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Thursday, October 12th

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981 KM BZ. May Day with Jamie wicket it is 0105. We'll get to that next chance to at a thousand dollars skewered cash in an hour from right now will be listening for detected in the 72881. Also check in with Dana and parks and our. I think I'm done with my pumpkin imitating what does stop none of keep going keep going quit we've been. Decorating white ceramic pumpkins Ford charity you're gonna be on display. Commit up to the Johnson County element modeling show next week or two weeks from. Tomorrow there'll be broadcasting live over there and apparently people are gonna bid on knees and the money's gonna go to charity whose great. I just delusional and a bit on your art or mine. Are you done well the problem. I was done. Gang and then you go after all the stuff yeah you go after the pomp ponds and the glitter pens ninety. Yeah I thought now might not creative enough. Like did I. You're using all that do I need to use that too so I started to. Bad idea tragically left alone in one bombs that are unofficial cameraman here tonight yeah glitter I need to glitter rock thinking it will c'mon. How'd they looked and you know they're looking really good okay I'm rather impressed with yours acting. It's simple it is but it's just that's just it came easy on it to pictured Jamie at his drew to share ideas drew yield market until it's completely BP yours is really nice to me it's rather ambitious and hello your use of colors and thinks it's it's actually relieved somewhat I don't think we realize how tough it was to sizzle well. That'll how tough it is to we realize a tough it was to paint. With watercolor. With watercolor. And these that. The groups in the pocket make it kind of people like about point seven years of yeah yeah sinks because you get our colors. Thanks strike Travis went down the arts by as far as and we said go get whatever what's fun and he would ask mom how you what you paint pumpkins weapon that's what's told him. Will want it or not the best. They don't stick and they're not the dark as well we didn't wanna give he'll spray paint. It right at it and trouble like sharp piece. Someone's. In Ben and that's too easy yeah this is the you have to work for this you've earned its. I say I now want an hour project every day amnesty we can make that happen K because it's incredibly zen. Like I. Guarantee it the same time disgust are bringing in stuff. Why that you should make east and then head rub your ballot says exactly and learn how to knit crew Shea as a what are we gonna reveal them. We report on 540 from when you're you're Jamie now I need to get I need to fix a problem. She needs another commercial break I can. It is take a little water yeah and then rub it on that spot and they can read it. But there watercolor paints theirs and the water gonna take after we do that right will get the strip it and then get to the what if the thing about watercolors is water also axes and a racer correct so I OS and my problem at 145 for the big guy excellent to be ready if elderly and the video right now that's good stuff if that doesn't get his ratings I don't know reckons that. Yeah the last ditch effort. What they stand. I will say though I didn't get all of those supplies for you not to use and Jamie yeah Jamie. Those I want ST glitter on the seed little pump on balls. That go well with mine though I don't care. For a toolbox to go and I still winter to hit it it it it it urged a little bit and got to have at least some problem glues are on the there. And when stupid Palm Pilot used the stupid loose on the very top yeah exactly it is blue with swords but that there there ago. Than one stupid there plus. Zero wrote click an animal bond down stuff that he'll actually be interest and supposed to paint pumpkins. What did we miss in what we are not watercolor paints a recent acrylic not watercolor you eat like that it's. Person's opinion upon Kendrick got a fund that was Serena because at least I know if I get it on meet with the water color. At least I know it's gonna come off. You know it'll be a blacks that I got a little bit and actually impressed by that imploding and you feel government as a person says acrylic now war caller good grief. Out on the budget year deal that got. You don't know how expensive that crap that I bought laws and definitely 25 bucks effort to. Us though. Called down there acrylic master. There are a bit more of the glitter pants thousand at all. On where their pain it's not so much with yet Travis that was going to you can look cool yeah. Up that's all that matters the story is on her FaceBook page you can check in ads are at their at the top table so tweeted it out we'll do it again if you follow as a KM BZ radio. It's the first it would probably be a lot. And we're talking about lawsuits coming out of the Las Vegas mass. Yes and so the first one has been filed. As you recall 59 people died as a result of the