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Thursday, January 11th

His only girl?   High on gas?


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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcast on KNB easy night and fair weather on Saturday the high upper teens. Fascinating disturbance may bring back in a little snow early Sunday getting cloudy and a high back to the upper twenties. I'm staff meteorologist on different era more NK ENBC whether it's like really cold fourteen RG CI sixteen downtown sixteen at your official weather station. It feels like negative sale. Negative. Yeah. Okay. It's. Its. It's a little while. Could be video. I don't know the flying chick. Doing claim information of as high and high school she's in high school. He's like we're without honor. Free and around the corner and I school in modern creepy sounds like that actually. From the seventies and eighties yeah songs or can never be centrum Christine sixteen. By kids. Wingers seventeen. She's only state have you heard that song I recently here again I know that today that Alia. I mean though the lyrics are not okay especially if you have like a succeed Obama cut friction out and home. Yeah. When he says she's only seventeen I'm Ryan what's what's the next line and that song her daddy says she's too young but she's old enough for me out hello. Our partners. We'll service. Take it easy I need some time. That's exactly saying don't rape me. Yeah. Yeah that's. Horrible. GameStop. Good job at stopping it due to a mouse. You and I am well I've a sublime when it comes to him as our eighties Eric's. Barrel speak so yeah. Bad stuff later the really bad stuff like. It can for breed him one down quite area. Closer to 6 o'clock she's got a look at the adult. Eight did you see the story of men excitement at I'm not done in our enemy. Now for a man you know. It's called fifth. Or did you like your world worked Cuba off the did you see what the Missouri State historical societies during note. They are digit excuse me did you tell raising letters from world war tale there's like 3000 of them online for all these soldiers there were overseas. Well and they can read them it's really kinda cool okay I have some we have some from my graph on Armand. When he went over in the navy and the zoo together it was a returned no that's grandpa the other crap might happen Norman was the farmer who left to go off to the war. And his letters. They're real sweet he does talk about the one thing I thought was interesting he does talk about his changing face. Once he got over there like I got yeah not changing like he didn't believe in all of the sudden he does believe. But there are a couple of paragraphs where he definitely says this will make you think twice about. You know. Get on your knees at the bottom at the end of the night because we are over here he never spoke about the war ever in this the letters I read. It's in Italy asked. How the crop still on. You wanted to know about the farm house Howard housed the corn has the Milo. This is what we did we we had for breakfast today it. Very pedestrian. Stuff. And maybe it's because they're told you can't talk about exactly what we're doing over here but he did not talk about the war. You know I've got letters from my dad from Vietnam era like hold shoe box full of them. And most of them are things like yet in go to church today. And asking about how low his brother's work and I did what's going on the farm and yeah it's the same I want. And if I enemy answers her having never served never served in combat for sure. I wonder if these letters were their way. Just for a brief moment in time. They're waves is being normal and you don't mean does that make sense totally. Like I'm not gonna write about the war because I'm in it right you'll have to look up and it's all around. Maybe just while I'm writing down on this piece of lined paper. I'm back home again and I can ask about the farm. Rank and ask about how everybody's doing know my mother has my dad's letters from Vietnam. Ever atom I have not I know I have not read them. She said she will give them to me when she dies. I'll I would go knock on murdered here tonight is here Panama here is what I do know about those letters. It's seas of letters between my mom and my father don't you think that's a wind it's a window and here we are they love letters. I don't know. Here's what I do ago and I epic captured as it is before. She said I can read them when she's gone I don't even know where they are miles on ten. I know she has them if you're welcome they burn Dana when you're done. Yeah that's why she doesn't want to know what it's like. And get back then mood. It if it's your. You just said I think I got the I don't know I don't like if it was an accident maybe I don't you'd think male made a motorboat and I are a lot here's what I Wilson. Even those letters are personal and private. Do you see V writers. Of the correspondents care who are now long dead. Would care that they're being archives in some manner for a luxury and. The fan was would have to release that big name in now it's stole my dad referred to my mother in every letter. My dearest hole. As picky on I was wrong the first summit told the story was wrong in my among creek machines he never called me pick. It was my dearest hall. One idea isn't awful lot of eyes away. Okay large and it motorcycle that's not. Know. A domesticated pig. About it we had in. To stand for there's some like look acronym for HOG. To issue is should he has no idea. Acronym for par and here's your on college group. Mean. I never lived in Indiana there earmarks are hard creek and got. My dear hand of god here and have got a heart of gold part of heroes of gaming part of Georgia railroad. But he addressed every letter