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Monday, August 7th

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When you're supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like to hear. Start drinking have. Let's see if they really do well when you don't remember anything can happen why did what's trending with Jamie McIntyre live your life you're. Blood didn't feel like this on 98 point 01 KMD's. Yeah. Game of drones is the number one trend I've got in Kansas City in the episode last night many are calling it the best episode. In seven seasons just because it's another number one trending topic doesn't mean you could talk about all mine I can't. Now I'll give you toy for art Travis you watch it you see it last night for getting caught up tonight firepower sure if I have power forgot he lost power. Got a your house of his first in your neighborhood or is everybody else not have our TI have no idea I didn't go asking our does not have it on his eye and you can't. No I can't it says that your house or this is like seventy's before epic its. What's your area yeah and much of seventy people living in your house we don't know about I really I don't know what that it's really weird. Watched game of drones what you can give you 24 hours Travis and then I'm coming after. That's perfect from a five yards and four hours an item running away from. There are let me. Through the south are reflecting on not the biggest TV person in the world yes but after we had monsoon over the weekend like the great monsoon in 2070. The latest great minds on that I caught up on some things that I watch regularly and I'm about to do big trip I'm gonna be in the air for one time and so I'm thinking about it and those are. Everybody's talking about I felt and I know Dana's watching it and I'm a big Jason Bateman fan and I liked it when he does drama. And I've heard it's amazing anybody else watch and those are 2290 was worth me getting into because. It's only ten episodes. That I can connect to. He can do that he's a guy can doubt that goes on my phone analogue fly. I can end at some that I can I can I was content but anybody else Watson I've heard a lot of people all our needs and and I've heard great it's get great. Here is everywhere and has a lot of jaw dropping senile hot loud twist though Lee and I are talking about doing that as well maybe that'll be the next maybe will commit. Yeah to new shell. Yeah that's tenants as I can I can deal once season and actions yeah. At that. Sporting KC is trending me played to a draw yesterday. And a guy that used to play on the team Jacob Pedersen scored the game tying goal. Late. At that spot all well and India registering a star. That is the 99 consecutive sellout at children's mercy park that's a loss differently we talked about it enough. 99 straight sellouts it's. We've we don't give them enough credit for it when it yeah it's for good for sporting KC good for children's mercy. But he played would draw a draw yesterday 11. Usher is trending. Two women and a man are accusing usher of not telling them he had herpes according to a lawsuit that was Ohio attorney Lisa bloom announcing during a press conference ability accusers that accuser alleged. She had sex lesser hotel room when she was ninety said the singer did not warn her about the STD. Ill. Oh its true what I think to have lawsuit over and now known writer and you know I on. All Clinton is Trai in training for two res went to a wedding. Others that so I'm. There's that some more important that well the other Clinton Clinton Missouri there that the chase is still out for the guys that shot and killed a police officer. I'll do it's surprising we haven't found him yet. Like normally there are leads we get the local news on here and it did surprisingly haven't found him. But yet the other reason was bill and Hillary went to away when I clicked on Clinton. I thought it was going to be about your gentlemen please observant that killed on now the first ten headlines that came up for me or the fact that bill and Hillary Clinton went to a wedding. They went to a wedding also. One of the trump daughters was there Ers are going to say. And it was the it and hedge found capital group founder mark last or who's a co owner of the Milwaukee Bucks his daughters one stat that's freaking news Eric Berry is trending this probably because you retreated him still signings this is cool he's that camp up and sing gel and security told me it's stopping go to the locker room he said no I'm good here. Any sign autographs for all the kids all the fans of their loved acts cruel I love. Don Baylor is diet. 1979 MVP he was the first manager of the Colorado Rockies I think he went to three World Series passed away the 868. I think he's the all time record holder for most times hit by pitch I believe he holds that distinction in Major League Baseball so. Thoughts and prayers also Darren Dalton died yesterday former Philadelphia Phillies on the Dutch he lost his four year battle with cancer. Aren't very good on you mentioned. It's so after carding its