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Wednesday, June 20th

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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcasts on KNB easy. Just like it is nice yeah. The men doing. It's your partisan event. We're going to be. For grown far this Friday blue springs to six. He would honor any proof if you spend your Friday afternoon. With a couple of morons who revel radio program called him park. Native started a movie pass before. But now did you see AMC is rolling out its own version. In its tackle. Ramiro rewards program and it's Stubbs eight analysts tear people for twenty bucks a month you get to see three movies a week. I am who who has undersea three movies a week. People who were. Home during a summer. My teenagers. But still even if you get ctrip movies a month twenty boxes. I shouldn't be allowed to go back to the movies afterward I pulled over the weekend. Molester. And dated didn't hear about this. Only what you chips wrestler. Review a talker what you do home. Meyer really wanted to go see incredible story. I'm not really a faint. At. So Sarah says well why don't we go seat ten. Sarah seventeenth. I'm like. Tiger this. I've seen the previews on TV it looked like a harmless fun little movie you know a tag is Dana. The rated. I took my answer them. Thirteen. Here's old. I. There was a scene where a girl I don't even need to know is on the swing with a boy doing I don't even need to now. My thought it was an area houses rentals is a split comes out Friday night and yes I already. You know well what is I asked with a new Jurassic Park room dinosaur it's an improvement is. Does that sound like. He's coming after a Bender I don't even care what I am on is it your all going yeah financially supporting different. So excited. How is that dinosaurs get into or I am now. I think that's why I got to go see I have this weird thing with Jurassic Park I don't know what it. I love them all. How many of their bit I think the last missile was addressing worked for 35 one this is the fifth but the last one with Chris Pratt real again. And. See I I I still does it. Done better than the first but I believe they're all very rarely do it. I got this thing the dinosaurs and what it is how does that done a surrogate and her bedroom until Paris has been confined to an island well yeah. Out. They get off the island the tyrannosaurus Rex get off the island I don't know maybe she's my honest or I don't know what. On what is it called term grant ran a sports whatever and who doesn't like dinosaurs what is wrong with you. Everybody is fascinated by dinosaurs. But you. Says the woman's members in a star didn't UC. This is in the last few months they have decided to engineer. Now follow me year. They are going to start in Asia hearing mosquitoes that's okay. This seems like a bad idea right there to start engineering mosquitoes so that they don't have believe area. And then they're gonna release these engineered mosquitoes and high risk populations. And all these little mosquitoes have little mosquitoes sex and then have little baby mosquitoes that can't. Transport malaria and kill millions of children a year but troubled assets like a good idea it. It sounds like a good idea until you start remembering in the original Jurassic Jurassic Park that moment. Engineering these things is what leads to disaster on the scene. Would you rather have malaria or a bunch of the loss of raptors in your child's face off as. People. Do you think it's star why it was the heat and mosquitos Kara guessed it white took a mesquite LD member with a mosquito was him I read the book had a yeah it was in it. Amp amp amber that's right they took it and Barney somehow put that in a little something over here and then before you know what you that dinosaurs running around. You're right there Hollywood is so real. That's what it sounds like her bed. That no it's and how we do the dinosaurs get off the Canada. So we're watching now not in treaty because it gives me headache. I am right there with you three is saying was Incredibles. You can't watch that if you have epilepsy because there's some scene here register. As a Seaman in Incredibles like that would. Give an epileptic seizure yes. Well your gets crushed a box office record this weekend for the biggest animated animals under ten million dollars but it has sparked health concerns for some viewers of doctors and theaters are warning that pillars that scenes in the film with Brett. Flashing strobe lights could cause epileptic seizures in people with certain conditions. After the Disney in Pixar movie premiere on Friday some people took to Twitter to warn others of the safety answer. Out here or ultimate procedure real life. It's freakish once it was my hands on in it will not have that image out of my mind all the day's drama spratt. Brokers stills are his head. Because you beat him with a door I didn't feel it was to try to save his life. Kicking adoring you. Is sure. So here's what I'm gonna completely blocked. Kick in your. Name and say it. You know there are times when I'm actually on the show where I think about putting my head behind door and kept. About. Epilepsy affects more than 3.4 million people in the United States it's funny you make a concussion. Yeah usually. It's. Just he is having this sure. You know with the door was because I was like this well first of all I hear this. Maybe the straight and I. Thought to might don't say a word brought it Q I know exactly where you're going don't do it and I insane thing is that here. So you could have interrupted a moment. Thinking. I'm sorry liberal think that's the first that after I did that I realized what it sounded