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Tuesday, August 7th
YES I threw out his shirts.... 

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Like you. Tell you NCAA it's. 7272881. Email mornings and you're in the running for a thousand dollars of secured to cash. A launch LE EU and CH seven to a Dave wants. Here's the latest news about movie pass. So they weren't going to up Ted Price for it to fifteen bucks a month and capping it. And now they've decided and we don't like that idea we're gonna keep it ten bucks a month which are only allowed to see three movies a month. I would do that when I still deal analytical is still a deal but we predicted so yeah. That's because they've given the whole business plan was always going to be in the ready here's the deal I was I go now on Tuesdays to senator Olympia. If I'm gonna say movie I do on Tuesday it's. Is on Tuesdays at like five boxers five dollars user eight dollars users like that. You know that's one. It does seem that the freight dollars your whole night is lessons when he locks. And so I don't know how all those movie passes will. Remain a sustainable business model because I can go for three times a month. And I normally wouldn't that maybe I'll go twice a month. And spend thirty dollars more than I mean you know it's not that expensive if you go on the days I guess Tuesday when they had that discount. Now if you go last Saturday for an evening show when you get popcorn you're spending 4050 bucks just to go to the movies right. So I don't buy popcorn. What do you brought. I usually have one plus one. Dana Tim. Are. All the. Holy crap all suvs and counting dozens of my management has nine to accommodate him in her last night. She hit well what flight I don't light. Then I had a flight. How many flights and within your flights to shoot well there's two of the brain is like a small. And if you pour more in the first class and then more in the second glass it's tactically only two classes where I ate. Even though I had wian has slide is it's three glasses of well it is not that he's quite old like this it's like you taste it we don't. Then you move on to the next one and you move on to the next. And it's like levels and a video game yeah it's the last when you're like. What if he wins the lie detector permanent and he has not Brooke yeah. I'll I'm sorry does someone not free publicity on the radio I don't. All I even said Chris we're trying to do this polygraph thing isn't right. But I wonder if he's on vacation or out of town none. Question Chris. Would want us to us. Maybe you just doesn't know who the heck we are in doesn't care yeah that's a good point. You yes. That is a possibility that if we work to get say the polygraph guy in here. I'm sure there's another one you try and yeah I I bet there's more than one here in Kansas City career. How do you see yeah. That was one more than one company. Was his usual move on the the next thing you know I've just found out I got to put my glasses on. It stopped a shot three times shot up. I don't wanna talk about quote ailment I know what. Lose one's. May yeah I'm. You performed correctly and all I just I thought I hit along and let Brian Dooley. Hamas and I wish I'd gotten us he's no younger than I came to have a bond better simmered. I can go from this drilling can keep. As he ever mission is. So I don't rose zero bernese and air force they don't forget mr. cancer on the hello my friend. I RER. Hayward out we're working on getting. A polygraph guy in to the radio station. Watch. Find out of keyboards on the trees I guess. There's a bit of anyone we know that so we're suspicions about you're his. Come home what what do you don't know we we don't know. That's why we need to bring in a polygraph. How is it is there a question them that you can think of that you would want us to ask your wife. And a question. At all. You mean the question that I don't know the answer is correct you know all my I'm not sure yeah I'm not sure there's I'm not sure there's a question there are already know he. There's not one little thing may be a secret that you think she's felt like may be. Where is that shirt. Well Fiat give Ike I gave up on metal long. In June I'm aware willingly earlier here tapping of the of the of the home. Where they say did you take their shirt with a whole units are not throw which you can track gosh. I'm not saying that she hadn't been ruled out if they suspect. We just we just don't have enough information right now to proceed with a little parts. Yeah but cats if we were to get a polygraph. We could have no idea juice rode his shirt his favorite surely. Why now. While on where favorite wait wait what was she gave that up without the polygraph wait stop stop I'm the detective here and murdered at. You just admitted that young threw away the whole sure yes I didn't written I knew what I knew all along. Where is that. And Phil. And you threw it into the. Tutored kids. Greens. What I will say to you you are welcome you're well