What do you regret majoring in college?

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Wednesday, July 12th

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Where they're supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like to hear. Start drinking have. Let's see if they really do a lot when you don't remember anything you wanted what's trending with Damien whenever they feel like you're plugged in the game right there. Live on 98 point one JMD's. Well I was seven on a Wednesday with Brady get them from 97 point in studio for my quick who gets back on Monday. You don't. I'm doing great except. I just broke down and got a pop stars now are wicket and I guy you know it is tastes like shame. I thought I could I give up too early and leave the house at like 4:30 in the morning and I guess. I mean it's bad. It is setting an example for those three girls don't even know what this is what is in popped and you didn't hosting you just ate it right on and I don't is ours now that of them are writes I Travis jumping here in a couple of these sports things will get them into the things that are freaking me out a little bit aren't seeing clear. Same query does beat Andy Murray in the quarterfinals of the Wimbledon this is the first time wolf. And Emery has not made it past. The quarterfinals so it's a big upset okay. I know Nick Saban it is but why is to save and is the head coach for Alabama football and today's his day to talk to the SEC media now. A crack also at each stage there's certain amount of coaches that talk or are there are schools in today's albums are. And VC mascot madness. Why is that didn't rule. Is that Missouri Valley Conference and answers that spans commandos there like I guess it is in Missouri Valley Conference looks like they're just trying to decide who has the best mascot and a very valley conference. That's needs. You really cares more about net neutrality just that reason is that not Trenton eight. Is a good good net neutrality day is today saved the Internet this a big deal that essentially us. Vs the man and this time around the man has cable companies. I'm telling you you do not good on the Internet will change radically. If we do not see a net neutrality. Alright there's your peers they moment from Brigham and I'm telling you. Christopher array is trending because here is in the midst of a hearing before a senate committee. Huge new FBI director nominees and is taking a lot of questions typically when it comes to you. His independence from the White House so I'll let you know how that goes today. The iceberg for a minute. Because that's turning that's why Antarctica is trending so dear iceberg that has broken off from an arc of which your wallets and is it all eyes this is the size of Delaware. Does want means that we were gonna have to draw new maps the globes are going to have to change because it was counted as light end. Now all that shows up as a went Dana. Other shows up on and so it has broken off they say it's one of the biggest icebergs on record. It is one trillion tons. And broke op sometime between July 10 and twelfth they say it having close to breaking off for several months. And then finally did now worried that the ice will add risks for ships now that it's repeat not because now it's gonna afloat. Out in the water and we're gonna have another Titanic moment. 21 meet some 200. Square miles and I think you breezed over the way. Trillion. Yeah metric time which I don't concept of that I don't think compare that you accept that seems really really large to me. On so it was already flowed sort of before broke away so is the sea level won't go up. But it's reduced the ice shelf I don't know what that means either except that a really big piece of America broke away. The Chinese just broke a massive iceberg and an Arctic as part of their global warming bill looks up right thanks at. Iris fragment and so we're back and the climate change debate but this is a part of the Antarctic Peninsula that warmed quickly in recent decades. So I need to see where map now we're gonna draw a line like and I agree with what you just said and I understand but when are we gonna have the climate debate. Not us you and me personally that I'm safe and like and what what do you think is gonna happen. What will need to happen for people because this is slow moving what will be the undeniable. Right reality that I it will need to have some kind of affect economically it it'll it'll have to mean money for so slow moving right attacking economics. Is a lagging indicator of what's gonna go on so. I mean I'm so new what is gonna happen the soup and you happen right right and the people that's tsunamis happened all of what. Oklahoma. What's going on in Oklahoma is that there's never going to be goods. Is and I again I'm not seeing you and me and now his I don't know anything now. Now I mean I don't believe what you believe but my belief is not rooted in science and it seems like something where your police should be reviewed and cited site. Also turning today hash tag nineties were the best because. What does. On the last act and why were the ninety's the best because that's what's turning to whenever whenever it likes it by the bell because he's now one music on music because hoses and shows no rents. Yeah the nineties were great though the nineties were great the movies were great. About the Internet popped up in the nineties Esther assault on birth of the Internet when you very well. Analysts say that's not a reason it was the last. A pick ax and feel free to start texting knees and went to college major do you regret. What did you major college that had nothing to do with where you ended up in your career there's a study out. That was done by trade schools dot net that is very clear. On the college major that the majority of people regret having my it was closely related to us but but not vest does is does the