WHAT'S that song say? Also- Former Chief thinks he has CTE...

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Wednesday, December 13th

Larry Johnson fears he has CTE.... 


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. So there's no telling is no fun don't act. Punching iron ore type and not get Alan cannon. I don't you punch under any that it was such conviction as he was doing his all white man's life at. About everything you ever done on the show hot. Right candidate is really Warner. Elevation of pain that wasn't there a bronze ring song. Yes I'll be the brass around your dance. Rudd can you give me the police government she is speaking of. Means I'm albeit the rats around your for me to. Leave the leader sir. I'll be wrapped around her finger if you listen he says brass I look at title it's called rafter. Took a spell brats. This news. Times the title of the songs actually in the song it's. Yeah yeah. Us who grew into. Men. Thank you to answer I've used got it sounds like he saying doubles and no no it doesn't just. Are your freedom and it was an act. Okay. Yeah since 1983. Synchronous. Yeah. Yeah and lower. Caught between the silver and the gold is known. It hypnotized by used I should win this speech there. Raining all around. Me being our current and accurate and now this tonight. I've I've really come here seeking now. So just accident it's wrapped around your theme we have to sit down tomorrow paid time. It. No it's no it's not that that 99 cents and member of the changes numbers on this budget is my son. It really. It does election that the bankers here in a year ago. So everybody's fine. Yeah when I say be quiet that doesn't mean screen though clearly. This all the crap that. Russert remind him harder. You're driving me nuts quit singing the leaders should think it is this man who made me wanna jump out of building. For the last 56 minutes. Well. Kara. Who. An immigrant. They're doing. Brass or grass. I I heard brash the first time in nine. And has drive me crazy. First of all you're never gonna believe that it's not brass you're never gonna believe that it's not wrapped I went to Google just looked up the damn lyrics printed in black and white. Maybe it's because he's the artists. Rods and renal well. Well let them hit it fat to discredit brought. Is he can't do it cleared carriages and I'm zero X and here I did your kids ever played tried to convince you to get a pet. Before I like bags are Micah. Yes I cracked there's a little girl her sister posted to her efforts on Twitter and it's hysterical. It is called the wall of sorrow. She's trying to get her dad. To let her get a cat's. She has and I kid you not an entire wall covered in paint purse. There are pictures. Of a cap with tears at its highest. There is papers that said you're killing innocent lives we let cat I alone and never got to have a family or feel loved and there's one paper that just says there were pleased when he went title. Lesser hard pictures of little catching cages it's so cute. Ends up. Delegates are of course so sweet I have received one text per day for the last six days one of my kids expressing why they would like. A self. Now if aiding in mind they have it perfectly consult on already. And so I have said to this child. We're not poker we're not upgrading your found like I I'm not a phone person. If I can text on it and look up FaceBook that's all I need so these people that are the one outspending. What is are we at the iPhone eight now I don't know no new iPhone is hands and gas is a thousand dollars get nine apparently is a thousand dollars. I cannot think of a dumber thing to spend money on. And I spend money on dumb things all the time. A thousand dollars for iPhone ten. That is the exact same phone U I they always add one little silly thing it's a thousand we're gonna get to court away we're gonna give you the court now there's going to be others have weather like 200000. Dollars and I saw her sweetheart. You'll have senate needs to listen to me. You have lost. Your mine pictures of which he does he think we are going to pay that kind of money for his cellphone. The second one and the third focus pot shots and I said it's not happening like I don't think I'm just saying that. And you're going to be waiting under the tree for that red writer BB gun for me to bring out. At the last moment. There's one more gift and the tree and I am actually telling you this is not happening this is the kid that you bought the driver. All have phones so I don't understand why you have to have a newer found I don't. Please explain the site on one thing what does the right so I still of the iPhone 5 brain. And that's only because your crack Berry finally died. Blackbird yes but do I need a great I mean it tells the time. I can take calls spurred you know like on next. Might say can dance say hand to your children's sake please don't upgrade. It will just confusion. All I know is if I could go back to. I love you but let's space that it's not your strokes I think I have a seven if I can go back to the six I would because the seven is when they took out the a whole whole more than the air fountains and the when he called court not the outscored the other one. The power cord the chords oh start you know that any Audi Courtney stick it and that's how you play music. Com scored thinks anyways that's the jugs and record the three put the headphone apple removed that thing. And and here's here's the scam that got going on and I wanna I thought I wanna say that headphone correct that are wire and the attachment you have to have now home to make those work so like the other night I was cleaning up the office. And I wanted to play music