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Wednesday, September 13th

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Regular supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like two years. Start drinking have. Let's see if they really do well when you don't remember anything you have to watch it what's trending list Jamie McIntyre live your life you're. Blood hasn't been right there on 98 point one JMD's. Those some weird snuff is trending kinda days Jamie national peanut. There name Alex for whatever that's worth like peanuts and yes right. He analogies that people at national peanut date of should it come dressed as mr. pain and. Hash tag climate science. Nine players wide according to people complaining about Iran and 8 this morning so there was last night the big. The big wise fund raiser for from doing any relief. And people are upset that climate change chemical team. Gotcha that zone and I are supposed to be raising a ton of money for hurricane victims and yea or die and happy and when homeless couple that it became a climate change discussion when political that dollars on current fund raiser. Like I but raised millions and millions and millions of dollars you don't vote gate is. On. Not necessarily like we have public anger at us for a bug you know. Are their basically. From what I can tell. They're trying to make mom and pop shops. Obsolete. Mr. by two people used to work at Google there's start up the install unmanned entry boxes and apartments offices dorms and Jim's. So it's like if glitzy at an apartment and they put this thing in there and it looks like this it's a basically cabinet with a glass front and a guy eight Olympic or whatever. So that would kinda get rid of like. Downtown. Downtown shops. You know like. Well obviously if I need deodorant a set down sort of gone over the mom and pop and paying five dollars if it's three bucks in this thing it's in my lobby. I don't know what the risk is of stuff getting stolen but they're trying to get rid of you know mom and pop shops I guess in smaller or I guess in downtown owns or they're just making things more convenient for people you know. There's some I guess in new York and LA there they're they're they're trying to that's trending in Kansas City for some reason. But a sort by a couple of guys who blazed with Google. Serena Williams is trying to. Why has she knows she is right. When I make each and hear what goes on in the world about the complete idiots and happily but anyway Serena Williams has introduced her newborn daughter now. Baby daughter Alexis Olympia handy and junior. Beautiful by the way and said we have a lot of complications debuted her on instant. Well let what I have a baby I'm gonna debut run ins degree. That's how popular you have to that's a popular people do celebrities do a day either kids and social media on a non celebrities do it to you snow. I beg anybody were to do everything via so. A dollar FaceBook lightning leaves your landlord will is Indiana it would league gives birth where did definitely. Doing that these. But that's are doing. Jay Bruce is trending hit a home run his 34 of the season. For the Indians and a one like a hundred games in Euro or something CK enterprises is turning because that was the site of the big fire Lee's summit this morning. Chemical plants from but it came with no injuries as far as we. Okay good you can see that story by the winner FaceBook page it is there. To puck is not trending. But it was this morning I was kind of surprised to not see trending. 21 years ago today to box record die. He was shot September 7 of that year I remember right was. I was in high school football game an immediate announcement and he was in the hospital for six days and he died November 13 when when years ago. But he's not threat is not treading in Kansas City but it was as it should be it should be damaged yes and that everyone trending topic we'll get to this a little bit later on. That Joshua Tree tour that it hit aironet yesterday. Pavel. I'll save my review for when you and I get to discuss we more than thirty seconds to. Since some boss likes this is for sure. Let's do that next guests arms he can check out became easy FaceBook page but the toy hall of fame which I believe is in Rochester New York. Every year I get named milk. Because they know that people like it but they come out the list of finalists for what is going to going to the toy hall. So that not listened September and then a couple of months later I think they take two or three out of the eight or nine finalists and in ducked that and you vote. And it's it's a fun little trip down memory lane for a lot of us will go through some of what has bent. In the royal pain in the past and he got the eight should make Eddie picked out your favorite for it to be honest I only vaguely looked at the last oak solid year. Pick your favorite three you can go to our FaceBook page it is there will give you are is coming up next it's midday with