cable. Cable is turning to our first look at cable from dead will two Dick cable we played by Josh rolling in the new dead pool movie. And it's a big year from. For Josh rolling because he's also Travis plane Santos in infinity ward exterior such a big year for for Josh pearl and and the reason why as its training that Ryan Reynolds is tweeting out pictures looks bad ass from dead pool to soak. Way. Everybody's telling me to watch those are yeah nobody is nobody's dog and nobody's dog and a little predictable as what people are sank them. That's silly criticism was that it's something compared to breaking bad bad several critics from which I never watched either but that's fish out of water. Concept what do you do and that circumstance but. Nobody is saying it's back and I'd I've her legacy I've heard is good things to give a shot and we'll do the same we start anytime soon or is going to be okay. It's a BI and I had some time this weekend it's possible this weekend on really I did you watch when there is bad weather that's kind of my. It's very it's not very often that I need to kind of Nast and there's bad weather but I've got yap a trip coming up and about three weeks or so that's golf that's an armed. May Day with Jimmy wicket still to come this hour it is the new Tyrod trial of the century. Is the latest trial. It's and it's not usher not sure know a whole idea. Also next hour or why your flight attendant hates pouring your diet I'll Scott. That's the funniest story scene all day at a top flight attendants take it's midday with Jamie wicket straight ahead. Does it bother you when someone asks you to pay for their honeymoon we'll explain. Next a 91 KMB easy but he line Kate MB easy me day would Jamie wickets don't forget we have a Twitter ball going on. I'd feel about this cool weather we've got in Kansas City these days do you miss the heat or is it wonderful. Over 150 votes and 90% of you say it's wonderful except Mike what I'm I'm the entire 10% and I'll bring you back in the Travis is my guy. You guys are here it's. I mean I I say really long term forecast and you can't really do this but according to it to one site we're not gonna see ninety again. In in August that would upset me. Thing try this is kind of earned this because he grew up in Texas that makes it's like if you grow up and you're just used to it being hot so Travis you get past the your problem. Right well spent is in the argument no no I don't even read barely remember living exam you know really identifies some you don't ami when I ask you where your front of the eyes and now. As I think about how bad the injuries and I don't I don't want it I went why is went bad it's cold you don't go outside you can outside and he's their you know why he's now the city don't shut down you can actually this city does shut down his license that only those bad. Or if it snows will be hit it because I just think about get in my car it's fourteen degrees and have to wait. You know arguably the car warms up before I can get warm again. I'm outside it's a hundred degrees out your dip in the pool whatever that's what I love and I'm in the extreme minority. Mystery authority. You can vote on Twitter KM BZ radio and if you're wondering yes Caremark or had a baby over the weekend. Did Charlie's land you can see we've all tweeting that it's up my game is he's faced a page she is up at some pictures up as well on her page ten pounds eight ounces at. And and if I can remember exactly how things happened she was. She went and Thursday night I don't know exactly what time they induce terror I know Friday evening she was still to his animators dilated and and a bad for awhile. And it's finally Charlie arrived late late Friday. 21 and a half inches long. Big giant big boy and everybody's doing great as their loans as rates as she goes on like in a couple of numbers matter facts are at based tire but Reza. Everybody is happy she says everybody's tired Paul's probably not as tired issue you know probably gone and a solicit your go visit the baby today I'm so yeah I know that's kind of insane I know that her family's here and stuff like that by the time yeah. And discover buy and I'll take a few pictures imposed on the cool to that kind of stuff. We just got done getting married out Lee and I did I say not now. This in us are wondering in May and we. Really have much of the honeymoon plan we kind of did the whole week in Las Vegas and a lot of people do that they'll they'll do a couple of days wherever their wedding is going on that the honey it's tradition. But there's some people out there that are upset with asking people like you and me. To crowd fund there're there're. Honey. So. Conversation before but 290. Or 5767798. How you feel about. The crowd funding of things like a one on go find me. Of things are not. To necessity you know like I hurt. And what. Whatever it is but it's one thing if you crowd fun or are planned a funny because Gloucester job and unique in that stuff you really really need. I heard recently won and that went up and put on a fun meet her