Would you stay with your spouse if they were sent to prison for 15 years? 20? What about life?

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Wednesday, September 13th

This one made people angry.... but be HONEST.   Would you stick around?


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Didn't. Know. Can. I am the only person in America Andrews wasn't at arrowhead. It nobody on the show what I wasn't. Right out of that you work I thought I was in. The set list by the way is incredibly. If you were there I don't even if you say you're in the story. How many people showed up. I know wasn't sold now it's if it's humor. Dude objected to. And 8000 square foot. Video screen and why now. And I was looking at tickets the other day and they ranged from 35 dollars to like 400 dollars. Up 40000 people showed up. So it was stadium was about half full but keep in mind they're in the end zone so he could go back there. Right. It was. Oh yes this please. Rod listen this was I'm not an important obviously to get the Joshua Tree it is entirely in order rack track one's character right there. They did not mix it up they just went straight through the out. But here's what they played that was not on the Joshua Tree and they have a six song on core. Hour. They'll it was Sunday Bloody Sunday New Year's Day bad. Pride in the name of law then they got into the Joshua Tree. Which I think ends with one tree hill. X pac. There on scorers. Were beautiful day elevation. A new song called you're the best thing about me. Vertigo. A song called ultra violet I'm not familiar with that one and then one. Six all. See I would have done just about anything to your one lies just that one. Song live. Who. Was I did. Did wickets say that he was surprised about company news songs they play maybe I misheard. I'd I have no idea like he obviously wasn't familiar against with the Josh which are some it was like this is ominous. Yeah those colts on to the judge retrieve organs. GAAP. The good stuff and how much would you trade your bullets blues. I would like to see in the show lakers' when I first. YouTube is coming to town as Baghdad so they're doing in the entire Joshua Tree. Well I kind of like to see that. Do you and I agree the bulls the blues guys are forever U2 song pretty much yep yeah low. You know all all I'll give you that and that is that is jam us. Some rights in U two's most overrated memorable time. You know I'm not a super fan. I'm Tony I got it Springsteen's super fan I super friend ally ally interest is all bands it. Most people life. I do respect you too and everything that they've done and the Brett of works projects together for forty years never ever had a lineup change that's crazy. There's nobody else wants to work what does the bags at the top. I I don't. I loved one of the things about the tax sign and I quit looking at a during your show because it just upsets me because a lot of people are really ugly the used to. That to view not the man YouTube. But it cracks it doesn't matter what you are talking about. You we get text back to back this is the best. Segment I've ever heard you do oh my god this is the worst is here gaps why do you still live. It's hit hit hit like that area. The tax line is the step learned Waldorf of the radio station but totally gets real mats to us. Had to do we that your amen is right. I just as we disagree doesn't mean we have to. OK okay I think I have a topic this hour that we're gonna get stripped down your class term. Ad for gas that I wanna talk about that I. It. Did she won't say it's gonna get naked next hour I don't paint will not make you are British but these guys. I it is. While you'll be the only ones close it's gone it feels comfortable. Like I actually think. If all. People man but I haven't thrown up. Did you know what the experts like your show today is mediocre at best poor are now. Chicago. Not for Illinois governor pardon me Rod Blagojevich has done his first interview from prison. And you might think and why you can't quite like. Director Rod Blagojevich went away for what 1012 years she still hold Obama said he sold Obama's senate seat why do we have to hear from this guy. First Hollis Harris blew it just went through that aren't so I think it's where. I do not care about the governor of Illinois but here is what I care about its he has been in. Five or six years he has eight more to go. They interviewed his wife. And I want you to go into the day and in parts folder under Blake no interview. And we're just gonna play it. And I don't wanna make people mad. But I need you to tell me what you would stay with your spouse. Under these circumstances. I'll get your heart broken and then you in there aren't they close the gates you and your interest. And. He yearning for your children feel like for home and you're looking at fourteen years you can't even see the flicker of light at the end of the tunnel. This is Rod Blagojevich today in a photo taken by prison officials and provided by the Blagojevich family. He now makes less than ten dollars a month cleaning hallways here in the low security camp but at CIA Inglewood. It limits on that how want you to state which other term limits on the jobs now I. So now by my job is I think given it the jurisdiction to. Sweep them up to force. So my jurisdiction trump from the that they can fade America to these two floors but I don't care what anybody says the last believing clean government. And I believe in clean floors you know I have experience in government in the congressman's. And the governor and now earning eight dollars a month. So I don't have to reverse American dream right. Well I spend. That challenge for the last five years for Patti Blagojevich life has changed in profound ways now essentially a single mother. The former first lady of Illinois says she sees her husband an average of three times a year. I would say that the first couple years are we super hard and super distrust saying. Yet every single birthday anniversary or Christmas and Halloween and every single event that would go by and you brought wouldn't be there games. So heartbreaking but. The sad part is right now it's almost like. Yeah that's happening there because he's been gone for it in the since. Tomorrow is Amy's 21 birthday and so this is the sixth birthday that is messed. So it's like you're not looking format the table anymore you're our phone calls 930 every. What are those visits on the poem I welcome you he gets 300 minutes a month. Talk about. So that's really about ten minutes OK you get to just and it. Three government of sorts commencement they get to speak with him ten minutes a day they maybe get to see him three times a year. And she goes on to say. The girls dread those visits because of the emotional breakdown that comes with leaving their father at the end of the visit. Why me. In. Panel. Did she stay with him. That is not a marriage. And