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Tuesday, July 17th
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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KE MB easy. It's. And it's. You know. Is this night. David Coverdale I can't wait to see healing here. See you in server. Now it's been thirty years. Last time I slow white snake with 1988. At Sam's. Great wide open and I remember every chance you've ever begins I had second row seats I took Jessica did dolphin. Who is now married to the chief of police in leavenworth. And Jessica was my date and strangely this is at times has ever happened Amir concert. She was mine is like our first date in papers long dated for a couple weeks in a typical high school in west two's release bird. We're sitting there in the second row at the white snake concert for whites. Great white is on stage and out of no where this guy comes up. There were on the four outside right second or that makes cents. Like I'm amazed that she never did any of this did not make sense to anyone could go I'm sorry I'm sorry. Anyway I'm on the lassie. At the second wrote she is Justin's. And a guy comes Lawrence's young. Candle here would like to see you Braxton. They all backstage. Scene. At all. The count the league guitars for great why he. Wanted my date backstage. Hell free seventeen. And now. I mean granted we don't Wear light bandages on her 400 tell the ban now or are still buy it now. Mark Campbell would like to see you backstage. Don't want to go she got she denies. Full disclosure. In case Jessica dolphin is listening she did not go backstage. As well but she thought about it but you know sheik who teaches them. That's apparent this was. Again he's got a number one hit aren't on. Yeah yeah. They've just released once bitten or were just about to release once bitten twice she. Could have been rich. A taste of during. Great white. No they basically I. I fire up. No building and a vague I don't wanna talk about the fire tore much anymore I didn't know I I that's why I asked I didn't say they tour occasionally they hate each other. Did you heard today because I can't listen to us on answer I used to love that song once been torn but it's just such a horrifying chapter in. Our history that I don't stop their fault bottler Coca. Okay. Member of the Beirut. I know now. Did you hear. That the hotel. In Las Vegas Omar Arnold astronomy I'll wait to hear that you're gonna just make it once great party know this is god is at the Mandalay bay ERS is suing. Does that shooting in. The victims. And survivors. Yeah. They're they're suing. The survivor shot you asked the hotel housed at the maniac now that unleashed. That carnage on the concert goers well. Is suing the shooting survivors. You can you can't make this up I heard the wind Bob was in his army as. I go and assumed it was a political pressure I don't lie in his he has to Tony because I'm a different it has been put on your desk. Now they're not seek seeking any money. And trying to there trying to represent himself or trying to intimidate him into stopping the suit they've finally the mandolin so it's a countersuit. Now can argue all day long whether it's in Mandalay day with ten trillion security cameras and there should have known. He had that arsenal in his program. We can have a discussion about that I don't know what there is to discuss about a hotel suing the survivors of that awful day. The complaints mentioned hundreds of victims by name who already filed suits against and MGM. And they refer to at least a thousand others who filed their intention to us. I don't care. What they're trying to do this looks horrible artworks were. It's. Very. I mean any longer Darrent. This morning when they were read the story on our show what lawyer is sitting around going you know wanted to immigrant as. Don't stand much of a chance in this lawsuit. Who owns the man if we could file a lawsuit against all the survivors. And the people who took to bullets. It's owned by MGM. It's owned and operated by MGM resorts international. One is that how words operates as the delay you know and the four seasons hotel is independently operated with in the Mandalay day. Calm before the break. Much lighter and we need to go to hotline. Because on the line it is someone Kara you and hire friends with on FaceBook. I don't know why but that Dana is non. You and hire friends with them on FaceBook. But Dana is non. Awami welcomes the program good friend of the show. Channel nine anchor man. And Davis husband Chris Capps crystal. Are. You know the fact you admire FaceBook friends is never lost on me and it is such an honor. And a privilege. To be a FaceBook friend slash follow work. Of yours. Out it would all. Accuse. I think the question has to be asked today. How do you feel knowing that your own wife rock two countries are you a question. You know all know Carol all I know there's been a data sent me an email that checked my FaceBook and I don't remember what it was about. So what we checked and it could well I couldn't do it it was about my crime law. Like the you know and I kept him and then encircling at a time like to see a well made you know that's just something that was frequent. It's on second thought there's probably a couple of days it's not that I just I don't I can't find it's just not there. Need a better. Is this happening eats into. It looked I looked I looked a little and look a little more. Come to find out. I'm not a FaceBook friend with Ottawa. Did you