my three or holy shirt in the landfill it was horrible and ugly and awful Poland's drive and it can only hold my. All right. Omar hunter I did yes. It will it will be up for the prosecutor to yeah. There are close sergeant. Katz is this the first time that she's openly admitted to throwing away the shirt. You know and and I I must've registered forty time bench did not make any knowledge and now here written your idol isn't as I don't think holes. You heard all pretty quick didn't semi. I'm wondering is there anything else we can sweat out ever so well in general right now well. Hang undecided let me find out where I put my glasses on here and there are study in my detectives were here I yep thank you. Dana right. I yes. Yeah just submitted just throwing out the holy sure to gases that Chris the cats loved more than any piece of clothing that where you weren't everywhere have you looked me dead Mia yes. Have you yes thrown out any other articles of clothing. Of his yes or no you have to tell the truth or you don't do the Pauli girl yes. Ocala and all day and article opens up all old. Or new. Dana right I'll. You were on the stand in Europe under roof and not under oath what else have you thrown out the belongs. If I can't put a number two it. Probably ten shirts. Six years. All. I got I need a moment to take time producer. After retirement accounts I know that this is very emotional I understand I know this is hard I'm not guilty because I admit it I'm just laying it out I got rid of them not all of you're totally I'm not guilty because I just admit it. I tell your idea of the horrible as police would get in that room okay like wait I. Wait wait what kind of warped thinking at bats. Hang on cats we're getting to the truth. Just let me take your charger you go to dinner right. Name another shirt of cats is that you were thrown out. The black polo perhaps. Was staying. Possibly yeah yeah. Yeah. You know what I would like leveraged to mow the lawn you know and induce some some some weak cutting. Status Lisa writing my around the house European until you're on a prison Alaska and you look and around the house and only serve to hold the right way way way way when you. Play. And wakes up. The system well that's your way we wanted to let out who who who wouldn't know. Chad. Did did you Wear that shirt in Alaska. Possibly was at the last time you remember wearing that shirt. Oh I'd I'd ever call me redshirt yeah did you throw that shirt out when you got back from Alaska yes or no it or I'm Jonah I know I don't know you know it's over boy I. President made it out of Alaska coup. Yet the fear of. It's even make it home you threw it away all. Into the ocean. It's funny every woman listening is like he had done that and don't you tell me you haven't termer execs I know you that. No but I've told my husband and throwing yeah Leila was. Earlier oil away you have thrown away ten of his shirts. I if I guess it sent well now wait. Our Chris you know this is that as as well as anyone. Dana is notorious. Brown blunder I underestimated she's around town she's around down I just asked her how many glasses of wine Jeb last night she is one. I know Dana issue of our refined to. You said. That you have thrown away ten. Yes member mr. Katz an agent of remain quiet for just a moment on the stand. You just said that you had thrown away ten of mr. Katz's shirts yeah. What is the true number. I don't I don't tell them what I throw the Merrill. And a big quote that I don't want you don't edit the does donate to that town is the same thing yes donation would be the same as throwing away because he can no longer Wear them. It's probably it's funny. Dana probably more. He's a liar. It was about bitter. I got her I got data is at thirty. Don't know all Dana maybe thirty. Forty now law 31 now 35 is the highest I'm going Chris can you said it was thirty. Baker nor the bad apple but would you at least agree that it's thirty. Oh what dark. Wow. Mr. Katz. Yet what you don't know you know well who would into the conversation right now beat me up. Chief Peter out to spread but we NC ABC ninety Peter out to several military lifting sit could that ever picture right now and their. And they are both in shock. All that here here's all the hugged and it's all done at all. Yeah they can't believe deep well and that act that would have been able to leave that shirt either us quite a better what about it medal that. Mr. Katz I apologize but I'm glad I was able to get to the truth for you. But you know what you know what I have right now but I haven't had for years truce. Orbital. Just says yeah. This city's 98 point one FM. One at the KM BZ. There. I hear about this story out of New Jersey. A New Jersey woman thought she was helping a Dallas now man pay for his gas station food. But she ended up footing the bill for one country music star and can. This heritage. And class and that's my dream go home tonight so she was at the Medford ball lost station. She while a high season here ahead of