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Tuesday, November 21st

It just.  Doesn't.  Stop.  


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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcasts on KE MB easy. Attorney actually campaigned there and I think. Inside you press conference. Agassi or groping her but later had been following along and they are taking on. And asking questioning the character of the accusers outlet lord let it role in fact they just brought up that they Arab. League horsemen the one who initially accused him when he was on the station yesterday yeah. And said she was a problem child. When she was in that courtroom and that's why her parents were transferring custody which is why she was in that corpsman for first got to bring it tougher for. This is not gonna go well I'm I'm telling you right now. This is simply not going to go well. And even a Fox News poll that came out late last week. Has him down Travis we have the news conference seeding and fight notes chip what's his -- percent. Of course with father did not live in Galveston or even rainbow city at the time of all if you live farther away you know had she Alabama as is born out. By the court documents that you only find a battle and we courthouse. John Adams once said facts are stubborn things. And whatever may be our wishes our inclinations. Or the dictates of our passions they cannot Alter the state of facts and evidence. If the liberal media where happens interested in investigating these accusations against Denmark. As they are in the scaring up 1980s era false gossip at the Gadsden mall than we would be getting to the bottom of this and moving on. We urge the press to do its job. Running a stand cook. I've known George more for many many years. Knowing his history. Knowing that he has run. Five campaigns and 35 years. I would like to point out never has there been a time that his character. For his integrity has been questioned. In any of those political races. Other than that at times he's ticked off the album's artwork. Four weeks before the election. And while. Has he been attacked. So ruthlessly. Especially about the media. And evidence and the facts are so easy to fun. For my part awards reviewed two things Gloria Allred story as attached. To Beverly Nelson and your book. And to the mall plan. Let's suppose that moment. First judge Moore adamantly and without any hesitation. Rebuked Gloria Allred and Beverly Nelson. For the false allegations concerned that your book. All wins today one of our attorneys pointed out the message in the yearbook had been altered. Fate. To look what more is signature. And the more campaign has called on Nelson's attorney Gloria Allred. To release this you're booked for further analysis. She has refused. Allred has refused and she said on MSNBC. That even if the yearbook entry was altered. It would not affect the integrity. Of the allegations. Allegations are words. They are not facts. Allegations or words. They are not indictments. And they are not charges. It would not affect the integrity. Of their allegation. That's ridiculous. The yearbook what's her star witness in the witness has failed. Nelson stepson. Took it upon himself to even post the video saying that he believed his stepmother. Was lying. Being deceptive. If she did that for financial gain. In additional news reports. Nelson's former boyfriend. At the time. Alleged. That when this incident took place. That the Nelson story was false. And her former boyfriend believes judge Moore. And not. Beverly Nelson. Okay aren't those are the attorneys fool Roy Moore. Institute adjutant. Rings for here. That this one is from CNN just came out a menace foreign went on the air. And they haven't covered a videotaped interview that was recorded on July 30 with Roy Moore. Who was speaking at some forum with some inner viewers some capacity. And he's quoted in this video. The interviewer is Paul Patterson. Roy Moore says when I was deputy district attorney many years before we got married of course is supplements his wife. I saw her at a dance recital. And I was standing O at the back of the auditorium and I saw her up front. I remember her name was Kayla Kaiser KK. But I remember that and I didn't meet her there it was oh gosh eight years later or something that I've met her. And when she told me her name then I remembered. What what he's saying there is that he recchi and by the way they were married when she was 24. He says that he saw her in first took notice of horror. Eight years. Prior to them getting married when she would have been six injured teen years old. Dance recital. Let me let me I don't let adults don't do dance recitals. Creepy guy hanging out at the Paul just says well gymnastics classes he would have been single the time and he says again and I quote when I was deputy district attorney many years before we got married which is to say. He later goes on to say eight years. I saw her at a dance recital when I was standing oh the back of the auditorium