Voices for & against sound off on proposed new KCI terminal

Kansas City's Morning News
Friday, November 3rd

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Kansas city's morning news it is Friday November 3 2017. Glad to have you this IBJ backer good morning and Ellen's show and a special hour of Kansas city's morning news as we look in depth. At this week's well this week's is within seven days Tuesday's vote on case CI do we vote for a single terminal or do we stay. With the current configuration that we half. The head of a Kansas City area travel agency says it's very clear what needs to happen Brent Blake is the president of the send this travel. He says hearing from travelers especially business travelers Casey I just isn't up to snuff. Can't still do a whole renovation continue to make band aid or short term improvements such go big or go home what's would go for it. That's to the new airport delays technologies and so trying to work all of that. Can mean innocent and surge levels than to have but now's the time if we miss this opportunity then then we will of I think demo disk server source of. Pollsters across area of course are working furiously to gauge what's going on the anti tax group citizens for responsible government sent out an email to its supporters in a poll shows 55%. Support for the terminal project that TCI. Now as CF RG says ES votes had dropped 3% from earlier this week. And that's exactly why we have brought in two experts answer that question on a single terminal TCI. Dan coffee is ahead of citizens for responsible government and Jolie justice is a City Council member and head of the airport committee. Arguable point and a really close to those microphones as you talk with us this morning Dan let's start with the U and his new poll on. How offer you polling I mean if I assume everybody's pulling all the time at this point. We we don't have an official poll has such people that do poll. In contact with us and I was told last night. What we post and his warnings that were trailing. But that we have picked up. We're three point since last week or shall. And have a little momentum and we think we can close the gap if we just a strong pusher twenty. I imagine it's strong it's it's hard to push people towards a yes or no vote because. You really have that Jolie Justus who is arrogant Kansas City councilwoman with the the head of the airport committee there. You have a very small people a group of people voting just the Kansas City residents. That's right this is an asset that's owned by the city of Kansas City, Missouri and so we'll just be Kansas City, Missouri residents who are going to be voting in what we're hearing right now is that yes. When we're knocking on doors when we're interacting with folks the majority of them as time aren't favour of this. But you are correct it will be up to only Kansas City, Missouri residents. The case for me against. Building a single term Casey. Well. I think you have to start. With the ballot language. This has been present it to the voters like we're voting for a new airport we're really not. What were voting for is to give the city permission to demolish the airport that we have. There's nothing else on the ballot. On that question basically. Give us permission. Demolished the airport we have now and we will build something that you will light. There national for a plan there's no. Contracts for employment and or union or otherwise there's no written animal you nothing's firm. The only thing that's firm and that ballot question is they want to demolish the airport that we have now. We don't think that's a good plan for candidacy injury folders. We are four and renovation program we have had for probably three years now at least two planned on the table. To renovate the existing terminals. That would create a much more convenient term although we have now and and the gentleman that you just handled from the from the travel agency. They're all comparing what might be a new terminal to what we have now. If they would compare this new shingle terminal to what our architects and engineers. Have designed as a remodeled terminal project. They would you world different every model projects would have everything included in the air that the new terminal. Plus they'll be more convenient they'll be safer. And we just think it's about a week ago. Chile want to defend the ballot language isn't so happening here if I'm looking at the right ballot language it starts off with shall the city of Kansas City be authorized to construct a new passenger terminal at Kansas city international airport and it'll demolish existing terminals as necessary and it goes on to talk about how it's. Hate war. That's correct you just read the about language or make them. And it goes on the say that it's paid for only by revenues are derived from the city of Kansas City are sorry not from the city Kansas City from the airport itself. I'm tempted to address the issue of renovation. You know this is been an issue that we have looked at in this community for years now first there was a citizen's task force to look at it. In it was followed up by a leadership task force that was really neat. We had the opportunity here in Kansas City to do something that no one had done in the aviation world before. And that is all of our airlines sat down at the table with our aviation department and for two years they looked at 58 different designs. Those designs included half of them being renovation and half of them being new terminals. And when the airlines came to the table they really thought they wanted to do a renovation and they thought they wanted to do renovation because at the end of the day they're the ones paying for best. Through the end user fees that we all pay when we go out there. And at the end of the process they decided. That