biggie. We'll get that next 1213 break a minute for Mike what can I came easy 1218. That day Jamie went yes I promise I turned red but not before. Pretty given the studio for my quick who is off on vacation this week so we're here for you're teaching ID zero or you can call by 767798. If you like. A study out about the majors that most graduates regret choosing. Or the ones that you. Would discourage Georges for choosing as they are choosing their major it off to college there is one. Far away that leads the pack I'd love to hear from you what did you major and that really did you no good whatsoever in your career philosophy. That is a great idea. I bet he does not win cash I wish. How long had you that's what you've. I would love to have a philosophy degree and do what with who can't. Irons that's the problem right your three kids in college at some point you know how impressive that sounds. I just think it sounds impress your philosophy I have a degree in but alive communications. And some so did you did. I don't even know this about your ideology us yes the guys as of Sunday night at that point so I graduated from Ottawa University. Whereas I think it's. Broadcast communications degree I think it's that specific did you learn how to cast while you were not the only reason I got it I was thinking about this when I went back does that. I went the first time and we just whom broadcasting I quit. To go and chase radio I went back got a degree in broadcast communications. And my thinking was I want to show my kids that a college education is important that's I don't know all I still believe that. Why I mean and was it something like. I'm gonna go to college and learned from other doctors how to operate on people right I don't necessarily know that you need. I think that we way under value technical learning and tech. Schools he stays up for you're totally right and on the job training sometimes also sell expensive it. That's the galleries at right is because as because of the cost on so that's why you regret it. It would go hey I regret going to get a philosophy degree I don't use it. If it didn't cost you a life of time of death. That's why we regret it that's my lawyers or granite because how much money payments on him because you have to have it on why is. Closer related related to what we're gonna go here but I start off the broadcast major. And they got my first radio job at eighteen and and so I was working in the business and I sort of made the strategic move of I don't think the broadcast degree is gonna teach meaning more than learning on the job site made it very intelligent decision of switching to a speech degree. Because that interest Sydney. It didn't make a lot of sense that the time for the job because I was learning argumentation and rhetoric and everything and an that's helpful now it's a matter. What it did though was when I went back to school teaching degree that got the speech stuff out of the way so it was pretty quickly go back and certified because RT how the course work. Otherwise that speech degree would have been used if I not gone to become a teacher for part of my life. That would have been useless and Monaco. Right like I remember people saying if you're gonna go under radio get a political science degree or economics I sought for mr. right but really I really wish I'd become a paralegal or something in and taken that course work and I'm not trying to Jack max's conversation into what is wrong with the college education system. But be nice if it was affordable enough that you could go back now even if you weren't gonna be a lawyer. To take law classes gas right now so useful. The thing is there are options you can't go on the line you can't go on line and learn those three sources are out there Travis so I majored in mass communications and to my school. Wasn't really budgeted for communications. Well I guess they'll. For for cows thoughtful scholarship for full debt so I went there for you know the play football and I basically learned the history of radio the history TV history newspapers so I am very injuries I learned everything that I know now here yeah exactly the same problem thought I could've. Been better off without even going to college and don't even get me started on how much trash. Big college radio program solved their awful if there are few good ones out. Got a couple good job you community college has a really good one yes as a reason it's good is because they have a student radio station where you can practice that now the clip that's the critical pardon the case states when I was there. It was Kay is DV and they ran that they it was like block programming and it was the opposite of commercial radio and they added the students. So like pride in that we don't do commercial radio. No I agree you don't learn the opposite of what you're trying to get a job as. The only thing a broadcast degree would've helped UN is for one class house where you learn how to do exactly what you're doing now Travis which is where you learned that the technology out or his son dies act. I so what am bound trade schools dot net and a lot of you are coming in with ideas that should be on those last. As far as the college majors that most graduates regret choosing. More than half 54% of people who majored in English. Say they're Nat not satisfied with that major the English major was closely followed by fine arts at 51%. And 30%. Of political science of counting is the major people say they are most satisfied with followed by computer science an IT. Yes see Owen. Those those past those last few that you mention you're practically gonna learn how to become. Write an accountant. Yeah it's sad degree that degree they're going to teach you how to. I'd be account. Rice and sell. It's somebody says here on the text line I have a degree in history and it never used it what do you do for letting text back then and what did you