Why aren't there any female MASCOTS????

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Thursday, July 12th

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KMB easy would. In the the. I mean you watch in the bin and low wage being. And this time. It's. Yeah. And be eligible. Momentum of the June and one in Atlanta fan I'm pat. There comes a week. Me me you. Next week's busy. Quite sick for a Tuesday I think Robert craze in town that week. MM home notes on front and my now market. We'll see talent. You don't. Have babies to me. At all eyes they had. I spent. One that'll make it to the so. No we're we're we're gun with spreads out. Make the party to no on the no magazines go anywhere you want watch where you're wearing an actor. Why are you betting they don't make it to the show. Everything and they're gonna get. The idea I don't remember. What my life was like when my wife was pregnant and quite prayers. I also remember what my life was like when I had. A pretty much infant toddler via the home team and if suddenly we had as Sydor. There were many nights you're like is go back to. And I couldn't have. No bet that I'm with you tend to woman don't make. I think you go out all the desert pride dined to get out yeah we and then now we're at a date and forever good for you are you in others another reason why an economic. I earlier statement about five months. You leave girl and now. Just he's it's on. At nine. I really don't even know any of our programs as of now it is evening and I am 38 it just on down. On the front port. Speakers in the wind. Listen to some bare moonlight cool breeze to me that path. You'd know we're not cited or not. Held it I don't think it is everybody let's be honest everybody. Freaks out at the very thought. Of their parents yeah right right right you know I'd rather not talk about better know about it and I mean it took care of it it was. Late night on the front or not I of their home and wore his ring. Predictions and. Hines who she smiled when it's your data products don't know. It was big juicy and told some and pretty firm I tell you which use had no idea I was at the. Mission IV yesterday. Ran into a salad. Came out someone in the state of Kansas parked behind me. Has the vanity plate big juicy. Being IG. OJ UC. Why my phone was to and I got it actually and I aren't I wish I could get extra. I wanted to go. To hell do you think it back in August. Not mind all. This all of my. I don't think juicy and you my friend are a big fancy. There is kind of theft of intellectual property and you know. Listen to this story. Of this is for you or rod but it makes me giggle at. He was trying to go to sleep. And any monsters snake. Oil fell out of the ceiling. I'm port I insist. Was rudely awakened so that's a thing winning ace today. Fell through the ceiling and landed on him in bed. Yeah dial. As you know in Ralston Abram who was constrictor is adding this to the list the reasons I don't sleep at night. Six feet long with a red tail. And the new York State Department of Environmental Conservation putting photo. On its FaceBook page oh my god that is outside the whole bagel Bakken and no it's as if. It looks as you might think he's a six foot long boa constrictor would look. His state media. About this quote a usual complaint the man who lives and last in New York was an eight panic when he called for help. They found a snake here they escaped its enclosure. In the apartment above. Somehow made its way into then out of the ceiling. Where it. Fell. Wait I forget. One of us and I'm certain of its broad based on his comments one services offers no mine is mice I'm actually not afraid of snakes and all I don't fighters roaches for me want a snake in my house. Just the thought here. What's your fear. Well that's on the list now okay. Let me show you guys are rapists murderers have you heard about these snake massages. Yes I thought what this trial watch this. You lay on the bed and they put big hole. Eight Iran. Watch this book. More than one this ladies I doubt that. Bring me out because they think this girl on you and it apparently feels good. If you if they re saying in the world is Hugh white Fuzzy kittens. If you're in your house late at night. And it Q white Fuzzy kid kitten drops out of the ceiling on your bad. Yeah you're gonna grab your parents and run like well. I. Here at ease at whatever it is now you clean out your gonna Roland. For your explicit as well. Humane Society of the United States is not a fan of people keeping large constrictor snakes like python's boat was an Anaconda is as pets. Calling them powerful wild animals capable of killing a human. Allowing private possession of these dangerous reptiles threatens public safety. Twelve people in the United States have died from constrictor related. Incident why would you own a boat can stretch since what nine. Teen ninety's. Since I took us and we're not talking the money because. I. How do you think constrictor kills by constricting that's right to squeezes the air out of view yes. He seemed like a boa constrictor because I don't think they have big tease if if they have any at all. Why would need a big can dislodge their Jules. To get whatever it is that they just squeezed to death into