Where did all the soda drinkers go?

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Tuesday, October 17th

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What I'm ignoring you have tournament chair I'm telling you my assignments from park last year. Big set of windows outlook and here's attract some amount. He he he walked all the way down is if you've ever been to the radio station squid goes behind the building and then there's. A stop sign to then turn right under Shawnee mission or left in that subdivision. Travis did milking it. Ams are Travis Milt did he didn't try to cut off anything users grassy could walk over. He went all out the stops sighed as he will now begin his march up Shawnee mission part of it was on FaceBook live. Apparently get one Bob is worried about driving safety. Yeah it. We we can't he's not why he walked with. And he chose to drive that we have abided three launches I think if we we made a block all the way up there. So. Tag awake all work out the this site is blowing like crazy in the wind and I hope that means it doesn't terror. The words were the vanity is there where the ribbon is going through. Which it's its agents he's not up there yet he's not going that fast which you can Travis is definitely not in any kind of hurry. Our unemployment now you know and he's got plenty of time he's got to grab us once and and that's about it and probably sit there and eat himself so. Is in his own vehicle yes yes yes it can be easy vehicle no. So it's probably being used to cover some sort of that loser or east poetry. The of that his admission police are not gonna know what the hell is going on if they're not listening to the air there is gonna see some big. Yellow suvs following a guide Batman costume Sam it. It seemed easy on the sandwich ordering now is over that so no one's gonna doll what's happening this that doesn't happen every Tuesday is that you're saying where there's not noticing yellow suvs following a man and Batman costume with a and a poster boards blasting the cowboys. No. Not but I face I face your direction you know it's so on. Department isn't a lot of action. Here this is not a popular couple accidents or resolve. Not this is not the center excitement and Aniston. Good luck service and so on if you're upshot if you're going to be on Shawnee mission in year Metcalf. Between for the next. Integral while fifteen minutes at least twenty minutes that'll be Travis. And feel free to honk because the sign he's wearing says honk if you hate the cowboys it's not a ton traffic we're doing is it news and when people are out to lunch hours of viewers are the 8 o'clock in the morning and we did strategically planned us to start at the beginning in the shall hear about it and they're back on FaceBook life okay we're back on FaceBook live to our let me see active at all of our. How is it should be coming our way the other really Travis is not moving very fast by any stretch. Can still see my guess is that through the trees you'll see dance dance SUV gavel in light rail. Analysts here he's crossing in an intersection right now is prosecuted or somebody's way via Adam right now to put the right way I hold. No. Sadly missed it. He is right I think I'm gay and drove them. He'd he'd made his way he QT already. I am here at lunch rise him over there we get somebody on the solid. Hell he's almost to the cute he already now locked at best selling eight minutes and happy that we are not seen Travis go by a Andy is already the cutesy hello. I'm here currently he told the site looks really really we want. He's walking and now he's definitely walking out so. I'm gonna pop this up how to turn the computer tiger is a lot. Via this. Live. The government. It's a. Get over it. Why why this happened. You know. Started out last year actually. Season. My wicked and I made embeds your practice them countless. I lost the bet the playoffs due to a field goal. Had a dynamite every. This year. Confident. And we may another. I want. Darned good head out how it perfectly. It's very tabloids yeah. I know who you are against. Ed outweigh hockey gave the cowboy. Which no one shipment. Stick so I'm her saint. What's that sorry go ahead and safety reasons I'm and I just took my in my sorry I just hit my own little head on things are. For seeking reasons let's assume he drove him to the cutesy rather's aside why that's like it was before the cutesy just east of the cutesy which okay I'll I'll I won't travel page too much of it is that's how the face that's when the faced a life cut out was they'd want us to know it in the vehicle will that is so safer for day and to walk as opposed to drive with a bad two miles an hour or even less than that with track and of and he's standing right now at the corner. Even like he's act Travis Porter show any mission. And listening I would say let's do like fifteen minutes on that court that's what have taken for illegal block down there. But he suddenly now they're frauds in this back up real quick to. Evans there we go Kravis is live at the corner of Saudi mission guys posting on here in the in Santa thing. There. Tremendous. Get everybody honking is ago by. Right. By the way they can say getting into every advertising today. This is all about FaceBook live you can see it right now or we think in Travis doesn't make you bet he. Yes and again that's nick yeah it. Never stuck at one of these days ago with hope and Sears if it's a thought that was the police