Veterans, pharmacy co-pays and Dana's ticked off mother....

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Thursday, June 14th
Also this hour- BREAKING-  officer involved shooting downtown.   

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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcasts on KNB easy. That's just the. I hear that and I think we'll. Paul escalating in the ways and it is not it is Thursday to implement sure. Oh by the way that I saw this on your face somebody it may have on FaceBook. This is a band called the war. Today right I'm not gonna tell you about the warning and so you year about the warning. The warning okay so bam global warming and you'll know this on the second they start playing. Was bruised and. And I. Talent you know. It's metallic. Okay. So they're now. The warning. Made up of three sisters. Hey day how old are there. Danielle is playing guitar. She's Forte and golf. With Paul Lima is playing the drums. She's nine out twelve again. And Alejandro is playing the bass she's nine years old. Now like. This. Either they're really lean or Metallica music is really didn't want to edit knock. Listen he's cute. 1412. And nine. But she's. For beloved crises forty I would never Penders a fourteen year old girl really quick because a lot of listeners have been saying this over the last two or three days Rodney has a better. Dan this girl well here hopefully that this is from America's Got Talent. Insurgents is going to be here's the difference because. I. I guess. And an open as a that's okay to be sure it's America and it's got to know it's America donate caught me. And Howell theme and change the team thirteen once a favorite subject in school music. What kind of music she's run to rip it is she's. Nicely and I'm guessing you've been missing in front this you know them Obi talk and drove until penis and that is the big stage and lots of people yet. The EU for reasons. Go for it and good luck. She's not Tara it's rotten. The skinny little girl. And the doubles but to come out and. Waiting. There comes giving a breath. Don't. Called the young champions. Great chills was spacious fourteen years left yeah. Unless the audience. Yeah yeah. Yeah. And their whole foods and not looking at crews say. I. The 600 calorie there in the first came down and they need seeing it you'll like the line. Oh my god you were not from this Iraq here from. Yet she got the gold country. Quake story you want documentary Clive Davis because of the Monterey pop festival each this young girl. That nobody has ever seen what that nobody knows. It was the first time Janis Joplin got size. And that what changed your life you know that story. I'm not like. Bill and I. Record deal. Anything can you. I. Got the gold buzzer it. I screamed no into the fire right. That's where I have responds I cry every time nickel buzz somebody answer crying at the little kid every single time agent advisor crack if you don't watch the show is the best show to watch with your kids. And it is so sweet and the parents are crying and she. And like they just wants to the finals should have you gone through these monster straight to the finals back girl can flat out sick. She's crying her dad's. If it. That's way is bad news comes a little kids and it's so sweet to see that. Loosened her. I think I did some breaking news I was Britain's reports of a shooting downtown near twelfth and why not just wrote what's going on downs and I'd ever ports initiating new details are confirmed word we're still working on it but just FYI if you are seeing things downtown please let us know analyst and what what is I don't mind. Right downtown right I know is that if you've. Specifically. What is right there there's the street just north of the conventions. Yeah Bernie I was all right at Mark Ellis plus right next an area downtown. Okay. If you are down there being careful. There are aware and be careful following that breaking news. Reports of a shooting at twelve wind you said. 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VW Lee's summit dot com you tell you wanna see Dana's car. Following breaking news out of downtown Kansas City there has been some sort of shooting and fire twelfth and wind. I just north of the convention center there is huge. Police presence there at twelve from wyandotte. You know it thing. Garcia is a brave and. Hurt let's say. Over 41 Christie is saying crime scene tape across the entrance and exit of Barney Ellis parking on the east side. Of twelfth and why I got my hotel. That's how we got so far because there are yeah. Tons of officers there are. Our story here from a CBS news Australia's prime minister today joined critics. Some people never learn. Of lead Australian special forces troops who were photographed more than a decade ago and so this is society in the mid two thousands. Flying in Nazi flag. From their vehicle while they were on patrol in Afghanistan. The Australian Broadcasting Corp. ABC and Australian. Published a photograph of the red flag with a black swastika inside a wide circle flying from Land Rover. Somewhere in Afghanistan in 2007. Titan prime minister Malcolm Turnbull. Described the flight incident this quote completely and utterly unacceptable. Said the soldiers involved were disciplined. It's. Your in Afghanistan why are you flying in Nazi flag your front almost. For the love of god in heaven people here's the other question. Where did you get. You don't just get that at this. Guy or that thing on wall. And then tucked into wave your baggage and you took into Afghanistan. For what purpose. And offline notes. Never a good time to do and what what he's trying to make. Source at what point are you trying to make flying a Nazi. Does one get. I don't know let me look I'm uneasy Biden get one on one know please zone because then they get all excited thinking you're looking for well either where's. Should I do wanna mammals. Care to windows anything more about what's going on at twelfth and wind police are not released and a whole lot of details right now. I would we've heard that there was a report of one person shot but it. And the whole area is just broke off right now. You can't get a Nazi flag mammals. When we come back at the story for our. Aging veterans. If you. Have a mom or dad. Who is in that category you're gonna wanna hear that something happened in my gram today got down Biloxi and an item I. In recent days is so. Matt. My mother is so Matt. And I don't think a lot of people know this is going on imitate that we can Biloxi and move all across country. Oh. It's the newsroom I don't forget we are going to be the 54 street grill and bar. In blue springs a week from tomorrow. Do you honor and a privilege to spent Friday afternoon with you one week from tomorrow. 