my dearest hall. Mr. Graham a oriented radiance no I don't think that. It is say. Love via wired calling me on now and she never asked about Vietnam hemophilia of Georgia. Part of greed. No minimums are now only optical guidance. Should. Heavy ordinance great. Hunter of gunmen. Heroes of gaming burial gal. Pal. Hot off gassed but it. Hot oil pacification. And hands general. She had said. Chris came home today or sit in email that said in an odd idea. What I. Asked why are you calling me that it is like a different time. Maybe it means something dirty and she doesn't want either now while me that that has crossed my mind. Like hands over well and I asked one time right when she first with the story. And I might well mom. Why did call you hole. And she just looks Michigan's. And passed. And I got a deal now you know there are a minute. I thought to myself maybe she didn't have to ask rights. May be same Margaret. Yeah and. OK if you Google does do does haunt me dirty meaning. There's a little out there. Like this of this right I'm a devout Chris I don't what is pig play and is. Well. Caller what is he plays standby on the call now general Annan and negative ball's holding apple when your men it's an umbrella term that has definitions depending on you ask Mitt generally involves. Yen on you now. With the. How do you think the editor at. Oracle. Here's what I think. Well the nice thing I can say is its various kinds of kink. My mom. Don't look at the text like Nana to name. It's Paul. It. You warn you olds do. Well as someone just wrote in in his only girls. Paul though these Wii is friendly girl I but would it be mob at my only girl who thinks them. I don't know all I know is my dad wrote to my dearest. London and that's all my mother I said about the way I that you it's his only coral. Because you don't want to leader and. Writers got arts or Brooklyn and dot com BR oh OK LIN EN dot com. 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It ain't got I didn't I did not know that I do not know my dad signed his name is porky in his latter why do you think she won't let you. Read it now because I wouldn't want desperately to typical window well. Into my I I can tell you why she's ever said I can't. I've never passed I considered them to be so intimate trying to ride it. That it be really proud. Probably is an out of my news it's not intimate private enough that families recently assent with all the world works letters you'll go ahead and out there is that the differences you. Poorer don't collar to collar two letters and before we're like. My dearest Margaret Wright today we were on the front lines yeah it did let us now are you fighting could favor man and saw two years. Who have foods Kraft. And a Taco Bell. To ask don't. She's got after. She says it's. And through years ago. She's not getting answered. I debated as to whether or not I like him. Her problem her on the air high. A so listen I question for you first because I know I'm your fan I debated whether or not gonna it's. It's a a group of like World War II enthusiasts decided to create this place. Where people could take all of their World War II letters. From their deceased parents or grandparents. And put them in an archive and one of the things I asked was don't you think that's a little personal. And he said. You know most of those people of past do you think they would mind if there are letters were out there. And then he mentioned that you had letters from sweet Mayo from. His service. I do. Would you want those released likened some public form fifty years from hours thirty would that bother you. Why haven't given it much thought right now might yet. Yeah like. And well it's almost kind of weird talking about the so publicly but. Are they. Intimate are they personal. Are they just dated aid because going on among as I explained everybody on the air I've never read a single one if not that you haven't allowed me to I'd just never asked to see one. But they're not real well. Intimate or cushy if that puts you think that's the way your otherwise. Did you ever ask him why he called you hold. I forgot all about it till I regulators victory. Look act and why he wrote his name is porky. You know whenever I I think that once he came back well apparel I'd sign and others are put away and I didn't read them for years. Yeah how many would you say you have. Seventeen cent a sentencing on seventeen you know the number. Well I'm happening around you around the area okay. Did he ever talked like in the letters and again I haven't seen him before. Does he talk about what's going on in Vietnam or does he just talked about. An arbitrary stuff. You know he talked about what was going on at all. Okay. Because we have letters from my grandpa. Miss Margaret and it says you know very pedestrian. You know how's the crops what's going moment the farm. You know is is my sister still get good grades in school there it's just very. That what a lot of sharing going on in the World War II stuff that we have. Was HOG AG WG. I think it's his only girl a lot of listeners are saying back then it was has only girl. Well the only girl. I know I was a girl I. Well thank you for answering the phone if I was you I would need it thank you for answer. You're welcome to our policy hog. I. You around your your mother. Songs she picked up the phone carriages. I did they needed whether or not. A citizen she soon. Is that the New Zealanders Caremark. The Saint Louis circuit attorney will launch an investigation into governor Eric brightens more next. You know I drove my atlas into the station today because at my personal car is a smaller sedan. And the atlas handled so well on the streets today I love it I feel safer in that big old truck when. 