What would it take for you to change your mind on Trump?

Midday with Jayme & Wickett
Thursday, May 18th

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AA is ten a sex I like I am not well today. I'm not sick I'm nine. I don't have any serious issues going on the. On revisit history here for yeah. Yesterday this is it. That you mentioned you Travis were debating about whether to go to see the chain smoker's right. A sprint center LA Michael summed did was made me about going out on week nights I see a concert in school. And I said I would go see a concert I'm not. With this and I know probably out on a weeknight but it has to be worth it. I got a bit of grief for being the one that state in last night asked about it hasn't time at a dinner to block a nice outside grief came from me. Doing great today. She. Picked. Up. I'm not gonna lie it was rock that is costly if it wasn't for my wife. Telling me to get out of bed today at 830 at 83 normally I'm you and I are here well be worried Third Reich. But today. If anyone has a hang over cure I drink I had some water a banana it's and Tyler at all. If anybody as a take over here now contracts. Travis did you go dress you are you know I thought he was going. All I. I definitely would have gone on all. There were seats next to was available. I think that there are hot. Well you weigh it doesn't amount needed to to break as much as you do ahead now only we. Just gone. Hi we went to a new pizza place over guys call home slice a hunk severed fifteenth in grand and week. We drink copious amounts of beer there hot and then went over to. Sprint setter. And drink copious amounts throughout the night until they cut you off at 10 o'clock whatever they yup. And then I would think. Let's go home. Yes wife. It's not thinking the same thing your youth who does not have to do a talk says certain o'clock in the morning to whose job responsibilities are different to get to sit at a desk all day basically shutting her door doesn't necessarily she's also the boxing can make some decisions about what time she chooses to get to work in the morning there's a good chance she's still asleep. So we went to flying saucer. Which is a bar downtown and bend to the after party. Did you get how might like it. To. All keep going. Hit it I'm not you know I'm not liking it I will not lied Kansas city Iowa I will not lighting you or you column by the time my alarm went off this morning. At 430. Hold yes oh my god yes. I'd I don't in this. We're running on some fumes here today so at least everybody he's belittled nice today. And I happen. Mostly because DeVon while we're starting out talking yeah I know we'll get to that on the could studio right now it's darker than normal we got a shot as part way. I'm it was hot about this morning I took my sunglasses off and did not Wear those on the walk between a parking lot the front door. Little tight which it was gonna be done for the studio I had usable all four hour we shades down so there fully they're fully downs and I I was turned the lights off in the studio that's got through the day that I went too far that might be able to fly out of one allows a dark and yeah. So you hang over yours right now. 2290. Tweet about it yeah look at Matt has called it like Travis use your over a lot. Like. How often are you want to overwork. The Mondays are normally pretty brown asked if Monday's. Is Travis but the two slightly different responsibilities here but Travis is younger and can bounce back a lot better than my old asking you. That is good point I normally honestly honestly I don't normally go out on school nights while. I never receive like Dennis weakened for a while and I never see you play not only and you see me in on Saturday at different things I glad. I've taken part and that which you operate on weekends when neither as a wake up in the morning and we both crash right annually Clark. So I feel free texting and and let us know what we don't have beer here for Penn to write I can't start drinking again that's not an opt out until 130. Dole's ad do you agree with you the textures I've even opened its eyes allotment of the and football media life. He had to remind you brought a cart he had he Iowa I'm happy and on economic news I mix it with my Gatorade. And many people are suggesting I had a Gatorade on the right is greasy food like big Mac McDonald's. Fountain code in my mind weird when I say this when I'm hung over or by but I'll the night before in my weird when I don't want to eat the next day like I I do not eat the next day guys you not eat like your drinking guy. Ninety minutes and party problem and you concerns that they can absorb all along the way we had some pizza both forehand Diaz yeah but you. Don't like you know because I am going price. Or. And I I I will say this is the most hung over I've been since you and I started last August oh. This is the most hung over I don't know saying gas that you and I Wear since you and I've been together so I want to apologize to Kansas City to be fun oral I'm I'm. Funny you know I like I do you want to apologize to you and Travis and every listener that we have. It may have a game today are excited I had I love you wicket hug helps I'll bow thank you bro what your wife isn't here yet to do that I'll do that at that against you but I wrestled