like. So like is seeming drag. In my thirteen year old daughter got to see anyway I heard flipping and flopping on the other side of the door and it was 6 in the morning we have been out till two. Sleep deprivation can bring on a seizure and an epileptic. So I'm hearing this. On the other side of the war. I. And I said did you lose. And you need. I did your arms so open standards so. So I knocked on the door and I said beaver are you okay. There was no response to he would get up to go rep re soccer games. And I said. Bieber are you okay. I do like two more times I said I think you're having C because people were having a seizure can actually understand the words coming out of your mouth they just can't reply. No they can't understand words from an argument is now okay so I said I think you're having a seizure if you're not get away from the door because I'm about to kick it out. I didn't hear replies like kicked the door and little did I know my Brothers fat head was right behind the door. And I cut him from here to here on his forehead and he still there is that yes. So you match. Oh. Else. Here at home. Think those necklaces or two halves of a hard and stick together. Anyway if you have a platoon Cassini principles you know. It. Nothing you're an awful human. You're horrible. Awful human. Do you foresee and those and son now is the time that you've ever even thought about getting yourself a top of the line general act. Home standby generator. Do it now they are offering a free seven year parts and labor warranty. On qualifying should correct generators it's a huge value and it is a real value. That warranty is valued at more than 700. Dollars it covers all parts and labor for seven years from the date of installation. Called my guys at CMOs and son now akin if you ever even toyed with the idea. And we had what 101000 people out of carrier couple weeks ago. When a thunderstorm rolled through that generator will keep your power on and if you do it now hearing get that free. 700 dollar value with a seven year parts and labor warranty. 8167814707. For your free estimate. 8167814707. Or C and those and son. Dot com. 27 years. Forth thousand episodes. The Jerry Springer Show has been canceled. Out. Officially the series is in limbo awaiting a new home. But the writing appears to be on the wall that the Jerry Springer Show which debuted in 1991. Is finished. It did pay off apparently though after broadcasting a so as with titles such as I slept with 251. Men and ten hours. And from a reader for the clam and the Jerry Springer Show quickly gained a reputation for tabloid access. It used to be the mayor of Cincinnati Ohio. Yeah can I just ask something. About. In 1998 he had the infamous I married a horse episode YE. Two people watch. That's stuff I am more surprised that that Hurd is still on the air then I am it's shutting down. I I would assume assume those were re runs it you know it does. It exploits. The least among us and when I say the least. I mean people who are poor and never may be that on an airplane would love to fly out seat see what it looks like in Hollywood or wherever they tape it. It's just Ronald so I don't know why anyone would agree do it other than for the trip. And I don't know why anyone would watch it. All the fights for state yes yes I do. Springer signed multiple thirty million dollar contracts. Other episodes like oops I its excellent training midget madness. Europe virgin and I can't wait. I'm glad it's over I think we need less of that crap in America don't know we will do equipment. And I I think you would be hard pressed to find somebody who doesn't. Disagree. However. Who disagrees sort out batting shipment port. But he beat Oprah Dana. He was at one point Jerry Springer was the number one daytime talk show host in America on television. Why. Is America would like to watch train wreck me me. Is it because you never knew what was gonna come next you know who was gonna flip it chair. I will say this because it lets us know what it was. It was tabloid white trash talk that's exactly what jurors for one's. I don't think we would have the car dash cans or cops. All our. That's who gets the rose I don't think we got in that crap if it were not for Jerry Springer he's definitely the original. There are a lot of other ones but he was definitely the first being exploitative. Date time. Distasteful. Too if you have. Yeah. And wide in America watch him now they clearly they did so 4000. 4000 episodes 27 years on the air. Yeah great point. Great point texture 8380. They watch 600 town life people watch teen mom. Some people say it's funny that's all she is overly stupid and that makes it hilarious. But does that people in those chairs understand. That they're being laughed at and not where do they care of their being paid. Are dating and a. Don't think they get flown out there for free I think they get. A right on an airplane. I think they get to stay in hotel and it problematic about two or 3000 dollars he didn't Lou. I do not think they are paid to go on that show at. All pleased you don't think that Jerry Springer would pay people to go on that show. Thank. Our guests on Jerry Springer paint. Of course they are. Why would you say no he's not a journalist. I'm there's a lot of answers. Hugged. I'd I'm guessing now basic rate is 300 hours per guest. 