in the office on radio and there. And I didn't know where that stupid little inch and a half white piece was. And I just. They have scammed America and I am an apple consumer it's time of year but this is a scam by the date and then wait a few months and we're gonna jump to the tendon it's going to be a thousand dollars. And the thing is and and rod getting here because you know I've talked about this before. I honestly believe apple knows exactly. What they're going to do about two or three phones ahead of time. And what they do is they they upgrade from the five to the sick right. Knowing full well that their saving about two or three upgrades for down the road right suit of Sam. That way next year app do you by the iphone's six because it's more excellent. Agreement on that means. Guy that is your and then iPhone seven. Is upgraded and it's even more. Pixelated that they have the technology for when they made the iphones. So they can study the iPhone centers that he'll 365. Days away at how well. Nice of a camera does one need on your phone to paste paste and copy and post a photo on FaceBook or Twitter. If you are really economists power of photography. Your photographer. You'll have likened icon. You have 84000. Dollar can't if Thatcher saying we're taking pretty putt photos you're not waiting years against. You're not waiting. For the next iPhone ladies and gentlemen Kansas City smartest man well hello there. I use my iPhone for photography and video all the time. But would you pay a thousand dollars for the ten because it's that much better than the nine or the eight. Depending on the on the the level of the better you recognize your being. That they've had that technology for years all of course they introduce is slowly but surely so I'm just stay with the iPhone 5 and and get the iPhone and we'll get from the files then and you know Britain at least six. Out. I just got tonight I don't I get it and so now people paid thousands of the ten and then we'll have a. Capital inquiries that have an excise and what's that candidate I'm still sell them for getting rid of the headphone Jack. Because it's really think so you can find now don't adequacy. I use my phone for work purposes for photography for video and I run microphones off of that I run. Batteries you know put batteries into its potency charge and only having one makes no sense that's why I'm still on the on the six. Because it's got a great camera on there and I can dual constantly. I've taken around the world and shot video with a 500 carries should see the pictures I took I know. Which was that you can't pass pass pass out really well you know it's it's it's not always about the megapixels it's about how you use him. America's been scammed by app. And made it a subway front lines. It's like it's like it's it's like a serial in the groceries it's a product. You know all of the marketing and lucky charms of the come out every year ago at them auction house. Don't don't cars need the same thing cars of the same here that you don't go buy a new car every year a lot of penalties. Leeson. I mean you get a car and you keep referred 56 orders to be fair ramming cars are a thousand dollars an ounce troops out that's why you don't get them. When you're buying a phone you have to think about this year buying a computer a small computer fits in your pot yeah I'm buying a phone. Or camera you're buying your access to whom the entire digital world. Rights of disorganized storm chase is really nice when a quick tornado comes down to whip up my phone and use its camera pixels help a lot when your editing. And high quality image from your act in other videos fanned ten but if you're not a photographer. Running you're a casual cell site you're somebody that likes to shoot vertical video I mean yes I need to haul my mother text my kids yeah. That that's why I don't understand if if you're a casual phone user like I did you have middle. 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Johnson towing the Washington Post that his anxiety paranoia self destructive impulses. Match the symptoms of people who have seen TE or add it. He describes brief intense headaches. Jitters mood swings violence forgetfulness. He describes demons that push him toward rooftop decks urging him to jump. He's quoted as saying the demons are always a breath away and look at this picture. Looks totally different he. Looks like. A mess. According thinks so all I do. Look at the circles under his eyes it was very handsome and he's a very handsome looks different than it did when he played for the chief sought to guarantee that. Larry Johnson by the way as you remember drafted number two point seven overall 2003. By the Kansas City Chiefs. It would Bob Tesco here just vomit from sixth and sports who spoke today with Larry Johnson in an interview though air on his show tomorrow. Oh and I'm being serious here I am not denying the possibility. That he has CT Larry Johnson says he has no memory of two full NFL seasons. It sounds like Motley crew about the time theater. But think about. How many hits he took over his career. And no memory of two NFL seasons Scott it was well documented he had a string of problems. Here in Kansas City off the field you couldn't keep his hands from beaten him so one of the questions I have. And I would not want anyone to feel this way. I I'm not happy that he feels. These demons and suicidal thoughts. But one of the questions I do have because we cannot definitively. Diagnose someone with CTE while their living. Is will this become some type of excuse for bad behavior. Widow of Bob fest on just moments from six and sports to the news or McCarron marks man arrested in the