listening how does are just said that stupid wait I. The best point. If it's not continuously listening on loop how does know you said the way or. I have I have this article. I. It's it's paid. Echo Google what Google is Amazon would when you have Amazon quickly fixed the vulnerability. After researchers alert of the company's you know what is well we're gonna make sure doesn't send it to somebody you know but we're still a record everything you say I mean come law. You did agreed to the terms. I'm telling those things creep now we have announced your notes I'm not I end at ten Valerie outside I just look on my phone. I don't need to shout across my kitchen I guarantee you people don't understand how hate Google works. That your prop. Oh please tell you technically at acknowledged. Person with technical knowledge okay well captain I can't find the right words I cannot speak today I'm upset now did you ask Alexa. It. You urged him I don't know maybe even though import other. Unity with all the technological. Element in your life style mask you Wear you out Blackberry. Like had a name and its name was Jesus Christ that's. It you call by its proper name sir I've apologized to call as property imbalance of your Jesus Christ like Blackberry market they. You wake up in the morning. And yeah ever stumble for your phone you don't remember if you put on the nightstand or later next you better umps or whatever use slave meg ego Google. The attempt to actually use this who want their people are gonna go crazy right now you don't pay Google good morning. And it goes good morning parks. The current temperature is 74 degrees the forecast for today is partly cloudy with a high of 85 now. Here is the latest news from NPR. And then what you do is because NPR's sounds like drying paying. You say. I don't want to hear NPR wanna hear ABC news and then it please rate diseases. Sweden and then you say hey Google played it looks killed by Motley Crue here's what's that kill bide Motley current. You know what I saw on line yesterday like in one of the FaceBook ads they're trying to sell me some because they know I'm crazy. They were trying to sell me a GPS. Watch. In pink and blue and green and find dollars. For your child. And the child wears. On. It's. So I can track I guess so you can track number and it says you can say fun throughout the day like hi honey how was your answer teaches love that. The first thing I thought was there is no way I'm hooking my kid to one of those devices so that then someone can hack into it. And follow like ground. Yeah. Would you sell FaceBook and I don't know and I'm the crazy our phones listen to you'll all the time as well. I've heard that and I heard on a laptop you should cover the hole. Youngsters summer appease take whatever whatever. Because it could. Hate you. Or you figure attacked you yen and view whatever it is your doing on the other side order. You want nature of the hole is covered. Got to plug a hole hole in the bucket your lies lines pluggable. All I think it's well. Now is gonna Owen. Do you have any idea in isms you missed you wanna go over the last since. And is that when you bailed out for. No letters which you know you can't sleep is a recent thing for me and randomly waking up at 3 am and worrying about all kinds of things I can't control at 3 am. And I started like last night can't sleep DOS and then you start worrying when you can't sleep that you can't sleep which makes you not be able to go to sleep. It's like pick up my phone and I start scrolling through Twitter which is the dumbest thing to do. If you can't sleep. Never. Never supposed to look at your long story for tomorrow I was like literally findings after the show time and they're working here. And it wasn't now oh by the way I've for a tigers and and the stories like week old but I just started as just saw the video today. I mean eight and foot long snake. That came onto the baseball field at a double a baseball game in San Antonio now. Listen to this here is I tortured on a record this today it talks. Yeah Dana the snake talks. On what a story it tells. The guys. Is this begs that. I have some things. It are contests. You got to hear it was simply don't suspect Lee here this. I. If you lease. Say man. They won in the about doc spoke to rod you know seriously who is sender of this. The players do not realize this snake is on the field. But the play by play announcers on TVC. Ready. Rangers growing up and down a little emphasis to eat. Because while this may god of Hillary getting checked swing and. There is age where all. Check swing strike and a does that thing. They showed it on the monitor there is a snake slithering isn't in the outfield. It is. This is not a small snake this thing is ten feet long on my tennis. We have except we're excited are you kidding me I have never seen a snake on the field I've heard it's snakes on a plane. I was the greatest movie in the world but a snake on the field. All right go back towards our grounds keeper he he was it nightcap wrestler the other night. You have and I had no idea what kind of snake that is nor would I even wanna find out. A snake isn't Satterfield and audacity idea right now as we speak. I don't think anyone has any clues. As the battery is awry when they strike in LA all. You know that's an answer as you can hit it. But I don't mean normally go cancer. Yeah it is it would be to the left of work yet this is in center field students looking through the binoculars that's enough. He showed again on the monitor my Guinness. That's