Update: 17 dead in Branson. 9 of the 17 are from one family.

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Friday, July 20th
Witness tells her mother "canopy" was not released until boat was already under.

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. Days how is still have a full board that people trying to get in the security cash actually were to cash is Miguel. YE LL off to a lot of that man had last night YE LL. Text that 272881. For your chance at a thousand dollars. Scott is off today we'll be back I keep picks just what a day yeah that when it on college does. But he will be back on no none today. And we will continue on for a little bit longer with your calls and your taxes as. We continue following just this horrible story out of Branson a couple of my biggest pet peeves today that I've seen a summit this is directed at journalists and some of it is not stop calling this a crash. If I see one more seeing talking about this boat crash. Was not a crash. It in crashes was a completely avoidable preventable. Cap sizing. Number one. And if I see one more time. That this storm popped up out of nowhere. I am taking hostage. This storm did not popped up. Out of nowhere and while I will give props to the CE though. Of this duck boats company for speaking to the media today he tells two whopper. Of a lie. In at this excerpt geoghan hear from CBS morning news this morning. And I need Ellis whop are you hearing from your team about. What went wrong. Well we don't we don't know first of all it is absolutely devastating. Our hearts and prayers go to everyone's affected hand. Just businesses operating 47 years that we've ever had. And it's you know like this or anything close to. It's just best of our knowledge we don't have a lot of information right now that. There was a it was a fast moving storm Tara came out of basically. Nowhere is not true the purple. Tie analysis that's got how both. China should devoted to it on the water mr. Madison winter weather reports calling for bad weather. Well not yet it didn't show that it was apparently it was moving America hiring is because like I I don't and I don't know I don't have all the details. But to answer your question no we shouldn't have been in the water if if this would happen yeah. Mr. that is is it John Dickerson here are the does that bode have life jackets on him. And northern passengers required to Wear them. You know under laws they thought. I'm required to Wear them and they usually a lake is very plastic hand and it's not a lot to where they go to American kind of around the island it back. Can we had other boats in the water earlier that it did a great strip club experience up until just two interception. It and it's about isn't wasn't should've been on the water is this the kind of thing for which pilots are captains of the votes train and are prepared for this kind of an immense. Well absolutely and I cannot regain his. 47 years I think happen they know. The waters in the area are are kept in the has eighteen years of experience with a sixty years of experience whether cell. You know they've heard they have a very good record so I again this seems to be out. Sort of almost a micro storm affect some no one is expected to happen the way that it did. We thank you ran a stop him right there because my doctor keeps repeating that I'm going to completely lose Michael Ward. There was so much warning. That this was coming listen to meteorologist. And I just cannot applaud him enough for addressing this because a meteorologist. Needs to address this. JD Rudd says today it is so upsetting to me. To hear people say the storm at table rock lake quote came out of nowhere. It did not. Moreover those in charge of water activities and or duct two hours need to rethink their plans when it comes to storms safety. There was plenty of time. To get those boats. Out. And the second thing I have an issue with is him saying there had not. Didn't issues. In the 47 year history. Of those bouts he might be able to say with a straight face. That his particular company. Has not had issues and I don't even know that the that is true. But there have been how many deaths since 19993939. Deaths since 1999. You cannot say. With a straight face that these vessels have not had problems. Read the NTSB report after what happened in Arkansas by the way that is on our website can be good it can't be easy dot Khat you've just can't say those things so while I applaud him for. Facing the music and not hunkering down behind a PR company like most CEOs do. And those were two really glaring. I'm in the same lies. Does this we're just not. Facts. And then broke quick I wanna draw your attention to this quote. It's not a long two hour. It's in and around and islands and back and a few bit on mr. of one here for me. There was a woman who called in on the days and she said you're coming in from like the up Flint hills because this thing is on land in the nick goes on water. She said the water sewer is not that long and I remember saying on middays it's just around this island and back. And there is an aerial photo Kara Mon one of the web size I think we have I think the star has at it's an area of every slowed this tiny little I wouldn't call it an island only employee pilot it's like a little grove of trees and grass right in the middle of this thing. And so the CEO himself says it's not a long tour it's in and around that island and back and if you go online you can find pictures of this little island. You couple that with the meteorologists are saying they had to. Plenty. Of time. To get those boats off the water is someone had just looked at the radar now once the storm hit did they have plenty of time now know. Once that storm