Valedictorian gives speech and her mic is quickly cut OFF...

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Monday, June 11th
How should schools handle this type of situation?

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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KE MB easy. Good when can. We couldn't. We couldn't. Gluten gluten. So yeah. A new appreciation this yeah. On one vacation. Okay strength. And I think we need and wizard and on our street current line. I worry when I was wizard yeah. Deb Patterson is a self proclaimed wizard of the past six months has been. Offering people advice in granting wishes. To New York subway riders. He puts on a row. Matching how does he dresses like a wizard and got people ask him for everything from new jobs to love to money. Grants about a dozen wishes a week. And he also works. You know on the side. Really don't he he does he's. See as its. App customer service and because wizards have to pay the rent but apparently. He now he does say I ain't I don't grant wishes in the traditional sense. But he offers people a positive hitting a woman who got her agree her wish granted. Said. It was fabulous and she started looking at a job application that she'd put and it was like you know what this is this is terrible and got every right it. And if he has his advice to her was too little dance before you go in the interview. And apparently she did that she did rob. But she said it was a really good experience overall and helped her to think positively about the future. I like it I think it is lovely he is spreading joy as into the world's support I know. Not the problem becomes when somebody's asses. I just lost my home and my family. Can you please help the you don't saying breaks that I think he is wonderful. And come crying to. And this is something positive we can all use positive news. I think it's great. OK something's happened at parks I don't understand let's. Right he does he thinks it's I was ready for him to two to one story. It's freaking me out I'm nothing but positive it is now. Leaving the betterment of humanity. All right. Look to it bit by something. Pretty. Thank you for asking Carol is with the severe weather to. OK so we didn't think tornado watch I hope it's posted for very northern Missouri moon. So not the Kansas City natural and I are under an enhanced risk in whose son is whether this evening it's. Seven to eleven serve that's good times. Freaking me. Defeat Roger turn a pitcher who now heads the first jerk me jerk face. This meeting Friday next week and easy to get back to normal and the foundation hello and no act I'd just say Tuesday's 345. The final 345 and oh yeah. I'm just I'm very accurate and street at a radical vacation already melatonin that helps them with wash out your system. The over under on. When Scott goes back to normal. Yeah Alan Damon tomorrow some time 345 feet. Frog before good. I just slowed because of what happens is renowned. Sorry I I'm sorry that I had a good time on my vacation and met I think feel better about life I think is fantastic I'm glad you're happy thank you. Odd even knowing who want. Odd it's gonna last as time OK now I'm feeling good about myself and about life. This time yesterday I had my feet this. It is time today I don't. It. Did Scott get engaged on the trip now there's a lot of heat blasting them well and data and full disclosure before we went on the trip all the year she's like okay here's the deal you've got a terrific chemistry and she's cute. I talked to Kelly about the summitry. About what you said. Well since she probably thought you were tried at houphouet that you were really gonna do it bit I will clearly wouldn't think you were doing. That's how whites say Tara back me up on that area. Here here's where bursts like yeah but here's why we did not. This was a family vacation. Same lower paid for everybody to go down there and thought Kelly and I stayed in separate rooms because Margaret you know Margaret image is like a Bible that are. Even though didn't earnings we can do things on her doc that makes sense. Still how. I'm 47 front. Portis. Friday it's god. And a but Margaret is she's very religious and she's not going to pay for Kelly Unita have our own room in paradise were weakened right. You knock on the door and asked for room service right right exactly. But the cold dumpsters yeah whatever okay and our anyway. We thought we talked about it. And your idea how on romantic would be to say Kelly. You mean. I've never been so. We you marry me yes god of course our it was government. See in the morning and yeah. Friday night so. What you're saying is next vacation well I'm saying not that case arm. The guy I don't want these. Dark cloud there rains on the parade no doubt about it ma'am. If you're gonna look at track records. Maybe it's just on that. Oh you seem to do better without it it's on saint. Your horrible. Cars out there are. Concerns that. I'm just I don't you can not may be back to Niger self I'm not try on to say and it. If I was gonna look at CO OK how is these things worked out in the past. Maybe I don't do that this time. It's just a suggestion. Your number here is how this guy who's been married the longest is only like don't get married you're normally gets sent to me he has yeah I. I've knocked it down on one knee is just it that hasn't worked so well for me. And it set up and I know to stay up here oh and then there's this Bosnia's. Plus I have battening. I was like you with me. Did you gonna me. Like my favorite quote ever from the ground for