Trump working with Dems to save DACA?

The Jayme & Wickett Podcast
Thursday, September 14th

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Regular supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like to hear. Start drinking have. Let's see if they really do a lot when you don't remember anything and why did what's trending with Damien Wagoner and they realize you're. Blood in the game right there on 98 point one KMD's. Right so it's. Detect week. Right now in Kansas City echo earbuds text speakers and lot of energy and lies about us as a tech city school so let me tech week everybody. And we'll talk later about us being a big area for jobs and tech is it really been part of its. It's a year Selena Gomez tried so she on. She revealed that she had lupus and that she had a kidney transplant and that she'd gotten from a very good friend of person she is posted online. Up pictures in the hospital. I was really young in her early mid twenties. But yeah entry was there anything that is different got you for some reason the blog Jimmer is trending Ito that is no. It is any ride. Safely log ride sounds like a fun ride and closing accounts when I'm in Pittsburgh. Why care about that here I don't know it is one of the trending top ten trending topics on Twitter in Kansas city of Kenny wood is closing. The law object. All right all right I'm not one that I don't quite get blue bottle was turning. Fun it's a coffee chain honestly just acquired for up to 500 million dollars they're calling day hit coffee brand. Oh right tests and it's. Caught like copy subscription service for the Nelson have cafes. Got you back at I'd all right I'll go at the and that's. Tuesday out on hash tag is cell phones didn't exist hall cook I'd sleep more. I'd have we got less to talk about on the show him a lot classified about Italian and a lot more time Atalanta in it and get parked in front of the computer and cell phones didn't exist I wouldn't navigate my way anywhere etc. be lost all the time I wouldn't. I would know what to do you must bowling. Yeah no kidding it's true no less Internet porn less sexting. We'll let you in the. They're you're teens would be you'd be how are your kids your cell phones to his cell phones didn't exist. Your kids would be outside the war yeah we wouldn't have an obesity problem. We have less of an end round but itself. Grit heart is trending. I don't know the costly in eBay and Oscar do. Hoop skirt deal I'm pronouncing it right anyway he passed away. At the age of 56. If ideally dose that is please let us now that's trending in Kansas. John. In Fort Bragg is trending to train explosion at Fort Bragg that's in northern California soldiers in an airliner that. And northern California. Ultimately yeah Atlanta's northern south or North Carolina about that. We need to get up and I'm supposed to know the map as it over to finance its east of Virginia. Of soldiers were prepared by entering X 10 no. That about covers and except for. The docket deal. Now we're gonna talk about next this is from. Really interest and because. They it would we all know doc is in a few doubts the dreamer program for kids that were. Brought into this country. I'm by their parents there are allowed to stay it was not signed a congressional manner or it was signed by President Obama. As an executive order and a week and a half ago president trump announced he was going to. Rescind he said Jeff Sessions out to make the announcement that they're going to pursue in the program. For six months and give congress six months to figure it out. And many of view or Jamie or here we spent a ton of time but we did talk a little bit about it and and many of you were. Derailed. Because it was going to get the illegals out of the year that's what it that was it's going to try to get the illegals out of here. Well. Last night's. President trump. And Nancy Pelosi alien Chuck Schumer and they think there dinner that CNN was promoting it as trump dinner with chuck and Nancy got they ordered pizza truck brought a copy and I sat up a we're gonna get this thing done with this is humanly possible. And we'll tell you. That president trump is fighting for those illegals that you want kicked out to save dreamers he tweeted a lot about them. This morning and we're going to. Ricci you he had to say. And open it up to a conversation with you and find out how you feel about this because. As I'm going back to our FaceBook page try to get back to a week ago. To read some of the comments from people on both sides. Now how do you feel because some people say Jamie. Love bipartisanship. That's what this country needs you say you do as long as you don't have to get anything. As long as you don't have to compromise. And in this case you would like to work with the other side. Somebody is giving up something. So that you both kinda get what you want. And that was the wall initially tyrant last night now it sounds like the walls kind of being kept separate from it and president from saying no we're still gonna do the wall. I guess that's part of a separate conversation what I love about this though more than anything. Is that Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi swear they have a deal. And president from says they don't think it's so somebody think. Or something out so do. I don't know what we've got some details. We've got some words from president trump you're going to hear. We want to hear from you 5767798. Texted at 22980. Year really believe in bipartisanship. And how do you feel they have the dreamers. Art