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Wednesday, December 6th

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Artist model for our. And a reminder again Dina right tomorrow 151 and Merlin from 7 AM to 9 AM it is your last chance. At that dry cleaners such a last chance to would donate coats for kids. Before Friday's finale at Dick Smith four in great town so Dana vehicle late thud tomorrow will be in great town bright. I think at time again you're gonna hear us talk about the slot because the last couple days the campaign and I always goes really quickly and then there's always this rush at the and if you got time to get through your closet next couple days I don't and if you don't have time minutes a night that's totally fine. Save the cuts for next year become donate money and we use that money to buy coats for kids that need them. Big story that broke about an hour ago concerning your Kansas City Chiefs and I think this makes a lot of people happy by 7677985767798. A phone number. Markets Peters is out for Sunday's game against the raiders. That's huge show remind us what happens. Let's just go back in the way back machine when Travis is boy Marcus Peters. After a penalty in the end zone grabbed the flag against the jets grabbed the flag and tossed it into the stands. And in in New Jersey. And it he that walked off the field because he thought he was gonna get injected he had an object in going back to the locker room came still going on. The very next play the army 82 plays later the jets scored the two point conversion they went up by seven in the chief said the football back while that's all going on Peters goes back to the locker room. And he takes the tape off of his ankles they always wrap the ankles cracked or to keep stability to keep the giggles from bending a little bit. He took the tape off via the trainer cut the tape off he took office socks he took out some of the that the Sox the Kamal went to the diesel the White Sox to come up that he's. How little padding in the air those were taken off. He returned to as the ball he was coming to an end. With no socks on just the shoes he gave his gloves. He gave them away too afraid. A lot of people felt like that was quitting on your team. And and I think a lot of people are right. Because like pouting to me like be in a baby. It really did that's my technical well harassment but that's that's the feel like I was I was pouting about it you know the frustration setting in this team was five and oh. They're not playing very well lost a bunch of games. Of the penalties were mounting up their three penalties in a row the end zone. On that drive that really hurt them and and some people would say it was pent up frustration and it was nice to see. How that ball game guard in overtime let's say Alex Smith. Throws the game tying touchdown pass to kick extra point into overtime. They would have been without. One of and you can talk all you want about the year that marks Peters had won the most important guys in this in the did did the secondary. Always find out today from. Not Andy Reid the head coach of York Kansas City Chiefs. That these suspension. Is coming on Sunday this from Torres paler. Chiefs coach Andy Reid announced Wednesday that cornerback Marcus Peters has been suspended for Sunday's game against the Oakland Raiders. Reid said quote this was something Marcus and I discussed I'm going to leave it at that Reid said he made the decision based on Sunday's game. He also said Peters will practice this week and he will lose a week's panic. In addition Peters will miss a game against his hometown team against Oakland eight and that this is even bigger this we're really should pay us. Fans off this game has playoff implications. The raiders and the chiefs. The chargers are all tied. For the AFC Wesley for the division lead and they're all tied the winner gets a home game in the playoffs. And could have applied up that probably won't happen but the it that's neither here nor there. 5767798. Has achieved span. Is that enough is that too much to lose market speeders. You can also texted at 22980. Travis walker you're buoyant markets Peter's done for Sunday affluent a mid major guy you majority laughed at this guy behaving like a baby in a jackass. But now you're you're probably. Probably upset he's going to be a bench for Sunday is the punishment fair. Objectively as fair yeah I mean sit amount. If you're going to sit him out then either do for a game or a half he decided a whole game. I don't I think Reid is obviously you have a company under teams is confident that his the next man up low will help out. But from what we've seen against the raiders sometime next man up does not work. Do you think it that they're two receivers back Crabtree and yes and mark an MR Cooper two big pieces the passing game. For the for the Oakland Raiders. I fueling this is the right punishment yeah one game seems enough to meet Al based on FaceBook and Twitter a lot of you don't feel