UPDATE: Final hour of Branson disaster coverage. Hear from a listener who owns a Duck Boat.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Friday, July 20th
Boat owner:    "Those boats only go 6 MPH.  Take that out in a 70 MPH wind?  It's suicide"

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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KE MB easy. My mom and dad is to crack. Thanks so clearly see it I remember. They aren't outside elements or artist with trains. And if you take its own your house passed through the Hastings right before now. Receive either it is one of those surprisingly. Enjoyable says it ever been so good the first Amazon survive. Back a couple of years later and sought again I mean it is one of those chest. Yours mine in your audience and I am at it that got beat balls out there that people are that was our trainer. OK tell the first tickets is by its abandoned train right. It trains will ever meet Virginians we ended up having the best time and for you forget how many hits they that. More than more than music means that here and such time that sounds off. I have got its two stories. Of them I think are men beating babbling laying on enough first one is video out of Georgia restaurant have you seen and I. I have man a reaches out and grabs a female servers are rents. She and takes symbiotic collar and body slams him up against the wall I say more power to your sister run she takes him. Down this girl. Is darling fits. Probably nine. 96 pounds. Is the Max I'm gonna go on her way awesome and she's turned around. She's ring in some pent up. And you see this guy just walk on by engineer goes as handed and literally. And this was not an accidental brush against her he claims that he was just trying to get her to move out of my whole way out which you know her but all of it. She sort out the I reached up on the ground. She shames him. Energy right here gallon at a because she's got yeah. Yeah it out and race someone calls 911 he spends two nights in jail by the way just count of sexual battery damn right it is nice citizen. Up. Everywhere and have him hunt FaceBook was like go to boats met inning pitchers and other once seen this story tee and he posted it it was during the cardinals cubs game last night at Wrigley Field. ESPN was broadcasting that's an at one point the camera cuts away and shows. A couple. One's wearing he's wherein the cubs Jersey she's wearing a cardinals Jersey and she's got a Baylor hadn't back perjury is he's his bride his says Graham bush is a vet she's she's a brat a cat. So. So the announcer. Get home Dwyane could do about actual parties. Anything more obnoxious. Than the bachelorette party at the ballpark by the way. Aviv president congratulations. By the way he had actually of that and a half. I don't know it's such an. The horizon party. They got let it. Pars I'd try to do bachelor party to. Well that's all right thank you. The shadow of the. Over the alternative. Which is why it. Because they do is talk about as. So so what is the fallout there I assume people are annoyed that he set it pretty much a whole bunch of women are now commenting and get it to my badge party at Wrigley Field. There with a group. That I I understand what he's saying about the late night like let's say year out of a bar at. You know midnight and then the bus rolls up we've all seen it we've all done at the bus rolls up and like the woman comes in with. Phallic things on her hand yeah. X Freeman but. I don't know that I. In a bar it's not obnoxious or in a bar no it's a Knox and every one has done it and I remembered just red being the bachelorette party I just didn't. I sec. Who Angelina. I think we went down at a dinner side we all went to dinners. I was not gonna be that forty year old element get crazy out. Strasburg. I. Didn't see doing that. I know like those things have the common theme over the years. Where things happened and that showed more work. More than bachelor parties bachelor at parties have become. Events. Dahlia. And yeah like you said fourteen girls on a bus. With you know. Only animal penises on their heads can't terror. That's why I made my sister who was planning my usually eat I will not. And penises like yeah I realized who it into the I don't she's like that. Here's. I never thought I'd hear what a girlfriend of mine had done to her at this is just so I had. I guess that time we thought it was funny someone made her at T shirt. I say this said bride on it and they suddenly did like which sewing. Needle and thread they sewed Lifesavers. In various well on the shirt yes I've seen our Rihanna. And then for a fi hot you can have a lifesaver aha. OK so here's what's funny that we are nineteen or one MI there's. Now and like a little. Might not that it's like sexual assault it is of all totally true we are taking money for it that's prostitutes and my daughter came to Meehan said. And life savers on my shirt I would be like rotten at our about to be assaulted that is not funny. Five years gone. Pretty good yeah. Yeah as. They came up with the idea but don't just now that's so just. This guys point out I don't understand what's obnoxious about it wedding party of at a ball game he's like it's. Looking at them or if he's he's just whining because women are invading his baseball time. I will tell you this I have learned from many. Gay friend. That gay men really do not like when the bachelorette party shows a but the gay bar. I've heard Sarah like take it anywhere else please welcome but do not come here we do not want you here. Not surprised