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The Dana & Parks Podcast
Tuesday, March 13th

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. I. Agents pop. Do. You like about your you don't need there with the. Well I don't have a a credit to you know that I met deeply hurt now I did I got to go backstage at where else I was there. And you earn its. Very Brit is do you like meet everybody at the Iowa State and pretty much a change what does one do the Iowa state fair and vote. It is a great fear our state. And today with the one of the 100 things that you are supposed to visit before you. The butter statue. Out via. Or better Elvis to whoever is here. It was fair there is all. Like like to editors industries buildings. The all of the vendor that. Our house. I. The fried butter it's it is by exist at those. Machine. That's. I'm. Sleep off. What's the him Q I take you to the keyword is. Ego. You're listening to. An audio. Tech's. And 72 hated one in your in the running for a thousand dollars with skewered cash audio audio 72881. Start putting it back to sleep please. You guys eat like him. Fried twinkies and stuff there. It's just. You know he's he's here for free. He's here because he doesn't have a Jihad. Mean that's a tough spot up. Are we kidding. He told me two weeks ago when he found out Damon is going to takers like. I'm unemployed and that means I can hang out with you all week I want to be an hourly. And he went. OK. With the 6 am but your. Don't you know not much else houses jobs surgeon. At. At it. Well I'll survive. I need I need I am on the hunt like you on the hunt Caremark served for. A baby sitter I am right hunt for the next newest best test dig in the world you know why and media friendly media savvy end it right rings around pretty much anybody sound. All this week on the let's find Michael MacKey his dream job telethon would be trying to help Michael MacKey of Michael MacKey. Find you guessed it his dream job if your HR professional recruiter or ahead honor. Let's get those phones to ring right now here's Carroll with more. Can help anyone talk good putter he's a phenomenal media trainer corporate trainer or sort of trainer you need dog trainer personal trainer plus he knows every one. His content except context he does PR he does marketing it looks good on camera. And he's won not six not 78. Emmys dare. Well Mac he's at a desk forty hours a week no no he will not. But he'll travel anywhere for your company to shamelessly and blatantly promote whatever you want with a smile on his face you. Professional he's clever he's a natural storyteller and he can write circles around what ever stupid person you currently have and that job us he always smells good. He's the host with the most let's get those spoke mystery here on that. Let's find Michael MacKey hit your dream job jealous I'm. Yeah. And. I. You know Mac I've been thinking lately we have few things come element of talk. It's not six. And he's been struggling with a anyway. Whittled down in the dumps it nomination. I did Caremark sir I got laid out like literally eat it like this ever expect. What's next three games before crystals. All. I mean. Let's just hers. So I am determined. Okay this is the shot out of the ML are you listening hallmark are you listening. Cerner are you listening. Better. These things I bring to the table and it's not just the ability to talk on the rod video. Did your cute and it yeah and mildly attractive to get here you do now. That job hunt is is slow well I mean I really didn't look much in January because let's face it it. So now the job continues and earn it so are you panic mode yet. Now when does when going to panic what do comes we're different in June and then I'm and stressed. About beat is you know might I don't know what I dream job as defined it. And so it would help too I mean I apply the things who does. Mean and 33000 other people however I have a platform. And it's golf lets fly to Michael MacKey is dream jobs all time. It goes by a neighboring get balanced or bring him. Yeah. Yeah yeah and aides are professionals and honor our critters. Let's get those phones to ring. An earring and now. Maybe even later I would hard thank you know. I've applied here but they're no positions opens it happens but I am not everyone's radar as whatever and wells. And I had more in Europe and everyone they tell you that you're on our radar. It had more were I've had more networking coffee gates. Get to tomorrow to yesterday in my life is become being on the radio filling in for Jane and going to copy gates with. People in my field so how much caffeine if you had ST on. An avid student of historic Scotland in two weeks are so. That's. We're in front of my book is pretty. Let's I'm Kia. And Hillary. The way I wrote that simply and that's weekly honor and arrogant. As early and her one guy I can help people talk gutter and if that. So listen if you're looking for a media trainer if you're looking for corporate trainer you're looking for somebody with a tons of agency ad agency experience and me and sending smoke YouTube to respond and could