maternity leave her herb worked did not offer maternity leave and so she wanted to crowd fun. Three months of income that she could take time off from her baby. But it is becoming more popular to crowd fund you'll our. Own and your wedding by the way and also your divorce. And that's that'll let us any. Aaron or we can do tomorrow look at B which major other crowd fund for someone there they're winning their divorce. There's a site called slump fun this is out of CNBC where you can crowd on your honeymoon and her divorce I hope you're not doing both at the same time. Plus fund CEO says they channel 150 million dollars a year to people planning their that is. Other ponds and CEO and founder Sarah Margolis said it was based on the idea of colonials valuing experiences of material items. So honey fund was created to provide couples opportunity to raise money to pay for their own instead of this is just a replacement for registering at at and beyond whatever instead you just put money into substantive and ash. Just put it this on fourth down. You give experiences. Crap I have no problem with this at all and there's a blog we just put it up on FaceBook and Twitter and that the headline. From time and money dot com. No I don't ever want to contribute to your honeymoon crowd funding campaign. What's that person's issue I did along. Door. The problem with access I can if you're going to give a hundred bucks to somebody for their winning anyway. What's the difference either of them cash which they are going to used to pay off their honeymoon. Or you're going to put money in ahead of time the thing I like about this is that. You're treating it like to get registry so they're gonna know well in advance how much money they're getting instead of waiting until they opened the cart after the way. Especially in tough you. Let's say this is the second wedding may be to second wedding for both of you an idea registry these acts like a lot stuff we just put. We put a goofy stuff and history and put on a night block we got to like we you know that kind of stuff. But we also put up like I wanted to subwoofer and she wanted a mini fridge for her office for we got him both you know what I mean yeah. I don't have a problem with that at all because if I'm gonna get you a gift when he geek is something you want. So shakers who starred now's our lives is probably does because some people if you go on to go funny. They don't like that you crowds and experiences or that you crowds line ask people for money for things that you don't you don't need a honeymoon. No you really don't you don't need it you don't. Have to bring a gift to wedding it's nice of you to do you were invited whether it's local or destination or whatever. But you don't have to ME. Here's this is from the blog joke an a 5767798. Or texted at 22980. There's actually a subtle difference between putting together a honeymoon registry on sites like honey fund or Zola wiesel a little bit of travelers joy. And then crowd funding your honeymoon with crowd funding there are goals every budding entrepreneur or in chat chair okay charitable campaign. Say what they need you were to bring their product to the market or make their indie film. In having so called fund raising goals for a honeymoon is just lame the end result the goal. Is free to go on vacation in shield not exactly the most cool worthy ambition not to mention the fact that we don't like the cash requirement for your chip weep about trip. We the patrons will all feel horrible that you have to settle. For jacuzzi less room in the Poconos instead. I don't care. I got his blog is so far off in and it's a law like it's gets in more detail more wordy. What it's like. If I'm gonna get you a give Jamie and you're gonna use it for. You know it's a gift certificates for repeal of wine tasting my buddy Jim and his wife Lorraine. Their honeymoon was in. In Napa and and they set up this exact thing we threw my hundred bucks to go on their XY experience. I have friends that again as people get married when they're older you don't need all you don't need another bland or you don't need all that kind of stuff and they were really into why and so they had peopled its registry where you could buy them bottles and based on what to feel like there's someone. Snippet or asking for but he questions for everybody else about crowd funding someone's divorce. Because plot line offers eyesight to handle expenses not only cover the legal bills but also. To buy furniture because one household has been split into two or help pay your child support to make sure the kids are taking care. What do you think about paying to crowd fund someone's divorce 2290. Or 576779. Crowd funding in divorce now going on as this is plump on that you could use a fund your recovery donating to the expenses was someone's divorce. Mid day with Jamie wicket it's more your text your guy your phone calls as well 576779891. KM BZ media would Jamie awake at 1232. Here on Monday coming a little bit later on the new trial of the century is about to happen ever. Should only it's