54 street grill and bar in blue springs newsroom here is Caremark. A reported shooting in downtown Kansas City this afternoon and we'll have more next you know some that haven't almost all of us and knock on what happens to none of us in the future but if you do find yourself. In a car accident remember the name. Deals collision repair blue springs whether it's a fender Bender god forbid something more serious. Deals and blue springs duty taking care their work by the way guaranteed. As long as you on your card trucks and get your car or truck fixed right. The first time. They are professionals I've been out there many times Dale's friend of mine I've seen his resume work I swear by 8162281855. 8162281855. Raw money deals auto collision dot com. Bills and blue springs taken care of cars taking care view. 530 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are a large police presence near twelfth and wyandotte where there are reports that one person has been shot were still awaiting information about how severe that person's injuries are. Police staged on the east side of Barney Ellis plaza traffic in that area totally blocked off. Johnny Roland says over the scene. I just can't hear a lot of big police presence as you said. They just released these people you see on the sidewalk from a further south down here believe to a thirteenth street where they had them while they were waiting they were cordoned off there. There's a lockdown at the convention center but that has since been lifted crime scene tape also up police appear to be interviewing witnesses right now will keep yesterday as we learn more information. Now this comes as police are also on scene of an officer involved shooting in the north planned this afternoon your shadow on part in roads. A woman with a sword was shot during a standoff she reportedly died. We'll check traffic and weather together and axed. Summer is here holy heck it is hot outside time to start thinking about your deck your driveway your garage floor. 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Right under the heat dome for the next several days as a matter of fact the National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory. Not just for tomorrow not just through Saturday through Sunday night at 8 in the evening. So yet even her Father's Day going to be very warm during the daytime hours and also at night. Will only fall to 7:6 by tomorrow morning mostly sunny skies of total sunshine. But the pick about the south at twelve to 25 and stronger high temperature 97. Your heat index close to 103 degrees. In about the same on Saturday still that heat advisory in high temperature 96. It is like triple digits. Until mine them for solar chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. Ninety for an errant TCI it is 96 downtown 90s40 were official weather station the radio dot com app is the official new home of KM BZ. Download it today listen to us any time anywhere Kara marks or his 981 KM BZ. Yeah. No. The I. Sarah Palin parts. I'm on the day they sit on this today and I know if this is happening you already know about it. Man she's knocking it never confident she cost. Today we'll schoolroom have you. Her. Of something called Express Scripts lot of people use them. So instead of physically getting out and writing to a pharmacy. Express Scripts and other companies like it will mail your prescriptions two year. Look here sir it's going as. And Mac yet no group. We are blurred a little bit more about the shooting downtown it is an officer involved shooting at least the second one of the are safe city to take kids names are one north planned. And there are reports that it's not just one person downtown but we're still waiting on and no one. Could be multiple people hurt. Possibly dad Horst we're still waiting on details this is all unconfirmed at this point but just FYI. We've got an officer involved shooting downtown at twelfth and line from there you can correct me if we have any updates that's that's been dale and we can bring this back tomorrow. So Express Scripts is something that allows you especially the elderly Scott. Three months at a time they will mail you your medications. And if you are a military. Survivor though I saw or mouse. Or. Veteran and this includes your mother. You use Express Scripts and there has never been a co pay. For veterans ever. My grandmother its value for you know seventy years. They have never. Had. A co pay and Express Scripts allows the elderly. And keep in mind this is safety for all of us in some cases. It allows them to stay home and not have to make multiple trips to. Bass too gets a pharmaceuticals. So I'm not talking to my aunt today in my grandmother was very upset. Because she got a bill she got a bill for 63 dollars and if you're on a fixed income. There is not 63 dollars for a lot of these military spouses and veterans to spare ever not. And my grandmother was saying you know as foggy as she is sometimes she knows what those veterans' benefits are. She knows she's not have to be paying a co pay. Chris you are a tri care they are she was she is on tri care the military's health insurance system. And the AARP of all organizations. Print