end up doing with tickets are right history should have an analyst other major in history right Reebok's restaurant don't major in history all right. His idol other than becoming history professor Wright or run a museum I don't know what that degree would be helpful and and I don't. And so they say what's going on with those who regret their English major or some that may be the earnings that graduates face depending on their major. People with a bachelor's degree in English earn a median of 53000 dollars a year. Fine arts is 49000. And that's probably across all cities and try living being higher power and I think. Over a lifetime English and fine arts majors earn less than one million dollars. I teenager is 73000. Also the problem of the likelihood of getting a job is also a problem and you managed major and humanities are liberal arts. I get what job. We're ego with that what do you do with an English degree besides become a teacher teach English or right. Like as an author sir which I think you could do without an English degree a degree is not necessary for that. Text line says my husband and I both went to college neither of us finished we both feel that having any do you agree. Would've helped us our daughter is getting her degree and I will never forget the look on her face when she realized we had not fan it. So are there those of you who agree with that. At that point that is long is your kid gets a degree that's what matters is that it doesn't matter what its end because. Like you change your mind anyway sometimes you know we of people that midway through their careers decide to go on and do something else. Countries often the parents to 2980 or 5767798. I know a lot of you have kids in high school and college. Do you just care that they finish a degree and it doesn't matter is that just valuable you have. The Bachelor of Science are recovered as. Look this is one of those places where we are gonna have to as a society shift our thinking the college degree is way overvalued now. Ray launches and and I can appreciate that to this. To the degree of OK you win you finished right there you prove that you can follow instructions. You showed up union had to reliability follow through but that's all it does. Right yeah I mean. So I don't skill trumps degree any day that from the text line. At English degree leads advertising attorney and right this is get received a vocal performance degree from UKC I am a buyer for a local company right that's one of those situations. Long. Right where somebody went and got a degree and what that did forum was you can go to his office ago yes. I showed up when I had to I didn't miss the finals there were instructions I followed them. So should you just get the degree we are deciding what you're gonna major and should the right direction for a future college student be. Take the things that you are interest it and because that means you'll have a career and stuff that you were interested aerial vocal performance is what drives you. Do it and figure out the job later or English is what really eager that's really passionate about. Major in it and the job will follow or. Should you be thinking about it more pragmatically and thinking what am I going to get a job in and making the thing that your interest in your hobby. Instead of what you spent 50000 dollars on in college they're crazy. The thing is put this question. And add lifelong debt to it and propose that to a seventeen year old Jamie gas right yeah. And go here you go make this decision this is what we all do we've been saying this for eighteen years choose now don't mess it up. And why is that realistic expectation to put on an eighteen Urals. Say it's what you're gonna stick with forever and ever ever write the apartment that from the happier love to port it to the gap year. Are taking suggestions teach your ID zero what did you major in and did it help you your career I'll ask you parents. Do you just care about kids getting the degree and don't really care about what they major and or major tax laws take your calls by 76778. 1232. On a Wednesday good afternoon everybody Britney Gibbons and studio for my quit that day were Jamie what wicket is back on Monday and we are asking you this hour. What college major and didn't have anything to do with what you ended up doing for a living and as many of you have kids that are in high school or college or headed that direction. What advice are you giving them about what to do in college because the study found and were getting us a while back and forth and the tax line. Is it's a question of do you nature in the thing that you are interest it and and passionate about and then worry about the job later as long as you love what you do. Or do you make it pragmatic decision and do the major that's gonna get the job what's the better way to go and what's the value of a college degree more. My husband and I both have college degrees this from the text Nightline not from my mouth. My husband and I both have college degrees. He has a masters neither one of us have jobs are required degrees or pays for them. We wish we didn't have that 600 dollars a month in student loans yelling at the price tag attached to it it becomes a more serious decision. 