Would you pay to recline your chair on a plane?

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Thursday, May 18th

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It's 1107 or happen to have yet coming up an hour from now we'll get to what's trending. Also where it is. Kansas City a few local towns rank on the most fit cities. In America not good it's not. Tirade as. There's some generally is that some cities that we generally think of is being pretty fat all consider Kansas City to being a city full blobs. We're just not finalist is is not realize now aren't there'd be able to. I didn't know this was something that one day I may have to pay for. When I'm on an airplane. I am I off in. Usually right during the the as as a sense is that you're assigned to the sun is up this out as descent I usually at that moment in that little button there in my area. You're that guy laughed. Yeah. The Doleac and a lot of people hate that guy I will hit that button immediately and I would usually look behind to make sure like there's nobody like head isn't right there it's an elderly person but. I'll struggle elderly. And dole it out tonight and it is EU is on button but there is a case to be made that one day you might have to pay for its. OK so where you feel free to let us know whether you hate chair recliner guy AKA Michael academy who doesn't on another reason to hate me you won't be willing to pay. Four when it comes to getting more comfort on your flight as long flight like even if you're not going overseas Richard Owens LA to New Yorkers something's several hours. What you be willing to pay for and is one of the things you be willing to pay for. The right to put your seat back and part of a person behind you are if you're the guy behind day I have a guy do so I would hate to have you not be able to to recline. Or are you would pay to be able to. Gets me. For the record sick of getting nickel and die by the idea. Hides. I travel quite a bit I am this is sick and tired of being nickel and dime for everything you choose to take steer their eyes were they nickel dime you for I don't know that I don't like I have so there's certainly got out of business insider's boring and and. Guests a study was actually done finding plane passengers should pay each other for the right to decline their seat now shed because matter. A serious experiments from from two top law professors in the US on the plane passengers will man an average of eighteen dollars. To stop the person in front of them from reclining undersea as they say it's worth almost twenty bucks to get Mike wicket former clients in front of odd at all. They said the bargaining idea would insure that no one gets punched in the face. People would also demand 41 dollars from their fellow passengers not to decliners then reclined or one box. It was compiled by a couple of New York baseline fast lot professors. The client customers should pay and bargain for two breaks. They wrote no one likes the recent turn toward airlines charging for every service but maybe we need more of that they say most airlines. Still about free drinks and sometimes little bag of pretzels out I was on southwest back struggle last weekend weakens for. Week in. And honey roasted peanuts on the last play I thought maybe instead they say they should charge them and allow passengers to purchase them for one is it everyone ends. Seat recline space is efficiently allocate airlines are marginally further from bankruptcy and no one gets punched in the face that's a genuine concern here. Other research on the plane passengers were less likely to pay X these were likely to pay less money. If they did not have the automatic rights recline their seat but had to negotiate with the person behind. Odyssey people generally don't like losing things that happen. So SC to me. Would get on the plane let's say you're sitting in front of me and you recline your seat and I just know that's part of the territory like it doesn't really bother me and all I'm sorry bottle limbs with arms and legs and I don't sleep while I'm playing or Calgary I'm always active but if you recline I just except that is that's your right. As as a passenger except that also because I can do it. You know I accept that you can do it because I can do you now and I'm I'm five feet tall so that's gonna hurt me last if you put your if you put your seat back. Interfere with MySpace like it it just kind of crunch is yeah because then I IC back in order to clear some extra room that we have big problem Diana. So she'd be willing to pay for to get comfort on an airline or expect someone else to pay for the right to DO. 7677. Died Nader text into too many zero and actually we're gonna take for best answers we get on the text line and making a poll question today and see what you would actually meet look. Where we were ten years ago plains where we are now in charge for bags you get charged for this B takes spirit to charge for Coke. You can't Klein on your mind you this is not a problem here. I'm not influence there can not playing your seat on spirit because that where they can add an extra couple rows that makes it's exactly yeah that's why here that's right a hundred bucks round trip on the throw a few things. Through