attempted terrorist bombing in New York backing court more next. The right battery the first time that's what you get and always get with also batteries a government out of the warehouse. As somebody who has an anti. It's got every battery could possibly need small medium large what ever battery unique they haven't and a whole cell battery 605 Kansas avenue. In case he kept any battery need for any reason big big big batteries for things like your RV your truck your car. Tiny batteries for your hearing age yes your remote control and any other matter you need for any reason the guys are also batteries. But it's charge right up also battery six a five Kansas avenue and Casey case the right battery the first time. Free 31 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are. The accused a would be suicide bomber who attacked the subway in New York City it was presented in court for the first time today. Appearing on a video monitor from his hospital bed doc I had Willis spoke softly when he affirmed he could see and hear the judge in that he had seen and read the charges against him there are five of them they could put Lola in prison for life there was a bed sheet pulled to his next so none of his burns was visible those movements through the subway to the time of the blast were captured on security cameras. But no one could see the pipe bomb strapped to his chest. ABC's Arrington terse ski there are a federal grand jury has indicted a Missouri man with making threatening phone calls to a mosque in Georgia. 49 year old Preston Howard allegedly made ten threatening calls to the Islamic society of Augusta Georgia between June and August. Indictments is powered phone in a series of threats to blow up the mosque shouldn't kill Muslims as well as behead worshippers and set them on fire after dousing them with gasoline. Traffic and weather together next. Keeping fair weather conditions in the forecast for the rest of today we do have elevated fire weather concerns indeed Citi extremely dry air mass in place. And low relative humidity we have tried fuels and we have a strong northwesterly wind taken on and for the rest of today and into tonight. Today's high for the mid to upper fifties that overnight low at thirty. Cloudy and colder upper thirties to Thursday a sprinkler flurry to Thursday evening units scattered flurries here Thursday night signing in 45 on Friday. A staff meteorologist Saturday era Mauritanian easy whether. It's 57 now I TCI 68 downtown 58 at your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ KM BZ dot com. The onetime Heisman. Eminence. Former Kansas City Chiefs running backs those of you been in town long enough to know we have a lot of running the ball. They covered some of them. He has been arrested six times several of the incidents involved Johnson physically assaulting women. He says his decision to publicly describe his darkest thoughts is meant not as a way to excuse his past. But rather a way to begin a conversation with other former players who Johnson suspects. Are experiencing many of the same symptom. Using CS CTE says he doesn't even remember to full NFL seasons he has started some sort of a time capsule. So that his daughter. Care and someday down the road watch it Bob Tesco. From our sister station six and sports interviewed Larry Johnson today that interview will air tomorrow on his show blob up. Well thanks for the other way in on all enjoyed look like. They're like called true. That was ten minutes ago. Figured you know. They did that adds it is sitting back. At. Yeah. Aren't great on the big basically clean and so for the last nine months of you know and he's probably in the best spot that he didn't like the idea being you feel really good right and his daughter keeps the ground is able to do things are. He doesn't much anymore he does Pilates course accurately and come back home like try to figure things out a refreshing conversation beat year. From Larry Johnson I think a lot of that comes back here if that is that the park or read it Larry Johnson. Yeah get ready collects that these days we like eager to all football players that CPC yeah well they'll look at the back in a lot of clinics. And that just wasn't the perception or really the answers that we got burglary job the bidders at stuff I mean there's no question about that. But there are people who think it Mikey he's an Indy in dire straight right now I don't think that the case that that the percent that that we shared without. He says he worries by age fifteen he will not know his own name. Other than I mean that's the case will be played football. And I mean there's going to be a lot of light yet so that don't know their own big big stumble late. The they'd be there and did I mean he talked about the nine years old old operating about you know a guy who set urged circles around everyone about it because. Yeah we we were doing back at the the risky take every single day for that profession I mean that's something that you can't app that know how it going in that that may be the case at the end of the. Did you sure if you Bob which. Two NFL seasons he doesn't even remember playing. Lax to have a career like in Miami and some more outside it should that they are watching it or something like that. I eat eat vaguely remembers those as well remember Abacha. He doesn't cool the watch on YouTube be civil like that are out there are doing saying yeah I remember bacon uttered you know you bet so. He he doesn't remember those last two years. Some people would argue Bob it will be your thoughts on this that he's making an excuse. For otherwise bad behavior and M that bad behavior of course as well documented here. Is in Kansas