300 dollars per guest which which doesn't even cover hotel meals. Okay that files up meals hotel and airfare and 300 dollars from there is any of it is true and I don't know that it is. You get 300 dollars to humiliate yourself on national television. And owner of course whenever. She loves Dolores. Midget madness. I'm just. You're leading or Jerry Springer right Alia every newscast now seriously. I'll say this we wouldn't have cops have one for Jerry Springer. That's tragic cops started in the eighties Jerry Springer starting 1991. I expert started all of it. And cops is still on I walked in the other day and it was on my kitchen and I don't turn out that off. Because I do not want to kids. It's just rolls. I think cops came on in the 1980s. 1 episode march 11 1989. And when was springer on 1991. June. Cops has been on the air for 31 seasons 1015. Episodes. Newsroom Caremark leave with no I'm not only that isn't it came out yesterday we were Jersey notre. A vote set for tomorrow on immigration reform we'll have more next. Simply the best analysts say it's got parks for weight room do you know when the world windows. One of the two windows with the good housekeeping seal of approval rate number one in the number of windows sold in the country. I qualified remarkable Max winds one world don't is welcoming. They keep the colder the winner here's the important thing the hot air out in the summer make the move today online windows Kansas City. Dot com and why it's important that covers all parts glass breakage in labor. Windows from when the world use a double strength last. That gives it a strike not commonly found a replacement windows call for free home estimates that 816799. 0820. When the world now offering eighteen months saying his cash financing with approved credit. 8167990820. Online at windows Kansas City. Dot com world simply the best lasts. Ordered wanna Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are following today's visit from Department of Homeland Security secretary Christian Nielsen. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill discussing tomorrow's upcoming vote on immigration reform. Oklahoma representative mark Coyne Mullen clarified with the three legislative options are we had the. First bill which was the good Latin call bill in the original bill and and we had the good lad McCall and needed version that we whipped a few weeks ago I believe. And then we have the one that we whipped yesterday which was the compromise version. Months as they don't have a solution for the family separation plan right now so for now they'll rely on the president's executive order to keep families together. Kansas city police are searching for a robbery suspect today demanded the gun robbed two cellphone stores last week. Now police have found surveillance tapes from the area nearby and they're looking for gray Ford Focus that the man may have used to get away. He's described his plaque in his twenties about sixty told 175. Pounds with facial hair if you know anything call the tips hotline. We'll check traffic and weather together next. Hey folks summer is here time to start thinking about your deck your driveway your garage floor. 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And have the front moves through so the heavier thunderstorms will be well east of the listening area about a spot shower cannot be ruled out as we into the wraparound effect. But even that's not looking that promising so the chances of rain really go down quite a bit to be going down our temperatures quite cool through the seventies. Down to sixty. In the morning hours on New York Thursday. We'll call it partly to mostly cloudy skies a few showers they'll spin around that figure of low pressure high temperature only seven. From jump on on on for solar chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. It's eighty wondering aren't TCI 82 downtown 81 and you were official weather station. Three of dot com that is the official the home of KM BZ download it sank listen to us any time anywhere. Tara marks our new study 81 KM BZ. It was me. In vitro equipment and. Not savings. Stands. Which is sort of been the theme for the day. The World Health Organization. Is adding gaming disorder. It's. Is adding gaming disorder to its globally recognized. Compendium. Them on medical conditions and diagnoses. According to the agency despite the objections of the video game industry. And many researchers who have studied the issue believe the scientific evidence for the classification. Is weak at best. Gaming disorder. Is now listed under disorders due to addictive behavior. In the final draft of an eleventh revision of the bubble ball the draft was presented at the world health assembly. Will be beg your pardon presented to the world health assembly in May of next year. And is scheduled to go into effect several years after that. Gaming disorder according to the WH ago. Is characterized by a pattern of persistent or read current gaming behaviors. Which may be online. Or offline. Manifested by one impaired control over gaming. To increasing priority given to gaming to the extent that gaming takes precedence over life interest. Three. Continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences. I'm not a game. Fact I don't play video games can't remember the last time I played. A video game. But we're now classifying. The guy in his basement playing his video game with an old Buick addict and an alcoholic. And somebody hooked on cocaine. Because the World Health Organization has just listed and gaming disorder. As an addiction. From. Let me just ask you if it has. Impacted your life in a negative way. If you cannot stop playing. It you know you're losing friendships you are not engaging with your husband or wife. You are. Making excuses to not going to work. That kind of thing. Is it some type of addiction or disorder called eye and either. Ask anyone who plays for night. Screaming and yelling at the screen with the other people there playing with sort of social. And other people online on a headset. I I as I've Scott I don't get