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Tuesday, June 13th

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It's a lot of those seven. They'll freely illustrating coming your way at 12 o'clock also next hour. The official number of ballots is out for those that will be actually able to vote on the street cart expansion down to you've Casey in the closet. And to those of you who live in Missouri. Now you can live from Kansas City to Saint Louis for. Right. And I got that when those of us in Kansas we had we had so progresses and you can't tell us. The Missouri wasn't the last state to figured out tonight. Certainly not the first it's all that plus that of last few little bit later on I'll look if your kids. Done with your technology. Because Sarah could be Sanders that's right. BC gets abused she's. Spicer is back up yes. Is part of the time on she apparently her her child got a hold of her phone. And her official you know use for White House to account. And I do things they shouldn't have and she kind of jumped off at exactly the way that she should have but it got me thinking yeah I happens a lot. And will remind you of the big settlement and Amazon came out with specifically for that reason because it's make its order for him if if I. One button order. You out and buys stuff it's tremendous show it can very easily happen right now though. This popped up on Twitter and have a little fun some Lebanese very serious time we got Jeff Sessions testifying a little bit later on the apple in an as the countdown obsessions testimony for the Senate Intelligence Committee must be insulin Newsday one hour fifty minutes and 35 seconds three. It will carry some of that where you were under countdown for their coverage begins on clocks on. Hearing doesn't start to at least 130 he won't go on the stands always went for good lord and the opening statements but for little levity here looks like it apple that. Mike wickets. Well hell hole and don't. Name. Studio due in our face twenty's for the next day went in again come up and we heard this story Adam or a sense of what it's stolen from restaurants. Everything everything has been stolen and what have you stolen 5767798. Arctic uniting. I know I I now to give me the name of the restaurant I'd love to know yeah but you like how nice restaurant talking about. You have this sort of history with particular topic which I ask you to be at the right about here right it's on FaceBook and Twitter to pick what you've you've stolen our eyes out like that my parents owning a restaurant in Illinois and my and I had this conversation. About the might wicket to the world that. Just to say look when you're broke or when your guy is when you're just getting in to radio you shouldn't go out anyway. I'll tell you from the Bard and arbour called the arena I must've had a whole social percent. From my root for trips to the they'll. Let's check out his knives and forks. Force cost not. Penny we put into peak put him in your pocket after you wipe them off there in your pocket so that's okay would that would go to bed again I'm I'm curious as to justify I don't know what I would go to bed again it's like when you would and -- I've done this and other restaurants I have by the computer's serial thief Kansas City I've never stolen anything from your restaurants are I think why would you believe anything he says mark what I would take the plate like let's it was having a sandwich and some Fries and I would get it to go box and I would just put the plate in the to go box. I probably still out of the eight. Way up. Does a Bloomberg story and a lot of texting an idea to call all stolen from restaurants and how nice place was at free attempt to justify your your high. You can read it for the crime. The rest of my parents own and northern Illinois on my step Negroponte a farm and so it's kind of done in a lot of cowboy to war. And a lot of that is anti Yee ha it's stuff that is nailed into the wall it was beautiful the restaurants beautifully done in all of this very nicely finished wide end and all these murals on the wall and everything and my mom is she's out about. Like auctions and stuff but it was kind of stopped Butler wrote for the wall in a lot of the old farm hand thousands stuff. Are all on the walls. People will just take that about the walls it's to appoint them my mom has stopped replacing that they've just got to act like a restaurant and you can take. Because it's antique and they think they can resell it for something. They just read that stuff off the walls. That's little more extreme heat will take everything and it's not just on as we're learning as I just learned from from you as laughs. We think it was just people who were elderly perhaps that are taking these salt and pepper shakers all taking no containers of sweet well because they can have those who. Or we joke about them taking the entire basket of rolls home whatever. It's it's you. It's I've done that I've taken the basket I've taken the salt and pepper shakers and I didn't have any you know I was 21 years old recent 21 years old I didn't have any foresight I don't recommend doing this nine cents for a hair you Google I and it dollar tree but it's right there in front of me so dollar tree. 5767798. Was psyched Jennifer Lee summit and anyone came easy a Jennifer. Eight hour hey what's up. Well I hit the owner. And sorry moment it's not as I'm sorry. Yeah right and it was an actor. We had it decorated in you know you just at all. Italian. And you know pre ingredients. And great then you know things then rector at something like. People would Healy and I hear your