hear really what forty. I. For revisit this every hour on the. Nowhere and I asked. No we are not revisiting his every hour army. Mil or not. Let's line Michael MacKey is and I'll lock. Maybe. Well what's up of all these kids walk in a school tomorrow. It's a national school walking version one there there are some districts across the country that threatened to suspend students and Jews. And here is a legitimate question I saw in I think it was the Wall Street Journal. Over the weekend. Elementary schools are having to do what does and they don't know how to deal with it. Which makes sense for example if a bunch of fourth graders get up and just walk out of the school. Who's gonna hurt the caps if you don't media. It's not like high school student three RI RA did in here yeah it's over Watsco. Back to class we were talking about a bunch of elementary school kids and their parents are gonna be none to three oldest are outside on super. I do no question especially. In a way in an elementary school if they really understands. Burst you know or if this is just a reason for them two weeks moved walk so. Now high school and middle school I think big baking totally understand is that there actually is about ballot protest elementary question. And and what if these districts are threatening to suspend the students. Mean if he's walkouts are only for seventeen minutes are you really gonna suspend the kids for exercising their first amendment rights reeling Wyly seventy. That's 171 for every kid person was killed. A man and to speed now. I participated in the walk. You over a back end of it grounder went back. Nobody ever says today this is when it is so I just got up. Date on. And we call that night and in the twelfth. I'm assuming they're gonna call me at some point guards on him. And never remember I never did that brought him back a rod. Or at a rate greater ever walked back him now never did. It to a date did you date of high school now now one. And Texas seventh eighth and ninth is junior. OK so you don't die in the ninth grade okay honest to god sac town. In a classroom. And it was a couple days after school started because nobody pulls the school started. So I went down. I'm serious. I went down and rolled. Sat down in ninth grade first class. I do this and teachers started talk him and like. Right away she said tomorrow. I need you to make sure you bring your man pencils to class because we're going to be starting a new project. What's a map and yeah colored pencils out now. And I looked around the room and realized I was in the wrong like this is not I sit here and all I could think was. You mean a color. You know how much cocaine are sold this week in and you want me to come here and color and yeah I'm not doing this. The bell ring I got up and just walked out the door and left early and never went back never went back. With the end of that I was in the school for me and about six weeks later I was at classic in my TV. Six weeks later Jack you got your ged when you were in the eighth grade yes a trade down. My mother said if you're gonna go back to get a damn ged idiot. So okay. Oh and down about six weeks later dignity the pats well. Assists that's pretty impressive he is the smartest dumb guy I've ever and I swear to god he's got more smarts and anybody in this room. The most list smartest thank you sir sir I was told a compliment ones that. I was a fine mixture of high intelligence and low education. And no no. Self esteem and worth now. All of you. Of the youth is okay. Let's mine Michael MacKey is your dream job telethon. I'm. 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It's the people who oh. Now this kind of fixed machine guns red and gold. I'm not ready in my opinion yeah. And told I actually Portland and Canada. I don't know what happened and it's sort of how important. Another one bites the message to. And Rex Tillerson. Was fired today as the secretary of state. And I don't care. I think it was okay. He ruffled the president's father's. The president whether you like him or not I happen not to like number much. I don't like him personally in these kind of jerk. Has ever. To have whomever he wants serve him they serve at the pleasure of the president. Also at the whim up and Rex Tillerson woke up this morning arriving in the United States from Africa at 4 o'clock this morning. Was apparently informed that he had been fired. I don't care. That Rex Tillerson is not the secretary of state. It was a good I don't know guests. The only beef I have with his whole thing. Is how he found out. He was informed. The secretary of state one of the most powerful men on the planet. Was informed that he had been fired. Through Twitter. Through the president's Twitter feed. Rex Tillerson found out he had been fired. After. The speaker of the house. After. The senate majority leader. Any found out of the same time as everybody else in America. Could say he was blind sided. Just a little. Servicers or you're gonna talk politics I'm out how we avoid it. I just don't know I mean if you wanna talk about dying puppies or bake sales or kids