actions of Steven hack idea of hundreds of people that were injured twenty thousands of the people that were attacked concert that tag. And so the first lawsuit has been filed by a woman who survived the shooting she's my one year old page Gaspar. I say that because I expect a lot of lawsuits to be filed on behalf of those that lost their wives and she file lawsuit against the Mandalay bay in MGM resorts international they own the the Mandalay bay hotel as well as the concert organizer of live nation. The bump stock maker's slide fire solutions LP and Steve and pat the states. She was shot in the chest and has been in the hospital. Recovering since then. So tell you about some of the things that are in her lawsuit and if you think that the hotel should have any responsibility here. For those that were injured and those that lost their lives to 290 or 57677. She's basically got three main arguments in her lawsuit but the whole. All what all this comes back to you is that the company failed to maintain. The Mandalay bay promises any reasonably safe condition and she's got three arguments to support that. One though is the apparent lack of surveillance the lawsuit claims that Mandalay bay failed to properly surveil gas and failed to monitor the promises. Using security cameras. Also argues for second point at Mandalay bay failed to adequately train and supervise employees on reporting and discovery of suspicious individuals. And or people or activities. And it all gets in to response time from authorities. Other complaints cite statements from law enforcement officers in saying that a Mandalay bay security officer was shot by Cadillac. Before he started shooting into the crap and so the complaint accuses Mandalay bay. A failing to timely respond or otherwise act in response to the officer shooting three things that they are looking at fair these surveillance. In other words saying if they'd have better surveillance perhaps they would have picked up on him holing all those weapons in bags into the hotel. If you would train the staff better perhaps they would have known him to be suspicious person and would have reported it. And saying if you had a response time people lost their lives are not so many would've lost their lives. 57677985767798. So. The shooter took down a security guard. And then opened fire. On the cry that's the story from the lawsuit basically ended at the Mandalay bay security didn't disarm him in time three. It's well just that they didn't respond fast enough not that they didn't necessarily get to him but in general they didn't respond fast enough and that they didn't train the staff and off. Because in theory if you just have been trained better. I don't know what they would of caught I don't know what they would've seen and and again with the surveillance videos to. I think it's conceivable that there were no way to now. That he was gonna do what he's gonna do even if you had seen him a lot of people are gonna acts suspicious its biggest people are a lot of things I don't necessarily now. If you would have seen him in diet. As about to commit mass hammer. On May be he brought the guns and in a bunch of different packs may be they were maybe got ten of the same bag. And you'll have known that he was bringing another bag. He was able to put surveillance cameras up and so perhaps if you'd have better surveillance. They would have caught that. Assume there's pretty good surveillance and mentally bank its casino. I assume you've got pretty good surveillance began but that's what the losses as I've 76. A week and a half ago in Las Vegas because the first lawsuit is on the table 57677985767798. You can text. At 22980. Midday with Jamie wicket we want your calls into any early off at her next a 981 KM BZ 91 KM BZ Medina damion wicket. The first lawsuit has been filed against Mandalay bay and MGM international. Following the shooting. In Las Vegas about a week and a half ago also live nation concert organizer. Has banned I named in the suit also bumps stock maker's slide fire solutions LP and the estate of the shooter. Stephen paddock the 21 year old page Gaspar filed a lawsuit. After she was shot in the chest when panic opened fire. From the hotel about 20000 people course as we know two and attending a music festival in Las Vegas. Is Mandalay bay. Liable can they be held responsible in your mind for this. Because Jamie it's not just oh there was a guy shooting what and they know it's about surveillance it's about keeping an eye on things. And security didn't do enough to stop him before he opened fire on the crowd. We have the big issue seems to be. It's sort of without saying it her is she seems to be. He had all these guns and had to have gotten him into your hotel somehow and they were in his hotel room for however many days. And he was able to get away with putting up surveillance cameras on. How is it that nobody saw anything seems to reveal how did how did nobody see anything how did he not act suspicious and a lot. And nobody caught