What are we teaching our kids?

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Friday, October 20th

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Where they're supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like to hear. Start drinking have. Let's see if they really do a lot when you don't remember anything you wanted what's trending with Jamie McIntyre they feel like you're you've. Plus the game right there on 98 point one JMD's. A step treading in Kansas City I was surprised chiefs are not trending right now to their. Controversy you'll last second loss yesterday to the Oakland Raiders it's two straight ills for the chiefs but. An elbow into their next match up it'll be Monday Night Football now against the Denver Broncos to ask what are challenged Lance Marshall Islands shoved an official. Yeah you know shopped it now I click on after that he showed that official and then he came off the sideline to shelve the refereed which is a double no no got ejected. And Travers to watch the game from the stands. He did it. They have bands Jim Nantz calls after halftime saying. Well Marshall has left the building in no one over he is he's not locker room they think he left the stadium but really he's in the stands with fans watching the game possibly. Am I don't he actually took the train back home after the game he doesn't he doesn't drive to the stadium the 06 entering with pain. Rick yes I did not know yet and down markets Peters was on their with the but by the way Mark Peters stinks this year yet out loud that'll secondary stinks. Let's see we'll stranding testy. Yelled verdict is trending. Because there's a story out of NCR New York Times picked it up get a lot of attention New York Times saying v.s Saint Louis verdicts won its final allows this one happens. But when the protest. After the judge acquitted a white police officer of first degree murder in 2011 shooting death of a black man a New York Times did a big story. Basically saying that protesters of one of PR battle them against police so that's what the past he'll verdict era. Do you know it's super slimy is no travesty and a super slimy it sounds like a video game. It's. Actually it's a rap collaboration this is trending in Kansas City will do is to rappers young thug and features that are new album. And that's trending in Kansas City. All right. Sure you happy about that you know by this wonder download this one Robin not their super my ticket out but I won't downloaded the apparent. Dusty Baker's running Dusty Baker got fired Don as manager of the nationals after two and at least titles yeah that is a that missed that this city that has like between the Washington Capitals in the Washington Nationals they're really really good and then they disappoint their fans every year in the play offs. Why why Blair oaks turn and I definitely has something to do with sports. A little less than Blair lathrop and Blair oaks played each other flare outs beats lathrop in the ninth inning in softball. That's trending like crazy right now clearances on Jefferson City lathrop must be the one that's near here on. And a guy earn extra innings though 390 player oaks is trending navy seal is turning. He had John Graf hello this is uninteresting story. There's a navy seal who praised president trump on Fox News. Said he did two tours in Vietnam was awarded a purple heart was part of the first Navy SEALs. Fox News ran this huge story on him. Well as it turns out he lied about all of it. All did he did serve in the army. But he was not a navy seal he never went to a Vietnam. He'd ever received a purple heart he completely. Lied. Fox's news. Has since retracted its story but it's making its way all over that this guy lied to America about his service in the military. So you ask me about Taiwan Jones yet Taiwan Jones is trending I have no I I I just thought it looks like there's a tweet out right now there's guys as he's on the plane since I saw him sitting next to this professor any graded Tex he greeted test this whole flight. If there's Taiwan Jones that Howard boy you failed. To point out of your busy so. I just saw it as the supreme integrated tweet it out to exploding and sued Taiwan Jones quote. Sweden in says blank I can't say that word hit it and then another one on his iPod dock like crap to tie like jones' are. And yet funny and I would not now that's talent is blowing up. NASCAR is trending because of course it is raised a weekend at Kansas Speedway gates are open if you're gonna go their early today you can they've got. Monster energy NASCAR cup practice right now going on our qualifying expedite the practice later. Saturday gates open at 6 AM for the parking lots. And on Sunday is the big race he'll have the Infiniti series race tomorrow afternoon to. And then the big one coming up on Sunday at at 2 o'clock out sound. It is a busy time out of the speedway and they do a great job running that race NASCAR has a spectacular job and racists. Are coming up next hour to connect to a story we did in the 10 o'clock hour we know a lot of you try to get and we ran out of time but the question on the table. As is often with cases like says. Where you put the blame. When you have a nine year old boy that brings a loaded gun to school. In response to being fully I would tell you who is being charged in the case and asked you who you blame coming up. But there was Jamie what it will do that next the view right here on 91 KM BZ. 91 CNBC in the big TV awakened and is probably seen on a Friday. I itself follow along with this story