Tracking your kids' whereabouts... AND epic high speed chase

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Tuesday, March 20th



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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcasts on KMB easy are Wednesday the QB if you pockets of fog Wednesday morning otherwise. More sunshine returning for the afternoon high writer and 56 degrees and then on your Thursday. We'll see an increasing clouds with highs in the middle sixties. From John that adversely Iraq does that Miller came as US forty when it TCI forty Ford and down 43 and your official weather station. Put your motor. Ever since I came up 1980. On Tuesday it's rumored to be his way. It's always bothered me these lyrics and I don't know what he's saying. And I just finally looked it up and because is he saying motor ran. Or motor ring. Or motor run. But you think he's saying mode reading it. Right the engine is motoring in and com. What's your price for flight you've got him in your side and driving through the night motoring what surprised flight your finding mr. right. Mode typical this motoring and I don't know. You're keyword cash shape. SH EP eat shape Texan in seventy rated one junior in the running for a thousand dollars would kubert. Auctioning another school districts is going to a four day school week. In Denver. They're gonna go to stay. Through Friday sat out Monday's off. Lol. Wait and this is school district in Colorado. And they're gonna do so either weekends are now Saturday Sunday Monday correct. They're gonna offer full day child care services on must actually where it was Euronext worth thirty box. Every month wow. Actually come to wow not a bad price for it like to imagine having to pay that over the entire school year and for low income parents. Who. Hi oh what's the latest on yours. We have found Kara Charlie got kicked out of his day he didn't house sleeping eating and it was some bad behavior not. That yeah. She didn't want to let him go but we didn't have actually. Needs anyway yes we have had some that's good. Fill in the blanks here I mean were invested too well and we'll find out how everything goes we start on Monday. But she seems very nice she's got to tell Dana what happened to shoes in Mexico does your husband would like this guy now. Forgot their care and knicks one person because she was there was a TV on him house. Ed cartoons playing instead of and you know it's okay to get in front door at your own house. But if your pay somebody to now watching television I cronies photos and I know what your man. Now I I tend to Griese Kara I don't I don't read mix that woman right analytic gaffe and you didn't do a pop in visit. That's a good idea yeah you're supposed to pop in to make sure they're not seeing double all Abbott to get an. And if they are I'd I'd keep the bright and we'd like this new woman we do is she's a woman hermit would you trust Charlie with a mandate care provider I'm. You haven't ran across one so I don't know. I would. Be buoyed guests will like Myers mired. She's she's older now which is an intern. Non paid and terror on paid internship. But for years we sent her to a Montessori school west of Shawnee who was run. It's it's a husband wife team that clearly the husband is. That mastery fuel tank of the school. He runs school I got a problem at some point Milan. One of the best summer care providers we ever had was male. Hands down kids loved him in fact he's still comes back he just got his first job. After graduating college and he still comes back from time to time annals say where the kids down and look at combines high. Take emperor will help ice cream and so it's a make he's amazing you know. Think that kids will stills tell you he is hands down their favorite provider of them. The boy's special so what do we know about the manager and the she actually knows somebody that used to work yet to station group. Darcy Blake ever sat eight it was a good time. I'm and. She is right across from the school she's got to let a little kids Charlie's wife right metal why did you bring that why is that important she's right across from school and I gave. Which is kind of one of those. Off the top my head Bob and Mike what can I tell you that right now. And house's like totally kid friendly so. All the plugs are in the Al yards there's no cords hanging out just where they make him cut those line core I have stopped decorating and so had you ever seen a video and I don't mean to freak you out a year ago just just. Stand the stand by here we go. There is say video from. A may be here two years ago. And it was the mother writing about it afraid to use the end of the story I will tell you the kid ends up being OK I didn't. And she's got a baby in the around her baby likened the baby is like running around Tomlin and and so I think as Eric Holder filming the baby. But in the back ground how IC CI and yes you can see this tie so he's just like. He looks he's playing the freeze game OK so he's like standing in the corner. And what would you say he's the career for Mac he's just standing in the corner real still. And she says that's clarity what she says we did not realize he was being quiet we look over. That DM cord from their little you know