walking out of schools I can do that it. I just don't understand how we avoid the biggest story in the news. You tune in to this station because we are a news talk station in other words we talk about the news. I don't care. That Rex Tillerson lost his job I don't have a dog in that fight. I don't know if Rex Tillerson was a good secretary of state or not he seemed to be doing okay I don't know carried. He seemed to ruffle the president's for others he seemed to say things the president dunes today. We're tried to clean up the president's. Comments I don't know. I have a problem with the way Rex to lose and was fired that's all. I thought it was class lasts. I heard they are retired rear admiral. Kirby. We used to be a spokesman for the State Department. Say today it was the most on gentlemanly thing that trump has done since he got into the White House. Services got it ignore it wasn't somebody else fired and found out on TV while they were given us beat Jim coming yeah. The former FBI director of was it was giving a speech in California. Got all the stage. And was told apparently been fired on Fox News. So. This White House kind of takes an office based approach to firing people we've fixed the glitch in the and we figured this would just take care of itself. He's our get a paycheck anymore so the stuff sort of some one day. With stolen from the review of those reasonable budget and that it. Fifty year. So. I'm not a crier river for Rex Tillerson is the former CEO of Exxon. He's worth hundreds of millions of dollars. So is this guy before we talk politics can tell fart jokes. Data can tell fart joke right now. There is a sport jokers now. I wonder how her gastrointestinal system is doing after you think she ever got off to him yesterday. That's revealed that fish and really don't think about it you know she probably got done stood up those. You know that feeling when you have the diarrhea dobbs. Should it has a picture six hours after said that there's incidents and you look to be you know vertical bridle. As Howard you're she's. Present. At that moment when you think you're done opt out. And it. I've 76779. It Rex Tillerson fire today on Twitter. As secretary of state that's how he learned he learned through Twitter. That he had been fired as secretary of state. 5767798. From attacks and Dana better try not too far. She's got hoops sometimes it brings different. Newsroom Caremark the FBI is now involved in the package explosion investigation in Austin we'll have more next. You don't some of seven almost all the it was a knock on wood does not happen do you or meet Michael make your hair marks around Africa but if you do find yourself in a car accident. Whether it's a fender Bender god forbid some more serious. Remember the name deals collision repair in blue springs because it's serious business you want your car or truck. Fixed right the first time and that's what they do it deals collision repair. In blue springs and up to many times deals personal friend watched his crews work and I can say without question. The best in the business but remember there are plenty of body shops here in town they go by the name deals there's only one. Deals and blue springs and their work is guaranteed as long as you when your car trucks and get it fixed right the first time. 816228. 18558162281855. Were online deals auto collision dot com. Deals and those bricks taken care of cars taking care of you. 1030 in Kansas City from the KMB using newsroom I'm Kara marks our investigators and Austin continue to pore over evidence related to three package bombings they believe relaying. Here at the site of the third bombing the intersection leading to the home remains blocked off by yellow police tape three Austin police officers protect the perimeter. An FBI forensic truck is here as well as perhaps ten FBI agents who occasionally huddle that talk about what they found its ABC's. Rand are reporting Kansas governor Jeff collier has declared a drought emergency for all 105 counties across the state. The drought stretches from normally dry like it's been around here too extreme drought at southern Kansas. Over the past six months the statewide average precipitation was only 66% of normal. The governor and state officials are worried about water supplies in increasing fire danger. We'll check traffic and weather together next. We have a quiet weather in the forecast here in Kansas City straight to lady Thursday with a bit of decline in temperatures. Easing up to about fifty as the afternoon goes on with a good deal assigned. Clear for the overnight hours early dip into the upper twenties and plenty of sunshine analyst sixty's I Wednesday afternoon hitting 65 on Thursday. By Thursday night riverfront Eminem and a shot showers and a possible thunderstorm here lingering showers on Friday. I'm staff meteorologist at a pretty era more KM BZ whether. You might even do that and I know you think about isn't any and none of the government to give I didn't do that I know you think about isn't any. Look at him. Lawyers that. The clock. Somebody told. They were sick and tired of