typical well kicker Brett app and wine glasses. We haven't regular alzheimer's and I customer that would walk out with that and her husband would bring it back the next time they came and that we had in our path our bathroom where order. And one time we had a rooster a medal rooster it would probably. Six injured Paul. And it was in one of the bathroom and somebody stole that. And at my. I get that out without league's seen is Arab was there a bathroom window to the host tonight. Now there are no windows I don't know what they did. And that. And it went out and down you know and another time we had a like a in the men's bathroom a latter. Like a little leather. Spock kinda I don't know is the kind of looked cool and somebody walked out with that he may be a woman haven't heard that after I have no I. Suspect that it was an inside job because that's my parents wonder sometimes if it and if it's somebody either waiter or waitress or somebody with connections. The idea of shady people working for you Jennifer. Just as F a. It felt sick and I was at shady or thievery I was opportunistic. Criminal behavior might like a criminal behavior. 5767798. Jennifer they but the phone call to get to cattle get to Sheryl will be to your calls coming up next. 5767798. Texted 22980. What do these stolen be honest would have you stolen from restaurants because the answer is everything. Gas up by the way anything that costs a grand to 3000 dollars counts as Grand Larceny what's the value to move I'd probably not a total 1000 dollars. Yeah I thought I could tell you is that I'll get to more your calls texts tweets FaceBook it's a bit of Dexter and KM BZ. One game BC became Jamie wicket. In about a Sally. Likely it. We thought about what he'd stolen but it's for the restaurants. And I've taken played since I've taken knives and forks and probably. I have one point glasses than I ever need are needed when I was in my early twenties yeah I I've I've done I've done mice and you know personally anything from restaurant. I have never Celine from the restaurant well 'cause I had this is a failing dozens for me now I have a have you stolen accidentally. Got to give back wine glasses accident from a winery. Like eagle wine tasting I've done that probably lower the wine in his signature glasses and Italy there or not. Cool they're not able lot of wine glasses and the night because I'd I'd do a lot of I have forgotten about it a lot of trees and so and a lot of those are free days giving the glass is quite the collection I don't need anymore. Sometimes we stole because it was really really cool and I and you do you think we'll they've got a lot of I'm sure they get him involved now I know I'm I'm taking your argument nine. It okay mild right there but that's I think but I know I have idiotic and going stolen anything about that in and it. Ams that's that and much of it other than roster I. You can cram. I think I still that dvd once from a frat party. Pretty much all efforts to act at life I've ever stolen I've I I've not a big fan of the stealing especially now now older and enemy of been OK with that when I was 21 but now it at 36 I would be livid if so much stuff that's the old. By 76779. It would be stolen from a restaurant can't Lawrence your first up on KM BZ what's up get. David's public school. Has acquired. Probably dog chained change senator yo and a little bit that would enable local. College. We. Electric military could communicate what you went to the table next year. Very Smart and that's. Early gang when you mysteriously acquire a cubs from the other table. Well of course Roger just it. It's actually can't you're Smart man the story points out that he's got the call me get one past the waiters and waitresses they notice is Stefan is gone off the table and especially the drinker you get the more sure you are you're gonna pull stuff off that table or from health. The more aware of how stupid you look the waiter waitress is generally are. Man every outward into Chinese and find steak knives from Outback Steakhouse we are good at the small condiment balls. Again what point you're like you're dot com. They have they all of this stuff you are steel spur of the moment I want that parmesan cheese shaker let's see martini glasses from tgif and moved house and texting and they've stolen Moscow mule glasses all the a lot of. I wouldn't even ordered by the U I those and IKEA the answers you can buy them anywhere him as a yes. I like this one from the text line crab cracker from red lobster I had left overcrowding was from out of town so that's the only way to enjoy leftovers I stand by my decision I agree with that. Hard it is to break crab legs the next day that's very difficult let's see martini glasses. And passes somebody stole floor mat. From what I think. What an after dinner was driving by might take couple of restaurant is a my buddies of course it's always your buddies. As of my buddies in my rearview mere come running towards me with a huge role but unmet need through the back my truck. The front of the other witnesses and adult go go go. I. A guy moves L just because you really want this thing or use. Do you can pan. A lot of viewers you man are just stealing it to see yeah it's a stupid stupid like the giant restaurant sized floor mats right. Put that when you get home like by. If if someone has to steal format they would take it from my building which actually has the royals parade and as the floor mat. And that's of the worth stealing taken the black one from Applebee's or chili's what do you really need that for you act. And here's another put the body aches the wine