like it's its strict enough. Etsy Ralph writes it was only a matter of time before his behavior would hurt the team is that since will certainly hurt us against the raiders wide receivers we brought it on himself. He absolutely broad and I did it out whenever he was doing or shut it. Matt writes it is time for Andy Reid's ago he has no control over this team. Especially players like Peters and Kelsey Peterson have been suspended for the rest of the year. Our cold down there are a I'll I think I think he is behaving like a jackass. But he shouldn't be suspended for the year but some people. Currently timer on had been kind of frustrate with Andy Reid and they're just don't like Andy Reid and then that. Race and he got here and I assume he's not the only NFL coach that a lot of people think should be gone every team just in now. Every team fan base Jamie has there group of people that wanna fire everybody right and so this is just a reason for them is that higher degree. And I think the outrage also comes out with how crappy the team is going to be and I've set this before starting a five you know an eagle on six and six but where were you. When Peters was shown the same reactions to the referees not throwing not throwing the flag. Where were you and you show on the same. Hot headed mentality. When he was when he led the league interception. Where were you then. Why or why towards you why orgy tell him to leaving gut the team get traded when he was do an amazing but yet now he's having along with the team. A crappy season. Missing tackles are our. On the flag over and maybe also has to do with all the nailing 20 where were you season before. They were winning right there they were losing so general I'm attempting but next year he comes have the same hot head mentality and they have a great year. All crap so sure and I we kept the west. EEU wanna count and it comes back to not only with this behavior in the game. On Friday or Sunday I should say and the mounting losses after losses and the the threat of not making the playoffs. Marcus Peters didn't stand for the National Anthem. And people around here that are very vocal like many of you one FaceBook want him cut released bench for the year. Hung in effigy. But many of you were upset about. The pro testing that was going on by NFL players in markets Peters. Was one of the only people early in the year in the NFL that was doing so I think the two combined really irk people. Up by the we what Andy Reid fired he has the highest winning percentage of any coach in Kansas City Chiefs history and why people like. Is pouring. Well reason he's boring he doesn't saint being. A lot of people think their underperforming. With when they've got Andy Reid there with the talent that they have. That they should not be losing four OR BI and somebody correct me if I'm wrong. Buddy Andy Reid. He he's been a longtime NFL coaching a lot of success in Philadelphia and he won a lot of games. Buddy Andy Reid is that guy that has never quite never won a Super Bowl Sabrina and people want one. Brent is this really talented chiefs team at least it was for the season be any any reads pouring into redid saint evening eatery doesn't show fire and after the first five weeks of the season in your read is winning. And people want guys fired because they think that that's if you fire any Reid today they're not making the play offs and out for sure it doesn't change via the into all of a sudden. Just in Houston isn't healthy and the secondary doesn't turn grade and you know that that the offensive line isn't great by firing Andy Reid he's thick at the highest win percentage. In chiefs history. 70% of his games. But people are upset because they think that between Travis calcium Marcus Peters because of control the team on. On Monday. December 18 I want I want to ask you this same question the Heidi Philip Marcus Peters after the chargers that's a game he comes back. They play Saturday December December 16. Out to be attacking meg. If there aren't hired the next day if markets Peters had a great game. Has interception has a few tackles and no how can city feels about him. It is that that was that I was listening to in my way and as a depressed or those guys that Marcus Peters need to speak to the media Europeans to respect human like him again. No market speeders to pick off three Derek our passes or three Philip river passes. Or rivers passes and then fans love him again right that's really all that matters. Their players. If you that you look at them and their players in the air customer. Could go over 22 for the royals and the second hits a home run and wins game for the royals. And in but he emits and that I remember most he had a real bid slump because you know the season. And then. He's been he's beloved later on the season when he's doing amazing he broke Elba he's right. It's a very what have you done for me after after the first five games it you re was coach of the year in the national football rightly. And now