hearing from liberal propaganda. Crap and liberal media propaganda craft. And accuse me of being part of the problem not solution. When we're talking about the firing today of Rex Tillerson. Of which I fully stated the president has every right. To have whomever he wants. In his cap within reason of course. And I said the person and you play the pro peace and wanna let's talk about important as not your crap band tour. By the way Tillerson found out he was fired on Twitter via Twitter and I said then you play the program director of what's being rude I was. Just trying to engage this person conversation I said what should I talk about that is super important. To which he wrote back that's hypocritical statement because you get on the Aronson is saying this is your show Kansas City all the time. I'm just asking what what do you want me to talk about I'm talking about the firing of Rex Tillerson. You can't win fillies. And I well. I guarantee this is somebody who also probably want me to talk for 56 years ago about whether or not Barack Obama was born in Kenya. I am not some liberal media component that 7834. Wants to think I am. I just said the president has every right to fire Rex towards the only beef I have with it is the way that it was done. There Rex Tillerson that a man who has become famous. For telling people your fire. To their face. Has never fired anybody to their face and he became president. Jim co we found out by watching Fox News that he had been fired is the FBI director during a speech rights preakness. His former chief of staff found out he was fired while he was sitting in a plane on a Rex Tillerson found out today that he had been fired. At the same time America found out on the president's Twitter feed I'm just trying to point out the obvious this is a man that we elected. Because he was tough. He wasn't afraid to tell people you're fired. You're not doing your job out there he's never fired anybody in their face. Now wants. And I do think the president has ever. To fire resources. I also think you do it with a sense of class. And dignity. Not only for your own office but for Rex to worse things now they did talk what three hours later it. Rex Stores and said in his. Comments about an hour and a half ago from the State Department that he received a call from the president. As the president was in route. To California where he is right now and he is touring four prototypes. Of a border wall with Mexico. That is as we speak it was during that flight to California. That the president called Rex Stores and to let him know he have been fired when extortion was well aware he had been fired. The president spoke to the media before he spoke to Rex to listen I just think it's class lives that's all. It lacks professionalism somebody says Scott it was a new last Friday. Partially true. Tillerson was cold last Friday while he was overseas in Africa. By John Kelly the current chief of staff who will be the chief of staff much longer. And John Kelly said we are going to be making a move. On your position soon just stay tuned. And apparently. He was asked for his resignation. These are according to reports we're doing today Tillerson declined or refuse to give his resignation. To which John Kelly said the stay tuned there will be an announcement on your job soon. But you would think. That before firing him the president would call them and say I'm going to be letting you go. You and iron not seeing I'd you're not doing the job that I wanna Judy do you're contradicting me and I'm contradicting you. It doesn't look good on the world stage and Rex thank you for your service but I'm gonna have to let you go. It's all. MS people on Twitter her on Twitter on detect signs are saying that. He. Had an inkling of it ever since Friday. Yes there John Kelly column in front of from 0590 Rex Stores and did not find out about his firing on Twitter. And the underling at the State Department that said so got himself fired for saying that fact that underling by the way is an undersecretary of state that is hardly an underling. That is Rex Tillerson chief assistant. Read that. Second third fourth Ingraham. NC department and that person yes. Violated the chain of command. And put out a statement on State Department letterhead. Contradicting. What the White House was saying. And I would argue probably was speaking the truth. And that's why they got fired. You wanna talk about dead puppies or Dave is a bowel movements in Mexico do it but I don't know how we avoid the biggest news or that a 576779. It. Parks no one cares that he fired source and it is how he fired him that's exactly right. I went in today after this came out and I talked to newer boss and I said yes we were talking about the tour some firing and I said you know I would hope. I would hope. That when the date comes. When you decide that this show has run its course and it no longer serves your purposes or the radio stations purposes of the company's purposes. I would hope that you would at least have the common courtesy. To say it to my face. That's all it's not personal it's business. And I know