how was your staff not trained well enough to know to identify suspicious person. There's something I don't get. Quite as well and that's that the police soul will get into that as well I don't know why she's suing live nation I don't know what you think live nation can have done a concert. And you to prick to protect her unless you're gonna get elected the president comes to town you scan every window you and you have an if you have an outdoor right you have every window but if live nation did that for every concerts right it was in the city or anywhere it just in the number of hotels that are there and they get your ticket to that -- would have been 2000. Do you just want every concert to be enclosed and no outdoor concerts now now or sides on. It went event they got a screen attendees better 'cause that wasn't an attendee that Dennis Eaton. So I don't know how like nation fits into the theater what are the folks I don't think. By 767798. Anthony in Casey case your 91 KM BZ what's up Anthony. Hey I think my call yeah com. I wanted to serve our Oprah by giving my condolences to the young ladies you know it's a terrible tragedy it should that happen. We all wish they had. The sad thing is that it happened evil did occur. Bomb. As far as the agreement years ago and others aren't exactly agencies around port. On all of this realization as I argued that you can make that argument that the majority of businesses around the United States with the lack of security. The lack no cameras panned out. Our economic occasion you're good you were they that you that there's no cameras outside protecting people. On the camera not to stop evil happening. Are to the lawsuit against the bombs stock car you can assume the bombs start company for doing their job. If you want that to inflation is through the Obama administration appropriate read the book Sox. Okay and what was the third and that you disagree on. The third company she's suing. Yes. It was it was a surveillance in the worst spot on the lack. Are there response I didn't of your asking about the need them the the names in the suit. None of the vote on our response style but the response start for what six minutes after the security guard was shot to when he started. Cheering on the crowd well fortunately. It figured out what was going on where it was coming from Japan not manage to get up there. So. I I feel like six minutes from the hotel you know figured out there that there was an issue in a reasonable amount of time that they only sent up once charity card at 32 flights. And that trigger what's going on with in segment by twelve that's six minutes go by. That's neither reasonable amount of time. To me that's going to be determined by. If there was any problem that kept at anybody's mistake they kept police from getting there faster. Like did not want to keep somebody on hold for too long you know was was there some kind of issue there was or some kind of barrier to the hotel. Have some kind of problem in getting people in fast enough thanks Anthony Cragg in Kansas. Euro 91 KMB easy it's cracked. Grow. What do you think. I don't call and very often does this this is got a little bit. Little bit. This one got Tia. Yeah got a good lord called Greg. So so here's what I'm they get so if you go to a hotel. Casino. It would be it it wouldn't matter if it was better or here. 985%. Of those cameras are going to be on the gamblers to make sure they're not cheap. Orasure capsule into the Mandalay bay would have some in the hallways. Well you well I I would think that Ameristar would have them yes I would agree. So so the thing is that most of it would be. All the gamblers and not in the hallways as ours people watching. If if things went on there and the guy was going to hand. Right throwing. Stuff then there's room or whatever it's probably not going to be nervous as much. The problem is that security cameras were not able to catch the fact that he installed other cameras and by virtue putting in those other cameras he knew when police were coming because he did it in his room right yeah and they go deep debt of food cart put a camera on the food cart put it outside and he put in the people. Right and so surveillance cameras would have caught that at some point and so I hotels he reader I've no idea about how well the argument is surveillance cameras would have but I don't believe surveillance cameras would have they're not your rule right you know it's. It seems like the kind of thing where there's nothing Mandalay bay could have done to prevent us. However else understand. Trying to find out somebody should be held responsible and what it's just to see if there was a failure somewhere. Greg college get me and we appreciate that 5767798. Shannon in Kansas City here on KM BZ what's up Janet what do you think of the suits filed against Mandalay bay. Well you know what the outcome on this corner I'm a single industry or 25 plus years. We have done that hundreds and hundreds of camera strapped casinos. And probably. Lobby