Wrongfully arrested Starbucks "guests" agree to a settlement....

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Wednesday, May 2nd
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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy and. I mean. Does on Hindus. My children. It. Let me and ask. Today here on and on our. The breaking news Oreo the legislative report is out on how governor brightens obtain that donor list he used during its sixteen campaign. The investigator Torre committee from the house. Says it right ensign did an agreement in 2012 not to disclose confidential information about donors to the mission continues. Alyssa top donors was greeted may try fourteen for right to call to explain his plans to step down. And crichton's later use that list to raise money for his cap and government. And I just wanna remind people really Clinton and into yes and we're not gonna make this topic. But I think many people. Outside the realm of politics for care don't don't care that did not know that was illegal. Because I asked my husband one night I goes so wait a minute he's accused. And and Chris was explaining it and I don't you're not supposed to do that egos no. And I said would he have known that and he goes as someone running for governor. Yes he said. You and he said if he didn't he should have and the people around him would've known that because there is a rule. When it comes to nonprofits if you launch a nonprofit. That you cannot intermingle. The nonprofit people with you are fund raising people and he says that. Is something that politicians. Now. Now I don't think your average voter knows that are we care I wouldn't have known that I remember asking Dan one day in the news or I guess so. Wait he created nonprofits and he's got does list of donors let's say just to order names on that list and all of those people gave to his nonprofit. I sit I assume that I was running for office that I can hit those people up they already support my charity why would they support my political rat and he has. Yes that's a big night. I didn't know that I didn't know that apparently it's hilly. That's what you have lawyers that's right and like chiefs of staff and people who know all those rules well. And in fairness I I understand why a lot of people want to vote in the outsider the businessman trump crichton's whomever. But what these guys have got to understand is yes you're attractive. I to a lot of people because you art a politician. But you have to surround yourself with people who know how to walk through the forest. And you don't. This like our campaign finance laws are also confusing. There's just there's so many of them and so on so many different levels and you have to follow all these rules and if you don't then this is what even at a tapped and I I. Kinda we bring that from time to time but I also thought that was. And intriguing case. He went to prison for it two years he took money out of his campaign account and put it in his personal account and central mortgage lender look I have the money in here for down payment perhaps he then took the money right back. And put it right back over over apple that's for he moved it from one can now. Work in don't personal account and round and put it right back but he's. But he misrepresented. To a lender. What he's worth and then that lender facts. I know why you don't know about is that say an electronic mailings. They faxed those documents across the state line and then it became. Wire fraud and a federal. Just thought if I take money from one account pocketed another count they're right back that I going to federal prison but you do. And L is again this is why for. Other reasons I would never run for office or do anything else like that. Wouldn't know what any of those rules. Here here's what you do you you have to know he had to know Adam did. Going into a bank are right. And misrepresenting. How much your actually work. On a day for this arms one day for the sake of getting alone so you can buy a house in Lakewood Gerber exclusive neighborhood. In northern Johnson Kelly. That is fraud he had to know going in I am deep fraud in this bank. Their movies like and I'm not justifying any business I'm not it just seems like with these rules with campaign finance and I'm not. Saying what Christ it was OK either allegedly. That was anyone really hurt by the fact that he picked up the phone and said hey why you gave me 101000 dollars for my kids charity or my veterans' charity. I'm running for governor would you mind coming to a fund raiser. That to me it might be a little or mix and one thing with others think that that to me just doesn't overtly seemed like something you should go to prison for. Mean you're okay with FaceBook sharing all your information. Now because that's what they did. They gather your information they've read they think well she wants it to be public she's put on her FaceBook profile all I'm saying is I think that's this white collar campaign. Color campaign finance stuff is not on the same plane as you know I raped a woman it it it is in a delay it all went to Joseph for two illegal and I understand that. But those laws are also very confusing and again I'm not saying what they did was okay organization of now own. Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law. That's why I you know when I was grown up. I wanted so badly. To be a member of congress I told my mother maybe a thousand times. Where you laugh. I am gonna run for congress I'm going to be a congressman from Kansas today. No way in hell no way. No way in hell I mean Pete can you imagine. The smear campaign on my sorry ass. I would be so easy all so easy is look at the transcripts of the Shah. Ska. T Bruce. Go. NAACP. Plea. I mean it would be a field. The whole thing I would ever and I swear to god. Is Roland park City Council someday I will run for the rural park City Council and I will win. Most certainly will win. Them I need some help from the Russians but I am gonna win. And we made our contacts with the Russians earlier today and I think we're done differently. I was disappointed I think it's really talked to him because I was trying to get Kellogg's for everything for the day yeah but I wanted to asking 'cause I just assume Russia is like. Covered with a broken glass and building rubble. In addition and there's just like wild polar bears roaming the streets kidnapping plot. I apps it's a translator. I asked them what is the biggest difference of only been here three days and one of my professors said. Oh it's been culture shock it's been cultures and I go what about America's culture as though everything housing everything so I asked the translator as it can you ask them. After three days what is the biggest physical difference when you just look outside ever been a rise. And she said I know what the answer is going to be outlets and to says she asked. Angeles. It's clean here. That as what you mean and she does well there's just ash. Everywhere in Russia's president she said you can just throw stuff on the ground. No one cares and no one's gonna pick it up. She said there there are infrastructure issues with water. Clean water the water here's cleaned the ground water was open so we don't it's not like that air. I've ever been out there so it's hard it. Understand how. Bad it is but is that all that because I sector are quite frankly. You're in fear play Kansas there's not an homicide in fairway Kansas since its inception and a hundred years ago you in your English team. Lovely city and so it's very clean the roads are gray said that does not mean there not other areas and large cities. In any large city where you can go and find dilapidated housing and trash. Blight in fairness here we over eating so much where that happened you know still luncheon in and billions in fairway and so I. I think if they only goats you'd that areas where they've ten. They're gonna go back and think Mall of America looks like looks like Lawrence and Johnson County parties like at least taken to. Detroit for a day you feel like there's this to you. My my father where he works. Four retired they had some people from Germany come over. They were learned and some machinery some I don't know. The point is these feeble. Assumed. That America was much like Europe. So they were like organ or a car and we're gonna drive over to LA. And then we're gonna do and he's height of sheer number lie. And I believe me he's like driving the other side of this country drive the other side of your country are two different things. I hear in the metal it's gonna take you two days to get to LA. And today's you to the other side you left from here and I glut. But yet I hope what I hope. Regarding the Russians came to town. Is that they at least take them downtown and it showed in the World War I museum. I would be fascinating to them maybe not an obstacle out of there but you know I am maybe it was me on the way back towards right now. America only thing. Boston guys in Atlanta they you've been sitting. Story. And and the bad. We can't hear you use them and we speak English. Coasters like I want. Tim that. Here's here's the thing you have to understand for me if someone doesn't speak the same language as you yeah just talk louder now. And slow and and they eventually they'll understand right. Or you can do is hand signals Scotland's did this for timeout well here's the egos timeout with a T right out. In Russia T and T it's true. What this means like this where. He's hand signals and. Data at lunch. Are aware it was your loans collusion. Probably pull it. Did Davis sound underlined that Davis sounded like the police common dot in police academy. During that one scene when she was saying about it's yeah. Yeah. Everything. And while Gordon. Let us look at the slide from Oakland as Jews like I want to thank. You boom. May. Two. Outs. And we're like. First. It was fun you did very well. And yes you're right I was so embarrassed. And I wanted to kick myself. Because that really bring in the launch of the appointment you are ago we were having some kind of time. And I can't I stop eyes are to hear him to. Didn't stay as you know. I will tell you and this is sad and sickening but it's interesting Simon and I'm Natalie you know. Somehow. We were talking about topics we talk about some house school shootings came gotten. And the translator who is pro Russian ambassador. To you know in Russia. They do not have a word. For school shooting. So you know what their work is for schools shooting. Yes schools shooting. While the American in Russia. 