so it's actually the please wait don't cross guy I'm losing out to. I'm become. Warmly really changed. Pitched person. Bad cars trucks and suvs all of the corner of Santa Fe and Shawnee mission given Travis alone Verizon. I. Across and over Santa Fe now over to the Steak N Shake to go get is lunch. NN. I don't know I don't Indians part Indian part of them don't want it to look back to the QT probably. There. It's fantastic. You know Kravis and we didn't see you walk by that Salinas and for safety reasons. And locate with that. Yeah I'm sure somebody asked HR legal or something legal side what are you don't get our feet. Now dvd and shouldn't drive right behind him but you can watch it's on FaceBook right now FaceBook live to get what the signs us for people are runner and a tax on honk if you hate the cowboys and they're actually right now. There is a guy who has gotten out of his car and is just snapping photos of Travis. I don't know I it's but he is awesome. He's got out of his car I thought it was our boss is it looks like noodles toss it. If she's. Stan. And travel days at the victim and the guy on this side of the road just it the thumbs down under the camera. So many of them and camera right thing they do now. He's in the Steak N Shake formula reviled as a nation about it. And Mike what did Hank talked. Don't travel. Until this ends or moto is a citizen of Overland Park is in there. And she's a falcons fan apparently she was he from Atlanta. When we go inside of here we got. Did you learn your lesson I did not alert pilots and might what did you have something good. I hear them go cowboys. And I. Right there doing mistake music right now to get lunch. And I assume they're good at just walked back to the nick UT and drive and a vehicle that is totally where that. Well blast business emails that this was on process was totally worth it is teacher any. It too like you said he pays off as bats and we did suggest because you or strawberry shake and said just shake and see what flavor they get anything to do it and say you forgot anyone if Trevor two really hated me he would go get a chocolate root beer float act which I would I would have there's no chance in the world I would drink that. Right he would ask you don't like thunderbird that you exactly are. Speaking of sugary things that's coming up next we've got stories about how we talked about this yet but it's really interesting the whole soda tax effort that's underway. Is a way for cities to raise money and to get you to drink less soda. Lot of cities have passed a soda tax a Cook County where Chicago is located is one of them will explain. Why theirs was a complete nightmare as they call it and also what just happened to sugary drinks sales when you raise prices we'll get an act coming up. Acts there with Jamie wicket 1114 here on 91 KE MBZ. 981 KM BZ big day with Jamie and wicket Jimmy not a selling like like it's cuts and other video Travis marching to us Steak N Shake. Good sport you can hear bunch of people walking in the background he'll be on his way back here we'll get a full report from him in a bit. It's so it. Or about this idea of the soda tax out Philadelphia's Francisco's mother cities of what it does two on with a cup reasons behind it popular way to do it is let's say a penny per ounce. On sugary an artificially sweetened beverages on and so one I liked it when the mayor of Philadelphia was proposing and he said. It's not that we want and drink it lasso it adds that we really want the money and you guys drink a lot of soda and that's indentured generate a lot of cash for the city of Philadelphia. And pre K with it on. How you proposed it and got it passed last year we'll update that your second but CNN and on the story this week about what happens. After you raise prices on on sugary drinks we know exactly because we haven't had enough for the soda taxes in place yet. To know what the effects would be. And I'm wondering 22 Chinese hero or 576779. Gates when you initially do you think it's good or bad news. Because what I have found according to CNN is that sugary drinks sales climate. After you raise prices and there was one study that was done out of a couple of restaurants and we've got a ton of examples at a accounting Chicago area. About the effects of these so tax about we knew what when you raise that price what it does to people sales. So I CNN what they said was adding a small feet to the price tag of sugar sweetened beverages at least one restaurant chain. Most likely contributed to a decline in their sales. So this Jamie's Italian it's it's Jamie Oliver he is liberties Japanese release date healthy eating heels chain's restaurants. And he did this on his it wasn't that the UK passed a law he decided to do it zone. Sell. Back in September of 2015. Along with adding about thirteen cents hurt too and to sweetened beverages. They offered new low sugar drinks and redesign their menus so they didn't do it sounds like you wouldn't grocery store they did it. Thirteen cents perjury Solis as sodas two bucks to thirteen that goes up to 230 and gotten. On and so what I've found was that people ordered them lapse. And they don't they the question they have is they don't know what people were switching to. But what they found was that adding this thirteen cent fees to sugar sweetened beverages was associated with major declines in sales per customer. With the greatest reductions at restaurants with higher sugar sweetened