after all of this it's who can replace. Every sect go and he's definitely not go into any. You can read about markets Peters on her FaceBook page it is there and FaceBook dot com slash 91 KM BZ coming up. Some interesting stuff on that we talked about earlier and some good ideas on the FaceBook page you get to wave a magic wand in 2018. In Kansas City. In Missouri and Kansas. And nationally. What do you wanna see get done. 5767798. Or you can texted at 22980. Will be to your calls coming up next hour about the 12017. And there are some things that we all like to see get done and a local state and national level. In 28 scenes are asking you right now in the phone lines are open at 57677985767798. Or text Tutu. 980. Look you wanna see get done. In 2018. Eater in Kansas City or the surrounding area state like Kansas or Missouri or on a national missing anyway that you number one. That's an Emeril on right now. And I know they've made progress I know they've approved plans that I want that big hole in the ground on Shawnee mission parkway that is bent their for the ten years I've been in town. To be filled with something other than border. But tell builds it up that's that's my goal is today is to get our friends on the mission City Council to make sure that happens. A guy as mentioned you led just easier to sit out there waving a flag build here isn't talking. I just that does us yelling to the masses and name. Build it doesn't bat so having power refresh my memory what they would the council decide and quite honestly until we break ground you're never believing I'm not act. When we break ground at their joint apartments they're gonna do you know some apartments above some public space and stuff like that park I believe these little chilly days. Britt brown how it if it break ground or some concrete then you got. But until then and 170. Apartments. And retail shop Saturday that's that's what the approved plan was in October. That's phase one and then there's gonna be some other stuff. But that now they have until next Halloween and the start work so next year that's fine that's gonna maybe they'll start it does. BJ where you. Earned your right I'm. So so missing gate issue number one that's I mean yes I know that there are things that affect people's lives mark but that's not like to see happen and this is one of those kind of they're the crystal ball the wish list like minded. Can't just happen like that aren't you you can't mine is. I don't want to see the numbers 134 and 135. Homicide next year in Kansas City. Listen to Dana park yesterday they were talking about that Westport kid in that he and his friend were walking back from Westport and SUV pulled up. And rolled the window down. Pulled out guns a gimme all your money your wallet gave everything they still shot and killed one current. And that was meant murderer 134. In Kansas. And then Kerry jumped in in the middle there the conversation. And since are we there yet another 135. Already happened. Like that to me is is priority any track is is get that murder rate. Down where we're not Detroit where not Saint Louis were not Baltimore and on Chicago. It's disgusting to hear a 135. Murders which by the way is no anywhere near the record we're still like eighty away from the record. And that's still too high. Or other ideas to implement a first time around on. I appreciate this it won't get done next year but as they could start on that be great to make interstate 73 lanes olive from Kansas City to Saint Louis. Because the traffic troubles and exist and I seventy. It's a great idea now in Egypt plant a money tree. For that money come from it was nice that's got to cash it's it's the same reason we're talking about the Buck O'Neil bridge and somebody else mentioned that to. Somebody set a definite plan for the Buck O'Neil Brit I don't care what is. And I get that lake and. How does a thing it take to fix to exit take two years to fix a bridge like at this time we talked about the plan for next year where it'll take on I believe it they haven't a plan in place to start next summer I think six months to get some major renovations done okay but to replace that would take. Quite a while I don't know exactly now. And that's the they've they have to figure out plan which is either rebuild the whole thing or one place and thing and I and all the better option is mean. I about a bridge guy. Well let me let me compared to the airport what you wanna do band aid. And then have to rebuild it again later or just build something new at some point you can only renovate some things so much to build something new. But there are definite traffic ramifications to but either actor plays financially sound. Yeah I don't that's a good question. Would it be nice to see some progress on that 5767798. A lot of that was evident in the text latitude to. 980. It's also line FaceBook and on Twitter. Where Communist ruled on humans my computer on lock and it's a bit and I think answers for you. Some of these sub