usually when we tell you stories got some layers in certain angles we need to pay close attention like we do for this one. It's pretty clear but yeah as somebody said earlier it's an ass show 'cause it totally set a this is at a Middletown Ohio and it's got us asking. Who really should take the bulk of the blame here. We have an old boy and aunt Rosa Parks elementary school who brought a nine millimeter gun to school it was loaded. He brought extra ammo with them to school and he told police. The reason he brought the loaded gun to school was because he was being picked on. He now is facing the reef felony charges he was arrested he's been in court already and is being kept in juvenile detention. Until another court hearing next week. Thank god for the teacher that just happened to seat the bulge that was in his pocket that threes keeping it was in the pocket of his pants. And the teacher asked him about it so what's in your pocket and that's when he that's when he showed gotten. Nobody was hurt on and we don't know what he intended to do with it if anything we may be you didn't intend to do anything but we know that he was being picked on and that's why he brought it to school. Your natural for question is how did he get a loaded gun next drama he got it for mom's boyfriend. Who is also being charged with endangerment. Because mom's boyfriend left it accessible we don't know anymore than that about how was accessible but that's how the kid was able to get it. My guess is the cable and being expelled from school because if there's ever reason to expel a kid it's when their danger to others and the scared clearly could have ban. But the gun went off nobody was ever injured and we don't know what his intentions were so a lot of a lot of blame to go around perhaps some were asking a lot of questions why the questions we had earlier wives does a nine year old understand. Death. To the point to understand what can happen with that gone. I I think. And feel pretty jumping on any this because that's one of the questions were asking by 767798. Texted at 22980. Kids know what guns do I get nine but I don't and nine yelled I don't believe and is probably case by case. I don't believe a nine year old understands. The finality of death. You know it when we you have to explain to locate where gravel or great Apollo when it when they passed. That's kind of what I've been like. They gather up and haven't I don't know what that means mommy don't make maybe nine is different immunized not six. But I don't know open nine year old understands what happens if you pull the trigger or someone dies. You're never going to see them again. The kid is facing three felony charges. Those include felonious assault illegal conveyance of a deadly weapon in carrying a concealed weapon yikes damn I'm I'm Fraser mr. Bob. Hey guy or girl talk about this and and and I pretty let me come and two way because I got some thought on this in howls this kid again nine. Why is being charged with felonies just you know dated. Keep the food away from them you know go to your room. No dinner for you and is being captain juvenile detention I mean I am in custody and you know and I was thinking about this it's to me it's not so much the the gun or where he got it or how he got an early access to it. That's not with a story but I I think for me at least the kid. Didn't see any other options. To whatever event was going bullying. Yeah Natalie Cole had a discussion sold into as much before and and and here's the thing if if the kid thinks that's the remedy. There's something wrong here because. Is the kid getting taught at home or at school that. You need to stand up to bullies and what that means as you actually stand up to them am and punched them if you need to do. You know yeah you'll stop. You know our is that the message or is the message that the kids get New Hampshire is getting its school. You need to sit down be quiet don't act out don't do anything. Of any kind of action. And sold the kid day. Sees no other recourse. And the like a boiling pot of water you know a lid on its what's gonna happen now let's gonna. Low law I knew more about the bully. Yeah we just don't nobody was going to we don't know how long have been going on an error or if there were signs before this our earnings like that and the kid brought extra ammo so I mean again that to me says the kid knows how would go and works and knows how to look I mean he with the kids play call of duty and opened nine year old should be playing call of duty but I played Contra under some shooter games like drilling in the right exactly. What is your kid the kid knows that it's the bullets maybe I mean maybe he's not practiced at. You know eat the rapid fire and play games like he probably did playing PlayStation and Xbox you know and that. And the other questions to. How much trouble should the KB and because he's likely going to be expelled I would I assume Byron principal the school acuity what should happen to the boy a what about the bull. What about the bullies parents. Just asking about this kid's mom and kids mop the boyfriend's gone mom's boyfriend owns the gun he was any plastic case so I'm assuming that system. Small holding plastic imminent I would hope pelican case yeah and the kid got it there. In the bigger discussion might be where are we at with bullying. Where kids are thinking that like you said the last straw to end the bullying is to bring aid no we don't plan on shoot with it. But the kid brought extra ammo well I mean let's let's look. At Howell we teach. I