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They just settled Starbucks. Lot of people said they went in their for a payday rod. They did get a payday they just settled with Starbucks. With the against you'll find armament. A lot of money. It is a loo roll on money. It's equivalent. By a lot I mean order rule. Of money is equivalent. To the amounts and. Will tell you how much these two young black man. Who trust passed at Starbucks. Because they did it for the money member it was a paid they wanted to paid. I say that as a representative of the NAACP I know what they wanted to pay. That's why do what are the block. Coffee who won eight wanted to get kicked out. They got their credit. Sported at all. How much did they get after the news Kara marks. I renewed call for governor are great mr. resigned that's next. You don't sum this up and all of us are almost all of us a knock on wood haven't synonymous in the future but if you do find yourself in a car accident remember the name don't forget the same either. Dale's collision repair. In blue springs their reputation so good they've had people drive in from miles and miles around. To get proper collision repair and deals and blue springs that's how good they are and their work is guaranteed as usual in your car trucks or get a text read the first time. Deals and blue springs 81622818558162281855. Online and tables auto collision dot com bills and blue springs take care of cars taken care view. 330 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks our democratic representative gamma can Beatty says today's report from the Missouri house investigative committee shows that the governor can no longer leave the state she said quote. As has been clear for weeks he has only two choices resign or face impeachment but the evidence against him mounting with each passing day there is no other way this ends. Today's report indicates governor crichton's campaign lied about how it got a charity donor list. The Fed's opt to hold on interest rates. The Fed is opting to stay putt when it comes to interest rates but it says a June increase isn't out of the question in fact economists say it is likely. Job gains a strong unemployment is low and inflation is nearing the central bank's 2% target. ABC's Dario all the arms we'll check traffic and weather together next. The sleazy whether or where essentially are heading toward evening time and into tonight ramping up our chances for showers and thunderstorms here. And we you have a threat for severe weather main threat damaging winds and larger hail. But an isolated tornado is a possibility and also very heavy rain that could aggravate flash flooding. Andy overnight low is 65 degrees another round of some severe weather has had indeed Thursday and into Thursday night our Thursday high low eighties. I'm staff meteorologist on different era more KE NBC weather. Here in our case CIA it's eighty in blue springs 88 your official weather station the radio dot com that is the official at home of KM BZ download it today listen to us anytime anywhere Kara marks our news 981 KM BZ. The it's. The main news new movie. Why does C. They're out there. Seem bizarre. Yeah created. Things do work. And went into a Starbucks. Last week and the week prior whatever. They were waiting on a friend. Patrick White bunkers. And they were kicked out with an 120 seconds after they sat down. And the manager come over and said you guys up or somebody can stay missile were it not a friend who beer in a minute corner that's their story. And she called 911 and have them removed for trespass. Lot of people settle martek song we brought this story up a couple of weeks ago. That these two young black man when I wondered if they were up there to do business. There wasn't a real her buddy of yours that was com. These two young black men were there for a paid. And they wanted to get. They wanted to get kicked out so they could get their pay day and that's exactly what happened. I kicked out and today they got paid. Owed did they get paid. Roddy wanna give an honest on. The two young black man from Philadelphia. Who were embarrassingly kicked out of Starbucks. Force Starbucks to rework. Their policies in fact they're gonna be shutting down for an afternoon later this month. Our nationwide. So they can do awareness training for older staff rod what do you think getting kicked out of a Starbucks being embarrassed on national TV. In essence profiling. Would you I guess that was worth. Is they settled today it was Starbucks what do you think they settled for. 150 I have no idea and now I would have guessed 2000002. Dollars yes million yes a million each and I was going to get to a guy like you. Odd days are we free free lattes for. For the rest of their they want to paid that's a lot of people's wanna paid and I don't think that's the case for yet. But it so they wanted to payday what do you think you get a monogram I have noise from the embarrassment I've. From the text line 120 seconds 120 million. They settled in court today for one dollar apiece. And it was some. One in. Dollar. Good. They didn't settle for 200000 dollars for a grant program for young launch for gamers but Starbucks arrest report. They told the city. We wanna grant program. Established. To help young people in the city. And they each took a dollar now someone's throat and that's from the city. Not necessarily Starbucks. It was suited us from the mouth it was the city that massive amount. I saw that and I just thought. Wow. Those guys