Wrongfully convicted: $65,000 per year.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Tuesday, May 15th

Kansas has a new law to compensate the wrongfully convicted.... 


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcast on KNB easy Scott support they'll help. What looks on why are missing this works I mean. Figure out ways costumes priced jobs. For the fried chicken lunch slash early dinner that she's Arctic air tight it's so and who gets. Argue bogeys summer to you know and that's in the Cain can. Only got I was just on FaceBook. And why this is a sponsored content on my page I don't know I've never been a fan of Sheryl Crow eaten. Well intelligentsia and surely crow has this poem. Video work its last chance to come horseback riding with me in my ranch in national fly you up legitimate force or more and are now. I'd rather kick myself in the face when it's. I remember ever pop up because she's I'm not a show growth and you're not sure girl and you're also it's not. Horseback rating person but don't write horses you don't do brain inching thinking this is when you ask yourself what have you been buying late at night. On Amazon or someplace else would have led you back. Not Cheryl I know ever since I got sober I don't buy stuff on Amazon anymore yeah. And so did you click bidding for your daughter. When she came here like three or four years ago yeah I remember the tour bus was outside and she was camped out in the long with their kid which is great you know it's fine. But we were under strict orders nobody is to approach Sheryl Crow. Did not get that or are we were told what you were here you hadn't gotten here yet it was one. Tina Sheryl Crow when he we're like everybody's like do not go outs you're not to go outside she's with her family. Just five their respect that era but. Simmer down I was Melissa Etheridge what I think Sheryl Crow was from hair brush your front. Sheryl Crow was here on here. Kate really quick speaking of let them eat cake I. She was from here. Anyways can I. Speaking of let the meat came around you here Caremark share. That mega marbles father was not going to go to the wedding yeah and watch his daughter down the aisle. Then he was disinvited from the wedding because he spoke to some paparazzi while he staged paparazzi photos and now this morning he's saying I changed my mind I'm coming to the wedding to watch you on the aisle. She wants him there. Okay how screwed up is your relationship with your dad that he's like the Ross Perot of father of the bride where he's then he's not coming I. Out. Any had a heart attack. So there's not even like he's leg injury can't go. At the point to your dad says he has no interest in coming to your wedding. Do you really get over that and then. Just overnight say OK you can now come walking down the aisle on the most important day of my life which by the way will be broadcast all over the world but really data you don't wanna join and that's cool. Q were to Cassius cake by the weight Dexter a 72 hated it didn't let me say something if I'm. All the major news networks are already sent. Corresponds to one correct it is Tuesday. You know it is too as day. I am already so sick and god dang tired of hearing about this royal wedding. In fact you have or more days we don't we have the kids everybody was having Bradley resign or there and did on Sunday we ribbons and minerals from breakfast or resentment good time. And Kelly's son asked the most poignant question of the morning. As we're watching Good Morning America they were going nonstop about the stupid ass royal wedding. Okay. Not to go all. Man a pause on everybody here and I'm sick and tired of hearing about it already. And almost say his name Kelly's son said if the United States why do we care about a wedding in England. I thought. It's a ferry could questions on. Maybe because we used to be part of England I don't know may be because after this country's female. And women love the idea of becoming. A princess. And I just tell you something really quick icing people are fascinated. With the idea. I don't know what about yours you're I think instruction they are fascinated with the idea. That aids ride let alone a bride whose wedding will be broadcast to billions of people around the world. Could even be in a scenario. That her dad is backing out of the daughter's wedding brain who's walker on the I have to do they have like a stand it. Her mom mom's gonna walker and her mom I would be you laureates. Right do you have buzzing did not dreaming can't hear you. It's in my soul. The buzzing in your staff. Anyway I. I think people are more interested just in the kind of side drama I really do because I don't understand why your father would not go to your went here's the crazy thing. The coverage starts at 4 o'clock in the morning Kansas City time. That means that there is going to be a huge. Number of women in this town getting up at 3:30 in the morning on standards and his here when it's whenever time there I just told you what time on the wedding starts with a K and I knock this tool here it's early I know that no no no can't bring myself just hold you what time the start when she is to ask you can hear you now. I know what time we'll be here I don't know EB six or seven AL AM. They move things over there so it's more convenient for us here. You cannot watch a wedding gown will they kind of moved. Us here so that they would have to deal with the us anymore out. A long. Time ago generally Montana and Medina I had if you said 9 AM I'm Oliver. In I'm not because the baby screaming yeah I'll watch it and I am not in the specifically to argue. Probably is I'll be up early anyway probably. Why do you get up earlier senator. Harry I can just have to this weekend. It is graduation projects parties Sunday and start to lock those right now I get a lot of stuff to it. But flowers and faces stuff. Texture. 