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Friday, August 17th

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Listening to the date and parks podcast. Is your artists of today the original guitars. Great span what won't. And podcasts. It's scripting is now here we did. I actually rod connected and his excuse was because David's not here yeah and this was a concert run that would proceed couple three years ago. Together and we loved it it was a voodoo lounge eighties was. I'd dare I say rod. At the top of his game sober or absolutely sounded great cause he's one of the coolest people in every live yeah he has. You've got accurately you know at least as it's called FEMA gum it was a race for. Us. Does that thing. But you know Roger players some more music may not you can convert care. And ask for. That's it's done threadbare. What are you oftentimes rights. Laymen couldn't. Your planes don't like case. And you use any blame. Lame how apropos for this and tiger for our program today lame lame. LE ME Texan and a 72881. And you're in the running for a thousand dollars with the Q were kept when are you giving Dana call. Big and Deborah Unger. Okay so everybody knows just him in the show I am one mom's filling in for the first part. I Mac he's coming in later were hoping to get an appearance at some point from Dana. You think should be able to comport herself. Now that's what he's hoping for. I actually hope she can't however. If her FaceBook and Twitter and the messages. Are the tax she was sending me or any indication. She's going to be in no condition rod did you see this she put on either FaceBook or Twitter can't remember. Picture from the front or Iowa knows because I've been to a house times. But it's a picture that is taken from the front door of armory in that area reporter forward and into the living room and tank is on the floor laying down with the space on the hardwood. And oldies in the back I'm looking confused right. But other dog. And they both look a little say. In this picture and they are both in the living room as. Apparently Dana and Jack are preparing to walk out the front door the last time to her. For the last time he's he's going to be 4530. Minutes away. But anyway she just she sends out this picture of the two dogs tank with a space on the floor. Cody in the background looking very confused. And she just writes on the top of that Beno. He's not on the Vietnam. OK and he's not going off to war is not going north to Korea. He's he's he's going to college. Thirty minutes away oh so she says Mavis tech's last night tendency to the sport. Will be back in a week with lonetree. It's and starving yeah probably dump five pounds so she sends me this tech's last. And it's Adam. Well I have to clear locker. It's hurt crime shocked it's it's Kirk clearly crime. And she's got her chin on the top of the children's book how it's that book G-8 seem titled let me hold you longer yeah thank god. And it's had children and old and I did notice the middle finger I'm pointing towards the camera as well. And this was a book that she used to read to Jack when he was Q it. Many many times. And she couldn't find it and it was like their bonding moment when you know she was younger clearly Jack was much younger and not going off to college. And she had been looking for this book in their storage for. Weeks should be talking about how she hates this book because it's evil. Evil but these are evil because it makes cried because she loves the books so much and it was the book that she read Jack the most when he was young child. I guess she found it last. So she sends me this picture of and this was sent to me at 1118. Last night I was fastest in side. She's crying. The book is under her chin. And her middle finger is pointed at the camera like this. And she just writes to me found that F Ing book of Satan. Current mood F off Karen Kingsbury. I guess that's the all eggs. I actually you know I felt Sartre to look at her face and now she's about what she's a wreck. And I do feel bad for me I understand. It's it is and you know coming of age thing it's passage of your child it's almost not passing and good. Life. Right now it's the passage until right right I have chest that's restaurant. Tunnel so yeah I get a and then after college. Hopefully he'll move out you know as things go well this is Jack has yet every enemies. As well as she bought some problems. Don't sit down baby too much probably won it with a chicken a baby. Here's my girlfriends. That's do your best bet that up. Well don't mock hurt you much mr. archer and ironies I told him this time next year I'm going to be. Paying complete and total bull. And what did you eat it. Then Majid it's cirrus senior pictures. Well no. Men FaceBook you know book should be. Here and I mean at high end. This memories thing that they do want FaceBook or brings his staff the work of that couple. Six years ago this month needle thing. I need to do I need to get like filter on FaceBook that controls. Problem. What kind of memories of the wild show like habits mean rod thrown double warns that and he's the consummate student lounge I wanna see that Dow went back. Yeah. I don't wanna see is a picture of Megan ran anger. Sarah and my. Nine years ago when it's on first day of school when Sarah's going to fourth grade and miers when her first day of kindergarten. FaceBook socket. Socket. Right after I get cirrus senior pictures thanks. Jerks. It's in the feels that it hit it right match ups. That's. That is our idols are I don't know feels about a half hours of rain and all my feelings. It's so anyway we hope to hear from dinner right later on today. Mature well supplied in a glass case of emotional well we we did have a a