recognize a light ice might not do it now. Well. So again all I know I don't know it is for whatever reason. My wife on print medium paced. Well here's what I don't I do Chris and certain rector bit I'm just you know on the problems over. I don't want so what I'm thinking is I can just isn't she won't be your friend on FaceBook I can just share her stuff. And then you get to see what's going on in your own wife's life. Workload. You know what got it in New York terror erotic and nobody gave that would be that would I would be so so. The appreciative. Insulting deer and how. It has been a unit you can talk to him when your friends. And it's got you know it up a bit somewhat about which he had burned and so I have I have requested. On it to be repaid but I have re like the Gerber. Except be a direct hand and and and I can check and I I haven't seen Machida I learned that request well. Had time to look on FaceBook to find out the word friends but Chris here's here's the real rub for me. Job because I had one friend Summitt the other day who was just just being not seen or enemy and a and an ounce while you get somebody who just for whatever reason. You know life is not being good to them and so they wanna start something good everybody so I want to one friend this person we have today. It's not a simple click click. I mean it's a process. To un friend somebody you have to go to their page. Then you have to go to the little three dots up in the corner. And then you have to go to on friend and then you have to click on friend and that it has you don't really want to on land and you have to confirm that. Just also ask your question as to why you would be sometimes it says you wanna follow reported. Bryant yeah. You know they be opting about all of that is. I'm not even familiar with the process could not never. Yeah I. What I have Chris edits that detailed process so you were accidentally. On friend don't fall for that. OPEC that it didn't know what got that is all but it all really good thing. Though. You just it is good to know we're right stand but look. Chris here's what we need. Your your coming up on the on the fourth thirty news you go yeah you don't do you do best. And you deliver Kansas City it's evening news what you play nice. Got here I I I I can't appreciate your help and well I'm just. I'm I'm I'm them you know and honestly I'm you know I'm a little hurt. Little. Little confused. Probably wondering where. So Chris I just want you to know from three quarters of this program. You're appreciated. Yeah you're expected to hit it yes. Well Obama rocks and it probably you know bit surprised I I'm down with your stroke that conquers you begin up. You bring home holy shirt is that would have seen where I have no idea that have. And it. With interest as I haven't seen his posts lately now I think about it as you once and how that's an algorithm and sometimes you see Karen sometimes down. It's. 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And it is amazing. Guys lay lightning landscape irrigation. Out of Shawnee you're gonna love on 9134413900. As the number to call 9134413900. Or lightning dash landscape dot com. And. And that's it I'm. Right now but at least some point today we've got to get this story here had this morning on Agent Orange you know. Op Park University is adding a varsity sport I love it right at you heard about this varsity sport guests at Park University. Video gaming. They're not the first scholarship I. Rod. Rod rod. This is eighth Scott sitting around playing for night. This is an industry do you understand like the I think a trillion dollar industry I don't think it's billion dollar globally I think it's trillion. Dollars. I texted Austin first thing this morning and I should you need a park. He needs gulp art he does the drama raising the it's at. Story here from Houston after an item local bar Jessica Collins. Who. As a show you this mug shot. Take out the large gash on her right cheek anchor clearly drunken expression. But she looks like every typical. Suburban Burton grinding tank space departure. After ignited a local bar Jessica Collins her. Was at home. At the home of a friend of a friend when she lost control at the after party according to police used. 41 year old had never met. Host of the party before according to CNET. But she's now been arrested and charged with a salt causing bodily injury. Deputies with the four constable office in Harris Kelli. Rested her early Friday morning. After they say that she bit a chunk of the woman's home. After she'd been hit eight chunk of the woman's nose off the Internet and swallowed it. Hit the woman's nose off and then swallowed. The victim tells police Collins was demanding more drinks and more cigarettes just part ranks at apple. Ole. As somebody who see I. Fortunately for me I cannot speak for a lot of people on the show you configure the necklace I can speak for the knows Lewis I can speak for blacks and I I can speak misogynist. Whites. Clearly wide space in my 23 meet composite but I can speak occasionally for blocks. But I can clearly speak for the nose last that was mildly offensive but partly funny. It was I mean I'm sorry that was mildly offensive end I'll find I was it was into the getting a story I'm assuming this was in Florida. I'm just going to our panel know you're not losing his story because three times I've said Houston. So he disappointment. That's such a Florida story totally floored story Collins yanked her to the ground allegedly. Bit