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I'm 31 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks or Saint Louis circuit attorney Kim Gardiner says she's launching a formal investigation into governor ever crichton's after a television station in Saint Louis broke the story last night about crichton's extramarital affair. Tapes of his mistress talking to were acts husband claimant rankings was blackmailing her with a picture of her bound and blindfolded she has yet to come forward. Gartner calls those allegations very troubling. The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee congressman Adam Schiff of California and talking to ABC news today about the Russia investigation. He says he would like to interview a number of people close to trump administration among them former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. The recently made disparaging comments about the president in newly published buck would like. To know whether Sudan was involved in establishing any kind of a back channel. With the Russians. So he's been on our list as well before this book but of course the book I think is accentuated the new agreement. Check traffic and weather together and axed. It's a dinner was and dear friends last night I said come with me to hold YE we are going to Hawaii and I want you'll to come with me. Cruise holidays of Kansas City has put together a stunning eight date experienced. Aboard in seals only cruise ship that sails roundtrip from Honolulu and Morgan hit every island my golfers bring your golf clubs we are getting off at every stop. And playing some of the most stunning. Golf courses in the world. The ship has more than fifteen restaurants twelve bars and lounges my mom and dad go and I am so excited. We have a limited number of state rooms reserved we do expect the trip to sell out for questions meet us at 11 AM Saturday. I'm go on my mom's the one at the cruise holiday headquarters 11 AM Saturday all of your questions will be answered. Cruise holidays of the southwest corner of I 29 and northwest seventy set second street that's right off of the Zona Rosa exit. Once again a limited number of state rooms call 8167417417. 8167417. Before seventeen. Cruise with us September 8 to fifteenth and all see this Saturday with all of your questions. 8167417417. Or cruise with Dana Don. Com and that's colder air masses back analysts like it's going to be sticking around for vets and no major warming trends in the forecast straight to the weekend into early next week. We have a few disturbances that may bring back and a little slice now. Now fear whether you deny to Lilly tent with our wind chill values just below zero. A bearing about a cloud cover on Friday the high low to mid twenties fear conditions an upper teens Saturday quick shot at light snow early Sunday. I'm staff meteorologist Chad different era more KE NBC whether they're. Tina arcane CI sixteen downtown fifteen your official weather station I'm Kara marks or stay connected with there's 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Snooze Vicente Fox the former president of Mexico. He is just tweeted out the most ethic response. To Donald Trump. I'm not taking sides I don't care either way I really don't care. But the former us president fox is not happy with his country being called him as an as hole he has and he has responded you can Google it it is everywhere. From the text line I was listening to the show a few minutes ago during Vietnam. Soldiers sometimes referred to the M sixty machine gun as a hawk. To compare one's girl with one's weapons would have been a term of endearment. Should throw. Them just trying to figure out why he named himself porky doughnut doesn't say anything about that I don't know. He was he was ever he was a very good man it was ever here at a very strange dry sense of humor. And sadly he's not here for me asking these questions to. 5767798. The governor of Missouri and it is being called upon to resign if you miss the news today. Or crichton's has admitted to an affair. But he denies. The allegations of blackmail against. The allegation is that with his hairdresser with whom he admits to having an affair. In 2015. That he took her into the basement of his own home gently. Tied her up allegedly. Blindfolded her gently she was naked. And you took a picture for allegedly. And said if you say a word about our fair. I will distribute this photo. That's like. That's a threat of revenge form. Which I don't know if mr. Adams series against the law or not block it certainly is. You know we asked it and Dave Helling who need longtime political reporter in Kansas City and he's on the editorial board now the Kansas City Star we asked him earlier in the program. Will the governor survive office. And you know it's still very early. He said as long as there are no allegations of physical abuse or more women don't come forward he thinks Eric writes we'll survive he thinks you. I'm not so sure. The star has an attitude or well I think already today saying. That this is not about the affair. It is about. Revenge porn if that allegation. Is true that that's what this conversation should be about not about two consenting adults I agree doing what they did two years ago. I think we have an and maybe this is a commentary. On American politics. I think we have moved past the point in American politics. Where an affair. Is a doomsday. Revelation. Civic sense. Yes I think at the age of Anthony Weiner. Don't know Bill Clinton well who committed a crime I'm not comparing one of the other necessarily Anthony Weiner commit a crime Bill Clinton may have committed crimes we don't know. Com. But I think. You know we we've learned since that you know FDR had affairs. Weren't you party affairs John F. Kennedy had affairs. All these presidents had affairs. But they were