The US Supreme Court weighs in on sports betting.. hide your brackets!

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Thursday, December 7th

Did you know friendly betting over a football game is illegal?  Scott says if he bets me 10 dollars on the chiefs game sunday and I accept that bet- we are BREAKING THE LAW.   What?!??!?!


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. By the way. And. We got one person in here. It's not me I am wide awake Yoshi tails I am ready. That is him over here I do their 6 am. But. The early I have these things you sick I am so type morning show us for so I you know I think that's what wrecked my body and my soles. Is getting up suing and go to work for so you know I get to 230. I mean toward the end let's be honest I was rolling like 429. Let's be honest we noticed I. I had actually so much on this morning and only that we have those cute kids come by the gave their allowance winner veteran combined a hundred dollars that was just. The people were so sweet someone dropped off brownies forests that are out there by her pain to really get brownies by the way and really get brownie with a sprinkling of them are nice time there. It's not just a and I can say to guide merit. So I went to Lawrence today and and not to tell you why because it's just gonna make her. Job. So. Nobody told me that Kate and now goes on the south side of lore goes around more yeah. Yeah I missed that and that's it yeah I'm used to drive and and and you're you're right Kate ten turns in the 23 and just keep dry and easy Haskell. And then you see Haskell on the left you see Massachusetts street coming up and you turn on Iowa and your camp Sweden. And and it also on the phone with Kelly we're talking like. Am I might have changed hate. Panda that I passed the 59 highway to Ottawa sign. And micro. I. Most. My right I see the campus over there a Mike likes the sting out. Its parent I've done the same thing in the last two months twice. Once on campus visit myself looked up against where you going right now. School. I was wonder if this is as I was deter. You run to Lawrence and a melt. It the second time I did at my daughter. And my daughter. Is a sophomore in high school. She she goes just as the ghosts. I. They do not sign it does I figured it says all old people out that graduated when Roy Williams was still here to. And they have that science called 23 street and that's not a sign. I figured that out on the way out of town. On the late into town in my 23 street exit. That would be what Kate and turned into but I didn't think it via a Mike can't because you know why it feels like. With the new exit your goal in right. With the new and you're going to. What like on the 23 street to go north. Yeah I was to make any sense its passage and Lawrence has its hand yes it's been about eight years. So yeah anyway. I ended up on the west side of Lawrence thank god I gave myself an hour and not thirty minutes. Late. To pick up professor Tom was this got and a truck driver I do the same thing here's another I just at the same problem. I ask it. However much time to his commute on the other side of Lawrence and says I was like what just happened I finally figured it out really can you. It takes to mimic a you've got to take the 23 street to keep it here in your from the old school like we are. Honestly I wanna third straight facts don't keep going here's the way it is not clearly marked as just a small just has twice recovery that's it that's it. I'm like look right to say helps him double downs. That went to school here in the ninety's time. Made it plays music I don't know maybe people could she would no pitcher. So anyway. So I end up on the west side of warrants. And Mike. Had I drank a cup of coffee on the way out there. Coffee if you haven't figured it out is a diary. And really we're gonna go there. Let's just say a guy that high B market Grohl on the west side of warrants is a great place stopping. Anyway I I most of my way through Wes Lawrence. Which did not exist when I was in college. It is. In. I've driving through the whole time in my sells us every house out like a mini mansion. And it's. There it's as it is to be large expensive suburbs it out data that would bar there was an oral may. Landscaping business up there again. Maybe you could sense I think. On the west side walk Russa. But Wes Lawrence has exploded. I'm like oh. Some drug and throw in my office credible. Right product finally get to 23 nine. I know our right. Now I am okay to campus now on the old stomping. Our turn left. Now what happens when Jack got on well here's the thing. Once they get on the campus I mean it's all the same there like 5000 cross walks now and every kid is walking yes on and it can't I. And one up with all the dorms that did not exist when I was there. Let's talk it to get Lawrence moron I guess I do I'm gonna have to make you date yeah. But the campus is. Yet. Nina re were there are buildings were there did not used to be built the old soccer fields are now is dry. I'm like. I am and I will let you animals secret those storms are nicer than your house. I'm trying to combine. Them. Which they had the 1990s. Pretty sweet you know each one of those rooms and had a crush our communal. And known as seen somebody else's point. You show. You when you got me neither had to tell on you name your it's like a room back in the day. We at one bathroom. For each wing of the if there were two wings on each. And and one