gonna get nearly the coverage and OJ Simpson did shut. Your show a little bit of bias in your choice of stories that she's innocent. I'm sure you deal. I answer you think she's. Also later run it there is something called the planetary protection agency. And there are literally hiring it almost a salary of a 180000. Dollars a year. And a nineteen year old tried to be on this gritty guy on this on the train here. And it's colors that were actually doing this I thought it was an onion story Italy more about just before 1 o'clock. You think about crowd funding someone's divorce there were several stories that route this week about crowd funding people's humans as they start to plan for weddings for next year and next thing and and really there being a big difference between giving somebody a hundred bucks cash in a car and is going on legal fund imploding under backs and their cunning and fun. But the issue of it being a divorce gets a little. More emotional for some people by plump fund has got a separate site sent out so that you can donate. To people's divorce expenses on to when it comes to things dealing with kids. And I guess on the view are going to say it depends. We're gonna I bet some people are gonna get a little judge about the reason for the divorce and that making a difference in whether you don't care. I think there are a lot of people just don't believe in divorce the believe they're still til til death do us part worked harder. Figured out I'm not gonna donate to your marriage and yeah and I don't know if I would. Donate to a divorce. Know like you I've seen a lot of it my life it's been around me for for various parts I waited so long to get married was because of it and make sure things right. Are there is this talking about donating to random people's divorces or like do I send this out to my friends because. If I don't know you'd there's sure unless I know your being abused and in some way psychologically physically whatever. I don't think I'm donating to a stranger's divorce or birth of the child or wedding fund but if I know you you got a better shot at getting twenty bucks out of my pocket. OK let's play it out both I don't know I got unfunded viewed him. My guess is that you could also she's got a funny I mean and there are other ways to get your friends to donate and stuff. But what it was friends of yours and they or whatever site they were using to crowd on their divorce and what it wasn't an abusive marriage. What if it was just a really miserable situation for them both does that make the divorce. No more or less moral and you willing to help them both be happy apart. I don't know I hate I. Am not a big fan of divorce I've been around it too much. But if they're not happy and you know let's say the guy is my I'm closer to the guy that I am the that the woman in the relationship. In my more likely to donate to his core respond if I know that he doesn't have all the money in the world I don't know I've never really it's one of these things is five years ago we never had to think about and you know admit if a buddy of yours is going through a divorce. Rarely. Will he come up to you and say hey wicket. I'm Angela through this tough time when his divorce. You have a thousand dollars or you have 500 boxer do you have a couple hundred bucks they're really. I have to get out of my my marriage with blah blah blah it's just not working she's cheated on me I'd cheated on her whatever. I don't that's never happened to be before it probably is different zone academics thousand dollars to throw right at gonna ask me they've bright house. Switching on everything that's never occurred to me before so it's and they never had to think about. We got to Texan around totally opposite side there's somebody said. Out where people get the idea that someone else should pay for their problems or wishes seriously. Interest and yet you give guests for things and that's a wish it's a gift. Here's another one I can tell you I am too ashamed of my marriages failing but from what I'm going through the crowd funding from my divorce but only replenish funds. That could be used for my children vs lawyer fees it's costing me money I don't have. And that should be used for my children interest. You know you give to panhandlers. And you're paying for someone else's problems you donate to the united way are you donate to. Salvation Army radio thought coming a week from Thursday end up paying for someone else's problems what's the difference. Between us and the difference is I'm guessing in some people's minds that. I don't know the difference would be your you're giving a dollar to somebody on the street or twenty bucks to the united way or whatever it is. As opposed to somebody going through something they should be able to pay for themselves the united way in the Salvation Army. They depend on our donation so people you some would say you should be able to pay for housing yours and you should be the paper for yourself and you shouldn't need. Now. How homeless shelters and act kind of thing. Some of attacks on I'm not