US reopens Emmett Till Investigation: 63 years later.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Thursday, July 12th

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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcasts on KE MB easy. They're convinced. The opening act treat. August. Bring going to be there I'm going to be there. Have a six point infatuation. Train yeah. Did you see the story on CBS news all these people governing on the got these really nice tattoos. More than a well one had a picture of Perry Cain. Page facial picture of Eric Kane is an English soccer star yeah it was on the national teams. Her answer I mean it's like his whole. Five wow Carrie to big parties have bases all over his thigh. Above it it says sir here. It really nice letter. Underneath it World Cup winner 2008 scene. Have to be a problem another lady got. This was the big chant over and England it's coming home it's coming home meeting the trophy England and bandits are gone home. England and England invented soccer and so now the trophies finally coming home she had its coming home tattooed on her lower left it. That's attack people do that before the out I anything here's one with the this guy missing was spam. I got the World Cup trophy tattooed on his body. And written across the trophy England 2018. World Cup winner. Aren't going to be here just couldn't wait yeah I couldn't wait this guy yeah. And it's three days sort of England soccer players face tattooed on his upper right back. Now that when I mean you can fix our economy and Mary's is different colors but I hesitate when he teed it World Cup 128. Team. Maybe World Cup like. You know and here's the weird thing about the World Cup a lot of people don't know and I know everybody uses fascinated by tonight. You know they have a third place game on Saturday before championship on Sunday. What you have to actually play for third place OK that is playing now. Well there would be in one of old now because they lost the games this week and then I plants in Croatia and. And they are still to play that's actually really can I mean for takes a go play. To be not quite as big of losers that person yeah. I'd rather be enforced at least that I would earth and I guess right I wouldn't have to play anymore. Just thoughts of oh I have a great and editor right now I have a great. Stop the planet story I'm getting off for 4 o'clock okay. It's been awhile since O'Donnell will stop the plant it is that's true and I'm really excited about this story. It's as homer as the agent. And you know I'm I'm very good at predicting dot com it's like specials deleted his special skills thank you. Never saw this one come mu it's that dot never could've seen this one coming in a million years. OK and like Dana in today's here about the new giraffes over the speed is you know. She has put me. In. With an X. We just it was just want to tell you work. Oh yeah. Abbey or oddly okay DI a giraffe and has obvious houses to the EIA I got to yank. I had dead baby 1240 yesterday. And then they're expecting hope the other giraffe panel aperture. Eighty draft coming up here in a few more weeks so hot it's going to be pretty. Big east central. Not to be at downer on the speaker zoo. Because there have been several times they don't still chain no I don't know it's actually really a lovely zoo it is a lovely zip. But yes I have childhood nightmare flashbacks about. I I was I was I remember but when I was much younger by that I mean in my early twenties. If we wasn't that long ago I. I never went back once I saw I never went back to the two because it right I refused. To go back. But I'll never forget. Walking into that because he won. And we you know we're doing the exhibit we're looking at the animals and that's great we turned the corner and there are the elephants right. And all of them had gigantic chains around their feet. That tied them to some post or something. When I I don't invent. And and Ivan than back in maybe three or four years it is a much larger. Much nicer more animal friendly Zune now. I will never get that image out of my hands for as long as I live I can still see it well and I just even as a child you. No. And I remember thinking even when I was little. I didn't like it or I I couldn't tell you may be why at age five or six but I Wear and you could hear. The clank game I just remember thinking I don't like office. There is age arrest cam if you various would like to just one error by the way did this giraffes can not go as crazy is that when a New York dead and it's fun last year. Never ever wanna can't city. Big in Seattle draft that everybody is posed in the pictures of on line. The yellows and that is around Tampa and bring because it was ill. Well because everybody was waiting it was like it's gonna give birth than ten minutes in an interview like six days he plays out every moment like stopping what they were doing to watch. There it is you the worst thing to be on this planet would be. The craft of writing baby dram gas could also ask that each is like you you're born with a concussion. Like him. You know what about on the grass they have to Kermit the frogs face the baby rat out that young ladies you dropped your head right. Doctor pulled you around the edges dropped to a hospital floor look at that baby and she's Lincoln is little hand he's all wet slimy name didn't cons and a their. Licking off the right just suite that moms know what to do with those little wet don't step on wet maybe this. The giraffe late downing you. Could be a little