off to tip. Of her nose ripping off a large actuarial large chunk of her nose with thirteenth and then looking at the woman swallow. The worst part. All sure knows game that I had ever heard my entire life. Where. It's so bad. Where wanted to prove our. Broad reform. Amber Gregg usher. Are outlawed what is the charge there assault. Battery he. The charge it has its toxic agent. It is assault causing bodily injury cannibalism. There's a weaker marks. Lingering questions for president trumped even after acknowledging he misspoke during a news conference with Russia's leader more next. And writer for different programs are Woodbury and low cost life insurance dot com it's got to do is go to the website low cost life insurance dot com. And in a matter of seconds to play again mother your man or woman whether or not is smoke and how much coverage you think he would need to protect your family. All of these quotes will pop up right before your eyes there's a live chat feature. Where someone will help you immediately if you want to hit. And then you call Stewart who has been here for decades helping Kansas City and with their life insurance needs. 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With the additional clouds that's keeping the temperature down and the rain is pretty nice as well kind of welcome. We'll see our temperatures fall through the eighties down to 60 by tomorrow morning. The rain showers dwindled after the sun lowers 87 your high temperature on Wednesday with a chance of more showers and thunderstorms popping up in the afternoon and evening hours. It was a the other east ten to fifteen miles per hour. And about a 50% chance of more showers and thunderstorms on Thursday to the high though goes back above normal in about ninety I'm going 95. From John Romano for solar chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. It's 76 Reynard Casey I look at eighty in blue springs. It is 81 and you were official weather station. KM BZ is now on radio dot com download the app and take us everywhere you go Kara marks or new study 81 okay and easy. We saw this story on Good Morning America today. Your weather update. I'm waiting to hear you defend us and that's fine. New mom. Mara Marten. K. She's a model. And it just showed the world that she is they champion. Multi tasker Mara mark MA RA mark. And these Sports Illustrated swim search fashion show in Miami on Sunday night. If it. The thirty year old model walked the runway rod in a cold one shoulder bikini. She's a model she probably looked very good doing. It. She walk that runway like a champ. In a goal one shoulder bikini. With her five month old daughter latched right onto her right breast. Translation she walked the runway breastfeeding. Struck like a boss and breast feed at the same time held to yes. Tweed in Brooklyn Decker. Actress and model just one of the people showering more with praise. For taking care of her mommy business in the spotlight. Like it was no big deal. All this. Tweeted TV producer Grey's Anatomy creator Shawn Ryan. Let me see that out. Wow yeah. And she's breast feeding that child. Right there on the runway and I love it the baby has little you know like tiny little blows air noise canceling headphones on skew. Swimsuit moment will never forgets. And at and what insect. Hurt job not just me here. Hurt job. Happens to be. Modeling. My job happened should be. Reporter for a long time outs I remember pumping breast milk inside of a life span while they were dredging late for a body. Sometimes you gotta do what you candidate or multi testers. In gene to gene do you ever iPhone two G. Absolutely and and I agree with you and I think that's that is a good thing and hurt job. Like my job is. To model and sometimes you got to bring the David. Absolutely. You ever remember because I seem to remember you doing this one time. You had Lou I whilom latch to your left dressed in three to. Right here right I've right outside of the mayor's office as we await mayor Kay Barnes coming out in just a moment to excuse me my charges came online. Will form that's good. Get cute your mouth on there I think what she's trying to say and I know what is sane part I think what she's trying to say is I'm a working mom. They he's got to eat this is my job. Not traditional but this is my job a Kara has upon promote their office. Sometimes you gotta take your business like your work carrot does not read the news while she Burress who urged. She pull it theoretically. Equation. That's a problem DB and I'll tell you why. It's not that she's breast feeding the child on the runway. It's that I I'm done with semi famous people. Trying to make a point. In the game by using the up sir. What's the point. EUQ your lack stating congratulations. You just had a baby. Nobody is stopping her from breast. Now from time to time. You'll get the moron at a target right moron on a plane teach you that tomorrow we have a story yesterday where there was the idiot at the airport wherever Wallace who said this is indecent exposure. And of course it's not. We all know isn't she answering for all of those women who don't have that Platt hasn't already been answer I don't know we still read these stories or someone's linkage blew away please make me uncomfortable but Dana when you get in a nation of 330 million people. One more. That doesn't mean that's the norm. That means it's the exception that's why it's news is because this person at this airport. Came up to a woman who was breastfeeding is