Turned on the news and immediately saw and heard the word, "SH*&&(!LE"

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Thursday, January 11th

Hearing Wolf Blitzer and Lester Hold say S&*()!*&E during a newscast is a first.... 


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy to see whether it is a very chilly fourteen right now at TCI are looking at fifteen downtown fifteen and your official weather station. It. So we need. I. Again. Me. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Is your partisan. All it. NBC's desire most in selling out Super Bowl ads. In less than ten spots left. Out guess how much they're going. 2.5. And that's at three. Iron out cobble point five million dollar you go in four million dollars for he is now open. Per 32 spot keep going five million dollar acts. I have million. Ballard for a 32 spot second. It's. But then I lateral richer user artists of today. Tonya Harding is not showing tonight I asked. I look at this morning because bowling was canceled it broke my heart but we can't have you know. A bunch of boulders crashing into one another in the parking lot and is falling down with the vols it's sweet Kennametal broken hips because most stop it. So I get up this morning and I'm checking my calendar last night like that he would land tomorrow and demand. Miscues was Tonya critics but it's what this the the 8 o'clock tonight I cannot wait have you watched the movie yet. Yet it we have it we're gonna watch tonight. What you'd better get all the special. Or is Miller reviewed on. We want to special first men watch the movie. I think you should watch the movies first cycle happened Damon. You need to watch movie DVR add these yet interview and I watched that doesn't have DVR that's what I think he's Judeo. It'll be on on line that we now. Tonya Harding on her continued love for figure skating. What life is like today quote I want to get back and do things that I love to do. Nancy Kerrigan's thinking about this whole thing rest she's highlights just leave me and I'm sure she's like justly. Don't you think. I'm. He's probably gonna watch this vessel and bill. And it. Europe and I'm I'm jerk. It's. Now I could now I'm sorry. You you're younger and no number you remember the. I was everywhere. How old were you pound that was what 9392. Only two. I was. You remember that it was an all everywhere they'll you know I was lover everywhere. I want you to watch the movie first and taped the interview because you'll come away with a completely. Different opinion. After you watch the movie I Tonya completely different opinion. Do. Do you feel sympathetic to Tonya harding's you do yes. In fact is Travis out there patent. I. OK. Okay asked Princeton and went. And okay night. Travis. You watch the movie. I Tonya you have not heard this conversation up to this point. Your feeling about her when you watched it was once you filter before. You feel bad for Tonya are he's the guy is terrible I know it's hard for you to believe because I wouldn't it does I mean she is white trash lashing horrible human being. This movie will change the way you look at that woman re the best normally for movies like this you think they to start you know as soon as you start skating yeah. But she they started from a young age from maybe five years three years old. On tool that Nancy Kerrigan incident. It and her answer yours I let that stop with treatment secured gonna. The charges in the conviction of bribery. Tools and out of view can't order me three years old until then she is beat by every single man that she can be contacted. And an outside is in the movie. It is hard. To watch it is what's what's what's what's sad is that she she says in the movie I am church and she said in multiple interviews out she being the ad portrays on being as. Yes Margo erotic but Tonya Tonya harding's not in the movie column. Ran Alley now now now she might be it and buy it. She talks about anti now Harding has dug outs in east too she says she was beat so much by her mom. She by getting beat Bonderman meant that they loved her yeah. It's hard because they always said after I'm sorry I levee should equal maybe that's what load uses meat eating beat and this is not just her saying she's getting beat I mean she it would cover up her bruises with. Hunters of Jamaica when she would go skate you know some of those from her mother given to her by her mother who is the most horrible human being by the way. You'll ever see portrayed in a skating town. Tell the story told Seoul Saturday night we are in parks Christmas tuner about how. Tonya Harding. Knew she was the best figure skater would race out to the cars of the judges yet tell that story today. Just. Hated her they hated everything she stood for and the nice thing about this movie is like Travis said it goes way back into her child and she never fit in honoring the coaches in the beginning were like. And we're not taken even though she was the best because her mother was so disgusting. A smoking. Drinking. Abusive. Of abusive. Woman his mother and Allison Janney is up for. A Golden Globe she will be up for Oscar it will not surprise me if she gets at because she plays the mother so well. And you hate that mother so much the start to see. Of course Tonya grows up to surround herself with. People just people and the judges make fun of her and other skaters make fun of her and you know they want her to be this perfect. You know loves the pearls and wearing. Figure skating. Wealthy girl right and that's not what she what she was the best in the world. But she was smoking drinking cussing. Angry Tonya Harding yes angry. At least didn't appear like of course she was angry oh my god everyone's beating her. 