a concert on Friday night in Camden, New Jersey that. The substitute teacher read says she had made a resolution to help any wall walked customer. And jumped at the chance from the man ahead of her. Was earth was short a few dollars for his bill. Quoting here from reed. It looks like she was using a cart and for whatever reason it didn't go through. Many SE young lady next to him for five dollars and I thought this is it yes so I said note. Get this all pay your bills. So she did pay you pay for the man's bill at the Walt wants station. In New Jersey the bubble along no the wall. Reid said the man turned her and said thank you my name's Keith. She said you look just like Keith Urban. You knew. Turns send. Can I can only. Now believing that sand and turned the man standing next to this disease. And said who its essence means you and they said ma'am that's Keith Urban is historic concert here but for every bit his car won't go through. You have got to be kidding me did take to make sure their TLC didn't of course it it. You've just like Keith Urban and that's the best story at par maybe he becomes. I am here. Yeah video. Seriously you justly deregulate. No I never say that I. He's I think. What Burton what a work. Why do you love our. And her. So anyway he did take a picture where a third I think she ended up going to the show I am I putting this on Oliver social media platforms in the phone now her hand is holding her heart. She's smiling and laughing and her eyes are closes if she's crying like she's so excited happy it's just say look of purer. Joy I'm not one to get all goo goo gaga over celebrity. But the fact that he simply said thank you very much. And then extended his hand and said my name's Keith. Yeah I didn't say I'm Keith Urban. Now he just said my name is keys. I like that. I think that's cool. Well that's. You realize there's an age. Yeah hole. Apparently. This new song on a rare song is in this new Spike Lee movie. The black Klansman and you heard about this but this is why I left Klansman out it is a in 1983. Recording of prince singing. This spiritual song Mary don't you week. And it appears over the end credits. Of spike Lee's new film black Klansman. And he discussed how the rare song came to his attention in this article with Rolling Stone I knew. That I needed an end credits song. And I've become very close to try Carter what of the executives Spotify and a prince estate advisor I invited him to a private screening. And after he said spike I have this song. And it's Mary don't you week which had been recorded on cassettes. In the mid eighty. There's an album coming out I. Some customers' existing prince would not have one at that commercialized. And he's spike Lee's show yes he he wanted me to have it. I always say this because. Few people probably. Care more about prince and I do as far as music. He did eight an album between 1999 and purple rain. And it an album is a stretch of the word where he just sat down and he just plays piano and he sang them. And they're going to release a mountain called piano one microphone. And they're they're pulling him from the vault I think she would have hated that you would agree that that. It was in the ball there was a reason it hadn't been released yes and no. PE there there were a lot of great friends songs. That that should have been released. I mean look at. Like some of the McCain answered the names. It would've been huge hits maybe not on the charge but just. Huge kids. That he never for whatever reason never released early releases besides here it is this is Mary don't weep. I have not checked it so there's a bad word in that I will be quick as I always am with my trigger finger. Room. Yeah. News. The only problem that is that the only people they're gonna care about better people like me. People who have bought every record the print server dead. It's a bad recording. It's not a typical prince song. Wow no Canadian that's why it's good for this film because it's artsy and into got a Dalmatian and has and I what you're doing and what you're running credits that's that's a great town to run creditor. But but listen of that that's the apprentice I mean not the prints them. That the typical buyer cares about who. I mean it's the liberal. By the way you can thank me now or think and later I sold the Molly took its case. OK hang in our father was on Fox News last night I don't know Molly tidbits is the young University of Iowa student. Who has disappeared. Disappeared three weeks ago. I figured out the missing link. Okay the missing link I should have been a damned tight I'd I disagree that guy has got the missing link is the dog. And here's why okay. Somali tidbits who's been missing for three weeks. Her father goes on Fox News last night and says and I quote Robert tidbits. I think someone will into the house. That Molly knew or that Molly trusted. And that she that she left with them willingly. Now they're in over their head and they don't know what to do. Ice I already sold