areas that aren't like them but when it comes to the hotel side of it. Most you know hotels do not have cameras and always in private groups. Welcome now. Are but it would would split a big one like Mandalay bay have at least one in every hallway. I it's unlikely. I'm I'm I'm I I know for a fact that it is because I was draw one time at the Rio and that is some at the Rio all day and I room should that. Can I know it by volcanic Pueblo league I wanna hear that story Shannon. Are. You there real calling it the league I think that such a guy thing to do. I understand. I'll. Bet. Matt Cameron so I mean that to say about the country and I actually the other parts of the world and there are some Hamilton that the majority now I mean including a man right I don't we're all played that are but it popped up they don't. It's a good question if it's it'll be part of the investigation and debate and if they didn't. Shannon I would recommend seeing in the real ever again is a bad all the we're gonna get hotel cameras installed in every hallway. And it's a matter of whether. The placement of those cameras could have prevented the deaths of 59 people. I mean ultimately that's or getting at is could any of these things that Mandalay bay could have done differently prevented this woman from getting injured. Sound that's what they're after. Go to Linda in Kansas City here and any one KM BZ hi Linda. I already did not what's gone. So it regards double ought. The only people. Are at an earlier. We thought it. Who made the lady amber at eight. Security. But. It. Really well there are always. There's no way fork in the lot that is based on. Yeah it. That deep breath. On. It it is there. It's not but it would be like that when that's where we're at the Dutch airline. For the. Except that that was. I don't like comparing the two because 9/11 was. An incident of we just didn't see. They. I see why you're saying that because it's another one of those things that people consider to be kind of a freak incident. But in this case we've got you know surveillance cameras op and you've got evidence that he was there are. For days beforehand. And you see that he brought somebody guns and and find out why a woman who was injured and was got massive medical bills now is asking let's find out if something could have been done to prevent us. 767798. Linda thanks for your phone call we'll get to Eileen we'll get to everybody else on a FaceBook page if you wanna read about it too. Some comments are pretty split I think on the FaceBook page and which we will read to you coming up the next ID one KM BZ. It they would Jamie and wake kids right now about potential lawsuits coming towards. Our should say coming in the direction of Mandalay bay dude they have merit in your mind. So we have a 21 year old victim. She was one of the ones that survived I guarantee you more lawsuits will be filed on behalf of those who lost their lines. Page Gaspar filed a lawsuit against Mandalay bay and MGM resorts international which owns the hotel. As well as the concert organizer of Live Nation Entertainment the maker of the bump stop the slide fire solutions LP and the estate. Stephen paddock she was shot in the chest during the mass shooting. She. Has got several arguments going and just a boil it down very briefly and then we'll go to your calls on. She is asks they sleep. Did this was a staff not well trained enough or was their problem in the staff that they weren't trained to notice suspicious behavior. She is asking questions about security response time which in theory had a response time and faster perhaps he could not have shot as many people. And she's asking questions about these security cameras and surveillance cameras in the placement of those and whether those. Should have been beefed up more. And had any of those things happened or had any of those things been different perhaps Steven paddock could not and as had been able to do everything that he did. Personally. I am shocked at the number of people who are automatically saying. No there is no way to place blame anywhere except on the shooter. I don't know if that's the the pro gun in you that is worried that she's going after the guns that that's her issue but think about whether you if you had somebody. That died as a result of his actions on. It's yes you're right he was the one that pulled the trigger. But the issue is whether there were actions on the part of the hotel that made it easier for him to do that and if surveillance cameras have caught something or if the staff member had said something hey we saw the suspicious guy. He what Andy he would be able to do in the first place. 