I consider attacks no response yet she's still asleep she's still as your boss you know I mean zero I can I can imagine Mel's response really you would might. You're not out there otherwise you really would have a ban like seriously banned forever from hanging out our outlets. He's got a sign there's no way. If viewers toggle over at you wouldn't come home a little inebriated last night like this melodies like you Mike and all the time right now. The law might have had a different view that I just told the boss he was laughing like this should be a good show asked her. This will be wonderful day and by the way the chain smokers showed Travis very very good it was exactly what I expected they put all there it's Paris itself the all the it was good it was good what attacks Fareed is right I know this is a day where you're gonna take this kind of and I tried to bring it up. How did you get to work if you wrote sort of front lip tartan out Gobi rate a Republican. That's coming up at 107 that he. A lot of water and salt chips burger pizza Fries tomato juice whatever assault retain fluids I love salt when I'm on Albert. I will look like I'll go downstairs and rush half a bag of potato chips. Are like in the. The the idea whom you have somebody needs to do runs electrically or something that they do. Biscuits and tougher brackets we can get a big greasy sandwich big chicken increasing amount of stuff bring it from from six lions' biscuit eater Reinemund Donald's side and so did you still drunk and possible. I hope not. I'm about you is that you have been totally honest about it all I want I blocked it did not I don't think you're going to the concert so I got a text at 845. Saying. I'm a little slow this morning yeah I'm on my way out I am I running a little slow movements I drank too much of it. Aimed at times at which he five things would you like me to give you grief for first no I just I locked in sunglasses came up late Jamie I this is not gonna be a good day yeah. There is an at extra Tabasco firm's track bloody marys these days and I need in this. It is Travis. Yeah you know let me yeah. Oh and and by the way I'm just gonna foreshadowed 24 hours from now I'm going to the royals game tonight out gee please don't drink tonight can we can can you go team. And not I'm being picked up at 330 for a tailgate. Honest to goodness don't work tomorrow. I try to highlight my rating I doubt in the hall I will be much more responsible two nights but the problem for you and for the good of Kansas City are still an out of yesterday's haze so I needed now at the very least you're not get a lot of sleep I'd just Brady for tomorrow I can I'll be here. I'll be here I don't hear a better a lot earlier than I was today six Ers. So I don't know I. Read it they elders are we on that they cut you off the seventh inning anyway so good that. That stopped you last night that didn't they cut you off at 10 o'clock allegedly that did not stop laughs Noll and I again. I'm sorry to all the Kansas City Mike Crawford today I promise you won't go anywhere after the game I will look like this tomorrow morning. Double the gavel aiming I mean Ellen's right here and she can smell the boos coming off of the sides and so. Like OK every tax me at 4 o'clock in the morning and text Brady at 4 o'clock in the morning and say not I can't do it organ. I got this. But him. Protestant what are we talking about next and you ask me that doesn't that surely the minister ideally I now know what we're talking about NASCAR and and this'll this'll really get people in all seriousness it might be wicket facing off against all of you here for a bag of an amended everybody's ends. I I might captain I might have to mediate some fights on but. The story of the of the day and we don't do this for op. Margaret we can't not do it on a day like today is the fact that we now have a special counsel appointed. To investigate the connection and the influence that the Russians had over the 2016 presidential election and what role. President trumps that campaign might have had in that influence on the fact that that was announced after we got here yesterday is the number one trending topic in the universe right now. And we have to talk about coming up next and so one of the questions that we have for you as. On both sides of this if you are somebody that it admittedly is in favor of or is admittedly against president trump kind of on principle or based on your breezed in party wise. Take for you to flip at this point what is now we have the former director of the FBI. In charge of this investigation who has a whole lot of authority and power to prosecute whatever he feels needs to be prosecuted. What he need defined for you to say okay we've got a serious problem here. I think it's an interesting conversation to get into a new what are your commute 5767798. Texted 22980. Whether you're all about investigation or you think the investigation is frivolous and pointless what. We'll take you out president Ron's been tweeting about it today will cite some of what he had to say and may agree with that maybe you agree with this being the witch hunt the greatest witch hunt ever as the presidents. Tweeted this morning. If you agree that's fine but let's. About 5767798. What is it you're going to need to hear in this investigation