City has run ins with the law. What's your take on Matt the argument that he's just trying to make an excuse for his already well known bad behavior. Well I think that bogus because we have gone back say it was the first interview he didn't like it here at each sat down about half hour just in talking to. You noted is bidding he did law knowing what realizing. Basically saying I won't forget the that a change rhetoric he never once you CP at that makes you sir you know concussion that excuse. For his behavior off the field should eat at the very angry and doesn't know how we got that way. It became a very angry god that what he's saying and that's why did when light Gator that lack you know struck the woman you're he'd he'd never ever use that as an excuse. He says sometimes. He cannot stop what they described in this story as this whole feeling like incredible Hulk. He said he noticed himself one time staring at a friend feeling it growing urge to punch him. Almost in a heartbeat he went from sociable and joyful too deeply angry. And violent frightening. At least this time only himself and he says once like and that it cannot stop it and it comes out of nowhere. He's really not going forward Maarty he's kind of hold it steady job. It you'd at least it dispute that nobody knows this was the first time he told the US civil Eric mar Morton the first part will be. At 637. Left in the second part of the seven breach Marlins extent. On the streets of Miami couple yours ago. And now we've been able to find a job. It is foundation deal as the daughter spends time with her like a lot of the he was talking about that from the conversation at the reception I got. I don't. Like that. Aren't right. He said he was selling Avon. To questions here. Hey what happened all the money he made when he was playing football. Do you blow and be what is he doing now. Well I had about that if you broke Andy has dealt but I don't happen much. Used to. Like struggle. At the bottom of the bottle get it because you know. That's how you cope. You know at and so he did what all this money right now. He wore you down in Florida what was that foundation did it basically trying to educate kids in the churches that would like grow up and things like. You reaching back at it back out the you'd be out that. A guy that hired reminding deep in this opportunity to help others it ended it by helping others he's helped themselves. I think I think we're a good spotlight guys I acting you know just rode him like what he set up a couple of months or actually it does he. Today that is a couple of months you'll it would have been able would you bet your community that back bank. It's leaked out this job bound you know the spread the that it can't help but there's a lot to offer give back he's in you can help people with your story that aren't start telling it didn't. It burst or talk to kids like greats who works like that down at Florida. About being in the NFL player how to handle. As you live in Florida now I am Adam. That's it was six in sports the yours mark 630 and then the second half. 730 tomorrow thanks earnings Bob talk to you you got to get it you. He. Says he sometimes dropped 50000 dollars in one night torching his savings. But now he says he has enough money for his daughter's college. And for himself to get by and not a good mark of France got. How do you blow through that much money. When a 1001000 dollar loan. Nor I knows now isn't that the entire. Subject of one of the thirty for thirty's I think it's called broke. They didn't hire documentary. On. Athletes who have in famously lost how do you blow through fifth 101000 dollars. Because I think it's the same thing with the powerball winners Scott who. Immediately come into a large sum of money and mind blowing sum of money and and you think it's going to last forever. And it doesn't. He signs. In 2007 he signed a contract with achieves that included nineteen million in guaranteed money. But the government takes half. Which. You by a couple of houses. You buy a couple of hot cars you know it just it took almost excusing it I'm not but if you go that route. And you go nuts when you come into a large sum of money when you've had nothing or very little before. I capsule look. We see how it. Arrives at 677. To tell me ask you see hammer out a government. That's right. He lost. In Maria things. Got your posse. Past each. While he spent that it was I watched that thing on MTV about it. He built this house and spent more on the pool. Than most people spend on my three harris'. Because there was never it was never gonna stop this this flow of money was never gonna stop you had two hits man it stops fast. Hammer time and too legit to quit that's remember every. We're into that house was white German of that white I mean furniture floor walls ceiling. And then gone. You have to its. 