the exact year I RA what would you be willing to pay extra for. How about. The world wide web the Internet access I mean you can this out yes give Garcia three but every other and you could your vote I had southwest charge eight bucks for Wi-Fi that's happening multiple times lately I've been a struggle lately eight bucks each way for life overhead storage. Some airlines actually are charging for the out but would you pay would you be willing to pay for overhead storage. Yes it is especially if the if the overhead storage price was last then the price to checking back because lot of airlines charging to check a bag. So on us because I had an eye off the person that does just per week and I bring a backpack. And I person I've rented about this before nothing irritates anymore. And the person that boards a flight like Southwest Airlines but does not charging for bags. You have a backpack that could fit under the seat in front of you but you take up overhead storage space not error. Except that it slows down boarding process because eventually they run out of out of overhead space I'm person that put the number of seat in front. Apparently if you fly southwest and check your bag right now check your bag it takes ten extra second it. On it and don't bring your giant roller bag and take up three quarters of the overhead bin but there's a difference between check a carry policy person will never check I can I'm a good actor and I can pack for a lot to carry on bag and go and complain a lot and I've got a lot of weddings and stuff coming up I did not check a bag for Vegas. If no that was five days because I had. I days because I don't wanna take the time to wait for bags to come off acting and smash a hurry like iGoogle wedding in June in Chicago for family member. My plane lands at midway I think at 540 and I've got to drive two hours outweigh the suburbs. I wanna get the hell out of airports fast as I can so would you pay for or overhead storage and that he's our guy. Especially if it's if it's worth it to me not to have to wait for snacks and drinks spirit does it. Would you papers next intrigued how our is that Coke and that I was peanuts like I can bring down a 65 bucks a limited doubt I can I can bring out if you wanna pay for a bring your. Going to the bathroom. I don't care I'm never gonna ask you an airplane you Blatter steal what about not sitting your children. What if you could be guaranteed not to be within ten rows ice screaming. Or just fidgety whiny child. Kids section yeah yeah I'd like if I was at what I worked to elect. Twenty bucks yeah I want I relax him and two moms and dads who have the screaming whining kids. I applaud you sorry you I applaud you for bringing them on the end and trying to deal with that because I may need it but I know you need more but. I notice it by don't talk about that that's it by quick and gets collars are products and higher Alda. And I again I just flew back went struggle from others and I very forgiving of them of the family of a baby. Because babies can't can't do anything about when he does that pop is that. Horrible I remember being in the kitchen your pop to they didn't know what to handle it but I am in both directions. Sat near. Six year old that was crabby and whiny and borderline crying. Not a parent I know well. More controllers six year old Timmy kicks my seat behind me over there I just want her body back kind of one of those air lines as like a that that the tray table actually has spring write Timmy kicks nicely up plainly that campaign. Over and over again I hate it here. Every time you say to read kicks racing that's the audience we'll get to forest and David what would you be willing to pay for text and 2290 hour to a lot of ideas 5767798. Will take the four best. During the break and we'll make it our our poll question on Twitter. Midday with Jamie wicket taker calls coming up next right here on 91 KM BZ any one team EZB David Jamie wicket back to your phone calls here in just dissect want to let you know something going on in New York right now little breaking news. One person is dead and ten others injured after a car. Plowed into pedestrians. In Times Square. As far as those numbers I got those numbers from Scott from sky news everybody else is saying just injuries caused so we we know that there have been several people injured and if you turn on I've got foxy resign and you conceit. The car that has flipped onto its side is up against some polls that are on the side of the sidewalk there. Our cards rove onto a sidewalk in Times Square in New York City several people are we're seeing reports that up to ten people hurt and one people 1%. Was killed when this happened we don't know exactly. How happy. This is you know it's lunchtime it's it's meant to Iowa and New York City right now so no doubt times square's full people as it always is the outlook eulogies at the overhead viewed out. The car is literally on its side it's a right to get a aside for a agendas sedan. It's on its side and we don't know the motive yet it's his candidate happening as we speak to summit medical at this and and passed out and we have no idea a bulletin that the pictures that are Mac odds on Twitter by the way can check it out follow us on Twitter came BZ radio were also looking to to create a Twitter poll question with you today. And there's a story in Bloomberg News that. I find insane but some people pay to recline also need to not. The person in front of them reclined on a point ought to 41 bucks so little fellow passengers were not recline their C. Eight so we're asking you what else would you be willing to pay for. Or expect someone else to pay for to be able to do more for someone else not to do what what's ports. 