bathroom. We have one big bathroom like six goals and then you know for Coopers and men like force Schaub writes you've got to know each other really well. Knew in my room. And my next remembers. And you don't win and you were showered you know pull Kurt you come about it how often. I. Don't think that in these new dorms these new dorms and it's. Steroid case you looks fantastic hello. Did you have fun with your breakfast. Ended with can. I love you talked about doing a little bit doesn't mean he's impressed. Me. You know. I didn't know he used to give you a ride over to the west campus for class yeah just yeah all right yeah back in the day. And we huddled Lisa and I just a back in the day well no answers yet bullet can really good point he said. I couldn't do that today etc. He said you know back when Dana was in and Dave and I for for the record I went to the same school but we. We're there at the same time wouldn't know which I was about three years however. And he said yeah we we we have this class in west campus and I used to give Dana and like for the students are right over there. And then he kind of sat back and he goes. I don't think I can do you know. What did you see this week we were giving gonna make this topic but along those lines there was a teacher fired. Yesterday at the day before. For violating these social media policy win Albert the student will it that's all said we gonna. That's all I know what happened I would my professor's house is back yes I didn't think that would app I'm a teacher who was fired we don't know if there's more of the story. Of the firing was said to be because of a violation. Of chatting with students through social media. And can you imagine them doing something like how in fact it's not your argument right now warrants. And backer Kansas City and back no way I remember. Senior year in college. We all got together over professor John roll homes house. And we hammer. Only 22 years old everywhere are legal but it was like I mean bill last outing Korea Kim numbers last name com. And brought almost like him having a party on Saturday night come on over here professor. When you cannot. Homes how's it does mean we keep in mind we were legal. Was like he was serving underage and over homes outs to cap. Do best and that way you can do that in no way you match. Funny thing about the teacher in the social media and that's a local stories and it was rockers yes rockers the threat might rather. Who until recently was a high school soccer coached Wichita. Had very strict policy. He would take for all of his players. He would take your parents cellphone numbers. But not yours. Unity have as players found out. Absolutely not he does have a FaceBook page. But it's very nondescript where he friend is student after they graduate he won't not after they graduate don't be home not. Oh. Because I. Mark my brother is very strict on social media now I don't think he's on Twitter. Where you don't we have any control follow. But on FaceBook he will not friend former student. Apple and certainly not a current just like to Uganda and you know what. It is the only way to ensure really insure. That there is no perception. Of him back and I think I've told the story before and I remember my brother was in town one weekend. And the you know they do MacKenzie starting at all metro players for whatever sport. The Wichita eagle does the same thing. And he got a text or something and an email whatever saying that like three of his kids on his soccer team had been chosen all metro which at all for soccer. Am I remember we're sitting in the BP gas station western edge on me he's a hole looks. At what's. He was just got three players on the all metro team that's some. He has yet he has you and him was give him and Michael earns. She's cold. He has a habit numbers organic so he sat in the car and all in the aaron's. To let them know that their child had been selected all match. Because he would not would not it is student's phone number it's sad but it's not. If I was a teacher I would do the same things I would have to have to you know yet. But I'd be curious I mean let's talk on this for just suck. For those of you who are teachers or for our former teachers. New York. Not necessarily the district's what is York. Social media policy. With students or former students maybe your college professor. Do you have. FaceBook friends who were students. Or former students. Due to wait. And if so what what age would you accept them now as a friend I mean so my brother students are now in their thirties. They're in their thirties. With children. And he will not threaten them on FaceBook. 5767798. And order problem. Friend being a former student. 576779. Data writer for Volkswagen of Lee's summit the number one Volkswagen dealer and all of Kansas City they still got that great. Black Friday deal going on yes there's still celebrating Black Friday. At Volkswagen Lee's summit right now. You can get up to 101000 dollars off all of the remaining twenty seventeens which I have to hurry there aren't that many left those things are full lion out there. Up to 101000 dollars off. And they are still and got HDTVs. With every purchase. And here's the greatest thing I've had more people ask me about this deal. When you buy any new or used car at Volkswagen only some. They will buy your car for its original base and a syrupy. 