glasses. What violent wine tasting with my aunt and Herman one of the places serve tastings and small wine glasses at to a third and those are what their ads in write his name the winery can bite though I watched my pants put the glass and Harper's I don't know how she kept them from breaking a five of that. And yes. That's pretty good flop it teapot from a Chinese restaurant force knives salt and pepper shaker. Eight he ran and shot still. Somebody's that my ex wife collected a set of eight glass coffee cups from Cheesecake Factory. Bahrain the that's ridiculous. Maybe not quite as ridiculous Cheryl little park we are you gonna listen this one Cheryl it over the park what have you taken. Why didn't followed and Lester was your friend and a series tabled XTO. No it was actually my father and uncle and several of their friends. And they rickets thrilling nine restaurant down on the plant that I can't remember the name of it because I mean I was. Really young it's probably in fifteen years ago soon. They don't know little Concord. And erase these really cute. On the table. And they pick them apart and and no. One else that is peace and wanted this piece and they take away. And he's still handling. Well and I could say that all the memory Cheryl they over the phone call it took a lay up from a restaurant. From all up of think about how hard it would be to get a lamp out of a restaurant wants yeah you take a piece all take a piece you take delightful Baltic record. Coordinated effort is that without beginning like oh yeah that's where it starts you steal the land from a restaurant. And then like the high and start steel and others. Somebody's that I've taken toilet paper. But just the big role in the paper you took that giant roll of one ply this guy like my husband's told bottle of mine from olive garden. Okay that's worth it. That's if you see something it lets it is what you. Bring that up my little brother in law and when she was visiting us in Milwaukee years ago. We are at a bar. And a might now life then girlfriend was writing the bowl. It all everyone was watching Lee who ride the bull on my mother in law swiped a bottle of wine a small bottle of wine from behind the bar high the bar provides jobs are on top of the bar but she. What is the arts to from stealing assault and rye. It's a little well I can think of like Corbett canyon like a little tiny finger Sutter home or whatever it was in a big bottles of plastic bottle but she gained the bottle. Does she criminal tendencies here where I've heard she's very nice woman. I don't believe so and is is Lee Schilling and that I end. Up and see that yet but a. Okay. Are now a certain wonder people are why. I'm Colin lion like blood somebody's at my dad's still a very heavy fire hydrant from restaurant dude that how getting away. That's why I details her with that additional piece of art work. Outside of an Arby's bathroom that said changing the Torah the people rule will not cause brain damage it hangs in my bathroom at all now people. On the subject of their minds of people the pride themselves on stealing road signs again that you're doing your college. Bit in my apartment lately now apparently need to make her a pop up just sort of history. I don't know that we were given that also somebody stole somebody of our number it's our neighbor Darren who no longer lives in the buildings like amuses him. We were coming back from a night out and he was there with his girlfriend he said Haiti want this it's a giant. Yields. When you like that would right there on Shawnee mission at giants it hangs in our living room right now. And is he was moving out he ran up just so lucky toward my cars that was giving guys like. Mike Mike I know you guys like roadside because now roadside couple. Any thing any action. And he said I got another what do you want it I said what what he said I got the Broadway side. So we have. The this sign off the poll that says Broadway boulevard. We're gonna put it up and then Lee wanted to hang out late into the living room for album would Miller. This that I'm about to stadium is probably some cash to keep to myself and listeners confirmed this for me I road trip in Missouri once and ended up. At the corner of ass and you. And EJ has yeah the sign that's still. 'cause I suspect that's going to be road trip from night ago I know is that signs that are next to each other but everybody has pictures in front and I'm pretty sure that exam as seriously it's 41 year old guy I've got I've never grow you eat like a fifteen year old and you of the habits between audio. But do you know get antsy of kids can't place him in the north Lyndon KM BZK as Sam knowledge sub it would be stolen. They like I have all day and I I it in the business and I have a couple other friends in the big. And though when you picked up taken our money that what bill and even on an eight dollar played five dollar lap whatever. I know it when I was young and stupid spam I'm sorry. It. He liked the limited. I invite you to take whatever you need to take data about five or six different diet restaurant around town yacht built when they. A. Yeah. Is the gulf. Yeah now. I am not stolen anything from Kansas City I like I promise you there I've not done that this and others not to ads that you would be recognized. Got a great chance but there's chance I mean. I I've Walt. Because I now can go by the plate that I need actually I I've established myself I think. We just published is that this thing has now is the reason for stealing things very courage and just getting away with it. Thank you and JMB easy to deal Jimmy wicket grabbing a bar