their body didn't jurors in the movie Anaconda yes right now. NCs snakes on a plane from enterprise with having this thing land on you hey it's gonna hurt at six feet long that's a big snake. The York and it just pass out and die. Which you would hope would happen. Because see wind it is constricting you in killing you you know what's happening like there's only if that's the only nine where you're like. I can't believe this is happening but this is what's happening I'm going to die by snake. You know honestly anything falls on me at the ceiling in the middle of the night and bribes totaling right like I'm going to have art should more. Here's a bola swallowing an entire. Two year look at this what I don't want to see that watches how they just watched their third did you all see that and. Look at that. They can dis lodged their lower jaw and just. So do you charge the neighbor and if so with lots. I think you can charge the neighbor. Like you your dog lose something you have to disclose like if you live in an apartment in you're not those like like candles or you know catch the stove that on fire. I don't think you should have to disclose if you have something like that I would want to know is someone next mere above me Hattie six foot boat I would wanna know that one. Don't know more than likely it's never gonna get out of Atlanta. This guy was saying like if they have like a terrain insular something. Tonight is really killing I don't think that until I definitely don't want now definitely do not because then I'm gonna have to move. Sin is its racial religious spider doesn't matter it's furry and it has eight legs and a no think. How much money. Now. Nine. There's there's there's some he'd wait too much money. I haven't finished it doesn't matter with the quest. How much money like if I get somebody from pit stop on the street here to come am. And you know they cell trait was it wouldn't happen. It gut what is it what is it that you 101000. Dong out so good that I'm going to be in the emergency room with a panic attack to 101000 dollars a day for you missed I don't know but it's been around for forever. Just ask my mother ice a common. I think spiders and vices is among the most common phobia. Rocks like. About it has no I York and but I you have. I don't see did he go. Phobia. Of these is called spider focused. On that snakes snakes is open DO phobia I thought it was erect a phobia that is. In his coat. Spider for. Brooch for fear of snakes is the second. Most common phobia in the world. And owners mines analyst at public speakers. Oh. And the world a bit units spiders. Lobbyist and by. There's a list feeder flights yeah don't height spiders snakes. It's. Worse roaches on that list as a battery high. OK number ten fry O phobia the fear of different parts. Holes. As a result Skiles. As a result the individual voice and objects like corals sponges. The meat to dried honeycomb is an anything with a hole in it. Eric phobia fear of flying. Knee so phobia fear of germs. Followed by cluster node into each has got that enemies of extra phobia the fear of thunder and lightning comes in at number six. Please. Hear of dogs comes in at five. All crowded spaces. Wait wait no more now got a man who separate tax. I was gonna say you don't get to oh please anybody's fears tag boy. I never heard is that so weird I know I've never heard of that you. Snakes is number two in your spiders is number 1 I am not dirty person although I found recently mice that mr. throwing killings since my stepmother. Has a thing about paper she hates to touch my knee my nephew. Has a fear of tax. 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Trust the marks professional staff to quickly help you find that perfect item for your home. Most are available for easy pick upper fast delivery. Do not miss the huge holiday celebration going on now. At Nebraska furniture mart. We just off the planet dead. Do women have ever Amazon. 5 o'clock. Arguing this stimulus very. Hey before we it on this amount. Real quick I still gotta get my stuff planet story and here's let me tell you this group quick existing players. We'll talk about fears of course there's a fear for everything because everybody's different you know. But there is a fear of big words. You know what that is called. It really. Hit the pot amongst us is the Italian phobia. Why are you serious I have it on on here because I can't say that word. I do not have a fear big words I just can't say listen this is one word. Keep the pot amongst us is particularly if Libya. That is that clear yet big war. I can't Taylor in his desire buys me. It's actually going to be a shorter word for front running back. But you are right. Papa John's pizza founder Jon should matter. Has resigned as chairman of the restaurant chain's board of directors following news that he used inward at our conference call but he still owns a substantial stake. In the company should matter. Owns roughly 30% of Papa Johns as of march 12 his stake was worth 622. Million dollars. Recent decline in company stock because of this controversy. Now values and 479. Joseph I think the chiefs. Announced today they were cutting ties with Papa John's. Somebody said. Here's the deal ice others on