hit. It was over. They had plenty of time. To either not go all the way around that island. Or to stop and turn around if someone had just looked at the rate are we covered this. All day yesterday we kept warning people and the Washington and coming sport that counting since 11:30 in the morning all day watched there'd been a watch in effect this is. Legally. I'm not gonna talk about ethically morally all of those things which are extremely important. Legally this is gross negligence with a capital. Gross. Negligence. Go to Maarten in Missouri hi Martin welcome. They Dana. I'm glad NB a local animal like every weekend and I have a boat that can harm I'm basically right by the ducks Branson now. So here's a couple of things number one it is short cruise however you look at those votes. From a optical perspective in the water you're going around. Air ridiculously. Expensive very close to the water. Correct they don't take any type of wave very well in either on the night. Day that'd be referenced part of the lake in every local about it. Second of all the Briton though supposedly tight down why didn't that captain. Cut its staff caught there and start helping. That got both get closer to the bell and all the people on to that vote that could really large. So why not pull approach from the ducks into that and try to save them. Can you explain mark what do you mean when you say help pulls in and like physically throw line. Yet there's they have more in line call all day long as they used to pull the boats are -- why not throw that out for the dot. Boat and try to pull it and uses the lifeline tied to the doctor and have folks on the that liner through life preservers or. Or what ever they have on the bell idling 2010. That the brits and I'll bet strain it felt. In the middle of the late in the day then had safety measures put on that boat lift smaller boats and extra life preservers successor. They'll bring up another question as to why the greens and belt it help. Does it may wonder mark and I am so glad you called in because I'm not familiar with that area or or the duck boats. It is it and I keep going back to this group think that everyone just doesn't stink this is going to happen. I think everyone was looking at everyone else going walls someone doing some. And I know some of the staff on the bell did go out and help pull people lend. I just. Don't understand why if they really were out there 1112 minutes. Taking on water like something could have been done sooner and it I don't know what that something it is. Well I mean it brings up a lot of questions. You know why. Why were they out there so you eluded to earlier when we come off so also landed into the water you can feed all the way and how rough it is. So that captain should have known you know black folks were not gonna go out there and unsafe situation and say about it or is gonna turn around and seek shelter. There was plenty of time for years she is capturing the seat half. So. You know that being said Dana I don't know I living down there I can only say that some of the kind fell on the bridge and now. Our little questionable so why they're grabbing herself as opposed to helping out I don't know and my second comment that it light and the captain of the Branson Belle. Calling the lake patrol quicker to get them there as well you know calling 911 himself. It would or sing I am glad you brought that up art because in the first dispatch audio that we have you can hear when they're calling 911. In the dispatch audio whoever called libel while we know what anyone dining on the bell. On the responses were too far away the first response they get is can you summon someone else. And it's a little garbled but it sounds like she says we are thirty minutes away and they didn't have thirty minutes and we we all know that. You know being on the lake and and seen word is there's not. As many locals that are close there's state park that's over there as well the damage that's now so you can get there. But in now whether it's gonna take Q. An additional five minutes to get there to try to say that it. You know it is their radar on those duck boats Marten have you been on number geno would they have had access to radar. I don't think they would have access to radar that they do you have radios and they and everyone on there has cellphone that captain that really hasn't cellphones and I would think that someone at that. The base station and bring them to call them that they listen. He had seen a turnaround or seek shelter or head over to the state park in the state park is right adjacent to where they enter the way. Art thank you for the call thank you got a call and I'm sorry if I know that if you live there. And you are familiar with the area the people. My heart just breaks for everybody down there today it really it really does because I think that this. You know we'll wait for the NTSB report I think that this is going to be a wholly avoidable and preventable. Catastrophe. Do. 5767798. If you would like to weigh in you can text me at twenty to 980 you're listening to Dana and parks. Whether you have a small office gathering you wanna to the girl's night out like we did last night or a birthday a special event. Have Jasper cook for you one of the things I love about Naspers is the dine in experience as one of the best you'll ever have hands down in Kansas City. But if you need something quick for like analysts when banquet or you've got a team dinner coming up when school starts have Jasper cook for you I have moms ask me about that all the time. You call the number order to Trace a pasta one with red sauce on the white sauce. It comes in at little tin foil pan. There's no mass there will be no leftovers I can promise you that you can do salad bread sticks and pasta for those kids. 