kicked. Outs. And a day with Jamie wicket worried that with you coming up next here on KM BZ 91 KM BZ mid day with Jamie wicket. Do you really care about bipartisanship do you believe it is something. That is right because. Jamie I think you're right when you say that you believe in bipartisanship as long as you don't have to give up anything from your side. Things SA. And it's a popular thing to complain about. Only to bipartisanship the other side isn't cooperating enough with my side but if you want bipartisanship it means. Somebody's gotta give something not and that's where we're oh wait a minute now. Now now we don't we don't want it so the question. That we're still trying to sort out is do we have a deal or not. Nancy Pelosi and section or both came out last night and they reiterated it again this morning that just they've come to a deal with president trump. On doc and on those 800000 people what's gonna happen everybody seems to agree that the wall is being left out of this. But the trump tweeted this morning that there is no deal meetings and really know what the hell happened last night. Heat about a lot of stuff and it's it's very interesting. To mean. That. I ever I mean how I went back and found some comments from the date of the doctor announcement we put up on FaceBook of course like we do we wanna know you think of all the things we're gonna talk about Dan. You know there was you know some people said look those parasites go back to the Mexican ghetto. OK. That was one of the comments that was made this is from. Right Joseph get rid of it it's unconstitutional. Steve thousands of these illegals came by themselves they were dragged by anybody. Right now a lot of you. That do support president trump we're glad to see docket go back or be rescinded or whatnot and a lot of he took it to another extreme instead of waiting to see what congress should do in six months to fix it. You just wanted the Mexicans on here or wherever they were from Cuba and they could be Mexican could be Colombian wherever they're from. It's interesting to read president trumps tweets this morning. Does anybody really want to throw out good educated and accomplished young people. Who have jobs sub serving in the military really. The event in our country for many years through no fault of their own brought in by appearance at a young age plus big border security. Now the president trump spoke today. About the media this does get he's standing in front of air force in their Air Force One or Marine One I'm not sure which one. It's just a little bit loud in the background as a threat three out of four this is before you before this is people will play the them for Myers one as well. And here's president trump earlier today. Security at. And I think that. So he's focusing on border security and perhaps there will be some kind of the deal I don't know how old who's going to guild. When he comes to that. But it is very interesting that that. Many trump supporters and I'm guessing president trumpet some point want it because there was an interview he did with Chuck Todd about a year and a half ago about. They have to leave. Well now he's flipped now he's completely flipped and is is saying we don't want them to leave his own tweets while wanna get rid throw out. Good educated accomplished young people who have jobs of serving in the military really. Does the word the president tried to navy it. Where OK so this sort product Q2 290 or 576779. Mates out a couple of questions on the board one is more of a political class in a more relates to to dock itself. What do you think about president Robert and the Democrats. As some you'll like deal like this bipartisanship thing because it seems to be leading president trot to may be not delivering on what he promised in the campaign. Seems like he's he's watering down some of those hardcore promises initially to the point that. Some very prominent well known Republicans or conservatives are speaking out against him. So what do you think about bipartisanship. Part and what do you think about doc what do you think about the dreamer. And your president is now working to keep 800000. Dreamers in this country and as he thought we thought he won app we thought he wanted out. A lot of the supporters want an amount in like you said it lights up jumper and you can voice your displeasure with president trump or your if if you're an anti trump her. And you want to voice your praise for president truck working with lows in working with Schumer will take those phone calls to 5767798. There are some people like you mentioned were a little bit upset. With president drop specially some of his biggest supporters like Ann Coulter. Very out sport spoken woman beaten and Coulter tweeting out today. Put a fork in trump he's dead. And at this point who doesn't want trump impeached. Coulter who doesn't want Tron impeached what a first isn't the first part was put a fork in trump he's dead. He's got following through on a lot of stuff but they'll repeal and replace dock at the wall and me in that SoundBite will play the another when government. He he said the wall will happen later. It is on you know when he is up for reelection and a few runs for reelection these are the things that that she will be judged on these or the campaign promises that he made. These are the things are gonna look at them and say did he do the things that we elected him to do or not for sure things that Democrats are gonna be looking at the next election some may. She has a point. Laura Ingram tweeting