you. Dana clean clean look. There are so Margaret made sleet and separates. So she slept with her son and I. My two daughters name. It's but I mean. And I more holes. At honey her whenever I know we are on me or said. It. Swanee full I. Particularly pleased lake. Just have the appearance. You know that you guys each have your separate IE. Hooker for any seven. Years old. That's all I kind of like you need to sit at the it's the same time it's your mum she paid her money you know an extra so it cost money to stand by her laurels. Yeah well okay but would that Q well general Kelley was with her son and I was with the girl via the kids share. Are sending your daughter's meego now Kenya. I mean they're thirteen and seventy minute nightmare Newton. He imagined that. It wandered around in their drawers and brawls and met. But I could've stayed with Kelly. But marker was like and then. There. So we every night. At nights in the morning I will ask the expert called down at Albany. It. 47 years old and I'm but irbe made his sleep in my own room. Let your mom. I know is not out. The call my folks at sealed once Casey had them come outside and help you. Really start thinking about your deck your driveway. Your garage floor all of those investments on the outside of your home. 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Perfect no seriously this is not a joke I can't make this stuff. They didn't want people going through the sewer system. Looking for his. I don't hate. They brought his own toilet down the Singapore came down on the plane with them that's discussed so we asked whoop -- He goes and uses is own by Johnny on the spot he does not hoop. No is dead in group is dead didn't have a name that there he had a lane. That's. Never. Know his dad had a maintenance that's what they told people was that he didn't have an anus. That seems personal service imperfect speaking of the I don't know why this stuff always loves to happen when Chris goes out of town. But I get calls yesterday. And a text all the the same time my phone is just blowing up that there is a horrible smell in the house. And like it's finally Jack calls my cellphone and he goes oh. My age. Get home something is going on in the house says I can't imagine tank what approved in the house it just doesn't do that. So so what does it smell like death. Like like my youngest son worse I say fine. I walked in the door Elway backup before I walked in the door my ex husband was on the way over to pick up my daughter from her. When you get in there is does smell. He text back like a dead body you have a problem. Hooked up I walked in the house her and you know just immediately. That's it it is a sewage. Smell. Well really. I'm glow Randall the bathrooms everything's fine but I do know where main sewer pipe it is their sixteenth here's I'd go down the basement. Let's just say I've found for. As. There is a leak. There is sewage elite. And it. I told my guys that the plumbing for a shameless plug and I said I came home alone tonight will sewer gas kill me. And she said that. Apparently your own sewer gas will not make music. Culture someone else's well. And now that's an old white seller what the someone tells me that today so they're coming up six that I don't execute like I think the toilet above is just has slipped off its. Would you comment ring thing. A Black Friday afternoon so I don't think it's a huge big deal but. You know it will knock. You down. And mice who was can have a little get together with some corals last night. And I called and here's. I know you have plans totally great but I don't know as the U wanna invite those darling girls over to this house. It smells like raw sewage in. And it hurt out here how much gaming guy it hurt me out. Jack's work and more than and permeates. The house I mean I could taste it. So the army cannot accept arm island here in the problems about your house is an easy feels so good about my announcing grand view. This is not at all none of that stuff happens to me never let me concerning other hospitals like sewage. In Chicago. And I don't care. That's the city of excellence. Response that I got. So you brought up my mind went there very Jackson by multiple. It's there's seniors when year so they all have these cute little darling gatherings at homestead. It's all I see guys pizza that you do not like coming out here. That's. He's worked a multiple chicks at the same time in front of each other not gone to school if he yours Annika is or is it. Tax cuts. Does not. Mean yeah. Yeah that's on your head tonight sits across sewage listen to them. I know there's more than one day. Whose god. Do you know what they wanted to do last night and I wanna ask you about this ride they want it all and what they wanted to ride him. He didn't wanna drive and restaurants. Notes are asking me. Is there a. There's a couple of there's a couple of do you go now we've. Had him this year and a. It was like three movies for the price of two of the justice angle as they. Didn't. Like battered sat around here. Well they saw the first movie and in the second movie and then they used to show the first movie again they still do that. Oh OK I didn't but it's cool I mean you've been it's fine death. You go to the one and independence. Says. We're thinking about school and it had a couple of has ducked down in the back it all out yet it never never heard of that happening you know. Yes thanks again try to. Say that it. What is wrong with you say that out loud. That's how words he put two guys in the drunken driving and I just as soon as. Anybody