Twitter last night people were weighing in in droves saying he has been an unabashed racist for years. That this is not. The first time. Someone has heard him use that type of language now. I I don't know and I don't you know do we get Papa John's from time to time. Shore. I did it. I am glad he. Has lost his job over this although it doesn't sound like he's hurting for any barrel to his word on his next meals for so I yeah now. CEO I I. You're talking about like Jim did you make as a topic at a become what we would say. I'm anti inward and I'm glad he's out of a job I think he's at school I mean that I just bugs me. If you worth 429 million dollars why would you work anyway I wouldn't even want to be on the court. By the way. My stop the planet stories coming up after the news amateur YouTube earlier. It involves I'll just tell you this the University of Wyoming. The university of why else. Quiet little sleepy college town in the middle of nowhere. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains. And yet somehow the University of Wyoming has generated some controversy. Also tell you this it involves their mascot. First of the new zoom out here is Caremark. The winningest high school basketball coach in Missouri history has died. More next. 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Scott remaining mostly fair few puffy clouds not much in the way of thunderstorms coming from any of those we'll see our temperatures dropping through the eighties down to 74 by tomorrow morning. 96 the afternoon high heat advisory still in effect through Friday evening. It pop up afternoon showers or thunderstorms a possibility is still kind of steamy on Saturday high temperature 94 degrees. From channel lineup for solar T meter all of this brand Busby KM BZ whether. National Weather Service is just waiting outs we did hit 100 degrees officially at TCI today to 37 this afternoon for the very first time since September each of 2013. Global warring. Does 100 degrees right now and your official weather station. The only way you can take KM BZ with you is the radio dot com app downloaded today listen to was any time anywhere Kara marks or near a study 81 KM BZ. From the album animal. Scorpions. Purist might get off. Story. The world needs more cowboys. The world. Needs more cal. That is the new marketing slogan for the University of Wyoming. Mascot is the celts. Aren't the dials countless Wyoming countless. But apparently not everyone agrees that the world needs more cal set and a these slogan the world needs more cowboys has drawn backlash from critics including members of the faculty and native American groups. Who called the catch phrase a phrase sexist. Racist. And counterproductive to university recruitment because it excludes women. And people of color. Quoting here from why can't idea cowboy camp from associate professor Alan corona. She says and I quote obviously I thought it was a joke at first I thought it was a joke. And then I looked it up on the university web page insolvent know this was in fact serious. The university's mascot is a cowboy riding a bucking horse without hand. But Darryl Hutchinson a cultural specialists telling Reuters. The people who do not fit these stereotypical. Image of a cowboy a white man with a wide brimmed hat riding the range on horseback. Are not to be made to feel welcome. Quoting here from Darryl Hudson Sunni cultural specialist. If you're not a white person and especially if you're an Indian man. It would make you feel out of place it would not make you feel too good about yourselves up. University officials and Laramie defended the tag line which they say it was created by a Colorado based marketing firm. They say in my quote the term cowboy appears gender. And perhaps race specific but in the context of the branding campaign. It is connected images and words that show that our cowboys are diverse of every sex and every background. University. Wants to throw away the stereotype of cowboys updating what it means and looks like to be one. I by the way I captain encyclopedia on the newsroom inform you earlier today that back in the days of cowboys win. They were more common than they are now. Many cowboys were of Mexican heritage and some were even blocked. A tank name me a female mascot anywhere. The lady jayhawks. No I mean name the an actual college or professional. Mascot. That is female. But it meant a lot better or gender neutral. And paying tigers. Really but she's a girl tiger emea boy tiger. There aren't any I don't think there's not like that you know the UCLA wonder women's. There current program demands the right now I'm just say name a female pastor I don't think you can't you can't medical girls like that. These. I don't think there is what's the plan there eight email now. Most mascot or gender neutral. Okay this is a little bit older Adam's story. The female mascot projects. In you'll look this is like this. Happen. Mascots are the heart of sports for the athletic person but by and large they are not female there are. Primary female mascots there are but they are few and far between. Every app. The University of Delaware blue hens. Are represented by the fierce and fabulous you. Who beating him is female in theory but androgynous