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The sheet and and there is indeed I don't want regular any trouble does she have a policy of personal policy. Regarding Amber's yes. And it's basically the same as the school's. Her. She's a slightly new unique situation because she's a drug drama teacher and there is every year. There is. I don't know what they call him the the captains the you know them. Who area that the kids that are the most involved and that do everything that she ends up spending an entire year dealing with the now she wall. You know eggs have different we pressed them that idea from them immediately after they graduate. But if they've been gone a year than chose Phillips. But. Herb FaceBook presence is. You know her business persona. And you're wrong she's not like weird. Outside of school yes I once they graduate with some type of offerings okay and a fund FaceBook. Here. I think once they're in their twenties or whatever if you really enjoy each other path. It's August and she's you know I mean she had is she has student that his is now herself a drama teacher. In the metro that she's friends with the you know so I mean. It is it's but he had no contact with students whatsoever outside. Activities here. I actually immigrate to. Actually hello. Hi I have a very good friend and teacher and buried small town in Arkansas she got just over 300 students and all K through twelve school. I mean she apparently he shot that are house let me help because of that little small town everybody you know where everybody lives. Her theory that she goes by and what she lived by. Is it easier to avoid the an appearance of impropriety there it is to suffer a false allegation. And so she won't friend any ever. Well not friend and she's had them show up her home before and told them. I will be at school at 7 AM tomorrow we can just dashed as there. She has been a teacher for sixteen years none of her former student are on her list we'd Latin. On a float trip every little bit about her mom Donna Fletcher they get a little wild. She won't even be photographed with a cigarette. Asked Nadal is added I am so ordinance said in my district. In my district the answer is no contact. On social media until two years after a student graduates are really. Interesting. That a district can say to two adults. One an employee one not. That you are not allowed to be so will be different than ten years they can't say that's of this former student but they can't say that to teach without consequence correct. And student and friend request to want. Teachers can't expect to get in trouble. Assam says Scott your brother as a weirdo there's nothing wrong with for an index student everyone is saying NS does not just my brother is not a we're ago. My brother is overly cautious and wants to keep his job. 57677982. Newsroom McCarron marks. Remembering the day which will live in infamy more next. 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Or critical mass diamond's stock con. Or thirty wanna Kansas City for McCain MB easy newsroom I'm Kara marks are. We. President trump sunny presidential proclamation for a national harbor remembrance day stay marks the 76 anniversary of the attacks against the Hawaii naval base. The Japanese attack killed more than 2000 servicemen six Pearl Harbor survivors were at the White House for today's event. Sedgwick county in Kansas says it won't be offering any incentives to Tyson Foods the company wants to build a chicken processing plant in the state. But after hearing weeks of public opposition counting commissioners in essentially counting say they believe that Tyson won't come to the county without an offer of tax breaks. Or other financial subsidies. Check traffic and weather together next. A funeral to Medicare Advantage that don't delay the annual enrollment period ends Thursday December 7 now is that time. 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Unseasonably cold out here this afternoon are high only at thirty with a good deal assignment and then tonight clear upper teens. Easing back to about forty by Friday afternoon with a mix of clouds and sun. But it ahead toward the weekend sunny and still unseasonably cold Saturday upper thirties back to the low fifties by Sunday. I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer narrow more KM BZ whether. I mean I case CI it is thirty downtown to deny any or official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. It's. Yet. Good year. A majority of the US Supreme Court seemed ready this week to a lot of New Jersey. Proceed with its plan to legalize sports betting in casinos and racetracks. A movie can opener rush. Among states to grab a share of what is now billions of dollars. In illegal gambling in the United States. Several justices suggested that they agreed. With new Jersey's argument that a federal prohibition from 1998. Barring states from all rising sports betting is flawed. Because the law forces states to keep in place a betting ban that their residents no longer favor. Quoting here from justice Anthony Kennedy. So the citizens of the state of New Jersey are bound will bail law. That the state doesn't walked. But that the federal government compels the state to. He referred to that Diana's common hearing. New Jersey for years has tried to breathe new life into its troubled casinos and racetracks by authorizing sports betting. At its facilities let me ask you something. A lot got a ton of questions about this and this is coming from someone. Who has never. Over. Gambled in his I have never once. Gamble. And