out and we Laura was down the hall due to show in this studio a couple of months back. I'll wind is American working class without real wage increase in fifteen years in who send their kids overcrowded public schools get amnesty. Only deal that might make sense for docket is the rays app. Act. And this from Laura Ingram. The art of done Steele. Let's hope that Pelosi and Schubert misrepresented the docket deal. You also have Sean Hannity who's very upset pro trump Fox News host Sean Hannity. Tweeting that week Republicans have betrayed voters. And push mr. trump into arms a political suicide. Steve king of Iowa very conservative. And tweeting it the president of the reports were true trump base is blown up destroyed. It terrible irreparable excuse me and disillusioned beyond repair no promise is read a bowl. This is where I saying. I have sympathy for president Rogge he can't win. He can't win he's got he's got to where we Democrats to get a deal done because he's gonna need your votes at some point. And to keep some of the more moderate voters he's he's got to do a deal with them but he can't and somebody's going to be upset either they're gonna be upset that he is negotiating with the other the other side more than he's not. Yeah he can't do the right thing here. 5767798. How do you feel about president trump. Working with Democrats. And saving the dreamers working on it now it's not done doc is not reinstated now but these. If I would trump supporter and I backed trump. War lol. And floor. Tight borders and getting the illegals out of here and close again shutting off doc got. I live good today gap on you betrayed me yeah I voted for you based on these promises and you bailed. No appeal to replace the wall hasn't even been started now to be fair hopefully. On he is were what nine months and rehearsal time to get healthcare done their time to get work done on some of these issues but they haven't happened yet. And I as a non trump supporter I did not vote for the man I do not like him as our president. I think this girl. Is it possible he's gonna win Democrats. Democratic voters more independent voters I don't know what the other side probably Denon. Somebody's just about and attacks on perhaps he's gonna win moderates. I work with Democrat. If he saves 800000. Dreamers from getting kicked out of this country that's new votes that's a couple of I'll talk you extra of the Latino yes sir absolutely. If you're trumps support look at your phone calls in three minutes. We'll get to Chris we'll get to Brian we wanna hear from you 5767798. Texted at 2298081. K and easy mid day with Jamie wicket Jamie money selling might wicket. Pretty go to the phones and hear from you your thoughts on president trump seemingly to us seemingly reaching across the aisle working with Pelosi in Schumer and the dams. And saving Dhaka they're on their way to a deal potentially. Yes so we're looking at your questions here one is the political question what do you think about working with Democrats especially. For those of you that realized that in order to do daddy's gonna have to give up some things. That he promised you when you voted for and he promised the wall and he promised you know teams to get these people out of the country now he's. Now he's and that a bit so what do you think about the bipartisanship when it means that you don't get everything you want. And then simply put he's he's changed his mind about it on on these 800000 people about what's gonna happen to. Because there are a lot of people that. We're thrilled you know Republicans were thrilled in the house he had sent it. Yeah White House got Supreme Court everything is that it is is run by the GOP right now and hearing is working with two with Haiti and members. Of the Democratic Party if you're Republican. I mean. People see Chuck Schumer or used as fodder during the debates. You know the ice gas on. That was not the easiest meetings ever had no. But I think she is realizing that even though Republicans are in power if you wanna get some that die and you're gonna have to work the other side a little bad and they cut the deal for the three month debt ceiling while you were you were around I mean he's cutting deals with Democrats does that thank you lose the trump supporter 5767798. Or does that make it. Does that make it both sides we don't hear from Christian fairway you're a 91 KM BZ what's up Chris. A on lesser. Started. I let me by Burt an urgent questions but there are you were the web WW. Circuit eager are traded at eighty corporate on an op. It. I'm in the that. It would it would or that most people are for it to the barely. Whether or not be here it is in the country I'd eat butter and you both think that it everytime. And it illegal executive order that rule. But that you want to see any eagle Parker that was a little bit. Bill court. But I bet you also got to take the boat got both sides is kinda unaware that it occurred in. Order he says a lot. Chris thinks the fogleman appreciate it if you know I I think you're probably right. I believe in the path to it to citizenship and I hope president trump does as well. But a lot of people are like. Now you're illegal get the hell can't get out you don't belong here get out of our country I guess you're bombing your dad Roger 1998 get to hello. All right don't care if you know it was your it was up to you that your here you're here but to back. We're reborn not can't get the hell out gas pay taxes by 767798. Gorgeous it Dalia talked to Bryan a 91 KM BZ was O'Brien. I guess I