for you'd change your mind in the tropical we situation 767798. It's mid day with Jamie wicket. It's midday with Jamie I'm kinda hear tale wickets wickets snot out of him this year I'm I'm I'm pacing. Technicals Dexter and KM BZ. One came easy B David Jamie wicket. Coming up next hour an interesting conversation about thinks that you may start to get charged for when you're on a plane. Or you think you'd be willing to pay for on a plane somebody actually studied dance one of the things that I know meal little bit and that's for sure the littler ones into August. Really bother you although I wouldn't be willing to pay for those or make someone else paper anyway. What askew what would make you more comfortable on the plane and appoint you spend ten or fifteen bucks to be more comfortable with the. So last night we post a video. But 9 o'clock every night and it's of what you know we're gonna give you a preview organ he'd be talking about the next night in promotions over FaceBook page we posted. And what questions. Honestly I tightness up regardless. And and this is amazing because I'd know the tax line is already venomous. And all I did was throw this question up and it's at regardless of which side your on what would it take treaty change your opinion on the trump called me situation. Whether or whether your approach property or anti trump what would you wanna hear in this special counsel. That's going to be investigating. This whole thing went what what is it you would need to hear and just that the vitriol. The vitriol on the FaceBook page is amazing. We're the tax I assume it I don't wanna open this up with you Jamie Ent and have a conversation. From the pro troopers and the anti robbers. What what is it you want to actually see. That would make you believe that if your anti Tron what would it make what would it take to make you change your mind. It's all. Okay for you to admit that this president can do you know Ron. Because that's the feeling that I'm getting from people is that listen if if and if you can not admits the seriousness. Of the fact that now a special counsel and and Robert Mueller served under a Republican presidents and a democratic president as FBI director. And is known for not caring about politics too much in and doing the job that he is supposed to do so this is the right guy for the job. If you can not admit the seriousness. Of the fact that this has happened and how air. This is bad in our history that I think you are one of those people that thinks that the president can do no wrong and that's O eight you're not alone. I just want you to own up to. Because for the last eight years. There were a lot of people that Bob Barack Obama could do know for sure because you don't want to admit that you were wrong perhaps in a choice that you made in your vote for president or maybe you're not wrong. Maybe this is just a fault of of the person. I don't think it matters where you stand politically honest. On this is. I couldn't believe yesterday and we joke lately that at 440 in the afternoon as Lebanese have edited it did this was what happened yesterday afternoon in his investigation on. And he'll have the power Robert Waller we'll have the power at broad authority EU. You can't put a guy in this position limit what he's allowed to do them on. And I I credit the justice department for taking this step it's it says something on. And perhaps about the confidence the term administration that there was no wrongdoing but it says something that they were willing to take a stop to think most people agree. They you don't want your president. To be involved in anything nefarious write what I mean I act if you know anything about Mike Pence about our vice president Democrats if you're hardcore Democrat you should not want president trump impeached because my parents become your president. And he is far more conservative and far more Republican president trump as high as. How what was the Dow down yesterday three for the Dow at the Wall Street had its worst day yesterday since September. Some of us have money in retirement accounts and would like that money to stay there and and and grow. No it it's not good for anybody. Further to be trouble like this with the president. You know it as as someone who is openly not a fan of of the president. What would it take for me to change my opinion of this hold trump Colby Russia investigation. Each I I'd like to see that memo if I'd like the memo from from James Scully that is out there I'd like to see that read that. So to you if Robert Mueller comes back and says there was no collusion there was no connection between the trump campaign and Russia during the election and there was no influence is that enough for you. Yeah I think so well I think what should satisfy everybody if if you know the investigation shows there was no connection them that is on is nothing else surfaces that her dad. 5767798. Is there anything regardless of what side you're on an NE. Maybe you're on on on president Trump's side in your trump supporter. But this is kind of raise an eyebrow for you that's OK too you know right it's also okay to admit it. And sang your saying you voted for the wrong person but San voted for I support him based on the information I had at the time. I still support him as my president but this looks