beverage sales per pass so the more you that makes sense. Restaurants that sell the most soda had most declines and people ordering and examples. Again a question as we don't know what they're switching to if they're switching to walk her. Yeah that's great yeah now it also meant a drop in how much money Jamie Oliver's making but it's part is helping campaign so he was willing to do that. If you're switching to boost which they think a few people did. Then. To replace cash and it was something else. It was beer taxed on that by the way. That are sugary drinks a year and easier to your hearts and I'm just trying to stay healthy let some what's happening in Cook County so they past us out attacks there back August Second Amendment as is and Cook County Chicago at a Chicago got a on they've passed a penny per ounce tax that's a really really common way to do it. What is being debated in a lot of cities is what to apply that to. Yeah do you apply it does to soda do you plight chocolate which you considered consider can via sugary drink deal plight to Gatorade do you apply it to fake sugary you know and and sugar substitute and things like that. It was a mass and cut county because of the implementation. Because. On the way they decided to apply it to some things and not others played Chicago screwed something up. I heard so they ended up repealing. Ultimately so was in place not yet a year and it backfired and not even this past and it already repealed. But here did just in a short time that they had an in place cost goes nine Cook County locations. Saw a 34%. Decline in sales of beverages affected by attacks that's they're nine. The nine ones in the count that right and I ones at that one night on the nine and its progress man the chains I corresponding increase of 30%. Thirty for 8% of sales sweetened beverages in the nine stores outside technical people were driving across county lines there's a lesson and that. That's all that happened people just found different cost of stores to byters soda at that didn't apply and so really. There was a drop in one place but people just got it somewhere else so basically break even. Yeah I'm more breaking even because there was a 34% drop in sales. At the ones that have the tax and it went up 30% the other sorts of people more than made up sport. It FairPlay foods in suburban worth sweetened beverage sales were down 47%. On these three Chicago stores Ali sought smaller but still major drop in sweetened drinks sales of about twenty some percent so. Bottom line is it is effective. In getting people to drink less if you raise the price that is effective in people not again we elect Biden's. Right but those people also may have said I'm just gonna go. Right across the street and I it's and buy it somewhere else so right was it a failure or was it a success. And I don't I know. You know let's say let's say they didn't let's say for the sake of argument that those people switched it to walker just just to play it out. Is that a failure or success on. The reason is fascinates me is that as a city if you pass the soda tax you'll win either way. If your result is there are you don't make as much money on the tax as you dot then great people are drinking less soda and that's a win for you. You affected people's house and and that's a win now this is are going to be upset it's a loss for your business community. But it's a win for house. If it makes a lot of money because it's not affecting people's health habits think right you're rolling cash. I think the people that it it's funny. That is a lot of people hate taxes just adding tax of the four were bright. 88 did not do well for the businesses. That we're down to like they're losing money all the stores and it's a 7-Eleven or Costco they're worth within that county line in Chicago's massive cook county's huge and there's a ton of business. Those people saw a drop so they would say this was terrible. Meanwhile the 7-Eleven on the other side of the county line is like this kept this. Tax was great too well and if you're if you're 7-Eleven if you're the same company or your Q tear whenever you have sores on both sides of the state lines you don't care or city line or wherever where the boundary yet. These are gonna make it up somewhere else on. That's the problem with the really big metro area like that when you just pass that Kelly lives and Heatley just leave the same as here if yes you know we're past it. You could easily just go across the state line and get it somewhere else and act is it a wind. Or do people just don't get it somewhere else about the cigarette tax that's it's a person comes to mind because we lobs and taxes. Right I mean think about I mean everybody who buys their smokes on the Missouri side but may live in Kansas. You know the people that live the businesses in Kansas and sell cigarettes or tobacco or whatever light and we watch your sales go down. But people in Missouri that solemn that the of the smoke shops that sell like. This is grace I was look to see the numbers on what happened with smoking rates after states went smoke free state wide. And especially in cities like this where are Cochran and somebody correct me if I'm wrong but I vaguely were called the city of Kansas City, Missouri. Was knocking a pass citywide no smoking in public places law. Until like 80% of the population the suburbs tattered or something like that but there were kind of wait to see what happened elsewhere. I