it I'm not necessarily surprised they're calling it something. I remember years ago my mother gave me the entire first season. Of 24. And I walked and after a little bit of prodding I've finally watched yeah. And I watched all 24 episodes of the first season of 24. On hot shortly thereafter in this would have been in the mid two thousands whenever twenty four's second or third season and already wrapped up. And this I'm dating myself here a little bit blockbuster was still around. I remembered going to blockbuster. Renting the entire year because I didn't give him twice portal after like the first two or three years. I remember renting the in high you're second season of 24 K with with that what's stories. And I took off three days from work and binge this was before binging was cool I was a trend setter I binge. The entire second season of 24 I watched eight episodes a day. I would even even though I've taken those days off Dana right. I still took Sarah to daycare. At 9 AM to him. Came back and loaded up the DVR or the dvd player. And then I would watch eight episodes and go pick Sarah up from daycare at 5 o'clock. Before Sean got almost Olmert yeah. For three days in a row I did. Was that an addiction to the movie 24. And twenty. Well I I think you were just. Bench watching his show people did little to Kessel so why I think that's not only in picture it is a continued. Saying. And if you love someone or lives was someone. Who makes that a priority ever Ernie gamers in your family. The boys play. Casually. You know more often than not what they do they watch old office episodes. They think that's the funny show and they've seen the multiple times I'll tell you that. There they both play but it's not something that consumes. Consumes. Their lives if I say come on into the kitchen dinner is ready they don't mean all we know we have no wrong in an and in. There are a total twit she's their nightmare enough to know and I or. I think any parent should. And I understand worrying. That someone in your family's gonna go down that rat. What's. You know and not get out of bed or not get a job because they're doing this thing well and you heard the stories about people who have Donnie. Playing video game that just Japan that's ridiculous where they don't you don't drink and it got the battery isn't earlier on fees as like you know let. You have problems beyond gaming if that describes. How nobody got addicted to gaming when we were kids we Tariq we have got Georgia. Well I am Gallagher was free all humor ever pac man when it first came out like being a failure of play you'll would go to the Arcadia players. Target law I know it was a thing when pac man and the like Donkey Kong came out that. He they made a song but you remember that turn to the song I've got pac man three fever and it's driving me crazy. Can remember it was horrible song and it was not a good song. It. But how come nobody got addicted to the gaming we were kids channel. Number you're more interactive now it's more interactive now where you go online with this you know. Doesn't say there is unity in the Yule is Atari socked. Target in knots it's socked video games. The cool games had to go stand at the arcade and play. It wasn't in your house that you could display of blame play. Also now you're playing online against other people. It's in the end the game changes constantly depend on who's so they gave the competition the becomes. I think it's all of because. You're you know. The first time I heard someone say oh yeah I beat that game I thought that well that I don't understand because when we were kids. Video games you didn't beat the game just got harder and faster until you died like wife. So. From a broad. I actually forgot how bad bets on Wallace and. All. Jason in lord's just. I ordered there due moment they difference. TI yeah I can't talk about the issue of actually an addiction therapist and that's optional urged the Arab validity of the decision that. World Health Organization as. An addiction specialist. Well I can tell you that in the DSM five which is hardly watch the US currently uses that it is in one of it's in the category that news. Likely to make it into the next edition. So why I'd I'd be noted that a lot of research. That indicates that when we talk about video gaming and gaming to order the value there's that on some issues that are. Will there ever will let him go Jews and I'm not where you are not an addiction specialist although I specialize in a certain addiction on. Yeah. Do people in your field look at. This kind of stuff when it comes out in the World Health Organization says they're going to make gaming. Paid disorder. And classify it as an addiction do you guys go oh OK I can see that or do you last. Well I'm sure you know the addiction field assistant diverse as any other than anybody that's looking at the research. And all of the same journals that. You know ultimately would would suggest that there are bigger problems. Is your it would agree yeah I would say that you're gonna run into a lot of people in the addiction still agree that gaming is. It more than something just collapse back on. But I'm asking you. Terry I know I I absolutely think that. Gaming disorder is there a concern. I put it in the category. Gambling disorder which actually is in the Viet supply. And when you compare video games to rule gambling casino gambling slot machines video poker. At Chara you're actually running into a lot of the same. Behaviors and hooks. They get people in their spending you know five dollar hundred dollars 1000 dollars. And with the video games and that's kind of goes to the extent beyond just Pacman. Much Xbox game include a component such as pursuing