'cause at one point you know any time you watch figure skating the girls are wasn't wearing like the best clothes was she's wearing this pink outfit that she made herself. And she. Destroys every other figure skate in this in this competition. And she loses. And does she go the to the judge she goes well what's it like what more and and I and they go we know you're the best but you don't look the part. You don't look the part and there's one judge she finally corners and and you can tell he's afraid of they're all afraid ever forgets she's just. She's a very hot and it scary kind of from the wrong side of the tracks coral. And she's in tears and she said why can't this just be about the skating. Why can't just be about the skating high. And he said you'll never. Get me to admit that I said this TO. But we just are not looking for you were tight. Of person. On the Wheaties box with. We don't want York brand of cell we don't want white trash rash presenting. The figure skating world witches and expensive. Exclusive. Now predominantly white predominantly well read. Mission models it's we will or we want Mission Hills we don't want grand view absolutely. And it and she never she fought it her whole life. Scott she thought it her whole life. And so when it came time for this thing with Nancy Kerrigan and these three men when that all went down. She said the sport always hated me America always had a good one and a badly and Nancy was the good one and I was the bat one. And it was just so easy to assume she had everything to do with his hit on Nancy Kerrigan. I do not believe she didn't do what we're trying to George got regular season it. It is said that one Mission Hills and a clear and not paying any attention to the showgirls at museums. But while parliament so I tried hard to get younger and you X. I do I want him originals not downtime Casey. Wrecked the ice skating you know what if I definitely can just just another steady at an armed eat. Sport you know only rich people infinitely sport it's now one of the lead to test. I mean today. Only four for a single person. You go through spew part of go through tons of money in you would for a club soccer team or club and travel basketball team whose. First figure skate you you go everywhere well and get to that level. You have to have the best trainer right you got the best coach the best trainer you gotta have the best gates got to have the best clothes. At one point there during the trial the judge takes way everything she goes are rather go to jail. Because you take away I didn't go to school I don't have education all right do all in due to skate sitting at a school her mumbled around school. And you're going to be on the brink and hours a day and you're gonna do well apparently you didn't she go to the Olympics since in Sweden. Yes. Issue which this week. She went to Olympics which had a benign view wasn't Norway. I don't think it was sweet and senate in 1990. Fourth seed she lost there things Winter Olympics I know Nancy Kerrigan got sold and she got eighth eighth place hardened. Member hurt her. Laces clearly does end there there's a scene in the movie where she's. Struggling to get. Her skates on and she's crying and is all of this stuff is happening reporters are starting to follow and this was. You've got to remember Scott that was an international story Kosher at some local story that international's. International story. And your heart. Breaks for her and I in the first person you'll tell you I could not stand her before I saw the Nittany. And then you watch it you're like oh my gosh how can achieve even gotten as far as she did. With the people in her family. And in her life. Now Lilly Hummer it was Lillehammer moving him. It's one of those movies where you're watching you and your like are you know what's gonna happen but your eyes are glued to the TV in your listened to every school were that's been said. Why her mom might and hardened by a husband by the bodyguard who's about it is surrounded. By. The biggest losers got that Americans could possibly produce some rights and all my god I cannot believe this segment. I do not feel sorry for Tonya Harding in the same manner I don't feel sorry for Aaron Hernandez. Howdy howdy respond to that for a multitude of voices still. Several the two different situations you don't have to pull back burner and Hernandez may actually kill somebody. She was it a bad situation. Of that whether she did it I don't think she did it have to watch I miss. I don't either that the movie they are and it never able to prove she knew. That they were going to whack Nancy on the neat what she do. Was that they wanted to write her a written threat. Because Tonya had received a written threat like if you show up and skate we'll hammer we're gonna kill you or whatever. So the husband say you know what we should even the playing field this has shaken up. We should write a threat. To Nancy tip them and she did not stop. That train from leaving the station. So. So then when they whacked on the knee. She's like what did you do right issues like these full speed no letter this was plus feel let her and I'm telling you Scott I believe it. I believe that she knew there was supposed to be a lap car but never would have green lighted you idiot sketch. The scene where he hit her on the knee and then tries to escape. There is not a bigger loser. Or idiots in all of America. Okay. Okay. And okay night. You know Summers have been almost all of us and knock on would have been synonymous in the future but if you do. Find yourself in a car accident remember the name deals collision repair spikes I've been up there many times dale is a personal friend. I'd wash his crews are work. They are and I can say this without question without. Any debate. They are the best in the business getting your car fixed right and getting it fixed right the first time their work is guaranteed as long usual on your car truck. Dale's collision repair in blue springs 8162281855816228. 