brief conversation with her on the phone. Up prior to show you remember that rod we talked her on the phone. And let's just say she's not really in. Its she's not doing as well. Today as we have hoped. We thought you would be able to compose herself. But clearly issues. Yeah. Yeah and it's. I don't and I didn't understand a one word you said he'll. I've stated hours. And when weren't able to make anything out but clearly it's not going as planned. We probably holding onto his leg and this will be sitting on his foot in the world title ago as we speak she's in the money meeting right now. And a member coz there'll be enough to make you crank out an academic career she's and so like give this amount of money I can stay in the dorm with him. How does this work if I give more. You those answers do you know there there is a very famous person. Whose mother. Was so possessive. She went to college with him. And rented a room right across from the campus you're not that famous and there. Noticed. Douglas macarthur's Mulder while real is so possessive. Yes the five star general Douglas MacArthur. His mother was so possessive. She rented a room across the street from west. And stay there all four years she'd do when he went to war. She. And he fought in both world wars. Europe and quarterbacks speaking of parents parents in Richmond Missouri are furious. Over this decision from their school. Revolt on that we've all done. It's a fun thing to do 5767798. And one bomb intraday right today. Rod Babcock I'm Scott parks and candies it. It was awesome. Thanks sit down because oh it was clear plastic. Out. Robby came out of his pitch on Idaho's about as well as adults. But so was like everybody fat much worse off than you know you got to blow this. Group of people there's like 405060. People that so are still engaged in Kumble has Korea unions. Great group of people having yet we've gotten older of course but almost every single person still looks like what they useful like this look like that school. Close. I had facial hair and and hair appears well on the handled him Moreira top I had facial hair that's why I was able to go into the convenience store there in South Carolina and order a sixer you know what a sixer. You know just got off work no I don't have my back my license with me yes Arriaga who were packed to our city Kansas is six back cut cut cut a six pack of bureau. That's rights X that's what I was used for. But those fantastic is great group of people see him roughly every five years we're all friends on FaceBook still very cool and assist of huge party. And they'd ever likes each other there's no clickserve. Any of that kind of stuff if people didn't graduate older is close to 500. Lol I was just like as a social butterfly and then. We had our twenty year reunion in 2008. And scores of users thirty year there you go yeah and right when FaceBook was was hitting big you know and so we were all able to connect again and it was such a cool thing. 'cause it in twenty years. Even twenty years and I'm here we can see what everybody's doing so this is a great group of people. So at a time of how many people showed up oh we had over a hundred people more than a hundred people. At the reunion people in your class of. About ten. We've got five a relic. A class 120. Well. Now we had a table set out whether there photos. Of all the people that we have that we don't edit or users here. Good times them in South Carolina where in Columbia, South Carolina Columbia south Caroline that your. A story here at Richmond for of course the answer Virginia Richmond Missouri overnight rate him recounting. Parents in one metro school districts say they're hungry for answers. By the way whoever wrote that we've line should be fired for a a button at the Richmond school district will not a listen to this Rodney. The Richmond Missouri school district says it will no longer allow fast food. To be eaten by students at lunchtime as they have in the past. Parents in the district say the rule change is wrong. As the school year begins in Richmond Missouri parents say the school needs to learn. Classes that year elementary school. Dismissed before 1 o'clock on Thursday impairs were buzzing. About a FaceBook posts on the school's social media page that mentions a new district policy. That forbid students from eating fast food during launch or any school hour for that matter. Said Chris Wofford a father of five in the district at the end of the day we wanna be able to decide on our own. I thought this was overstepping its interest it is up to the parents what their children eat. Small offered who has two kids that year elementary school. Is no difference between the launches that some kids bring from home. And the fast food burger bags some parents and or deliver Whipple. There Ron I know you've done this from a I certainly do this was Sarah Meier when they were in elementary school once again to middle school year too much governor they're going to do with. And when Meyer was in elementary school answer probably too. Probably once a month. I would go and have lunch with them on a Friday and I would sit in the cafeteria not in your back I was still cool. And I would bring them. I was sort of cool. A from the child's alive from a child per Ali absolutely the and I would bring the McDonald's or you know I get like let's shrieked six back in nuggets and Fries in Minnesota. The ruins so I would nuggets and Fries your hero. Or right you know I go get like. Somewhere something we sit down would have sandwich. It was a treat for the kids it's what's the big deal. I mean is it any different than the food they're eating that's been frozen and then re heated that morning in the in the cafeteria. I know go to school