this looks fishy sucked Tracy in south Casey's Tracey or 91 came easy. I write you in the morning green than a little slow. I'm I I'm. Lending rate saying I that the rules at treaty. A. I injected did get a you know I honestly I am a supporter I'm out order I would their supporter of the very very. Debate when he would be only one that got its stand on that stage and say. No I Obama. I will not tell you who aren't going to yell at it I cannot back out to support whoever the nominee because I don't know who that is and I don't support. Summit between port I was impressed to see someone with a well. Quite frankly. I mean. This whole. Rush cronies are all saying I personally think that it is R&R block. In the U trying to engage our front but they cannot assure them that because there are. Hey you know I welcome that special investigation I really like a rat. Wore a light just like. Italy Iraq are a lot of people who are going going on here. I'm but the one that really rattled and really aren't concerned. Is the fact that. Back. Like you said the trio in this country is unsustainable. Level. And it probably opt for it won't derail it really true it. Com. And scares me that if there's an unwarranted attempt at impeachment. Like it there and I'm not impeachable. And they push for an impeachment. They're going to spark a civil war. But here are your you're okay with the the investigation that it has to happen to your mind. I I okay with the integrity I think it's a good thing. It would vindicate. Trop I mean I mean ultimately yeah I would hope that more people that support president Tron. Think like you because it's what you want if you have nothing to hide and if he did nothing wrong this shows that. The great enemy I mean and there are and they with vocal Tracy thank you for your honesty and and I think that's of them. I can't I would I would think that's a common. Idea and it's it's what you want. On if you support president trump and you think that I I don't know what you have to base that and I don't know what you know that we don't that that Russia didn't have an influence on the election. But if that's what you believe then you want Robert Mueller to dig everywhere and turn up everything he confined. And do everything he can in the investigations of the that way afterward you can settles is out. We'll get to the rest your calls Tracy thanks for yours Greg and Jim and JT we wanna hear from you. What would it take for you change your mind or are you cool this investigation both sides trump supporters and on trump supporters 5767798. Text in 2290. And 34 midday with Jamie and what can I 91 K and easy I think I've lost what I don't know where you left the city token back at some point hopefully he is OK if you'd heard top of the so he's. Recovering events from a concert that he went to last night. We are taking your calls and your tax at teaching ninth zero or 5767798. We are talking about the big a story on Twitter right now which is the fact that Robert Mueller. Who was former director of the FBI. For quite awhile under a couple of different illustrations has been named as these special counsel to investigate. Any potential links between president Trump's campaign and Russia and the influence or mayor or may not a ban. On the 2016 presidential election and so we're asking you what that investigation need to turn opera are also outside your on. Free to change your mind if you're against president trump what you wanna see that investigation fine and if you support hand you have to be investigations us 576 sevenths. The 98 text into 2980. Let's go to Greg writes Allan Gregg your 91 came BZ. Slobodan. And Charlotte NC god don't always agree with you a good bit since they have. Ali aspect or I may appreciate that. You know how welcome investigation that and we all (%expletive) because it over the hill that truth for. The Americans to really wanted to know what was it for what it's all this in and out for like you don't mind could not close to a year. The problem is. You have people who are very reputable if I play is already telling. The mayor at opposite but put up a by the Democrat sent there is no real evidence here but he a lot of taxpayer money on investigation. In the collusion is in the media is not really what the the Russian involved in this election there what. It is just a lot of moving parts I've people who work on the hill. And their identity certificate same state to watch those type that. What book but the liberal media and the uncertainties deep packet or I'd the other fight each other. I don't peace deal you a paper. I think in her poem has been played. Ask you something and how do you know. How do you know what no one else knows witches because you're you're pretty certain that that Russia had no influence on election how do you now. Well. People don't realize we. Not that the US the US that do a lot of business with the Russians either directly or directly in it should not very common knowledge but. We're talking circuit that you can look up every that you wish. To know about our interactions with an article about the project that didn't that didn't. Bright aggressive it was a one piece epicenter like we have in the Silicon Valley in PayPal and it is right behind it no matter what are. But you have to look at India expelled. If it properly