could've gone after the city. For. Millions of dollars. And they might not have gotten ten million or five million or even two million but make no mistake the city would have settled that case of course it. And so for them too deep client. A payday which is what they did they declined. At a payday. Even after attorneys' fees got they could have gotten enough money to. Buy a house. Pay off their college loans. Put money away for their own kids to go to college someday they declined the payday. And got a symbolic one. Dollar from the city. Rubbing his it been done with with Starbucks. And I would imagine I would hope I would hope. They don't go after Starbucks. I would argue they have every right to but I know in this litigious society people get angry when it's like this happens. I just ate this story restorers. And should restore. Your faith. In humanity if you are a cynical. People are only in this to sue in Quetta but kind of person. I think this. Meant something to these young men it meant something that they went through this it meant something that got depressed that it did. For a problem that exists. Everywhere. Which comedian was last week I told you this it was Will Smith. Who said America is not more or less races today that it was. Before. You're just seeing video of it because we have cellphones everywhere her that nothing is changed. We're just seeing it on television. Because we have cellphones everywhere. I 76779. It these two young men. Took a symbolic one dollar settlement with the city of Philadelphia. They're only. Stipulation. Was that the city had to set up a 200 dollar grant program for young entrepreneurs. There. Is a Starbucks is gonna pay for them to go to Arizona State want. That's the first I've heard of that. We know these young men don't already have college degrees. And higher is on straight when temple or something and pencil. There from. I've 76779. They did not go after the pay day. That so many people said they would. They apparently were there for the money. Because they settled for a symbolic that's the word used in this article here from the CBS station in Philadelphia. He's symbolic. One dollar. And it should see if they even collect or bother to collect. One dollar. 576779. Make somebody says the techs and they don't deserve one dollar. Eighth. Oh OK let me address this are quickly. From 8480. And I understand I'm I'm in a business. That is not highly regarded in America anymore if it ever was. The members of the media are akin to defense lawyers. And politicians. People just don't like the media and I okay that's what. Two guys getting kicked out of a Starbucks and we lose our minds to police officers get killed eating lunch and barely makes the news that is patently. Falls. That is patently. Falls. The two police officers who were killed two weeks ago just sitting there eating lunch by themselves might have their own business most certainly made the news. As it shouldn't. But this idea I mean this idea that the media is out to create this bizarre agenda. Is not true we talk about averaging for the show how we can get them. How we can stick it to the man today. It it doesn't happen I just didn't act that. We even talked before the show except today we have lunch and lands to talk about journalism and Russia he even looked at our professor Ernie as we never talked for Asia this is so weird. And sitting at him in a car that went well we all went over to my house because they wanted to see what do middle class house look like. In America because they're living in a hotel Lawrence and I so what you'll come miles of drug on the street from who hands problem. In the car professional road with me. I said you know how weird this is for any us and I said I never see Dana before the show. There is no collision out there. There really isn't there is known newsroom meeting were real sit together and say you know how to we do it how to how to we make sure that trump looks really. Or how to we bring down. Obama now. How we push the black agenda. Can we push planned parent it doesn't happen. It just doesn't. It's a Scott the media did cover Starbucks more than the officers getting murdered that knob on and I may give you some. Some credence. I do think that is accurate the media did cover. The two men getting kicked out of Starbucks more than the officers getting murdered that I would review. That's true. Is maybe because the story and I use this term loosely was sexier. Now also I like there were victims you can interview. I'll tell you laugh with Starbucks there are four on every corner. Most of us have either been there or go their regularly. There is an ongoing national conversation. About racism or systemic racism or. Just every day things that happen ask any. Black person that your friend who has this happened a year has this happened you and a store remember the time Oprah is in the store Scott and wanted to see a handbag. And the woman said maybe you would prefer to see one over here and Oprah could have purchased the store. Ten times over and is small it is happened to her and so. There is a wider conversation to be had here. And that's why we have the conversation certainly. Doesn't mean that our hearts to not break for the two officers who were killed last week. You know there are people. Murdered in America every day we do not talk about the majority of those. On this program well but I think it's different and I'm not saying that any life was more important it is otherwise and an officer's order differ drastically sauces can absolutely it is. But we don't talk about those everyday on this program and this was something. That you could see. To me this was racism you could see. Here it is America this is what it looks like. And that is worth having a conversation about the. I 767798. Get your calls your comments here in just moment 57677. Money did in Iraq rob Babcock and scuff marks on KM BZ. Spring is here. 