8843. The dad is a racist. Let's think about that offers naked cartwheels half black. The death had sex with a black woman to make Megan Markel he can't beat that racist. Yet moronic. Maybe he wasn't at that time only be great yeah sometimes. It's listeners can hear the blessing to yeah it's it was bad. I've got to tell you it's bad and during the break we will figure out what's going out we're not going to talk about the royal wedding only get back. We're gonna talk about a story in your newscast that thought because I'm obsessed buzzing was the roadway which story. The Kansas deciding it finely and compensate the aren't fully invigorated. 65000. Dollars a year for every year they were in prison is that enough. Is that enough and in wait until you hear what big fat. Jerk Missouri does and it ain't 65000. Dollars a year what is all its. Aren't paying him park's 76779. But the. 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You'll see a billboard for a KXX arc which used to be heavy metal hard rock station at one of six point five under. I'm dumber for knowing that thank. I'm sarge shared just add. City radio. When I go home tonight and watch old war videos I'll be sure to look at well some of us still do. Okay. And hinted that this instrument. You for watching the videos and her for being and so crappy and dismissive about it Dana would you give Scott his. Asked back as but he acts as if you act watch that video that's just break down that sentence. If you go back and watch more video from 1988. Of course yeah. If you watch that I stopped right there no is going to do that. Thank you for sharing. Well some things to watch old eighties heavy metal or rock. And I'm one of a single. And a home Schuessel. Whose. Here I tell you I've got a knife in my back why it's hot guy. And will get some salt on the run is to me that night she just pulled once you put my back. Just squeeze in salt and lemon juice in there Terry if you go back tonight US and weren't video you'll see Kansas City connection. To. Loosen some of those happen to. Yes we've watched like I saw red. From the cherry pie out. I'm single. Most seem. Still Google Earth it was a single you're. And it's. Mean I will tell you I wanted to come back and zone when he about him. And he sees his girlfriend with a another Miami since I saw red eye when I opened up the door I saw red. To come back and talk about the wrongfully. I would rather go to prison for thirty years for something I didn't do that continue having this conversation about one turnabout for a. Brand. The next multiple. The governor love you. Latest allegations from governor gray and steam we'll have more next 430 in Kansas City from a KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara mark sir attorneys for governor Eric writings have met with Saint Louis police to discuss a perjury investigation against William tis of BP investigator hired by the circuit attorney's office to look into an affair that the governor had several years ago. Surrogate attorney Jim Gardner said a statement that his B did nothing illegal or quote materially impacted any evidence. President trump took a trip to Capitol Hill to meet with senate Republicans today senator Lindsey Graham says they discussed a number of issues including North Korea. Half the town was talking about the risks. We face from North Korea that he's hopeful we can in this their nuclear ambitions and a win win way. On check traffic and weather together next. I parts don't spend life suffering from an injury or chronic pain doctor Kendra Pearson and her skilled medical rehab and chiropractic team. 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They didn't have a hit on the record company so they sent them back to the studio and this was what they came up. Really. Pretty you'd think they'd like this song they hate it. That's here. The other big thing they did the big fans well the record company said you don't have a hit an uncle Tom's cabin Tom's cabin and I saw raptors don't have it you need to go back. But they're back this crowd worked him. We're not doing more nobody. Would not I would laugh out. I really let. It be do you uncle Toms GAAP adjustment with that long it. This August Terrell please terminal. Story here. Who has all the buttons you. We've been doing that for ten years and an average of soul. Story here from the Associated Press. New Kansas global Greg cash compensation to wrongly convicted residence for time served. Behind bars following three high profile releases of three innocent defendants in three years. Governor Jeff caught your signed legislation today. That says if a guilty verdict is overturned. The person who was wrongfully convicted is eligible for 65000. Dollars. For each year of incarceration. The law takes effect in July and makes Kansas the 33 state with such a policy. The innocence project were to lawmakers in drafting the bill is pleased with the result legislative strategist crucial Feldman. Called kansas' law eight gold standard. She's and other states laws have shortcomings in Kansas learned what twelve. So Scott other states tell us. Have not worked and so in Kansas they looked. Add all of these other states aren't they said let's figure out what's working in those states what's not working in those states. And in craft a law in Kansas believe it or not. That is fair as fair as you can be when you kidnap someone and take their life with for twenty years. And we'll help them get back on their feet when they get out and remember. Prior to this law. If you imprison someone for twenty years thirty years they got school why when