case. But. Here's what happened. Molly tidbits. Was a young lady who went to the University of Ohio college town and she has been spending the summer in a town called Brooklyn Iowa town of about a hundred or 1000 people tiny tiny town roughly the size of king city Missouri. Where nothing happens that everybody doesn't know about. Follow me here affect. Molly tidbits. Who is not from a big town herself but has been going to a school and college town has gotten a little bit of a flavor for the bigger city life. Can connect somewhere along the line she's met somebody else. Now is there I'm gonna leave my boyfriend relationship material no it's not. But is that while I kind of like you a new kind of like me and I'm free for the first time in my life and women's college material yes. She goes to Brooklyn Iowa over the summer. She's in a town of a thousand people with her boyfriend. He leaves town because he works. Construction crews hacked our it. She gets wind Molly tidbits does. And let's hope that I'm right and that any idea that she was abducted or violently assaulted is completely wrong okay. Let me get that out on the table right now. Here's what happens. She goes to this town Brooklyn Iowa in the middle of no nowhere. And she finds out. That her boyfriend is going to propose to her a week and a half later in the Dominican Republic sister at her brother's wedding he was gonna proposed last Saturday. That's right and her brother's wedding in the Dominican Republic and she looks around and says is this really were I wanna spend the rest of my life. Tank but if I go to the to the Dominican Republic. I have to either say yes. And this is where I'm gonna spend the rest of my life or at a wedding I have to say now or at a wedding at his brother's wedding I have to say no and fess up. And I'm having a relationship with somebody else on the side. Her boyfriend leaves town to work on a construction crew. She goes jogging. At 730 at night with heard all. She's wearing a fit fit and she has her cell phone with her because neither have been found. The fit bit apparently has been turned off the phone apparently has been turned off. And none of her credit cards have been swiped in the last three weeks. Let me ask you this. If you are a dumb dumb in a town of a thousand people and you're going to abduct a woman. To either kill her or to rape her. Or to keep her hostage. What do you do with the adult. Cancer it. You probably kill the dog to you either kick that you don't take the dog with you that's the last thing you do. The adrenaline is going through your systems so badly so quickly. You either kill a dog or you let it go. You don't take the time to abduct her and throw her into the back your car and make sure you grab the dog to pat. Where's the dog. A case solved she knows she's out with some additional. She's not and I'm gonna stop you right there and here's why. You would not. To use that to your mother. Scott Molly Wood not a done that her mom she would not think I am so backed into a corner because of this relationship that I don't wanna pursue a that I am going to shred my mom and dad's heart to pieces add things so and pretend I know. Abducted. You wouldn't do that your mom and dad dad thinks so the quote from that last night on Fox News now there in over their head and they don't know what to do. Two more sex. There's a report that a black SUV was seen circling slowly around that neighborhood it was her boyfriend she was staying that night it was her not her boyfriend but her other voice driver went very slowly around the neighborhood according to young woman who lives a block away waiting for her dog out with urge all observed it. She has reported that to the FBI and then here's the thing that puts a hit in my stomach. FBI agents have been back to that pig farm a hundred miles away your eighty miles away. Three. Times. Now why do you think if that pig farm is a hundred miles away from where she was last seen. You think the FBI just randomly stumbled on a big pharma hundred miles away and thought organist searched their winners they could all X three times Scott. And that puts it hit my stomach that says to me they have reason to believe. She was a hundred miles away at a pig farm now why would she be a hundred miles way to take army fears of the pigs yes I wasn't gonna say that that. They have been back three times there's no way the FBI just pulled that pig farm out of thin air that is going to be her fit bit. Or her last known cell phone location is gonna come back to that. Farm now here is the dog they've named this guy his name is Wayne Cheney he's been cleared. He says he was not involved he has not been charged. Says he's never seen the girl. I didn't venture out into that town which is several miles away from his home. He said he would allow the FBI to search his entire properties I wanted to. And expressed confidence investor who didn't find anything they have searched his home his property and look through his cell phone. They have asked