and I saw Europe fraud. I remember her name that was elect Eisner remembered eight day. But I remember of that and I didn't meet her there was oh gosh eight years later or something when I met her. They were. Mary when he was thirty A widgets on and she was 24. So that was eight years prior he is saying that he would have been thirty. When he took notice of his future wife when she was sixteen. At a dance recital in some auditoriums. The man's a weirdo. He needs to get out of this that's his defense. Although I first noticed her when she was sixteen. He he's not helping himself an amber wait though liberal media stuff. The liberal media is not the for women that put their names forward and their reputation. And their faces forward and said this is what happened to me that's not the media the media is simply the conduit to provide the story. Equal liberal media I will remind you. They are as a same. Grip. From the same newspaper. That outage Charlie Rose. Right so how you can applaud. His downfall and and Harvey Wednesday. And Harvey Weinstein is downfall and Al Franken let's say our weirdo make creep purge. Is somehow deserving of all pass here. I need someone to explain that to me. They've all out again. And if you are just tuning in Charlie Rose as we anticipated yesterday has been fired from every. On network. Which employed him he's done. And we have a clip of him walking into his apartment last night where even after he issues a statement and an apology. He says to the reporter there was no wrong. So walking out of your bathroom without really close on is not wrongdoing. Things are criminals they may yeah may maybe maybe he's trying to split that there I don't know now two things I kind of wanted to talk about here. Because we can shift the focus away from specifically Charlie Rose and Roy Moore had there'll be another one before the day's over. Well John Conyers is the latest the. Yes longest serving member of the House of Representatives. Someone asked to meet today. A friend of are we going to very quickly get to the point that we're so desensitized. Buys this bull ride yes. Of accusations. Start meaning is much that it stops meaning as much. It's going to happen in hasn't happened yet is just a deal if Charlie Rose had happened in a vacuum and come out maybe three years ago. That this had happened and he's in counseling to work on his behavior. If we were not part of the current environment we are in where everyone is talking about this every single day and we need to talk about it. Let's be clear. Would he have been fired. I don't know the answer that Scott I think the answer might be no. One person. Completely on his own were allegations come out. Do they not more saying whom we probably need to have an HR department at the Charlie Rose organization. But is he fired for that I don't think so and I would almost say the same about Kevin Spacey. Going back let's say these allegations came. Out 56 years ago it it's just we are in an environment now. Where women are empowered. To say something but but to your point and to your question and yes there that day of reckoning is upon us but the day of being desensitized. Is fast approach. Because they're coming out with such rapidity. That it almost becomes old news summary just reminded you forgot about Russell Simmons yesterday. Now the guy who founded Def jam records. Well Al Franken second accuser happened yesterday barely got a Losman lost in the weeds of the Charlie Rose scandal which by the way. We all woke up this morning and tuned in to CBS this morning. Knowing full well Gayle King had to say something. And I caught it on replay Chris woke up early this morning because he's like I galaxy this morning they can't ignore it. And would be akin to Kara you and I and Scott Travis and rod something happens to one of us decade yeah not your the next day and we played Jimmer jam debt. I mean this is these huge elephant in the room. And so they did say. Talked about threats to their credit I sat Scott this morning we're gonna play the guilt can clip can she get through a conversation without mentioning Oprah now it's her only clay. If I think she said I'm. I'm just shocked I talked to Oprah. Rough it's the only reason they Gayle King is famous. She's best friends and go patent that's probably. An weenie out. It it. At some point you know Billy bush is that summer when it yeah. Just listen I don't yeah I am. I just laughed the Orangemen. Lost and touch. Or Billy bush. And find out he's that it didn't eat a 576779. It Gator right Travis walker Caremark terms of parks and Cambridge. 