would love to know what happened to smoking rates after we. Didn't allow smoking in restaurants and that kind of thing anymore because it's different when you pass in the home metro area but there were still some little suburbs where you could still go to smoke. I mean I know a lot of people that quit smoking at that point because they said we want to be able to smoke after after having a drink and we don't wanna just about side. 5767798. Member that sugar tax and Illinois. They got and other cities to this one backfired for the county for cook county and Chicago. But it worked elsewhere so was it a failure you have explain a little bit of why it was a mass that was it partially involved that it's -- there was Jimmy and like it we'll tell you why it was a successor of failure or just why it was a mess 981 KM BZ midday wind JB in wicket AB minus Ellie my quick hits. The sugary drinks sales tax in Chicago. We're trying to figure out if it was a success or failure. Because it's a it's fine because it's doubt if it were tiger about the way in Chicago right now I mean there's that much different studies and and and you and I have talked a lot about this tax in Philadelphia and Seattle and whether or not we should do it in Kansas City because we'd love taxing things that are unhealthy tax alcohol we tax tobacco. Should we be taxing sugary drinks and the benefits are being held on one side good and on the other side bags it's another attack. So I guess it depends on the city's goal in passing said tax if your goal was to make more money. You'll lose because what we're finding and a lot of places is that a lot of individual retailers are seeing sales of sugary drinks dropped when you raise the price. Well if the city's goal is to raise money with this tax than you're gonna gonna raise less money than expected because people are gonna buy less and spend less than what you thought. It seems to be happening is that you're not losing money but somebody else is gaining. Because people are getting pretty clever about going to a different Moscow or different shots or to whatever your grocery story as. Outside the county that doesn't charge as much. Cooler is that people really love their soda. And they're willing to help elsewhere. In order to get it. By the way the reason that Cook County ended up repealing bears again that's our Chicago was located it was a place for very long was implement an August 2 and it was repealed this past week. It and mass in the way that they implemented on yes it does remind you a bit in our process to get something about the airport on our ballot here gathers just some confusion and the lawmakers keep changing the game yeah I want to counties such attacks would apply to purchases made with federal food stamp benefits. Then they changed their mind after the state said no you can't do that an and that there were multiple things like that about what it applied to involving. Food stamps there were tunnel lawsuits that were involved also. And it just created a lot of confusion and prompted even more lawsuits to get it repealed and they know who knows if they'll bring it back. But they ultimately decided this is just a disaster to try to implement and Cook County is so bad that there were a lot of businesses try to keep track of the year the thing of each. Americans I'm you and I were chat about this during the break is right so in that county down 37%. Outside the county. Sales were up 38%. That was at Costco right Costco locations that Orange County side. Sugary drinks sales drop and they just made up for outside accountant and I have to wonder. Well we'd all of those those stores like what's the dollar amount league is down 37%. A loss of a billion dollars and is up 30% outside of the county maybe there's fewer people is that up. 800000 dollars was at a 2000 dollar like those of the numbers that are like to know. And what about what do you own your own liquor store like what is Jamie not to sell these liquor store you know at wabash and since I'm in Chicago location outside accounting. That's about it but I mean if you're EU can't handle 37%. Write a drop in business because that's huge for your business. So I'm closing and I'm opening up outside accounting which is not good for accounting or whatever your county is because then you're losing business also a right. Multiple reasons why it was a mass now. It's worked in Philadelphia where they've had on the books I think for a year a year and a half on and we talked about a while back and they side they were bringing a lot more money than they even expected. Which. Isn't good for the help of society but is get if you're putting up money to preach which is what they were talking about. You're not bowl bleeping the rest of us by saying we care about your health like prayers said. We don't care about your health we just want money. Got some sad on this is an unfair tax on people that are lower income because studies have shown that those that are lower income tend to consume. A higher percentage of sugary drinks and people are wealthier they they go to water or they can afford the fancy your kinds of waters and stuff like that. Up its estimate TC ninety's hero quit trying to legislate other people's health we do that all the. Time though yeah NN and that's the that's what the big debates. Win anything like this comes up whether it's on. Cigarettes or it's on you know the drugs that are prescribed or it's in the sugary drinks or it's