balloon or any irony here yeah. Was around his neck and he had leans slightly forward and that's that's politics yeah it Foreman answered yet. That's right she's dominant and there's that. It is this carries video you've ever seen because it is so quiet like and he's right. They netted him when this happens you're just quiet and it. And the fact of the Mamas aren't true right oh it just makes Airese. Like what do over there. And I nothing just die am like scares me get up. That's why you have again and is it yet. Is a yes it is. There's an app I will tell you this and you can increase those lines is. Scares me. The DM hordes people. They they seldom now that's why so once had a great there'll cordless there is no court you cannot choke on one of those lines we've gotten over our house today. You have coming your house. I have no cords in my house anywhere. And any care that they're like kids are like twelve and even care I don't care no words what did Jack get to guard and I'm so excited I'm telling. All the parents. There is an ad and I am really late to this party and I really late I mean probably by year's. But in Mexico we use the app and now that we've gotten Beckham is my new favorite thing ever. Skype and I think you're tracking your children are males are going to hate me what I'm about to telling. It is called like 360. And you send out an invitation. Be in our little secret. Show you what. There. This is what it does look at all the people in my family grip and it will tell you when they arrive home. When they arrive at school right at it knows when I'm here like the clock and Harry Potter it is not like the clock. So you're tracking your own. Yeah care where he is in fact when I lost Jack in Mexico record of fling myself and ex husband. Oh. Oh my god I when we went to Mexico iced it everybody sign up right now this is not negotiable. Joseph took kids to Disney World might Mexico I got nine nobody didn't want isn't on my watch so we all signed into this group. And it shows you you know it just set about Joseph Wright and that's I don't. Worry is apparently are like their kids are. Intel was tracking her ex husband I would think that was we I in power. And they're now but listen to this carrot I mean it will tell you. If someone decides finally to go get ice cream after school. Joseph is still work for the record I. I don't care cap his network solicited this your oldest son is up here by Merriam right now. No because I have that car so it thinks he's here it's me it's based on the car it's well Jack doesn't have a phone so it's me this year not him. So you don't know where Jack is now so follow me here. So Jack has probably yet light while he is missing well when a Tennessee gets and other files you weren't doing our family circle. While he is missing in Mexico tracking your ex husband my husband decides he thinks this is the greatest thing ever and cats twilight and Mexico's got listening. Starts she. End to every camp plays into it that I could not. Now so ever and I'm right my son is saying I'm getting. Chris cats checked into Costco. Chris gets checked into. Quick trip this. I am just kicked in her family circle hold his hand over checker anarchy lows technology he loves the ad. Chris can't just checked into the bathroom channel yeah. I know. Joseph is on the move. Joe's on the move. It is the greatest. Your ex husband is incidental that his move in the history. Of technology this is outrageous and you want to know if you're girls leave the house where they are what do they get kidnapped or not. We'll tell you with their speeding nano and thinks. Why do you follow your ex husband because while we were all on vacation this. Is this week or day before we left we created a family circle. And they're all in the family circle if you want I extent I think you kick him out of the fan we circled up five years ago to the families currently. But we wanna know we are the exit I. You mean to tell me you would not add your daughters to a circle I'm telling you I would not put Sean died in the family circle that you are going out of town of the country it would wouldn't. Why kidnapped. And. Tony it's funny why would you Simon and mr. She's the mother of your children exactly and you go on vacation a exactly don't go on vacation you have been on vacation time look me I here's a guy. On about now to look me in the eye and tell me you would not want your daughters to put down their town it's the best thing ever. I don't assess about it. Steer and it is the first time I've pulled it up all day notification that says. You know your daughter is quote on the moves from the way what does that mean issued a strong. By the way we went to new York and I and yes Sean a what without us. And I don't know that I'd call horse riding competition in Lincoln Nebraska a vacation. A I just for people back then who thought it was weird to I said it wasn't weird. I wasn't dating anyone. I was so it if if I was dating someone I think it would be weird. But she slept in a separate hotel room I slept as severed hotel room the girls up with me or whisper. That's how we worked out. I you would not find something like that and officials he I would not follow my X on page find me. But the girls what now hurled back and I'm I'm being deadly Sears that is I don't care to know I don't care. 