Who is to blame for this tragedy?

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Monday, June 12th

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It's one of those seven Kevin double check in with Dana and parks. Is Dana back today after her golf tournament on Friday and I was hurt her out. As I seem to thinks doll or righty we'll see what they've got coming your way just before 2 o'clock also. Another concert announcement tickets going on sale writes it's big week we've got a big concert tonight there's a big one tomorrow night and then I'm out Smart about it when it's coming and sprints on her or at least those were fans of country or country light. As will called us this country is broke country knows it's not broke out in. This is there's a fan that is country that crosses and a pop about it but the picture now and get that. Tonight show by the way is New Kids On The Block. And it was supposed to be Paula Abdul minds right and boys to men and boys to men but Paula has canceled because of injury she's 54. Win for her she'd. Self the last show she was the NC science and I wasn't as excited about it gets on the block is Iowa as boys demand and Paula Abdul I think and it's on the block twenty something years ago and this is their fourth fifth seventh timeout togetherness re into work. Not that interest and the dual voice and I was I was willing to go see especially is their first and that gets Normandy and you're gonna got a hold that before 10 o'clock. Or thirty of them and I did it if it up so now. I'll know. We asked you on Twitter which it would you be those exit DC new kids placed men Paula Abdul your vote mean count there are none of the above and right now. Not surprising. None of the buff is getting most of the other stupid now until the deal on going to night. Obviously a big week I duke is tomorrow connections mob that well when you're. When Mary asked the the program director of the station of the year and deserves one now it. It has its perks I think it was like that before the answer is yes yes I'll play all that later on this hour. Including the big show tomorrow indeed the concert announcement but this to take it in a completely. Different to. This this is not good transitional radio where we brought this up in the 10 o'clock hour and a lot of you got in on this because. It is heartbreaking story out of indeed apple. So our question on the story was should this caregiver be charged. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out because after the last conversation we had. Sure that you should beat this person may be some yeah not the last here is what happened here. Concern is out of fox 59 this is out of Indianapolis and it's just. Horrifying. On a family is deciding whether to stop a lifesaving efforts. For a seventeen month old toddler at rightly hospital doctors have declared major Maxi brain dead. Days after his family said he was found not breathing in his car seat. While in the care based state approved caregiver on and so just a little bit history honest. Before this happened that young seventeen and seventeen month old boy major had already been placed into Foster homes. Recently he was pleased with his mother and got supervised visits with dad last Wednesday at a family set a counselor from lifeline youth and family services. Was responsible for taking major to and from those visits so this caregiver. Licensed. And credited by the state would pick up major from mom's house. And then drive what seems to be a half hour but but drive and drop the kid off at dad's house. So the family said the counselor picked the boy up at his mother's home and Noble's all for meeting with his dad but that's when something went wrong if you can just imagine this happening. The caregiver pulls up to the vehicle pulls up the vehicle in front dad's house caregivers and gets out of the vehicle. And tells the boy's father I have a surprise for you. So he walks around the driver's side door and reaches and to get his son out. And the boy it was slumped over this is according the boy's grandmother at the father said major was not breathing dad performs CPR they Russia's under Riley hospital the doctor said. He was without oxygen to the brain for thirty minutes the family said the child was not properly fastened in his car seat by the caregiver. Now maybe the family doesn't know who fasten amendment that's at the family's. So. The state is doing an investigation to see if there is any kind of in attentiveness and glow actor to make. Sure all the rules were followed what I enjoy. Enjoys the wrong word as I do not enjoy the story appreciate what I ate. Outlook the conversation about the stories what I appreciate because it is a terrible story because now as as mentioned it. The failing asked to decide whether it from the monitors off and donate the organs because they the young boy has not shown any signs. Of a brain activity seventeen months old. And I have no idea. How you wake up every day. Thinking about that. What I appreciated about the conversation we had was we began. And I was Jamie you know when you and I talked about this. Last Friday into the story and I thought. How does this woman who is a licensed caregiver who only had thirty minutes to take the young boy from mom's house. To dad's house how in the world. Does she possible not face some kind of manslaughter or something along the charge something and she mesa. They let that hasn't happened. But after it it's why I think you and I love this job is because people bring new things to the table in and people whether it's on the text line 822980. Or you can call us 5767798. 