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I feel like saying that because the one that's wrong. Somehow they be I mean yeah court that there apology I don't necessarily an answer for how that happened. But he didn't get hundreds of thousands of dollars to ethnic and me. I sort of saying like another similar cases. All right like to say and say somebody. And intrigue me happily. And I are out of dollars. It doesn't it that they act like you right back in the yet. Oh my he. For me and Sam please hang on and that I went to respond that the difference in this case is that there are so many others like it. Said that if this and I don't wanna say in every corner of America every day but this is something that happens sadly and unfortunately this happens in America. And so to me. If they can shine a light through. Some might say a lawsuit some might say an apology. If they can somehow. Bring about a conversation. And and affect some change at the corporate level then that's a good thing for every one. And in this particular case as we stated the men did not go after the big payday. And that's a noble thing that they did but I feel like this isn't just like a one off this isn't something that has happened once. And so there's going to be a lawsuit and this is something that happens sadly. All I all the time. But that and then. About it and they're cute corporation and or city you hate each individual Manny really I should or shine light on the. Does it change that and I I don't know I mean some people would say you've got to hit a corporation where it hurts and that's in the wallet and sing I agree with that and I understand that. Line of thinking. Would it change racism in America propping your right probably not. The won't do want. Right right what does that what does back and light on because really hit you know some small business more and her hurt that company. They are kicking it I work for the training and really. Does it need be like if even not how how they're the apology other then money that would make it and I don't know the answer to. Right and Scott when you ask it hit them Allen for one and it that's what punitive damages our floor. To set an example. To make a statement to others. We're hitting them in the wallet where it hurts. To make a statement to know what makes them not hate black people I'm just saying that's what punitive damage I mean that's what that means but. I've always hated about these lawsuits. Sam and Damon. Is that your your. Financially punishing an entire corporation. For the bad action of one person. And I just don't like I agree I think it's fair I mean I go on the radio and say the F bomb right now. I'd say it once and then rod would probably jump out of his seat make sure I don't ever say it again and mentally. Hey it reminds me of the weird here. Dollar and where are you Kurt he's not her thing now. You just keep putting money but at that should Entercom be punished. Because IA decided one day to just go rogue and start swearing on the radio I just don't think it's fairer. I. Obviously we. Are saying no I think many at the answer by. College you would like on the issue in an and app I. Yeah I think they will get more press for saying we'll take a dollar and they would. Otherwise and I think they know that they've got some million dollar pay out people would go out there's the payout and they were in it for the money. We can't say that now they've taken the ability for Americans to say that's away from them. You cannot say today these guys were in it for the money because they took a dollar it's taken that argument off the table we. Cup everybody keeps spreading in that they are somehow getting from Starbucks free college tuition or something. I don't even know if that's true. That Starbucks are great you know go to this university where it. And trying to find that Super Bowl commercials the Budweiser swear jar and no we haven't cleaned up version. Somewhere. Campfire. I I just think you know we. End and you can disagree with this all day long and I remember taking a law class and college and they said punitive damages are spend the money will. And in some states that cap that in some states that don't ground but it is meant to send a message and I don't always think that's a bad thing Scott. But I don't know that Starbucks and I am these guys aren't going after Starbucks it was as far as we know a move that may be. What people are saying they got free college tuition to someplace I've had a history. But I don't Starbucks should be on the hook. For the bad behavior of one manager one store in Philadelphia where there's probably 500 start talks. Now if you can prove that a corporation knowingly is harm yes it's and absolutely. Over a long period of time there there. 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