767798. I'm. Feel like I kind of I kind of go with the callers that have said. Yeah evil happens guys you're assuming a lot that we don't know why do you assume that no staff member made a mistake why do you assume that no surveillance camera would have caught anything why do you assume that security camera act that security members acted perfectly the there was no problem with response I haven't we don't know. I think there's probably still Morton to learn I don't know cameras could have caught. I mean and that's the thing we don't know any guns are pretty. Pretty much allowed everywhere in Nevada but very very superb gun friendly state maybe at some point hallway he opened his golf bag. To move stuff around and the surveillance camera might caught that or staff member might have seen that we look to find out right this guy seems to calculated for that simple mistake or he could've missed something. And in that case I'm not seeing it would've prevented everyone's deaths but it. It could have helped. That's 767798. You're thinking like a lawyer I because it's a league it's a lawsuit soy amber in like a lawyer Ilene it makes your patients are 91 KM BZ. 08 outlook quick. A world war what happened was. Elaborate set and then port young girl Governor Perry that was Eric is direct at what I. But I like one hour days. People don't find any Greek men can do a lot and it paid app and yes. The hotel probably. You know had better security or. Whatever by. Day and age act of people have been all the and it's not like done hotel planned it or hoped it would happen. And yet mentioned that there are born there I can feel like it'll happen now people. Will do what ever. Did you and get money and I don't I don't think they're doing. The hotel at net and there. What about suing the estate of the shooter which is also mentioned in this war. Bumps stock maker a slide fire solutions or live nation. Particularly for those few that say it was the shooter that's responsible he hasn't a state now the go and and he got money they go in after him. Right idol feeling like me and I feel like that would be more ridiculous and in the hotel there I mean what did they do not like right. It never tell me shady. Yeah I I think that the looses part of this is down does the suing of live nation and I don't even know if you can sue bomb stock maker the strongest part of a lawsuit to me is the estate of Seton pat yeah I would agree because your filing kind of a civil wrongful death lawsuit sort of. Which tend to be OJ case right and so and again what if you had some what if this was you what if you had been injured in the shooting and you've got. You know amount of medical bills now somebody should be responsible for you can read this by the way on her FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash 91 KM BZ let's go to Jerry in Kansas City. It Gerri is there any any way to this you think. Oh yeah I mean I really think there. At the hotel that no fire arms girl out now at a hotel would be responsible. Because they didn't find the guys guns. Are. Yet they have gun shows all over Las Vegas like the world's largest gun shows coming up in January in Las Vegas like it's pretty gun friendly state. I don't I don't this goes back to you and I talked about this last week. Baggage. Scanning and are we gonna start scanning every bag and if you have twelve guns in there you if your collector or you're dealer. That's cool would put your name analysts here registered dealer. But if your Mike wicket and you have three. AR four AR whatever assault folks here fourteens or whatever here fifteens. And I of those why do I have those I love it's legally legally allowed to. I guarantee you if Mandalay bay has to pay out anything and these lawsuits they are going to beef up security at their hearts out now what exactly that leads you out now buying. If there's fault anywhere and they've got to pay out they're gonna do something in the CY and. Jerry thinks the phone comment appreciate it final word goes to two feet in Kansas City Euro 91 KM BZ with the T. Hi good afternoon in the first cannot ever cross. All are so happy you've had at the time to call us we appreciate it. Thank you very much that permit it partner and her out there is getting old they are. And no jail in the world at all in court go through your UK people and carry anything in there okay Eric well it. Because. They aren't and looking at all so you did not. They're high on your door. An inning clean Euro they are doing. Right now when I'm in my. Room at lax a I certainly know. Cleaning people or someone in. Yeah I think it's ridiculous to go there. Guys that they didn't want that and Hewitt saying about their current state how are going to be there in two. I thank you so much Siegel a stranger we appreciate you gone to know if you do not disturb sign on we don't know a price that's something we don't now that they've their maid service went in several times so obviously he didn't. And as if she's right you know Khaleda that things aren't. And her lawsuit doesn't say they should have searched his bags for guns are her lawsuit gets into if the staff should have been trained to be better where people were suspicious. If today lacked adequate surveillance cameras that kind of caught something and then the response Woodson. It's not a FaceBook page so check it out you can read it conversation is going on