Jamie wicket. It's twelve after twelve on 91 KM BZ 981 KM BZ. Mid day with Jamie and wickets. Izzo is one of our favorites when the national toy hall of fame nominees come out. And what he seventeen national toy hall of fame finalists are here and we want you to pick your favorite read from this list. It's not a FaceBook page I just put up on Twitter at KM BZ radio. There are twelve of them out of this list and just be an idea of the kinds of things that they have picked in the past over we go through these they have done things like the baby doll they get pretty vague kind kept pretty general and the things that they pick. Last year was the Teddy bear. Barbie was inducted quite a while ago the hula hoop. Went and once scrabble so I went in the stick get in one side of the pet rock. Yes stick kite went in so it varies quite a bit moving don't be surprised if it's kind of and general thing not a specific thing. Aren't you we got to reach you the the description here too for some of these are at first one up clue. I think we all know the game's. A retired so solicitor score developed clue during World War II had originally patented it in 1947. The game invites players to do salute weed out the game winners are so clue is up is up there. And it remains one of the best selling branded board games of all time and I think that's a critical that seems to be something they look for whom is what testing. And it was a movie. And it was a movie with Jack curry the man educate all introduced in 1946. I did not know that. The 1946. You shake it up and it can go with yes or no less and millions of magic eight balls have been sold since its introduction more than seventy years ago. The next on the list is matchbox cars which debuted in 1952. By 1960. Matchbox cars I annually sold more than a hundred million units in America. And despite stiff competition from hot wheels that would the national toy hall of fame in 2011. Matchbox cars remain a top seller Foreman tell my little pony introduced in in the 1980s and then re introduced in 2003 it would away it went away it will phase for a while. And this is kind of what we did it or stuff it was big and I was a kitten came back and my little pony was one of those things like that were suddenly mild again Al kind there are thousand varieties of my little pony and it even outsold Barbie. For several years between 1982 and 1993. Next up is the paper airplane this is what we mean we say they get general about it and Leonardo Da Vinci wrote about making flying machines that apartment as early as the fifteenth century three years. These simplicity and play value of the paper airplane has made an inexpensive plate time fixture. The paper Palin buying gas. Has. Candy dispensers are on here. Op has emerged as a breath mint in 1927. But in 1948 craters turn it into a candy. And added the mechanical box to dispense the pay as bricks. Three billion individual candies gets sold every year. And it wouldn't and make it about sixty or seventy were dispensers in production when it's bad man Mickey Mouse or Wonder Woman. A lot of people's some people that collect a pest skinny sponsors are big collector's item you know because they're small and the reason to keep the box and kind of thing. In places. Like marshals yell like you're in line at TJ Maxx or something and they're going to send in very strange places. Next up is play food. Like the little plastic food pieces that you use your plea kitchen. Opt for more than seventy year Ers play through his head into children's imaginative activities filling the plates at pretend tea parties. Providing fodder for social interaction and acting as supplies from make believe shopping Summers. Risk based on the French game I will pronounce it correctly risk translates a translates a hobby of war gaming with miniature figures into a mass produced war strategy board game. I have never played risk and this will not be in my final theory I have. Attempted it's a very very complicated I have never played risk in my life hard to learn easily frustrated by it. This next one is stupid. And you have it but it fits it fits into the other is like this stick and the ball it is sand. Sandra yes say it provides for us play opportunity is scooping saving raking in its drive Foreman molding and shaping and when wet. Offers opportunities for tactile physical cooperative and creative play and you're blanketed the beach you'd never get it out gets find your cicada. Have our guy historians believe that even the earliest humans played in the sand and as early as an eighteen hundreds records document widespread play was. Next up transformers Hasbro introduced transformers. In the mid 1980s they marketed transformers with an elaborate back story supported by marvel comic books. A cartoon television series animated movies electronic games consumer goods. And even its own cereal. Ice to get that cereal when I'm out yeah and they have all the blockbuster movies I mean there's in doubt we did another