1855. Online entails auto collision dot com. Dale's a blue springs taking care of cars taking care. I was training the biggest change and won't. Oh not. The moment at best seat in the they can. And I was glad they teach mobile phone. Because while the guys came down and this note came down and wolves speeds on Shawnee mission park where down to about ten miles per hour today. Here. Now. We can mother nature and they did. I don't fault anyone for Colin school today because they didn't know they're damned if they did it and the down. That they don't call it some tickets and Ras I was all of his toes his fingers there little political. Yeah Rodgers under your council and mayor in the boost their. My son Roman is under the console here with me is not home with your wife because she's out of town and so you had to make last minute plans for a Roman and furious and he's going to be here until I have time to line and I. But look outside rod it's a good reason they called our school look how slow the cars are well. I'm just happy. That it didn't turn out to be a terrible winter storm were people got hurt and we lost power and everybody got stuck inside. It's it's the the positive side of the aisle it's much nicer I thought it would be today I'm very happy future bread milk. Non soma and Chris in milk. The Clinton though. If the brute of run that we gonna put the economic. Well. I. You say I'd love that you actually it's even less because. I am now gets an out. Really. I don't now winning and mill become such a staple I don't think that you can get through one day. Without bread milk. And look cottage cheese I can't stand now. I just I do not understand the I mean is French toast like. The goat to put food out. In Kansas City when it snows. A big answers yeah. Bread milk and that's what everybody gets bigger government program that Britain. Yeah you're right texture I'd be more concerned about toilet paper you're right. Storms coming. You get one thing from the store orders one saying one thing storm is coming up one thing and my at a wine. Alcohol and I was okay. And. I don't know. I X stock her opera when it comes to stuff like this Kara. Sunday night but in the car and say bagels maybe here. Now the gimmick can make last for awhile. Although starters at that won't work you better didn't jelly say okay peanut butter there's one. Universe can't. Protein in its dimensions and are you creamy chunky now I loved extra chunky. I don't like crunch around my idea now well now though guy knicks and that stuff I like key minutes. Otter and I don't like mixing them together like. I like and it's like other like vick's gonna get. You like penis he. Rock and I don't I conservatives which she says Craig on it sounds like crown. Correct when she says God's team not its saving he sets what does it sound like to humans. He it's. It's he. But say it facts. What. Yes one right here. Here to show my payments. He Nance. To which I don't like chunky. In potter. He's hired and what not and sapiens. In. SA peanut butter in honor. She says it differently say Korea. What. Would say it louder. There's room care. Roads are in good shape this evening I'm more next. You know I drove my atlas into the station today because at my personal car is a smaller sedan. And the hapless handled so well on the streets today I love it I feel safer in that big old truck win. The roads are slick or bad it just drives great outside us. It seats seven it's roomy it does not drive like a big clunky suvs because we've found those before you're gonna love via was gonna Volkswagen Lee's summit. Ask to see that thing we love that car so much we're looking at one for my daughter right now. And remember right now you can get in for 99. Dollars a month. And Volkswagen at least some of the rough and a great deal they will put you in a new car for 99 dollars for the first three months when he won these are financed does not matter. And they will still. By your old car at 120% of fair trade value when you buy it or at least an imminent 99 month David great selection of new and used cars in all makes and models. At clearance prices for the new year get in now 99 bucks a month is a phenomenal. Deal. See dealer for warranty details by that for 2006 and Newark high lines excluded C dealer for full details. We're 31 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are looking at CNN Cairo on rental don't go. And that's got an explain that. Here ice river started working parking lots this afternoon the roads have been salted and are mostly clear tonight that doesn't mean there are any patches of ice those who take it easier on your way home. Baltimore hospital is apologizing for an incident Tuesday night where a patient was left to bust up in the cold with no shoes in a hospital gown after being discharged. Cellphone video captured by a witness went viral it shows the woman who seems unable to speak with a parent wound on her head her belongings in plastic bags strewn about the sidewalk. At a press conference today University of Maryland medical center president CEO doctor Marla Hanson does says the hospital is taking responsibility. On that occurred Tuesday night that breakdown. Of the demonstration of compassion. We have down and we do. The hospital is in the process of interviewing employees and everyone involved to figure out how that happens we'll check traffic and weather together next. That Arctic frenzy continues transition on through and falling temperatures folks for the rest of today down into the teens I later on this afternoon and eventually by tonight. We are down to about ten. Strong north to northwesterly wind for the rest of today take an over thirty miles per hour giving as wind chill values closer to zero. And we do you have a batch of moisture coming in in the form of snow showers. And maybe mixing it times a little light freezing rain or freezing drizzle and because you see those temperatures fall any moisture on the roadways will rephrase. I'm staff meteorologists at different era more Katie NBC weather. It is fifteen aren't aren't PCI seventeen downtown fifteen at your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with nears 981 KM BZ KM BZ dot