think this is where it release starts let's look at how we teach our children now especially. Our boys. That they cannot it's in a sense be boys and rough house and fight. Because when I was growing up and I turned out okay. I was involved in a lot of skirmishes journal other boys. It was quick it was de and the you know a couple of slaps couple of fisticuffs. You know and then you're done. And then you move on there was never this okay you go from zero to a hundred. You know zero you sit in your chair and don't do any thing and then a hundred you know you bring in a god well no we never did that. Because we got a lot of our or others who would he call out aggression it aggression thank you out on the playground. Out behind the school Alice street behind the house in the woods that's where we acted out. Would certainly fought to you don't have the bullying we have now you mean oh sure there's there's the no no you can be very happy where we are happy social media that no that's because at school and we talked about this before you get bullied at school you leave you don't see that person again until the next that's true yeah it's true it's cool snap check in chagrin FaceBook to what I have always on it's constant it's a lot different these days for kids getting bowl. Yeah that's true we just don't know what kind of gun message the kid was getting at home. We don't as somebody pointed out earlier I was shocked at how many people called and when and on the tax line. That they are parents and they keep a loaded gun at home unlocked and they have kids at home and kids know Ed but the kids know about gun safety whatever that includes and they know the impact of a gun and I said we don't know exactly what make it's it was talked. But may be dictated dot I I know outlook on marks and I'm gonna take it to school and I'm gonna use it. That's how I was brought up by new were all the weapons where my dead try to hide a few of them you know in different places around the house and I I news of course found them but I was very respectful of them. He taught me well. You know I taught my own son well you know and and some folks do like to lock them up completely put the ammo and a whole different place but the weapon in different place that's fine some people like dabble loaded firearm you know take the back of their debt. And because that would making music if there is needed is emergency right but I. I think a lot regulars having this kick got no gun education at home because he was able to get access to a lot of god I don't necessarily assume that but I think it's also possible he was really being bullied at school and sad. I'm gonna use it there's something. That happens to make the kids think this is the only thing that I can do. And maybe he's not getting that message. Go confront your bully stand up and then what about the other children are they getting the message to stand up to the bully right on behalf of somebody else you know you stand up for those that are weaker and smaller than you the audience yeah I think that's a that's a really good point also we talk about a drug selling message is that message getting out because that's the message. I got when I was a kid and you know into guiding you got to intervene on behalf of those that are getting picked on if you're getting picked on stand up to your bully because the the bully. Is going to learn through that quick moment of of of pain. Poll I I don't wanna do this action anymore because I'm feeling pain and seeing stars and as. Leading a nine year old girl it was bullied to the point of bringing a gun with extra ammo to school he never went off the teacher found it who should be in trouble what you depth into the boy eight. 229 year old boys understand what death really means what can happen. And is this where were at now would bully I 767798. Dealt beanie in Kansas City and 81 KM BZ I don't Fini. Your and right. It definitely while the concept that I think yeah that. If you hurt someone like that that it will activity don't think he had that they could act yeah. I can make it should act like in some trouble because that's not a gaping and do. Anything else but what's that is who else is to blame and all of this. Probably cared. The parent. Should see some title which is it you haven't got blocked they did not. Like they got it. Yeah I don't think things for the phone call any one KM BZ midday with Jamie and wicket. Thought about a nine year old who brought a gun to school with extra ammo after he was getting bullied. It was to that where he decided he was going to bring a fire arm to school did not go off the teachers saw something in his pocket they he had got the gun out now the kid has been disciplined. He's in trouble with the law will find out what happens with them with school that he's facing three felonies. He's already had his first juvenile court date he's being kept in juvenile detention. Until he goes back to court next week. Of course we all asked how to get it Yatom debt mom's boyfriend is being charged also I just with endangerment for keeping a gun where the kid can get by 767798. And we're asking a lot of questions about this and feel free to jump in at any angle. Who should be in trouble here push you more in trouble like gas on with Dan and I as a this earlier. On does a nine year old understand what death is. I think so I think you're right I think kids understand death or at least are starting to grasp the death but don't understand a gun and that that tour now. I I don't know if they know what it means if they