a renovation would not work. That to meet our current and future needs at a as far as our aviation industry and the customer experience. That the only option that we have a senior terminal and that's the only one they're willing to pay for. Dan. Why doesn't this work for you is edgy do you believe this idea that it will not work that they'd now be. Is saying no. The the plans that we have were never properly vetted by the city or even the aviation department of the air they weren't they were percent said. To the consultants. That were in town pushing the single term. The plans and our architect and engineer design were given until the single terminal proponents and sent evaluate these and tell us what you think. Most like given the plans to the competitor. What do you think they're gonna say oh this won't work this is too small this. Too costly we can't do this of course they didn't get a betting get a fair valuation to plans that we have on the table have never been properly evaluate him on the city. Or the aviation department or people tell us they will work. 5767798. That's the telephone number 5767798. Jolie justice from the City Council to and coffee citizens for responsible government witnessed this hour. As we discussed open discussion about the vote for case CI either new single terminal or stick of what we have it's this Tuesday. 22980s. We came BC Tex I'm 5767798. Triple teamed traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the ninth 29098 KM BZ Scott while this with us for look at the roads. Thanks CJ yet to recover south 169 highway from an earlier record I 29 a plea can open things up here in the next few minutes eastbound I seventy turner drag don't want to forestall right shoulder. And a fender Bender shop on I 35 exit ramp to eighteenth street expressway. A Scott August KM BZ traffic. Our forecast is calling for clouds building up today rain maybe later in the day a high of 5365. On Saturday 68 on Sunday it is. 39 and partly sunny KM BZ. 9:10 on Kansas city's morning news we're talking about the vote Tuesday on a single terminal airport Julie justice with the Kansas City Council is with his. And then copy with citizens for responsible government. Every time you Google this airport there's award that comes up over and over. And over is Siewert it is the secret. Betsy word. It is convenience. Chilly start witness. Microphone in their ago absolutely without question the number one issue that can Kansas City and are concerned about with this case CIA is convenience. And the great thing about it is is that the for the two and a half years. That our consultants that are aviation experts the people who are at the top of their field. And the airlines what they looked at was affordability inconvenience. They know that that is the thing that Kansas City in love most about case CI and that's why we're excited about this new terminal. Because everything you love about case CI will be maintained. But everything you have come to hate about case CI. We'll actually be enhanced and when you look at convenient today we're not just looking at the number of steps from your car to the gazed. Which by the way will not change dramatically the parking for instance we'll actually be more plentiful and it will be closer and then what we have now. But we will create new conveniences for instance we're the first or where the last airline in the country I'm sorry airport in the country. Other than Oakland that doesn't have a separate arrival and departure. And so being at airport of this size with eleven point four million customers a year. And having all of us picked up and dropped off in the same place that's inconvenient and frankly dangerous. We're gonna be able to change that with separate arrivals and departures. We're gonna be able to make sure that we have more restrooms we're gonna make sure we have places to sit down. To get a cup of coffee to have something to eat and for those of you who have been stranded AK TI for any amount of time. You'll know that these are amenities that we all include his convenience nobody seems to. By people who believe. Casey I can only exist as it is now. They don't buy and they're never gonna buy the convenience argument that a new term can be just as convenient why it's so hard to convince people this. You know I I totally understand we have an airport that has served us well for the last 45 years. But times has to have changed the city has changed the aviation industry has changed. And what we have to do now is look at the other airports around the country. Who have risen to the occasion see that those airports and we're not talking about Atlanta we're not talking about LAX were talking about. Midsized peer airports and how they have risen to the education are actually more convenient than what we have here Casey and are we giving up convenience for the new airport. Absolutely. There are a numerous number of studies that have been done that say there's absolutely no. Advantage to splitting. The drop off areas from the pick up areas. That a single. Line of traffic coming into facility. We're drop off and pick up of passengers is just as efficient as of the two story thing. What you're gonna lose with this new terminal we witnessed what we have out there right now which is certainly not concrete. In terminals. B and C which we currently have opened the airport we have 4000. Linear feet of curb space. That's curb space to drop off and pick up passengers. In this new terminal it's being proposed. You'll have 600 feet on each level. Keep in mind out of that 600 feature gonna have. Alley parking picking up part of that causes you're gonna have much you're gonna have. Curbside check in. Shall you're not really gonna have much space up there to drop off a pick up passengers that's gonna make it more inconvenient than it is