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And she asked him and I think appropriately so she said do you think people have just gotten burned out. On all of these sexual. Misconduct allegations. And I see gap probably and she's a woman who need to move on you know we didn't do the root story yesterday no way to being down on everybody. Job as a number that was a spur a new story that we are gonna get to yesterday and for whatever reason we were able to get to it. And then I get this. And wanna addresses. This is from 5693. Why do you keep giving Bill Clinton up past for what reason. Bill Clinton always comes up. When these things happen but I address every time let me finish the tax and I want to address. Why do you keep giving Bill Clinton a pass for being an accused serial rapists you hate Republicans. Extra. Which is fine I get it. And has trump been celebrated for years for sleeping around on his wife while being an accused serial rapists is Roy Moore and accused serial rapists. I is being raped by Bill Clinton and act of consensual sex. You both seem desperate to use Roy Moore as cover for the culture of sexually exploiting women that is a part of the Democratic Party. It is not part of the Democratic Party any more than it is part of the Republican Party. I can ride you off countless Republicans and Democrats. Who have misbehaved. Sexually. Challenge me and I'll go ahead and start ramming them off I'll start with David bidder. Who was at Heidi fleiss' black. Senator from Louisiana Republican. I can do it I don't wanna bore you with an endless list of names of people with the dealer and. Are I don't care this is a Democrat or Republican problem subpoenas problem. It's a man problem and I will give the text access. The last several and I mean. Havel and Democrats. Every single and Bill Clinton has and we said this yesterday and I said on Friday. Bill Clinton's behavior has come in for a second round of observation. I. Christian believer name's Kristen Gillibrand. The senator from New York. Was asked in a radio interview of which we discussed last week and should Bill Clinton Evers on. And she said Democrat New York received money from the clintons during her campaigns she said well yes. Bill Clinton's misbehavior. In the 1990s and Pryor. Has come in for a second round. And rightfully so Mika Brzezinski. I heard Egypt don't talk about this is. Up Mika present ski. Set until or and less Bill Clinton is willing to and she is no conservative. Carry on MSNBC morning Joseph Mika Brzezinski said this morning. Until less Bill Clinton is willing to come forward and apologize. To these women embodies women I think she meant Paula Jones Gennifer Flowers. Wanted to brought. Hillary Clinton needs to shot her. Yes as long as you agree that our current president. Has no business opening his mouth on this topic and so on on. Skewed because I I believe the women when it comes to Al Franken oddly I believe the women when it comes to Harvey Weinstein. I believe the women when it comes to Donald Trump it's amazing to meet and ask you this text before we get any further I know we got to get to the news. Why is it texture with all due respect. Which remember yen 5693. Why do you give Donald Trump and Roy Moore acts. When you believe the women against Al Franken Harvey Weinstein Charlie Rose all the others. Why do you give. Donald Trump a passed because you do. I don't give Donald Trump a passed I don't give Bill Clinton passed I think both of them are so narcissistic. So sickening Lee narcissistic. That they think they can do what ever they want to woman and she'll be happy she's scared it. That's what I think about Bill Clinton I think he's sick of narcissistic. I think Donald orange trump is sick on our narcissistic and I think both of them put their hands on women whenever they think it's okay. And they think she'll be lucky I'm even touched power. Because there weirdos. Both problem I think Roy Moore is saying what. I think opera at the same way. I think they're all the same weight and it's discussed. It's interesting to mean. Why this is happening. Now. Why is this women have had enough why oh why is this snapshot in time. You know there's an interesting book called the tipping point and there's always a tipping point with everything. And maybe tipping point here was back with the tweet from. Alyssa malign or maybe it was prior to that with Cosby. So I go back into a research. Paper or write a book. About the tipping point with these cases Scott why now why not act when I was first accused I did when mr. coming port act well. They do it heinous it they did guess what unlike today with the Al Franken and the Charlie rose's and Harvey Weinstein you know what. Nobody believed him nobody wanted to believe them. And you know we're the biggest critics of the women coming forward against Bill Clinton in the 1990s other women. Other women. So an expense and I quote. Is it that when I'm in the drive through it canes and I rolled window down to place by orders got part skills out we have seen as problem. Number one please. Well. Hold it. Sort of my point. To a news editor mark's. The president weighs in on the Roy Moore allegations finally we'll have more and axed. Brooklyn and sheets Brooke Lynn then means luxury in York red. Without the luxury pricing. I love those seats so much I'm trying to get my mommy and a second sets she can have a pair for Christmas we love the sheets. The duvet cover is the most luxurious and we put that over our down comforter it has changed a good night's sleep that we get the house got. Brooklyn and dot com has an exclusive offer just from listeners of Dane and parks did twenty dollars off and free shipping when use a promo code KM BZ that Brooke Lennon. 