said could you put that away that's indecent exposure the reason it's news now is because it's abnormal. News new this. It has to be new to qualify as news and. I marched down right what if. We can't isn't well Dana walking down a runway and desperate trading would be. But what's your point. We don't have the right to whoop anymore I mean we do. Women here say just because you can doesn't mean you show what up what I'm going to say is am and maybe I'm gonna run afoul with some of our women in the audience and I hope I don't. We don't have a problem with hubris feeding your child. Now maybe that there was a time in this country when we were I mean words. One person does not mean 330 million. Yes there was a time when. I know for a fact I never ever got breast milk my mother bottles. And that probably explains a lot. OK these uncontrollable tics. That I half. However we have moved past it. If women want to breastfeed in public I've seen a thousand women breastfeeding and I don't care it's natural. It is normal. It is publicly accepted for the most part. That the fight is over. You won. I don't think that's the fight is over Dana the fight over wind like seat belt usage it's just something ever but he does everybody does do it. Then. Everybody wears received. The fight is all of he won. Women can breastfeed. Anywhere they want. If I'm not mistaken their walls now protecting said. The fight is over and Mara Morton you're late to the party I'm sorry. She should not be walking down a runway breastfeeding child any more than you would sit in NN news meeting. At channel five with the kid last year breast they're there is certain levels. Now while I do say the fight is over. For women you can breastfeed in public all you want I would also make the argument that you don't normally bring your children to work. Not normally not in most situations. Like Kara so what are you doing the week off and just stayed on the so maybe so what is the point. I. What I'm talking about negative. Not positive. The argument that she's making is I have the right to breast feed my child at work. Most women would probably look at her and say I don't get to take my work. Much less breast freedom that's why I have to go back office and alt. Was this from the text find what Scott fails to recognize is that most places of business even today. Do not provide adequate space is for women who have gone back to work either to have a child with them and breast feed or go to a Roman have a place to pump. I hate to work is not a daycare way now it's. There is. A span of time Scott in the first year where by the way in Europe when I just on the back for a year and it's completely. Normal and no one questions that's not the rule but there is a span of time between your twelve week time off and the end of that. First twelve months. Where biologically. There are things happening that you that you have to take a break and I remember. There was one person I'll never forget and as long as I live at channel five was so awful to me about. Pumping at work and I was a new mom and I was. Embarrassed and stressed out I was pumping in the bathroom. Now once I found my voice about 23 years and I'm like this is not acceptable we have another woman his pregnant in the newsroom well. Find a freaking office in this enormous building. And labeled it comprehend it yet and good for you and they do it and good I didn't want someone else going through what I went through. Would you say that fight is is one. I think you are an account with them going to say this progressive enough that may be for you. It's fine here in our comments definitely fine I would sickest thing about it care what I was a baby. What a bully but in here offices you don't get to take your baby to work. Into agree and that's offices not only jackets take your baby to work but I still that there are adequate accommodations everywhere for women going through a 65 and and again let me rephrase the report Donald Trump and re writing my script okay. The fight is almost one. But this is not the fight she's walking down a runway with the a baby latched onto her slightly dumb downs in Kansas City are talking about no one dumb down and and I had a goal and has been met. Our goal has been met but it was were talking about what the argument is false it's a false narrative Dayna that you should be able to take your kid to work in America. That's not the case you should be allowed to breastfeed your baby. That's what I see when I watcher walked on the run well sorry we're not all supermodels at the Sports Illustrated swimwear competition. And we don't get to take our babies to work much less breast feed them in front of everybody we work. Now I know you. I would that at channel five when you're working there and you were having babies. There would have been a time when you would have liked. To have taken your baby to work now how you would have gotten your work done. With the babies that are. Defies logic cerner figured it out they've had a daycare on campus think about all of the money you know I'm more in quality the eight at eight all of the money time energy and anxiety you saint. Just as at large corporation and aren't about a small pot as a large corporation. Attaching a day care to. Your place of business let me ask you this I'm gonna give you a hypothetical I want to be honest direct. You Dana right. Never worked at channel. Have always worked in the corporate world and you have a job your high level official what's or not the highest but