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Tell him it's got parks recommend called choice tree service and 9132844833. For free assessment today or look them up online and choice tree service Casey. Dot com. Came easy traffic here is major models. You know. KCK. Guys on caught drive at the moment. And her son they careful if you are in Kasey Kahne trying to head home he is lying. Down caught drive. And I am curious. Parents on Iran as a because he's so good at telling us where these side streets are we won at least be able to warn you. That it's. This guys out there now he's arm caught drive he that we don't know I think it's westbound caught drive. In KCK he was for a time driving on the wrong side of the road unnecessarily. This side swiping a couple of cars. And in just crossed back over through the median. So at least he's now going the proper direction but. He is. Driving a very high rate of speed it is eight. Navy blue Ford or support or sedan cops are rednecks there and I'm Highway Patrol officer right. Yeah. Yeah. State. It's like Dodge Neon I had to guests or Chevy sonic those tiny little navy. To us but yes. Okay the car stopped and he's just sitting up against the guard rooms side of cause she's sitting in the car as he. I'm preparing to a restaurant. Usually taken out and pop. OK so now we have 123. At least three officers. In squad cars and suvs. Guns drawn guns drawn the senate. The approach in the car we got a couple of them shielding themselves. Behind their car doors. Window has been rolled down yeah he's getting out of the car ham. But it goes hand I put them both answer to your hands ups are. It is my. Are you even kidding me right now. Last for long he is now smoke could well face down. A cynic he's smoking the cigarette she actually still smoking a cigarette yes yeah. Yeah you. Laid down on this on the street there camping and now it. Mary cub now he has a knee in his back 12345678. Officers surround him. There. The rhetoric from his mouth I. China. He's OK Casey KP oh my gosh just took it out of his mouth there was news. It up with and it comes on he's still a cigarette in his. I'm not even madam impressed. And other his homily on him. Started this case now we're still not later that apparently this thing has been going on from this to happen our lead from downtown and Piaf. I love element merit she's so seriously. You know I'm sure she just said and it appears. He is smoking a cigarette she did actually I answers yet. See that's sweet old camera and cause she's like. Reviews smoking so should I assists and ran the two idiots in here like. It. Like MacNamara do business like we do at camp is immense liking a brand summit that it is a camel got. I don't I don't Barbara ray I don't have time. Does he smoke regular 100 I don't it would even funnier if you Casey cancers had allowed him just to continue nothing. It's an awesome one idiot newsroom Caremark had police chase is over and Kasey Kahne will have more next. Well writing. 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By thirty in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom and Carol mark sir Kansas city police have a suspect in custody after a chase through the natural disaster in the driver weaving through traffic driving on the shoulder down the wrong way at times. This chase started around 5 o'clock leading from downtown across the state line into Edwards dale onto Claude drive finally where the car was stopped. The side of the road by a pit maneuver police cuffed the driver just moments ago. Today's school shooting adding pressure on congress to address the gun violence senator Chris van Holland of Maryland Democrat near the scene in great mills Maryland offering support to the affected. And sending a message to his GOP colleagues. Grants and price Sony around the country to be leaders and defended using Ken I can difference this time but ultimately. We're gonna have to break the power of the NRA the shooter a seventeen year old was killed by a school resource officer traffic and weather together next. Lot of slip sliding and going on around town this morning if you did happen to find yourself Hydro planing and hydra blending into another vehicle god forbid. When it comes time to get your car fixed. Remember the name Dale's collision repair in blue springs because they're the best in the business been up there many times Dale's a personal friend I've watched his crews work. And they are the rest. And remember this as well lot of body shops go by the name Dale's there's only one Dale's in blue springs. There were guarantees long enjoyed your car truck so get it fixed right the first time. 81622818558162281855. Online deals auto collision dot com. You know some blue springs tinker of cars taking care of. Can be easy traffic and weather together here's major miles cloudy and cool for your Tuesday evening keep those jackets handy as temperatures are going to be cooling. Through the forties eventually down too low near the freezing mark barrel Wednesday morning there can be a few areas of our early Wednesday otherwise more sunshine for the a high right around 56 degrees and an aunt there is Syrian warmer with highs near 66 degrees. More clouds moving into the region from John Lennon burst alert meteorologist noble Miller came easy wept. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. When you guys. This day. It's like robbing a bank it never. Works. It never works. Some good points on the tax and we know that that was actually cigarette. Couldn't have been a joy we do not. It has to you're going to jail muzzled. And growing and I. But. Let's assume it was cigarette look like a cigarette from afar but it meant when you say Chris that look like a cigarette. I believe so now. So. As this guy's getting. Caught by the police by the Highway Patrol. He has the mind to reach over presumably to the passenger seat grab a pack of cigarettes as light it. Yeah what does he probably limit that's why it took so long you know cars probably lighting the cigarette after he realized it was over. And you're not allowed to smoke in the jail. Probably hasn't nicotine addiction and who doesn't. He knows he's going to be going a long time now without a cigarette. And so he likes at his last cigarette furlough. Then I'm not judging the best part is when he gets down on the ground. And spreads his arms out like this. And they cuffed him. They lift him I'll off the pavement and he's still got the cigarette in his much. I mean that is an addiction. To make it. My word summary said the guy blew past me during the chase. I don't know land myself you know and and Scott did say this. And this is so true he said you know we jokingly kid pit maneuver in the cigarette. Only because no one got hurt this guy's an idiot he'll go to prison Marie belongs you know. It wasn't that long ago that Fox News had him and I really like Shepard Smith. He was anchoring their coverage now they had a high speed chase and for whatever reason Fox News popped in. Over the high speed chase in California and Bob and the chopper. Camera guy was zoomed in Wilbon I got out of the car and ran hard on looks like it was in the desert somewhere it was an A feels. In iron out these guys usually rob that's like when the car appears that was not run and can this guy runs. And that he pulls out a gun and he also since his life and it was aired. I live rock on fox and immediately our membership is that going now. And the other apologizing for what was horrible and shown on national TV. Why the need to promise things and mental well I and I would hope you know because we're watching him on channel five. I would hope the channel five had that image delay I don't I don't think that's gone. Missed a while since I've been over there I don't think there on the sentiment when you're doing the morning news ever channel five did you not have your show and delay now what do what do you slipped up and accidentally set about word. It doesn't happen like you would think in television like it doesn't rain why your stamp but I mean even I have said the F word on accident. When I was trying to say the word fun. And I am the F word slipped out of my mouth and I did dump myself. I know I mean X. Two people have done it. Once after they went to break and but the idea was still up. To my knowledge they don't run in any kind of blame congress and battle. It's live his life can be that is right I was never in his life late breaking and investigate well it is and we just depends in which one. It's my fancy on Monday. On the text line have done. Suggested today. That we are somehow ignoring. The school shooting and it's been about eight days were different other one in Maryland but is that right Merrill. That CNN has ignored it that the national news is an artist that's patently untrue patently untrue I am a tournament on FaceBook is a member of the media center. I would question and there's a magic it has been all over the news today. It was one of the first stories out of the gate if not the first story on CBS and ABC we have both pulled up here. The the Austin bombings in light. Have come before it did because we had another bomb found overnight and on Wednesday. But to suggest if you're wondering that no one has covered this is just falls. To ask why we have not covered it number one it's not local. Number two. Two people were hurt. And that is horrifying. And it makes me. Really angry when these things happen every about eight days in America 22 students Rocha but these school resource officer in. That school. Did his job. He can hold the until the government and I'm I'm sorry but I'm thrilled for that. I am thrilled that the school resource officer in this case did his job. As as we did not see in Florida so I don't know what topic would be. If you're wondering why analysts were ours we haven't. Done an hour on that shooting I don't know what. Well number or there is the I can tell you just from a journalistic point of view. Hey it was not local. No one was killed other than the shooter. And everything worked the way it should house. Where some idiot comes into a school. With a gun. Ands opens fire in a hallway. The school resource officer quickly responds shoots the shooter. And kills right down the hallway. Everything worked away at what it was supposed to if this had been seventeen kids and or fourteen kids and three administrators dead. We probably would have been talking about it all day because