57677982. With a few out there like Internet overhead storage about storage underneath. Public storage and I heard how do you have that are there other planes don't have storage I don't know but what if they charge for it. But put their feet there ya ya I don't you have to pay to put your DUI outreach. I know I'm my feet aren't right for intimacy I have to put one undermined and that went under Lee's seat because my legs so law. Like entertainment systems would you pay you know I. Flew back from Vietnam that was like 48 hours of flying or something ridiculous but on what I flew back from Ireland. Which is seven hours I think a flying time in the it was time you write the entertainment system was out cool. And that's during the day when you fly back that's all that's all day times you're not sleeping so would you pay for access to movies and and TV like your fly in outlook is my phone's second make it on that on the white iPhone will make it from here to new Yorker here to LA but it's not gonna make it to Vietnam what about comfort level of your seat toward about the near earnest two children. Or not or smelly people queued for this a smelly section now or the. Osaka forcing Casey who's dial this up Forrester a 91 KM BZ strolled in forest. What problems. You know probably I'll probably paid for by just about anything back can be comfortable and also took them several. Flights and so oral because of the lack of Africans already. Come on on the body. And I'm. And tired concert. You don't happen. Odd dollars yeah dollar dollar and we became a billion dollar industry that's exactly why and it's fine because we had someone else to extend the opposite and say I will lay it. You know depending on what you were charged of charged someone else for I would sit in bed seating. You know in just like a school bus is on I was sitting next to someone who was large I would sit in bench seat. All of and I had to pay a semi you just it did and spirit has a market they have their niche and it ended his people who want no frills who don't wanna spend a ton of money. And they they do quite well obviously. You can't recline your seat. In in spirit they're they're tray table is half the size of every other trade table. EU you have to pay for and for every year and carry on but there is a market for that. There really is somebody else what about paying to have a vacant seat on either side of what you could do that out despite proceed through some of. Thanks for the vote golf forest David is in Hollywood David your 91 KM BZ. I'd be more hate it in power in all right good natured airline maintenance. Topic or anywhere I've polite back and forth before require opt out of the Fort Myers area. American Airlines flight out of our and the city. The public order which is they're barred it's called the lead you and your egg based ticket is you know 5560. Dollars. You pay fifteen dollars for a work at bank if you are edit. I you can have a eighteen dollars or cheap election. And they knew eight to buck burger. So my ticket you know my ticket will be under 200 out of it seeing dollar. And it longer accurate they could for our dollar bought around there it all and it could direct on. So. My right or who are or aren't that. And everybody else you have to go to latter sure Lou there are though are you here. So I'm happier that'll. Pay him a little bit extra for everything. Got it things for the call I like that because. If you're somebody that doesn't consider like let's say airline I've no idea with a spear as well let's say Southwest Airlines which doesn't charge you for anything except Wi-Fi generally and your third. It's a two for for. Let's say south last includes indoor 250 dollar round trip ticket let's say fifty bucks a pack. Is it is includes all the drinks are gonna drink you all of a sudden act of all the snacks they give you all the stuff together airlines share charge for tips that you got your ticket. But you don't using those things like I'm flying to Chicago I don't get a softer and at times it's 55 minutes you know I would be willing. I would much rather had a ticket price cut out and just nickel and dime that because you like that Stephanie. And you should fly a legion or -- area or frontier I think jetBlue is like but they don't fly everywhere yet true self but I would totally favorite. Austin was a spear played there that we now flight to Cancun I imagine flying from it does not include. It is seat it doesn't recline with nothing include by the time you tactile as seizure your ticket prices double and yet and get everything you need in the past and we took a spirit about paying for years sixty bucks for carry on coming back as it was Christmas. Your pain forty bucks for your bag all of a sudden like why now I just takes out