publicly funded elections. Get all the lobbyists and pac money out of government it's nice to say that but I don't believe that will ever cap on it's we would need a different system and an entirely and that's our system will never change and a guy I've learned this from my short time on this planet people learned it. Who built this plan a lot longer than I have. That is probably never gonna change good idea down but it's not so nice city guide my city wish list. For 2018 is to really lower that homicide eaten my statewide. Get pot on the ballot in Missouri only has four or passing Everett Kansas are getting out of balance Kansas. And usually yesterday it was going to be on anonymous very. It's most likely going to be on the ballot I guess maybe an initial buy wish list is two to legalize it. Whether it's medical or its recreational. Had your choice or missing out on too much money were missing out on too much money. The legalize and tax the hell out of it where it's at somebody on the FaceBook page name is Mike. And he said. I'm against it unless you tax the hell and if you do it it's having cat I think part of it was a Washington the Washington or California the tax rates 50%. On recreational pot. You want badly and I feel it would ever tag if you want it badly enough legally you don't want it because you you. In Colorado there are still dope man hours selling we'd much cheaper than you can buy in the store and but at least what I go to the store to buy it if I were to do that. Then I would know where it came from and it would be illegal transaction at a know that guys not gonna pull out a gun on me after I give them my money or if I decide. Like there's still that element to it all or missing out on so much money in these two states and both states need the money. Hopefully it makes its way to the ballot and passes next year. Some recent railed on attacks on horse doesn't it light rail to the airport. Yeah that saint Joan what do we mean by real technical add these by the light rail to the airport aways are likely Jessica a dream. Clay chest pain yeah. And cut that out and now. Now and now like now streetcar streak are the airport streaker here for about fifty minutes so what we. Likely testing in the next ability dependents until things are calling on KM BZ what's 12018 wishlists. Hey I think they've Missouri need to step than doubled again as stacked. Doesn't Missouri have those one of the lowest gas taxes in the country GAAP. They they had the low notes state that academic. Lesson twice as much. Right it and that money can go to funding a lot of stuff goodness. About the bridges they need to say and Robert and I think I have a delay. And belts on the same page I wouldn't mind paying a little more in gas tax or. God forbid the cigarette tax I would have zero problem with that and call me a liberal loves taxes I want stuff paid for would you rather that. People who smoke pay for the roads or we do a gas tax of pay twice whatever it is right now. Very pleased you'll live in the city where you can go across state line get cheaper gas if nothing else even it up the Kansas to take advantage of the fact that people are going to Missouri to get their gas. And you're making more money off that much money are we losing out there on a ton. Thanks bill appreciate it by 767798. Davone Kansas City on KM BZ what's up Dave. Pay them much art on quick comment on yeah. Recreational boat so medical marijuana which sure. Arm up or over each mr. leadership and the growing operation. Denver. And you know there really is no differentiation. Between the two. Because if they do just medical. There's ways around. Well I. I believe yeah. Yet in Denver when they first went to medical. A doctor would go off. And you're going in and they are maravent troubles when he cereal and your description. Go and explore and told prescription and the doctor owned. Little store next door and distribute your Borough water restriction to. It's a little known loophole and all of that like I was reading in California when I was there because there legalizing recreational league next year. A lot of those shops it was in the Napa area or Oakland. They will if you do a ten minute or even a five minute. Video chat with them and Euro legal resident of California. You can get your car like that. Click yes. That and you know we of course starter that wanna change recreational. We the couldn't take care of all the liquid cash. Arctic their carts could not rejects. Because you know process through. In violation of federal guidelines that you know terrorists. Came out in the parliament. And her. Who couldn't employees. And you'll handle marketing and all brought so it was kind of where are starting to change them now. How how looker and be happy to the news your day but how lucrative is this business for you as a part owner of a pot shop in Denver. Well I'll start growing operations 200000 a month yeah. Rogge industry won 345767798. You can also text in add 22980. All right so we're trying to accomplish some stuff in twenty. 