just. Internal that's about all morning and it seems clear to other items instead. Supporters you know militarily boating or and obviously. I had no idea voters do it meters as saying what he had the data it'll. You know pandering basically what you mean they'll keep it a little worse and now. You know when the reality of getting legislation passed or something like. You know when you don't have an answer having Eric which do. You just seems to keep trying to do things Obama did just because they're single bomb. That we should derby. A congressional. Order past and sort of an executive order I mean you could make that argument. Just stand there and like look at we're gonna kick 800000 people out coast. Does Obama want a state. You know I think extra stuff like that it's gonna. Probably eventually define whatever legacy Ian having in the hours and gaining votes from Democrats. Are doing this I mean. There's no way no way I don't care. Maybe link to votes. That's a if you legalize marijuana tomorrow I would still Borough of America and I. It but the wow smoking up Ryan we appreciate the phone go man bitten and were bright due to forge when he this afternoon how did that set up Brian break appreciate the call them. It out. After watching the health care vote fall flat on his face. If he what look he's got nothing done congressionally. That has been done by the the did that GOP controlled congress right nothing yeah he always hesitant is it executive orders. And gore search yeah it's pretty much all trumps done so far. Course it was an easy. You know that was an easy way and he knew that was gonna and you can't Gaza and the Supreme Court when you have controlled senate and exactly you know I sell 88 this is his. Is this his web trying to get a win. A congressional win. I think he learned a lot out of hell out of the healthcare bill to think that even though Republicans are in power you still need some help from the other side the Democrats even other not the majority can still. Get your way by 767798. Susan is generally thought I Susan your 91 came BZ. I am sorry. I just wanted to kind comment. I hate and the order. I don't agree I agree where about it now I agree it accurate Beckham not in any political leaders out. Country ample you know I. Chocolate and the fact that we're in the apple you know. In opposite direction and I. Like pat on the agreement but they do a lot with charm. In their. Not. You know most babies. People are protected edit and I think that like you that China made it wanted to get our illegal out work. Criminals. And were not intact and then you know. It says. I want to let you finish Susan I think you're right about that I think a lot of people though don't realize the difference a lot of these you know did indeed die hard core trump supporters. The people who want it all these Mexicans out of the country I think a lot of people of a problem differentiating between the dreamers who are in Al. Actually contributing to society and the criminals. Manager I worked with many. Can speaker. Of very good people. Very productive very hard worker and I wouldn't want them out in the country our children are learning her school. Who are making good grades and who are participating in Miller. I get that chance making that. We is American Bancorp we as Americans. Want to keep that back out on the pain you're in and yet we need to regulate. Coming in the country can't just let it become in the country a lot of I think that educated China ordered. Saying recognize OK let's put up a literal or bigger chip wall. And let's not let anybody come into the country and let that. But the problem that we have now with people that are here collect analyze that further kick criminals out. Let. Daryn not productive. People heard I. Maybe learning on the job which I hope that you learn on the job any job that I take that reunion. You learn and we keep learning it you're you know lack. I don't really want to take all of these people out I want to get them chant like congress can't. Bigger something on an expert. What we can do we can actually. Be our country. Are protected and will be the future of the nation. You know cap could be yet he pick people I mean that's what it'd and he joined gear and that's part of the job being president unfortunately. He can't get out Ireland I like Peter reaching across the table. Like eighteenth also. You know. I think that makes a good leader. You know it's a great phone call Susan thank you so much appreciate it it sure looks dead. It definitely is a political map of 89 dot if you're working out of your hardcore conservative but if they are good but their car more moderates and not hardcore conservatives that I think are gonna like this and he's gonna win more than he's Italy's. At least someone once telling me if it's the truth a lot of you were saying he's doing the right thing for the country you know he's. He's moving the country forward I'll like that he is realized that he. Very few people are criticizing this move so I think it's it's more big political win that it is hanging. Some bright Bart run by banded ray and the headline amnesty Don and accused the president of a full fledged cave. That's is all right base right there and even bright mark is going after. Let's get Janet brook side up and hanging on for a while Janet your 91 came BC. Hi. My call. A lot like our mind and the other kind and why are Graham Ian and culture. I think they're crashing the president of the Beijing now that there are they have made it. Cells and cell line. No