that is in and of itself horror wis. This. And I and I'm not trying to minimize it to injuries at all. This was not the same thing. That that's like saying that album deal a double murder on the streets of Kansas City somewhere is. Compare herbal somehow to the polls nightclub shooting in Orlando it just simply is not true and not factual. I'm at their local. And I'm so sorry that there were some local deaths overnight bad. Homicides in gun violence and we don't talk about those he wouldn't talk but does it doesn't diminishing that loss of plot but the first three letters of news or news. Cracked and here's what else we haven't really talked about other than a brief mention in passing. We haven't talked about how bad of a Davis has been in regards to women he has either allegedly or did have sex with Donald Trump. We didn't mention that either you mention it I may well sorry we didn't make that topic either. Because the first three letters of news or new. There's nothing new about sexual allegations against the president of the United States. We mentioned in passing. But stormy Daniels took a lie detector test in 2011. And passed. That's it or man we mentioned in passing the the Playboy playmate that he allegedly had sex with them a nine month affair with is suing The National Enquirer. I wanted to bring it up only because I keep seeing it. Are you not talking about Larry I and and I think the inferences. That because a school resource officer who had a gun killed the gunman. Were somehow all. Not gonna talk about that. The system work the way it should. Thank god that school resource officer was there I have been in my children's school I should distraught and his or I have no doubt. And I have met some of them my son absolutely loves. Them Susan Cyrus at because high school. I have no doubt none. That two of oval parks finest are Hollywood's finest at the other schools. What would do the exact same thing they would run in and they would shoot to share and note in my mind. Hear yours and some register your losing oil as well where I'm sort here earlier. Here's where this story out of Maryland today would have warranted at least thirty minutes maybe an hour's worth of discussions. If that school district. Had. Pass some sort of a resolution or whatever would be an ordinance. That allowed teachers to arm themselves. If they have gone through the proper Sarah Fisher veteran center. And this student had gone into the school and opened fire and was killed and neutralized. Before he ended up killing anybody else. By a teacher with a god. Huge news that would have warranted a major discussion on this show. About whether or not it really is a good idea and and the argument would be after that if that was the scenario and wasn't. Sounds like pretty damn good idea to start arming some teachers because look what happened today if that had happened that didn't happen correct but here we have eight. Trained law enforcement officer. Doing what costume every day we we not every city but certainly every day we can talk about whether or not we end up arming teachers in America. And it is without a doubt. Incredibly controversial. I happened to be okay with the idea if the teacher is OK with the idea. People view I think or oppose the idea there a lot of teachers who were poses an idea there somewhere in favor. No one is going to make an argument. Against a school resource officer armed of course because they are a police officer in a school what would you be argue there's no. And and and we're just trying to explain our process. There's no. Argument about a train law enforcement officer doing a train law enforcement officer stopped. So says it doesn't fit your agenda well I text her. 6346. I think I got the right to. Presenting on betting cop who killed a gunman is somehow all out of the Orton I encourage you to call him right now 6346. And tell me what is the agenda. There are two different people on the show. With completely different points of view. In regards to whether or not you are teachers that so therefore you could make an argument there are two different agendas in this very room alone. I have and I've stated it I've been very clear right. We backtracked for second catch our breath and my wits. I think there are people in this country. On both sides of the let me let me take note that far left Rome court. Who think the minimum take the far it's going to. The floor last things that people like me. And my agent or people who were farther to the right and I am what everybody in this country to be armed to that tees. Still some bullets around her chest god everybody down squirrel on its. That is simply not true. There are people on the right. People who are farther to the right tonight like 6346. Who think that just because you dared to say anything that they might construe as anti gun that they fort. You're opposed to guns. All guns. We all live in the grade we Scott. I do now and most people live in that I area I think 60% of Americans live in the great I think it's 20% live on the far right 20% live on the far Alka. But most of us are somewhere in the grade. Left of the go on the great ride on the gray I would I would clearly say I'm right on the great. But just because. We're not talking about a