100%. And now give this issue to a seventeen year old view and how do you feel. Right here's one somebody has a master's in warships studies I may home inspector. Also having it degree gives more options in the job market when most higher paying jobs. Require a college degree I have a good paying job without a degree but when I'm not happy with that job. It will be hard to switch and make some money. Sound there are some some thoughts Korea Jennifer joins us on the phone for Miriam Jennifer did your degree how. Yeah now I'll. Cable is higher and got me out they all require. Steering it everything. I look at an angle. You know I did that help my inexperience. Album. And it didn't accountability it'll. And I let the years and it was a totally out of your program. And now I'm back call eight at eight year old working on. My bachelor's degree and it would mean that they're poor that are contrary I YT English ever growing like. How you judge and some twists and turns here right. Yeah I didn't I am not made me what I should be may see. In terms of paralegal degree so I went to college I gave them money every time. And everything I've got will Wear it. Now do you feel like you were sold on that by and recruit that. Yes absolutely. Going to school in Sacramento is no longer appropriate. Since we're talking about trump university Tuesday yeah China's. Even back then. It acts. Is checking at. Well I mean my health and some of the people and so I'm glad I graduated with. Same program would be worth the same in me. See you sound Smart. But certainly you're smarter now than you're at seventeen that's why you make it a different choice this time around. Well what I article caught my. Right there. At the away and fortunately I could go back ideally you know when I'm in the English literature. Can I seen all. What about English you know being public about what this country can keep people that are doing it. But you know what you can go teach English as another guy as a second language and others. Countries without a degree you don't need a degree in custody. I apple remote and how I felt weird and there must. And. Like I said. Aren't takes a lot of the call Jennifer really appreciate it good luck CO again keep the store is coming in 6980. Or 5767798. Do you encourage your kids. To get a college degree. Do you encourage them to get a major hit a major that would lead to a job. Or that you would say mom I wanna study English are really passionate about books you say. OK to your passionate about and we'll figure out the jobs thing later do you take the pragmatic way. Oregon flowery way. Right Dana. Lewis and doing the opposite what I did. What's that I don't like it to whatever it is do the rays and all the way through let me beat you. Your bed. This let me be the bad example and learn Michelle Italy Michelle what's the degree and and what job deity of. Well currently ample time moms that are also on disability but I am liking our employment but I had an apparel that I agree. But I knew I wouldn't use the fire was sentenced. I didn't they have been very cute as I would dedicate an ally and then that was like I'm. I am an apparel design degree now will use it quickly and tell us how you feel about Kanye West so he's he's had mussina. Oh okay well nevermind. So are you glad you finished. Like to have a degree is that a good thing for you to have. They college experience isn't essential I think are being. A successful adult and I would not have had as good at paying job in general that'd agree. Hasn't for Atlanta police say right now is an architecture. And she was that your and he landed you that. When we went for the interview. Or heard. And she hadn't even played in the college. While maybe you should try and it. He's going to be like ear. That's one of those. Guys a lot for the called Michelle that's one of those areas where. And we definitely want them to have college degrees and to be well educated GAAP measure in architects and architect and engineer something like that. I think part of why we encourage. On kids to get degrees is because it's easier for them to get them when they're young. In dense to go back for it or figure that's part of it against you want kids to an end I'm speaking. Partly sunny but hot college not as her obviously but I think part of it is because. It's easier for that does is start eighteen to get it done at 22 yet went there you know when they're kind of more in the mood for that. To let him go to tangle schooler a little while or work in the workforce awhile it's hard to go later you know it it's hard to get the motivation to go layer that's what. The reasons not only do it is the gap here appealing but that's why I like the move towards paying for community college for sure because that way if you go and you get two years and and you go all this is informing or whatever. At least you're not thousands and thousand dollars in debt down its. The old Brady if and it's the oldest is nine so let's say in eight years when she's taken schools. Kurt how well listen it's my kids so I don't know how big dividend about it. Well I don't. I don't know I have I mean that's a Big Ten years from now yeah what the cost of college ally for a non Mac all right where yeah putts V. Right how many jobs will be out there are some of the text line did say. You really maybe even they were suggesting as apparent re search. The current job market in the future job market future job market's really important because. Fifty years ago if you wanted to learn about history. It was a lot tougher or whatever science you had to go and learn about it from school now you can it's all online yeah so I would. Ed's last towards what I'm passionate about and really think about her career as my fall back and then chased my passion when time some. You asked. Can you do both. Can't you can't you do because I sat due to either the pragmatic rat and pick a major that's gonna get you a job or do you do anything you love. And hoping to get your job later in some basic K you do but now. Yes. If the thing that you are passionate about. Also would get UH spot you know I mean if you are yeah he's passionate about helping people and won a study biology. Become a doctor Don you just got. Both Don if you loves and bright and yeah he's got a good dermatologist gaps yes but I think they're rare. Because that's why we have to pay people to come to work. Right or you know the weird thing about this job was that I wish somebody had to hold and he. Not everybody radio has degree but sometimes you change your path for me I got for free because. What