I know you as saying he does say well it's till death it's till death do you part well he committed. Multiple felonies. And is going to still be away for probably eight years thank you could argue all day and he tries to. Whether that sentence was spare and other people got less time. The fact of the matter is she's a single mother raising these children with no financial support. No of social support she has no husband to speak out. He's she still marriage and why. And I know wanted to get steered for that comment because she loves. And she's great but the man that she married is not here. And so if you say well I noticed with this person because I love them what is what's it's like present gift to stay that. But there's a light at the end of the tunnel for them at something whether it's in eight years or five years or maybe he's older at some point I don't know what you didn't hear them bite in her hiring you you actually care. I don't back it hurts the bite in her voice. When she's saying he gets the point you don't expect him at the table anymore this is the sixth birthday he's missed. I cannot believe. She is still married to. I that I actually applaud her for staying married I can I get up and she's if she's faithful in this marriage. I applaud her even more usual ways for fifteen years and leave me to raise four kids on my down I'm sorry and a he should've said to her I released you know. I at least you from the obligation of being my wife because I'm not here tell camera. I think you're wrong and needs that. Having your bird a case of than when you drop a line if is that life in prison is can I go be live my life then. Twenty years. He's gone for fifteen years. And going to be battered I'm great all messed up it that make it eight dollars an hour. I'm the queen of segments into gives Scott Steve tell whether you're looking to buy a diamond what you're looking to sell a diamond. Give them at all bracelets earrings diamond range doesn't matter my husband has got to watch for anniversary. They'll find anything that you want they'll design it for you and sell directly to you. When you call Scott the state. It gets cuts if they don't even have a receptionist answer their phone on staff and having staff. All that's savings has passed on you call 9136609609. Is the number. 9136609. 609. Or kriegel mashed diamonds dot com. It's like Midnight Oil. I'm always. What percentage of people you think. And facing a fifteen year prison sentence away from their spouse would really hang in for that fifteen years. I'm gonna go theory. I think 30%. Of Americans. I think 50% would say. Maybe 60% artists and anyway in higher. I think when it when the brass meets the tax I think 30% or less. Is the number word look at that. And I'm just trying to be dot com it would be faithful. Frank about the same amount probably I don't know. Karen in a late hello Karen. I. Kinda has to have to say that way when you get married not only do you take out here has been hurt your out. You are the big guys and I would not want to break about that I made him and the bat and it has do with Latin. And whether. Or not there are they your salad person I know that I wanted to get divorced from mayor has been became the acting chancellor. And I. Really shallow and she cheated on in because that it. I then went on you know it's just. Kind of person you really are I've been married actually 29 year Sunday. And if I had been went to prevent I would wait for him because for better for work that out. That would be banned yeah absolutely not but if you remember I believe patty without so it's not all because the kids travel. She got out of it and that might be the reason why. I didn't know I. Yes yes let's just feel the same way if it was life in prison I just started out because I do think the numbers would be lower than you think that's great would stick around if it was like when you stick around. I I. I think that I had then would be a big person to let me out. That you made to say about a got wise a different. Because he's dead list then he you know that it would. I don't know that there really. The question isn't. Saying I would stay or I would go in you can think I'm shallow but you can't split a hair you let. I get. It. Right. It very got out. I think 5%. I think we're dropping to below 5% of Americans who would stick around if it was life. Yeah my comment was because you made it what it is somebody trying to get a call made in state not a life. Guys they do not selling someone's open senate seat statement that we all made let me ask you both this. What is your husbands were sentenced to life in prison. And you knew and they knew they were innocent you stick it out. Then you stick it out I I am telling you use you fight then the claws come out. He now he. Carry goods are. I'm with pain then that's when you try to know that you're you know there's no or something he did do. You know that's that's even tapper and the question you're asking sport I don't know about that one. Our Karen have a great afternoon okay. Ridiculous. Will we get back by the way the number of Americans rod now we're talking about this off here. Think about this. And when I give you the answer after we do the top of the fairness. We've done jaywalking segments on this show before people who. And I know that that you have been amazed and it's true I'm showing you the evidence. 25%. Of Americans when Barack Obama was president and could not tell you that Joseph Biden was the vice president. 25% of Americans when George W. Bush was the president could not tell you that Dick Cheney was the vice president correct. They have a new survey out this one is done by the university of Pennsylvania. Annenberg public policy sooner. Here's what they asked people name a single right. That is protected in the First Amendment. You'll be stunned. How many Americans cannot name a single one not one right that is protected by the First Amendment. You will be shocked. How many Americans cannot name a single. Branch of the federal government. It. You will be shocked. When I tell you literally. How to home. Americans are. And how few can tell you who did Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court is. Am am I am one else's I mean it's just all. Oh. In fact 4% of Americans thought Harry Reid was the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. Let's get to the newsroom here as well star. Happening now on KM BZ a fire and the work that follows more next. Right here for doctor take in the center for nutrition and Lee wood and a 135 and brown eyes looked at I feel better when doctor take is part of my life gives him a call mentioned the date to discount when you go in for your free. Consultation. And your still gonna get a hundred dollars off right out of the gate for delicious meal replacements and top of the line vitamins. 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