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The Pentagon says US or strike from Somalia are supporting them nation's government against terror groups including iasis Welsh above US effort to command saying American warplanes to targets more than a hundred miles northwest of Mogadishu. That they killed more than a hundred militants this is the 29 airstrike in Somalia this year seven in the last two weeks against terrorism poke. CBC's sandy field and another attempted merger between great plains energy and west are more than 90% of the shareholders each company approved the transaction today. Regulators are still have to sign off. Check traffic and weather together next. Ivins. Around and that little T go on that Volkswagen team on for a few weeks now I absolutely. Lows that Clark and love the way it sinks with my iPhone I love the way it's navigation spells we were ongoing you know my name. 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It had this cold front crossing through to reach in and for the rest of today we have severe weather conditions on happen gusty north when. Temperatures holding steady or even slowly falling back down to the forties eventually down to the low twenties by tonight to clear sky overhead. Sunny elevators are heading out about tomorrow that high rather chilly in the low forties. Outlook for Thanksgiving Day we can pretty get actually plenty of sunshine and warmer weather highs returning to the mid fifties. I'm staff meteorologist Chad for an air more KN BC weather. Ram 466 came CI it's 49 in Lee's summit 48 at your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with nears 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. I 76779. Actually here at Charlotte, North Carolina. At first glance it looks like a lot like a drunken driving sting. Police waiting in a parking lot looking for drunk people. Specially the ones headed toward car keys in hand. A police officer pulls them aside and says. You too intoxicated to drive. How are you planning on going home. At first they think it's a joke sometimes they'll say. To try and trick us since chief Michael cruelly. Head of the alcohol beverage control law enforcement and his county in North Carolina but officers with operation safe streets. Aren't arresting people. Looking for 2000 fun. Instead a team of about a dozen police officers work computers. Around Mecklenburg County to stop people before they drink and drive. Police officers identify themselves told people they're not under arrest and even help them pay for a ride home. If they don't have the money wow. And operation safe streets has prevented 600. People. From driving impaired since the program began about two years ago I love this. I love. Nobody was ever handcuffed. Most of them will admit that they are drunk. They cannot drive but before they were approached. Were planning on doing exactly that. I love this idea hole and conflict it's got him. What is they are fall down drunk. You wanna wait till they get in their car and drive off. So you can pull them over to rest them are right right let me ask you this. What do they are fall down drunk and have nine prior do you eyes. How do you know that. Prior to arrest him when he got to run the play. It can be just to their brothel but they know who you are. How I feel about tennis. I. This idea instead of because they preventative. Sort out to a rescue they have to give you want a city street. And here's the key game here's the key. They have to see you break a low ball. What happens if you don't break the law until you drive through a stoplight. And plot went to a family of four. You cannot pull somebody over simply for pulling out of the bar's parking lot. You have to see them swerve. Who's a turn signal are not come to a complete stop. Under read like a stop sign what does that stop sign that they run that you would have pulled them over for. Is the stop sign that they run the plows them into a family of full. Recently they stopped a college student from driving home from a bar popular entertainment district in south Charlotte the young woman was fumbling with turkeys and having trouble opening her car door. Her friends have left she was extremely intoxicated. That would be likable coming out of the gun going down interstate 77. And. Moon. So what's wrong with cops. And I don't know if you do it in pairs and I don't know how do you choose which bars to go to. All right so in mission. There's a handful bars OK there's lackeys which is a bar restaurant there saw les there's the key hole in the matters. Appropriately named Gabor. Attacked an Applebee's. What what what would they mission. Police department schedule look like on a Friday night people want in the bar's parking lot