5767798. There are a million different things that might close mindedness did not think of and I think the most poignant one. Was. The mother. Was did the baby eagle from mom's arms to the caregivers arms to the car seat war. Did the baby eagle from mom's arms and again this baby had been in Foster care for two straight to different houses before being allowed back in the protection of mom. Mom who maybe doesn't have. As much practice lately and Sanderson in that car seat advantage in mom maybe there are a lot of white incidents there are a lot of possibilities of of how we got here. And so wickets point I think let's assume for the sake of argument for a second that this was an accident or yeah he's was not murder. On who's at fault and does the person who is at fault face charges because we have parents who forget stuff all the time and their children died because of it. Your parents at least their kids and a hot car on and now grant and that happened over the weekend intentionally and that horrible situation but it happens. Auto accidents. On a regular basis we have that happened. Are we have cases where kids you know roll over on their stomachs or something happens where they get smothered and they're not breathing and die in those parents are not charged. The difference of course is that this is a state approved caregiver from these parents for whatever reason you know and these kids have been in this kid's been in Foster parents of this is who you trust with your child. On but what is to play your point for a second mom. Put the baby in the car seats let. And I can see mom put the baby in the car seat shut it putting it in wrong. Shut the car door. Five minutes baby Shasta talk with the caregiver when Tammy bringing them back what is the plan did my ex husband give you plan. What are you bringing the baby back to the house when you know all these things and in that short amount of time. Did this pork baby. Lose its ability to signal and it cannot breathe seventeen months is not seven weeks or eighteen months is as somebody pointed out. Almost two and age which you can communicate and you know you can communities are nearly two year old baby. For sure and so if it was mom dad miss fastened to the seats. Who does this fall to whose responsibility does at fault mom because mom ultimately. Didn't fasten the cursing correctly and or does it fall to the caregiver. Who is the line of last offense you know who was the person that for that thirty minute drive didn't notice or is totally conceivable. And this is where we need your parents yet because we don't know I've never put it akin to Carson my life I've never I've never been and that. A sole responsibility is conceivable that kid may be could've fallen asleep at the beginning. And the caregiver look back you look at that little Mary's seated kid's fine and and you don't notice the kids not reading or is conceivable that everybody did everything right. And somewhere along the way the seventeen month old wrangled in Wimbledon flipped around the clock and somehow strangled himself. 5767798. What should happen of the caregivers she the first person to get charged or do you smell something a little funky in this story 5767798. We have lines open for you. You can read about it it's been right to the top on FaceBook alt tweeted after the break also Texas at 22980. It's midday with Jamie with it we wanna hear from you next 91 KM BZ. 91 KM BZ. Medium Jamie blanket Jamie money selling. Like what can we are chatting with you now about a very sad and tragic story that has a lot of different directions could possibly go on and indeed apple. This Yasir is a fox 59 we have seventeen month old major Maxi little boy who has been declared brain dead now on life support. Families deciding what to do next on and basically the way just child died and and the question now is who is responsible. And should anybody be facing criminal charges assuming assuming this was an accident or the very least maybe a lack of knowledge or lack of attention. But it's been in and out of Foster care and now is at the point where I believe he's backing custody with mom and is getting supervised visits with dad. You missed it approved caregiver whose job it is to transport the child between the tubes so the state approved caregiver goes to mom's house except the baby. The seventeen month old we don't know exactly who although the family says it was the caregiver