pull that trick reality and the reality after the play video games all day I I did too. I said a 67798. A socket deal Lee's summit dale thinks are hanging your 91 KM BZ. They're broke our back on. But either and I Earl it'd be a bully. He and Mary and made Garrett on Latin who Wear bowling bowling ill. Saying hey you know all. I'm only you email. And that is what happened to you and future expires but do little bit concerned. Are not yet been you'll know. You don't wanna be there. You know he got about the ball. I mean. That's the worst place what is for them to chart in our nine year old. Nobody brought he brought a gun does an am go to school what is his intention. Was to commit a mass shooting at that school or the very least ago shoot and kill the kids that were bullying him. There and that. Back where it bothers me too because he could have done. Yeah I got this teacher and even if it was just for intimidation to his of it is to your original point dale even it was just for intimidation. And a million things could happen it can fall out of his pocket and go off somebody out some other kid could get it somebody could be very scared. He can change his mind right and eat a meal and it's. I hope it was just for intimidation. But I don't believe that once out we don't we don't know we don't now it passed wicket it's the extra ammo part at. He he brought more bullish shows intent to me. 5767798. Thank you deal your phone call Carol you're an 81 KM BZ what's up Carol. Well it's very dearly you're on the air how are you Darryl. Yeah I am so glad that there was an open round. When I was coming up where acted. Get a whole new outlook bullied. Three years in my life from. Eight of eleven of fourteen mine current middle school year and people brutal bags via. And we didn't have the Internet Darryl like these kids do these days at social media. True and it's a whole lot worse mommy. What outweigh drone was banned from being. I can't imagine it would be going through I mean. If not what are ropes the school in outlook ropes and from there at all. Look he. Gets out bunny. That the. Left RB I would pass out papers but it teacher and everybody will break out there. And rainy they can't race here but it will make that a breakdown that they've got a greater eight book what they. I'll back had a roach I think even a different kind of Russian. It. A roach. I mean it it end that are bullying went on getting picked on in maybe to the level of getting bullied that it becomes criminal. Bullying is always gone on and always will aid stinks to say that there's always going to be bullies. Telephone call Rhodes man preach at SF 67798. Roger in Kansas City right now 81 K amusing. Yeah well one thing is all. About the the way we think it's cool we see. Crooked occasionally treat sick to educate in bulk so quickly Nokia N you know until he. Yet we don't pick any kind of cheat these cute. Yoga and they eat and I think our race and boy. Both the Bible and know how to use the they know how to share in the accurate not loaded or that is loaded. And there they know. Not that upped it to keep your problem. We wit this simple one Mikey. And I are committed very critical. Then there happened to go to your teacher or an official. First start this ticket are immediately saying. That they're if they continue to do what you can do we don't use a weapon to do. We had a couple got into the Brooklyn school. And she will help or that you're not where we can do that unique problem or aren't going to allow him. You see it and get in trouble that's why that is the only punishment he's going to get from me at least or. It would take a look more of a bet you do that all this nonsense would stop. You know as far as airport being able it was made very clear what war are by the you're doing. Your butt belongs to me. Hit and that's I don't know what it's like to be the parent of a bully. Because I I think a lot of parents don't realize they are apparent and able to point who's gonna go home and tell their mom and dad on the bully and you don't you don't want you don't wanna be. The mother of the bully who. And this is pretty obvious as is not breaking news you don't wanna be the model finds out your son's bull because another kid brought a gun and shot. If you don't they you don't want to act so it's also weird for kids to tell their parents about bowling and I assume this is a little stranger for boys. To admit to their ads that they're being bullied like I'm being picked on at school. You know it would make sense to me if the parents in this case had no idea that this it was bean ball magnet to kids and I'm I'm gonna handle this myself. So do you plan attacks on a little bit ago that I'm we live in an age of school shootings. And of active shooter situations and schools that kids are talked to about and trained in how to respond to. And that in this day and age this kid knew exactly. What had gone to dale. Is he Roger talked about education. We teach about sex we teach about this edged up that gun education. It almost has the adverse effect of educating to talk about school shootings and mass shootings at schools and drills and things are supposed to do. I know. I never thought about. A mass shooting. When I was in elementary school. And the fact that we went out we didn't probably now like we duties to ask and I almost sit here and think to myself are you planting. The idea in these kids' heads that guns. Are a way to handle your aggression. And I and I also don't think that just because you are responsible gun owner and you give your kid good sound gun education. Don't assume that means they're not gonna take that gun to school and shoot somebody with that it just because you have taught your kid the right time to use a gun in the wrong time. Doesn't mean they're gonna be bullied to the point that they feel like that's the only choice. 