contributing to the breakdown of society and chances are it will be donating and directly through my tax dollars. In your contributing to the society by helping us Mehrtens two people to be apart right now might actually be and might be better for society what if their part would if he beats the crap out for. What fifty kits are miserable because these two people are no longer supposed to be together. Have people been divorced. It's been texting and have all happily married forever and all all of your early show all of your friends or just Mary Lee Epstein some. But he added that Mary in the got divorced within six months because they realize this was eight air Ruble mistake my Mary nineteen years they need to get married they need to get divorced five years earlier it's those five years were miserable for me is they can't they should have done it. Far sooner. So an and it wasn't abusive marriage they just were horrible again after. So now. House and I've just about entitled beggars and whine don't see your own way Hitler and so that. It ever help you out doing any. Difference between we have no problem I donated six bags of clothes this week and I found out of Santa Claus you're giving it to some entitled beggars who don't deserve rights who got themselves in that situation I would start clarifying some of these attacks like that one I'll as a troll tax that prisons just roll but some people. Genuinely think. And I just because this is this is come before on somebody said divorce never helps aside I would not agree with that either if your relationship in Euro woman and the guy BTU. In year Berry to that person you're telling me that says that everything's better because you're staying with a guy who beats you. Or vice Versa say she's physically abusive to the guy every night. That's better for society it's better for those kids it's better for that neighborhood know your raw sometimes I don't agree with divorce all that much. But it sometimes necessary some using people say it went and asks me for money I'm not going to ask what they're gonna use it for and it they decide to use for alcohol or drugs or wherever I have no problem giving let that decide what they need for. What's the difference it's a great point. Now in the grand scheme of what I'm donating money to I think I'd be more likely to donate to friends and strangers yes you know as you know the situation a little more intimately. I'm by it's it's funny how he only give money based on how wild we judged they need you know we only get if we can you really really need. It's true what faced any way it is real about it let's ballots for the sake of my kids. So now I mean. We can't just I don't know maybe you can just pick and choose but I don't know if I would vote how different that was the divorce was they actually asked me to. You know attract I don't think I would. Go search out. Any sort well I guess it what do they just put on FaceBook can't set up the stuff on me account you know so yeah I. We decided to part ways to wait to see in album and what we judge and I see what do you what's what's making the decision for and that's an area. A financially comfortable I am tank is Isabel is back there it yeah first amnesia and I wouldn't donate 300 dollars if I didn't have 300 dollars to donate but what if what about the situations making the decision for him. If let's say my buddy Steve. Put this up on is how close in my eyes Steve Holland of my known Steve it doesn't. Make his divorce any more or less necessary I just don't know how much. I would be into it if I just met Steve a month ago I just can't imagine saying to someone I'm not gonna donate to you because you two can work out like he does it. You know I mean. Whether you can or you can't or don't give a reason but we'll Midas and altitude you can and yet try hard enough or else try I don't. They have now you just never know. Would you donate to to a golf on me for divorce maybe F. I I think I feel like I'm more apt to do with the new car but I think you probably are but they care and Paul got a tale let's. Just somebody and mean what you would you donates our I mean I think I would get less. I weighed I would analyze the reasons for their divorce last and just take their word for it that it I wouldn't treat a divorce much differently than somebody. Asking for money or food or anything else estimate on outlined crowds on something it's because you need you know I mean unless that's archer. Some people crowd there honey okay find it you don't need that but. I'm not judging your level of need I'm I'm going off whether I can afford it let's get Stephen Overland Park up by 91 KM BZ what's up Steve at. That is Internet. Cowboys who wanted to shoot related the incident and age. They are in great bunch and you know here Asia that law a year here and the public you morality of that if you bail and been able if you kick you out here. Gable are back bumper and you don't have the right you have. If you bail like when he I'm overlord but they'll promote five million dollar. A homeless and they still you know. It