one in salt les. Just wait and just sit there and wait on the stump allow. Oh. Because once somebody comes out of state takes always. Had. Once they get into their car. A lot of on the Johnson drive they've broken and they have not broken a law they have ideas they have what you don't have the authority to apple remote. Unless you were in the bar and solve them drink seven bit always find a reason to pull you offer period all they will find something. Well with with the video cam you better have something good. Because if I'm their attorney the first thing I'm doing is I'm gonna subpoena that video camera and you said they didn't come to a complete stop. They most certainly did you pull them over for no reason. Boom. OK now before you tell me is the phones are already ringing whether you're for this or against this before listened to the final sentence in the story. The program has also helped officers identified bars were employees serve alcohol to customers. Who are already intoxicated. This can cause a business to temporarily lose its liquor license or paid. Of which which is what I hate that I hate I have a huge problem with that here's why Scott. How does the business know. That you're not. Driving that you're not trying to figure driving and driving our. That you didn't freak party at your apartment and were six shots or you came in and ordered. It drives me crazy. That the responsibility. To keep you sober rests on the ballpark and not on the sprinkler. And by the wait for the record why people go to bars. To drink. To get it's wrong. It is not their responsibility. To keep you sober. Now if you go in in your moon. Mean and you are clearly hammered you throw your keys on the counter and say certainly three Beers before I drive home. That I would argue the bar has the bartender. Has a responsibility to say. Can't do. That's right candy. You just put your keys on the bar and you said certainly three more Beers before I drive home. I don't feel comfortable doing. But what is UN and with com okay Koppel's your DD for the night. She's totally sober she comes up to barges is all have a Diet Coke and a couple coffee please. And you come up to Barney says a lot like three glasses of wine and whose line right now. And you you're already six deep before even get. You are being driven home by column presumably. It's not the bartenders responsibility. To keep you sober to keep track. Of who's buying the drinks for movement for an extra waitresses who come up and saying. I need for glasses and around here and Kerry back to whatever table where you can't put that responsibility. And and it should not fall on the business to lose its liquor license. Because you can't be responsible. With your drinking. That's not their fall. Back to the police. I love this idea in North Carolina. How do you pick the bar. Maybe you do some research and say well you know here in mission. Most of the deal wise we've gotten have come from this bar or this restaurant where this bar. Why don't we go there. Will just put two cops in the parking lot on a Friday night. And as people come stumble and now at 1 o'clock in the morning. Will approach them and say guys. Before you do some stupid. Let us call you kept. And you can get. Your cart Mara. You take now granted. The city doesn't give the money for your view why. But the cops also might be able to stop the next person coming out of the bar from trying to drive drunk. Because to pull you over again to give you a field tests taken to the to the jail to write you check your ticket to take your mug shot that's gonna take 30404550. Minutes plus this court system. Where they could. Say to you Dana wanna let me get to camp we cult's intent tax report. You'd take tent and taxi that takes five minutes right after you take off in the cab here comes another drunk person. It's too do you wise they just. I love those. I would turn. On its head island and and just provide this guy. In this day and age with Cooper and lift and certainly with tabs and the education about tiger I don't excuse there's absolutely no excuse them. I would like to think I need to look up. The statistics. That with the younger kids so the kids were in high school right now in college right now. I don't think they're driving like we used to be driving. And maybe I'm just being optimistic. I really don't think they're driving like we used to drive own sort of driving drunk driver and high. War when they are drunk they have a DG or they take an uber you really believe we have made it easier for them to make good choices. And I hope that the numbers reflect. Pat I don't know so this is what happens if they refused the officer's help and their dead set on dry out good lord well then you know what the top is right there Ernie says. I am going to pull you over some point you are going to make a dumb mistake. And I am going W. 576779. 