last man. And that that's adds up I was looking up on the again I'm gonna Xstrata for cousins wedding in June and I have a Southwest Airlines flight booked and a great thing about south ask that you not cancel your flight. And I am I might do it this weekend I get a credit my confirmation of there's no fee to canceled act as I was looking at flying into a different airport. And I was luckily it was Arnot look at and see what united charges per bag. I mean I you save money on the ticket and but and I'm I'm attacking a hundred bucks on an atomic paperbacks. This does apply to you that Brian writes in her FaceBook page. I would pay anything just to be able to stretch out my legs I'm six foot four. And offline kills my knees and hips I hear you brother I'm 62 and all legs. Yeah out there isn't an exit I always it will. You have to. Board early is those exit rows get snatched up quick time out early to do if your grandmother airlines. Choose your seats those are hot spot Brian never fly spirit you'll have hit cramps and for the length of your flights take them enemy to pass out on a flight a supporter for. I think on it not a lot of people are saying this but for me put it in the can bank. Put it on TV every ten rows away from an unhappy child bearing moms dads we still love you yeah we I I appreciate the predicament in your room by. I would like Buick for a drinks and snacks drinks and snacks kid free zone. I think something about comfort seats. And door and. Overhead space overhead space and reclining and the person and Grammy keeps their seat upper spoken up output that is the other Twitter poll questioned him at that launched in loading here coming summit set isn't battle we offers possible southwest doesn't for not all airlines for us and flown first I have not I did once. My buddy did you pay for it no my buddy was a ball any and all signs point to flow across the country this was fifteen years ago we decided. After being added an art fair all day. Drinking in the sun. That we were gonna take cab and go to Detroit metro airport and we are gonna fight Chicago and he bought. It really paid for the whole thing. We he was in the delta sky miles thing went into the VIP lounge I took a shower and mark right time. It's our age. Forty minutes from Detroit to Chicago first class never done that if they service told me I never even paid for the higher the events in five feet tall and telling him the only time where where helps I've never gotten paid for any of the stepped up. Went to Vietnam I looked at it because that was along flight and I wanna be comparable but not never even. It's the one aerial life where I count my blessings are right our our schedule that says the next thing we're gonna talk about it I don't know at this is about it says penis guy got. We appears to act. I about. Case mark are we taking your leave. You again what I. The guys do is still out I'm scrambling to find some of the talk about now. We'll get to Pete this guy got mad and KM BZ may David Jamie wicket 1135. If you missed the the breaking news out of new York at least one person is dead several hurt in times. Where gas CBS news is reporting that one person is dead and at least one knee injury this was after a car jumped on the sidewalk in Times Square in New York City and if you turn on CNN and Fox News have a picture. Just to see the cars. Literally on its side up on the sidewalk is. Is pretty compelling us to see an end to new York city police department has said the incident is not being treated as terrorism which I think is a release to relief to a sol we don't know exactly what happened we don't know yet if this was a medical episode. The cosmic it was controls there was some kind of substance involved we just we don't know yet but one person is dead. Up to twenty people hurts when a car jumped the sidewalk and flipped onto its side and times where New York. We've got the a story or FaceBook page and on Twitter for you as wells if you wanna get more information it check it out this that this would be appropriate for this next around. We did a Middle East room. Chuck Berry. It was a little baby boy in my grandmother Barnes and you guys are. It'll clear tails hanging on his dream and you can only. He had gone to my good. Telling me. It's. While iron on an away game and for the rights or equal. Outpost in sixteen years but it we have had this out right. Yeah. And try to get through. 212 year old boys if you have children in the car this is not a child friendly story RA yes not I don't want to talk topic is a Muslim but to just like doesn't like discount yeah just let this go by this is not only about we're gonna be like hey we want your opinion on this call us up by 7677. Edit he can now. And you diet I'd love to hear it because there is a question of what should be done in eight case. Tell me what you think at an optically directors to the men and not because this is. I am or your problem I see on TV get this excited about a story on time. That just gets batters and I people really are is so great. Next start authors. We have Ole us to I Richard Patterson. And six year old Francesca mark Martin houses out of Florida. And she was killed somehow Sheen choked to death. Now the nation. Is that 65 year old the the