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For its original base MS RP the only deduct for mileage manufacturer incentives and India damaged. Let them turn upside down in the right side up with your upside down on your payment. Go and see my friends at Volkswagen of Lee's summit technical slightly summit just off for seven in overrode. Till you wanna see Dana's car. Then during. People reminding us. And I think this a lot of athletes but they're saying it was not necessarily. Larry Johnson and by the way we have posted that it's. Article on Oliver social media platforms I think it's a fascinating read that he did not come into. Professional. Sports. As a poor man that his father and I didn't know this yet that's what I coach at was at Penn State. Or can he didn't come from poverty. And so they said he would have had to. Money coming in I wasn't a millionaire coming and I'm guessing. Other people are saying they think this is a mental health more mental health disorders and CTE I think it's really he's always had some demons and I have it's really easy for people buoyancy tee on. Am and I'm not excusing or diminishing those who have it. Because Scott that this thing was CTE that you have to believe. When it comes to the lawsuits and the fighting with the NFL to release this data. You have to remember. It wasn't the players. Driving that fight Tino was. What the players was about one doctor. It was the wives and it was the wives and and if you have not seen that documentary league of denial can not urge you enough to watch that. And the women that they've interviewed who have been married to d.s man for thirty years forty years. It's very depressing and very sad and they say they have watched their loved ones go from. A fully functioning. Healthy adults who you know. A brain that resembles mashed potatoes. Johnson was born in palm fret Maryland. One of three children. His father is a former high school vice principal. High school football coach former defensive line coach at Penn State and current defense of line coach at Ohio State University. So he did not come from poverty. In fact if anything. Upper middle class to lower upper. Yes well someone wrote an I remember when he signed that big contract he went out and bought a blu Gotti which I believe is like a two million dollar car. They you know it's less. I don't wanna say it's what all athletes do but it's what a lot of athletes do when they get that first big contract their young. Their mail out and they want that car you know this is almost. A little squirrel here I. Now does that that if you handed me six million dollars tomorrow. The first thing I would do is go by vehicle car. Which would you buy two million Gotti no. Now it's not an athlete saying and this is going to come off sounding sexist but I think maybe it's a man thing is a young. Male. Thing will be going to open arms and have a penis I think of mice and your high school and if you handed him today. A million dollars just here's a 1000000 dollars I am telling you I am certain the first thing he would do the first thing. Would be a lot by some ridiculous tar. He's an excellent wouldn't ridiculously high and very high car. That my daughter now. My daughter would not do that million dollars. That's interesting because yes every guy knows there's I don't care how old. My son is no sign of idle right now today you've got you know two million dollars what do you do like Lamborghini. He's nine years earlier is it a little teeny a. That my eleven year old we were driving yesterday and there was a card that turned in front of us it is. And it was shiny just tell you it was bread. And it was a sports car he news and make the model and he goes. All I just you know what that is my. I'd never even heard this thing it's a guy thing it must be nice deck of that yeah I said you had me I'm out. I mean me in 1959 drop top Cadillac right now and it was like a Lamborghini it was something like that some fine career you know well. Shoot in and I guarantee there's a man behind the wheel car and known that there is car. In 2005. He ran for 1750. Yards. With a five point two average and twenty touchdowns. Act. The next year 1789. Yards. And seventeen touchdowns. This guy could have been. A hall of Famer could have been. But it weighed too many off field problems. Britain's got the on CT is a lot like the climate change desires CTE Israel ended as per I don't know and will you know I wanna I wanna clarify. You believe CTE is Rhea abs so you're saying you're not sure if it's an excuse for Larry Johnson's behavior in this case I don't know that thing is. There's no way to know we won't know until he dies. I'm not saying CT is not real I believe. Jimmy Graham that seat TE Israel Aaron Hernandez Junior Seau. I believe CTE does exist and and I think it's probably more pervasive. Then a lot of us really know I mean even grant each casting. The women's soccer right Starr has all ready donated her brain to signs she's still breathe it. Because she thinks she has CT. And don't you want to know. They have there are times I wonder society don't we wanna know that brandy testing has seen TE. For all of that the girls growing up enjoying the sport that you love I would wanna know they're there are times I think I've had perhaps it. The problem was CG I've always said this is they cannot explain nor I I don't believe they ever be able to explain. Why some players. Even in the same family. Get it badly and some. Do not and we had a local case. And I and I don't wanna complete the two cases because there too and they're both very sad. Where one of the Brothers played longer played college alum and his younger brother was the one that was diagnosed after death. With one of the worst cases of CT union person I've ever seen an equity was 24 and a college player of the Brothers are surviving brother said. I took. More hits and worse hits now for a longer Riordan he did and he has this and I feel fine. How how do you know and why. Am. Into the new Xoom when we get back by the way America. And I heard Jamie went to target of the store earlier today it's fast and it is America a nation of workers. New research finds that. Answer might very well be yes. Don't forget we are at 54 street grill and bar and liberty. This Friday. Just a couple of days right off I 35152. In liberty I know it's certainly consumes earned and ruins left by exit. Two to force or grill bar this Friday love to see there to the misery Caremark. 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