one or do we just do it another transformers movie Travis we just do another one east's Mark Wahlberg transformer movies. Yeah what are it's cold but it probably was one was at the same the last nine Ers might. Was the same movie is the other mr. rob globally. Are we got one more I know with the game uno created in 1971. And no belongs to the shedding family of card games it would players seek to dispose of the cards in their hands out creative branding and the variations. Which I didn't know about like Elvis and no Disney princess you know and Doctor Who now has helped game to sell steadily for more than four decades. So we got booed oh transformers sing and risk played food Pez dispensers the paper airplane my little pony matchbox cars. The Al magic eight ball in clue those of the twelve finalists for the toy hall of fame this year sure. I am certain on. One I'm a little iffy about it I get a game one but passionate about it are gonna take my little pony conjured curled transformers. To me is it is an obvious and got it just based on everything we just talked about the movies in the franchise and everything I never had transformers. Because we had gold box because we know we're not rich has cut is to go bots were cheap. And they were the knock off brand and transformers were expensive. I don't have transformers on my list where I do not have friends what was I have I have clue on my last clue is just. Pick of the game. Up it costs and I don't think that's. It's too I it's it's like like the game life in alt like I bet monopolies got to be there check us out to be in their chests that sat monopoly is an area that was in 1998. Is the game of life. Does not yours mean. But wait there's a great win eternal life and sweet drinking game. I'm just telling you if you look like broken English and thousands and I think clues should be in there I love the game of I still do. I did put my podium of course you Gaby your neck and trees farmers are for guys. And it has me a little iffy about it is because it it did go way and come but it came. It did and so and that was just. Like to it was my little pony and were strawberry shortcake at the same time. And you add curtains and you had a bad spring and you add the doll and you had and as the dolls smelled good you the pony with everything and it was a big part of my talents I'm I'm sick in my upon. Matchbox cars go in that was my other one I didn't know hot meals were into he read the descriptions so if if hot wheels are in matchbox has to be and I mean. Every boy and a lot of girls played with matchbox cars going in and growing up yeah I was a warm hot wheels kid than matchbox the just felt better the wheels felt better for some stupid reason. We have matchbox cars for me going. I guarantee you sand ends up getting out agent you just think it said but it guarantees and got a spot. Because they did things like the ball and so this isn't there one year on. Big fan I think be it counseling as an adult is great stress relief. Now at 38 I don't last as long and excellently I want to throw deep like steel. Sometimes like a dork and a good kick comes to looks funny got a guy yet he's got to get this into the swing wicked. Try like. Legs as if you are ten years old and you know I've never ever been on the swings at a fair our I've I I've never been on that life is always looked like it would make me sick yeah I don't think I've ever been on that right hip motion sickness now that I didn't have ten or twelve and. Hips that take up more swing and he stood up and make painful the last what is no I mean Udoh. I am. I'm a like game night and you know you can still plays an adult height as a kid you played as an adult. And I remember in my high school radio station we would have Christmas party one year we played Lugo in the game lasted for three hour. McCain can ache or have power. So I've got to go matchbox cars and clue I've matchbox cars transformers my little nook and there probably. A game logo and probably clue or now based on past years I mean I'm these what I would like to go but I bet. Played food gets it might well I. Yeah. First one that I said now I think the ones that will go into will be seen and play food and Adam though the other. Odd tried transformers and we transformers sand and maybe everybody who has a kid who is no longer is five or six. Text right now 22 dining zero because I Obey your kids wanted to kitchen. A little fake kitchen. And a plate of food in every kid plays with my play does that you needed yes you need this exact hour something required a bunch of other stuff a lot of the stuff that we mentioned. Is self contained pull those fire all the big production of things just like. Party went in but you know again is Catholic in England is ten. The Ken doll is general public crusade and question am I not so I need equal treatment of the unique. Can the doll to get in he's Washington are like don't you think it's kind of the Barbie brand. That went and. I think you'd