him to take a polygraph he refused to do so. Why are they focusing on that farm let me ask is this has they have information that led then to that far. Let me ask you this. AA college kids from the University of Idaho. Is living with her boyfriend in the town of Brooklyn Iowa population 1000. How is it that a former. Up pig farmer. From a hundred miles away in the middle of the summer season. Has an opportunity to find out where a cute little girl from the University of Iowa is living. A hundred miles away Dana have you recently been to the city of luck Compton. Now that's less than. Hundred miles away it's actually tournaments I apologize. Twenty minutes left. My my point remains. That they would not be searching that place again and again and again. If they did not have I believe some electronic information suggesting. She's around there where's the book. Hi Tony Knowles. If you're going to kidnap someone what would you do with talk. He farmer has pleaded guilty in connection with two. Stocking. Cases one in 20091. In 20141. Resulted in a protective order. Does that mean. He kidnapped her I don't know but why is dad saying what he's saying. I dad's saying this if he's heard until the family anything well they better be no you don't tell the families thank you don't want the family leaking it. The family has said we have been told very little about any illness and her. I hope you are right. But there's there's a knot in my stomach when I read I out this far. I hope I'm right to I hope there's she's just a runaway bride. But she got wind she's about to be proposed to in the Dominican Republic. She got nervous she didn't wanna ruin the weekend because she can't say yes because it. She can't say no because to say no is to admit she's cheating on her boyfriend and I think she really does care about it. So she runs OK to have Lil. You know what if I'm right I hope you Lar I do you remember three weeks ago there was a tablet where it said we don't tip terrorists. And who was who was cynical about that and said I think this is a hoax. Ooh yeah Luke. Thank you should not just her mother's got okay. Okay. Where is the dog. Because if your going to kidnap somebody if you're going to kill a girl year bureau you're okay with killing a dog. I'm not saying you're not okay with killing a dog when I'm saying is you're so worried about your time. And the crime the you're committing you don't worry about the dog you let the dog go. We already know that she that people are gonna find out she's been kidnapped. I'm not taken the dog with me what do two dogs chipped. I'm let the dog go. I mean they're Killen Dorgan Leven and on the side of the road from what the door ago. Where's the dog. Because you don't want that dog to be chipped. And who chipped their dogs millennial was. But in case the I got it. This farm. Innocent. Nothing to do with her disappearance he could have these two stalking. Cases because of a bad divorce. Took the you know sometimes the adult stalking without what is it called here at stalking without. Crowd violence I don't know an urban interests well thank god. Is that could be a number of things that's all I'm saying it could be a number of things we don't know it doesn't mean necessarily he was peeping and of women's windows in Iowa. But he has refused to take a polygraph test his name's Wayne Cheney he says quote I have nothing to hide. I don't need to it's stupid. Cheney has not been named as a suspect. And I and curious what you think about this polygraph thing because of this was neat. And I'd done nothing wrong and they came to my house and they looked they looked at my phone they came to my pig farm in my property didn't find anything in and they said to me. We want you to take a polygraph group I would probably say no to what. And some proof. I'd done nothing wrong you're not taken a polygraph I period end of story. We have this polygraph. The C but the problem of polygraphs are not always right. That's why they're not admissible they're not always right did you throw away thirty shares of Chris cuts yes did you throw away more. Then thirty shirts of Crisco no call. See it's gonna detect deception lair. Did you throw away more than thirty shirts now. Oh that that is an easy thing to have anything to talk about lost someone is sitting next he's saying. Are you responsible for murdering this girl and that's not even what they would say the polygraph they would say have you ever met Molly senate's no have you ever been around her know. Well to meet if you're asking me if I'd kill someone my blood pressure and her grade is guiness goes sky high. Even if I'd done nothing wrong. Just over the implication. That I'm sitting there being polygraphed over the disappearance of a girl. That's what I wanna know what kind of quite if we're renewal polygraph what kind of questions. Just give me ballpark. So I can prepare my blood pressure. All I can say it's only yes or no questions. Really that yeah you only answer yes or no you cannot elaborate.