today. And if you just look at the draw action could tell me your not gonna walk us far. You look for more of the gate areas to where that last point is sending out there now they're in the far left hand corner. And that's a tremendous distance you're gonna have a much longer walk than you have today. Farce checked in security is concerned. Right now we have nothing to force security areas the new airport will have one security area are jamming every people. All the people in the one area that's a terrorist delight that's what happened in Belgium and all those people jammed into one area and can look to the result of that. So you're probably gonna have to figure there. Little disingenuous that Dan I won't interrupt you but there are airports across the country around the world that have single. Access. Security. And there are terror attacks there every day we don't see a lot of terror and their friends around the world so why is this any different well I'm not saying that that we're gonna have one. I'm just saying that it lends itself to much more damage if everybody's in a confined area then if they are spread out. And right now and 2016. Study our airport and some of the shortest wait times going through security in the country. And coffee is with citizens for responsible government Julie justice with Kansas City Council and we will continues I think we probably need to talk a bit more about convenes do we talk about the money as well and the phone lines are stacked the text line is busy your questions coming up as we continue our discussion of Tuesday's vote. On Casey on Kansas city's morning news CJ Becker Ellen shank joined in studio. By Jolie Justus from the Kansas City City Council Dan coffee from citizens for responsible government. And with us this morning Vinny from Kansas City video on Kansas city's morning news what your question. Yeah my question is I think his name is animal from a citizens for responsible government. Yet adequate place game until we had all these airlines come out saying. That it clippers single terminal and other aviation expert and I wanna know what I'd stand qualification work. Do in life that we shouldn't we should cut him but not all these other aviation expert. OK Dan I'm not asking anybody in this or just trust me I'm just saying we have a group of architects and engineers and put forth plans. That we have confidence. A remodel plan. And the proposal what you're looking at this being presented. As this new single terminal. Has been a boon dog from day one meaning that it doesn't understand that hasn't been paying attention. So. What were looking for we wanna we wanna do something at the airport. But our our position would be is to let's do right. Let's let's take a process outside a local politicians and attorneys. Get an outside agency with no emotion etched in the project. And people their companies that do this all over the world they will write an RF peak view. That particular process from what we've been told. Should probably taken close to nine months maybe even up to a year to be done properly we didn't six weeks. So you know that should tell you something. Jolie let's talk about the cost of the Mukasey a single terminal. There a fair number of people who just don't believe this is not gonna come back to bite the taxpayers share absolutely and what folks need to know and it's something that I didn't know when I first takeovers chaired the airport committee. Airports and airport terminals are paid for solely by user fees so if you never use the airport you never pay for the airport. There are a lot of folks are concerned that if we build this new single terminal that somehow it'll take money away from schools or roads or police and fire. That is absolutely not true just like the way we pay for case CI today. The new terminal will be paid for only by user fees so what are user fees they're parking costs they're concession costs. And they're the fees that the airlines pay to the airport in order to do business there. And the airlines in the spring of twenty sixteenths at that they were willing to pay up to 964. Million dollars. In order to have this new single terminal. One of the reasons they were not interested in doing a renovation. Is to renovate our existing facility which is definitely passed its useful life would actually be more expensive. Then it would be to build a new single terminal so we wouldn't be spending more money. We would be getting less airport and that is why the airlines are only interested in backing the debt and paying pouring in single term. This was gonna stand Dan will be your your plans that you wore a supporting year what it cost. Then the pipeline operation we hand which is probably two years old. And they were. Substantially less than what the new term goal Cox. So that you project turtles just under a billion dollars that's correct and I believe stands play and actually was just to renovate one terminal and so the cost would be much much greater if we were gonna renovated and when 300000. For one term through a million and I think 67 term for the two. Now that's changed. That's probably gonna change even if that would cost listening. By renovating those terminals. We would. A much safer airport. Terminals we have now are solid reinforced concrete. Term earlier proposing is basically glass and steel. The parking Rogers that Julie alluded to are above ground. Our Parker parking garages are more mostly below ground that's a much safer situation than you'll have with above ground parking. One of the engineers and has worked with us and that the new terminal is basically. Racial a really. Rich target. Were a terrorist attack if it should. Present we've had somebody import car into that parking garage. And Parker by that tunnel going into the airport and if a bomb would explode that would