strange conversation about what you've stolen from restaurant here in light and it. But very enlightening to. But I many view many. View. New intersection of avenue. It's not Cole camp Missouri which. I doubt that at some point I don't remember how is one of those out for drive kind of dazed but it's in camp and they say it's just shortly in the Ozarks tournaments opposite area. Matt can you were after new intersections of the tee signs are right there to gather I can't believe no one has stolen man. There is still there the last time me last and to act. I I would go got a picture that revision that would it would to Branson that's it turn on it closely did you. Ledger rest I think jail is very nice case we and op Ed. Just on the ground and that would happen. Okay somebody's an excellent Gumball machine. I. Wanna know more about that great thing steal again you can buy that you can you can by the gum ball machine but I want. That happened right we don't wanna know to just walk in like in the movie can hardly wait with a guy that steals everything is walks in grabs a double machine leaves. A bit of respect for that vice. 767798. Di Siena in Kansas City Diana apparently it's not what you take it it's what you haven't take. I know I'm very bad. Scary bad. War and what of go what are some earlier your highlights here. But we open up the OK that's the most popular and. Glass at bats. And does not mean you're not a lot. Clad hot. What is I've forgive me what is all land line. It is very high end stainless steel. Hot hand you a little. Butter warmer. There's the restaurant that serves their rise in them and I thought it was really cute and I wanted to match I set. So I asked the waiter kind of flirted with if I can take it home and he'll be. It looks easy that is his his permission to do it. Yeah. Yeah I'm night. How badly would you where you flirting with this man proud that not bad. Not bad at all. Well all the best you Diane yeah thief Fallon. Did a few signs are still there people are telling media he's understood there. It's somebody other FaceBook page said the date that his girlfriend armor certainly was on a date with stole an entire deep dish pizza. How do you steal. The deep dish pizza like like you did you just swipe at play your walking by you took it from. Or are the deep dish pizza pavement which to me that easier it would make things more sat they would be greasy you're part of you put it can't protect. First of ballpark so that your purse. Can sounding to me I've never I've people stealing food from restaurants. That's one thing or crackers or anything it's click on the table to talk a little containers that things are left but to just like somebody's. Talk about dine and ash if you're talking about what your meal that's and I did. That a long time I wouldn't have a long I was a bad kid and was there decline in a long time know how big was the bill. Only four box. But it is. What a buddy of mine and he's not listening right now and it is he all none of this is a different story we all favorite Denny's. A world high schools and he collected the money. So he took everybody's money it was the last guy standing and he stole the money and the next day he had a sweet pair of Nikes. And we're like where you get the. Hello. So he's saying now they'll pay now locked down and he didn't he didn't we threw everybody is this before debit cards are rage shortly and we everybody would throw twenty bucks or whatever. And there were like eight of us he made out to 160 dollars. Yeah. Waffle House the plays accurate claims or stealing from. That's. Waffle House and I somebody's my friends and once all eight share from Waffle House. Does she. Care I just as it gets to Casey's Linux European BZ KC what you stolen. Well I know one of the big twelve or eight. Our role but the only thing told. Did you did you did you meet the big all of crappy toilet paper. Yeah it was pretty aren't they admit are meant more X our bar a bit higher paper. X I get it I lover justification I needed it and it worked. What else what else can you say about a paper on I mean other than it being a fine. I guess that's fine explanations true in Al. Last word goes to Ricoh and Casey refill your idea be easy Rico would be taken. I can't take it one pick up. Oh. You had a hole total. What when it broke out Julian apple. And hotel on your mobile. I don't. And and when I got to know tactic all along with. That's where my story cubs in the play I got to go box I didn't wanna take the sandwich in the Fries and everything off the plate to just put the plate in the to go blocks in the sauce cup. And this Oscar. Okay at a I'm not talking about sauces they have stolen from to pull. Okay every amid several attacks in about SARS is they've stolen like Tabasco saws or any of the little hot sauce bottles that they've stolen. Firm like Taco Bell or whatever. So all. I can contact. Some said they bring back east of the KFC buffet. That's a whole other discussion we can get into had a four have talked about that about the phase that. Will charge you. Cure what that what that was but did that don't like to do that I. I'm not gonna out them because one of the might be listening but a couple of friends of went to a ball game in the last year Kauffman Stadium yes we had a sweet. 