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Tester car battery insuring its in good shape before. The cold weather gets or you don't become stranded when it's Alan out Christian Brothers automotive convenient locations and Khaleda Shawnee. Independence liberty and now north land on Barry road. To. I 767 so. Go to voters. And Steve in Overland Park O Steve. It. Does make a comment. But I'll. There had been at the critical you all are. Popular that'd be bodies. What you do. Or does he talk about guns whenever there's a negotiating. OK but let me do one thing and Steve hang in the second you're welcome to say whatever you want I'm I'm going to ask. That eight you let me retort when it's over and please stop using GD in your comments. All right how about you needed. It yes. Our. OK we're on. Call all our I TV. A critical order Mahan. Don't talk about that he lies arsonist. Coyotes street there and control. There's a match here how how we. There's. A harder Time Warner depths are Eli is the art friend Earl. This year's. Again. Prosecuting lawyers. Are certain to try. To elevate. And but there are now. Are you bet he'll make it there are spot. Steve let me wait. Wait wait let me this couple quick questions. As a gun owner when have you ever heard me say that gun dealers should be prosecuted. A program. Overall general and like. This wherever it and I'm. Steve I'm not Steve I'm not a liberal and I own guns. So yeah. While no one out both sides of the gun control they like how many how often they're used to stop that she's. Steve do you I spent my Saturday afternoon this week and I was at center fires shooting guns do you know it was the Saturday prior to that. I said I was a senator fire shooting guns again. Great you're actually fire are. I practicing with my fire arm because I'm not a hypocrite and by the way let me call you out on your numbers look tomorrow. In 2015. Both of these numbers are for 2015. Alcohol related traffic deaths were 101265. Gun related deaths in America where thirteen 1280. CX. Although I did take generated epithet my computers. But Steve you're not going to try to argue that drunk driving kills more people because you're wrong. No actually thirteen thousand is more than 101000. We'll take out there the people to get drunk and run the core of the road and don't hurt anybody but themselves. I think Steve you're wanting the numbers to say something that they don't and I think you're wanting to say something that I've never sent. Wa. Yeah I'll treat the two different in its it's completely GAAP. Steve I am a Second Amendment supporter I own. Guns. What do you want me to say to change your mind. I entered the airport Ellen bogey. It will drinking. I'm all for it how about let's get some stock I'm. Bought stock out legislation to. You don't let it hit it again then it. People every belt was. You know what there was a there was a guy on CNN last night. I'll play him later today. Hear that quote your phones act burns to man. And not believe and Steve would have you believe there are 100. More times more. Do you like deaths than there is because you want that to be true Steve doesn't make it doesn't it for a there was trump supporter. Yesterday on CNN and I thought they actually do it really good job. There panel of six people something real to all of them voted for truck it was kind of a one year and how do you feel all minorities are pleased are you're not please whatever. I thought it was amazingly fair. There was one guy. Who happens to be blocked so before you start thinking old white guy trump support from the stage next whose name was Mark Lee. He was a black guy from a big city of which I cannot remember. He sets. Let me tell you mark Lisa S I quote if Jesus Christ. Gets down off the cross on which Jesus has been brought down from across. Out of Jesus Christ gets down off the cross and told me. Trump is with Russia I would tell Jesus. Hold on a second I need to check that with the president to see if it's true. That is a direct quote. There is a special sort of stupid that is going on in America to. And so having an about the last column I can't read the mall but my god you guys are funny. From the text line you guys have some stupid people it was an easier sell it makes me feel Smart so thank you for. And it is Steve what time did the party start at five. And you damn home. Resumed her remarks. Happening now on KMB's name the president weighs in on the Roy Moore controversy we'll have more next. Right here foresee him and sonic McCall now before we targets here. It to sell the top of the lines in Iraq homes standby generator. And get signed on for as little as 99 dollars a month. And fully protect your home when snow ice ice storms. Roll through Kansas City the last time we had a bad thunderstorm roll through a couple months back 90000 people had their power knocked out 90000 people that was just. Around Kansas City called out C a Mosul make sure you're lights stay on. When the weather gets bad here 81678147. A seven as the number. 81678147. Of seven or CMOs and sun dot com. Thanks for listening to the Dana and parks podcast remember you can catch us online anytime at KM BZ dot com.