educate kids we're also voter. Because it just slipped into the media he would both sides he really. It is the point that he makes a good when Jamie is is. Is listen to both sides well for sure that's what I would tell most people but the problem is that most people just listened to that which they wanna hear very few people well consume the media of the side I don't believe and that's true. But to that I would say if that was common knowledge we witness at a special counsel appointed president from just would have pulled out all the media reporting or not or he would have pulled out the evidence that he has. Instead of playing special counsel thinks the phone call Greg I was watching that Bernie Sanders John Kasay it was supposed to be a debate but it turned into a bipartisan slam session on president trump. Any case it actually said something the Republican governor of Ohio we said take ten minutes to read something we don't agree with which I think is of as a great lesson for everyone like. If you. Leading Hartley. Read some things on Fox News and read some things maybe that's all right sites but I'll I'll I'll give Fox News look credibility and if you car. A die hard conservative. Watch Rachel Alpert ten minutes and try to understand the other side like I. I think there's something valuable. I no longer expect that now and I just down and that's cool. I'd just point out how we have CNN and Fox News on year. Per reason. I didn't realize meet their goals there's two screens of Paul right in on TV it's very interesting to see done. Two critically watch and you compare what the headlines are and how they re a socket JT in Kansas City JT you're next up an 81 KM BZ. That quietly on the ship and it an open topic because I'm an ardent strong supporter but I actually voted. Obama in his first term because dot chain will need about we're going in the right direction. But there was so much in. You know again trying to open up everything in trying to be. A socialist. Country better. Everywhere. Except in the end everything can be and the benefit in the country we have to reach out to. You know countries that do promote as you know terrorism but at the fact that. Track this saying yes it would be an independent counsel present good. Not not just Republicans and Democrats that. Let public. What you're comes back. And showed that that may be in contact but there was no illusions are not think that question David that. Trying to get into the wind out. That is mitigated by. Republicans and Democrats in the public sector. Now have an understanding that OK now let's start supporting the guys who wants the rebuild America and its right to put America first. And the president trying to you know read other countries we had to rebuild our country. Well be the 100% agree with it this investigation turns up whatever it turns up it will give Republicans Democrats and understanding. I'll only disagree with via because zip code to rebuild America. Is okay. It is okay. London where. Yes but when you say I I think this is this is since the election. I think it's. We are divided. There's a mood right now there's a morale problem right now and it's not the first time in history we've had it we've got it now. And yeah I think that what whatever the investigation shows hopefully. At least clears up any doubt that we put out what I. Hope is whatever the end result of dissent in this special counsel whatever the investigation. Comes up and it to JT's point I would her percent agree. I would like to think that what ever the result is we believe in Muller right we believe in im getting this this done right. Everything he's the guy for the job you know he is he led the FBI for a long time it was under a Democrat and a Republican and he is widely known. For not really caring about politics for doing what he thinks is right and doing his job and I think the problem is let's say we find out trump colluded with Russia and it was worse than everybody thought. The Republicans won't agree with it. It struck supporters will believe that the Republicans are cock slide and vice Versa right if it comes out that that truck had nothing to do in Russia had nothing to do with that he was Scot free. Democrats won't believe that you know are gonna say it did look hard enough or I don't believe it. Is the problem that's the question we're asking him you know if the report comes out one way or the other. Will that satisfy let's talk to like Jimmy north Casey junior an 81 KM BZ. Oh. You're going or. Are you look at more than Hillary or Conservative. Party by their. I get up early at the that you are questions first. The collision. What actually on EE. Is a look at a need to know. I think that's what the investigation is SI am. So it I guess the question at what Russia actually done to include the a that they actually by. California and big war that they actually do that what trump electric bill law in the popular. So you would you like some evidence. Don't we all agree it's a great point I like we hear that. And thank you for raising that we hear that term a lot collusion and influence but I I'm an act of people that wants to know what. Actually and I hope we don't find this out I hope this is considered classified a river and hope this gets released publicly. What what what was it exactly and and cook made a difference in the outcome of the election I think that's what I wanna regardless of what they did. Or didn't you but couldn't have made an influence in our president as an ethic of that we avenue problem occur because the question. Will be was rushing hacking in Bora holding. You know on her emails and probable election result and ended that it push towards WikiLeaks wreck over the final six weeks of the election and boom boom boom boom. That's that's the question. 