com. You see this on every cable news outlet tomorrow morning. Eagles tonight. Assume your papers. Tomorrow morning. The president is quoted by the Washington Post. As asking his staff in the Washington Post cites two sources. Quote why are we having all these people from S word. Whole countries. Come here why can't we have more people from or NS NBC is using S asks. CNN has not seen her Wolf Blitzer is that that order and out there. I mean they spell it out I am in in all and I have a degree in broadcast journalism. I never thought I would see Vista. Not saying there's anything wrong with. I think CNN has just given up there right you know what screw when document. Covered up not coming clean it up. Who's gonna put the word out. They are cable outlet they are not under the same rules as. Over the error what used to be called over the air broadcast television stations they can spell that word help I can say that weren't they wanna do. But it won't. Two major stories coming out of the White House today and and I know we don't give in politics a lot so this isn't a matter of a monetary. I know it doesn't let me tell you the other story is coming on the White House the president apparently give us an interview with the Wall Street Journal today. Where he says he has a quote very good relationship. With Kim Jong Hoon. The guy he calls Little Rock command. None of this matters. Because his supporters there people listening and this is fine that's your opinion wind. When you see. That the president of the United States the man you elected. Says Ireland and why are we bringing all of these people in from blank whole country's. His supporters will agree. They agree that this isn't this isn't even a story it's interesting and that we've never seen that word our in grand. On a major news organization. Currently before on a Chiron but he does import producer. Onward to now. This is not it is and I'll tell you why and his supporters don't care and they probably agree with him. Well where else are we supposed to take immigrants in from. Norway. I would bet most people from Norway don't you that you could maybe make the argument that this does not play well with the other countries. That would be on the list of places that are as where we took immigrants. I'm sure the leaders of those countries today take exception to being called a blank whole country. But that people that support Donald Trump you're gonna have absolutely no problem with the fact that he sub. The White House is not denying that the use that term. Listen we don't get into politics very often we're not going to do it necessarily right now as some rice and I I do agree to president. Damn right we agree withdrawal. Right somebody else. The AP is using the word on Twitter. They did say it on CNN. Jake Tapper just said the word ass. Owl. To our. Somebody else writes in is the president wrong I don't think so. I think it's unfortunate. That he used that term because these countries are going to be our allies and it's like calling one of your friends and fat. Slop it I mean it's just not diplomatic but this president's never been diplomatic I don't think it's the story is to support. With you on that in that regard. I do think that that trump supporters are going to. Back him on this. I think I agreed with him on this I think. That they would argue that countries like Haiti which is one of the countries he apparently referred to. Countries in Africa. Which apparently was some of the country's hero for two or S whole country's I mean Haiti is no beacon of greatness. And they're gonna look at that say. He's actually liked. Those are as whole country's. They're they're not good that's for sure but I would I would only wager that argument. Where do you expect people to immigrate from right there knock him immigrate from England or Germany Monaco that they've got to don't want all I think it's. They're going to immigrate from countries that are not. Doing very well. The the idea being if we goes error worth we go to Italy Europe we go to Germany here we go to England. We might have a better life for herself so the argument that the president wages is. Right. It's the way that he says why do we have to take people from these asked all countries. I the we'd prefer better people we'd prefer people from Norway. Well how do you interpret that some people would say while he preferred. White and I I don't think the president is a racist thing is racially insensitive around about that but. Where else would you take people who work immigrants and from as whole country's. And the president is delusional she thinks he has a good relationship with Kim Jong. I don't know. If he's just. Saying that to convince himself to make himself believe it or one. But the president says he has quote a very good relationship with Kim Jong. 576779. From the text like I totally agree with my president. Tom get off your high horse they all say stuff like that behind closed doors. Mommy be clear he doesn't want any immigrants okay. Look there there are Americans who agree with that. Even though our country and immigrants that we should just. Stock footage from make the comments to agree question. And is that quest let me tell you who made those comments to his staff he's got a mole he's got more than one I'm sure. There's a mole some more. Com. From the text like we have zero responsibilities. Taken more people. Lately you guys have become so damned liberal socks I hope you get fired and never. Can't. Park you call yourself a Republican it is laughable. You work as Republican as Joseph Scarborough you spurred a station turned off you PeopleSoft. I'll tell you this. I am a register Republican. I've never ever. Given money to Democrat. And no. I can't say the same about your Republican president. I have never. Eligible. Given money to a Democrat I have given money to Republicans. Or president who claims to be Republican cannot sues him. You tell me who's more poll. By 7677. Ladies if you're like me and he stressed about where to go for automotive repair I don't know enough about auto repair in the past I was worried I'd be overcharged what do we do. 