'cause of where they were were portable was employed. So we went. And as we're driving one guy says to the other. Do you have the zip lock back please because they were gonna meal prep at the K. It work well it's it's like Lee. We ate everything in the suite like there was nothing left worth taking a crash but their plan lines to take the bag ease. Into the K app and take the dogs and the burgers and it's (%expletive) in it and take it home with them so they could be Oprah. I was appalled by. This sounds like more trouble than it's worth I. I can't and I can carry some of that my purse but that third leak concerns right. Yeah now in doing that you get around it and by the way they relatively intake of beer out of the Swedes now today I tried I tried to take on just might instantly wanted out of this week to the normal. No exit area. Knew they do not want you taken anything. Oh I learned a lot about you to. You never know what's gonna come. I'm really gonna get help thanks illegal attitude that the onion peels back further just you know this is gonna come back later guarantee I'm now every was that he might what you put side not that person anymore just. I'm not that person doesn't. I thought I now. Bomb. You don't you're just gonna have to trust me I don't know this I do anymore this relationship keeps growing idea. Deepening right coming up president trump. Crashed a wedding did you see this. I dead and also the deputy attorney general has been talking to lawmakers today about president Trump's ability or capacity. To fire the special prosecutor who's leasing leading the investigation into the potential Russian ties into the election. Or has it that trump. Fire Robert Mueller domain and that now we know whether he can't. Now we'll tell anybody coming up next they'll forget about and her Twitter polls today NBC air the Alex Jones interview this Sunday with Megyn Kelly. Yes or no follow us on Twitter and vote at KM BZ radio it's the day with Jamie wicket and he won embassy. Ready one KM BZ media would Jamie blanket Jamie Monticello a Mike lake it's. Coming up it's what's trending aimed Kansas City after the noon news also next hour. Governor brightens. Due to great job helping you fly from Saint Louis to Kansas City and back without a passport. Also the streetcar ballot numbers are out we'll tell you what percentage of the those with in the 30000 a our person district actually will be voting on the street cart expansion. Coming up this afternoon and I believe the hearing itself begins sometime after 130. But Jeff Sessions the attorney general will go before the US Senate Intelligence Committee Siemens seems to read it last week to talk about the same questions about Russia's possible involvement. And the 2016 presidential election I so will depend that as that happens after it and with that so just to make sure you've got the players right here Robert Mueller gladly farmer the accurate and current special counsel was Russell prosecutor named to lead the investigation into whether Russia had a role in influencing the 2016 presidential elections we got Robert Mueller. There is close sources to the president friends of the president that sad that president trump wants Moeller fired. And see Luol case sets a bad president not really sure it's legal for him to do that the deputy attorney general rod Rosen Steve Rosen Stein went before a senate Appropriations Subcommittee today. And sad I am the only person you can fire Robert Mahler and there is no reason to do it oh yeah I'm sure shrubs thinking I can fire him. I can do it's it's it's his own TV show. Rosen Steve was the one appointed Muller to lead the investigation because your member Jeff Sessions. There are have to be quote good cause for Mueller to be removed from his role when asked by senator. Gene Shea here in north him a New Hampshire fees in any reason for mold to be fired he said I have nots. On so long. That gets complicated. Does there are stories being done about whether trump can do it even if he wants to it's an unsettled legal issue according to daily times my guesses. Terms I can ask anybody that's legal. Well if he wants smaller out he'll just do it. Here's speaker Paul Ryan I think the best indication that the president elect this investigation go on independently in early. That to me is the smartest thing to do the best thing to do and that's what I think hopefully will happen. Presidencies that I am not going to follow any orders unless they are a lawful order he was asked by senator Susan Collins a Republican out of Maine who by the way is one of the a couple of Republicans who often breaks from president trump. She asked a residency would you fire Muller if trump asked him to and he again sad. I'm not going to follow any orders unless they are a lawful order and an eSATA I'm confident that Mueller has full independence. Again I think of trump one about he's not gonna ask him a colossal hole just missed getting my hair do it it'll take years to sort that out legally so he would just do it now the reason we. Summer this is because of what happened. At the cabinet meeting yesterday and we mentioned this during what's trending because that it just happened now we've got some of the audio this is. The strangest thing I have ever are right cabinet meetings are boring. Like they're just not fun like basically the president comes in and you know it'll still. And make a statement or whatever take couple questions from the media and boom. But there you have. Jeff Sessions and Scott Pruitt and Betts lost all player all power and cap and act and I have two versions of this I have the long version and I have the short version. And the first thing president trump did. And this is incredibly laughable. But after his first 143 days he said quote this is quoting Donald Trump the president of the United States of America. Never has there witnesses to the cabinet who never has there been a president. With few exceptions who's passed more legislation