know try and giggle and there on do you like this if you work at it right and that's a thing. It's like smuggling and our night eve. When you when Jack does work in his. Game. They wanted to go to aids ride in movies that are. I mean outlawed even Matt and Jack I'm proud of them. Working two chicks at the same time. And who are going without the need Incredibles. We wanna leave any regrets. Now he's behind something we wanted to do when you with the ease into the news. Or. It is time but there. Newsroom Caremark to carry more arrests at the Kansas State Capitol today and we'll have that acts. This Brooklyn and got the top seeds out what we say we started sleeping better. The second set Brooklyn N dot com box came to our door. Did you spend a third of your life in your sheets they really make a difference. With how to use sleep abetting is amazing husband wife team back in a 2014 dot. You deserve the most beautiful comfortable home essentials with out re easy marked up price as you know most betting on the commercial market those betting. Is marked up as much as 300%. That is not what you get at Brooklyn and. Brooklyn seeds of the best most comfortable seats we've ever slept on Brooklyn and dot com has an exclusive ball for just a listeners of Damon parks get twenty dollars off and free shipping. 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Your children were rushed to the hospital today after a suspects fleeing police crashed into a playground in Minneapolis captain Jason cartel with Minnesota state police's why the suspect took off is under investigation. No gun was found in the car. Paula do you know as a traffic violation of the original state trooper was trying to stop the vehicle for. Not clear how badly those children were hurt we'll check traffic and weather together next. Write your forget friend of the programs store Woodbury and low cost life insurance dot com I just always tell people go to low cost life insurance dot com that's all you have to do. And with in minutes like two to three minutes that is how quick it takes you typing your. At birth or your man or woman do you smoke and the state where you live but that's it that's all did you. And all these quotes the best around the country will be right there at your fingertips and let about Stewart Woodbury. Is he will help you navigate through the maze of life insurance. That tight that you need the amount that you needed he will never. Ever counseling to get more than in every year you get an annual race you were he will call and say. Had you had a life changing event in the last year that we need to know. Have you been merry remarried divorced had a child. All of that stuff changes your life insurance policies and needs. Only have to do is give mr. Woodbury call 816792700. 167920700. Or low cost life insurance dot com. Tornado watches in place until 11 o'clock northwestern Missouri northeast Kansas not include the KC metro and quite frankly to the north and west of Saint Joseph for that matter. The showers and thunderstorms continue to form in Nebraska an island slide down of the southeast. Estimate time of Ronald I think it's closer to the midnight hour for Kansas City and by the time they get here they should not be quite as strong. 70 in the morning. Then we'll go for an afternoon high 87 degrees a pop up shower or thunderstorm can't be ruled out during the afternoon hours stoke and humid into Wednesday to. High temperature 87 as well. From channel nine for solar chief meteorologist Bryan Busby came BZ whether. 94 it TCI's 93 and Lee's summit 95 at your official weather station. The radio dot com map is the official at home at KM BZ in delegate today listened to was anytime anywhere. Tara marks or his 981 KM BZ. So my own TV. Thomas then. We believe in Jesus. Well ma best. Seller say he wasn't good pain. No and they. Ball. Molinari. And against. A story here but from time magazine. Wanted to stores around the country. The valedictorian about California high schools such at a microphone cut off. By the school's administration during her graduation speech as she started to speak about sexual assault. LaBelle sites who is seventeen years old. Was giving her speech at Petaluma high school when she was abruptly cut off around four minutes and were speech at first. She talked about our fellow classmates should feel proud for overcoming obstacles and graduating in pursuing their dreams and you know deal. So degenerate art should be about Victoria is a daughter of parents who left high school when she spoke about class experts. When sites started to address the issue of sexual assault specifically. As she was about to say that some high school had silence victims. Her microphone was mysteriously come off. Quoting here from sites when makeup Mike is a poll. Her microphone was shut off when she was about to bring up sexual violence. According to video posted online quoting here. This is what she was saying when she was cut off final stop where she was scuttled. Because the class of 2008 team has demonstrated time and time again that we may be a new generation. But we are not too young to speak up to dream and to create change. Which is why even when some people on this campus though some people. Those some people what. We don't know too fast. Her microphone was cut off her classmates started chanting let her speak let her speak. The school did not. Refusing to be silenced. Sites later recorded the full speech and uploaded on YouTube. Met him in that room. Where she said and I quote an even lean learning on a campus which some people