school resource officer who killed someone who didn't kill anyone thank god. We have an agenda. It's not that big of a new store is if anything's that well which is a sad commentary on what America has become but you're right. If if anything it just. Solidifies. My view. That we need to be spending our resources and our money putting more trained officers in our school. This today does not getting to solidify my view. That we need those officers I love that when I go to drop kids off. The cop there's a squad cars all right up front and they don't even park in the spaces like it is sitting right in front well. I do believe that that is a deterrent when I drop my office every day at her middle school. That police officer from Mexico. Is standing outside on the sidewalk greeting the kids as they command. It makes me feel safer for for. Knowing that he is there and right out front. So he's as I I determine radio off on my computer camp listened for about ten minutes. I don't think they're saying their mural dissing the show others saying I have to rawness I want you hear your response. But are you saying that when a good guy with the gun shoots and kills a bad guy with a guy. That's not what it won't stir up enough angering people said the media should leave it alone now. What I'm saying is that when they caught. When a car. Does their job and they neutralize the threat. It's not necessarily going to make it into the news. Because that's what a option do. Now what does make it in the news is in park in Florida when that officer did not do his job coping. And help those can't absolutely make the news as it should 808083. All I'm saying is when a cop does their job. And thank god thank god it is that's right it doesn't necessarily blue orient as much news coverage as you would get if they didn't do their job. For example. Both were dole is the name that you all know right you know the name boat to block. Because he didn't as a soldier. Do his job would you know his name tells me ever walked off base tell me the name of a soldier. Who did their job yesterday and killed terrorists you can't do it. And there's a reason when people do their job it's not newsworthy. Necessarily merit member exceptions obviously. But when people don't do their job. And they're in a position of trust it is news I'll give you an exception. The sixteen year old first year lifeguard who jumps into the pool pulls a baby out does CPR and say absolutely absolutely it would make in his sixteen year old Johnson you'll pull saves a thirty year old. Not gonna end up on the news most might might light but it's not lead. Sixteen year old Johnson and saves a baby that's a lead. That's just the way news works. Don't forget to John we're coming right after 6 o'clock news. Simply the best for Alaska parts wind world did you win two world windows of one of the two windows with the good housekeeping. Seal of approval ranked number one and number of windows sold in the country. By qualified remodel their Macs and windows from when I don't is welcoming. They keep the colder out the winner of the hotter out this summer make the move today windows Kansas City dot com and lifetime warranty. That covers all parts glass breakage and labor and windows from wind world use a double strength classic gives the strength. You're not gonna find a new whirls in fact windows from when the world was so strong that to stay behind the windows they'll let you stand on the 816799. 0820. When the world now offering eighteen months same as cash financing with approved credit. 81679908208167990820. Window world. Simply the best for last. Came easy traffickers major models. Let me assure you. David and I are both an agreement that we should read this text and I can assure you if we have an agenda like that previous extra thought we did. We were Revis. Tax rates and American give his last four just because he's a police officer. Or claims you wanna hear crazy and I'm com. I just got off work ran to my daughter's school for a musical I was in uniform with my weapon. I was advised by the principal later wrong but a few parents were upset that I was there with a weapon. They wanted the principle to ask me to leave. When he read that. That is the definition of crazy and that's coming from Dana. That's crazy. I want the officer in the school. I want the officer next in line at a restaurant. And on the officer with me if I got a Westport I want the up or dining with his weapon sitting right next and you don't I don't want the officer to do I'll leave it in the car right. Feel so compelled that he's going to be. Austro sized in some way by some crazy lunatic. Tree hugging. Wash one's not no ordinary residents like it don't know they crazy. That they don't want a police officer to go to his own daughter's. Recital with his gun on. All over the Dunham school he's. Somebody just punched me in my world and then kicked me in my putts. We got to run. Responders you're so handsome. Thank you primitive it appreciated Robert back tomorrow. On behalf of my co host David Wright James got parts of god willing drawback to part 2 o'clock. Have a great night Kansas City be safe. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcast remember you can get just online anytime at KM BZ dot com.