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Of Branson duck boats survivor and what I'm about to tell you is going to become very important in this investigation and I believed her name is Mandy Keller. She says she spent Thursday night frantically calling police stations and sheriff's offices. She was home in Texas. But her fifteen year old daughter Gillian was among the 31 people on board the ride the ducks amphibious tour vessel that went down. Her daughter survived no serious injuries quoting here from Keller I feel fortunate. God spared my child and she is coming home alive. And not in a body bag. Keller said Julian was visiting Branson with her father and his family they are now already to go home. She said her daughter and ex husband reported the vessel began to sing in the stormy conditions. And occupants. Were briefly trapped under the ducks canopy. This is the important part because we know the NTSB has said that those can't appease our death traps. Even then actually. One of the duck boat operators was able to release. The canopy. And people's swam. Toward the surface so think about that. The canopy was boldly released. After the boats had gone. On where there banner read it again eventually she says one of the duck boat operators was able to release the canopy. And people's swam toward the surface. Keller set her ex husband reported. It took all of his strength. To swim to the surface. Because the sinking vessel was sucking. People. Downward. Yeah that's what happens water I mean use in the Titanic. Not make that comparison but there's Isa that. When that boat goes down as soon does that bug is that we've got to get this far away from this as we can't. Yet ex husband said it took all of his strength to swim toward the surface because the sinking vessel sucked people down was and this. Keller said she was told people aboard the vessel were not wearing life jackets. She set her daughter and ex husband swam to the surface my daughter said she thought she was dead. Then they swam to a nearby restaurant where people help them out of the water. Except those who were too busy taping the incident and hosting its FaceBook don't ask me challenges and act because I'm still Matt shaded needs. Days than I did let's go to Patrick in a late night Patrick. I Patrick go ahead thank all the time is going to. Now that's what the report. Are invited ordered weighing out yesterday. I grew up out there I live dot com Mardi Gras let their partners. And I laid down and angrily broke yet. Largely moved back now. Three years ago and undergo. Column. My mum lived down their full time my kids are actually down there this summer. And they were two dollars yesterday. When the storms start coming. And Iran brokerages and I rather doubt and it. I'm I'll match that manager. Managers. That they were gonna close the park jam because she all the crowds are wrong it. And it took him about ten minutes or so and then it probably took part down credit that we just got to I. I'll probably keep people on brokers that are bank. And she can't they use it now. I had she wished I chateau on the way. Justice Vietnam. And Hewitt there at 7 o'clock win out both. Went down. So pomp and I when I moved out there aren't worked out there working on a late. Problem works quick vote lit well that well lit and about ordered to dock though like that. Water can get really really choppy stretch right there Russia on the way. I'll begin an awful lot of other callers said that the threat there about it and everything. Bill that no shortage of fireworks. Two A day it gets shot up there. Hey Patrick thank you for the call Tonya Burris please hang on we will get your poll straight ahead after we break for the news I'm going to post that article. From the account we are now hearing from one of the survivors. It is from the Springfield news leader and I oppose that are for is the page right now. Connecticut termer excerpt with the news and the ride the ducks company in Branson has stopped operating while they investigations underway and more next. 330s you're in Kansas City from a KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks or after a seventeen people died when a duck boat capsized on table rock lake last night ride the ducks Branson hash on down. The company website now as a black ribbon in a post that says quote. This incident has deeply affected all of us words cannot convey how proud profoundly our hearts are breaking we will continue to do all we can to assist the families who were involved. They say they'll be closed while the investigation is underway. Campaigning in Kansas senator Bernie Sanders and democratic congressional candidate Alexandria okay 'cause GO Cortez. Rallying Democrats ahead of the August 7 primaries but 'cause your Cortez calling on everyday people to reclaim the soul of the nation. I am so proud of everyone who is here in this room today. Because you are hearing the candle of hope when this country. This rally for James Thompson running for the congressional district that includes Wichita. We'll check traffic and weather together next. Partly cloudy conditions for the rest of today here in Kansas City boundary close US that may help to trigger a stray shower or storm. High temperature reaching the low nineties and clearing conditions for tonight hurling into the upper sixties. Large area of high pressure taken on over an extremely quiet went commitment and mostly sunny on Saturday the high upper eighties and back to the upper eighties with abundant sunshine Sunday. And scattered cloudiness and upper eighties on Monday. I'm staff meteorologist at different era more KE NBC whether it. Of some