on alcohol. What is the role of law when it comes to what you wanna put in your body. Right on. Kirk if I'm wrong. And follow me here but isn't there kind of a cyclical benefit. To cutting down on it if you passel plot that ultimately reduces soda consumption. If that results in a lower obesity rates doesn't that save hospitals money and doesn't that save health insurance money and does not ultimately save everybody I mean isn't there a benefit. To improving people's health if your fewer you know we we let's help all the time we did it was seatbelts. We deal with texting and driving week we tax cigarettes somewhere along the way helmet laws sprite. We've decided these are the things that are bad for you and we are going to protect you from yourself now. You don't Wear a seatbelt you're gonna get ticketed for that's a huge aren't we're helmet again you're gonna get ticketed fort. But the government sad if we if you are people dying from motorcycle accidents that's good and that's our job. Other with an album. Motor distilled helmet law at Missouri can never remember and it's one of the I think there's a helmet. To. It's sadistic these two things just make it uniform I know there's no statewide texting and driving one Missouri there is one in Kansas let's see here. I I can't accept hey what is it in Missouri what does it and in Kansas when it comes to your. Text into two nannies are consumed about motorcycle helmets you have to Wear one and there are what are the states I don't think you have to. And an if you choose not to and just take the chances just like you got to register your you don't want to hey we're doing that day ten all right. It was poster board today is registering the car tomorrow's cleaning I know where you're going when that's so you to follow the law. But they're gonna pay the fines and or you might if their is no law and you choose not to there's a chance for scooping your brains up off the C a righty on the floor. Right and rats crusts. That's that costs police departments more for response there is there's a cost to the government. To you doing things like accidents and smoking and be more base and that's why they feel like it's okay to do us. And I still don't know how I feel about it all the pro does it it's so easy to go yet with the soda tax it's so easy to go get it somewhere house sure. He's a statewide law again or not here just a restive ones. But the city ordinance or city tax or something like this you're all. The days pass and Seattle. Suburbs are in Seattle you can just go buyer so yeah you know so I don't know. I don't know how effective ever had accomplished as its goal of raising the cigarette tax in Kansas means Missouri gets more people buy right smokes across state line but raising the cigarette tax in Maine where you have one or two other states that are pretty close to get your cigarettes that makes more sense yeah I mean or passing a law that is state wide in a place like let's say taxes were right you of people that are a lot further witness dateline that exports. And when you have a city like Kansas City where the majority of people on this side of the state or Saint Louis where they can mean Grande at eagle crossed the border in saint Louis Illinois as a ridiculous cigarette tax is right well yeah but if you live in L on that side of the state line to come over here boom there's. See an end and I know that there are people that fought for the Missouri cigarette tax to go up because they have the lowest. Cigarette tax in that country. You know their. I know NN no wanna (%expletive) off but he smokers are right I smoked for sixteen years and I loved it right I absolutely loved it. Thought we could generate a hell of a lot of money if we would raise the cigarette tax misty. Pop up in theory you raise that cigarette tax high enough and some people are going to quit smoking. And that's good to you. C. 88 if it didn't matter to it's buddies say that is it didn't matter to me what they were raising it to I still smoked and SE my mom in Illinois eventually because they cigarette tax in Illinois is stupid especially in Chicago yeah it's now all taxes or hires got a big Jack Illinois as a higher gas tax the misery as a few of pluses dateline your parents get your ass mr. return but the cigarette taxes even I say it's your you're just gouging people that smoke and she actually said this is getting too high. And she cut back she got back are still smokes not now but she did look I'm so she eventually quit she eventually sat and continued wearing need to take better care. I'll offer. Yeah I I didn't I thought when I sort of smoke and passed packs of cigarettes like two dollars and fifty cents and up until the day I quit they were like. Eight box for the brand that I that I chose and I. You couldn't get me to stop because of money. Night when I go to Chicago like aipac for twelve dollars or what out of here addicted to something it money's not gonna get you to do it. How ever look at the number of look at how much soda sales are dropping. Because of the some violence and a minute look at my dad who as who who retired but he's not wealthy. My dad smokes a pack or two a day are right my deal that might that'll never quit smoking I understand that. And I was like eight get what you come visit me Kansas City and he says you don't money's a little tight they said. I'm not to guided tell you to quit smoking but if you quit smoking. There's several hundred dollars a