who's done more things than I have. Close quote. Congressionally Mr. President you have done nothing. Other than walking kneeled gore sits through the two war. You judge nothing. With the approval of congress from high crime doesn't count the travel ban has been blocked the wall is he getting built or funded that the tax planes doing enough health care how they'll repair is still it is a bold faced again easily provable falsehood. From the president of the United States when he says who's passed more legislation. Mr. President with all due respect you have passed zero. Legislation. Other than. Executive orders on the money for the wall and it proposed budget that hasn't passed yet is not to say you think his passing legislation and then it got weird kind of and the cabinet beginning with Wright's previous. Chief of staff. Going around the were up as much at this as you can stomach Gulfport let's hear their entire the entire purpose of this. Was to praise president trump. This is all right this stuff like it you can not we have to play for you so you don't think relying I'm not flying all it begins with Wright's previous. And then goes around the room most of you know most of the people around the world. Historic trip of my sensation and as these folks didn't. Go back and have these days and we'll in his listeners what I. Thank president. Greatest privilege in my life processor. And vice president presents keeping his word. American people on the friend. I try to be here and celebrate this group. You responded yeah so fast. Yeah Mr. President. Privilege here. Thank you for being here commitment the American workers. This president not me I'm dean. This last weekend had a great privilege to represent America. China the green energy ministerial Skype for our regular time. They need to hear why Americans Stefan wife affairs coordinator did. Thank you Mr. President it's a new day the United Nations. You know we now have a very strong voice freaky people know what the United States to sport they know we're against an atheist leading across the board and so I think the international community. We're about budget actually right we are going to be we'll take care of the people who really needed much the same time we do what direction we were able to also. Focus on the forgotten man and woman were the folks were paying those facts appreciate the support that. You get a theme here. Like this is Mr. President you're you're the master your McCain we bowed out and he hit it to forgive me. For not knowing if President Obama or President Bush or President Clinton or president George H. W. Bush did this. This son in in she in now so who do you think this wives try and was its scripted. Were they hole. This was not president crimes necessarily the sounds like Revis thing like we're gonna start this he went they're ready behind the scenes and sad. We're gonna start this meeting and tell you exactly what to say organizer is not a positive now I mean. Six I don't remember this happening this is incredibly. Out. Incredibly narcissistic. Everybody eagle around. And say something that I'm doing well how hail to oil to chief here here's Wright's previous and now Mike Pompeo. Tires Sears sat around Mr. President we thank you for the opportunity well and you news. Sir your agenda. We're I really didn't. Servicers who had character I answer the Bruins leading man. We can do the best tournament. Thing you know violence mission. This just because the cameras were rolling like it did president trump organize this sorted someone and his staff organized this asked the cameras were rolling to say everybody tell me what a great job I'm doing. Even though he's done very little. Yeah and given that approval numbers are so incredibly low right now on you know they do I don't I don't where this phrase comes from but you know they do serve at the pleasure of the president that's the term you know we serve at the pleasure of the president and the the president can askew just to resign and of course. It gives you meetings that. Pleasure of the president. It really it would it's amazing and if I'm wrong. And there is video of president George H. W. Bush Clinton George W. Bush or President Obama. If there is video of the rumor going around from cabinet member cabinet member. I eat my sock and a colossal waste of time by the way I mean in all seriousness what a waste of the government's time he's short. All your answer is because the cameras are rolling there have been no cameras there that would have been a waste less wasteful exercise I totally useless extra cost can't believe he. Maybe I should he's the Donald. He that the man has the greatest ego the healthiest ego any person ever. And I know our previous president had a damn healthy ego is else yeah. And every cabinet meeting for now I just everyone around the room and it doesn't compliment. AL mark did you know that our bosses Allen actually said what he walked into our office today go around the room Jamie wicket only good things tell me things like that. And a great meetings started to act and so we it and that it did you write that freely you're supposed to say or were you asked to come up with that on the fly. We we basically just prepare ourself right you know you have to be on your toes around here and was it different those are did you Wear those you know at the ready. Absolutely knives he's not. He's listening analysts think are. I've got out of props to governor brightness for doing what should have been done a long time ago twelve years are also giving up the on how many of you people will actually be voting. For the street car expansion.