at its prized by at a a couple of just little things a pass on to you today. Because it's just one of bounds for a little bit and I promise you we will get back to Branson. Which usually we say are you taking me to brits today we actually go back to France tied to intentionally I would prefer for just a moment. To talk about something else. This might have acts on Monday when Scott inspects I think it's fascinating have you heard there are used rep for res. One in particular whose has started a FaceBook. Page specifically. Two outs. Aggressive. Parents. Oh yes so there is a genius Tony about aids and how I kind of wonder if this is that good right. You can go on this page. At. And post a video or audio of parents behaving. Badly abusive parents. At kids. I don't just say sacirbey kids' youth sports yeah it is the one relate one parent. Might drop kicked another parent I don't think there's and there's video of. Also like is a Little League games where there yes yeah I wanna smack him. Wrath yet all that crap they lose their minds for now carries if you gotta face the goods and should be ashamed column offside. Oh yeah yep it's called offside because it already has 20000 likes. And at the very top it says stop. Screaming at officials not allowed. Mistakes will be made stay home. And then from there are people can. Upload their stories and there are photographs. Of people behaving. Badly. And I I don't I think that this is probably the only way you're going to at least you're gonna fight it you're not gonna stop it on the sideline. But maybe. In a little wage if you're shaming the mom throw the punch of the dad if word gets out that this web sites out. I guess maybe it could to help. People Wal-Mart website hasn't stopped people from going and looking terrible Wal-Mart so maybe not but. Meantime right kids look up. Their game. Like Ireland. And the cube will hold marred. The consumer of the month for. That's right center. He's sponge Bob. The the guy who started this website says if one parent starts yelling at a rat. And another parent moves away and says today you don't want to be idiots eight. For the outside FaceBook page if that stops one he says it's gonna idea. I don't have a posted its oxide I got to do is go to FaceBook search offside. And you'll get results there are already videos photos integrated in 5767798. We will be back with your calls and your. Thoughts about what happened in Branson overnight here in just a moment Sam please hang on you've been very. Very patient and we've had a full board all day long on this it's always a little bit. Other tossup do we talk about something all day too we not talk about something all day or we move around and talk about something else and the people are getting in their car right now going why the hell he's talking about Branson. You're talking about soccer. Again it. It happens when there's a big major news event and you're doing to talk show that the day after that we we always faced this kind of thing when something like this happens. And I wish we had something happier to talk about. But a lot of people are saying please still do it justice Friday. It is Friday. 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Everything is priced itself during bolt slightly summits summer sweeps sale even used cars right now are up to 50% off their original MS RP. Get to Volkswagen of Lee's summit right now. Off I've force seven. VW at least some dot com VW Lee's summit dot com. I. Back on Monday. Ticked down for a little college visit. Your 4 o'clock keywords cash is jammed JAM. To exit 728814. Or chance at a thousand dollars. Message and data rates apply and honestly crap we are going to take few more calls and wrap up our conversation this hour about. The absolutely horrifying mass casualty incident in Branson overnight. If you are just now getting your car and joining us on this Friday. A couple of things that we have learned in the last hour nine net of the seventeen victims. In that duck boat. Capped sizing our from one family nine of eleven. Family members died. There were seventeen total victims. Nine of them are from one family they had to survivors from that family. We know today that the victims range in age from one. 271. And we also know the NTSB is there. With a huge goatee and trying to figure out what. The hell. Happened yesterday. And yet in Seattle day the stormed as. Popped up that no hair. And I said earlier cabinet picks the storm did not. Did a hot pop up out of nowhere. We have alerts. Active alerts all day long in Kansas and Missouri. I believe the first alert in Missouri for that region went out at 11:30. Yesterday morning. With the first 911 call going out at 709. PM last night. Let's go to Sam in Overland Park you've been very patient thank you for weighing in Sam night. Absolutely and we don't well I wish they talk about some something else that we are doing an okay. I understand there's probably a silly question match. And they are IE EVA helmsman on area well our bet on the East Coast I did that for quite awhile. And it was a couple steps below the captain but you've worked with them. For closely and basically if we had severe weather anywhere near. Our vessel or anywhere near anywhere we were going to we had obviously a marine radio and latter your army OSHA and barriers here on the small lake here Gerri. Our you have a marine radio we're trying to be a captain. How do you that properly and that radio functions. Very well it comes to whether I mean it's got back eerie sound voice. Tonya that there's storms come and an aunt and