month you would probably have to be little by plane ticket to come see the money is in scenes in the amount of money that people that smokes and I get it's an addiction we've now with audio device smoking was great we've all got one and it's heart it's easy is able to quit. It's hard to do it but oh my gosh the money you're literally lighting on fire. Travis walker is back. I decide I decide Travis and Dan returned. So we will get a full report on Travis and is locked lustig and lunch and we get that once. Eager to put up a couple of its guidance on the ground after coming backs up next why they were holocaust is trending in this country right now across the country from coast to coast and did we really need. This costume. For Halloween the two are related in we'll tell you lie to them next to 91 KM BZ. 981 KM BZ Medina damion wicket. On a statement about strawberry shake rate here this writer when little chocolate and broke. I. Surprised at the bottom Travis walker back after his march paying off his bat well done sir look good on FaceBook they look really good on FaceBook. We were little miffed we saw you go down Squibb and then we didn't see you get into New York. At the QT and it has quietly cut out yeah it's a parent Asa got a little nervous because we did see a few cops like. Momo either listening to me there should be walking up this them. Parkway and then we'll exam wasn't in the station vehicles there right way to go was nine. You did did you think UT and I I applaud you for. Standing on the corner and taking the hawks as people went a lot people are talking aren't like cowboys in the opposite you know goat cheese. I had one person actually it was fun it was a atom a motor patrol. And am I think department system yeah she stops me not a 1000 crap on in trouble could pick it. Through that what has he goes go falcons occur. I think they think what was it like inside that isn't we stop broadcasting the FaceBook live feed. As you were going into Steak N Shake to order what was it like inside stake insurers people waiting waiting for you out to Americans how to it's published Sandra. But they both said hello cowboys suck it up and go right to the pitcher with them. And so yeah if it's actually a really cool experience. It would make another bad on a cowboy game when I'm not a doubt what the public shaming as though as the way of an op and a this is gonna be taken notes from my kids. That it doesn't affect my future oh definitely. But I will never Mel takes Michigan's maybe you should stop bidding on the cowboys of the yep probably not Padilla a bullet if they play the Packers again for whatever reason bad on the cowboys the rest of this year yeah. I would get intraday Adam thinks rural people who did on every meal and sending nasty Nolan almost hit you anywhere Nolan penalty close to her. Iconic distracting almost walked you know across the street without thinking oh crap that's still. Green line in a red light that's a good idea hood is it here but yeah now a lot of people honked I would say at least. Winning 25 dollars lottery thirty it was that gap in it sounded really good guy and these are obviously the wonderful time at the red light. They argued it. Yeah you made accountable. I don't Ayers now. My mom gets here on Thursday of these unilaterally I hope not your house is clean no it is not. If indeed it is not an expert is all well they can Travis yes good job yes Angela talk into the bottom usually it's where what's greater old catch up. Yeah. Boca they asked these it was a what you want on there onions pickles mustard off. I don't care about the vegetables and a battle he mustered but I want lots and lots of cats and hamburger today and there's too pat as a producer this gets at least pat I don't. I. Hope the thing. And joining us on Fries well thank you think Travis job in out every rally for launch but. Thank you that you think they could hear a lot out of I did I did yeah. Actresses that was ten minutes of public shady got a free luncheon in Hillary go to the other way what's the opposite directions initially weakened to devote to each took more wrote yeah. Yeah yeah yeah Johnny mission the abilities that just gotten the wal marts or an eye out. Sounds go to the labs he's just may make it back to you to the plaza accord Jacob's body as he would love that we. Down knack now for something that would have been a tree. But now it has taken so well done maybe next times and yeah I may never got. I Travis would you go to boulevard brewing in the Clinton. I mean she'd come back at. I nervous because at one point while we were doing as the big box yeah proves the big big league I would systems there. This is directly bulletin studio came upstairs just as we were airing of FaceBook live oaks is he looks in the window I face the wind went back as. Any dirty look. Eighty or maybe he was just looking at me but he definitely stopped for a moment and I thought he was up here for awhile bosses I was at are we beat Colin Tar Heels he's the G and I like he's the one you'd act whose ass you kiss every time you see it. He's clearly a power most of our bonds are direct boss and says tutor on potential tale yeah yeah we think we think we're done with the. Yeah globally not at. It's my last. Are they purposely that I think I want to say those of Sandra did say at stake in state. If you wanna drop Mike Berger go ahead. Drop what cowboys do suck. Suck it you drop the kids ever. Go right ahead guys