black towel. But the fact that the president is doing something pretty entire country. Right because if it's like it here because if your Sean Hannity years running such a pro trumpet anti. This kind of a thing I I get what you say and. I actively think it's not at about the fact that you are now letting it. Thanks for the folk appreciate it I don't think there's some truth in there I mean if you tune into Fox News tonight. You don't wanna see Sean Hannity. Praising trump for dealing with Schumer and Pelosi and you don't you don't wanna see that you you're watching. Fox News to watch deals with Democrats. Except the a lot of people are calling and texting who say they're truck supporters and therefore I assume you're gonna watch Fox News and some of you lark. Some of your going to watch the shows that those people host and so I would assume then. You don't like what they're saying. You mean like you're alienating some viewers by saying. But that spot but that's what my fox always one during the Obama years and that's why MSNBC wins right now during the trump administration now. 57677. Enable squeeze in a few more phone calls loaded to Jennifer bogeyed do you coming up also will tell you lot where. The city of Kansas City ranks when it comes to jobs. You'll look at where we are doing this (%expletive) out. Jones at all nervous and I'm very nervous about the big survey out of a thousand Americans. The annual Annenberg constitution day civics sir. Oh god you. Did not fare very well on America Americans did I don't know it's in the constitution. Wicked this has come up before our. You didn't do the best the last time we talked like get a second swing at this cannot tell yet. This is not rocket science stops not rocket surgery this is easy rocket surgery is that really what you decide it. This is not tough stuff. So we're gonna see I you do great and questions about you know not a passing it happens. I don't know why this next hour so you is whenever you I've not you're just tell me. We'll do that deck of that's a midday with Jamie wicket here on KM BC ID one KM BZ. May Day with Jamie wicket Jamie money selling my quick hits. We're wrapping up our conversation with use of you wanna get into canned by 767798. And this is all about president trump and potential deal. He is in the middle of working on. With Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer house and senate minority leaders. When it comes to fighting to save doc fighting to save the dreamer. Such questions and working with the other side and what you think about saving doc and keeping 800000 people intentionally here that he initially wanted out. I look as a guide is not a fan of the president I think it's great that I think it's it's it's 10 you love. And it and I'm watching heads explode yeah. I I everybody here. I this isn't a tweet from Sean Hannity. If Otis doesn't keep his promise and goes for amnesty. It will be the political equivalent of read my lips no new taxes. The line from president George H. W. Bush 25 years ago the year 26 years whatever us. You've got all kinds of right wing pundits upset you upset in coal upset or Ingram. You've upset Stephen King the Republican out of Iowa. If this is correct trump base is blown up destroyed for irreparable. Sorry Iran were terrible he did that on backwards and disillusioned beyond repair Knoll promise is credible. Bright art tends to clear victory as trump caves on doc amnesty Don trends number one in DC. I. Asked ask us before. On presents get a lot of heat especially those who've been around a while those that have more experience in politics on that promise got mr. We often date they make some kind of claim or some kind of statement or some kind of policy decision and first thing those of us in the media DO. As we go back and we looked past statements and we look at past voting records and look at past tweets. And we say we immediately point out contradiction if they changed their mind and we criticized. And how is this week but it's a common thing to do we don't allow politicians to change them I knew we never what do you think he just changed his mind what if you what do you think if in the campaign process. He had one set of information and now he knows something else and he has changed as mine. Alternately. What is this is Tuesday political move to win moderates. It definitely could be is is there one or more okay an apple you know one way or the other I guess that a genuine movers and. And of care fits my local PTA chairman of the president of the United States everybody's trying to run for some kind of election but hey not. Auction for a little while he's got three times as if it right. So does it does he still have time to get this done or is it too early for the political note. Two good question here's what he had to say by the way when he landed in Florida he's doing the tour right now he was in what date can start for my buyer's night went to Naples Italy he's on his way back to DC here's president trumpets. Green border security and surveillance everything else. Now we also have to get the long. It doesn't have to be here but they can't obstruct. The wall whether it's an apology for something else when we're ready yeah. Jennifer clamored over how to would not look good citizenship would not put it in avenues. He did not allowing people. Here we're working win and everybody Republican. We're working with the democratic but we won't ride he's on board everybody's on board they wanted to do something we're not talking about that music we're talking