this is discrimination. I think that sexual discrimination. Finalists a look at hit land and when your bubbles current bear the blanket went in a couple years and a whole. Boy but you say man I love this text in my world he manage she wrote wrote my little ponies in the battle against Gil tore. Damn right buddy is probably did this. Although I don't I had my little ponies that I had on my sister probably did. But. Probably like they Rhode battle cat was of the green cat that he Mann ruled and then whatever the wounded she wrote IKEA. I. To the person wondered yes Plato and played it was in GI Joseph is in I think this lobster and is slinky. Yes. Slinky isn't like you and in 2000 you think is slime collaborative and there are some on isn't there slides in aside. I'm too we were trying to make it on how good they called some that I just signed a second ago. It was a rock them sock emerald nuts in there because that was that was last year right. I think it was last year summer from navigate it's alphabetical. But it's in. Columns column next to pop up. It's. Stuff from the tax line my daughter at the plea kitchen and play food but she pretty much just played with the food and Oliver stuffed animals to a light them up for a party in Serb. Two of them stayed and slime is here and I taxed not on got you might get it. It might it is 1229 you can look at the whiskey company into 2980. Again testament to 2980. How was due to last night we're gonna tell you two different experiences. Plenty of sunshine today will heat things up 85 for the high temperature later on this afternoon skies will be sunny clear and about 64 overnight we warm up a little bit more tomorrow. Hi reaching 88 with sunshine partly cloudy and 67 on Thursday night. Things you will be on Friday while have sunshine warm temperatures high close to ninety window be gusting up to thirty miles per hour. A shower to Friday night then clearing for Saturday this is staff meteorologist Steve Hamilton KN BC weather. Eighty degrees at the big airport it is eighty edge or severe weather station I'm Jim Cunningham stay connected with news now do you want CNBC and KM BZ dot com. Yeah when. Maybe one. CNBC. Actually it was a good FaceBook live watching Jim Cunningham lip syncing the song that was great gym that was fantastic a set up a the day with Jamie wicket last night the Joshua Tree tour landed at aero and. Andy you had two different experiences I had the Everyman taxpayers. The rest of by virtue of being married to someone in power yes had DV IP experience at estimates are going to be Giles. What do you think it's frozen with yours so I'll be totally honest I was not the biggest U2 fan. Bias I went with someone who is and and I just thought I'd never been a concert or had. Any no I'm not the biggest fan I did it items of mister show that might. I definitely feel the weight of how big yeses you know I mean just the stage showed up big band and the performance everything. I was surprised I didn't know more music are really played yet I I knew some but not as much as I expected to. Back are you really that opens. Four for you to last night and I knew one Exxon DO NN loser and I was totally charmed if that's if it's possible to return back. But for some reason I had been warned that back is like the when your heart's been broken guide me like he does like dark music I'll. And you listen and his range is incredible it's full it's rocket rise NG it's in his range is very very why I couldn't understand lyrics as. Based where sitting in your example of saying but I think. Like I'm gonna backstop cool so. Cool completes experience and you too if nothing else. Did a hell of stage I mean with four people on stage. They need anything else that was well except. Yeah my eight. The the concert itself was enormous. Like it just it was a stadium show in you know stadium shows are going to be just so big. I've never seen visuals like that in my life where the screen was literally the width of a football field it was it was unbelievable. Mine started out by in my my wife. Has a sweet aka. So we go up to the penthouse at arrowhead we have some it's the top floor. A barrel ahead and we have some drinks and more errors were hanging out with all the other written media people that are up there and the record guy says are you guys come with me at about fifteen of us. We were lucky enough to go into. It creepy. That Kansas City Chiefs cheerleaders locker room. A magazine. Four of us I mean. The legal in the air and it's in other not in their obviously. But what is at one end and it's a long hallway basically with. Whatever those cheers in the Mears with the lights around a lake when stars are getting ready is. And at the end of this locker room. Is a guy that works for you to. He's got a laptop and a massive sound system hooked up and we're getting a private screening of some of the new YouTube songs that are coming out of the new album. Which was really really cool and we would he would play line and