we've had a son and I Strauss for fried chicken next time that's kind of high but that's that would have been worth it on the history. Its laws and yet now you definitely have to come back right to be that powerful and I'll lock. At. Trudy and drove them for most of it that I still would have came back at history is it into a bargain. Art does Kansas City is something you've written and it did or Travis extras and it. Seven answer it to you before here on the board it's right. Little bit of breaking news by the way before we get into this Halloween costume we definitely did not need Washington DC police are investigating a report of an active shooter. On the campus of Howard University. On the school's administration building them has been evacuated according to the university newspaper the hill top people leak area are being act advised take precautions. Some streets are closed around the campus but again. As of right now there's an active shooter investigation going on on the campus of Howard University CNN needs to take note. As an answering I had. Fake news yeah DOS with the tax reform dinner attendee who is doing so there's something about a bunker and Jared DeJuan Blair did inviting indeed there's an active shooter on the campus of the university in DC powered so keep you update. So what's your computer on Google shopping. OK and put in and for. Look for a cost him. You recall teenage talent aspect yeah I'm guys who was an Al Schwartz. Comes out when you Google shopping at analysts see here and costumes her or does does does come up like no we have no search results as of right now I can by the diary of in for a aren't putting the word cost actually got to thank you by the dire Rupert. There is a is there some of them as. It's funny because some call it world war two and back to you legal costs do not her yeah. There are there's one here child's World War II girl costume which is basically. And there are now a thousand stories about and and frank Halloween costume do we know this. I offended by everything. All act that cost him up well law. Well our eye line I have a year. But there are a lot of people that are upset about this don't I'm I. Come on over coal mine so I. The BBC. It several sites have stopped selling the outfit after there has been outraged knows affected by the Holler costs no kidding. The cost him a green beret blue dress and browns Axl has been criticized and social media for being insensitive. No element story of Anne Frank. People have been taking to Twitter to share their outrage how such a symbolic figure to be used. By fancy dress companies advertise on web site among a catalog of Halloween costumes and and I part of what is bugging me I don't know what you got up on your screen and a lot I have an image of a girl in an and frank cost him that. Quite frankly if you're in Tommy was and frank I would know that's when it was at the fact they're calling it the Anne Frank House to another changing the need to you know different eat whatever they're calling it but. It's still us and frank it's proposed though she's got like her hand on her hip the vulnerable every 22 year old girl takes this picture at the bar brawl tot. How to do that posed like a good posed for picture. That's she's doing. Which is a wells leg are calling and frank that's weird pose for her to have if you just don't and freight it's okay. There's nothing wrong with what she's where but Halloween costumes dot com called it the and frank costume. It and that is it very insensitive to the Jewish population in this country in this world yeah as a Halloween costumes dot com which seems to me be a pretty big retailer agnostic. Has removed the outfit and a spokesman apologized for any offense it might have high as saying we saw costumes from any uses outside of the Halloween season as. This about it OK if it'd just been a costing you needed not for Halloween it's my fourth of July cost I guess I don't know where you would unless it was for play. As you'd ask to be okay is there a line. When it comes to Halloween costumes. Is there because remember last year. Costs do wish in the attic costume that was the region heist robbery victim can't. And it was you looking like. Kim Kardashian and Paris got robbed in in in Paris. At gunpoint. There was a Ray Rice. Halloween costumes three years ago. How Wal-Mart had an Israeli army Halloween outfit when there was escalating violence between Israel and the Palestinians. There was a trade on Martan and George Zimmerman costume lake. As well as being housed is there is the like is there a line yeah it comes to Halloween that you think. Goes too far I think if you bar. I think that line is pretty far now I easily offended by stuff like that but I do you ask in all seriousness the question that you start with. Was pigeon not to rest is anything else yeah I could but there are 45000. Other constant you could have picked this as the one you in twenty. Thirteen a Michigan woman dressed up as the Boston Marathon bombing victim. Is that the line yeah and I mean I hit. Of all he could spin the wheel of all Halloween costumes and you have to land on and frank Trayvon Martin Ray Rice or a robbed and beat up. I can guard as Sheehan. This is not if you're somebody like that it's not funny. It's not you know it's it's a cup Collins as the fun that's not funny somebody said well what are we doing it costs and honor that person. That's not generally high you take your Halloween costumes.