there it's also on Twitter. Your pocket or are you ready for that a metaphor you ready for you how big reveal stocks are you that ready to a lot of show me what you've been working on I'm. That yours is. As you again use more of the resources that we had available to us and I. Which prompted me to have a little insecure about my pumpkin and go after some of the more glitter stuff and now I wish I hadn't. We will have the big pumpkin revealed coming up next. Near I 91 KM BZ 981 KM BZ midday with Jamie and wicket Jamie on a cell Li might quake hit we will check in with Dina and parks coming up also we will give you. You're next keyword cash exchange at 1000. Dollars coming up just before 2 o'clock you're just joining us. We were given the assignments. Of decorating white ceramic pumpkins and guys for charity because will be. Air quote auctioned off. At the Johnson County home remodeling show. Will we be broadcasting live on October the 27. So we said Travis yesterday. Over to target with 125. Lock box and we said. Overlooks gad yeah. And he didn't know he would ask them on Travis yeah actually how to decorate pomp and ask somebody what to buy to decorate ceramic pumpkin I'm did series there's there to do that too late. Looking get. Different things I was like I need your help she'd nearly one of the paid appearance that they thought. I thought I would like polar wind on pumpkins is ago and it's easy an adult here to tell me what the color pumpkins with soap he came back it we get glitter pens and leave guys bump on thing. And god watercolors watercolor paint. Which does stick for a while orders and it's very opaque so you have to give to go through with the that the coats several after she might have thought and are actually in dealing with kids so I don't wanna big man. Don't dog out of our clothes easily exactly nice item on the hunt for shark v.s idling some errors double me sharply when we there's like one shark it existed in the belt line. Was it was an odd it's mine that's what it's yours but it might angle and where. All right so are we not seen each other it's interesting day as we've done this in three minute bursts cents 11 o'clock I during breaks right. It could be that as we were quite a bit about pain Mac does that mean that show went on we very quiet. The that we put the pumpkins elect the paper boxes that she get that way are you couldn't see mine and I can see years and now organ or turn the of the video we apply later on FaceBook. I did wind Bob is getting. Agencies like her these things around. Lots of all day via unfold so here we go I will do it on three Jack all right we're gonna turn and show each other in the initial reaction. In 32. And one. Why. I oh my lord. I that is really did this really. She's eighty I if you do something. Like it became easy logo or something. Lot there a lot of angst that went in to that yes a lot of glitter concerns are soft so Jamie's is it's a plane flying over buildings in it to. Really well done Waller watercolor and water colored sunset sky you did her job describing. I impressive I mean the point of inspiration I've zero artistic ability I need to copy something are at least needed something. Said actually have an image in Britney I went minds. I thank god at all I have that would be easily identifiable. And that isn't that complicated and I straight up wanted to suck up right Kansas City so you did our hearts with multiple. Different like silver let her out and it's pink background with Casey in the middle and royal blue yes. Zone and it's horrible idea under Anders got glitter on its new idea again so why did. The stem the knob and obtained the stand green I didn't think about that. You know and I got the idea that's impressive I'd I'd. Look I literally did this to suck up to voters to win yeah I don't think I'm gonna win I've played my strength yet its dividend now we'll put pictures on FaceBook and video mobile process is neither does paint them or to do with the bat I didn't know if I keep going all the way around her to leave it there as they found a way. This was fun this was great sound makes everybody over the the Johnson County home remodeling show percent this up and hopefully they're not too terrible. You're really not that easy and artistic abilities you're on that might as an artist my dad did Alaska dozens of on the side now but my worry was the planes. I thought I can spike in dry it does look a little bit like Champloo. But it still is pretty dang plane like what I was afraid was that so it's the outline of skyline the bottom my thought please I don't know when things this is me trying to like eight and eleven. Oh god that was on a tower I got it done I don't have time. Oh somebody's gotta say. That that's what I did but now that's not the idea. Happy Halloween here's my homage to denial that 9/11 that can happen. And I but that was nice that he I hope no one thinks this is something that it's not intended to be clear up a. Down. Yeah now now like a great don't vote for the terrorist