they're trying to figure out which ones gonna be the radio hit is much radio people that are in there are so they're talking about each one. And one of the songs she said why can't really. Accurately describe what this one really means but that I can. And bonanno had walked into the room wow and it was like everybody's head spun and was like well wait a minute bottle just walked into the room. And the guy and and bottles starts talking about what the meanings behind some of these songs really are in and why he wrote them and there was one that he wrote for his chide olden. One to talk about the war in Syria. There's all these different things. And then. If you're ready to you know with the edge is an item ads as the clock dead by right after that and they start veto Golan back and forth like just like in their routine. And there was no vote I don't have any photographs of it because they were phones were off and not allowed out because the evidence new music in no evidence and evidence of it happening. And it was just really. Like I don't get star struck you don't big in this practice and work you encounter a lot yeah right. I was like dude. That is bottle and I'm twelve. From a guy whose net worth is 700 million dollars and who is probably one of the most well known people on the planet. He's just hang out with this shoot the bull with everybody on the so that was cool we listen to another one other song after their like we have a show to go do. I didn't see back and I. That's where I'm at 725. So I didn't see a single song from back yeah not at all which has kind of miffed by. A couple of people are saying the same thing that the sound for backs performance is really bad and it was better for you too I just to understand the word command is now I needed to be told all of that what songs are about I just like the sound like it. I just an affection for the U. White man angst yeah. Life is horrible dark because he just stands on stage with no expression space. And he's a very white tie with these dark sunglasses and it totally works for it I'm I was I laughed out yeah. Time now. I can give you back tracks a listen to you because there's some good ones come back from the next rate with. Keep them back with words that are sex laws sex posited that back. So we got done with that and that was just like mine blowing that would have been enough for me I miss back a little upset about that. But then again I did it does in a room and listen to bottle and his new album which was amazing. So that we go down the title role players come to come through for chiefs games were walking down the tunnel. And were in 119 which was. If you look at the stage did to the right and you are in England won 21 I think once it all went to a class act so. We get on to the general admission floor and that's where the stairs walk up to anomaly. Leon and it stayed out here over for you to you know this is kind of the concept jacked up but it isn't such a good mood all day yesterday. And she said are having to go to the seats and says she will attempt to the seats and I thought all right it's just me. I'm gonna make my way into the crowd because we were far back on the right. I made my way I must have been thirty rose dead center and I'm tall. So what I could see Oprah most people that's why didn't. Yes and I don't know I think it is in the back to be holding. But it was. It was a massive concert it was just so big. Yeah yeah. Yeah it really was in the crowd was very it's kind of funny because you know this is this is not a choice on the ground the transom every bit cross section of society we were all kind of joking in between is. Six YouTube and on about 915 yeah it doesn't about nine. But a moral and joke in. The market higher yeah. That's what I did not start until 915 I thought that yeah I can't YouTube I'd ever seen and obviously it just. Did dramatics of the stage show. Words you felt like you were. Don't like it was a lie you know you're a mom to make it seem like you're watching these videos on yeah I it was his evil. It felt that way and there was that the big stage was the back of the end zone and then they had a satellite stage you know that belong walked out to the middleware that's where these they began. And then a couple of songs in an started with I think if it was the first song and it came out with sunny Bloody Sunday was the first on the Q I don't know that I don't have the set was remembered a memorized. But it did that the screen was so big in the speakers were up high. I thought it was loud laid down really really loud which it had to be it was Errol I don't. Zero today not play anything you wanted to hear. Was there anything that I easier didn't play you know and for not for me a crap I mean that they they knew what they were doing they played the hits and they played Joshua Tree album. But for me I'd I'd and I don't think I missed anything. Stable and we left a ticker early are we did I think we left during the encore just. Wanting