5767798. Roll bar in Kansas City right 91 KM BZ. Yeah let's do it okay what do you think them. Well. There are saying that while the whole situation or the ball or should it or. Show. Young boy. With the parents and with the school. So the rock pop and detail page eight. You know his government gonna go there there should be multiple or forty though that level. The parent senate that where there's been a lot of attention be a child. And their parents and the school. And now the child has been. A juvenile system which in my main ever get. That's true I mean I I've never been in the juvenile court system or anything like that are gonna juvenile hall. But EEE if it is bad you hope that he can somehow rise above all of the nastiness that's inside that facility and a program. Why I agree with that it in the bank. But I have to be a lot more attention at school. The pants in the school at our network or all of a child feel like Serbian police or whether the weapons of school brother the High Court garner. Everett made the then there's an issue that the organic. And for the check out to go to the extent barring an extra ammunition that they are there. To the extent of what went off and the communication. I think they're the dessert communication breakdown. Across the board. And now that they guy has. Brought it's weapon to school. Where were the parent involvement in this aspect I know they allowed some B short of broke from that. Or a boyfriend has been charged with making the gone accessible child endangerment yeah and to be honest that's what I can back humanness. I don't think you can place all the blame at the bullies beat or is it at the end of the day. Had the kid not able to get begun in the first place we wouldn't be having a conversation on at some point it's it would have done something else but to meet the gun being accessible to the skid. Kind of education we got but we know that we've been talking about and if the boyfriend had left the gun in a spot where they take to get it. Any ammo and a spot where the kick again it and in that case the Cuban a panel that some other way maybe but to meet the boyfriend needs to be facing a tougher punishment and the cat. 5767798. Remark thinks your phone call we appreciate it get in a few more here Q what do jumpin. Story is spent the top on our FaceBook page is also on our Twitter account. At KM BZ radio mid day with Jamie wicket more from you coming up next a 91 KM BZ 981 KM BZ midday with Jimmie and blanket Jimmy money Sully my quake hit. Nine year old gets bullied in a Cleveland elementary school Middletown Ohio. He was bullied so much that he brought a gun to class a loaded handgun with extra ammo. Luckily teachers sought in his pocket they removed it can has been charged and day with what three felony. Celanese IE those mom's boyfriend who made it possible for the can dig a hole of the guy and some mom's boyfriend has been charged with endangerment in the case as well. Kids being kept in juvenile detention. For sure he's gonna be expelled from the school because. The first criteria and deciding whether X delicate as whether he's a danger and he was definitely a danger to those kids. I've got 30% of the blame -- put on the kids. I follow me on this 20% of the boyfriend for leaving the gun out and then I break it down a mom in school bully and bullies parents all Kenny getting the rest. I think we wouldn't be talking about the story in the first place had a gun not an accessible there's a lot of blame to go around but ultimately. I don't think a nine year old on can be. And he's a kid he's a little candies a young kid. And if he's not getting the right message about what ever about guns and about. The fact bullying whatever than to me that's not his fault that's somebody's failure to not give him the right message. I 767798. A lot of questions on the table as in where do you put blame what should happen to this young man bullying in this country. Now organ in the point where kids are bringing guns. To school was this one kid did he's nine and he brought extra ammo 5767798. Tell me peculiar era and 81 KM BZ. All the this one. Stressed that there. Should be some one parent can. Good Harrington and Bob first. Day and also. The bed educational. Administration should be slow one failed because this is I didn't fly and have little. And if could come close to you know he had it been to express sitting at home. From the school. Well then the teacher about. That there's not a big. Woody woody woody has to do that and had. All in the understand he. Not just B&B. Father mother figure and not had. Type. Weapons. Quote bull. Oprah mobile to achieve. He he had it in a plastic case and that's worthy talent access. The big difference. Added. I'm talking about this but stable. She. And as being a father figure to tell you that every human resources and a bit about certain weapon. Yet and that's it and thanks for the phone call that's where the big question is how accessible was this plastic case was there ever a conversation. Or multiple conversations about the gone an and what about the kitchen touched it we don't know their wives. May lead to kidney he wasn't supposed to touch it and get it anyway and it and that's a desk pretty was to end the