this. Article a couple of months ago and maybe this hasn't hit your family yet but there is now higher co payments. And more hassle for you to get the medications that you needed went into effect actually back in February. Co pays increase for most tri care beneficiaries. Who get their prescription drugs at the tripe your pharmacy home delivery. This is why it is important Scott if you want to avoid the co pay. You have to get in the car. And physically. Drive. To pick them up and for my grandmother that's key solar air force base which is nowhere near her home. My aunt would have to make a what does an hour. Trip one way or multiple times a month to grab those medications some of them are staggered. Some of them she has refilled more often than others and she has glaucoma. She's almost ninety years old. And so my answer to mine on today. We're going to have to figure out a way to pay for this is I can't take off work and riot. Right next to a base. Your iPod which a lot of people who live here do important abort their white ammonia that you would have to you understand what I'm saying god if you wanna save the co pay. So here's my question is who's in charge of this stuff. Why are you incentivizing. Elderly veterans and their families. Your instant advising them to get on the road and drive. So why did they start charging AMOCO out of nowhere. The co pay increase was included in the 2018. National defense authorization act. And will continue to rise over the next decade. The higher so it came from congress listen yes we'll affect military retirees. The most. As they are more likely to use mail delivery and retail pharmacies to fill their prescriptions. This year under the home delivery option co pays for ninety today supplies of generic drugs went from zero dollars to seven that's my grandma. And co pays for brand name medications jumped from twenty to 24. But it gets worse co pays are going up from fifty to 53 dollars. For some drugs. And they are basically saying if you don't. Dry. You were thirty day prescription filled at a retail pharmacy at the base. This is going to keep increasing and by 20/20 seven. It's jumping to sixteen dollars for generics and 48 dollars for brand name version and if you go to post. Do you have to pay the cobra it is my understanding you do not but the problem is for my grandma and others seniors. She can't drive to base Scott there's it's not happening for the safety of America. We need to not be doing next. But you know if you're if you're eighty or 76 and you're on a fixed income and you see. That okay it's going to be now 63 dollars a month for me if I keep having a look at male let's be honest it's a lot of money for some people that's a lot of what we are now incentivizing. Elderly veterans to get in their car. And physically drive to pick up something which would close six which is that why wouldn't we just say yeah this mail list. All I got mail it. And who who was making the money to have these seniors driving. That's what I want and now. Was this a pharmaceutical. Which is due to the pharmacy somehow make more money if you are physically in the. Their store I just don't understand I guess if you know please call 5767798. And if you're thinking luck seven box well it's not just seven it's seven. Per prescription. Multiple prescriptions in my. Give me a break I saw my mom on vacation god bless her yeah she 73 years old dance I was in her room one night and she has that Monday through Sunday. Tablet thing you know I'm talking mania where they they put all their pills in one little square. Am you know I know my mom is not the best of health. Gov lesser but. I was shocked. I didn't realize my mom was taken that much Madison. And and when when you have to get him MT WT. FS has thing you're take allotments yes. People are right in saying hey welcome to America everyone's costs are going up. And here here and let you have no co pay when you fill it at a military pharmacy. How convenient is that for 90% of the people who need it it's not unless you live well I think a lot of people stay where they retire. But to your point and your right. A lot of people don't stay retired. I mean you were Graham on Graham Paul. Live and what Alabama. This race is missing up. Arm the nearest base is what it's like 62 miles away. And so. No I mean my mother. Lives in Shawnee my dad retired Portland. It's an hour roundtrip pardon me but they've got a they've got to cross that bridge while that 88 year old woman Ivan now. And that's only an hour in. There's no back up that there's not an accident I mean this and you are now going over. In the ninety bridge and the one the big one in Austin Hurricane Katrina. That's a that is a whole somebody's is data they're making you pay for the shipping and that's fair that shipping is not 63 dollars. Eight. Can't imagine. That's what pisses. I've 767798. Data all right rob Babcock obscure parts we're going to be at the to to force her groom Barton was brings a week from tomorrow in honor and a privilege. To spent Friday afternoon with you write your four Jasper you get a check out their summer menu at Jasper I was just thinking you know what I need to bring my dad and Jasper is for Father's Day. 