easier. Is walking picket at some point somebody would say here's an idea. Just throw this out this instead of walking around it's. Dropping. Seven feeds basically we bigger Obey. It's how it's nature's god okay look and try to stand. I'm opposed this you don't like that fascinating because these can cots. Great day. I do you know what a baby draft is called. A calf that's right yeah the mail draft has called today. Boy calf. Crop of boy cast. Is that a ball hitters. I'm female draft is called a girl can't. I'm hoping it's not cow it is account at all. 27 feet and they call you a cow why does there need to earn group. So they don't tie up the opens anymore too because now now on it's it's actually a lovely lovely zoo in which taught as a reorganize it. It's us you know. I wanna go up to see what an Omaha. Take the boys how it's ever been we still there zoo director and I'm so glad that we did Randy not Randy Allen Omaha and every almost newsroom. All. It is wonderful. You don't Mya refuses to go to any. Facility. And any animal. Is kept in captivity. Really she will not ago when we were down in Florida last summer that includes like animal shelters. Or have you ever tried to take it I don't think you know because I against a little walking into PetSmart and so I got at the door. Oh gosh with the door is going to get cat food for major that one time. In ten. Years ago went for cat food and walking out of the block my equipment. And it's like meego one who heads up my puppy oh my god do you remember those germs to he has his rod when you get one dog. And then came home with two and tablet that made him sleep on the couch for what three guys. She's still. Not nice to know happy are. You want you weren't supposed to pick exactly. And in all fairness. Did he is done it's been. That's why nobody wanted. I love him so much he's my body but he is just the big dummy guys too as long as I live will ever forget that day rod wit that morning to go get those dumb dogs. And he comes into work at 1 o'clock. At this because he has did. I am so much trouble. Two shoes and home and I know what happened. Will never she didn't know until she got home right here on gone for the weekend that's right so rot goes to get the one dog Connie was hard to Washington so mad. I met not to get heard we found that these are happy comes home with two right. And this laudable we'll. Friday it was well though the whole thing was my buddy. Had two dogs in the in the and one was pregnant so we got the pick the dog. And we picked wine and then somehow I think it changed or whatever. So we have a does that sound I go on a Saturday to pick up the dogs haven't the comes back Sunday night. All right we go over there and Romans five. Maybe. He's so excited. My buddy. Or he's out who puppies. And puts them down and says okay body which one you know leave here. All. Soon mean. His hair horrible I was like you. Saw Hillary that mother throw. And so I was like I said yeah I'm like I'm going to who use when she will use like. Hit. So yeah Rome and I had a whole thing and then again we got to go eat salad with both of them just I famous soccer for kids puppies kids and poppies man and I smaller one more. I count on them huge clubs I'll never forget you can work. It's. Our love them dogs deathly I'm still and so that. And you know I even nastier when your liking I did a thing and I go yeah I don't. At a you like you look at the dog I got and a look at yeah. Well and you know you walk in the and the dogs have done some wrong and you go. Your dogs are the only guy and houses had run away again. My my dom one goes well the urge yards. 800 article to a. Ivan brag about my good guys at CMOs. And son in his hot out to the grid is stretched to the Max at we've had some power outages and a lot of them when that storm rolled through a couple of weeks ago if you have ever even thought about getting a generator now is the time to do they have bumped up this offer faults. You'll now get a free ten year. Parts and labor warranty. Valued at 995. Dollars. On all qualifying in Iraq generator units a free ten year parts and labor warranty is valued at almost 1000. Dollars. Offer expires at the end of August so if you've ever thought about getting a generator get one now get your home protected. They have no interest no payment financing by the way and you can get him with a generator at just 99 dollars per month. Don't forget that free ten year parts and labor warranty valued at a thousand dollars comic guys that CMOs and son now 81678147. A seven. 8167814707. Dorsey and nose and sun dot com. Problematic now. Bad bad. Story here from the New York Times. The federal government has quietly revived its investigation into the murder of Emmett Ole. The fourteen year old African American boy whose abduction and killing remains almost 63 years after the fact. Among the starkest and most searing examples of racial violence in the south. You you can automatically. Conjure up the image of that child's body in that casket right now anyone probably over the age of forty. If you hear the word Emmett Till I can automatically see. That grainy black and white photo of that open casket each. Justice Department says it's renewed inquiry which are described in a report submitted to congress in late march was quote based upon the discovery of new information it is not clear whether the government will be able to bring charges against anyone. Keep in mind this happened 63 years ago. And pretty much kick started the civil rights movement. The Justice Department declined to