they got out that's right no services no health insurance no. I mean it's got so these guys to back it up bodies so not eat we eat they just pat them on the back and said yep. Very they've never bogey free yeah so let's say you an here's a great question I think US's during the break and is it retroactive. But the three people who've had their convictions overturned in Kansas in the last three years. One of them I believe was serving life in prison with no chance for parole. Our day yes Graham I cutting grant you are an enemy does not that many of and so one of those guys was at 28 years. We saw from him. Let's just shells that sounds are what 28 years and 65000 dollars a year and right now. He would receive one point eight million dollar now is attacks for it. Now I hope yes it would have to be I hope what do that they have someone with the innocence project or somewhere. To sit down with these guys and say OK one point five million dollars sounds like the most money you've ever heard of in your entire life it is not. It is to get you on your feet this is restitution for what he stole. We are now offering. Jobs services I think they get a year free health insurance just trying to get them going. But these guys come out Scott and they are lost. And I mentioned Missouri with some of the strike and believe this yeah. They talk about all of the crap laws that are out there with different states and what they say. There are caps on some album there are. Like Nebraska there's a 500000 dollar cap. So you still forty years of someone's life. Your 500 grand jury is still yours someone's life you're getting five program listen to what does or does this is infuriating to me. Missouri task compensation. For those wrongfully convicted. But it only old war the money. If they guilty verdict is overturned. By DNA evidence which the story says does not happen in most cases so let me get this straight Missouri. You're gonna steal thirty years of some guy's life. And in on the thirtieth year with this skies in for rape and murder another man steps forward and says. I did it. But in Mayo I did it it was me. I killed that woman and six others. It was me. Missouri. By the law as it is written in the state of Missouri would know that wrongfully imprisoned man. Nath saying. And let me show you something let's say you put a man away from. 28 years when he's twenty years old. Okay. And he's wrongfully convicted his lost all of his greatest years he goes to Jeff twining it's out of 48. He is a bread winning years his years to make a family. Find somebody to settle down with that they're they're pretty much lost not ruin but there definitely. Lost you one point eight million dollars okay yeah lets say he lives for another thirty years so he lives to be the age of 78 okay. This is how much he can spend in that money if it's tax free per year per year. So is it easy I. Thousand dollars livable wage certainly available definitely a livable wage but you're not gonna go in Basra rot but he's contributed nothing to Social Security. That's kissing one of the guys said. I would be better off prior to Islam one of the wrongfully accused guys said I would have been better off in prison at least there. You get three meals a day. You get health care you get the job training I could go get a lot of grief I want to when when they kick you loose after mistake like this that was no law on the books to compensate you. You're right not only do you not have any money. No resume no job no discernible skill have no savings you have no 401K you have no social secure. It. And don't go spent more than sixty dollar 60000 dollars a year. I'm not sniff at 60000 dollars a year that's a good wage but it's not when you hear one point five million. It's not an eagle by house in the Hamptons but don't go don't go live in past 78. From the text line. I'm exceedingly torn by this reimbursement for wrongful imprisonment yes I think it is fair that they get paid something for having been put in jail when they are innocent. But my Sunday ride is a sergeant at Fort Bragg he has worked hard to get Aureus. And he does not make 65000 dollars a year. He also didn't lose twenty years of his life primary by ten so going to lose the best years of his life being confined is in voluntarily and wrongfully by the state. In these men have lost. Our our estranged and or lost contact with. Parents who have either died. Or are out of the picture with children. Who never knew them I use it to Scott you cannot put a price. And I know Kansas has tried. You can't put a price on that you can't. I I'm not even 48 years old so imagine. I gearing damn tee I don't have one point eight million dollars that's for sure. But in in the years that I've been working at this radio station I've been able to generate a decent for a one K by putting way a lot of money. As much money is like cam with a match from the corporation. I I've been able to put together savings. For my kids through college hopefully. I've also been able to buy a house and part of it down. You've been able to have a relationship with your girls. Not through some plexiglass wall. You decide something that really. Disturbed me and even thought of this. If I was at the age of 25 years old convicted of crime that I was innocent of the thing that would break my heart the most would be that my father. Thought I did that right. And that he might die before they overturn it. Knowing damn good well that I didn't do wit it I am innocent let's run I would imprisonment twenty twos. My father would have died knowing that I was in prison for a crime that maybe I committed. And my dad died it's your my father died twenty years ago. Your father is anything like mine. The fact that you got convicted of it means you did it. I don't care what you say. Some wants context find you have to prove prosecutorial misconduct no this is for the actual. Wrongfully. Convicted it doesn't matter how they were wrongfully convicted although I would say in a majority of these cases when it is they were truly. Wrongful conviction or where the state has essentially kidnapped a one for 2030 years of their life for something they did not do. There is usually misconduct and you don't have to look far to find it. Either exculpatory evidence that was hidden from the defense. I don't wanna say in every case. In a lot of cases there is misconduct this law does not say there has to be misconduct. To pay out this award. 