pumpkin yeah vote for the other one so. At some now you're doing you're doing when you are getting the glitter. To it certainly do better yes your outline your heart and the outline your scene that I believe that's three colors of Leah I'm that's the most artistic thing I've ever done the only thing I have glitter wise on line as the sun is in rat is set. For the skyline and I thought they have two out there. Like pork letter for the bottom for the skyline you can see where ousted him that I tried to take it off and it didn't. It wouldn't Mike I think it looks great. I mean is it idol viewers very representative of I wanted to send out an literally sucking up to Kansas City for anybody else like anybody we user on a bit like you and I a little more interest Pacific. But it thing Dan in Lima has been watching this entire process go I think they're they're both very well done with the actually well this guy animals like you died in the water color. Occasions from Jamie and it and I like your Casey straight up sucking up a literally your case it turned out really well thank you I really did not it didn't even occur to me to paint the top Parse them just as it's finally nice to me in my hands on it I'm in I'm still your belief. I've known for my stabs that's what it is Atlanta terrible weed dealer at a my stats but it but that's what's that we will take pictures into the mountains in the mountains of so you can see them but yeah and fielded really good for you know bursts of three minutes at a time until we had and and watercolors. Yap at the you like the flying orca. I. Is there a conscious about it I first turned it around them like. But the wit no it's not wields a plane and ask Nightline I think it's it was outlawed and things pearl finish I was worried about them. Now and how well do you even know it looks like the back. Yeah economic little flip these things in the back now will put about but you could let us know which would you like but the picture up on FaceBook and then you can let us know which one you liken if you would like to bid. I'm either way the money for either either of these beautiful pumpkin educate and to be at the Johnson County home and remodeling show. And the extent that all down the videos of the and a probably. Shots or video edited together and a little later today cool out there Michael Ross is of the things that day like bomb goes around here yeah we did today and generally he's. Very little like it hey hey you're raising money and and you money for whom. It's a charity they have not told us which one bulk but it is a charity of the Johnson County home remodeling shows choosing the young builders of America. Are these the only two pumpkins news how. I go out there. And I see now the other ones you know who he's got dropped off. Friday for us last Friday snow there on your C the other ones. Kind of don't want to I think that the ad they're going to be act the the shelved the league in a row. Civil. I watch the recent killer pumpkins or other and it got their degrees real pumpkins eyes are hard and we're not carbon stuff they don't give a shout blanks. That's idols who loses its process could go to scribble out first out of the slot yet and we made a mess and here we cleaned it up. If there was pumpkins carving pumpkins being carved in here and vigilant a mess of a leader in its Purdue so yeah we do weird you know what. And impart menu and right yeah and Dana. Although they thought pitcher Mike Internet every other thing I am a mom respond to this. They're yeah. Just sat sadism with no artistic ability. I sure try Starr. Thanks mom. I think there yet we decorated the charity they'll be on unveiled at the Johnson County home remodeling show and Jamie I mean that's impressive and. Another idea you admitted last night and it was so much fun. She told all of us bring a bottle of wine you have to decorate. You have to decorated for Halloween. And I am telling you people got creative. Film I just recent caution tape around my. But yeah I. Frank your breath at. One and built a little coffin for firms and while others it. They dazzled Lipman you ever heard as you can dual wine bottles to ally and we drank every single one of them. This campaign on while others want it in a that would have about a box why gonna decorate the box yeah. Guess if caught our eye on the gas cancel your favorite here Halloween party at your fear reference we had a blast last night passed those things around hello Scott Sparks. What's nice two year what do you chat about today well. 23 years later as Casey came man been in prison for a crime he did not commit wire leading snow like this keeps happening. Not gonna talk about Tron but should there be more restrictions on the press in America. Dana here's a picture for you. The latest fashion trend. Nose hair extension and. Added glue like yours just right now looks like a spider out of her boss on. I'm telling you Kara Marxist candidate that Monday uses the latest fashion trend and what air for weird anyway in America.