do I get fired radio what do radio doesn't hang right what if I look at who and what happens your life. And some my parents that's fine but get the degree anyway. In case in five years things things changed kind of getting two degrees but nonetheless I wish somebody it's. What knowledge are you going to need in the job. Don't get the degree in the thing it teaches you how to do the job what other knowledge what you need and a radio there's two different thing. Again I wish I'd studied law I was like I understood economics batter I wish I'd spent. More time studying other governments and study foreign affairs I was a better grasp of world history all of that would help me more than the speedster. Bright and no 100% I'm with you and that goes back to what she said about changing pad that's. Great how people change careers I mean on some of your kind of stopped. Right down so I can't language also on fortunate I hope you're the person that. Can be passionate about the thing that also thing gets you Regina hope you're really passionate about counting. Right I think budgeting is fun I think accounting is boring would I mean I. I think playing with money is on I couldn't do it for career luckily there are those out there that are. A lot more than I am rats that are passionate about stuff that we need people to be passionate about. Thanks everybody who waited it is 1242 I came to seek in the next hour we'll be back to conversation that we had in the 10 o'clock hour story of the stark. Talking about why people don't wanna be 911 dispatchers there's a story about a comic bookstore in an incident there. And the nearly fourteen minutes it touch to get emergency crews on the scene. The city is blaming a shortage of not one operators wouldn't that coming up after 11 o'clock right at 1240 to break under the from my quick and came easy. It day with Jamie and which it is 1247 on Wednesday afternoon Brady get from 97 the point in studio for Mike wicket. Yeah unimportant and nine day they're. A curmudgeon. A little bit just a little bit there's that old man gone over there. On the difference is about to happen right. Do you look and give to that point in life where people old. The people that are running through the shouldn't be older to meet. Hear me serious again gassed and getting to that point in my forum experiencing. Situations where the people that should be older than me aren't like a doctor. And that causes problems now doctors yeah yes or my age attract freaks me out. And it bothers me also I'm very concerned about a mile long. And also how I haven't sold guessing stressed out and asked sixty seconds you just rattled off to meet. Thirty things that are bothering me and I'm about to lay it all out and this poor guy with his blessing box is about to feel like it's called. I would like story better it is called it something else OK it's story. We story it's a great idea it's not a great idea so where's the story from OK result out of CNN. On this is from CNN so it'll be nice as a bunch of people starting in just for that fact. But you've seen a little free libraries right they're all over Perry's advantage I don't know maybe there'll Overtown that it is you take about you leave a box you in cystic encourage reading. Love that idea and now here you. Like this now here's one out of Watertown New York. This is called a blessing box it's kind of the same idea is a little free library except here he has food and now. Jamie why you go off and lists some of these items that he has in his blessing box the people are willing are welcome to come and enjoy from his blessing by not having the picture in front of me let me gaps it's probably hand I don't see yes Brad. The only it's a PR three I'm homeless I do not have a can opener I can't help. And a fourth. Wave should argue ravioli is awful. I beef a Roni while you eat it cold all here's a camera black beans banks. OK so you're taking issue with the contents. Of the blessing box and not giving him credit for the fact that this guy said there are people in my neighborhood who are hungry. Rather than have them go all the way to the entry in this box of food outside for them to happen is that tapioca snack packs. That is off. Love to have that tell you how hungry I would have to be I would rather eat my shoe. And again I don't have a spoon here's the worst thing missed the one that Simeon Wright titles that the here's the one that sent you over the edge. He has got a bottle of Italian dressing. That I guess I'm not think of the worst item to put in here it's how. It home. Condiments tiny protein. Any something. That's. Italian. Sinking in schools take the whole bottle. Yeah I sure am I gonna have to go back there to his bushes and rip off a solid from his bushes and there's not all here it's how. Drastic am I supposed to use on that please and thank you very much there it's. That's supposed to be for York people look at what are you attacks this. This and I can appreciate the guys artists' okay all day yes he wants the help finally this is back. Use of three sources and you want people to stay in and outside. All the. My table shares of the sad to say it is going to the food pantry downtown here have some Italian dressing. To. It dressings rose anyway. Ari is. Wait two things down Google ideally I want you back on us Jamie how would you imagine somebody maybe homeless may be very hungry and they're like it's interesting thank you make sure you should picket. Because if you don't shake it in oil is separate and it'll. Is this somebody's got the blessing box if you were starving having a few days a promise of cold regularly would be amazing. All right so see you care about having the microwave yes if I was hungry enough that you would taste good. I just think this is a bad use of resources not organized okay. Before people hate you it's a good idea what you failed OK so improve it why would you put in the box