about. We're talking about taking care of people. People that were brought here he lamented that a good job and we're not brought here of their own volition. But very importantly what we block we have to have a long if the world is going to be instructed. When we need the funds had a little bit later date. We'll be determining how much we need and we're not doing any. It sounds like the wall and doc are somehow linked right now when it comes to president trump and then policy in Schumer I thought they were separate style not mean well. Date on what is. It. It's mostly because this thing and last night before he made these comments yeah. He said the wall is separate and even Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer sent our understanding. Is that president trump is still going to pursue the wall but that is separate from this deal what. Right there. People on what's mine go back to the phones Jennifer Lawrence has been hanging on to Jennifer we appreciate your patience your 91 came BZ. Great yeah. I have a favorite critic and out I am a former military Al. And I actually went through that recruitment say it with my husband and it actually. And the area. Hard. It's very and then in the end of the military lot of people were. Providing you know edit and share record all bets that no. When everybody's talking about the dreamers. Which I have a heart pour it at one of their contributing to society. I'm trying to compute that I didn't know they can go into the military if they were un document. That's that's people get confused and I was listening to Dana and parks that gain that this whole thing went down in Scotland at the point that I think we'll have to realize. There's a list of the people who aren't the dream she and Mikey there it is so much of which is have a list registry. We have that under aka we had. We know where for the most part. All the dreamers are and I believe that allows them to join the military I mean. There are plenty of military members who came over from weathered beat Mexico Cuba Haiti were were they came from. And our our members fighting for this country. So we're OK with letting them fight were OK with letting and you know serve the military and serve the country. But them we don't want understand yeah. Is that and that's that's the prime oversimplifying. It but that's the problem. That's that's one of the issues people why does all. You've got let's say 8101000. I don't know 101000. Dreamers fighting it all branches of the military. Potentially in the Middle East or wherever we have conflict. And this program would say well. Plunged air or what you get. Yeah got to go somewhere else and upping troop levels. Sound. It's a good question Jennifer appreciate your your husband service lets get up Brandon Brooks and a friend your 91 came easy. You could tell he might come. K call me. They need for cable. With op is not about the dreamers. I'm. Very. And there's been here why don't hear. Me Ernie for what their parents there. Anymore and that was about two or not you're hearing it right date be funny well why they. Get over it that way if you're not part of this if you're not the ones you don't want you should not be age. I. Think that's exactly the president trumpets. And unfortunately. If you and and I don't know where you stood for in the day the inept now what went chemical back a week and a half. When the word came down he was rescinding the dock a program were you happy. I was happy he's with street banking. None I don't know and I don't gonna up I would go back to a week and a half ago. When he made the announcement on Twitter and Jeff Sessions said they were rescinding yet were you happy. I was acting I was very happy that it was the rock. I was happy that day so. They did not need that human issue here and be fair about it. I okay. The ear you're talking about the announcement yesterday. I'm talking about ten days ago I've follow me on for on this brand when you got a win win doc was rescinded ten days ago. And and Jeff Sessions went out there and said now we give congress six months and they got rid of president Obama's executive order and potentially. We were looking at 800000. People being kicked out of this country were you happy. I. Okay. That's right that's what my question gaga that's and then it's of their for this decision makes you that's what I wanted it because there were a lot of people happy then. And are pissed off today down. Neighborly and Coulter Laura Ingram and cash on hand big name BC and media. Squeezed even before the news here steadier and came easy the floor is yours. Hit a couple of things I think that the most important. Saying that any elected official should be able to be. There's only one word that they should be able idea and they need to be able to compromise if they can't compromise. It will an op I mean they can be aired and all of them yet and we ultimately can't call. So you're black could be able to compromise. And come up with the actions that both. I'll bet we can live because I like never yet. And that's the question of bipartisanship. People really agree with that I mean moderates do because moderates see on both sides libertarians do because they see on both sides. Hard court down this. Don't see anything on the right they like and vice Versa it's not a FaceBook page to everybody forget Neeon we appreciate that it's on a FaceBook page what I keep the conversation going on you can. Coming up next Brock turner or him he was the as Stanford rapists. Is it right there he's now the face of rape.