is not stupid and out first and probably giving them all came over. Certain built up. And there on the board so. Yeah your. Butchered tortured and stick a way you know it is due for it there's probably at least somebody stupid. Yet they will air they want the controversy of same manager there's no public sure it was that. Here's here's where I think people come from the people that are judging this issue are the people that have never asked for money and think that because they have an asp or you shouldn't either. Probably they I think there is self righteous. You know being. Who want to make wanna make sure that they look. And they think they're better than everybody else you know. It's Saturday you know that it's not that they're obviously stupid like divorced parties are some Padilla. Lol you know you don't need the money or whatever. Yeah outcome on deep and do bit criticized where somebody billion for money you know. It's a new York at the facility at Portland jail. Cup and you figure something out there money or aspirin do shelter or whatever. People you know. At that Chechen war in mortgage. Intimate I think people are not are not count out my judgment I mean there's. They're just I mean that they their web. It takes the phone calls did appreciate event thank you so much for your opinion we can get to a break at 1244. Coming up the new trial of the century and would you want this job from those 200000 dollars a year will tell you about it because a nine year old has applied that's next 91 KM BZ. 91 KM BZ mid day winds Jamie and link it to be minus LE Mike wicket. Coming up next hour we'll get back into whether or not you think Michelle Carter can be sued for four point two billion dollars. She was the young woman who was sentenced to two and a half years. In jail. Last week four in the text messaging to Conrad Roy the third image to take his own life now Conrad Roy's mom is doing some suing. Well gated back the next hour also we will talk about. What flight attendants hate pouring for you and why they hate pouring your damned Diet Coke. It's not reason you think an only countless of other stuff they wish you knew about flying. When your passengers organ that is well. So the trial of the century is beginning well why is it trial of the century. No doubt even on a path for. For awhile. Elites and a trial pitting pop star Taylor Swift. Against a Colorado radio personality over allegations the former disc jockey. Fondled her four years ago during a photo shoot was due to begin with the jury selection today in Denver. She is expected to take the stand during the trial and testify about the incident which resulted. In the DJ David Mueller's firing from Colorado radio station KYGOF. And the litigation senators on Smith's allegations. That Mueller slipped his hand under her dress and grabbed her bare bottom. As they posed during a meet and greet before heard to judge June 2 2013 concert. In Denver she said Ed during a deposition. It was not an accident it was completely intentional and I've never been so sure of anything in my life. So this is a sandal. Trial. Mueller's crime he's suing first claiming all us with falsely accused him of groping and pressured station management to oust him from his 150000. Dollar per year job. At the station. So he at a meet and greet allegedly. Put his hand in. Her pants in the back and doctor but. She then. Pressured this radio stations GM or president or whatever to fire him. And now he's suing for lost wages which is basically what we are going to get into next hour when it comes to show. Carter now I know it's difficult for you to separate yourself from your love of Taylor slant yes such cries for a moment as. Or is that didn't let up you I. A if she did that that's pretty awful. It it is seen instead of filing criminal charges or something which is what she showed it on tried to get him fired. That's used her powerful bat she got she countersued. The initial. Lawsuit. For assault and battery. And now that has become part of the same for. Can you and I mean how crazy is this in it and what's really interesting is they're literally asking people who stay away. From the from area from the trial she's such a big pop art and hates Taylor Swift Kanye West. 11 guy that most people either log error or just don't have an opinion about her but few people have disdain for Taylor Swift. It'll be a mad house of people outside this courthouse just wanting to get a glimpse of for because it turning like a rock concert you'll turn into whatever shows. He'll have partitions they'll have the metal railings. They'll have police officers out there. And all will be will be her short walk probably up the steps of the Denver courthouse rack to the car that and that's all you're getting yet. Dealer by the way denies anything doing anything inappropriate. I'm that occurred during the brief backstage encounter which he stood at one cent a pop star his girlfriend on the other and he says the accusation is on its. We felt fine predictions on how this is gonna go settlement. Quickly probably a quick