comment today but it appeared that the government had chosen to devote new attention. To the case after a central witness Caroline down now. Re camps in parts of her account of what true what transpired in August of 1955. Two men who confessed to killing Emmett. Only after they had been acquitted by an all white jury in Mississippi. Are dead. So. Who if anyone you go back in charge and I will say this this. Remains. One of the most embarrassing. Horrifying miscarriages of justice. In our country's history. I do believe that. Everyone knew they were guilty they said they were guilty no. Even in the 70s80s. And nineties. When those idiots were still alive why not. Go back charged and federally do some terrible jeopardy can do some things. It you you could get them on some kind of civil rights violation couldn't you and they never did and it angers me that they never did and now they're dead may they. How would you like let's say for example. OJ Simpson. Comes out and says let's into it's a we're secret of all time I killed them. You can't take him back to court he's been acquitted. That's double jeopardy. What were you regular parking violations who knows I don't know. They put Gregory Breeden back in prison here for what is an incredible miscarriage of justice as well or fine is an -- it was it was no it was bounced check it just bounced checks you are right. They got him on bounced checks they could never prove he killed a string of prostitutes in Kansas City back and plays they knew he did it but they couldn't print they got him on bounced checks and and I'm telling you. It's interesting to me the DOJ once again is taking a look at this. But the two people responsible are dead. So the two people who bragged about being responsible are dead. Also on at this point I don't even know if it's about. It's just about justice it's about just Jack's auditing fees and the only set right in the Chris Matthews or and look this up descendants. A round the Kansas City area suburb and a look at a 576779. It lets get to the loser here is. Earmarks solar bond has announced the dates to take down the route more next hey if you own a small business you know finding the right higher retaining. That higher can't have such an impact on your business at stopped. It is crucial to make sure your job post then reaches the most qualified people tried posting on a job board but you really know who sees the list. When you post your job on Linkedin it reaches 70% of the US workforce and unlike job boards Linkedin is a community that career focused people visit every day. 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President trump in the UK today following a contentious summit with NATO allies in Belgium the president was met in London by noisy protesters. And hundreds rallied outside the US ambassador's residence in Central London where the president is staying during his visit. That American pros test are calling the president toxic. We'll check traffic and weather together and axed. Soaring our temperatures that's about 104 today that heat index value exceeding one L five. Can peek over 107 wanna wait this was gonna feel like when you step outside. Clear as the night goes on solo dropping temperatures to the upper seventies and climbing back see some upper ninety's on Friday to heat index above 100. Slight chance for showers and thunderstorms sneak in and Friday night another chance for showers and thunderstorm by Saturday. I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer narrow more KE NBC web. Are Lorraine shower cooling things down right now I KCX 83 bear but it's 101 downtown. 99 right now in your official weather station. The only way you can taking MB easy with you is the radio dot com apps downloaded today and listen to us any time anywhere Kara marks are nears 981 KM BZ. Yeah. Yeah. Ottawa is getting out there on the charts it's not the two men are dead killed and it itself. They want to charge her Scott who. The white woman. That entire case the death of Emmett Till. Was because he allegedly. Whistles at a white woman were you remember the story. They want. To charge. The white woman with what and here's why. It was a book written about this it's called the blood of Emmett Till it was written and Tony seventeen. And that book included believe it or not the first Nolan. Interview. When us Caroline. I think of him as Donna on that right. It was 2000 first known interview with. This woman. And this historian wrote in this book. That's. Pardon me her former husband Roy Bryant. Admitted. That still had never whistled at his wife. So that follow me here at the thinking is. Because he and or she testified. That. This black Childs. You know visiting. The south from Chicago whistled at a white woman that they testified he whistled at the white woman which was the spark. That led to his murder. People are saying they should be charged because. At least one of them I think it was him for what has re yes testified. That yes in fact you'd whistled at the white woman in the book they say. Actually no name those efforts are limitations on perjury. Listen to one of the post is just from from Twitter Caroline Donnan is an accomplice to a confessed murder and should be in prison. That has been clear for decades now she has lived her life is a free woman in the world in the till has not lived at all that stretch she would today BEE church. In her eighties. For perjury or lying under owes the statute of limitations in federal court is five years but some want her held responsible. For the consequences. Of