in practice. And is a female chick at the University of Akron zips. Are were represented on the sidelines by zippy. A female kangaroos. California's Claremont college which no one's ever heard of they do have the warrior goddess Athena that this person can find a single image. Of her on line in practice most female mascots. Are counter parts. To the team's primary mail that lay off Jay hawks and yes. So I want to email Scott won out we'd. I Wear blue and house les. And went to Delaware. And was a blue and now hill triggering. I think it's stretching it to say the androgynous blues and is a female I had. President fearing I'm not trying to be an idiot here but I am what does androgynous. Gender neutral. It's I can't elephant's eye and is aged female check and. If you look at that photo it you know. I'm sorry but also like at. For the longhorns and for the jayhawks I don't see a slow manner. I mean is mascot supposed to. Well there is only one explicitly. Female mascots. The balloon. I know in in professional sports hang on hang on hang on and this is from fatherly dot com. Wouldn't Anaheim Ducks. And now. Let me see. There's herky the hawk. Stand by oak okay this is NBA's I just I don't know these people are. Okay what is that. It's a pink pig. What's that mean it's a girl pig it says the saints there's no NBA team called the sex scene. Do this this thing it really is I know you laugh. What does it is sealed. Central Missouri they got mules in the Jennings but that's the counterpart to the meal all. Right sort of a Jennings. Passable teams girl's best of teams called the giants. Which is a female version of a new. I don't care I'm just point it out it's an oddity that's Allen saying what what is a mascot intended to do. Looks silly. Outline our company crowd convey a certain. Levels strength now that mask that's. I I disagree you're picking up the sideline mascot which you're doing that the guy and Costa yeah he means I'm talking about life like the jail OK okay or where the Bayer or the tiger tiger area tank you don't you don't. You don't name a team the goldfish. Because it doesn't really invoke any fear in Europe or others Dalton's. Miami Dolphins that's not really got the ru news. I'm not saying there are all like that or organ ducks. But most of them are vicious or fatigue. Were strong the Texas Longhorns. Beat Oklahoma Sooners but wildcats. And tigers. The payers so you're saying a female mass cut can't convey. Fierce tennis. I'll eat better. I'm I'm saying that there are certain things about the many old gender the female gender and yes in the male gender strength is something that is. The physical strength is very important. Which doesn't have open lines of public behind us there's only one explicitly female mascot in men's professional sports and that would be mrs. met. Who recently returned to the field after according to a spokesman for the Mets organization. Her children were ground. Well but mrs. met. But that's an on the field mask and I'm talking about an act like the New York you're not bad please name a college or you're not gonna re name. The a team. Unless it's the Redskins a team and I certainly do. Look at Syracuse Orange meant. Has become the Syracuse Orange. I'm just I mean they do renamed mascots com. South Dakota or southern Illinois one of those two schools they had a it was an Indian Tribe's name a camera which is a unit salukis. Martyrdom. I I care what you're saying they're renaming them not because of gender issues but because they are wide lead the well to be. Our I would argue Benson note not necessarily yes but no. Syracuse renamed their mascot because it was not gender inclusive. These Syracuse Orange men are now the Syracuse or range. And that clearly is a way Anders and rare that's where. But America's panties are in such a why. I mean it really is a crowd forget to say white guy. It's always. Huge it says. Hi is anyone care about something like the Redskins like. It it I I'm not saying you can't have that opinion I'm saying it hits it it's a little hypocritical let me ask you this resident red skin on the show. Do you find that mascot to be offensive. I understand why others do but I it's not apps resident rates him do you find it to be offensive you're an Indian. If if today. Feel. That that is offensive. I agree with their assessment today are you. You're one of them. I'm three sixteenths one of them all now you're just a little bit and I don't file of relief as the record. So my all up in arms over it now but I absolutely understand why someone. Would be absolutely it does it. The term cal boy does that obvious and here's why it shouldn't. We're really ever cal girls. Other than on an athletic field. I mean did women right around on horses Russell and cattle. That they did I bet they do not. Oh they did to back in the late eighteen hundreds your telling me that whim. Again real rare photos show the real cowgirls the American plan B yeah the important workers we're. Well rare photos. Of the DM Cameron had just been invented. When it comes at all last week that's true history has failed to record the female equivalent to cowboys. Over sexist even back then. Working on the cattle trails however cowgirls in the wild west in fact did