in Texas with public schools our school's head chef was in fact in my. That it did Margaret got to where the net and arrest incident a cut. It's here's an here at the same parent this is Chris Wofford and just because I don't personally bring faster to my children. At school. Doesn't mean other parent shouldn't be able to parents lives are busy they sometimes have things gone on. And sometimes grabbing at ten piece nugget for McDonald's and taken into their child shouldn't be an issue. Chris offered helping her friend does nothing to do with us being busy. I took Kidde sixties chicken nugget meal because nothing else to do. The one thing I'm trying to figure out from the story. From this issue if you call that is is this. The launched playing that many parents. Implore you or is this a once a month treat her like a birthday thing it's their birthday on the show up with Pete's and nor. You know burger Fries from a fast aren't here goes some parents though are posting their support for the rule change. On the rate county FaceBook community page saying fast food delivery at school is a privilege but at some kids camp a four. Quoting here from Karen Williams who was a mother of two who pretend that same elementary school my kids take their launch. Kids have been getting their birthday lunch brought to them since they were in kindergarten I think it's kind of silly but I can see how other kids would feel sad. If they didn't have anything ever. I 76779. It. In recounting the school district there. Has now decided that parents can no longer bring their children. Fast food for lunch. Lot of parents do that. Interim on a Friday afternoon and sit down in the room temperature we have lunch together. They have separate table for parents and kids it's nice. Bonding experience. 5767798. Let's get to the newsroom and Carol marks. An independent candidate makes the Kansas ballot more next. And sun. And sun. In games. I need time. When the sun is out. I'm down sound and she's been gone a little. Dan a special way late. Belichick it's. Worse and I also don't do it. But a I tell everybody. But we did wrote a really really sweet blog. Yes hate that word but like the word argue there but it was a nice slow and an English and I didn't realize people still did that. But she wrote a really sweet blog tell about sending her son Jack off to college which is doing today which is why you're here until people how they confinement. Would you go right to came he's not column and it's right on the front page to scroll down a little bit and it's right there we've also posted it on FaceBook a few days ago we could. Repose that maybe but it's right there on the front page and you'll see a picture of Dana weather sun. Man how's she she shares that he is ready to go she. However. Is not ready for him to go and assist some lessons that she's learned. Along the way and some wife. Guidance that she shares from her perspective. On in this whole process. So it's it's it's sweet it's funny and yeah its it's a literal and I think it's also. And I am in 1833. Words I actually counted them. Not individually to transfer program but the guy it's a it's a long Hungary's X 768. So there's extremes. A Steelers go let's go to manner. In Kansas City matter. Hello. Our own guns going off Wednesday. I'm not that we don't want to raise its rates coming. And part. And I think. Per week if I don't want a lot and he should get a should be removed from. In a problem that it's not an everyday occurrence but I mean Oakland could be beautiful like bursting of the virtual clothes and. Know what what what what would you say to the them. Mother in this story who says well some kids. Can't afford it I mean where we and I always say I always uses one where do we draw the line. If some kids have parents that can't afford to bring them fast food on a Friday or whatever at school at the homers school. And maybe and that was her reasoning for why she kind of supports this idea of banning bringing fast food to the elementary school. I'm what are. Kids whose parents can't afford to bring your cake cupcakes. Or cookies on their birthday and parents who either can't or just don't want to. Walton the Opel pretty problem even wise. That would be taken care about it I mean. It it has pretty convoluted situation I mean it kind of partly because affirmed Konami. I think you without you this situation to make attitude he'll let that about not having. No opting to get on the upper stage where whatever it he's a good reason why not and we'll let you form. But in the imply. I'm. As close as it is really the one thing that's missing right here is is the why. I know that in the article they reached out to the district ask line like wells first as go over to visit a comment on it. I looked at their FaceBook page and that's where learned about it says attention. New board policy states that no fast food is a lot of launcher during school hours or student's room dot. There's no other information to find fast food line. Well typically that's going to be a McDonald's or Burger King or Taco Bell chipotle chipotle chipotle could be considered fast food by subway. Subways he. I think it could be. And that's the thing I mean to find it you do it's hard to define and now a Cobb salad from lucky is over on Johnson drive is that fast food. I'd order in advance I walked him pay for more right now that was very fast via. What if it's a salad from McDonald's. Good point yeah I mean how do you define fast food and what is the reasoning. Behind. Aiming it during the lunchtime order school uses. Is it disruptive. In some fashion reform no to us and and I've done damn I'd done this rights were that's what I mean that's my kids once in we have once in the elementary