I never will. But I don't have a problem with other people gambling don't exist only thing. Money is too important. To for. And I have never waged a bet. Right now in fairness. Couple weeks ago with John Hansen dom hall I said on the Nebraska. Minnesota games from Minnesota and Iowa Nebraska gambler. I said I'll bet you a six pack of gold jewels and a six pack whatever you want on the day. That's that's a six pack of beer. And when Nebraska lost as they do it frequently this season. I walked into his office and I said what you want and he is the fact you're willing to pay out. Means I don't wanna. Annan and so right he's and I don't want us expect under. What is it about Campbell. That the government has such a problem. That's what's funny mine and what's funny they tell they want their hands all over. That money in your playing slot machines. If you are playing blackjack. Craps roulette. Break that. But when it comes to sports is that we everywhere is not a sports gambler not in Las Vegas. No of course they have sports books in las vague I mean I mean they like that they've been on the strings of good shots. I mean everywhere else. Is sports. Kia. If it is a if it's an organized. Event of some type is that illegal I think so but I don't know him I don't live in that world I'm not a gamble or. I don't play it's not like we all have. Bookie services here that would achieved what you call somebody with a storefront. Follow me here with a storefront. You don't in some legitimate type of business and say. I would like to put a hundred dollars on the cheeks you also can't go to errors. To my knowledge. And bet on sports teams but Dana urine and a misconception there are bookings in Kansas star I mean organized. Gambling. Why is that illegal. I don't know. Back in the day you can go bet on the horses in the dogs out of the woodlands. Have you never been a descent a sports book in Vegas it is you know site. To be whole not to gamble Scott. It is Janus sites. To be hole it is every game. In the world there on at any given time and you can gamble on anything. I have been in Vegas once. It was to walk from terminal 232. Hours from Kate 23 gate seven. To get flights now if I haven't been to Vegas for the final four I my heart breaks for. So much fun to go down or want to ask you gamble I don't gamble. I think we put twenty dollars K you were on that. Sports gambler. I I don't gamble it would have absolutely no interest. It's the best sports bar in the world that's all odds it's it's a fun experience after gamble. You can just go and it's it's. Round I would rather go so morals in Vegas doesn't do anything from. It just doesn't. That's. What I'm. Or what I am arguing it is a low federal government. There are bookings in every city. Every major city in America. I have friends who gamble on brutal. A lot of people in radio for example gamble a little solar and natural. There are bookings. That will take your money. And they'll break your arm if you don't. What business is it of the government to tell me. But I can't take my hard earned money and put thirty bucks down on the cheeks. That's business that's a question. What's the one what's it is. Why is it OK. To go low 100 dollars a pair up on the craps table but it's not okay. To Italy input on the localized form put a hundred bucks on the cheese Mayo who decides. How to split that hair when it comes to send an. Some how open is okay because it was we're paying for schools which is of rockets Malarkey and you know agreed but when it comes to gain. You can't is it because human beings are involved in that game. And they are somehow afraid that it would taint the sport changed to sport tip the scales. And what I do remember that data mine your murmurs as well. I remember there was so much concern in the early nineties. With the boats. And I used boats inner core for the barges. With the boats coming to Kansas City. And the religious. Right I guess is. Almost certain religious freaks com. They were so concerned about this end of gambling coming to Kansas. And so the initial boats. And get used boats that are quotes. They actually had a boat ST yes that went up and down the Missouri River. On five power excursions and unity ticket and you can gamble on the ball then realized I can't remember which casino was first. They realized well what are we build something that looks like Joseph blow don't really kept afloat by the that he actually it had to be about yeah. Then it just had to be. On the war well rod here's the funny thing. On the water meant we built a casino. Like a boat. And then we dog can now grounded out there basically created an island yes as long as that water all the way your round yes there was a water even though it was. But it was on the water it was tactically a on the low. Repair and that somehow. I mean. In the early nineties going it's. Because the first the first casino was he steam and it did it at the paddles and their. And it would go down the loser. And then people like ask. It. And so then the second casino game in town you could look like him but they dug a moat around it yet that is exit if it actually stayed out and you had to like give people on and get them off the ride on a counselor in their house and kind of couldn't be in there for twelve hour and you couldn't build a hotel on there. And so the casinos like we need to keep the people my hotels that'll keep coming down. In Eaton and her gambling all nine. As far as soaks as far as if I can