age is important your 65 or Richard Patterson. Can't answer yes that she choked to death while performing. Oral on him in 2015. She spoke to test out that in you prove that that could not have happened. War years as he's being charged with murder now so it's and it's important proof that this kid out of happen is two years ago as the year's gone. So he was 63 at the time our lawyers want to show. That this was not possible. It was not possible for her to have choked while in that acts. The argument that they are making is that it is possible for him to have become that size. In order for that to have. So how do you prove that you how'd you prove that they would like him to drop trial. And become fully racked and it in a courtroom. In front of jurors. Because not just reaching UV he's been writing you know is assistant assistant state attorney Peter Irsay packed asked. Do we do it in the back do we do it in open court. How was the defendant going to wreck when the jury views it because if it whether via picture or the jury actually seeing it is completely irrelevant. It needs to be fully. All and well because you now I don't know how. Being on that jury. Yes. Method shouldn't be on that jury we now are present to you. Exhibit KQ are you a bit him just being. India's largest form is not quite enough to prove that she could not have had choked. Don't you also. Need some kind of on the model. Who would be this woman similar. To mention similar proportions. To show hole. In cigarettes is not doing a great job trying very hard to keep my job that's that's kind of what I've done that I liked at the FCC to not notice and that Abbas and it was well. It was really important lesson this morning. Let's talk about. So don't need both. Both people present in order to produce so the defense attorney in the case has slammed the prosecution's argument you can imagine. Saying the court should hear from Maine medical expert about the logistics is what they're calling hammer down the dynamics are the biology here than. OK question. This guy's doing dancing itself he is being charged with Markey is being charged with murder and the that the claim is during an act between two adults he choked her to death the allegation is that. There's there's a week at the medical examiner would be called as a witness to testify that the woman's death. Is consistent with being accidentally. Sexually asphyxiated. During that that activity. Which I happen. I mean I can't say it can have it could happen com want us to. I mean there's no space for air we talked about foot and shoe size last week. On the on it read member of the you have a we talk about sidelining the size matters to me and I peseta by the sixth the size six shoe size nine foot it could be that might not work or not just talking about Joe Horn I. About choose the laws of numbers and so understand why I have another question always round the sophomore love that I had this. Like what are they trying to like how else could she have been murdered. You know that well it's just that I a had been a standard joke. Our medical. May be she could be. India and she didn't died from asphyxiation maybe she died from heart attack which they medical examiner can probably proof from birdie let me put my my lawyer hat on right so I didn't exist. From issue is how is he being charged with. Murder. And how is not an accident eat that's how she died even if she died because of the act because of the act as there is not there he was to pick and choose to. How does that his faults knows how does that murdered doesn't murder imply. Intent yeah. Right and help and he's. At it. Had that cost of 6563. Still get it done all of that there was Viagra included I have no idea in that case maybe you go after the company in an expired because. There are poster powerful but I is charged with murder case by that. Aside. Yeah listeners lets you decide you guys I'd dance because again what the prosecution is asking for here is that it or you go. Excuse me in order this is what judge's error lawyers are trying to group. They're there's no way is to have happened they're trying to prove there is no way that is 63 year old man. Was capable so in order to do that they want him to get into his fullest arm in open court. Because they need the jury. Just yet let me let me ties up and. That would be hard to do no pun intended that would be very difficult to explain it would be very difficult and it lets say there are went twelve jurors. There's a judge there's your a lot of people there's though the other lawyers. Kind of you know there's people don't brush people in the audience like. Guys go. And we have issues with just one person in the audience. Rights. If I can handle thirty people in the audience including age and a major party. But if it was two of your Ennis and he's prep him before you have until hagel export it will bring out isn't that what you do when you have to go get a sample. I mean you've got an amber I've never donated so I don't know I'm assuming that it had done isn't that would they do put in a room and again via TV and some some magazines and her. And say. I I don't know let's go around and other men here Jane have you ever donate. Okay. Marketable. Have you ever donated sperm. What