light rain falling across the area right now it is 85 in the Lee's summit 71 where it's raining in LA that 81 at your official weather station. KM BZ is now on radio dot com download the app and take us everywhere you gown Kara marks or news 981 KM BZ. On it. The effect on. Your Q were to cast this hour is EL YEL Celtics at 72881. In garnish my contest for your chance at a thousand dollars status and standard stuff applies. The Kansas City Star is reporting. That out of the seventeen. People. Who died on the ride the ducks attraction. Last night in France and 99. Of the victims. Were from the same family. Let's go to avarice in Kansas City I Briscoe had. Yet. I'm sorry about the tragedy there really bad. I just getting back on the occasional dork I went to. Was gone and dealt out of my first outcry that technique or your old never did before. And only normal ride in the northern cal I want to avoid national are required days of one and three canoe ride. I don't know kayaks I went on to kayak we'll rides. One want to boat rides and now winter or your national park went out on Lake Superior. End to a man they're laughing at me or in my own life jacket for my life jacket every sophomore Malcolm I'm not a good swimmer and I don't wanna die. And he'd gladly answer what you do that it. Yeah right you know what it would ever you you would grab on to you for your life is what he would do. Well ideally yeah him. The elite babies are and the kid that you're kid driving that are there are 1920 year Gault. And they had not spared of any sort of all the guy driving the ball a lake superior court and the picture all are 67 year old and he looked. Jerry Springer newly Brazil. Yet it brits you bring up a really interesting point but the light jackets and I did wanna get to that today because. If there are people who look at the light jackets in one of two ways certainly the NTSB has weighed in about life jackets. When you are in and in closed tomb. Like the ride the ducks. Amphibious vehicles. Are I mean it is a cough. There is a canopy. That one of the witnesses is now saying was not. Removed. Until the boat was. Almost submerged or sub merged. And the NTSB said in the 1999. Accidents in Arkansas thirteen people died. Seven of the bodies were found inside. Some of them if not all of those victims were wearing life jackets. And what happens when you go down in a tomb. Wearing a life jacket. They found them at the top. They found them at the top inside. Of that Tim. And what are the things I asked rod off the hair because we've asked if you're a bystander what do you do it we know that some people did nothing. And some people helped. What do you do if you're on net because the only way I see. To save yourself to save your family the only thing I concede the safety. And even then it's a made. Is if you had a life jacket on. And managed to throw yourself out of that boat far away from about. Because once that vessel starts going down with take closed canopy as you've never seen one of these things picture a school bus. In the water. Because that's what it looks like. A panic white. But it looks like a school bus in the water let's go to Tony in the north land thank you for your patience I Tony. I being married yeah. Okay I wish arguments that are I'm okay Colin. I tell you what the more I just turned your update at any. We're right here more tragic news from ministers as time goes on because. He he poured down here on vacation and time mineralized piloted that might have been either true. And then look what happens but. I'm calling regarding dumping the recall hours ago and about the issue of health and others. I could just see that video and as a voter yeah I'm sure their character was doing everything he could maintain control trying to get that thing shall. And I don't want anybody could expect someone to go underwater like you say throw line from the L college college you can bet network. That that went with seven involved Mara. You know I stand up America a letter. You know witness says Tony they were only a hundred feet from shore and it kind of goes back to my. My assertion that I relieved leave before that though went down maybe the only thing that could've saved the seventeen tied would've been to get off the bow your human nature or fight or flight. I think. Especially with this whole group think that we've been talking about right until the first person jumps overboard or the captain says get off the boat. This is going down get off the boat. You you need someone to do it first is that makes sense or makes total and and I I am stunned that any of these victims were found with out life jackets on because let's say they had eleven minutes by some estimates they at eleven minutes they were like mark. In eleven minutes wouldn't you beasts worry ambling typical life jacket on you and your loved ones to make sure. You had some level of protection. Absolutely regardless Olympic captain was standard turnout would be the first thing I agree with. It's just that and the amazing actually just that I can't believe it. You know I always have Tony sometimes and I told my children this today sometimes the things that feels. Like the wrong thing to do. Is the thing that's going to save you and I am not equating this to 9/11 don't think for a second I am. But you remember there were people who stayed inside those buildings because there was announcement over the loudspeaker. Remember that they said stay inside stay where you are. And they've interviewed survivors over the years and the kind of take charge personalities. In that building. And to take charge personalities said screw you in our com guy telling us to stay here I'm grabbing my stuff and getting out. And I am sure that