settle surprised to get there but if they're both suing I mean they both seem pretty gained but she doesn't need the money. Oh you know it's for our principal and if an if he files like let's say he you'd already into the Michelle Carter story here a little bit. And he sues over future earnings. Me 150000. Dollars you're at that radio station that's no. In no small child could share early. I don't know if it was a program director urges to DJ are related. But a 150000 dollars for FM DJ or radio personality. That's pretty good in Denver and number nine Stanford number that's very very good for hammer him on that's pretty dang impressive SE it was for future earnings and I have no idea if he's been employed never sensed. I mean he went 55 a crack at least ten years away from retirement major way that money on trees you know. Maybe maybe he'll look she's worth. A geely guy and not dollars like like herb net worth is like 22275. Million or something ridiculous like that. Maybe she pays him two million bucks to go. Yeah it's got at this point where they're selecting jurors you know the Internet settling out of court today's jury selection is settled because he wants to be Taylor Swift whore well all it would just be huge news for him to get a judgment against Taylor Swift court now he's Matt. And second he's a bears though he wants to be her name. Any civil case slips that are manager in five informed the radio station and their management about the incident but did not demand that he heard the radio station investigated. And two days after the incident they did fire him for violating the morality clause in his contract we talk about our morality clauses that we have out there. This they say he violated. The judge's place to gag order on all parties and attorneys for both sides not respond to messages from Reuters dot com. Yeah we all know how much money Taylor Swift is worth from Brazilian Jillian dollars. Aren't speaking of what you're worth NASA has a job opening right now and it pays pretty well NASA says it is looking for a new planetary protection officer. The position is focused on preventing astronauts from bringing biological contaminants from space back to earth and vice Versa. Really Smart person that's what. It it it 411000. Dollars a year although it sounds like your job is planetary protection officer is to protect us from is does sound like that but now it's to keep the really bad stuff in space in the good stuff here and let's not swap them back and forth a look at it that's my hair and on signs of a brain explaining it. And I thought he'd lie and ticket seriously and sat and wrote a letter. Dear NASA my name is Jack it was like to apply for the planetary protection officer job I'm eighteen I'm but I think I would be a good fit for this job. Among his qualification. Wolf for one my sister says he's he's. Mice ailing plug. If your sisters injured alienating your nine you kind of set you start to wonder elect me real an alien. Jack also said he watched the TV show marble agent of shield and almost all the space alien movies like camp but not men and black. So it's early let you water stocked. He kicked into the amenable like is easy Independence. Day is seen in the aliens movies is to it. Two adult forum toward in the water casual mention is also great video games but it's us that he's not gonna get it done for. I'm so I can learn like an alien. She. Explains it via this nine year old logic needs to be applied more he got the same thing that you would have gotten what it which was just a confirmation as application that received and that's it. So. The job is still open as far as we now I love it in the story from the Washington Post. James L green like you said sent him a letter. And he said I and he writes I sincerely Jack Davis guardian of the galaxy. Which is so cool. I hear your our guardian of the galaxy. That's great it's about protecting earth from tiny microbes and bring back samples from the moon asteroids and more and Mars. It's about protecting other planets and moons rumored germs we responsibly explore the solar system. I love that you wrote active kid. Apple but again he got the same form letter that you would've gotten should I write it just like he did like the looks to qualifications. I've seen men in black you'd watch a lot I think you should just say I watch a lot of alien movies I've seen every marvel movie I know about the battle on as guard. I've I haven't seen the actual alien films with Sigourney Weaver is the action makers saw the first one a sub battlefield earth I've seen a few alien movies. I've seen all the men and well two of the men and blacks and you greenery and right she should tell them. I mean I talk for a living ideally handle aliens would go plus they get better at my name is a guardian of the galaxy and be totally fine you got a slightly better shop but not much not much I'm only slightly more qualified than a nine year old for most things. It lets people. Michelle Carter is getting sued for four point two million dollars does Conroy is sorry Conrad Roy is mother.