hidden from what weren't hidden from the media the media knew about them but the media was. Jurists say a little bit above the brow. And wouldn't report these things. Now of course you have you know Bill Clinton you have. Name. Your member of the senator of. House yeah. It was to Nasser Al by the way at the star I don't care that governor Eric crichton's had an affair he admitted to his wife forgave him they moved on a long time ago Clinton on Barbara's the unforgivable despicable part of the drama is the allegation that crichton's basically used revenge aren't against his. This aside check the woman who's yet to go on the record confessed to present husband he recorded the conversation and gave the tape to. The media if this is true. It is an abuse of trust power and basic human decency. I I think the real. Issue here for error greatness. Is did you behind her up in the basement of your home. Was she naked did you take a picture of her DJ is threatened her that if she ever said a word about the affair you would expose the photograph. Of that is true he asked ago asked ago. Prevent. That's part. And and I'm not saying it's untrue and not saying it's untrue that are signs that the hard part proving. That he said to her. In a compromised. Position. I'm gonna take a photo and if you ever say anything at a printing that is going to be nearly impossible unless she has it on email or ten something. Something. I've sevens you're telling me. That in the course of this affair. Which was not a one night stand. The way we understand right this was a months long affair correct you're telling me their art texts. Now he didn't say I mean what what do they do set up smoke signals to hook up they were sending messenger pigeons. I don't know. And in those messages is there's something that says tea reminder I have a nude photo viewer and a compromise right it. I doubt that there's evidence. Of that allegation. 5767798. Air brightens the governor of Missouri who by the way. I would remind everyone. Had been talked about as having presidential aspirations. Some aunts and you've got to do name domain president dot com. Those days are. Or. Or are. 576779. So visit to eat higher up in Kohler all out. But rod bedroom of the Russians will take some cold here like three you're on the air hello like three. I. Excel on the part of our era. So. And at our I didn't and we need iron shot in and out of the car. Meant. Not coming. Into Arabic possibility that maybe she's not coming or because the allegation could be true IQ so backlash. Which allegations are true that they had the affair. That's pretty bad yeah. It is. In the out there and she has become all about whatever black now mayor may not end. Be patient. She's going to retaliate with that. A win out it's I think I understand I totally understand what you're saying I think. She is protected from that now that breezes out in the open arena beverages crossed. There's no way he's releasing them. Let me ask you does not what what sense would make for her to speak out at this point. I would argue absolutely non absolute. She gains nothing. By talking about this and nothing public human leaders wrecked. He's the person who's talking and let's be clear. The person who is talking right now is not the governor. Is not error. It's her ex husband. Who found out about the affair with Eric grains and 2015. And he has missed. I know and that's policies these kinds words there's no where the word to describe it heat is on fire. When Eric brightens tweets out anything like Merry Christmas Missouri and it doesn't make you uncomfortable even in the least. That a scorned ex husband got to make the decision that this went into the public arena not the governor for her. I would be furious. As the ex husband and key is score. And he is furious. And the thing is Eric crichton's. Like Donald Trump. Needs to shut down his Twitter account. Because every time hurt crichton's Ayers tweet got everything he responds with okay home wrecker yeah the ex husband has been very active on to order. Four months. Replying to the governor of intimacy at Thanksgiving and your am happy Thanksgiving home wrecker. I mean he is not sent. And you know what he has a reason audience yet there's one tweet where the governor governor says there's nothing better than spending the day with family. And as sex husband tweeted out into the universe. Just make sure that your own family this time and not someone else's past act home wrecker. What are the ex husband I. To me governors a minute to minute might look like a monster his wife the victim the governor has admitted to this affair. His own and why the governor's wife. The first lady of Missouri. Has admitted the affair and said just leave my children alone leave me alone yeah my children. I've sevens and I'm with from now absolutely. Leave her in the kids along they have nothing to do this I 767 summit. Didn't write your foresee in his. And sun. Air comes next call CMOs and son and self top lines in Iraq on standby generator. You know you can get in for as little as 99 dollars a month. Jenna our kids the name of the generator we have here at the station at KN BC at inner calm that kicks in when we kicked off the radio. And make sure all the radio stations in our group continue broadcasting to you gender act here in Iraq in your home and see demos and son. To help you install correctly they'll come out to have free testament. Tell you exactly the size the type that you need they are your hometown guys that are in the business of selling servicing and supplying. Generators. 81678147. A seven do not buy one of these things on the Internet. 