the first I've ever seen that happen and I went out pitched it rides high in the cannon ball baseball and they played nicely guys. Exactly the same did you. Meanwhile pitched right doses high and outside these kids don't. Well against them. She is out there in. Kind of left dish center field. Lifted his head out. Of the better look at things fast always on about it mr. Garcia. Right I would say it too cute yeah and I. I guarantee get a sense no idea there's a. Oh. The ideal way of baseball's kind of a slow game anyways. But you'd like a real boring game you know those announcers will start talking about. Lady over there that. Had that. It is one of my favorite and a diet is putting fasten your. Rex toddler is a national. Treasure because he can talk about AV is paying now I am telling that Iraq card I just lit well there's that it. I can listen in all that long and there is a Amos. Hustler video out there and my Brothers actually part of it. Because someone had a foul ball. Down the left side or the dude and people it's very bald man who looked like Uncle Fester stood up and not I'm going to catch this ball. But instead of putting his hands up the way we were all taught as children to catch a ball he puts his hands more. Face high chest height. And the ball comes down and strikes him directly in the down. And goes on for like. I don't know three minutes because you know security has to come down like a little helpers at the stadium come down making series okay. Okay at one point one of the guys hold that the yellow card which looks like he's being penalized. For getting hit in the head. It just goes you gotta get those hands there's there. Opera and the guys okay their cousin that Johnny's who's in visiting. And so I couldn't help but that you'll let me go down accident evidenced the ball in the right so right away. All this is so weak. Actually I am watching this video there's a kid. One of the ball boys goes and a foul ball acute in the stands another kids snatches it. Rex Cutler always has double standard you're watching commercials. He goes down the kid is right cry. As he didn't get the ball. And Rex Cutler ams the other kid a ball was here here are pointing to report I did what I was watching too. And winning par par outstanding crews here we go watch them. It's like explain it right away he's bump in the night to opera goes down okay it cousin that counties whose been visiting. And so I couldn't help but that you'll let me go down as a to have an extra ball in the truck so right away act if you disguise it had got to ball was great pitcher gave it your closet. That was so good you did that. But animal behavior to the baseball if you smile. And he was hurt though it's bombs would hurt at all so Joseph Levin. I love him at a Stater right rob Babcock security Katz's hours doughnut DO NUT. Texan in seventy rated one year in the running for thousand dollars secured cash. Already decided face weaponry spot. He'll let let me tell you if you wanna step your husband in the face. Do it with they kriegel mesh diamond earring. There is nothing like the length and the strength. Of those tension backs that they put on those diamonds. You go in for a hug he's gigs you zagged. 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A deputy from the Cass county sheriff's office went to the home in rural peculiar Missouri on May sixteenth. To contact the parents of two children. Who have been sent home from school on May ninth because they had headlights. School resource officer with three more police department. Said he was concerned when the children didn't return to school week waiters and the deputy arrived home around. Ron wants one in the afternoon on May sixteenth. Which was described as a double wide manufactured home redouble. The outside was cluttered with toys and trash the front door was fully open court records indicate. Inside the home the deputy said he noticed a strong odor. As well as piles of trash and debris to partially nude children came out and living room. When the deputy general homey as both of there was an adult. While waiting court records say the deputy could your chickens inside of a crate in the living room. The woman the mom less than Burton emerged from a bedroom several minutes later and told the deputies she had just woken up. I mean not remind you this was at 120 in the afternoon. The 32 year old mothers of the children were supposed to go to school that day but she had overslept and didn't take them. Deputy told Burton living conditions in the house quote do not appear to be safe for sanitary and response. Burton allegedly said she was aware that you wanted to leave the house and blamed her husband for not helping her keep. Five children there. Court records say Burton and agreed to allow the depth did you walk through the deputy city observed feces. At mold on the floor fleas rotten fruit route home. Chickens dogs and a pig living inside als. Many of the children that red marks and scratches on her legs as walls bruising. I am not deflecting blame so do not take this next comment as. Somehow I believe there's someone else to blame here. But I last year if the conditions were so horrifying. Was there are no mandatory reporter around these kids to alert authorities if they were bruised and scraped it sounds underwater and it was a school they weren't good serve these international America but Howell. How long does that take and we have had cases here in Kansas City where kids are lost we have Foster children right now that are just. They don't know where they are. The question is how long does it take. For things to go from I think there's a problem too we need to knock on the door and see if these kids are okay. Is it a week is it a month. Into the new user 57677985. Kids of my house. The animals. Are typical household pets. Including chickens and pigs. The house had feces mold debris it was trashed. And our kids living their mom came out of the bedroom 130 in the afternoon. Said she'd overslept. 