28 team and you can still jumping on that I've 767798. Would you like to see done. Also we did this earlier too and we. That's good answer we got some some are so serious answers. But you can fill in the blank 576779. Nader text into 29802017. Was the year of blank. What is seventeen was the year of the blank. And I would steal all your answers by writing down snowflake. We're tired liberal liberal tear saw a sore losers it's that was too that was last year yeah Abbott people are sleaze at this I understand and that's fine everybody has used those terms and safe place triggered snowflake whatever. Both sides whatever you want but what was he seventeen year of we just found out that time magazine. Was I had announced this morning. That the these silence breakers. That's your person of the year that led down beat two movement will hear Melissa Lotto before regatta here appreciate some interesting stuff to say this morning on The Today Show but local. What was the what was your 2017 the year off and you can text in 22980. The year of the single terminal. That battle what I can remember the morning that we woke up and there was a press conference. With our whole bunch of people from the airport and burns and Mac and right in the middle is like James and I remember watching him like a cool boy. I did not and maybe is because it was my first time with the airport but it is my first time realizing boy that airport is a controversial. Subject. And has that and for quite awhile. And the fact that that passed with 75% of the vote. And is a credit to everyone that works so hard on for so long but yak. Luckily I feel like it was the Euro the single terminal. I've 76779. Nader text and I had 22980 either what you wanna get done in 2018 or fill in the blank when he seventeen was the year of the blight. Slot on FaceBook near the natural disasters. Yeah I agree with that as we spend today talking about wildfires out in Los Angeles in the city of Los Angeles that comes earlier this year we had not been Napa we've had hurricanes more than I can even think of right now. We have earthquakes in Mexico City and other parts of Mexico. Yeah we definitely this is a bad year. The FaceBook page Tony seventeen was the year of OP arts. Who was or is it the I am I feel like. I feel like every year has been a year volt Buick because this year is worse than last year and 2016 was worse than 2015 I mean I ask this. The year that we really started. Taking notice of that addiction I think more than we I know we talked about on the show more than me and perhaps. So and this was the year that Steve you know he Missouri got you now we started to have commissions get together and start to look at it and and we had CBS and some of the pharmaceutical companies that started to take actions are yeah I would agree with fatter or the year of the addiction yeah. I Aaron I'll I'll go with that and on the year of the gun. See that's it it's very true and you you just go back to mean we concur and he had Texas and California of course Las Vegas. It it was it the year of the gutter the year of the shooter why perhaps spray the year of the victim Clinton. And none on the would apply to multiple things. So yak and it was a year where we started talking more about victims but when it came to the mass shootings I feel like. We spent a lot of time talking about guns I feel like the meat to thing like you said it played into that. That opened up a lot of lies did the year of opening up to true colors and you know Al Franken Roy Moore Harvey Weinstein whoever you wanna throw into that. To me it would it would definitely be in all of that all the same category. It's easier to sexual harasser or year of fake news. And that's popular at least stay at minus sign. The year of I liked earlier than we talked about those in regards to the mass shootings. The year thoughts and prayers. It's got to meaning snack and and I like for bagels matter they're both they both really apply here. Because either you were on the idea if you were. Mocking. Did the the thoughts and prayers because you're sick and tired of this and you want some sort of sensible gun control or. Because you believe that there were so many horrendous things that happened the proper thing to do wise. Thoughts and prayers. What's the first thing he says. And I think of him going to be your thoughts and prayers it's the year where you can say that all you want but we still have more mass shootings but that's still all people do justice. Yeah sound absolutely. I like this when the years Scott parks became a liberal. On the old all of that one. Last two. Real maturity and got a bye and now Scott's not a liberal. He's not. He is he's does not Iran not gonna speak form. He's not he's a registered Republicans benefit the president that people think those are two different things people think that you not a fan the president must be a liberal. Good to dial up up up a isn't a year Hollywood fell. Which