significant ranch work and in cases usually went and went off to war or on long cattle drives the women random. A prolific photographer captured and documented the life of cowgirls working on the wrist. She wearing a skirt and pantyhose so don't talk to me about the fears. It is wearing a Ito with Annie. Invented by a man I should point that's a good idea that. Kennedy both invent a man is it true you know and wouldn't ever thought that was a good idea. I don't believe you I don't at least every house were limited time ma'am. Women competed in all the cowgirl events sometimes against other cal kernels sometimes against cal bullies. Him. They did. These photos are great actually they're really gonna. What percentage of the cow person population. Was made up. Out numbered in. It's less I mean. Rare not because because they are now. Prayer is no one not to photograph one on the war would poses a little later. Pictures of bigfoot pictures of the Loch Ness Monster because it doesn't exist if it. Meant if you're not. Here's what I hate. I hate how politically correct we have peak home where the term cowboy. Is somehow a fence. Every solve this one coming and a pretty good at predicting stupid. I shouldn't seemed. But I did I'm going to look at how many cowgirls actually exist I mean how. Until the Texas Longhorns have to change their mascot because female cows don't grow courts. Ali Al let's name in the towns god that's gonna go over like well. Lambda Lambda Lambda and Omega. Do you wanna change the name of the Texas Longhorns because that is clearly a male animal. It just it never stops I mean these people have nothing to do what their walk us. Normally cannot go swimming shark. Seriously who's worse the people that come up with this stuff or you who gets so angry about it and probably me thank you. So it's it's it's. You know finding the right higher retaining the right hire is tough and doing a good job in that arena can have a huge impact on you were business. It is crucial to make sure your job post reaches the most qualified candidates tried posting on job boards but you really know who'll see that. When you post your job on Linkedin it reaches 70% of the US workforce and on my job boards Linkedin is a community that career focused people visit every day. To grow professionally and explore job opportunities. Linkedin jobs intelligently targets candidates based on their skills recommendations. Even how open they are two new opportunities like yours insides that are only available on the Linkedin network. The result is or poses match to the best people for the job that's probably why a new hire is made every ten seconds. Using Linkedin. And it right now you've got to Linkedin dot com slash stayed at fifty dollars off your first job post Linkedin dot com slash data for fifty dollars off terms and conditions of life. Linkedin you're closer than you think. Always. Favourites and many of you have but the finer one was a farmer Scott. Female. Longhorns. Can grow. Horns. You idiot. And that was followed by about a hundred others things all bull by name. With horns can grow or twelve and maybe when you say hook them horns you're really saying hook them. Girl cal warrants welcome bovine. And a clarification. As well. I'm not sure what pictures you were looking out of cal girls wearing dresses and empty rows. The panty hose at. We're not in bed until 1953. But you were right they were invented by a man. Satan his name was say his name is Alan game. Who in 1953 invented the pantyhose. Why do women Wear the pantyhose. I it's been a long time since I've done that. You Wear pantyhose if I can help it I mean look this. Horrible human being Allen can't Helen Gant senior. In an opinion as a nineteenth century can't legs at that time. There is this. They're called sheer tights in the UK. He called them. Like data long legged pant legs. And what you're did you set yet 1953. And they were brought to the open market until 59. Let's see he does have a patent. Titled combination. Stockings and empty. The design was adopted by other makers. Caused disputes in courts for years and all women want to kill him for a this is forcing you were in starting in 1995. A steady decline began. Leveling off in 2006 with US sales less than half of once what they had one spin. You know mega Merkel in and Kate Middleton have to Wear and he has I have to buy it's part of their card per their royal rules and a because the queen wears them yes. Skip to the news or here's Caremark now I'm KM BZ the debates isn't over on a flag that's supposed to be considered art that's next. It's got. Parts don't spend life suffering from an injury or chronic pain doctor Kendra pierce and and her skilled medical rehab and chiropractic team. And Norplant physical medicine can get you back to a pain free life. There advance chiropractic and medical techniques are individualized to treat each patient's issues I became a huge fan after meeting doctor Kent. And torn her facility. North land physical medicine will set you on the path to healthier and happier you schedule free consultation and nor plan physical medicine dot com. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcast remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.