81678147. As seven RCM thousand's dot dot com. At any moment. That it will present a position statement. Where he says a few years ago it's actually a joint statement between the governor's election. A few years ago before Eric was elected governor there was a time when he was unfaithful in our marriage. This was a deeply personal mistake. Eric took responsibility. And we don't put this together honestly and privately while we never would have wished for this pain marriage. Or the pain this has caused others. With God's mercy Sheen has forgiven and we have emerged stronger. Sheen has issued her own statement today and I agree with her on this one. We have a loving marriage and an awesome family anything beyond that is between us and off. I want the media and those who wish to peddle gossip to stay away from me and my children I would agree with her on the yes they away from the did have a nothing. I don't know that that's him he comes off like her saying that I wish you guys would stop reporting about what a scum bag my husband is because my children are affected negatively by it. Just like Burma when Matt Lauer. Came out and it is a you know let my kids that need a bill representative Mike kids that need to hear about this your year make him Mike Mike kids think and I'm -- horrible person because you've reported on the fuel or will you are right. The stop being a horrible person. And it is our right to know it can't mean what goes on between them is not between them and their god he is a public servant. We are his employer. He. His personal life in the things that he doesn't it are subject to our judgment. I mean it is we have a morals clause here for god sake you tell me that the governor of a state that has a lot more power than we do. Shouldn't be held this exit and today we are somebody over the break or over the Christmas break and I believe this and I think that this is what way Illinois. Stop I saw this on the tax on I'm sorry and I looked it up into different outlets have picked this up. Nationally. The governor of Missouri accused of blackmail allegedly slapped. The woman he had affair. With. Pitched 123. If you Google slapped lover you. You will get results lots of if they're an edit an inner international. Web sites he is denying he slapped her. The one of the things Dave Helling said today and I think he has he is correct. That if this just stays a consensual relationship. Between a married man and this woman. He thinks he survives this but he said it's another woman comes forward or were there are different or worse allegations with in the. The time that they were together he specifically said or there is a suggestion of violence. The governor has done and it's all over. Yet. Given the way. A camera crew and it is but the saint Saint Louis attorney it is investigating now. She told her then husband and two when he fifteen that brightens slapped her after she told him she had had relations with her husband. The governor has denied the claim. That a lawyer for the woman's access my client has asserted that this is what he was told. By his former house crichton's was upset that she had had a relationship with her husband out there and you're cheating on me with your husband yes. It couldn't beat him at I was reading this read some of those statements about the attic could be some type of and to personal kink. Type activity. Or she comes over he asks her. You know have you had any relations and she reveals and then he blessed. Slaps I don't punish chain to be justifying this alleged behavior it could be a role playing I was saying that veto on the saw tight end. Within the story and an understanding the moon the situation that's what it could be no Dan we eats. Slash I am I we think of viola I wholeheartedly to. I don't know. The hugest we're reviewers explorer view that there some kind of keep going on. The whole tying up eccentrics that are given that tie up I was stunned so we get a picture. I don't think that we should be in the business of justify it's almost a justification in May be an explanation of what's actually going on as we see the words slapping it means they're not saying that to stop. Oh now now. Why aren't you guys ever foreigners for the Kim Miller Kimberly Gardiner this circuit attorney for Saint Louis yes now investigates yes. Correct. Gotta get a bigger. Home. And I'm going to be on the show with you mean. On out here and others are talking about I was reading about the article it swung it. My mom had it explains that all the cities yet he's got to get too coincidental that now. Don't know that it mask things gets letting it. There's a lot of things going on all of you mean out relievers in those kids are handy wipes clean mapping out and it. There's your crazy about that that got out okay. Back as governors come and just minutes. On behalf our producer and the finest men and all of the great run. A different coasting right and spent hours. God will back tomorrow at 2 o'clock great I Kansas City besides. Drives that we're going to be. Vladimir. Happening now on can be easy the man accused of trying to blow himself up and in New York City Subway tunnel appeared in court today marring just a minute. Ladies if you're like me and he stressed about where to go for automotive repair I don't know enough about auto repair in the past I was worried I'd be overcharged what do we do. So when my service like came on several months ago I went to go see Christian Brothers automotive my husband's taken his truck and there's this week. You're gonna love the service it is amazing they will walk Q. Right. What's going on with your car they and at the time to explain how or why the problem occurred sending photos to my email of my car. Showing me exactly what was going on in other only going to recommend the car repairs that you need Christian Brothers automotive nothing's going to be done until you. 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