is profound act as it was a year that and maybe in different ways people stop being able to get away with things that were OK before parts Hollywood fell for sure and Harvey Weinstein. Was holing it I mean in terms of in terms of business the fact that. He doesn't draw Hollywood memoir is big deal I 767798. What do you want to see done in 2018 and what was Tony seventeen a year of Woodstock is Stephen Casey I steadier and came easy. They guys happy new year happy Christmas or whatever you celebrate. And it'll all work rather. Yeah I'd area partners and they weren't hurt in this country around and I'm hoping for more practicing and oil drilling all over the war all over the United States in the world. The Atlantic I think we have finally turn recorder and the country. And were recognizing that bad you know these wildlife for fugitives are actually just down. And leniently had it years' worth of oil out there so. World war on the right track them and god bless. Got my number one. Make him make it matter even greater than before and I'm so so happy about. The direction of the country go. More drilling he once drill baby drill isn't favorable wildlife drilling it in 28 to beckon us earthquakes are. Didn't that in Kansas gonna earthquakes. Silly it is silly science asked in the scientists determined I love this one animal little jealous. Add anomalous to well with the useless yeah I just wanna say aha you're out of here. The second time it came through the first time it was the year of KM BZ happiness. Carey's baby. Travis is engagements. Are for a couple that's where the list and did. We. AJ had a baby this year and we got and we are had a big this year. I think I'd be happy things probably happened other people play yeah there were erratic baby we think there's maybe not just two things by. It traps got engaged here is maybe that is all Abner I was out of it is only two things that matter is yeah. So we appreciate the sentiment we appreciate that you're noticing. The good stuff that's happening around here but he's out. Iran. You first set the second time through the first title for the laugh. It's a pity that a lot play that's what our that's a pity. A pity I mention is what that show it again if you're each here we are usually feel left out of the baby pool but I mean now the initial text Kara is maybe Travis is engagement nobody hates care. Now I realized nobody dislikes Travis now. I get this neighbor. Your neighbor did and that's that state though that are not needed but like we are rises Nader's I'm pretty much loved it ain't I don't think anybody now I think I. One Sheila I've got a neighbor or wherever account that was last night that person doesn't like to text at the day and somebody who it was said. Then ask you use snowflake app stick now every one of your advertisers are getting here it you're really a. Sounds like a big threat. I look forward to eat this is my guide he's got app I can't wait and hair cuts for them for albeit picks missiles or your injury. And it. I got your back got no problem but people have problems with the EJ people have problems with we're apparently people have problems with the in Kansas City but no it stratus and nobody aids care. Ago. It out and it's. Gets to. On is is in more news role and so doesn't stir controversy by virtue of her job right or does Travis like it it's not coincidence that three guys left out three. You can't look like us aged. There's so I was you could pick one but the of one. So mentioned earlier the. OK it was that most overrated event. For us honest it was being in shape Euro in the clouds it was the most overrated thing ever but if you were dowdy or Kansas City was. Awesome it was cool just in that and it wasn't cool and it rained and we got a cell outside the reined back and it was that was or bomber. But the fact but the darkness that hit that was at least impressive the darkness and then and to watch that happened was kind of. Now that's coming back from Saito was not hurt the trip through four sorry to get back it was a very quick like 45 minute drive not and I think it was a three. Saw so you're a jerk my association outs against your welcome and this one means the year of the some than she don't Santee and she'd go way address and it just autos it's all out cheat oh that's front and a spectrum. Some of the parks quit drinking the entire year without drinking again. That's not the arts expert that's does not sustain and that having Diet Coke for a month. A month or is it two months and months two months. It's crazy yeah I will technicals and able in some of these. The two big things that happened. Travis guiding gazing care battery but it wasn't just you that was left out bright that last again EJ had a baby people forget we are had a baby. South so I consider rod has gone a bit of a loved Kara Travis school. Wickedness of voter. Okay parts that do this rod is a god we year is weird. That's generally the level data is not even on this magic there I mean. It yeah.