school when I was still sort of coal. This just for the treat this just for the birthday is that what people are upset or they supplementing I mean is every day you ignore her and Fries from McDonald's gift. Me and I'm not saying you of individual I'm saying you collectively give me one reason. Why we need to ban. Parents bringing their kids a launch. Sitting down in the cafeteria with their kids for lunch. What are what are my supposed to bring leftovers from last night is it okay bribery meatloaf and green beans are green peas. Or green beans. And and rice is that okay. Do we have to have some sort of food Nazi standing outside the door going. That's healthy enough kimono right you can have lunch with yourself now. And that what's wrong with the the school lunch. Of course is cheaper I mean much of meal costs from say McDonald seven bucks kick kick what are what are kids bring a lunch from school Sara for example she's a senior now. In high school she packs her own while I packet but. Round she left high school though of course that's different that's fine but she went to school today and her meal was eight Peter Gordon Jones sandwich. Strawberries grapes and some cheese it's. Okay what does the kid next to ours haven't a school lunches jealous that she's eating cheese it's well that's just life and then okay. So what's the problem with fast food and that's the that's the thing wears a wise you know because we're. Why McDonald's and I am that's just life I'm sorry I mean what if we had. A positive for dinner everybody has to be equally don't what is leading edge pizza for dinner last night and my son takes. Two pieces a cold pizza for life is Domino's fast yeah it pulls that out of the Inglewood who we said go fast food body. It's bread water for you. I recon. This is ray county. This is stupid. Am I still but I mean still. Rod you just ordered Domino's last night. And I and I I know you packed Roman ones because I've spent the night your house and watch us make him once every morning but I spent the night your house. You wake up. You and I just went to race for we concert last okay. A parent you're we wake up just a little later than normal we gotta get Romanoff to school. I don't have time to pack one or the scope out her heart hey. We just got the last thing. You throw two slices into some aluminum foil wrap it up throw him or Brownback. Is that see that happening is that a flag mobile launch. From the text line school. From a tax on it or to the school and parents would bring fast food and I would have about thirty lunches that I had to call out of class students come get their. Their lunches called out of class to come get it. Maybe it's a disruptive thing may be over there in Richmond there there there using. This convenience thing of parents wanting to deliver. Once to their children and this may not be a birthday or a a special occasion in media ul. Forgot pack you lunch all of us we buy McDonald's because you know lighten his seven year old this Texan the Alabama lunch you know and here's something what are we teaching the children. What kind of lessons other getting out of us. Abouts. Fending for themselves. And getting special treatment while the lessons if you how right your mom bringing McDonald's. And there you go Jason and KCK hello Jason. They I really dirty guys this show. And perspective on this. First brought this is just real quickly. I grew out there pore I mean and I'm talking and duct tape on issues. Single mom. The whole nine yards. So. My problem as. You know now that I've got kids and I worked my butt off to get where I'm at. Why do you have a right on the I can't bring mine my child something. You know to eat lunch that's nice did McDonald's or Burger King or whatever. You know we we worked so hard in this country to be so and it over the little sayings. At its value in our group in this entire. You know that's what makes people up. Yeah it's he you'd look feature your friend either your fellow students and they get. You know their dad which I never added so I mean bad made that. You know bringing them want sure do an extra things with them. But that's how our kids grow into adults. That's how we become who we all are. And you know short of Libyan you know like you're you your crow. Anchor with saying there it is. You know yeah I can see it appeared to comprehend repair bring in every paper in an. Which it was by the way Jason never. I know I don't know that we brought out of the Beckett beat you don't dealt with separately obviously. You know I think we all know what the bigger issue here oh that's not hurting but he's feeling. Yes that's Jason thank you sing when I went right but tonight put him in discussing terminology. It is all outlets not hurt somebody else's feelings you can't write about how we. Quite a merit and no you can't be an awesome cool parent. Because it might hurt somebody else's feelings who doesn't have an awesome parent who's gonna bring McDonald's to school on Friday. Talk about raising the kids remember our school lunches. It builds character. Eating a half toasted grilled cheese sandwich with some sloppy season for. That builds character that shall we and had to go through my god we were. Exactly and so. Excuse sloppy you were do we one to Kabul blues are our children because we had a tougher and making it easier for them. What does that do to them. You know I was thinking god I I honestly think it may be a lot of this to other people that actually grew up. Coddled or the people who grew up having everything and they don't. They never really had a working decent sized parents say they can easily sit back and point their nose and go well that's not it does not do this for everybody else. It almost seemed that