We have another member of the band!!

Dana & Parks
Monday, August 7th

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If you are just now tuning. I don't know if you heard the news. But we have a neat the we have today. Me it. Kera mark's surge joins us now on the hotline hi mom. I RA. While now. And me in vetoed a ball. Tell me about that's sweet. 320 pound baby. What a little bit. We don't know where. Back the clock on our morning. At 10 o'clock edit the item that we have action and just before midnight literally kept the port and yeah port compound. Point four. More like needs of camp well. Who are. More like. It don't you feel lighter sooners are. Apnea and water that like Ike flooded their. The river it was ridiculous. I know and you know what care I know how much lighter and how much better you feel and just the fact that he's here and he's healthy I must've had twenty people reach out to me. Who urges listeners on FaceBook and Twitter wanting to know Jeep did she have the baby how is the babies so we're just aren't thrilled that he securities healthy and he's happy and and how are you feeling you feel okay. Great. Or. Ten and most would hired at that point cute. Cannot create am eating there are. You. Labor. A long. Time like girl. Props to yeah because dad took awhile. It was a day McIntyre. We have. It there I might add and add it all parent where it out. And my mom was here and it may think they're pretty much forward. It was just. A that particular week or every I. Think about it you know that the. That's okay come out. And so it Charles Flynn is Flynn a family name my parents want me to ask you that. I like that. It added it child though that that might regret it at all. Okay my mom wanted me to pass on to use that we have eight Charles land in our family I think it's my great grandma's. Brother or husband or something I need to get it says she says were practically related. But pat I completely accurate but. Right now. Yeah out and got a packaging. Napping not. One smile. I do not so good. I didn't. Well we are thrilled for you and I know you're exhausted and I'm not coming by for at least a week I'm gonna give you a week okay. I know Jamie's coming guided ate meat and but that's for stay home. Yeah I know how tired you are so just get settled in Reston. I'll concede that little baby in a week. All right you televised or me. I mean man. Today and we. Mean. Closer. Never. Maybe M ma. When you paying. Game. What are they saying. And it. It's not lose tremendous. Medium term we are just so thrilled for that family and I'm telling you there's something about Kara having the baby because since we've been here. Jonathan's had a. Program and I am telling you I just about cried when I heard. That that sweet little baby was here and was healthy. And we are just thrilled for Kara and her family and little Charlie Flint. Who was born over the weekend as you heard. Ten pounds eight point four ounces there is an official new member of the band here at KM BZ. And so we just wanted to run chat with care for a little bit. Welcome the baby to the family and I cannot wait to get over there and meet that baby.