when the day comes when the show has run its course and today is coming. Some of you probably prefer it becomes who wrap up it up. And that's. But when that day comes it will column. Not going to be hurt I'm going to be me my duels because it's on a lot I do. But I would just hope to get after twenty some odd years of working here I would hope to get the common courtesy of a face to face sit down. And even if it's just real brief Scott we've decided to go to different directions sorry thank you for your time. I'd at least hope to get the common courtesy of a sit down face to face your fired. As opposed to having like an HR person do it like. Or Twitter. Fox News or or wake up in the morning and find out on Egypt don't show it. You know Michael Mackie show starts this afternoon at 2 o'clock. Some promo on the hear me. On Twitter you've been fired and secretary of state. And I'm not making a comparison here but I am. Would be like me waking up and I'm not comparing my child to senators. So please don't misunderstand. It would be like waking up in the morning you turn on the radio each and don't go to break yours yes. Two days to. Michael McKee. The Michael McKee show on KM BZ. That would be an like. It. Yeah that was my show. And then I call the boss in the boss does an answer in the make called me back later and they say you've been fired. I know have been finding just heard that the Michael Mackie show starts at 2 o'clock this afternoon. That's all I'm saying. I just think there's if trump is this super tough guy that he. Claims to be and made his name on your fire fires. Why doesn't vilify anybody. And MacKey view cohost. I'm available. In Europe and touts its. Total points. Babcock. Today sue and K and these. Number one so right there at all with a bullet a truck. Please give your rate you meet him operate. We acted from our. Back in that got to basics we days on QB's. I'd be your voice. Maybe maybe. Face up parts excited. Tell you about how one lucky homeowner can win the 7500. Dollar window make over. From continental citing supplies there a couple of ways you can win first you can stop by continental site and show room and independence. And submit your entry into the contest box or you can also enter to win the window make over online KM BZ dot com. Just click on the contest tab when your on the KM Vizio home page. 100 people will be invited to the grand finale event on Saturday march 31 from tendon in at the continental citing show can be breakfast for everybody. We whom they're down to ten people. For the final drawing him each finalist walks away with surprise one lucky person walks away with a window maker over. The contest is going on right now you can submit your entry no later than Sunday march 25. Don't miss your chance when a 7500. Dollar window makeovers. From continental citing supplied. Why. MacKey Babcock put its money. Al right there oh my god dude I was reminded again mark campaign promise number one I'd go to quick trip this morning as I was at a gas. It was cold and you know media where equities and shorts every day of the week regardless of the temperature. I'm out there and do I wanna receive no. And European or no no law. Zip code which. Our number one K and Europe are run for president and point one and another running. I okay. And you change I'll be number no number one if the temperatures below forty degrees. They can ask you know questions at the pump. They cannot ask for your zip code. They cannot ask if you wanna receipt would like a cool and no I don't wanna car wash want to cats would you like to redeem your price points from the groceries food. Ask no. New fuel sort of group register. It is one registered them I just as how many people in the Jackson. I've heard about this bride in Arizona. Should did not make it to a wedding run. I did hear that that's obvious today. Police say abroad in southern Arizona was arrested on suspicion of driving wrong. After she was involved in a car accident on the way to a wedding when I see in her bridle as you are waiting the issue was. That rested in her bridal now want all amber young. Was wearing an opened bag dress when she was handcuffed and put in to a police cruiser on Monday. In ran out Arizona thirty miles north of Tucson. Police spokesman Sargent Chris we'll Scots as one person suffered minor injuries in the crash that's a felony kids. That's felonies go to prison for that. It is not known whether young has an attorney she could not comment on her on behalf of Scott tweeted don't drive impaired till death do we part doesn't need any help. Pretty creative their little police guy. Young was taken to a police substation have a blood drawn. And was released. Resign as some of the strict is DUI laws in the country. Driving with a blood alcohol level of point 08 or above is illegal of course. But Arizona law does allow consequences that there is impairment to the slightest degree. No comment from the has been to be. On this story that. Amber waves of grain and also Marley Barley malt like by the way we'll get to this next hour in the program inducing idea of Pennsylvania