instead it. Anything in the U2 in the box more books may be directions to the pantry you've worked on the restoration Russell and you'll put her actions and their maybe Google Maps and out of where they go thinking get actual well. Rape me but yeah. Every moment that's what he is doing well this year and then. Don't put stuff out there that requires preparation and a fork in utensils don't put on the Manson. What he is doing is cleaning out his pantry as people. Do you have apple or beats her new York and I'm cleaning up these you eat horse paid sick stuff that I haven't eaten checked the date on this Italian dressing because. Italian dressing I. Ice you were out at the Italian dressing thing given that you're in the studio with an Italian and that's right eaten by. That's it I can respect to Italian dressing real Italian dressing not this stuff. Fact right not she still stable Italian dressing I want to come to Jamie's house and I wanted to be fresh I want to oil to be actual like. Edible oil from someplace. I mean he asked in here. Is where am I gonna probably boil it cost a candidate that. I'm giving the pop I'll give you the process the dried pasta doesn't make sense tapioca snack packs and two man. Needs to do was give a spoon and that's. Good big losses this is look again. I like that your heart's in the right place for. I can appreciate it seem like good good job. But you just missed he's swung and missed honest and I honestly don't know Jamie if this is like a stock photo of a guy and and it and they Photoshop. Some box and they were like I don't know can you Photoshop in some. Shelving from a grocery story and there is this is so what would you finale your big new house and south John. What are you well Heidi your kitchen that you pay a lot of money four to feed the hungry you know what I would do here's what average. I would again I just think it needs to be operated better if he wants to do it what he does is go all the farmer's market and then. And a couple times a week on the make sandwiches sandwiches and there. Put those go bad what white people don't eat that well must not be that many hungry around. Us not be that much to me. Lotta work. Put up. Hear just what you don't want aegis throat and a boxing. You go you don't to a food pantry that's what you do it afloat. Entry is gonna have tables some place where you can eat are gonna have reasonable food maybe they'll put it together in like a reasonable meal type usable thing. This isn't. It may come bite here if you really hungry open up a can of chef boy RD. I'm. Interested to see the things that people choose to care about and right now the thing that's making everyone mad first of all. You are wondering to disguise so he went on other states that's my easier. It's yes we know that it's not all homeless people that need it some people largest food insecure why how is at a knowing people ride by the way this is just Brady renting this is this is not normal I mean maybe as an odd seeing you here in Vegas at. Once in awhile I just thought this can't believe again and it cost. Don't and I can't blame this on CN BM this silly story don't put this out I don't act. That's putting you off what it would earn his story minute we're doing so you. You're right to Iraq. And interest say as little ray of sunshine in the day I don't know shows don't tell. Me about it. So bad I love the little free libraries I really think he's you should just put out there dad well here read. Our smaller books that. I shorter books here's what I really wanted to do though when these things started popping up their privilege I was like let's do this my wife stopped me because she's wise. I go let's put apple Lou mind the library and put in Mike Dee anarchist cookbook. And let's play like shocked let's split fifty shades of gray in there and just see how people react right let's put some fun stuff and and see what happens to how long until they kick us out of town like you guys idea to brown bag luncheon why. You do this but it does go bad what if they're happy that 300. Era Monday. The other there on Wednesday but they're not there on Monday when you put the sandwich as well listen if their. Somebody said that he had struggled a sandwich will just like three days. Refrigerated it's not a refrigerator you know what else is redundancy. There is that there was a story about. Restaurant. Of India I believe we are. It was the greatest idea ever but she people leave their leftovers like you restaurant and forget and yet you forget container on the on the table where you're eating her she put out a refrigerator on the edge of her property for the people to put their leftovers and so that we if you. You know you UA half your pasta and harassment and left over box we didn't bring it home work and I'm not allow yeah its been great for me but he released the food. But it goes she put everybody's leftovers into a fridge on the edge of properties so that we people who were food insecure or Hungary could then go to difference. Love seat she they are happy that's a home run again this guy has a much nicer hard tonight he's a much better person is better and the yeah first look for my name is good men not great man. Is like in some mediocre and just mediocre and this is a good guy. He will go he'd be he'd he's a sweetheart are we need you to take a breath now yes Egypt's caretaker president a thank you for letting me rant. Take thinking water I'm gonna go do downward dog yoga get a feds it's better relax for a minute and a a will be back with some reasonableness and. Our problem next at some point I was going to those in the last ten minutes leading up to it don't tell you the justification for not. Paying your parking meters there's been a study done about the price of a parking ticket. Vs your chances of getting a take it and pay your parking meter it's got it it's gonna make me never pay a parking meter ever again.