Whatever Happened to Tawnya? Parts 3 & 4

The two concluding chapters of our story about a teenager's 1996 murder in a small town, and the plea for witnesses to come forward.

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15 year old Tonya rite of Spring Hill disappeared the night of December 7 1996. Or skeletons found in a town cemetery the following June. After the case went cold Jeff McDonald was hired his private detective. And after dozens of interviews he's developed suspects and a mode of a teen rivalry for a boy's attention. I also believe there's a possible secondary motive for just. Evil you know you you meet a person on the and that's a great person but. There's evil and and every now and then you see it. Jeff calls the girl's the mastermind of boy he believes is involved in the cavity. He thinks they grabbed Tonya as she walked home late at night just says the mastermind the heavy and two other girls have avoided responsibility ever sense sometimes making a series to throw others off. Their trail they've had seven months to groom the story in case the bodies found because they know where the audience there was a fake communication and police still on Tonya had run away and then there was a phone call that came in that said well in this is Tonya I'm an oval park I'm OK tell my dad I'm okay. This is just a lot of diversion going on. And Tonya was dead when that call came in time his parents conduct of their own search your mother is Laurie who lived in Arizona then and still lives. It just went premiered trying to. Put flyers down because of phone calls. Everything. On his dad frank I think somebody can easily break open the case and. Anybody involved glued to their team knows it. Somebody out there I was reject a lot of protest. Believes his suspects have deliberately implicated innocent people suggest in the cobra was so popular boy in Spring Hill high moral wild character of the mastermind new in the nearby town. Just found an online message thread between the mastermind and the heavy from several years ago that. Sent to one anyone page back and forth FaceBook. Dialogue between when I say the mastermind in the heading and just says it's full of half a big series diversions and red herrings basically either. They're trying to exonerate themselves thirteen years later after them. Killing. Back in 1996 and to the present day the mastermind has maintained she was a good friend to Tonya just doesn't biased. You appeared to look like you're searching for them that in reality. You need your doing everything. To distract and divert attention away from you and your trying to put it on other people. The interview the heavy in his late thirties his health is not the best he lives with his mom he's a decent guy a little bit lazy. Does a whole lot of talk and Idaho and assess a whole lot enough sun straight answers few and far between and Jeff says the heavies mom played the same games he started tell me the same story I'd just turn the recorder just analysis. I see what you're doing here you're not trying to help Jeff talked to a woman who had a baby and an eight year relationship with them having she says he was secretive about his past she was never introduced to anything or anybody that he really had anything to do it in Springfield is reached out to other people close to the situation and if you gave in this disarm everybody's willing to. Take a few moments talking about this case in any way shape or form. But this girl will not we're not answer taxed. A phone call seasoned detectives at the Johnson county sheriff's office were not able to break the mastermind or the heavy. They've both been through polygraphs the mastermind seemed even to have fun with one of the first thing she wanted to tell the polygraph examiner. Is that she had an IQ. I'm 138 point five. Mean she was she's trying to set the home that hey I'm pretty Smart here when we come back we'll talk about a kind hearted friend to help restart the investigation into time and his murder. And we'll look for ways to move forward remarkable boy and his 9801 KN BC news. And it's. 22 years after Tonya knight's death to fifteen year old pretty girl from Spring Hill is anything but forgotten her family maintains a FaceBook page called justice for Tonya. Still ask people to come forward and turn the killers in Johnson county sheriff's office on his mother and Arizona allowed her to move to the small town producer Dan. Need to know what happened is as urgent as it ever was. I guarantee you that know the people responsible. Lorries former boss and good friend Stephen ray heard the stories about Tonya over the years Stephen's wife got involved and said. As the case is John called why not hire a private investigator. That was beyond lorries mean so the rays and business partner David Artis zoo pony dumping cash. She does when each side dead ending its partner in her business yeah it was going to do. Put up the money regarding detective. And they can also put up 101000 dollar reward. Which meant a lot to Lori. It made me feel it somebody else you're really geared into. About the end I can't find. To try to help you find closure. Enter private detective Jeff McDonald he thinks the folks in Arizona found him through his website. He's been helping his clients find people and the truth from more than two decades. And you're twenty years behind need all hearing hearing gets a late start trying to figure out what's going on. Johnson county sheriff's office in just a lot of access to their evidence jets spent days going over photographs videotapes of interrogations. Polygraphs true. Danny had a tracked down sixty or seventy interviews heart of the problem too is every person to locate. We know they moved twenty years ago so where are they today just discovered the two main suspects he tells the mastermind and the heavy. May have been trying to throw option investigation before and after the discovery of Tonya skeleton and all these years people worst. Throwing rumors outlaw she's a she's pregnant man. And she went at this point are all she's living in a trailer. He and Gardiner. When he showed up unannounced at to have these home he found 38 year old man who didn't look well. Living with his mom and capable of pulling down a job. Like he's got health issues. I believe they're related to this case you know I'm I think hissed in the stomach and everything else is just turning him out. Can chew him out. And the mastermind a girl who claimed to be Tonya is dear friend and Jeff suspects of selling up to killing she's married three daughters of her own living several states away. She's not talking just specs jealousy over a boy is the motive or maybe something even more sinister he remembers from an old Johnny Cash song. Shot a man in Reno just to watch him die or AB there were something here component of hey lets just Peter out or let's. In almost ever let's do something just to see what it feels like when his left here is a couple of broken hearted parents. Some people say there's no such thing disclosure Laurie would like to test that experience for herself. Here's people I under the nose like cameras. I didn't Green Day risk comes forward. On his father frank living in the country between Ottawa and wells Phil says he knows there are people who know what happened to Tonya. People who are now pushing supporting and protecting themselves or are protecting the kids they ran around with back in the ninety's. For whatever reason I stormed our. They need to change their iron and just getting. This stage to being its broad range. Jeff wants people to call the sheriff's office or they can call him. You never know how would tiny seemingly unrelated factors can affect the case. Just web site is Kansas City detective dot com is there's some little inside I'm missing here. These are some friend of a friend of our friends. That we need to toxin mark little boy there's 91 JMB easy.