your hot tank okay. You just had a baby. Sterner says we have this wonderful daycare downstairs that we provided. You go down once every two hours and busy with your child death may be going to a private room and procedure child whatever change its diaper whatever. Your boss calls you and says we have an emergency. High level meeting at 415. In the upper conference room. Would you breast feed your child. In front of everybody on the corporate board I probably would not the answer is you what you thought you unless that baby but the baby back and say I'll be right back down why. Because personally. I believed in decorum. For my personal comfort level. And most women do women do. By that I mean 99.9. Percent of women are not gonna go into a corporate boardroom flipped out their boot. And feed their child. It's a fact. This woman is portraying a fallacy. Doesn't have open lines of public news wire as a matter of fact yes it is thank difference. I am I wrong. I I think the fact that she has started this dialogue is a good thing anytime you can talk about it it's a good thing poker. I've 7677. Acts. Do you suffer from chronic pain or migraines does joint discomfort plague you or loved one I'm sure you know that living in pain is not normal. Doctor Kendra Pearson and her team at north land physical medicine are introducing some of the most advanced medical protocol to the Kansas City area. For the past fifteen years doctor Kendra has been helping her patients avoid the use of OP points and avoid invasive surgeries. By taking a more holistic approach doctor Kendra is passionate. 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Untraditional assisted living services or their two of you need that. Check out so repressed it deer creek and silver crest college if you ask any president over the age of 55 but tell you we wish we would have done this. Years ago. Got a silver crest Kansas City dot silver crest Kansas City dot com. Today in midtown hello TJ. Tell us. Wait is art and there and the choreographer. Curator itself get it decide what appropriate. No I would go up at work we're eating I'd be happy and more than a network in particular point. It was a time when we heard it or hate it remember it was the decree where restaurant Le later. Get to guide the choreographer of the curator. Of the so get the de. Kool brand that. Seoul. That. Point out. TJ it's it's a good fair point and what reason thank you. Dean in ray more hello dean. I. Don't quite well thank you. I in all four women you know the numbers you worked for by the situation current form. However I think if they do you own runway oh. Sure. The right format to get pure inflation that you do it. It is our workplace community in tune with the right thing to do mean I've seen a lot of women were let people work I would. I would not want to see from her car. But Viktor Orban that the most important and she's turning point that. It but it. What about TJ's argument though that this is a runway it is theater. And it is to some people are. Know I've really been considered by violence. Are. He bit that I'm at that point in time. And it it. Okay I'm effort in disgust and Cleveland's dean sorry William and Kutcher good. Keep in mind though I don't I am or breast feeding at the workplace. But and I think there's that there's a dispute that the BP security won't do. A. Different. Inserted retro developer I've heard you say before their other bodily functions that are necessary doesn't need to does that work. And and natural I always have the same response I don't equate. You know the expulsion of waste with the feeding a child I think they are different yes but biological. But they are just haters and I understand and maybe my point wasn't clear him and you're right I have tried to equate. Bought all bodily functions. All I'm simply trying to say is. And nobody's taking away the significance of breastfeeding we all realize this is incredibly important. Not only the bonding which I think is the lesser of the two but the health of the child which I think is critically important. And they get nutrients and not to be all doctor when I'm not but they get nutrients through the Bristol they would not get otherwise we can all agree to that. How but it is a natural bodily function. And with every other bodily function we treated with a certain sense of privacy star. That's all I'm saying is women can breastfeed at work all they want. I don't think the appropriate place for that is around a conference. For the sex line what do citrus and drops again and I don't see a lot of that like trying to prove a point. Is what you're saying Scott and then she's on turn out there and high heels. Trips to drop the kid we would be having a varied different conversation today would you ever procedurally. In his meeting in boss's office at 10 am. Not I had a choice about it. Serbian occasion where you would be forced him. Inca line and means he's screaming route but then again why would he be at work with south right. Or you will breastfeed that child and here we will see you yeah. We. Seen in my share but there. C. Earmarks. Are accurate cash assaults as they use C salts seven to anyone to the news director mark. Happening on can be easier drowning this afternoon Overland Park on details next. Summers here it is time to electrify your summer with all the hottest electronics. Nebraska furniture mart Pate Scott parks and what are your shopping for friend a family. 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