he doesn't like you know I'm not gonna know is not okay. I mean I wish parts was here right now I'd ask each day but that's probably whites. Guess what it would. We give the magazine and when you're ready knocked twice your question does Tina is possible UK came in and taking this very seriously like extras. As for second. Does need to be alive in the courtroom. Could you put him around like we're talking about and have him. Get all the air but have a camera on the room you need to jury zoo did you you have to see but in person. Or did you not have a camera zoom Dan if it if. If it's evidence. Would view as the jury need to see the evidence could you not seen pictures. You we need to. Why does need to be live and core. I just think you need to see that situation. Happening I cannot imagine a situation in which the judge the judge is not ruled yet. That's why. The story was picked up the judges not decided whether those needs. It's humiliating I mean that's that's just but that's important is read about this one I'll put it up on FaceBook and Twitter you can check it out. I don't know the question to ask them to act and should the tax lines a lot of fun right now to do ninety's here. Taking it in the spirit enacted as intended they are you most of you thank you all to view some of you are some of you are not around not happy he's human story. Smile more guarantee you if you CNET headline you would clicked on lawyers and why did here's the headline lawyers want man using big penis defends the showed jury in his direction. Yeah the pain is defense everybody knows the. Big dog of for this 'cause I'm sure. This is not the first time someone has died this. Not not sure but I assume a history of man this is not the first time this has happened I mean yeah I would. A probably guess you're right I I I this is now maybe it's never on rights but that's the case get pretty creative. It's up on FaceBook and it's on Twitter as well plus we have our Twitter poll question for you what would you be willing to pay for. On a plane. C recliner like room like let's say everything all of a sudden became nickel and dime on a plane. Seek replying for labor and legroom drinks and snacks overhead storage or kid free zone. Will would you be willing to pay for vote on Twitter at KM BZ radio it's been David Jamie in wicket. Guys there's actual science but why were stubborn mules. Especially when it comes to asking for directions so now you can just say it's science and the dumbest story of the day. I love gets worse than those not on others it's much worse is good and its workers that knows me. Day with Jamie we get those are next 91 KN BC at 81 KM BZ midday wind that Jamie and wicket and again look more at the new news one person dead twelve hurt. After a car plowed into pedestrians in Times Square. On the cars actually on its side now it's a red sedan era purple sedan. And now one person who lost their life twelve people were injured and this is like you said this is at lunchtime in Times Square in New York. This is right over the noon hour and the new York city police department has come out and said they are not investigating this as terrorism which is a relief on but yeah feud if you turn on with got taxis and CNN on in here. And they're showing as you can imagine when you've got I've seen numbers of up to twenty people hurt out one person dead but you've got a lot of ambulances on the scene and the car just flipped over on its side. Is size pretty bizarre to see. I'll have more updates for you coming up and mark and Carol have it for you in the noon news what's trending following that and a list that. You wanna be on but Kansas City and some surrounding cities are on the wrong end of the list. It will tell you how they figured us I don't know if you agree with us by it. Yeah we'll tell you got it figured out. I I'm gonna. Say that I don't I have a GPS in my car. Right now I'm very fortunate for that worked on my phone or whatever but back in the day before I had that Jamie I'm not gonna lie you. I don't ask for directions price me sometimes we can't picture you as the type that woods. Asked for that would admit a mistake. And when in fact I. I would say I don't really like asking for directions I think most guys don't because don't we wanna say look we've got this. Don't like say you like to think that. Yes you'll figure it right we got distill or we don't really need you there's you know probably less likely to ask I'm I'm probably. More on the side of all figured out and I've your sense of direction. Zero. U and there was no sense of direction my wife. She doesn't she took her awhile to figure out what state. The Kansas city's who is and she's been there six times is a misconception. In places not year. Not knowing. That we have to you know I I can see out if you didn't live here that be a problem now she's lived here for a couple years yet. Towel in now but now she is zero zero's sense of direction but apparently assignments. That right now. Science is science approve everything like that science has declared. That we don't like asking for directions because of some sort of chemical reaction error chemical make up at her body. I was just my stubbornness. And his stuff are all so that's was discovered