130. In the afternoon. 57677. Night to the news or rears and one. 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Go to silver crest Kansas City dot com silver crest Kansas City dot com as anyone out there of the age of it to five they'll tell you we wish we would have done this. Years ago. Got a silver crest Kansas City dot com. By 31 in Kansas City I'm Dan why mom the operator of the sort of on water park is accusing the state of a malicious ever to stir up unfounded fear but says. Park rides won't open until issues raised in a recent state audit are resolved. Attorneys for the Casey gave parks of the issues are being addressed. But are still demanding that the Kansas Department of Labor withdraw its audits. Federal investigators have been briefed on allegations of sexual misconduct and potential campaign finance violations by Missouri governor Eric guidance or legislative hearing today represented. FBI this year. About the testimony of a brightens campaign aide who described attempts to conceal donors to brightens campaign. It's coming up on 533. Will have traffic and weather together next. 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A few chances for showers and thunderstorms in the forecast here for Kansas City is remitted onto the rest of the weekend and Ehrlich and dry and hot weather on tap for the big holiday weekend. Partly sunny this afternoon with isolated showers and a storm cropping up that high upper eighties. Straight thunderstorms tonight a little into the upper sixties and in a few more showers and thunderstorms try to rumble on through for Friday. The high nitty upper eighties. Sunny conditions Saturday Sunday and Monday with highs generally from the low to middle nineties. I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer nearer more KE NBC weather cooling off the case you guys having nine degrees 83 still downtown. And 82 degrees here answer for us with a station the radio dot com that is the official knew almost KM BZ Dallas today listen there was any time anywhere. I'm and one bomb there's only one MB easy Mac. I mean famous song was. And foreign tonight and feed plaza library and what does it mean he had done now. Apparently nobody likes us or any of that so she's moderating some sort of media roundtable them of the library but it's in the line covers so it's a friendly audience. Me. And shuttle holes and she's talked in his or regulating glasses lunch. She. Each. Shoes at 545 but then looked outside it's pouring down rain she was a with the summer's open socialist. Back it's always some unlikely story. Cancel out the turn his head noses doesn't get rain poll. Poll. So when you're speaking at the library do they ask the homeless people that are looking at porn on the computers the lever to they deserve them just ignore them. You'd know him. Oca are they break at all. No not at all it's there is look really important when you're an adult against the law it is not it is and just because your homeless doesn't mean you don't have every right to porn is idea that's right. So while means enjoy your local congress. Libraries serve pork and right as we needed some day. Standard of rural park range from kids. Like a branch. Don't tell you but the time that the posters are about to close the oral part branch. My kids were just wrong. Really well there were much younger I mean now writer last half that we would like is nothing about it on Twitter. Eyes Sarah would have been about. Eleven or twelve my much younger. They wrote letters to the county commission. That there are yes I and I I came home and it wasn't my idea I said I came home there was a story in the paper. It's of the Johnson can elaborate system was looking to save some money they're gonna close the branches. Let's be honest. There there's a a a Johnson Kevin lever read on the street here in China mr. park and many. And that we are another one right over here in Roland park next to warm our. And so. For some like me who's in the business of saying government needs to cut back there expenses it's kind of hard. For me to justify keeping both of them open which probably brings me to another porno I'll show that with your second. So I right at him on integral part branch to close because it's part of our neighborhood. And at the one here in charting mission parkway closed they could sell it and put an iron up there are some room. I thought the code. And so the kids asked him this what world that we can do to save our library. Point. Oh I don't know. So I guess it could. Right to county commissioner. They got up pieces of paper route I still have the letter in my office Tuesday. A copy of the letter I sent to the county commission. Where Sarah was like please do not I mean it was really sweet. And misses a dad who's just. Found on this morning's storms enemies in school. I just about. That news to you get weekly editor at backwards she was young and she's like please don't library. Which by the way and maybe somebody can explain some of its zip code thing or one. But you know we have the post office right here next guitar yes