that put that child into the car seat. Fastened it in correctly. And so the caregiver arrives at dad's house and they find the child. In the backseat. Slumped over and allegedly had them without oxygen for thirty minutes so strangled. On and that's the seat belt that have been fastening correctly. We are debating let's assume for a second this was not murder. Who ultimately holds the final responsibility. And depending on who that is should there be criminal charges here keeping in mind that we see situations all the time where parents and children die at. Accidentally. Because of something their parent did or did not do hot car childless mother brother some kind of accident at home. There are cases in society where we charge people criminally for an accident and there are times where we don't where does this fall. 5767798. I I don't know there's so many like this is one of those. Lead listens to a lot of well weird podcasts about you know different bodies that turn out she's very into solving mysteries are listening to that this has all the makings of that yeah this really does. Or could just be what it appears to be it could just be in this is where we need parents to weigh yes is it just possible that. The caregiver put the child in the car seat. And somehow may be that the caregiver did everything right and fastened the kid in correctly and the kid. Flail around and somehow got his knee up some thin and strangled himself on it is she still responsible Terry only does on KM BZ and Terry you have a really good point go ahead. Our how long it may not. Caretaker. In the minutes. To get there and OK so they can get aid worker and I got there. And ended survived but it unhappily there to. Lee Terry. And the other thing I like what your kicker paid attention to debate because what might get rid X cart that it at a burger here. But is possible like I spent this weekend quite a bit of time with an infant that's three months old was in the car seat quite a bit number and that's three months and seventeen months but I know I was sitting in the front and I looked back quite a bit. Does the king could have looked like he was sleeping. And get it back but they said that the chow which slumped over and actually initially there. Yeah well. We're getting any RJ he would then there. Yeah that and it's a good point it now I'd I'd. And the question is what could she see if she looked back Terry thank you for your phone called habitable line for you at 5767798. Kids blue. Is they're not Amir Mir communication is probably your rear facing car seat at that age. Is they're not the the room the mere Mears he can't cede the baby and if not why not. On or is possible that shadows. Or sunlight or some thing you know were on the kid's face and you didn't tell you I defendant caregiver although I know it sounds like am I guess I'm just considering the possibility that no ones at fault here she's innocent until proven guilty dancing is she'll be charged likely. But because she just she's the one that had a baby last and was alive but there are more. There are more there's more to this I believe they would it looks like on the surface on the surface it looks like she was negligent. But there could be something with a mom that had been some with a kid with an accident. People are text input on the FaceBook page they don't trust the mother in this story and again look at the background the kid was taken away by the state and put in Foster care. For reasons for a reason and then. Soul I I don't know I really have no idea all right stand now I used to have the very struggle he send it caregiver to jail. It's so hard because I assume this caregiver has a fair amount of contact with asylum in thirty minutes is not a short ride no NIC this caregiver is is broken up over this and I assumed she would do nothing intentional in this case but what if this was a training fail. What is this was. It's it's tight enough or it's it's a loose enough he'll be OK on what if she was right and short on time. Had to hurry to get to the meat and there's so many possibilities here but yes new mothers failures of possibility so is texting and driving. So is. On herself around there'll you know they're gonna look at those records of the phone records of this woman and at least that's easy to probe in the next thing I have I'm wondering as a do weenie cameras in these vehicles whose vehicle whose car seat was it. It was an advocate ever been that Percy before it was at a new caregiver was that the caregivers for time with that child you don't realize a big seventeen month old is. My brains go and thirty directions are now. The lawyer in new. Yeah it's the lawyering it's I'm just curious I wanna know the outcome of this investigation and 5767798. A stock to sue and Overland Park your 91 KM BZ sue what do you think. Well I think that everybody's trying to blame. Caregiver. At my church and I'll take care. And we much the parents are trained in the hospital a trait that seat belt r.s have to be. Personally I would