achievements. Yeah I'm not sure PlayStation users. But ultimately. They all rely on that same I've got to complete this game. Absolutely that's right into the rewards that some of the brain the same thing that keeps us you know wanting to get the next site owner wanting. Get that next fancy gadget it caps in the same part of the brain that relies on that got kept small sort of which admittedly is the game prince with the okay. Are part of hey I appreciate the call. There was a rot you heard this it was a song called space invaders back in the eighties two oh yeah. I do remember that home for me. To say it. What chance to. I'd sell my mom for a chance to play yes is that the song. I'd. Okay. Ozzie I don't know I could remember. Joseph in Pleasanton hello joke. That debt into the Michael appreciated. Actually moved the air and over here for work that latency while. The on the stumbled out yet I'm. This seventeen year old. Mom me. I play station lately and one can agree on moment and then on the CME PlayStation Q and NCAA football 2005. Analytical and saying I had time like immediately individual football. I remember. Played that game for 25 hours. The Clinton Era in the they would remember stopping and looking out the window unit certainly dealing in thinking. I can go outside and actually act or human beings. I think they'll get it under its its prewar this accomplishment I've accomplished something human element in a virtual existence and he'll still tapping into. And accomplish something. Com. Are we completely of about 6% and your you know kidnap I am way more important than the art as that. In moderation. Anything is I mean it's it's all moderation and good and bad big deal which is like anything else even at its. You know considered OK if they'd need much but it's not geared for. Now let me let me ask you this. Like for an alcoholic if you got addicted to alcohol by drinking so a whiskey. You can't drink a beer or drink wine or drink. Vodka or or whatever but it's your gaming addict but you've got addicted to playing. What is a four night for night. Could you go into an arcade and play Gallagher and be perfectly okay. I. And that's just my opinion I would do believe. It's her game predicted anything. I'm at doesn't matter it's alcohol in my opinion without all the audience you know people who eat. You know who who you'd be included an emotional. Replacement there have to be something in place. Obviously food in the central like a poet. On the Internet and essentially drinks well to depend on you ask but I. It's not simply drink alcohol not until people obviously don't necessarily need. I think you're truly had been in use truly addictive personality. Would urge it's due to do your best to stay away from any situation. That's going to cause you to real. Look at Augusta there can check speak gaming onyx oh absolutely. Really there was a story in. One of the papers I read this last week about 85. Eighteen or nineteen year old girl who made a lot of money. Playing a game. And that's one that's one person. I think you're gonna get rich playing video games now but. I took my game. 57677. On it. You know it's on the tab and almost all of a. And knock on what happens to none of us in the future but if you do find yourself in a car accident remember the name. Dale's collision repair blue springs whether it's a fender Bender god forbid something more serious. Dale's and blue springs to take care their work by the way guaranteed. As long as you own your card trucks and get your car or truck fixed right. The first time. They are professionals I've been out there many times Dale's a friend of mine I have seen his crews work and I swear by 8162281855. 8162281855. Rom on it deals auto collision dot com. Dale's and blue springs taken care of cars taking care of you. A 76. 779 and this Friday at 54 street Rowland Barnes whose brains and I'll Bryant in Kansas City hi Brian. I figured I occur during the call Michael. Or what it is actually what you consider a couple of gaining. I'm honored that we're played me. I would consider it at the nickname. On the ball. All out then what the last year. Yeah. I think Iowa where are your little bit choppy on the phone I don't know if your mouth is too close to what but you haven't played of what you called a significant. Video games since November of last year when you almost lost your wife. Correct we practically in the divorce. Crop that we were out in the voters. And it was the I mean it literally it. I got one of the things that are at war with Mary. I would literally in my apartment where you. Were thirty. Even 48 hours are it is images. The EU. And you want it I want to believe that I think she should you know that is. A point of contention without the sugar and couldn't or. Shouldn't. Maybe I would torture and murder ball well. Almost you know the court's order to put it. The point where it was literally more important than being sex with a wide. And all that you wouldn't let it. Formal relationship to the ability. I went on. Oh yeah I mean. Well for the although. I urged the department that I won't even without. It it is I don't know. You beat the need to extranet something. You like mark my favorite is 04. I don't know you know I think about it that it but he coat pocket rocket lifted. First person shooter or go into. The name. All right so then it tripled it was at the meeting cuckoo they're here flu. I was born in The New Yorker I agree that I can say that pretty well this is that your. But I couldn't do it in group report carpet it is I was. I didn't. Okay yeah you're you're winning and you were beating other people right Brian appreciate you honestly have. 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