please educate them to view. The reasons. Sports betting is so much different than. Black jacket. You know slot machines here in 1919. World Series that was thrown by Chicago against Cincinnati. It's framed black Sox. Eight players banned for life after that game. Fort throw in the game in 199 against the movie John Cusack Matt Ryan moved by around. Great help me out here. You still couldn't have a guys Rolla fight in Las Vegas because of all of the money being wagered a whole fight organized that that's argued right now that that's Don king and what if you don't describe darn cute how does a loss saying you're by about a hundred hours on the chief's game. Make it somehow more. I just telling you that after the nineteen writing World Series. Sports betting. Became this very taboo things are nobody wanted anywhere near their team not even close to the team. And it was a there's daylight it was a big deal in Vegas started doing it you know we were intimately. My question is because it's RD happening in Vegas. He. If someone's going to throw game aren't they already going to throw it away M as flatly and in new York and add on and David there have been accusations over the years even with sports betting. Primarily centered in Las Vegas or Nevada period. Where other schools have been accused of tanking games because the players have been infiltrated. It's going to happen no matter what I think if you play you should laugh. Balls. Thick with rumors and stuff about. Especially college Basque basketball's very easy to not lose a game just shave some points list. Don't run IE more than fifteen guys keep this within the over under. And so yes that that it and that's actually really easy to do in basketball. Teams don't all right. Ride the yup it's easier in basketball you're right that's very he's run very few inches total dad's very easy to do one guy can totally effects. It weather team wins by you know tanner well. 7677. And we'll be wrong you Supreme Court seems to be. Leaning towards legalizing. Sports betting in America. Tell me why this is about it. Yeah Tex I'm also said Pete Rose. He. Never bet his own team broad. And I decide you so why's it bad idea. Japan golf. 576779. And Christian Brothers Otto has extended this exclusive K Indies he offered to our listeners. 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Independence liberty and the board planned on Barry wrote. The stuff. I've served 67798. The US Supreme Court. Seems willing to allow sports betting in the United States and involves a case out of New Jersey and word justice Anthony Kennedy writes and I quote. So the citizens of the state of New Jersey are bound to a bail at all. But the state doesn't want but that the federal government compels the state to. Pursues commandeer. Deanna in KCK yeah hello. Yeah publishing arms thank you again. I don't think they should do it as having the upper shoulders about the earth the areas that are out there like it about eight the and I think the NFL grab ARC. But it's it's pretty and you get back out easily they can be paid out to change. Well that bit the DNA if if I'm Jim and for second. There is so much illegal sports betting going on in this country. If they're to be influenced whether it's a player rep three. Aren't already being influenced. Yeah well it and and dirt in there theory going on now. But at the lake and it really a bit. Now know it would be hall or I would argue because. You would know where the money's coming from. The only green and there are there any light it up in the bill. Napster. That Estrada argued but they wouldn't necessarily know where it's coming from sure there would still be under ground betting. There would still be legal betting going on. Three channels that our thanks and somehow by the government but Damon there is there is so much illegal gambling goes on in this country right now. If you like that on the chiefs game this Sunday is that illegal technically this is really us. Because in the state of Kansas it is illegal to bet on sports unless it's a dog. Or horse that cannot be influenced and we've got an honest conversation like thirty minutes. I still has now answered up melt ice really rod really I don't. Matt I'm a man I'm like listening and I apologize what I don't understand. Is. Why it is illegal for a fright it. Individual. To have a bet with another private individual and the reason I don't think it is I understand saying you know. Is because every single year in March. Every one Mosher has an office pool. For the final four if. Gambling it was truly a legal. When it came to sports gambling. No one. Would be doing that and companies would be sanctioning it but Dana even I can remember last year Dick's Sporting Goods ESPN all those places say. Here's your Brad and Iraq still hold out when a million dollars up there's no way. And every year Jim Cunningham out in the newsroom does an interview with sheriff's deputy in jobs accounting. Or Jackson County who quote reminds you because they have to remind you even though there and nobody's ever gonna crack down on an. Remind you that that is technically illegal. And every year we get an email telling you that your brackets are due by five yeah talked on Wednesday and. Your ten dollars yup so you're telling me. That every single person all two million people who are doing this in the city every march are breaking the law yes OPEC. I never in a million years would've thought that was illegal. That is technically technically illegal. But deep can you imagine the Johnson county sheriff's department. Or KBI. Raiding Entercom communications. And commanding. All due respect. Law enforcement has conducted raids for far sillier things aren't so that's why I am. A little questioning. Exactly what that loss says and what is it legal and what is not it is illegal in the state of Kansas. To do a March Madness bracket pool it is illegal. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard they don't enforce it but it doesn't make it any less that we. You're not gonna see the KB I'd come. Orient the parking lot on the Thursday that March Madness starts. Demanding emails from everybody in this building with subpoenas flying left and right. Saying well. Star Thomas under around other thing I find hard to believe is that no lawmaker ever in the history either Kansas or Missouri. Has come forward to say we're going to allow personal. Bedding between friends this is silly. No one's ever come Ford and said we're going to allow this to everyone's doing it technically a league this is a victimless. Quote crime although I don't know who. Where's the crime would be an organ it's. It's super to us com. It is illegal Dana in the state of Kansas. For united sit on a couch at my house. Watching it chiefs chargers. And use say to me ten boxes the chiefs win I say I still can and I looking UNC ten boxes of charges and that is illegal in the state of Kansas. Nelson and how that would be enforceable ever. It's completely unenforceable. Right now that there's a difference. Between he and I sitting on the couch and saying on that and that's OK and you're saying that's illegal and I cannot believe that. And Kansas or Missouri opening up a sports betting arena. Where you go in you put money down on your favorite sports team. I can understand why that clearly. As it is is illegal and the reason I understand that it's illegals as they don't exist if that was legally you damn well. No they would exits to be everywhere Porsche. 576779. It was good to the news or hear his Caremark happening now on KM BZ wildfires continue to grow in California will have the latest next. We all know that shopping for the guys and it was his heart. Harry's dot com to the rescue I made the switch to Harry's three years ago. Since then three million American men have made the exact same switch and Harry's is the perfect gift. For the homeless. Whether it's big gift may offer those certainly. May be just a stock and suffer their gift set started just ten dollars. 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Even though the winds here are not eighty miles an hour as forecasters had thought they might be it's still windy here with a group of firefighters from Ventura county. They're fighting hot spots here putting out. Areas that have sparked up they've got water out they've got tools are trying to put out these fires to make sure they can't spread to homes across the street. Thomas iron now more than 108000. Acres and growing. About fifty protesters gathered outside of senator Roy Blunt downtown offices after Canberra sent over the recently passed tax bill reverend holly McKee a six says she's concerned about changes in college savings accounts. It doesn't make it possible for other people who are really struggling to do that and now those accounts are going to be mightn't there be heavily used for at K through twelve grades ritual also just like. And you know make it tougher for public schools parents. Bloomberg says it will continue protesting as the bill moves through a conference committee. Misery governor Eric Wright is and his senior staff freezing secretive apps that are racist messages after their rent and there are concerns that the use of the confide app could undermine open records laws. The Starr reports it's not clear if the governor as staffer using the app for state business personal use or campaign work. The app deletes messages and prevents recipients from saving forwarding printing or taking screen shots of messages. Brown's broken today on a new fire station Prairie Village. She it's not easy to find land when your city is landlocked but consolidated fire district number two was able to get a site near 78 and mission road for the new fire station. Fire chief Tony Lopez says it will replace stationed on a three. Located near ninetieth in a row. We're gonna see what. How the meadowbrook development comes along we're Ricky good for several years. Lopez says it should be completed in about twelve to fourteen months cost of the new fire station. It's about six million dollars Jim Cunningham new study one KM BZ. Harry Potter author JK growling as defending the decision to keep Johnny Depp in the upcoming Harry potters house movie more from ABC's Jason Nathanson. Funny Depp played bad guy I don't agree nimble and to them sixteens fantastic beasts and where to find them. Don't return that role in the upcoming sequel is this that sitting on the instant death ex wife Emma Hurd has accused depth of physical and emotional abuse. Dep has denied the clintons and JK Rowling read and a website that they did consider ditching debt but. Based on her understanding of the circumstances she's not a comfortable up in the wall she says she's genuinely happy with the choice and while she knows that might not sit well with some saying she writes that she believes she's doing the right thing. Jason includes an ABC there. All. 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