able arts what's the science compliment bringing up Ayers second but I. I I'd. I think most guys are probably like this is that they don't like to ask for directions it's always because. You know Jamie week we wanna be right. Doing and it's neck and it's car and a instinct. Right that's what they say it's your got an answer instinct and right now exactly. The story is from reader's digest. You're out for a Sunday drive their husband or boy pretty luster both know you're lost yet. Man continues to drive. That would be us we got don't worry bullets often advantageous to temperature intuition running that information through the filter of your brain is used to is a useful second step. New study from researchers at cal tack Wharton school western university and easier to laboratory. Found men often follow their gut instincts blindly. Seldom pausing to consider whether those instincts are correct. For the study researchers tested a hypothesis that increased testosterone levels course. Would cause an increase in a man's tendency to rely on intuition more than reasoning which is not. Like she's. Not like us very logical set. On I just Brady was here when you were often Vegas about. There's this story out about to start you gambling testosterone for a lot of things like you you have your own version of PMS you can blame it on on disaster on. Testosterone. Problem increases confidence and according to what the scientists if you're more a lot of confidence you'll always over. It's if you're more confident you'll feel like you're right it will not have enough self doubt self doubt to correct mistakes. God bless that's true because even if I know that I'm lost like let's say Lee and I are driving we don't have a GPS river. And we are driving Jamie and we are in the middle of nowhere. I swear to god I know exactly I'm going even though we haven't seen one stoplight in six or do you really have half a Cleo and that moment no. What does it take to convince you that you're wrong. I've told I'm wrong the entire time we but. Yeah and but what does it take for you to finally figured out probably for me to see like the south north signs or something like that late I'm going north and I'm supposed to be going south and what she sees that it's over. It's all over speech you know you're going north right. I was gonna make less it's it's totally fine yeah most of the drive right she naps eat your seed apps I drive. Yeah yeah yeah as pretty much. So guys it's not just your ego or anything it is an increased level of testosterone that causes you. To be overconfident and not ask for directions. It's like you don't have that problem Jamie we just now. Because we maybe we need Russert got more. Or just now or just admit you don't know where you are against the hardest parts of pride thing yeah I don't south of the gas station at 7-Eleven. And this is an interest in one year because Cheney there are certain things that you and I. Will will will pick up stories tell people about it here on the show and I didn't think. That we had to make this clear to every one to Florida as yet about it for a story yeah yeah. If you have a rattlesnake. And for whatever reasons you captured it maybe you bought it maybe a license to own one I don't know that the rules are Missouri in Kansas when it comes to snake ownership. If you at least a rattles. Again this is. Public message don't coddle don't try to kiss it on the golf. On somebody did. Of course cores and we shouldn't laugh about it the guys in critical confusing critical condition his name is Ron Ryan old and according to CBS. And this is not a boss slick floor all the crazy reports that Florida always floor this week it's been Texas but today it's Florida. He was one hospital by helicopter in critical condition after he was bitten by the rattlesnake on Tuesday. He is expected to survive and god. What so there's not a man Charles Scott who told WJA acts that he found rattlesnake on Monday. He said I handle snakes are good put it into a tank but he said his neighbors were playing with a snake when Reinhold was and the next more Frye got they were the state got told WJX one Joyce said. Would hold the sky is I'm going to visit in the mouth and the snake bit him in the face. What. Was gonna happen. What you get. Does in her great love and playfulness runway that humans do and. Dogs cuddly cats I hate them but they're they're currently inch rattlesnakes. Not currently don't try it like I guess there are people out there that didn't have the common sense to know that you shouldn't just a rattlesnake on the mouth so. Let this has been cleared out on GAAP by the way it's illegal to keep a rattlesnake in Florida license it's really up. Currently is it the same here in Missouri your news you know snake rule I don't know that Cheney because I never going to the day IC rattlesnake your and yes trying to. Now everybody on the text out and tired all the places we have rattles and brown recluse spider on those places count so don't worry we'll get to what's trending also there is a list of the fittest cities in America. In Kansas City and some surrounding cities are on the list but they're on the wrong end of the land as it is happy drug down today. Eight and two hours and pain hill.