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And then north planned on Barry rent. Yeah. Into the synchronicity. When they go visit. It sounds like yeah they're really and I love song and it took its complete report but yet toll since it was good. That's the police don't you know stings like really enter bettered its discount that that. Is it writers editors did it right here. Yeah that's him. And it. Saint Louis post dispatch and multiple media outlets are reporting that governor Eric brightens will be investigated. For possible criminal conduct. Surrounding. His admitted. Affair. And we'll investigate horror. Standby aid just tweeted that. What's her name Kim Gardner who is the Saint Louis circuit. Attorney. Will lead that investigation. While GOP legislative leaders and investigating him for what planet well yes. Yes the seriousness of this allegation and the implications it will have on the integrity of our state government are deeply disturbing the letter says. But a spokeswoman for holly and Gartner. Say they have jurisdiction in a statement says she will launch an investigation quote. The series allegations against Missouri governor Eric rights are very troubling after further consideration. I have decided to launch a formal. Investigation. He is out with another. Statements. May find that was on my. Has beens page here. We have been asked repeatedly by reputable news outlets like we believe this nearly three year old news story is coming out now. This is through his attorney James Bennet. The latest reporting has finally disclose that the reporting was being driven by. A quotes source who is the former Democrat state party chair. And who apparently has not spoken to the person in question this goes a long way to explaining what is going on. Quote this is a political. Hit piece. You know it's just it doesn't make it any less true. What happened he has admitted this happens right. He admitted affair not to taking a picture of her blindfolded and yet he denies the blackmail arm of the story he does not deny the affair arm of the store. And I think without evidence. That he took a photo of this woman and said. If you say anything well you know I have this photo without without direct concrete evidence of that I don't know what to charge would be Scott and I'm not excuse. His behavior what is she going to be in hospital what do children that she could have hoped meet a picture. What is via this year as a voicemail. What does she has an email now maybe maybe. I mean you need the picture which he could easily delete right now. Oh it's delete it sure but did she have a copy of the photo he took of her blackmail her I would I would guess no does she have an I don't know if she does or doesn't. Does she have the text that says. Don't forget I have the picture tell your husband to cut it out because her ex husband. It has been notorious on Twitter right saying. Eric rice homer girl like I wanna say do you honestly think he'd be that stupid but history is littered with politicians who have been that stupid are. Anthony we are just gonna say Anthony Weiner with his toddler in the photo. So it's silly for me to say what you and that stupid to share that photo with her I don't know. I don't mountain. Somebody says with all the political talk by the way I love it when you do one segment on politics and everybody thinks this is apply. All the political talk going on today well there was one segment and it was because news was breaking. But somebody says is there anyway with all the political talk we can hear Kohler Ed from last month yes. My question is. Registered drug felon so they have my DNA. I got long hair. And gonna donate now so might make your way out of it which they would hope to do had. And the Clinton talked somebody killed somebody. Ed Ed Ed Ed. What does this have to do with the topic of. Not that it did you question my head. So we podcast he's my hero we put on podcast as we were trying to. Us and last night we are trying to have a discussion. About undercover hi this ridiculous reality series. On eight and me which is which one Nordstrom's or they follow a two peek a high school to see what we can learn from what's really going on in high school. And I was dead set against the concept that high school Allen a reality TV of sorts about this at 5 o'clock yesterday. And you guys are all weighing in your writing your calling you're texting is a horrible idea but what we get something. And then Ed called and I have never seen a train. Then it did when Ed found in and so we're asking today where's the podcast. Of Ed's call it is now opt. On the KBC website. Alternate on all forms of social media because we all need a little and in our life. Not that it is the question I had. My question is. Registered drug felon so they have my DNA. I got long hair. And gonna donate now some might make it way out of it which they would hope they do had. Edmund well somebody killed somebody. Ed Ed Ed Ed. What does this have to do with the topic of. Not a question. That's a lot for government are we ever got asked him can you hear that thing happened yesterday Scott sent him at. Yeah. Is he just kept holding on who's the vice president United States and all. Of the best. Court was set whose president risers and goes well. It. That's not a philosophical question as tiger. You know a man who stands on a mountain. Road you idiot. The so the podcast is up if you would like to just play and on a loop and I forget about your troubles today. You know we're you know we're a pretty high right now I don't. And who's the vice president United States. Well all. To a news immature remarks. Happening now on KM BZ and you investigation. Into allegations against the governor of more next. 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