defend perpetrators. Of sexual assault and silence are victims we did not let that drag us down. I'm as surprised on this one. I'm torn. I'm torn because what she had to say was important. However. Schools. Have the right I do believe with a wide audience out there and family members that now there in the audience waiting for their. One shining moment with their senior. Schools have an obligation to make sure before the valedictorian goes out and speaks that that speech is appropriate. And so this is nothing in them they say submit your speech we'll take a look. Don't divert from the speech you don't want to get into a situation. Where. A speaker which isn't always the valedictorian by the way but sometimes is where the speaker goes up and says. It's been a great year it's. Been a wonderful journey and by the way while I'm up here I just wanna say. That the principle is a rapists. You know I mean EE he. Ye this schools are kind of putting their necks out giving TV. Speakers an open microphone. In front of any enormous audience. And the school does have and interest in making sure. That's what those people say isn't you know slanderous or or factually incorrect or. You know makes fun of another student all of those things. It's so. We've and I'm just spit on here have passed the point where the valedictorian speech is now useless. Even because let me let me expand images will be further from. Because the way the valedictorian speech works the way I understand nowadays. Is one of two ways. It's either controversial. And become sort of a distraction. Where the school is cringing the parents are like. She. Cares. Or it's the typical. We did it. We're gonna set the world on fire even though you're not and islands while there's a really good ones god everyone everyone wants a wild nine times out of ten checked that 99 times out of a hundred. It's your typical we did. We're gray we're gonna take on the world always going to be a rocket ideal yet. We're going to be again or ever will never leave each other's side although you never talk to me again in five years we'll keep in touch you want. Some you'll be fatten the ten year reunion. So. Burden on the checks went to school was in the rights if she wanted to talk about sexual harassment she should have submitted that speech with that line included. For approval. Let's be honest. She left that line out of the approved speech. She had she given that speed it was true then it wouldn't want to outline and they would have said no. I get back to my point why do we do about Victorian speech they eat it she is seventeen. Who is trying to be controversial. Even though they don't. And not to go back to the vacation but it will in this regard. There was a time. Where the kids when we are on vacation last week in Turks. They wanted to do this they wanted and that was that time I remember telling Sarah Mya and Kelly's son. Sit back and look to enjoy it look at what your C. But seventeen year old minds like Sarah's. Wanna go Paris say they want to you know. Lay out in hand they wanna run in the ocean they can't look at the beach and go god it's. They're not that agent are not mature enough. So what makes us think that a seventeen. Is going to give a speech that's just going to set the world on fire. It's going to be a hole like speech. While that's wise. It's not a soccer speech Tuesday Barnard graduates what you're seventeen year old kid with no life experience. For the most part nine. Sparked everything you've done in life has been paid more. You have nothing with all due respect you seventeen year olds listening. You have nothing to offer when it comes to wisdom because you have done. Now for the most part. So why do we even allow these valedictorian speeches you're either trying to be controversial. Given the same milk toast speech we've heard. And times get all the stage. Now jerks got. This got I know. Back. Get off the stage you don't know crap. Your seventeen years old you live nothing. Go get a mortgage and Pittman come back and give the speech. So criticism relate to south we had eleven speeches it was extra kick that's ridiculous. Misses free speech punish after the fact censored before it. Well what if they want to say what's your punishment and when that time we cut the English teacher banging the science teacher in the back room of the shop. You know you cannot fall into Lansing to cannot say let didn't say anything. You can. But I think here's the problem the school has with her sentence about sexual assault. If there was no conviction if that was rumor I'm not saying it didn't happen probably did it. You're getting into some territory. Where her loss YouTube might have some legal issues let me ask you this what do what if the valedictorian gets up and says. And yield. Missy mix not face and rose three group you have bullied me for years. I am I am talking to you. Standup. What do you have to say about your behavior because you wrecked my year's seventh grade through ninth grade it. Huge adjustment and then. At a graduation you just got done going to a graduation. And knowing Jack am assuming you did not give the valedictorian she did not. What do you remember from the speech. You know. There are a couple of moments limit or reliever let me river I. Girls saying somewhere over the rainbow it was really good as part of an auditory and speak no I do remember axes that either gonna let me ask you another question and a other than the parents of the valedictorian. Iran who cares about that speech you're right you're right it's a waste of time him. We need to