choke. You know just having it on the beach hyper recent but they are such that you need and our classes at the parent like you'd shape to. Chandler touched so that does not call for work order and does not Alter the site. Because it can cut on the child went to get there. My thought is maybe it's just access the child fell asleep. So you know to a certain direction. And it just stopped breathing because it. Yeah I am I see and that's the thing like I don't. I immediately they did this once before when I was working in Sports Radio I immediately condemned. Then the two women in the Duke Lacrosse case that it turns out I was way up right immediately condemned the Duke Lacrosse players and I was way wrong on that. I ate immediately condemned the night said that the caregiver here and there's the possibility that she was talking about just could slide over and get (%expletive) and and the kid might not know that the bill would. Right and a lot of people are saying on the tax line well how was she not checking on him more and we have a caller the first time around the 10 o'clock hour whose sad it I have three kids and I pull over on the side of the road techniques are as okay. Do you back is that seems unrealistic and unnecessary to me it it seems like if you look back and child sleeping. He's probably just sleeping. You know you pull over to check. How often we knew. Like do you check the still thirteen times of relieve for a long trip legs feel once again I don't take a thirteen times. And we're talking about a parent now I checked the lock once. Not thirteen times your set your card like I don't know I lock it right if I turn them the coffee on I've done all I've a little hot plate on my dust on my daughter is sick as I sit at. My best for two hours were inducted I got I've gotten here before I got back home in check to make sure that thing was not. But the kids and Carl all the time yeah. And usually you know if it looks and quacks like a dark resonant. It's a baby at times I am 5767798. Michelle in Clinton in 91 came BZ. I. Any. You know we're all we can get me in the case. Where shrapnel lit on actually actually be shelled the exact cause people. People are ugly as. You know I'm sorry. And you know the other. Night he won here again at what slumped over her. Think that are you know the calculation here in all the time that it was bad. Here you know what hit it that it will. You know. God do it and now you know Mac app that it. A gay actors I mean she did that the kids were taken away for a reason and you know you have to prove obviously to the statements are able to be. Incompetent mother. I would still that there are some skeletons in the closet. There's a reason why the state took the debate the way how we don't know the story there's a lot more yeah for sure we now that the kid's been in an out of Foster care mom has not had as much time in practice around that child as somebody who that with their child full time would have. At and so there could be some training laughs with mom. But he one KM BZ mid day would Jamie like it is 136. They 24 hours from right now Jeff Sessions will be understand Jamie and we're going to let carries some of his testimony. Yeah given that we carried James colonies testimony last week before the Senate Intelligence Committee. I just dozens of course the attorney general we heard what came out last week about him either offering his resignation are thinking he should. Given the tension between he and president trump is intent and the jobs our bonds. On we will of course like you know what's going on as he testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee at the time tomorrow. Questions about Russia's possible interference in the 2016 present. Election. Also later on before we check out and say hello to date and parks going to be concert announcement tell you about. And we'll wrap up our poll question. Which are asking you if you could pick warned to see who is you would you most look forward to seeing tonight now Paula Abdul has. Canceled her part of the program tonight because she's her two she answer probably happens quite a bit so New Kids On The Block boys to men Paula Abdul or none of the above. That was my answer but on balance and. My answer may be boys to men asked Paula Abdul. But now there is no pol so I wanna know Hayes sprint center but to do and what time is the show star. Not right did I mean it was 730 tonight is still 730. In January and memory as a replacement called Cassie Joey. Great I'll see you all like that does a fantastic idea you got five hours to get are all set up Gator in there. We look at the show is not sold out by it at like 1010121000. People she can perform oh that's pretty cool she'd love that town vote on Twitter came BZ radio we'll update it will be here. We are asking you this hour should the caregiver being charged in this case of a seventeen month old child. Named major Maxey who's been declared brain dead and is on life support after on. Ultimately what happened was mom and dad's. That's