to be traffic that's kind of outlets to 60000 people getting out of there getting out of here is going to be howl let's not be part of it out plus there's a weird I don't know this is a policy. Can't get into aero head. For the date they have a partnership with ctrip I think or 1010 taxi now so we heard just because I always Hoover. We have to meet them across the street that Taco Bell oh wow so we walked through I don't should we should've just taken Z trip but thirties that order uber so. He did and did a good husband I Ziegler worked it looked like told me and we're walking them like we just do for can Z trip it was we blocked out right presidency trip stand says only does is the only concert era to share its it is now. And they don't do it in the summertime they're not gonna I mean. That stadium probably doesn't look great right now they got a lot of work to get ready for opening day down for the chiefs down but you can do other Tuesday nights and mean that it was big enough that morning some 101000 people show yeah. And now and I get it takes a big fan you know a big act to do that that man I. Mark it there only a few I was talking to a woman who works in the press box yesterday error at me she's not the press box but in the they'll what they'll with a big wigs got the penthouse where it was. And she was saying that the stones did it. Taylor Swift that it Kenny Chesney is done it thanks Chesney and didn't just in Taylor's after it got I don't know the answer to that that's right is that right. So I mean it it was a cool cool concert I'm so glad I went and if you didn't have a chance to go and unique ever get a chance to go see YouTube do it is they. I mean that looks so small on stage to stage is so big it. But to show just was massive yeah it was awesome right from the start I'm glad the they became and I'm really glad they came it was it was so much fun. I wish it would seem that what's your next concert you know. NC the next mainstream concert that I go to. Because I'm go to crucial crossroads this week but it's a dub step DJ that nobody in most people wouldn't know. Is lady which ones here next sitting Katy Perry. Well I think we're doing a look I'm not a big Katy Perry fan but aides to show you when it's what I can cross off the list would that be great concert and then Lady Gaga in November which I'd I don't care what you think Lady Gaga is going to be great show it's going to be a really great show so. I think those of the next two but then again I never know what I'm doing with my social and Jamie I'm Erica if I'd just or your life. Plus some pictures of the KM BZ FaceBook page and you can see some of the toward able to be there at least you can check out some of the pictures and if you're my friend on FaceBook. I'll post the videos that I took can't put on the came easy page. 'cause of licensing their boss will get very upset so if you want to see the videos and more pictures find me on FaceBook might wicket to teased. That is 1244 midday with Jamie and wicket. Shot spice or maybe like make it guest appearance on Saturday night lives leave I'll do it if there is your guy and a we'll tell you what. He wants from Melissa McCarthy will do that coming up next her on KM BZ. 91 NBC. So laws up of things from midnight Bolger was about. To head that I. Didn't light edge just kind of my reaction to it was that was the song why now look I'm. As well as they see it. What he's all style is our school I have argued in the past that. Of my generation your generation our generation. That Beck is one of the most musically talented people we have ever put up I I think because he does every instrument he can play everything he writes great lyrics. He's hell over the last twenty years down that may 25 big loser came out like 1983. And I wanna say some I was is going. I I think that back is one of the what the most talented musicians of our generation had and he just he does fall he has rock it is said. And I missed. So normally the party but you reason yeah I think it's just you know stuck in the bathroom or something or get a beer you know you are the reasons and it. Bottle walking into our private listening session you're having drinks with the band right I. I think that's we start. Morphing the story you're hanging out at the end I was hanging out with I was drinking the body and the edge you're at dinner and have a deep conversation over rush. You're you're writing songs together he was asking my opinion as me exactly that not to play and wanted to know I thought and one or what. But up I don't talk about you know the over is it now do any of you guys work for a news talk station and said what what are your opinions on apiece in honor oh yeah and in Allen what's happening overseas. And that what's what are your opinions on your current president to pick things we can do it he basically wanted noble thoughts on the streetcar. Joined me I I'm now part of their YouTube you liked Rudy and awful part of gas to. Can I say up up