her dishonesty it's one thing to walk her to help being held responsible sort of thing can you do it. Can imagine living your life knowing. That a child was killed because of you. Knowing. That the whole whistling thing never happened. And keeping your mouth shots. It's one thing back in the fifties got okay we're may be with his all white jury of racial tensions were high she's Leon does not insane and but when you get older. And you're in your forties or fifties or sixties or seventies now she's in her eighties. Carrying that around with you know wing. That you should have testified. This never happened. I don't house Elizabeth herself would it have changed the outcome of that trial with an all white jury in Mississippi problem got probably not. And trying to find an old syringes. But she has to be into work well into her eighties. To. And I'll keep looking off my editor. But what's the point. What what does that justice is the point well. You can't re workable law. To fit what you consider to be justice of the statute of limitations for perjury even at the federal level is five years on what charge do you get a. You just because you want somebody to pay for a crime that they committed. Doesn't mean that you get to punish them for a crime they commit. We have rules in this country. And we have statute of limitations. I I don't I I see this as a paid for unless they're gonna bring somebody up on murder which has no statute of limitation. It seems to me to be a waste of time and money. We know. That two men who were acquitted later said they did it. You can't try them again and you can't try them now because they're debt. They knew of this woman Caroline Dunham. Who admitted in a book that came out couple years ago. That she lied. That Emmett Till. Whose name will always be synonymous with the beginning of the civil rights movement in America. Never touched her and never whistled. What are you going to do. Two and 858687. Year old woman. That's gonna. Make this any better. If you go to Emmett Till murder dot com. There is an extensive list of the players back then. In the case Scott right down to the journalist who wrote about it when. I'm still scrolling but nearly every single person is dead. So I mean this is a waste of taxpayers' dollars a lot to justify to me. How this is a Smart use of taxpayer dollars. What could come of it. If your re opening the case you're not putting one person you're putting multiple people won't. Who make a 15200000. Dollars a year. And you're wasting. Our money and they're time when they could be going after cases that actually matter today. I'm not saying I know until his death doesn't matter I think most people listening right now. Would agree with you. It just makes me sick. That will leave nothing was ever done data there are thousand cases I can point to that made me sick. But what also makes me sick is the Justice Department reopening a case that has no business being reopened. Unless you can bring a murder Chara unless there's a third person. That we don't know about. Well there were others who were either there or witnessed it their all detail and I'm scrolling and well you can find someone who is a lot of that you can prosecute with Merck. And sent to prison for the rest of their life which is a year you were three or four. This is a waste of taxpayer money it just is. Sony says she's an accessory to murder no she's not. Committing perjury. Is not an accessory to murder. I 7677. On it. And services they just need what does go. So this is they still out for Nazis and their ninety's are we really come. Honoring well to know that but they're what they're saying Scott and I they're not comparing Nazis to what happened Emmett Till. I don't wanna ranks evils in the world but I I think what they're saying is if your argument is simply so much time has passed why waste of resource is. You can also say so much time has passed white. Weighs the resource with with with people who are Nazis there are crimes that they committed where statute of limitations has not expire. We're justice can still be saw. You stood there as and push Jews into the other. You murdered Jews. I don't care if your 91 years old. K you're all in that jail so you're gonna rot. But lying. When you would get her as an accessory to murder is too to make the argument and I think it's implausible. That by her lying Sheen knew these men were going to kill Emmett Till. Well she certainly knew afterward. That nothing of the sort had happened that is what is alleged mr. Edwards edged. But but if if if I said to you. I'm Dan wind bomb said something really mean about you and me. And you then went out and punched and wind bomb in the face. And screamed and yelled. And and I later admitted he nervous. I'm not responsible. Nor prosecutable. For the battery you just conducted on somebody at work. Eight. Because I didn't know going and you were going to lose your mind to go out there on some in the face Iran. Because that young girl texting her boyfriend go ahead tell yourself. Her defense said the same thing she could not have possibly known he was going to do that. But he did so she can't eat went to prison Sheen and knew he was suicidal if we're compared these cases she knew he was suicidal. He was in the car in the garage with it on and said he wanted to turn the car off. And she said no go through with this go through office. I think that's kind of an apples and oranges now. 576779. At rod Babcock Dana right I'm Scott parks and KM music. I started sleeping better these second that Brooke Lynn and dot com box came to our door they are luxuries. Sheets may and they feel good. 