in trouble and the kid's been in and out of Foster care. But now. He's back with mom and yet a state licensed caregiver who was transporting the boy ET thirty minutes between mom's house and four supervised visit with debt and she gets to dad says I've got a surprise for in the backseat. I'd to everyone's horror they open the backdoor and a child a slumped over and according to the family in according to doctors he was without oxygen for thirty minutes strangled on and in improperly fastened. I's safety seat. We're throwing a lot of what ifs a lot of possibilities around did she check on and enough but let's assume that this is an accident with this and that she didn't murder him. She is on she's suspended with pay while everybody there's there are fifteen investigations go on right now about what happened to lead to the death this child but for the you were parents. Is conceivable that this purely was just an accident and if so who is responsible for it. 5767798. Here in 91 KM BZ Pete what do you do for a living. When apart I think care about a hundred clients that get seventy caregivers we theological range in the child talking about. But still the same situation we're dealing with having trained or give. We're dealing with Coke Billy we have. At the start with the caregiver won the company's second coming here commission situation my heart's broken up the child. In Stanley but the ethnic traditions suffered in a responsibility ability and active pursued that line. And Portugal financial situation and get training issue. As a grandfather will also say that I had like answered in the or persons that unions are or aren't but it did it to look like I'm a week and I put the band. I get to tighten up. That if harness that evaporate on the card round and actually had instructed him to caregiver that I ousted him from notified me oh my gosh. I can see where the super regional training issued at the top one it's a training and shared responsibility. Everybody. Embodied charge. Our duty charge. If any. I was gonna pursue somebody Alec pursued caregiver one in their company to import for the insurance company security you know. Caregiver has. Maybe culpability for core training but it's going to be the company does the training in the protector that you know policy in the back with how to train caregiver. And the question is are the league park in manufacturer's responsibility to exude each hugely expensive or fix that problem where trial by. Right and B take the full comic is I think what Pete points out is is kind of reiterating and and summarizing. You've got the car seat people you've got the people who trained her you've got her boss you've got her you. You've got a million different things sadness I mean Pete's right there are a lot of different avenues to go to county this will be a massive civil Aussie right about that you wore. Maybe this isn't criminal. But ultimately. Eve here's the deal because even from up from civil standpoint you're right there's a lawyer working in me somewhere I mean if that. That he if it was mom that fastened the child into the seat. It was still the caregiver that was the last line of defense and somebody is going to argue. That that care giver should've seen it sort of figured out this will be huge against everybody. Pete they should vocal because again she's certified. You know like who who train that that that's there's the pitch to it's right let's go to north landed talked to Paul Paul 91 KM BZ. I had morning their afternoon. The lowest level of NG guys thanks we appreciate that. I'm the one thing that has not been brought up and I don't know what state laws aren't Indiana by state laws in the very dependent on the way to child. The character would probably not a trial because we have to pay to rear right. About that if that is the case that is that there Amir you violate on the other end of this on the back of the seat behind them yet or he put up like that but the flip end of the of the car seats you can go mere Amir like when you think Paul that would be. Feasible. What would be people but it got it but they've also got that could go over the group but of course now yet because that silent communion. And it I've got. I've got eleven grandkids. And. You know you love and grandchildren bless you sir my goodness that must be I mean does that speak rate. Earlier. This year it's. You can always you cannot always see unfortunately. I mean. You could just because of the way the car seats are designed I mean when my typical when they face forward you could look at them or premiere you could see what would happen. Heavily determined that was unsafe and and in the eighties Bridget a phone call thank you very much Paul eleven grandkids I'll let summertime barbecues are. He can I just asked I hate to keep coming back to this yet but why is the training was guy. What she was properly trained in a mistake and she just accidentally pulled too hard and it was just an accident it was just an accident announced negligent. But it was an