shoot through there like a rifle and blow out all the blasts. On the inside of that new terminal and a lot of people would be hurt with flying glass and falling glass and stuff like that. Terminal we have now is basically. Reinforced solid concrete we would keep that structure. Therefore in the parking garage is basically below ground we would add onto the parking garage we could we need to. I was parking garage were built a and B to B. Adam on our fourth story each one. And each story would hold another 12100 cars so we can and nine 600 automobiles. In the ocean to parking garage is if we wanna build amount to the Max to parking has never been a problem Casey. Parking is a problem may be now because they closed terminal parking and jammed everybody and to be NC. OK I would we have to talk about security because the threat of terrorism keeps coming up here that a new terminal is going to draw terrorists that that that's the impression I'm getting it's going to draw terrorist who has. Up because the kinda construction we're talking about here on term was kind of construct that you see so many other places around the world like I said before airports are getting blown up every day so we'll talk a little bit more about security when we return we'll take more of your calls text on the text find it 22980. Damn coffee with citizens for responsible government Jolie -- with Kansas City City Council it's 9:31 on Kansas city's morning news I'm EJ backer. I'm Ellen shake our discussion about these single terminal airport continues yes on Tuesday Kansas City will vote do we go for single terminal do we stay with the configuration we currently have a talking about it with us this morning Jolie Justus a member of the Kansas City City Council Dan coffee. From citizens for responsible government and of course you. Dave in brook side what's your question this morning as we discuss the airport. A lot of back and forth there with the outcome of the process. And share albeit that it that it conferences. Collectible play your project in the lot and lots of ankle that he got me curious to learn. You know why their hand on single terminal. And why not that reform push. Actually address that absolutely so am at the end of the citizens group the the citizens advisory group that got together and look at this issue and recommended a new single terminal. The airlines came forward and said they wanted to sit down and have a collaborative process with the aviation department. And with the consultants that represented both the airlines in the city. And during that process they look at both renovations and they looked at new terminals. And they looked at current needs for the airline industry and they looked at future needs and what they decided is number one. We have such a significant infrastructure investment that needs to be made. That it would actually be more expensive to renovate and it would be to build a new single terminal so that was one deciding factor but the number two when you actually look at modern air travel. And the needs that we have moving forward. We have the square footage that we needed our current airport it is not in the right places. And so what we will be able to do with this new single terminal is building more efficient airport. One that is more convenient and more affordable and that's ultimately why the airline said unanimously and I want to make this clear. Airlines are never unanimous about anything. In most cities for instance it's the city saying we want a new airport terminal and the airlines saying no way here we have a situation where airlines unanimously have said. We want this not because they're big companies that want to add new fancy airport it's because they want the customer experience that their customers' desire. The way they sell tickets is positive customer experiences. They know that this is going to allow them to expand and give customers the experience they deserve. And this is the only option that they are willing to pay foreign back and you are shaking your head to these responses. Well I go back to the very beginning and drew duly mentioned the eight tag group the airport terminal advisory group put together by the mayor. The two were like. One T. We're 24 people on their morning of them were hand picked to support the single terminal side of the equation. Object at the mayor's advisory yes I am an aunt and who's the one who wasn't an accurate well line. As I know a variety of names of people want. Accuracy of right to people on there who definitely didn't go with yes a single girl. Well that. That was the predetermined outcome but it didn't matter anyway because it just. But during the course of that process they were having these meetings around him. I'll listen to a public test of I answer question one of the meetings have you ever it to the airline or airlines involved in this process. And they shall we were talking to him every day we talked I think with mark and well we know we talked Southwest Airlines every week here if they are definitely involved in this process. From the very you know from very from they want. Well. I didn't have a good deal of confidence and that's called southwestern airlines and gone all the way up to the vice chairman of the word. Told me that they have never talk anybody at the aviation department Tuesday they had never been contacted the we're not having any implement. Into this new. Terminal plan that candidacy was looking. So when I brought that up to the committee about retreat weeks later they brought sat there brought the airlines in the term of iron. Ron ricks in the past times vice chairman of the board Southwest Airlines check right there in the chamber council chamber and told us. Pull them. Do they should you need a new airport you should actually you know your airports fine. All you do need