You have to stop buying the slippery shampoo!

Dana & Parks
Friday, July 14th

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We have other on remarkable injuries to report. What you you will not believe what happened to me today. She believes she's can cost. I'm going to do the show with a traumatic brain injury or what do Judeo. I was in the shallow Travis the football player from college just jumping and I will talk to you about your seats he. And to my CTV at the conclusion of this show if I'm still alive. I I hop in the shower today. Chris is in the kitchen I shut the bedroom door is always determined and now. And before I knew what happened I was at the into the shower I am almost done there was a little shampoo apparently on the bottom of them a cash our bottom. Before I knew what happened and carry it was so quick I mean it was. I went from zero to what the hell does happen like baton. Eyes flew backwards. In the hair. Slammed my head into the thick glass shower wall. And thank god it was thick Alaska's that was that glass it would have shattered and cup my hat off. And I'm just laying their crumpled up a ball on the shower floor like did that just happened to that actually just happened. It was the craziest thing and that my panic was did I break my back because I landed with a earth shattering. Sigh now but the the my head took the brunt of it on the back of the shower ball. So I get up Chris comes front and and does it do it sounded like a tornado at how it was a allowed at. Injury he comes in and like. I. So here's the deal I have a horrible headache. And my neck feels like I've been to a chiropractor like I'm sore. Ha but I do I'm hurts my backs not hurt by the grace I I don't even know how. I didn't break something my elbows my wrist might you know when you go down yeah I think I didn't break anything because. It happened so fast I didn't have time to brace myself. I just went from standing up to not standing up. I don't even remember how it. It isn't anywhere on your head to Jeanette. I think it's the right side I it was so quick I don't remember can you feel a lump not the here's the you know one now you talk well and Ozzie calls she gets real known Dana you know. Really your mom like web indeed yeah there's some goats sheep she does so I told her and I I cannot stop laughing because the first thing she says to me and I mean. These first thing she says to me. Is Dana do you remember what happened to. Lee young girl Isa I. Why. You remember. Asking. Is why the first thing she says to me. Lee need to light hit her head was dead within 24 hours. A skiing accident. She hit her head she was and asked the powerful. And. Yeah I was skiing accident I don't think banging your head and showers going to. I'll pay a crack a. It's it's gotten in here on the here. Power user. Well I tell us we're big juicy. Either get clean out her old car we're working on that. Is she nearby. Aren't. Slurred speech. Massive headache and listen. Concentration. And memory problems not I had that's every day feeling. Slowed down every day. Loss loss of consciousness I don't know I don't know things consciousness. Out. You. Don't. Is that she is me I'm not linked to. Internet what are you down. There are a big juicy Europe here hello. Yeah. I think your daughter may be contest. All right. Our. Why does she need to Hubert the shower. Why. Then. And if it if it. Yet we are lucky that she didn't get that black and the cat later down. That's what I said. Or if elected its key. Things were rocky mountain that are keeping it on the floor and she got put. There aren't you and the basic share. Yeah like tonight before before another shower it's taken. I would welcome you back or went to work. But yet you're going to be an ordinary day. And and that that's like a death trap big juicy. Well here at the hell out of me. Yeah she let bought yeah yeah. Quit crying that she can't. A big Jews is there a shampoo that you would recommend that does not slippery. Well I did think it already got stuck in the black pepper. I mean he's got. While I'm gonna go get non slip shampoo and get those little feeding things that you put on the floor this hour mother listen. Here are the symptoms of Mike my CT. I don't know you don't have CT eighty headaches irritability. I really irritable. Or a feeling more emotional. I am very emotional. And feeling slowed down. I old amber amber yeah. If it doesn't get better and again and I promise you that you know what happened in reasons why it. You don't study about how he would. Eight welcome to my world. How. Hard I. Well or I'll help. You got it looked like I'll. They had paper. It blackened right now. Our. It blackened. Car where the black. Wal-Mart are or more hours to kick it won't. What's stamps you know liked it there clean your shoes they're reflected. That seem. I'm Dan exam paper with tape on the back end up in the shower are. Written about. How you liked it how paying for a certain outdoor. Oh. Note to our time you walk in her ground well like a bigger shot. I pat. All I read it yet walking yet and end it didn't anecdotal. Out and it you've got it up or that you don't like. Eight big Jews securely give me a favor. New credit line for many. Craig Scott parks. Do you. You know after 45 years the same woman we develop this system that works or if I. Listened intently to every word he says I agree with 100%. And 28 look at that either I think having him. Hey I have one out in all seriousness I have one last thing I wanna tell you. It's something. Here's the back onsite yoga. It's something happens to me I want my brain donated to Boston now for a possible yes that's what they study the brains of people have. Sorry yield. You've got more liberal. It. Its current storm. It is eyewitness they study migraine. Hey Craig. It here before goad you the brain tells the story about when you dropped him off ago. It was a wonderful day. Are you guys be good have a great weekend and the feelings I'm dealing body. Patent. Are what was. The right agency would you just. She does it. Emotional and an air. It's every should also he'll be fine expect. She. You be drinking and I'll the Jews should she drink with a concussion. Be. It. It would it would buy he actually date. Possessing and race and yeah. Craig deserve their own show one KM east or at this. I can't help but it's due to treatment Hollis and I'd be users. Over the counter pain relievers and carrots or gave me two Ibuprofen. Rest. Reduced. Work land. OK so here's the thing I it's. A couple of years ago you slammed your fingers and her car door. And the other day