accident that right system but. Parents spend would be negligent every time they leave their kid in a hot car and they are but they're not charged or. They should be should. Score or are there instances in society where if if it's just an accident your you shouldn't. Be criminally liable for. You know why why don't charge parents every time and as we don't. I I think it in this case. She should be held its if it turns out to be her whether she did on purpose or was an accident or whatever. She's still the one in charge she was given the title of of giving terror as a caregiver. To debate. So to play devil's advocate that's on the line was she the way to prevent those does that have a lawyer asked could you prevent it the way to prevent those was to have pulled over. Three or four every four minutes every two outs and try to get some kind of risk. Onside indicate because it gets seventeen months the kid is you know able to. Flailing arm or suddenly there was a wait and are you back their shake that yeah or pull once if there is it to kids aren't responsive ten minutes interview saying. Hey Timmy Timmy Timmy you there Timmy you there. That's my other question which you on the phone the entire time which she paying attention to the kid in the back but if he's sleeping you're gonna. You're gonna talk time and wake him not yet to make sure yeah asleep and yes I don't know most I don't. I think that's a really high expectations I'd rather wake them up have them be a little bit cranky when he gets to dad's is getting to ten minutes more of a now. Then not and have this happened but how often does this happen you know I mean we're dealing with. A very rare occurrence final ordinance goes to rob in Kansas City rob your 91 KM BZ. An apology. On. Most people many people. Have their car seats installed incorrectly. My sister worked for State Farm Insurance with the local art apartments. Sponsored Saturday they would go out to wal mart's. And help people put in their car seats correctly. And so a lot of times people just told him incorrectly the second thing is. I've got three reach children and when you got a little one in the backseat. They can possibly the most ridiculous positions sleep like like a regional. Perfectly comfortable and have no issues I I can't see wake give your child at 35 minutes a signature there are still Wear a couldn't do it it's an anomaly that they're not. A you know what's good point appreciate a phone call Maine sometimes even as adults we sort of get to a slumped over position and we don't like word we're just sleeping. Sometimes it can some else it's not a FaceBook page let us know their keep Texas and into 298. Europe it's 22. 980. From the from Twitter. At KM BZ radio this is Jake and this is something that you and I talked about we don't wanna think about. Could the mother with the baby in already passed away. On my guy. It's in him it's a powerful tweaked. And yes. Gaza question it's also possible that a lot of things can happen before she put that Fabian there if it was even her that did it on somebody else wondered we had so many wondering about math we have somebody wondering about the baby being drugged or. Somebody's ass into the child's developmental disabilities was there ought to isn't involved. Yeah while that's. Or oral. Thought. Injure writes on Twitter at Mike Lincoln has anyone considered the possibility the car seat is defective either construction or design gap now looking at that for sure yeah hello lawsuit yet they definitely look at that one. On that's where the money has by the lack. And if there's a lawsuit that's where the money asked mid day with Jamie wicket coming up next outlets I would big concert announcement you better get ready for also. Will place a New Kids On The Block. As. Let's go that extra day and we'll check in a dated parks as well next to 91 KM BZ. So. Anyone can be easy to deal with Jamie link it. Coming up tonight Sprint's energy saying we if the concert time's going to be moved I need to know yeah so does everybody else 171000 people. If you have not heard Paula Abdul who is opening up for boys to men for New Kids On The Block she has pulled out she herself was at an Omaha Travis allergies here in Omaha -- eligible to Denver or vice Versa I got out of the my concert is canceled. She's. Too. That would sort of strange we watched a little shortly inner Entertainment Weekly thing and last week we target to kind of exciting because we're go to the show tonight. And she does six songs. Yeah I'm sure we can name all sick or your girl. Rush rush. And this one right Jelena yet is all right these. Cartoon. Yeah opposites attract those are far we just named for the sects or there so I'm sure we can go over the other two and two covers. I'm not a yup opt opt out and canceled Lancelot while she what she would've but she's injured yeah so it'll be boyz to men and the New Kids On The Block I with Kia. Can enjoy from the minors to get her out there absolutely is she's out now give a favorite. Their boy estimate zone