7677. And eight thinks the focal. Sucked a berth in Roland park in 91 came easy ever. You know what I make it all out I am running around. When I look at that issue. The only thing it. He would be your. Scratch already at a CEO. I don't know what it should go way way. It. Put its corporate. He he blamed on output. And GAAP. Now what the effect I know it not bright and actually. Much. 1000001 guy beat. So much home. Well it not look like we are going to be out of that to be like going. Birtley of the vocal. I've been and we backs I'm just gonna disagree or bad or good point inhale it it's OK that's your point of view or or if that's what you our. Life has shown on if your insurance premiums of god yes I do failure. That is a failure out previous president him on. But I and I'm not gonna say Iran on facts that I have in front I mean we're not heading towards a Third World country. We're not. Just drive drive to a subdivision NC three cars in every garage and every crying racism before racism was not a new phenomenon under President Obama. There just like it's not a new phenomenon now you can't blame president from authority and so some people are accurate about I 767798. What would it take for you to change your mind on the truck only situation whether on one side or the other. We haven't heard from liberals or tech's final event or not we're not get them and call. Get the Jambo get to Tom wanna hear from you next it's May Day with Jamie wicket what would it take for you to change your mind on the trump Russia told me that whole situation. Both sides we welcome and open conversation here on midday I 91 came easy anyone KM BZB David JB like it's. So late Thursday. Today I can't sheets as Wednesdays ago and I'll ever know the day of the week. All idea and today that series and that is wrong and it's obviously that's it's true my buddy John dissent it's actually but gobble and go to the royals game today. John responsible Donna I met John and Vegas. John has your baby the father of two congressionally seized on can you please insurer that wicket doesn't drink heavily and you please make sure he is not like this tomorrow not gonna lie in the interest of a beverage line on a Friday. Can you tie you in charge of hand I know giant like John I trust John good guy dons a big guy with two young kids and counting pleased. Please look out for me in the situation where public what it was kid's ass just like did your children. 5767798. We're taking your calls right now what would it take for you to change your mind whether you're Democrat or you're Republican with a your trump supporter or your nodded from supporter. It's a good open conversation gravity here. What would take treaty change your mind what do you need to see out of the special counsel are excellent parents I've read any tax on minor teaching ninth zero. We're pretty good cross section in a we're not buy it but let me read psalm that might represent a cross section we were to be getting them. Somebody's. I'm not trump supporter Russian metal in our election I don't advocate got in the win there's no conclusion as pars meddling in a vote but there's inappropriate relationships. Between tribes businesses and his people behind that is corporate greed I think that's why he won't release tax returns. And because he is stubborn. That's long tax on tax items one once I don't think I don't think got him the win but it influence of people book look Hillary were in the worst campaign ever she gave up on Michigan Wisconsin think in she had those things in on lockdown didn't fight for Ohio gave that up I mean there isn't an electoral votes right there you know what at this point. It's all opinion we now we have no idea this is all what we think or maybe what we hope for. Is that Russia did or did not have influence on the election we have no idea in reality I don't want. For the conclusion to be that Russia medal than our election I don't is much is that not a fan of the president and what he stands for and that's okay I don't want our election process. To be corrupt or get your browser to second but sounds more like tax what U2 lead tarred sang I went from administration is cleared and the Democrats. I think that's intentional I found guilty of conclusion of collusion with the Russian government. My answer would be thank goodness I don't know why you think anybody would want as president to be impeached again if you're if you're a Democrat. Might be president. So I don't and that aside it is not good for president to be impeached. I'd like our retirement money to be intact at some point things and lived toward dropped we're just trying to invite people of all all political allegiance here and it admirals as a is that liberals can't column because more work we're not retired oh come. 5767. And a guys. I gym and shot he's been hang in Jimmy I 91 