to make some upgrades and renovations. And everything's fine OK that was back in. I don't own or through four years now since then. Southwest this change your mind and you wanna know why they change your mind that's exactly and hope they change your mind because they finally realized wait and we have an opportunity here to get control of the year. There are right now discussing we have a compensatory here on agreement with fear that your candidacy it's the one that's preferred by most cities around the country. There's a residual airline agreement out there are some cities have the ones that are trying to get back to the compensatory agreement. Our City Council NC wants to give these airlines is residual agreement which and which in fact then gives you a full control over any future expenditures. Expansion in that time. Why are we don't want from 67 gates to 35. Control. Us is going from 170 page 2458. Denver's going from 125. H 260 gates. Were going from sixty should engage the 35 Jolie go talk about there. Absolutely says the airlines. Came to the table and and I mentioned this earlier and I am sure that Dan probably didn't hear it they came to the table and they sat down. And they said we you're gonna look at this from an issue of affordability and convenience and when they came to the table they thought they wanted to renovation. But after they looked at their current and future needs and after they looked at the cost of this. They determined that the new single terminal was the only. Only option that they were willing to back now was it Southwest Airlines alone absolutely not it was unanimous among the airlines that this is what they want. They have said that they cannot expand and they can not meet their customer needs without this new terminal and that's why they are so so in favor of this this is something that they worked on for over two years. It wasn't a two day meeting where everyone sat around and passed around some charette and that sort of thing. This was a deep deep dive into what do we need today and what do we need 45 years for today. OK but now he added in Denver it's basically southwest is taking over the airport talk about that that is absolutely incorrect this airport. Will continue to be owned. Operated and maintained by the city of Kansas City, Missouri. Southwest Airlines is our biggest user without question. And so when they say we want a new single terminal of course we listen because that means that we're gonna have the opportunity to allow them to expand and give better customer experience is to folks. Kansas City, Missouri owns this airport Kansas City, Missouri operates its airport and that's how we'll be moving forward. Actually yeah yeah yet to explain well explain the discrepancy here explain and understand well here here's here's the thing. There's there are. The reason. When I showed Southwest Airlines I didn't mean southwest alone southwest holes. 47% liked the case they are the leader and as they have the airlines have a group that they all get together and have meetings. Southwest at this point in time pretty much runs that meet. Because they are the leader JaJuan I actually made southwest air all airlines realize hey. If we can keep other airlines from coming in here we can control the airport and we can. We waste ticket prices and I can assure you hear why we're gonna have to raise ticket prices if we do this let me give you one more quote Gary Kelly. The top guy Southwest Airlines was your last week. Last week for big meet. In that I was not invited but in the course of that meeting I got a call it came out of the newspapers and he said. Customers will benefit from improved physical airport experience in terms of amenities facilities and concessions. But I cannot guarantee any more flights now he didn't say a single term. He hints it has to be it but a new single from airport he just sent an improved physical airport experience. That's a top guy. So this idea that we have to have in the year understand we've gone to Israel where are they gonna go. That's what I ask you were or if if we don't go rushing apparently luckily. Will talk about that after traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the lines it is 9:39 on Kansas city's morning news let's bring in. And thanks CJ looking great out there wrapping up that wrecks out by 35 exit ramp eighteenth street expressway stalled car northbound actually shop around 635 state avenue put. Well off the roadway there. Costello gets KM BZ traffic. Our forecast is calling for clubs to move then could see some rain later on today high of 5365. On Saturday and 68 on Sunday. 80s41. AK MBZ. You know this has been a CIA and emotional and heated discussion from the very beginning how many years ago when this whole thing started EJ backer Allan shank along with Jolie justice and and coffee talking about the airport this morning 5767798. Text line opened it 22980. Jolie. What happens if Kansas City does not vote for a new term. You what will happen if Kansas City does not vote for a new terminal. And we will not be able to expand the service of the airlines like Southwest Airlines and American Airlines have both said we would like to expanding your marketing can not because of your current configuration. I'm we will not be in the running to fight for a trans Atlantic fight. The real flight the the reality is we're the largest city in the country right now without direct service to Europe. Here's the problem with that we have over 300 passengers a day who are traveling to. Europe and we can't get them there and efficient manner and so all of our huge companies are local companies. Our architectural and engineering firms are law firms that are traveling daily. They tell us that they need this in order to continue to expand their businesses. This isn't just about the customer