Cheever now much never like here but it's very I. Am just so here I don't want academic gap. Now we don't know exactly what happened in the minds say exactly where probably never know it. Right it's important point out is real quick the driver died. The captain survived but go ahead. I'll counselor. Is that about the that I about one the other but anyway. You just yet never now. Exactly what they were thanking them if they were listening to the radio all they knew what they were gone but I agree with it there's no way they could missing. Working now. Working on the ocean all the time you know when it come and you have it in the back here and that it did you need to be and if you don't if you can't go to Congo. Now would be prepared to go out and duck boat like that they should. You know and I asked this of one of our military callers earlier is those. Vessels would be equipped with radar or no. Well as small as they are it really depends on the outfit it's using. They should. Any desolate going now. You know that they carry passengers or any any thing like pressured carry radar but it's really at the outfit he'd. Hey thank you for the call and for your patience today's image appreciate it one of the interesting things I read today. But these vessels and I do believe. This is the last time we will see these on the water I had to laugh at other states are timing and ours are safe okay. That's the biggest rock. Of a word I cannot say on the radio I don't even know where to begin the NTSB. As far back as 1999. Said that these were not safe. And so. I love that other cities are weighing in thinking there's or somehow better than ours. They're not. And I'm telling you I think this disaster has signaled the end of the duck boats. Let's go to Linda in Gladstone hi Linda welcome. I dare I. How you a friend of mine. On the very reverend. Under 860. Arts. I'd guess that is why they act on. Hop on the bottom and finally. Let go though life jacket and came out or force the lightning round. And gave that up the time that it was on the verge of getting out and sucking in a much water it because I say that and around. Do that and medical they get. And all our life. And that I got a hundred. I met all the people a lot of them that they take their life jackets are. Yeah in Arkansas instantly know Linda I believe seven of the victims were found trapped inside of the vessel. We keep hearing about this canopy that the NTSB has warned about and if you haven't seen the duck boat today I I you know with these things work. Until last night I wish I'd never heard them board. But it looks like a school bus on the water. It actually looks like a school bus on. The water. And in the Arkansas incident I believe seven people were found trapped inside under that canopy. Stuck to the top of that underwater that makes sense. And there were four additional victims in the Branson incident recovered. Today I think the life jacket will save you before. That duck boat goes down. You have a chance. I think the life jacket will kill you once that vessel goes down and you were trapped under the canopy. That decades ago the NTSB said was not a safe. Designed. To carry these passengers and 5767798. Josh endless strings of what it hang on he says he owns a duck boats. 5767798. 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The wind really picked up. Bad and debris was flying everywhere and just the waves are really rough so it just suddenly out of nowhere near her three candlelight vigils scheduled for ten nights. German authorities say a man apparently armed with a knife attacked passengers on a busy bus in the northern German city of little big before being overpowered and arrested. Nine people were hurt one seriously. So far authorities don't believe this was terror related. We'll check traffic and weather together next. Whether you have a small office gathering he wanted to the girl's night out like we did last night or a birthday a special event. Have Jasper cook for you one of the things I love about Jasper is the dine in experience as one of the best you'll ever have hands down in Kansas City. But if you need something quick for like analysts when banquet or you've got a team dinner coming up once school starts. 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Total sunshine in the afternoon on Saturday 88. Seasonal on Sunday sunshine and high of 89 degrees then. From channel nine on first alert chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ well. He tearing our Casey I it is 77 in Belgium are looking at 73 and your official weather station yeah. KM BZ is now on radio dot com download the app and take us everywhere you go out Kara marks or news 981 KM BZ. Scott will be back on Monday. He would cast this hour is. Jam saying and that song is not. As we continue our conversation about what happened and rental tonight. And I want it shots in blue springs hang on as we talk about these duck boats a mind everybody win the boat went down killing seventeen. And I would remind you nine of those victims are from one family. Their work to. Duck boats in the water. One of them made it back safely the other did not. So it wasn't just one boat that made this decision to go out before a storm that everyone else seemed about. It was to. It and I'm telling you the passengers on that other boat art she just. Can you imagine. They're just extremely lucky to be alive today let's go to Josh in blue springs thanks for hanging on to us. Not a problem. A couple things about the. These are not on eight. They're they're they're able to walk