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Why did that aren't actually that aren't they just look. Start charging call eight. Now please tell us. Well I guess the corporate elder Miller Park. I feel a bit expressed that the only stop the mail order apartment in the united thing. What is happening is that it all are writing out the contract with the right here. In what they're doing it like they're doing light pole and boldly I thought but they're a bit that they can hurt. That Derek getting out of the conference outright European. Mostly people currently a shop around pretty big thing and people not doing that perception. Went would express it that's why. They're like get away is not that they're right that'll be all right to make people like we are really good deal with them so. The local Barton yeah actually give you an editor. I just insult your cat now but thank you so much for the pollen and for joining us we're glad to have you on board. I just think this is one of those things that we and when whoever was in Washington or wherever decided you know let's do this. They weren't thinking about the unintended consequences. Of the elderly veterans and their families world who cannot afford. Who cannot physically. To rise to go get their Medicaid didn't think is on tri care. They had to have thought about it and they didn't care. My mother is on tri care. My mother is 73 years old have you asked her what she had mailed her own Portland or spread them out and says she probably guts. At a today and tomorrow where. You know what it's convenient I just shivered text tonight and ask her. Sig do you have your prescriptions mailed to your door. Or do you physically go on to base and pick them she goes to base to shop. At the Thomas says she's there and yeah. In my grandma's not. Not Hedwig is a place like you go to we need to propose is supposed to mean Ari basin and others but when you don't oppose. When you shop at the concerts tax freeze my mom always tries to doesn't always tries to shop economists are because it's tax for sir. Denise excelsior springs Albany's. I'm I'm in the early on did and I got expense strip in England you have to deal it anyway. It is still under ideal match since China order even here and you know it I'm Temecula already are getting. Also. When you go to that clinic in the back and I didn't opens and all of that into clinical and then. I'm tired of being checked. And the eastern Maine where they are both of my daughter for over two hours waiting for their prescription. Of one man. Oh man that I thought it was gonna have a heart attack ally of the do you get any cop out and I went out there right now. And I call them over to Lynnwood veterans. Remember that White House historical fool and his arm okay. Now everyone here that the Condit people that call. And it's so much money down here on the border of Bobby people that are not have been you know you're out and cleared everybody out. You know like yen at 8 PM 18100 in one Wal-Mart and all that out. You know an eight PR. And Italian dinner I could extend and should counters. Everybody get on and try your legislators. Okay Denise thank you for the call from the text line. I have the same for my insurance from work if I get the ninety days supplied by a male. I pay a little more. Than if I go pick it up. At the pharmacy to not report a net 63 dollars. Com am. I wrong. In Harris and. Hello. I would probably would you read scripts shortly. I'm a veteran retired air board and it yet go by article. And the problem of gratitude Italy's. He begged god help all descriptions of their February. There are required so good why wherever you're at some of them. We're no Coke day night on the other hand the other one. And begin out of pocket. Major deal. Well Asia and instead because the work. Well. Well I did get there. By. I guess and comfort them. And that's rhetorical. And diseases are on yeah China but and I don't want gated who. Our policy back in that it 100 billion. And pay ten. Rental so much hurt and does the patient have to pick it up or in another person like a daughter McKenna. Another person like a daughter can that would be my answer this novel idea public ship it for free right behind my aunt said to my mom today. It is not going to be possible to make multiple trips to accuse her girl we'll stay on every month she so it's not a way. She got to take off work to do you know placement right is not under him. It really is. Adam. Was about saint funny that's the wrong word. It really defies logic. That in this country we can talk out of both sides arm now we can see. List. We can sit here and say it's all for the veterans we need to better for the better. The people did things that we will do. They sacrifice things that we sacrifice. And then the very people that say that. The people who ask for your vote. Your great list. Of people who asked for your vote. Who put that American flag around them and they Wear the American flag. And it worked the American flag shirt even though that's against the plight. It. On Flag Day June 14 against the GX. You're not supposed to Wear the American flat. Area. But these people campaign and make it where he's goofy ass and they're too fat worm anyway. She hurts with that look like the American flag and ask for your vote. And then they say. Take care of veterans because the bet and fought for us. And then drop 63 hour. And they slip it into a little bill. You don't see and you don't know until you get the bill from tri care. You know what sucked. I am so sick and tired of these phony ass. Where American flag shirt campaign for my vote and then stick it to the veteran who almost have a bad word. One house we do have a breaking news to hit. Hussein. You need my. If you go back to Turks and hitting my. Meditation and a I'm just so sick and tired of people literally walking in the office on the back at veterans in the league school right McCain's. Should give at Heussler. And key solar force base in this thing. Quit scrutiny in the case. It's not consummate our votes. We don't. On behalf are conducive to Vegas spent all of America the great. Friend goes to right and supports. Peace. Yeah when it. Yeah. Happening now Mon KM BZ multiple officer involved shootings in Kansas City today more next time to spoil that and your run and at a time. My dad's greatest he deserves the very best celebrate her dad this Father's Day by getting him exactly what he wants from Nebraska furniture market. You'll discover great deals at your double brag about shop all your dad's favorite brands all the latest gadgets. Stuff he'll look cool state of the art technology. Isn't perfect gifts all in one place there's something for every dad. Think about. 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