bullying we just on now that part act. There's a phone call Tony preaching it by 7677. Any James in Kansas City and 81 KM BZ. Yeah that's that's terrible fear doubt about that captivity but what I would like to see. In my opinion. Is that. Although the orchard elementary and up high school half where. Every year. You have to come to the what the schools start week at a time a few days. Where you have to meet in the auditorium. And the principal. A gay couple other people officer in there. And in state to the parents and choose the child the adult is stolen school. We are not having any bullying and go over all of that and there's going to be no weapons in just go all all albeit it's with the F. The kids two to the heights well. And in hadn't signed their name but something has to be done we're taking it all into the auditorium or they start school. And this does not point should be accepted. The bully will not be accepted here and get them off to that there at the start. Following a few dates before school. Something like it has to be done I think that might help. And all it's clear that begin at that time. And and even in the dream that the appearance and the student must art art in my speech in that auditorium forced schools starts. A goal over everything got your rights harsher chi sets itself yet. I've been thinking about a couple of years they they need to come up something because it's only it's still go on. And James thinks of all comment appreciate it. 5767798. Sucked Jason in Overland Park chasing your 91 KM BZ. Yeah it's ridiculous that it got to this point of this story but it does such an three Ingles. While one congress sort of par on. A lot of kids are on the law and afterschool. At some point with the proper training should they be able to have access to some urgent to defend themselves with or I mean I sing or another. And and don't forget if you can and nine year old really understand the ins and outs of self defense like somebody showed you that's at around you to weapon on him. For one quick second actual NL pitcher their point is I wanna yet at this at demy not to mention Nancy because you got me thinking about any fan about the ways for a nine year old handled us. For nine year old boy that may be on you know fighting or somehow handling it a different way it would have been better. Yeah I'm. Just my girls know they got electorate could ever. It's. Only. A lot DOS so and I and they're mature different dates. And the third thing is. You know this abuse sexual abuse that a lot of attention by school you can you can get verbal mental abuse. And and let's potentially neglect. And those can go under the radar I mean even had a deal that school itself when I was in grade school. We only. And ministers human dignity and I. We're they actually. And in short you know. You know chips are down. But you know always range which just kind of looking to go on cheer that threatened litigation and you know that you go on for weeks. I'm and so we report the administration twice and they wouldn't do it it is it is new evidence. And you know Eric. You know get more and if they don't do anything Hartnell got. And so and data at school. Anger and murals are prepared coming out or inaccurate. Group B which wrestle on the Florida came on inter agency and I republic for special free from twice. But he now you know like off oral chat and he just smiled you know being a bigger editor in its final legislating to. Well I slip now I you know song or spyware and herself cicada ice pack. And yet be carried because but the divide its hold chip from black guy. And so they act called my parents and in that. It is beset. They ask me what happened to think in sort told them. And then they go prosecutors argue yes and administration equity in Europe this or we didn't speak well people argue. About it with different. And that's what I have to wonder what schools are Dylan I want to stick a few more here Jason thanks for the call man but I gotta wonder what schools are doing Wendy Selig. We'd hold you in Jason's case we too old you. This is going to happen and you did nothing to stop to ask what do you expect schools to do. Exactly in this case the system worked in this case teachers were trained to look for things. And in this case the teacher saw the gun on some bullying happens at the front of a classroom where teachers got. 25 other kids to monitor sometimes it happens the hall Ayers happens in the boys' restroom I. To answer I think we put too much expectation on schools to fix everything but sneak into more at a in Kansas City Iran KM BZ. I'm sorry you know. I I'm listening and you know. I think it really unfortunate that probably. You know or greater boost college big. You know and and now being bullies now. At Darlington that you now. That's a good Portland get situations. Big. Old yet what that want yes but you know. Or your end of the year but he. Said that you know. I will illegal because. You know mister K so you know we're. Changing the behavior and the child on my putting him into it without system out there. That the community to come on the board to you know opera about. It and try and like a debt schools. You know and attack of the end then. And and because. Grip you know and it. Is that you. To the do you know. You can't keep don't like your apartment opposite. Art. It's a good question at a thank you so much for your phone call we appreciate it is our FaceBook page can also sent us a text and tweet about it too. I had KM BZ radio and it is is a story with a bunch of different layers.