Where There's Smoke: Awesome BBQ at the Miami County Airport

Kansas City's Morning News
Thursday, July 26th

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It may be Kansas city's biggest claim to fame. But it's not the war and it's not the meat and it's not a particular building that makes Kansas City the center of the barbecue universe. It's in our new series where there's smoke. You'll find the real stories behind Kansas City barbecue. Beginning grabbing nearly Schneider Juliette turning Michael. Three full stop it accounts. It's got to be the greatest smile and aviation when you. Shut down me engine and you step out of the airplane for the first time in your on the quiet tarmac. Just a little bit of wind. But the only other sensation you have does the smell of Barbeque coming out of the terminal building yeah welcome to Miami county Kansas. I would even come on look at the place for two years because I. Knew where we're sad about now this system. Or Terry bright open we'd be smoking in the terminal building at Miami county airport in 2001. I was told my pilot one day and we've put out good through. Then one day. I'll be packed in the movie a car in the parking lot and everybody flies and then when I first came out here initially looked into place something and this is a hard nut to crack. Gloria is Terry's wife co owner. And she and her daughter run the restaurant while Terri and their son on the kitchen there was something else. You know that we can make it but I didn't have any doubt in Kerry he you know he knows what he's done. Gloria was an accountant Terry and had a long successful career in the restaurant and catering business and after lots of success in competition barbecue they decided to go forth and open a barbecue restaurant. In a town of Barbeque restaurants. In an airport in 20011. Year was 9/11 and do so they closed airport but they overcame the struggles of the year and some other obstacles. In a few years later they were no pun intended. Flying high the website or call 800 dollar hammer them hundred dollar hamburger when you fly somewhere for lunch you pay for the murder and the flight. Just like 141000 restaurants. So we're in the top ten of destination restaurants they they fly in and Jerry says folks have flown in from as far away as California for his Barbie Q. And they're clearly doing some right because quite often they see pilots without airplane pilots if they can't fly if it's bad. They'll end up driving down tell me the difference between. A pilot customer. And somebody who drove him to get Barbeque all of. Pilots say they're different content that demanding. No patience kind of thing that's not how this case. And I say dad is probably about 1% but you know bumper stick mixing two different. How long you've been coming here about seventeen years ever since they've been opened dale and Jan what Dell Livan payola. They drive do we be smoking what's your favorite economy near there yes. Textile. Mad chase your hips. Jennifer. Soldier or. That's fantastic and then there's the most famous customer to ever walk from the tarmac to the table. Barack Obama is intimidating. When he knows the president's company driver give. Well now because they can't tell us who want to come and hand so he told Kathleen Sebelius when they was getting in the car to leave to go do this speech. Did you see the kids in the window he says we get back to work on one hand when you walk in the door. Gala and I mean yeah ice is I love that name Levy smoke Indian yeah it is a super super nice guy President Obama was here back in 2011. Until that day. I still care. We take those pictures yeah serious and I tell me how he was president when realizing why not he's a president. I still gave grief over the pitchers that I have it's amazing. We be smoke it is a family affair in addition to their kids as many as six granddaughters may be serving barbecue or seeding customers. And Terry's no stranger to family in the business having worked in the kitchen for glorious father at Sydney's. He says it is time there and it Peters drive in shape too much of the menu they serve up that we be smoke and and as seems to happen so often. We be smoking was the name of the competition barbecue team that started at all. What's the best part of. Owning a barbecue restaurant I work for myself. And making less money now and work about ninety hours a week. That I enjoy yeah I'm happy to not answer anybody other than my life. We got one more question. What's the best part of owning a barbecue restaurant. He just said the best part of it was get to work with you every day at the where there's smoke you'll find what the most unique Barbeque restaurants around. Kerry and glorious we'd be smoking. At the Miami county airport.