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Is to use the promo code KM BZ and Brooklyn induct comets beat are OK alike and each and dot com promo code KM Beasley Brooklyn and these are the bed sheets ever. Am in the teach troubled. Good luck. I didn't she's in trouble. Sad news for the life will lift. Sam owns or to Kansas City Star reported the bug lathrop. The winningest coach in Missouri high school basketball history. Died today at the age of 82. And he attached to his tweet. A story he ran back in April the star ran it in paper where all this former players from the school got to say goodbye to him. Sam on your right she lives one hell of a life. And leaves any enormous impact so cool that so many of his players put this event on for him. Back in April. But lathrop I believe the coach great town south if I'm I'm going on memory here kept rates on south. Died today at the age of 82. While at 955. Wins 35 conference titles four state championships. You know a coach. Is a unique. Human being and Molder of of young lives. Almost. It's a unique. Position to be and in life. If you're good at what you do like he was and you have so many players that can say youth shaped me you helped me sure how many other heat poll. Do you say that about him obviously your parents maybe a teacher. But just what's interesting professor would have teacher professor. You could have maybe six or seven people whose alma ascent I'd love that teacher she really. Or he really. Helped me saved me showed me the way with the coach you can have seriously thousands of people. Who will say. This person made me what I am today. I still it's cool I still to this day. Have breakfast with my old high school football coach. From 47 years old it's a very unique. Bond can be. And certainly in in this case I don't think you're gonna get any argument there. And he'll be the first to tell you and he did tell you we did the remote at a level that one time I was not the best player you never know what can you believe then. I was I was not the best football player ever now. But we still to this day probably two or three times a year will go grab 12 pages. Practice practice and you wanna feel like you're the only one that does that no no I'm not saying that. They don't you wanna kind of feel like. Yeah. Coach Odom what makes me so special and there. Was never the best but I was reported that. On different. School. You know I and I and I'm sure that there are so somebody just wrote in it's we're good friends lathrop said this is just sad sad day. And and this is a man. I would bet down and re town today there are a thousand. Great stories being told today. About you know and and from. Kids who played when they won the state title to kids who played related. You know I am I sick kids are all grown ups by now I'm sure. By apple and we've all got that everybody I think has if you played sports you'll have that one coach. That you decide how utter a word. Even through glass. And look and were out to see. He cuts boys basketball their for the first 45 years rate town south existed. 45. Years is that keep that in mind when I tell you 35. Conference titles he used to tell each player. They had a friend. As long as they live. Those players grew up to be his doctors lawyers mechanics financial advisors. His life he told each player's got they had a friend in him as long as they lived. And he's murdered amazing amazing here's what I wonder. And and I don't know quite. With colts coach late trooper even my coach Odom. Do you remember after you've coached that many kids. Do you remember all their names antigen. I absolutely know he did. You just know that you coach say sitter thirteen kids on the team on any given year and obviously it's not a different thirteen every year. But you know obviously the numbers start to change over the years you coached basketball for 45 years coach Odom coached at Lansing for twenty. How many kids do you think have put on a uniform and gone out and played. For you. Now maybe you don't remember the kid that tries out a man quits three weeks out of him you know. Sucked anyway. It's the newsroom here is Caremark. Happening now in KM BZ liberal groups. Will come down this summer that's next. I've told you about miked guys at lightning landscaping irrigation what are you wait for that lawns look a little brown I know aren't used to you for sixteen years my lawn which brown. Never to get grass to grow on that darn thing until this year when lightning landscaping irrigation came out and put in that rain bird irrigation system man I love it. We're knowing now twice a week grass looks great with that new rain bird system and it's Smart system knows when it's raining shots off that'll save you money. Stop dragging a hose around your yard in the hottest part of the summer with that bulky sprinkler head attached call lightning landscape interrogations at time money energy. And let that is Smart irrigation system did work for you pay if you're thinking about any hard skate. Plans maybe fire pit fire place. Outdoor kitchen out back. Get on the schedule now so that we can be ready in the fall to have those guys like landscaping irrigation and put that in. Eight plus BBB rating by the way I want 34413900. For your free estimate. 91344139. Under or lightning. Dash landscape dot com lightning with an in dash landscape dot com thanks for listening to the data and parts podcasts remember you can catch us online any time. At KM BZ dot com.