much more so than most personal. To get an idea and actually. Market Marie ships cap on it. And we think are solved the problem is there it goes well. In that you didn't have any ammunition that I kept it. 800 feet. Seven lob or you are right there and my partner in depth it sure. That question really becomes Joshua why weren't they looking at radar and again I I don't even want anyone to attempt to try and say this quote came out of nowhere. Ask any meteorologists today there were warnings all day long that this was a possibility. I don't buy. Well knows what what what the war differently in the inner war. Looking at via. A satellite into that small island go around. It had to be choppy and yet. It could have hit them but the dot self art that we had like a lot of people and quality you know our boat. My parents before now I keep it. But in terms that but now they are so it. Knowing that it wouldn't kick ball and Eric you didn't get a seven or even fifty ball in. You're gonna be a lot. Yeah let me ask you this. Knowing they only goes six miles an hour. We have heard even from the CEO of the company today and his direct quote I've got right here. Is quote it is not a long to work it is in and around an island and back. And so what the questions I had it's not like they raptor two hours Josh. They get off the land go in the water go around that little island that you alluded to and back. How long does that round trip around that little island take in your estimation. About fifty. And it would be about not the norm. But it doesn't look like not real artists and if you look at it. Sure the satellite picture so basically if you goes seven minutes out. You're halfway there. And the storm rolls in your screw it I mean you really need to be well at her travels on the way back to get back to shore safely do you not. Not that fairly good that he was near the island on the side of the aisle down win. You can get Tucker that that you're gonna be out of work part of the way. What they were doing and they were open water and particularly like. And there's no doubt get in the way that saint cake walk there to be capable waddle. Some of the witnesses Josh are saying that some of the victims appear to have life jackets on some of them did not see if you have gone on these two hours. The CEO is saying there are enough like jackets for everyone. Law doesn't require them. What is you're feeling about what a life jacket situation. Lot of art and to be war. The go to our regulations that there have to be enough like that on the boat for every person licensed on the boat. So if your vote at C eighteen. Which is what art that boat see we have eighteen like. Like that on board or if we don't we stop by the water patrol when you're ticketed every social. Yeah as they would now I won't vote. Orthodox split. And I believe the companies that this company that on the boat is the one the stretch. There's the one modified in the C 32. Yet as a captain I would much prefer to see people out. A life preserver or now maybe you're not going all the time but if you're in chop like accurate. Water emergency white people war. You know the main. We. We know the victims were ages one to 71 and so you start to see. You know with with someone certainly at age one and certainly the elderly where it would have been harder. Two to save the very young for the very old but what but what is haunting to me Josh is the witness who has said to her mother. The canopy was not removed or released until after that boat was already down. There's a quote from one of the survivors today to her mom saying. We had to swim. With all of our strength. To fight these suck down in the that was created that downdraft that was created as the boat was going down. And right as they were swimming up fighting for their lives to reach the surface. That canopy was either released or broke free and that's how the remaining survivors were able to get to the top. Movement. Edit. But there. First of all I don't understand why don't I don't know those boat that I can. Are they windows side the plastic. It looked like plastic flaps Josh from what I could see I had a friend that was on one a couple months ago and they said more like plastic flaps is how they would describe it. Every so yeah kind of our golf cart win and cover that makes cents. Yeah I mean they should be able to cut through the war after a wait at least. Did he give you an idea here's well it was in jail far sank in the derby. That we did. In the world all out war on the line Carter. We were on the other side that the war. And we worked out well away from the Woodward they see in the 3540 for the region and we end in the fifty mile an hour. Wind and if any could remember what happened there have like liked. Whenever we. Just ask you are you going to keep your duck boat and it's oh and this is a big question. Anyone who is in that industry has won for leisure howdy insure who's going to ensure these things up to this has happened again. Well it made me that crop that is going to be here actually it sound. Mind I just I reminded that there like other. It's not an issue. Like their safety street is not bad. It has. Then gore about the tree. Like a one in Arkansas there with Natalie got our our ability. From what I've seen me and my experience with mine was the order like. He didn't really stable. They're able in in proxies. But again you cannot. Be it went. I just thank you for the call for your expertise I really do appreciate that we might podcast that call. Is he owns one and he knows a whole heck of a lot more