okay. And for those who aren't familiar with the area were right next gigantic super target. In mission and right next to the super target on the north side is he pretty large there's been exposed the mission post office. If you go one mile to the east. Right next Milwaukee's on Johnson drive. There is another post office all that close yeah it's. And and here's what I can't figure out because. I don't with the zip code is their next to lackeys. I know this one is 66202. Which is the zip code I live them right. Maybe that was in a different zip code maybe every zip code has to have its own post office I have no idea. I have no idea I asked god I don't. I don't know either I know we lived when we first moved back to Kansas City and my 2002001. We were living in his apartment to south the rate town. And I got one of those deals on the note on the door that said you have a package at the post office. So I drove up the street to the nearest post office and Errol I know. And I handed in the know Mike says have a pact is like oh this is it. Such deals are close are we in your zip what is going to be a lot for George I'm like. You guys like a few blocks right for me and I care were not your post and here's the thing about the post office over there next to lucky use. And it was a Mets not cheap storefront property owner and it's not. Com. Then they open at 10 o'clock in the morning. They closed for launch at one. They reopened at two. And then they close hopeful. They're open for five hours today. And you wonder why the Postal Service is going out of business. Summers is every zip code as a post office. Want. I guess it kind of has to. Well I don't know the handled that zip codes mail. And new handle your zip code Libyan army never I guess that makes and what you think the one on mission on in job on Johnson drive and handle more than one zip code well the big one over here right target yeah. But the one I'm on Johnson drives the one that's only open five ours it is like two people that work there. This one over here by target has like 5000 trucks. Yeah this place is always busy. And I do not understand it and and it just reminded me. And the libertarian I mean once you're on the Wendy go why are you even here. Why do you have a job. You are open for five hours a day you open at ten you close of four with a one hour once in the middle one now a days I think you can do. Most of anything you would need to do at a post office you can probably do online answer some dissent 9% of whatever unions are astle service one. You know why the post man has come to my adored of you know Mel locks I do mailbox or sway us from my two allies we don't have that community right you don't why. Why the union. It if if you put the big. One big box for rice ran. They can do is right at their truck. Portal output and only then next block pulled all outpolled all next block. When you have to walk door to do work you have to have more members of the Postal Service. That's why I still have a mailbox on you have a mailbox on your yeah right at the front door and a guy comes your house is Paramount Pictures Rennes Mary and I mr. Burris. And you kind of get to know a little bit. Zach hey here's my mail thank you for the bills appreciate it that's the union. Interesting I never thought of that that's why because they can easily take the the box out of your yard or. And put like a big community right and the and there are a lot of the newer neighborhoods are like that all of the new and react like that. Servicers mailbox location is not due to the unions got. Okay. So this is why do you care your tax money isn't paying for the polls serviced it most certainly he has. Now you're right the Postal Service partially it is is what's called quad site government. There is clear here a look at up there there are tax dollars the most certainly go to the Postal Service day is the united states postal it's it is in fact it is the only. It's sort of freezes. Obviously it's not the only responsibility of the federal government it's. Is clearly written in the constitution. How much are suitors and no certainly yeah that is required the coaster ride I sutures there and I didn't think of that money goes to the Postal Service. Post. Post office. Five metres second but yes. To taxpayers put in to the Postal Service. Eighteen billion dollars a year. I was at all. Now that's according to fortune magazine what's a few billion amongst friends. Now granted yes the posts are also sir and this was some oregano the post office what I'm saying is it always drives me crazy. When we hear about where you don't prudent and of pardon for dues we need to keep putting taxpayer money into it over and start cutting your access. And if you can't afford something start trimming. Let's be honest email has decimated the Postal Service. The Internet has destroyed the post office now we Amazon has destroyed. Well no actually it was on spread and benefit FedEx and UPS of soaring gas. These the other. And parcel delivery services. I well in it and everything. And a lot of companies are pushing for everything to go online as somebody who's Tommy just other day they went to the bank. And they had some problem with their count and they and they and went into the bank and the guy comes substances though hello can help you as a pro life of this this is my count. He's physically in the bank and the guys says you know you can handle this on line. And he's again that I'm here. I would like to get this figured he's like I'll let sir it would be so easy for you to