experience case TI this is about the future of our city and whether we want to be an economic engine. We are. Throttled right now and those are the words that the airlines used we are throttled right now. By our inability to add more nonstop flights and we cannot do that without a new terminal. Let's go to the news like Darrell you're on was thanks for holding on this morning. A day earlier on with Dan coffee joint justice. Good morning. But just a quick question for your. You talked about the money that the airlines are willing tube to kind of be used to it to move the project forward what happened to that money if we choose not to do it does that. Go where we used elsewhere. Well and that it's an interesting question because what I've learned about airport financing is that we all pay on our tickets a passenger facility charge. And that money kind of goes into a pool and then that money is spent on airlines elsewhere and so we're basically leaving money on the table that's one of the frustrating things I wanna I wanna correct also. I'm a myth that's out there about whether our ticket prices will go up. The reality is is if you look at facts and data of airports across the country when they are built and they are new and they are improved. Airline tickets do not necessarily go up and is sometimes. Often times they go down and it's because air flying tickets are based on the market they're not based on the money that's being spent there at the airport. And so what we're gonna be looking at is right now the cost burned claimant here in Kansas City is is a little over six dollars. We're looking at the cost per inflaming going up to just about nine dollars. That may be passed along to customers it may not it depends on whether or not we are competitive market and I would argue that we are. Did briefly can. Go back to what Julie was saying about two bringing in businesses and there are errors there is talk that we're losing business because we don't have the one stop flight the international flights the connections. What do you say to that. Well I can say this that is a myth. We heard that statement from the April. And terminal people that we're the only airport doesn't have launched a two year. One of our. People didn't serve did a study did some research. With the F okay here's what we found out. Casey ranked number 39. On airport and claimants during 20639. In the country. They look at the airports from number 23 which was. DC Washington DC. All the way down to Albuquerque which was number nineteen actually looked at airports were bigger than Kansas City in airports were small Kansas. Of those airports nineteen. Nineteen do not have direct flights to your two things bring more flights to a city and this was told us by the Southwest Airlines people. Gave availability. And passengers in the seats if you don't have both of those we are not coming. Gate availability right now we gotten gates but we go from 67 to 35. We are not gonna happen gates at what we don't have if we don't have the passengers. The average airplane left Casey I last year with a 126. Passengers on board. Now people all that can't be I was on such and such a flight and it was full. Sure it was full but the one of the gate next to might have been going to Albuquerque with 57 people. Shall we shall you really you really don't know. Two things strike flights gates and passengers to put in the streets now if we go down on the gates. In the neutral. And coffee and Jolie Justus Willis this morning as we continue to talk about Tuesday's vote. For TCI on Kansas city's morning news we have three minutes left in our open discussion here with Jolie justice from the Kansas City City Council and Dan coffee from. Citizens for responsible government. I'm about each one eating them in cases yet each when you take a minute Dan. You go first all right I just like to sum up with this we're talking about an airport here that we cannot afford. Jolie showed that we're not gonna have to raise. Ticket prices let me run this these figures by right now. We have about 83 million dollars you're going to pay down the debt the report. The airport made 127 million dollars last year that's in my spread there but we build his new airport and that this new debt to our. Current debt. Our new debt load is going to be 168 million dollars a year. We've taken a 127 million dollars a year now we're gonna all we're gonna get more fly when it is nobody's guaranteeing more flights last year. With the 127 million that we made that was generated by 5300. In playing much. That's people getting on planes that's a way the FAA count two passengers at terminals. That was 23 dollar and 65 cents per passenger. It now we're going to be 41 million dollar short with a new debt load shall to divide that 2365. Pratt passenger profit at the airport made into that 41 million. We won't need an increase of one point seven million more passengers to break even that's 35%. Jeanette in gonna happen with outrage and Dick Julie justice. Kansas city international airport has served us well for the last 45 years. But unfortunately times have changed the city has changed the aviation industry has changed and we have an opportunity right now. Take all of the things that we love about PCI. And building new safe modern terminal. And it's paid for solely by user fees so if you do not using airport you do not pay for the airport. And this will position us to be a world class city with the world class airport. When case CIA opened in 1972. They set it was an airport that would take us through the 1990s. It is 2017. We need to build an airport that's gonna take us through the next generation in this transformative project is going to happen if we vote yes on Tuesday November 7. Jolie Justus Dan coffee we appreciate take the time and talking was this morning. They do.