and let down the road lies this one in this adrenaline. If it was my graduation song you're feeling it would ban depressing into the air and very depressing graduation song doesn't matter this is into the room. Yeah. Company. I do they opened with Motown Philly is I don't think I knew they would he they open the boats out of Philly the at this thing I'll make love do you Adler 1991 gets voted for in high school on bended need is a good song water runs dry and then and we will have more on your kids on the block the hands on time for man and happy hour and drinking before and I got a dentist appointment an hour in seven minutes I open the the nova kaine will Wear off and it doesn't. And does during more there's either on them. With the tip. That would actually go over his held tomorrow in public it's all there's a difference between drinking a lot at five. AM yeah it two weeks ago we're not gonna do that and now we're not doing them so there's that tonight and then tomorrow night is one I wish I could go to that you are an angelic. So John Legend is performing at starlight. And it I don't believe there's any rain in the forecast but I do not know and Lee 98 dance our our our wedding song was all of me. By John Legend so we're very much looking forward to going. I saw a couple of years ago nets on first came out a very small setting and it was great. I realize I don't know a whole lot of a John Legend now since then he's put up like six songs that come super popular including all of me. But there's just something great. About sitting there listening to a guy who's got an incredible voice and play the piano. And the piano wins me over a second and final Billy told there's a country artist named Phil vasser that is the Billy told country that just plays the piano that's on line played piano and I like his voice enough that I don't really care what he singing. I think that would be good stage performance and the piano sing stuff. B I got the outs outdoor us. Yeah of course yeah. Yeah this and right here in the very very slow song it is dramatic down. Let loose do it down your arms men Java me. He can't be Adam and gotten out. No songs. Yeah daddy to. Then yeah that. Welling up listening to this. Just thinking about this when I dance with my wife to her wedding. By the way we got to get did and the timing for it it's unlocked doors open at six boys to men goes on at 745. Well I'm goes on at 850. I'll get home in early and decent time in a lot and you should I am. By eleven blanket. Yeah I should be in that viola and what time should I text you Woodley says we're gonna go flying is not their real quick for just a quick drink you. You tell her you have to go home right because she's the boss and she can get to work whenever she wants you have some flexibility that you can't just getter and every one by the way so they stayed so Paul would have been 730. Adored the doors are but it whatever in the Paula supposed to go on at 730 maybe they moved everybody out every kid on the block everything down because this crowds a lot of older than it was the first time. He's on the first eleven I yes I was thirteen eleven this crowd is 25 years older and yet all it's very true and earlier bedtime that we use. You very searchers got parks will icu at the new kids and a voice to mention today the girls wanna. Give your thumb when they would have no right night. It's tonight and it yeah if only at the right. Got to get their step by step. I think it is it's right really to do this it's very very loved him and let's to bog it down on bended knee only ruler and round but you gotta be straight up now and Tony. Now I'd she's injured Opel models are pulled out what she did she's injured. She her she's 55 and she's dancing on stage she got hurt either in Denver or Omaha and skip the next show it is skipping Kansas City should cold Huntsman. I didn't think I forgot that well Ike has Exxon like about your show opposites attract that's what it really does. You saw it on the programmes and. How we will be talking about Megyn Kelly and and her Father's Day inner fuel line with Alex Jones is it ever okay to give hate a platform. There is a joke to be made about we gave him one in pencil in in DC so that I mean there is that. I think it is fascinating an appalling at the same time that she's gonna have balanced. And of course he'll talk about your Sammy who conspiracy theories on that it didn't occur on and Bob Thursday down. Now what I do know is that one of the victim's. Father's. Was a big Alex Jones fan Alterman two holes Sammy hook occurred. I don't know who. Eric and now he can't believe that he bought him of that crap you're ready for Jeff Sessions tomorrow to go for Ellen told him winning super excited speaker TV bated breath interest and at the bar with a move who insisted that it it's just maternal aunts and. It's. It's actually airing during your show so you you need to fully care. Covered Jeff Sessions and when it's time for the Tonys rundown I on all. I'm disappointed. Affiliate out via.