were a lawmaker there are. Has proposed a bill that would require parents. Pay a fine. If their kids engaged in bowling. Why do rod why did you instructor had. Because I'm tired of hearing about this crap I'm Arab. You know what sometimes in life there's a bigger kid that says ugly things do you walk away. Don't cry and make his parents give spine walk away. Brush it off. Move on with your life. It means to me in my role standards. Snowflake. The meat as nasty as I've said in my life that my brother. It's what guys do we messed with the each other. It's how you learned to take wrapped in life and you know life is. Shot in your face every day if you can't take. You're going to die. You learn to take it I didn't bully the little bit school. That's what happens. Move on. Rush at all. Well. Wow. Sorry and then. It is child you know he was probably the bully people I was never rubble that know you sort of guy I swear in the -- and I sort of guy I've not that I've never been Agca. And when I was a kid and people give. When I was fourteen years old no was thirteen I was in Hutchison junior was thirteen years old I was in a school where. There was a lot of bullying going on a lot of racial tensions in things. Medicaid giving me crap and he said to me acting your bag and I said really that's funny because I don't think the view. Walk right if you don't hurt me I don't care what you think of me you mean nothing. And everybody. Who I realized then. It doesn't matter you can say you want I don't care. That's weird that I think you win 78 I was in I was seventh grade the kids that I think you're a fact yeah and I said that's funny I don't think of you. At all. Period you mean nothing to me. So your ladies there have really come your laying around your house thinking of me. Which one of us has got. And yes it's a great background they worked. And every since then I'm like I'm I give you that much power over me now I don't care what you think you don't matter. And knowledge is that's one of those things that bugs me and animals. Don't wanna see some kids go to school get picked on every day relentlessly realistically not arguing map right. But. That there's there's a lesson to be learned from that crap there and you have to learn to take it. You have to learn to laugh at all from walk away and if you double. Analyzes and he really homered for use. Because there are there is darn safe spaces in the real world is big bully and ends the day you move that castle from one side your hat to the other it doesn't. It never stops. That's life. And if you can't just laugh at all for not let it bother you. And you're going to be a pat. But it will take this. You know the other day and my last Friday about mom had some. Surgery and a nose for some melanoma that's come back. And as soon as they removed the back cancerous portion of the scam. They set us straight down to the plastic surgery department overtake you so she could get. Her just that portion undergoes reconstructive like right way. But I will say this rut and I agree with a lot of what you said. But when I was down there in the plastic surgery apartment I was shocked by how many young. Kids were of course a kid is young but how many young people I saw by that I mean 789. Years old. Who had really dramatic facial deformity. And they're obviously there to get their facial deformities fixed. And I don't think you're talking about these kids rod I think you're not a people like you just normal grownups yeah and I thought the only thing I can think to myself. While I was there and I remember seeing at least three of and armor to think of myself my god I hope when that kid goes to school. His his fellow classmates. Don't pick on him for the way he walks. Because he has its has nothing to do with him it's not his fault. He's just a kid who got a bad deck of cards in life. And his parents are trying to do you know. Through surgery get it fixed the public cleft pallor and though there was one there was like one kid that his eyes were like super drew. Any big ears stick now and everything and housing. And spreading it when he goes schoolers some. DPQ that's made him because I'd I'd like to knock it can. But I so Roddick I hear what you're saying and I agree with that if it's like you were immediate school. And some kid comes up and goes on in her for an. Which was very common back in the eighties very common. And that was like the great insult he could drop on some communities. And problem. But it's those kids that you know but I saw K you man on on Friday in my. You know some. Jerk arm so bad term. Her circle jerk amends with. Some kid like that is making fun American hopes image comes in and of all and I agree completely. But at the same time. Where you said there's no safe place to go to the State's basic life you gotta learn to take it some time. Let's do the keyword let's get some phones and appeared leaders want to weigh in on this lawmaker in Pennsylvania wants to fine parents of bullies 500 books. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcast remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.