up up gas. Fun show last night get pictures we have to respect KM BZ radio and that I'm an put up some video and pictures later. From my personal FaceBook page that I'm not allowed to put up on the KM BZ page so beam beam my friend on FaceBook if you detectives out. So hard just won a couple of Emmys for her work. Playing Sean Spicer on us and spoke so. A little fun and in fact we also heard by the way that Alan Ball is gonna come back. For the season opener on September 30. Is just a couple weeks here. And so let's test it outlines that and lot more media play and it was worth has it was a joke but it was a joke in every job on. Shonn spy is sure exactly said that he deserves a piece of analysts McCartney's Aggies. Since he was the inspiration. Line for a payment for the argumentation air so he was joking. Good but. But all the headlines worse on Spicer thinks he deserves credit at. Or McCarthy's. Play a hand well he does deserve credit because he wasn't the caricature of himself her angry not as intelligent as you would like to press a Press Secretary to be. Guy. He inspired. Inspired if he wasn't so easy to imitate she would not gotten grammys. So that he asked if you ever do you ask how would he ever you know as eight co host there's a guest host or something would he ever and he said something like. I'd be open to conversations about it if SNL producers came to me if. There was eight god if there is a higher power they will make this happen because. How funny at it and the best part is if you can make funny yourself if you can't I don't know I'd say so. I've heard and and I don't know Sean Spicer before he was trumps white house Press Secretary. I don't think he's got parks would know more than I would because he was eight followed Spicer before this and some people attacks like might. Put that would be a great way to open the season would that be greatly to have. Melissa McCarthy and then have the real spicy lock in or something along those O'Donnell have Alec Baldwin's plane Donald Trump and get them all together yet or something like that or or maybe. Because a lot of characters are out there's no mean nasty bands out and the mood she's out and and now he's right pre does not that anybody did rains previous. But maybe every union of some kind and have the real ones on there yeah be hilarious. I would love I just don't know if he'll be good I don't he doesn't strike me as the type to have a really good sense of humor. I just I don't lie and maybe that's the press briefings but he just seems like it'll tight maybe might not have a good time added I. He's an interest I think to be great newbie golfer's image to. Yeah it be funny does she work. It does his image matter right now I don't know what Sean Spicer is going to do now I have no idea spicy and he was white house Press Secretary now he can kind of do it everyone's right. So yeah I mean I've assuming that. He'll be a contributor at fox pres he's not. I'm I'm surprised that hasn't happened that would make sense to go over to Fox News forum or go do something big for ER NC. Or wait to the trump news network comes outing could be the lead for batters something along those lines he still wants to be affiliated I did see was cool that he got to go finally meet the Pope. Which was very cool because that was for those who is that that was apparently part of why he was upset with president problem was that president trump went to meet the poking it to go and he didn't get to meet for you to get to meet and as a devout Catholic SE and so now. So here's Melissa McCarthy is Sean Spicer. I. Yeah I mean didn't defensive front of the movie because yeah yeah yeah I'm zero. And also I don't talks a good. You began to. And I apologize. On behalf but it to me. Oh yeah true maybe last two weeks. I did accept yeah. Your body. I mean this guy and here to take. I am gonna miss that source she ever gonna do. She they're yours sure how. Cast should be another like a good bye spicy yours summer like my summer at the White House or has to be something fishy was so. Important to come back yelling Marines here at some point you know working overseers Sanders shoulder some garlic in Trump's dream or something along those lines. This is great from the tax line Sean Spicer should do a Melissa McCarthy. That be fun out of the game goes down. I like picking character it would be easy can't yeah and it's an actress yeah I've got parole us Kimmel tonight some have been abused and Spicer is yeah. It'll measure whether he's funny he's on Kimmel and it'll be good way to know if he can pull us and setting my DVR from my phone right now I scandal they'll usually we watched Allen and I tape set miers and cold air watch the next act so I Latina. You're already are in right now if it was it's fantastic. Somebody mentioned you did the Easter but he was the Easter bunnies or maybe he's up for that may mean the Easter Bunny. Is a little different than going on a show that routinely made fun of you for weeks.