felt like the wrong thing to do with the time. But how many people survived because they got out. When everybody else said let's hunker down and I wonder in this boat catastrophe. What I would do because you would feel like when you're in a car some measure of protection because you are in this in closed thing. When I think in reality. The safest thing to do at the very last moment before that thing went down was probably to grab a life jacket John. Thank god I will never now because of you think you're gonna be able to ride one of these things again. Think again. This is going to be the end of the amphibious. Duck thing. And I'll just tell you right now here in Boston in Philly it's over. It's over. It's gonna Becky in Richmond hi Becky. I had an. OK let me I think I had been wrote a vote for a living. Lied he had not coming out right are out. Yet. That medical and they came and owner and you'd be lightning. Everybody. I'm a lot. And lightning can strike you that I have my way. Anchor. Art somewhere and Angela coasters. They will they all high and you have to get up and go where at indoor. And Becky it's good point and if you're voting person I'd love to hear from you on this is there a warning system for boats like there is a golf course. Equipment all call it it is a loud. Piercing horrifying sound. That alerts everybody there's bad weather again man. Or is that just up to each individual boat writer. Company owner and if there isn't some kind of all calls and they're beat McCain by the way the storms common. I had to laugh at this quote from may duck boat company operating out of Mobile, Alabama. They are seeking to distance themselves from the Missouri incident today saying quote we operate in a different world from Missouri. Whoa. Keep telling yourself Mobile, Alabama because I'm telling you the day of the duck boat to her. Is over starting today. 5767798. You can Texas twenty to 980. Secured to cast is our is yell YE LL you are listening to Dana and parks. It. Lewd scene days and then. Dad lady lady who. Seems just love the saying. Wow yeah. You married music. Back and sometime in the last seen. And then send that sense it was just released at nine members of one family. Are among the dead of the seventeen dead. Indeed mass casualty incidents in Branson overnight nine members of one Pham nine members that wanted us. It's it's that is stresses it's devastating and they are nine of the eleven members who were on board. And two survived and there's the sweetest photo. Of the family. And I'm looking. Indianapolis TV has the photos they haven't released the names and packaging by yes. And they appear to range in age from. You know ride it varies area and all the way up to parents and looked to be grandparents. In in the 7677. At this is my stomach pan. It's gonna teach him the springs I TJ. I thank you for holding go ahead. You know if we're actually on the same two orders a year ago. And I actually mentioned to her when the ride over the direction of the weather at all it is today role you know rainy off and on I mentioned you're out. Outcrop the part that didn't spend more Parma procedures that I had just gotten back from order. In the unit that I'm in use equipment that please vote. Several reasons one of the reasons why they were replaced was because the RE PA cap. It is called earlier. And was trying to explain TJ that these sit very low in the water. And if you look at the screen shots of that boat as it is struggling it is wave slowed down and one of the first thoughts I had was. OK getting normally said that low or is it that low because it's taking on water. I I don't know the answer to that that they do sit low apparently. Yes actually want to leave now would you have. Dignified that we can take out and it it literally inches away from or are. But it didn't secretly at number called barks they have sensors that. We start taking on water is what should knuckle and it can be a part of the crew you have to be affecting crops when. Tell me about the canopy TJ because it appears based on one eyewitness account that the canopy that would have freed it. Them from this tomb. Out was not taken off until the boat was going down or was already under water. I gather what you're not gonna have to appease a lot of options but the boat and Ronald Carter years ago. It I don't even remember there being option or to come off the night actor Robert Burnett to the white dude. No it it worked on Hillary can't beat a lot that you wanted to colonel Kirk is just chemical each. Yeah TJ thank you for the golf. You guys have known so much more about this. Then we all have and we do look to you for answers today and so I appreciate all of your calls. To sit tight Kallis got Sam we have had a full board all. Day long and a lot of people again and their cars after a long week it is Friday. And we'll talk about assesses Friday when we come back always struggle with whether or not we do that. On days like today. Let's go to your 4 PMQ were to cash it is jam. JAM. 78 at one for your chance to thousand dollars hears her marks with the news. Happening now on KM BZ we're learning more about one of the victims from last night's duck boat accident that's next. So you know that's making the right higher retaining the right hire is tough if you are a small business owner. It's so important but it's so hard to find the right people. Where do you post that job you can try posting on job board but you really know who'll see that. Would you poster job on Linkedin it reaches 70% of the US workforce and unlike job boards Linkedin is a community that career focus people visit every day. To grow professionally and explore job opportunities. 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