handle this on line and he's like are you. Like I'm standing here in the lobby to take care of the summer lunch hour and you just keep tell me I need to go handle this online. Isn't something you can fix it and and like he and at eleven argue with the got over the guy finally said okay come. Over here and receive when you fix it the post office by the way employs 6181000. People more than any civilian employer except Wal-Mart. Why are. Some people are spent it at that. I wouldn't the bank the dividend I'm ordering it to break. According to think the other day to pay my mortgage I was everybody makes fun image in this but I liked I want to see the people. Win I'm giving my money away economy design accents that I people like sort of real time for that's when it. But I do I go into the bank every month and I slept like a pharmacy here wanna payment mortgage wanna pay the extra whatever bubble ball. And the lady behind the counter she was young. And to follow up on your story right she looks me she says he can do this on line. That's off I'm well aware. And she's okay. And I cajun comment. I said I like coming in here and I like doing my banking impersonal. As somewhat similar issues server and yes choose. I kid you not ma'am nice QG not. Yak is eventually is that we need them. I just couldn't believe my buddy story about going to bail like that. But you're standing there for them it's an easy look here's the problem will just take care this click click click error but it. The guy that Asian Italian news he didn't know how bonds now go home and do at all. 5767798. I Java we're coming up right after the. I mean to tell you no one has transformed the outside of our home like lightning landscape and irrigation and love these guys. 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And irrigation all accredited. With an A plus BBB rating call my guys at lightning landscape irrigation needs only very happy Dana sent 9134413900. 4413900. Or lightning dash landscape dot com lightning dash landscape dot com. This. It put you back. Thanks. I. Units were permanently in the second as well. Rick in a late so before we had a bigger hello Rick. Other. Karen. I've been here for sixty years. Apple don't like you is that main post or in the caddie it's great records under title shot nation. Little post office you see in the issues like old local post office they don't Hillary's vote please take mail in talks. All right what a lack of them in all seriousness I mean when we need it. We don't but the post offices obligated to use these cities they keep all Roberts in city. What. That vision server role for his vision was here or roll part. But if you're losing as much money as the Postal Service is losing and we hear about these stories every year and why don't they just close it and sell the property him. A lot people wish they would. Our biggest problem is congress the legal acumen up. They are offered be bought out by UPS years years ago. And he wouldn't give it up to them. Seriously it. Billions of dollars a year for oil was in operation. You know I was a stream online and and the younger people in the audience prideco what the hell is the post office. I'm actually being searched or. But I was a stream online there was there was a move about. Ten years ago maybe it was fifteen years ago. To close 3000 post offices across the country. They put it in to wall. You could not close a post office C member Yankee mind these people wanna save us money they wanna come back from the deficit they wanna keep it comic and on the road for the kids and everything. Com. Immigrant kids. You could not close a post office in the United States if there was not another post office within ten miles of. That's what has always been you got that shot Michelin right nearby but that also Syria. Maintenance is still. And it's very busy but we have the one literally one mile to the east it's a waste of money. So wasted on it seems unusual artist seems ridiculous. When you live in a big. You know metropolitan area like Kansas City your dials forwards are some that. Where we can't close this post office because that one's eleven miles away not in on nine miles north but when you live. And in oh. I don't know kings bowl Missouri or king city ms. earlier zone are terrified. Then to have an a post office closed down is a big deal is the next one maybe 37 mile bus but you've closed the one. Johnson drive mission. Where people gonna notice to give their stamps and let me rephrase where's everybody over the age of forty. D'Amico into the other letters and packages for Christmas they're gonna go a mile away to the other that's right. That's your government America. Enjoy it. Records governors coming up a woman than it is. Jobs we're your kubert Cassius hours bandit. BE Andy Texan in the seventy rated one you're in the running for a thousand dollars if you were to cash keyword this hour's span. On behalf or produce a debate of punishment and all of America the great rob I've got my good Franco's data right times of parts and got world. Well by tomorrow 2 o'clock have a great night be safe because. Happening now on KM BZ the FBI is cracking down on online threats more next. And man Summers here we get a spring summer is here. Time to think about all of those outdoor areas in your home your deck. Your driveway your garage floor have seal wants Casey come out permanently protect and beautify those areas led their experienced team and how they will clean and seal. 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At KM BZ dot com.