you explained to us how your fingers were dangling by them. So here. Next year this is going to be that time you split her head wired. Hour now. Also. If I understand that you bump your head in the shower and now you're gonna remodel your damn bathroom I. No no I did not but my hat I fell and slammed. My head. Slam it falls in to the back as well here's what's you know what really old people that were white new balance you know. So here's what's funny and but it's not funny. If you Google bathroom injuries. The bathroom is the most dangerous. Room wondering well why would you Google bathroom injuries because 234000. People almost die every year slipping and falling in the tablet this hour. I'm telling you from there was set today and I know you laugh. Now we're there was a second today's Scott when I was lying there kind of dazed that I thought that is how people die. I can see it happening you know we knew a guy and this is an I'm being series are from owning line we knew a guy who's taking scalding hot shower. Slipped in salary had a medical issue or some kind in late under the scolding hot water helpless. Had a third degree burns all over his body and died why is he taking a scolding honcho in the first place that is that not burning his skin before he thought I said to my mother today I never showering on again. This is Howell and I and I'm being series or Scott. This is how. And it didn't like that in the hole and it stopped women are more likely to be hurt this hour than men. And all that shout. Actions to know rock happened rugged 12 I was Siena and the next second I might add. Or I don't know you are the same age almost to the month right how many times have you been in the shower. And you just happened to full. And are out there on the today's first time it's ever happened to me these first time are ever so between the three of us we have 46 years for six years young 43 years yeah. Okay so we have a combined 100 and and 36 years a tank. We have a combined 136. Years of showering experience. K we will call. And we have one fall. Who is. Only the most fabulous person and all the world Tom Kane. Low. They're it's Michael match. Mommy I don't Turkey nearly died you all right. I am so glad you called me because I feel like this was almost the end this morning. Oh my god. So were I had followed our Dana I nearly died along with you act it out and. Saying. We're all out and my art I like it. Health. Agency yuan in Newark. He very nearly died and I went out but he Hugo. There were no response so it's our argued it stroke out or not. And his team. It is a common. Form of death in the home that's all in Minnesota. What is chill out for a little bit. Mr. Mac. Curb your belt Dana I am got you can. You can open compass eight. She has absolutely no sensitivity of the night. Every ways to their CTE she's trying to go home early watcher cute guy I aunt dot. They break down how people die in the home every year and you wanna hear one of the categories home ice where. What categories. Is drowning and submerged in while falling in the past knowledge and no no. Accidental threats to everything that's on the list what does that mean. Wait an hour or or. Charlotte down it's down. So where where guys were just so it's. Nothing like on the. Inhalation of gastric contents is a form of death and home so it's hopping. Accidental strangulation. In and it. Are there. Don't talk with hot tap water this. They have listed out now to put this on the wet now I am not buying anyways I'm not buying they have broken down parents I see how they make him accidentally be choked in her sleep. Like bikers. Is accidentally Mayer quotes pretty much out. Know we have machines are our future and that like Eric. Has cut back. First there's. Thank you for calling I appreciate your concern I love beer or hard not to know more accident excellence. Race. Rod. Member in all we did was talk about Ronald rate Yemen Republicans and stuff. Now. Out happened that we ended up talking about Dana get drunk in the shower one night. On now and did not get round comedy drill field so how many drinks if I actually have a concussion you don't have a concussion because the blue eyes are opened and you're not sensitive to light. That is a possible. Symptom is done is extend its. Changes in the way that you walked. OK get up and confused thinking. I don't it doesn't account rematch doesn't count every day. It does a sensitivity to light or noise. You're on a radio show with windows wide open feeling ought he not sharp or confused. It's like every day and so the only thing that we have left rod is bill well. I. Get up and walk and don't. Walking she us. It. You look like Texas and its team needs is the radio talk I'm stepping three inches shorter than I normally do. Words. You bump your head and I'm sorry and I know it's foolish war that's all you bumped her head. Who spills soap on the floor in the shower while it. Happens it's not only does it odds you put your hand I'd try to get out here who shot up. When is the last time you spilled so Michelle. I don't know rod do you take. Do you have a bar soap or like acts. Well I have them. The liquid dove men plus well though it's it's all's buys the once it's on the news go back to the RNC in another so what you do. A liquid so rice pushes him here right hand. Dweller on to the the spongy thing. On. The spongy thing you know it's like plastic proof. Sponge things to. The class I know who's actually watching that I knew exactly agreement gave menus yes. Oh yeah. Do of the big games are very clean people is going to be more like him so I put our right answers for us came here for a race. I'd put it right here and I just iced my left arm prior it's it does it. End up on the floor of the shower I never slept on it. While it's he's this year marks the world's last time he slipped on so on the floor shower. Okay rod thank god she's pregnant rod wouldn't have you. Now it's it's never have it doesn't mr. urges it to me that. The bathroom is the most dangerous place in the hall and slipped the balls are the leading cause of product line in this story. Alive mr. words are. Saying. It is our. I think that's the part that bugs me. But after I had and we're gonna remodel that bathroom. Somebody says 12901. Everybody's bills so chill out. I have never spilled so. It just happens when your champ pulling yourself 46 years I've never drop the so. And you want him. Strides and then attend the prison candidacy. And it. We're rod was over I was like hey a month ago I take a shower before we go to the concert months may or may not drop the so.