about the duck boats and that we do talking about here in Kansas City was gonna Calvin quickly in Kansas City like Alvin. How hard. I look and got two part question I'm owed them grandstand. And I wrote on my short object lumber wrote. Then there are probably wondering. You enter into the back of the boat in house wondering. How did they actually wait but again out like when it goes back to the facts. So Alabama one part question. And my other question. Well we would there be extracted you know they have lied there and let Matt have you. And multiply that who are in front of the boat for holiday issue about the ball in the situation like it would be you know. But the that the organizations really solid quarterback in a panic. Talent is a great question and my guess is no one was wearing a life jacket until it got. Very apparent very quickly. That things were going south. As far as how you enter through the back of the boat and how people got out. We've talked about that all day what would you do would you adopt yourself over the side wearing a life jacket. Or would you hunkered down with Cindy perceived safety. Of that. Too. And I say perceived safety because it was the most dangerous place to be when that boats started taking on water. All things that the NTSB will have to figure out in the coming weeks and months. We're told. That it is likely Monday before they will pull. That duck boat from the eighty feet of water where it rests on the bottom of table rock lake today. 445 we will be back with more Dana and parks straight ahead fest it was Friday I just talked to the boss. Coming your way at 5 o'clock we will air their grievances. It's in your weekend it got parts will be back on Monday. And. And and. Back. To be final hour of our breaking coverage today. Hit the laughed. It is my last spring candidates who what does Texan because. You're so so when still. I'm holding up through things kind of the year right now. And he'd two hours. Is one of those things a puppy no no no I'm not up about B Rodney. You seemed to be Zain I rear number one sorry weird number more and more entertaining on the day that seventeen people. Died a horrifying death any story leading worldwide news today in Missouri. I still can't get over the fact that it in all seriousness. Over half those people were one family. 99. Times out of seventeen was 1. AM when he their friend Indiana. I don't know that they release or names at the sweetest photo. Now I I think the NTSB is waiting their Pasteur. Has. Spoken and released a photo. But the names have not yet been released. Man yeah. It's awful I suspect it's awful in and we know that several children are among the dead. And a lot of people are had that late this week and I heard some under the lake forecast earlier and I'm just. I I would love to have talked about literally anything else today and that would include the president. But there are days on a news talk station where it would be inappropriate. To take a break and make you laugh until fart joke bouncer roundabout. The stupid things people down in Kansas City this week it just. It it would not V. Appropriate to do that and so we are in news station we cover the news we we cannot escape. The chest catastrophe that has unfolded overnight in Branson. I do note Dan all of the NTSB updates all of the stone county sheriff's updates will be posted. Now and throughout the weekend on our website on the FaceBook page as soon as something new comes well Leo between again you know my husband just texted and said. Because I know that he's there. And he. Interviewing people and doing what he does he left this morning it's raining there they are in a holding pattern. I know that that both probably not going to be brought up until Monday and so there really no. We have talked about it I have appreciated every single one of you calling in and waiting and especially those of you were from that area. Who understand what these vessels are. And can maybe shape the conversational little bit about how this might have happened I absolutely appreciate every single one view. Who have weighed in today and if we can't be funny today. I'm sorry. And sorry. That I can't entertain you today. But it is stick around for just this Friday after the top of the hour news. Will be there in the grievances right here on Damon mark the fifth best. Odds are. If you at this writing and he said yeah yeah I'm asked to as you have to his people anticipate that. They are looking forward to that I think we all need a little bit of relief well after day like. Guys please dummies on the opening up. In all seriousness on this stations you've we've been would be what seven hours straight is seven years and this is Friday and seven hours we've been talking about rents rise so. Yeah I think we should definitely do some fest of this grievance or is it. I'm and it took my two fingers down just reload it I'm getting used the restroom which I've not done since I think 2 o'clock we're gonna go to the news with Dan wind bound. And then we will clear the lines 88 Iran and certainly can package your call thank you for your patience. We're gonna clear the lines 5767798. Here Q were to cash. At 5 o'clock his underdog UN DE RG OG underdog to accept a 72881. Or more hurdle stands at a thousand dollar. We will be back with fest it was Friday after the news of Damron mine Bob he'd have. I had on gay and easy. Something is being done about the Kansas DMV we'll have it in a moment. Thanks for listening to the data and parks podcast remember you can catch us online anytime at KM BZ dot com.