get rid of the valedictorian speech because nobody cares I in my 47 year old man sitting in the audience. What are my spouse do get drops of wisdom quarrels plan from a seventeen year old kid who's never paid a bill in her life now. Give me a break get off the stage Lucy. Now I'm back. To come back. I say this just because they are young. To me that does not mean they cannot deliver something powerful person in Parkland high school okay that's not a good fit well. I'm just say you're one who always says it's seventeen years old they don't know anything. You would styles while I think department concern okay category there Parkland kids are totally. And then but. Blue valley solve for Easter western north or shot a measure of liberty whatever. You don't know crap get off the stage at the kit. Is not say that the now it's my kids and give the speech here's what. Interesting so they censor her lion. And then the speech went viral because they censored it's so. More people across the country have heard this and read his speech then anyone sitting in that audience would have heard it around it. Because they made it this thing when they said he can't talk about sex assault. By 76779. It. You know I have always said finding the right person Dyer and retaining. The right person that you have hired. Are difficult things I want my best friends owns her own business and she's always sang is so much harder than you think to find people and then when you find them retain them. If you tried posting on a job board but you really know who will see that when you post your job on Linkedin. It reaches 70%. 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Or moron you are serious note. A wonderful thank you I'd like to thank you today for are so one on our first armored car. Oh. Welcome back to I think they ever put your shot out about the story speech and all I like thank. Teenagers are all forward they all follow someone that all might Il even apple about it. Well you're you know their country they are open old. Let them apart about them lowered their future look at you know look at my current through our electric parent site either. It is no different here they are talking about sexual harassment in the media. They're talking about it Q school. On the things and they all. Very. Ordinarily rare. Dirt. I have ever written on the and it is it usually I'm pretty game. Patent. You're going over our. Yes we wrote and said I'm 31 year old await the south graft. I've worked since I was fourteen my parents had me pay my own phone and insurance as well my prom stuffed Oreo. And I have a son in December of my senior year I graduated with scholarship stupid state that is life experience at seventeen. To which I wrote back. But it did give bill Victorian speech. I that is like tight or use our painting with a broad brush and so here in a school where you advocate to. Was homeless and caps surfing the entire time and I'm washing under their arms that the quick trip before they went to school and let that definitely of this that kids get the speed is not about Victorian absolutely who has lived for its life in the upstairs of mom's 450000. Our house. Who's drives a BMW's school but she's never wore. Let the kid who had to wash his armpits that the quick trip. Bath room let him give a speech could back kid knows more about life in Loomis press guarantee you that. Mr. she's Smart. She gets to give the speech I hear from somebody's way of life now. Brenda in Merriam hello Brenda. All. I have an idea I think. The valedictorian who is chosen for 2018. Should not be allowed to get their speech until the following year. And go back and say hey I have been out of school for twelve months and that's what I've gone through and then of course that would have happened. Subsequent years that the the valedictorian and get their speech. To the graduating class next year. Just an idea. And some interesting thought what about the girl who gets pregnant at age. Sixteen letter gives it keeps that baby at age seventeen comes back in tennis is such a great record of disparage. While as the kids that dropped out after eighth grade. Come back at the end twelfth grade and tell people they missed the yeah. Who would give it kind of speech I don't know jobs as outrage and now now. Nobody drops them at grade and come back and say you look island how to make money the old fashioned where the people it's. And after a backpack. This. News after the huge crowd on my floor. Is that. What Jesus as a happy you kids who crashed on my floors up. The other I call customers now and some of you guys of your parents who. No. That is not uplifting goat and is cancer care remarks. Happening now I'm KM BZ Missouri's new governor getting ready to speak to legislators and a joint session. We'll have more next. You know I was in desperate need for new pair of slacks about a month ago I made one trip one store because I knew exactly where to go Biron on the plans received the best treatment. From people who know fashion note to talk about right before it went on medication stop by Byron again. And got a custom fitted sports jacket world class fabrics are precise custom fit and an in house master tailor who confined to your fit. When it arrives at Byron on the plaza you'll find sizes and fits for every man got a huge selection of fabrics. Ranging from dress shirts to stretch sport shirts walking to Biron on the plaza and you'll be wearing a new perfect fitting suit tomorrow. Park in the Jack Henry building 47 in Jefferson. 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