76779. It would get to your calls your comments this moment indirect route Babcock. And scuff marks on KM music. It's got parts and if you're like me you're looking for ways to save time. 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Service landscape contractor landscape heart skipped a fireplace. Irrigation they do it all get on the call now 9134413900. Get on the schedule haven't come out for free estimate. 9134413900. Or lightning dash landscape dot com lightning dashed landscape. Dot com. Warranty yeah. I'm a native arts program. 5767798. If you guys want to wait we'll try to get reviews camp before via. Top of the hour the new Kansas law signed today by governor called your. Would allow our ward I guess tomes were or were used there. Would award. Those who were wrongfully convicted wrongfully imprison. With 65000. Dollars a year for each year they were incarcerate. So for example if you were imprisoned like one person ones. For 28 years in Kansas prison when you get out and I'm assuming. This would be tax free but I don't know that for a fact. You would receive one point eight million dollars. Let's say you lived another thirty years. Don't go spend a more than 60000 dollar wrong. Because when your 78 NC get out of forty. And put in prison at twining. For accrediting commit. When your 78 you will be running out of money. I am not saying Kansas doesn't have the right idea. When I'm wondering is is 65000 dollars enough and so we just called me and it's been trying better than it was. It was yeah it was zero prior to today. So we just call me or rhino for this for my thoughts on this on the techs like rival for what for believing that people should not be wrongfully. Put imprisoned. And that people who are wrongfully put imprisoned by their own government. Deserves some sort of compensation for that makes me Republican in name only. I'm proud to samurai know. Because if the State's people is not in stories like this until it's them or someone. And that you better pay up I doubt. I've 76779. Adam in Kansas City out of buried or do quite well thank you. Great I called back awhile ago and it's something to for the nice comment you are in the bar there called and spoke about that. In Oregon up here in the right thing return appreciated. When it comes to paying the 65000. For the the people. Week that conflict a large number elect a lady who said my government reports cracked the topic that much money. Kurt and had a chance to live that life to make whatever you may look we're grateful for the poor countries that person in the Sacramento doctor a warrior could cure cancer. Here in the evening we don't know who pick it by now than. In the drop in the bucket because they could you pick a 300000. Dollar a year. There were giving him. Make up and say hey you elected government fraud that's why. I was saying that some on the text line earlier it's a good point and that that. I don't know how they came to this number. But you have to remember maybe there's a guy out there who would have made twenty or 30000 dollars a year. The could also be someone out there who would've made 203 and you just. You don't know because you've robs them of all of their earning years as well as their saving potential during those earning year. And at an early focusing on the financial. What else have you rob them now cause the best years of their life arguably in the opportunity to start a family. Or maybe with the incarceration the wrongful incarceration. You broke up a family. We don't know. Edit this makes me some sort of bleeding heart liberal that I feel sorry for people who are wrongfully convicted. And wrongfully sent to prison by their own government. Economic bleeding heart liberal. And Matt makes me a full. But when the government takes away your freedom. They need to be damn sure there are doing right. And I think. Sometime. I think we just assume if the government is bringing charges against you. You have to be guilt. You must be guilty the government wouldn't bring charges against you if you weren't. Well yes it does. Sometimes the government gets it wrong. Still the key word cash it is eyes EYESES. Yes YE EE YE ES. That is your Q were to cash this hour what was the joke about that a couple of years ago in. YE as spelled yes what is why he has now that's the EU. Yes. Soon release a Donovan that if it wasn't earth like it was a lot of people that rely. Yeah that's. Yeah settle for a briefly. Tell. Me eyes the eyes yes they Dave if YES spills yes what does EYE. And yes. Exited the seventy created one in your in the running for a thousand dollars in Q were cash dividends dividend one and I can't be easy. You'll have to wait until next year for a chance to place the sport's been around here maybe more in a moment. It's up parts and I know there are some of you out there that are just unhappy with your smiles doctor Ross antley. And his amazing team over Casey smiled can change all of that for. For the past 23 years doctor Headley is an incredible transformations. 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