came BZ Jim what would it take for you to change your mind one way or the other on trumpet call me. Well I'm I'm anxious to it is to. Find out information and I'm OK whatever they come up when I'm fort. I'm not fort trying to but I look for Hillary it's hard. Ballot but Latin and shoot baskets. What people think about all the elections around the world -- United States is tried in excellence and that that in the bother Americans we've done that other. Agree most people know that though great I don't know if most people realize that and and and also I'm I'm fairly educated and stuff like doesn't I don't know. I hear that thrown around a lot but I don't again I don't know exactly what that means what do we do exactly. What some of the information has been that we actually got it and tried to assassinate people that we ought. In power. I mean that that that that's a lot of scandal that there is allegation that's that's a lot of allegation rate there but I I I think. Jim to your point. I think you're right I mean we have obviously throughout history tried to influence you know elections across the cut over across the globe. Let his. Agency but declared by the rules. You know we ought to police the world we find that important to be the you know the superpower of the planet is okay for her you now decide that we believe and to do stuff right but we don't like the other side does stuff on line. Let's talk to Tom and blue springs Jim banks recall Tommy on 91 KM BZ. Paid good morning good morning. I am the true supporter and I question would actually the how could that works and possibly. And while and yet look Oreo vote. So we're tired against Hillary if there was any kind of colored unit they. I'm not gonna understand the popular vote on the east the West Coast but when you couldn't elect oil Colin Howell the president chose and I don't believe there anyway it aggression. Could've won that mania Oreo. It's a great question and what we'll find out yeah I have no idea either. But I'm certainly not an expert and a Russian intelligence I I I don't think it has to do with the amount of votes like on November 8. In my opinion it has to do with. Somebody was leaking something to WikiLeaks which rated X which may that explode and and that's that's our that's the influence on the election. Because you could be right could ever but everything that came out of WikiLeaks. Was anti Hillary. For the most part in 98% of it was anti Hillary so was that information coming from one source or another that's that's why they questioned. Who got that information about the best and and Hillary he and all the emails that everybody's concerned with. Two Wiki. X that could influence public opinion. But influencing public opinion one way or the other is different from influencing the vote and the election we're talk about two different things we can throw money at Canada we could. You now oversees a week ago in an air ads for one candidate or another that sways public opinion. Well we're talking about is. The voting process. And that's what the trying to figure right. 5767798. Su in Overland Park says things are calling on anyone came easy. I want to get art and saying. Not in great shape right in the sixties and acted in Cuba not. A health care and the three car and that routine does not work because it under Obama. They weren't checking our caller I'm Turkey what it although not deeper now. Financial. Problem. You know and impeached. And Republican and I like when Clinton written in because actually I did much better. Obama no it didn't work that might make racial tensions. In during a cut with a black president. Jack. People at a different side and we reached means respecting. The rule. In police and meet the bad rap. But it deeper. Public arena. And our president. Did you a year go to court capped or something and contributed. And wrong and legal it's like which all the time that. What the problem. See what are you happy that there's going to be an actual and a special counsel this investigation he. Oh. I'd use it because if you for those of you in an arm and a view saying it that the media are indicted and and should want this investigation more than anybody. I as it'll it'll prove you you'll get settled just. So I think vocal appreciated by 767798. Let's talk to in Overland Park Rickie or 91 came easy. Actor. Reacted. The alt. Or the last lady there are you not present at they can swing vote. It doesn't matter whether people were longer not the possibility that it would rate collude. Whether we're successful at changing vote in the Electoral College. The fact that they might have there and colluding with a foreign adversary. To get this guy in office. It's unacceptable. Are you cool the investigation. Oh. I think. I'm I'm gonna guess Rick leans a little bit left and when he reversed the president is this guy but I think. If you can point if you gags at the attempts. Was there an effort. About this in the 1 o'clock hour conversation on FaceBook pay well it's a conversation on FaceBook page when it's a good conversation that people are talking. There is a conversation going on on FaceBook welcome back to this little later run its midday with Jimmy wicket. I look at our great we have agreed for the show it at 1035. The little block all it says is penis guy. Tell you know about it.