way to me nowadays. Then I remember and it's and that was at hand. It's something and my mom and dad ever thought about it. Remember having lunch with my parents and it's not because they do what I know my parents love. It's as close. As it didn't happen. Our parents were working. That's right back to school. The school. And come home from TV in. Africa. Yeah I mean are varied their. There are working hard to pour in and by god as if there were Kent lucky enough to get. Apparent that came and everywhere while it was more than still. And you as a child you saw that and said Paul. That's pretty cool I was so I think I could have something like that and then maybe you know when you became apparent then you go to your school with a slice of pizza on a special. There is. People. Deep. And to be. Me. Federer as we knew when your parents to use it to my mom and. DNC. To think it's ridiculous. You've been there. There were told you about my trip to the deal that your executives. It was a good time does not remember much of it at all that. It was you'll test out the back of the man holds it it could have been. To Rouse him at Cameron Dan one month earlier today and right Michael magic eminent around 330 this afternoon hello Russ. Are you know I'm gonna get hurt by you people get so worked up some gold district it shine or to Paris or new or not. The senators schooled their surge or officer at the school and build your daughter's first in the back at. Actually go out of control or out are a lot that you really don't really interest stop. And yet. Over the stashed there. I think people have the priorities to. Yeah I hit it well here's why Rossum and let me tell you what I think people get a little worked up about stuff like this and it's because. This school it computers or it would seem. Is trying to take my place is trying to make my decisions for me. And and I think that bothers parents that's fair. I mean I got your your your your right Russ in this regard. Is this really the end of the world can't bring fast food your kid and an elementary school of course it's not. It's not the end of the world but is this the government in essence the school. Telling you we can parent better than you and we can make decisions for you as a parent and I think that's what gets people worked. IIG but I think then they dropped the ball on what some work I mean I. Talked ordered out you want school boards and different district spot score and they told me that evil complain about their young sports. Although the coach when their letters and her don't wanna I wanna fire department and committee complained about the science teacher that damaged and I think that. Prayers of the prior art show checked out about what's important what's not sign these big package that all kind of rules were initially just let small changes and no answered that are bigger than your show whatever you'd get worked up. Russ is saying basically we're we're missing the point here we get lost in the weeds of all these little tiny things you know. Is fighting for my right to bring them French Fries to my child is really are you gonna fight for that right. All of you fight for the production of your your your individual freedoms. To be not searched. You're old just randomly. Ramirez I think has a Russell saying I've I think I agree there and I understand his point and I do agree with him however. Which negates everything I just said congress has so Edward however. This gets into. What I think a lot of parents. I hate toward cherish but value. All decide what my kid can. It's on the that you would think that you can control there's one thing that I can control. In those the daily life of my child. Is providing the type of lunch I want them to amp amp. I mean I get that and I have been the greatest predictor of stupid. For a long time exact correct Kara I am the greatest predictor of stupid. Okay thank you. Here is we have market cornered thank and and I predicted this a couple of years ago and this. Rate counties story is step one towards my previous prediction from years ago your member of my prediction. In the BMI one note not the BMI at it this is about. Can't bring fast food into the school anymore. No more and for small and I asked them this earlier to find fast food. Is subway fast food is to pull away fast food is a Cobb salad I called in Milwaukee's fast food no defined faster journalist. Is a salad from McDonald's fast but it. Home problems must be fast food. I predicted I think three years ago on the show the day is coming. Where these schools will actually checked. And throw out what they deem to be unhealthy food from your child sacked one should remember you talking about them. This is step one in that process. And if you don't bring him. A ham and cheese sandwich with no mayonnaise. Mustard only because there's no calories no. Area has bee honey mustard. That's calories and yeah you're right rigor must have regular friend column French master GAAP. I grapes. May be a cracker or to heart attack rapes these groups have a lot of sugar. That's okay that's natural citizen match for shares strawberries and some carrots. A well balanced meal and if you put ranch dressing in there to dip the carrots it has to be fat free ranch stress. Otherwise we will throw away and we will test we will test for. It kubert cash is edit. ED ninety edit. How we figure about this time dame is probably getting out of her meeting with the fraternity house in Lawrence. I'll edit. Texan in the 72881. Year in the running for a thousand dollars of secured cash message and dangerous may have. Edit. To the newsroom McCarron marks. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcasts remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.