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Thursday, April 12th

Bad tow drivers AND locksmiths - are the WORST.


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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KNB easy. You've got it. My favorite Cheap Trick Cheap Trick song called. 1982. I just want Cleveland began the game. You know how many traffic tickets are going to be written for speeding. Why it is 78 degree now it's eighty duties and on my way and my person sitting on the highway yen. I mean the windows were down my brain was open I was singing. I looked down I was speeding but I was keeping up with everyone with me because everyone is just. I had my hand up on the middle. Soon soon soon. Away you know rice I was just. So how fast read in he's 45 and probably 35 on the title sponsor not a motorcycle goes. And I. State lines this terror the. In days like today I know dogs put their head up yeah. It's here it's how I ran home I I had to get here like 1130 had to do video shoot I know what papers earlier. There's like a lot of people right now going shocked. And so I got here early today and during. To do video shoot but I intentionally left might want your homes have to. And I drove home and let me tell you about. My lord and savior Jesus Christ. And this beautiful weather he's created for us so often. It's fantastic. You brilliance tanks and what ticks also explains because I was trying to make reservations for pollen and have dinner as a good start winning in every night not to knock me out that's right it's the fake anniversary. It. But literally. Anyplace with a nice patio today's lab there there's like I am he gets around 8 o'clock because I can't take care. Leaking UN 445 ports and yes he put the. All the bills in west financial needs of us and they are very nice and scrutinize load took. Like. Urban with a told the bumper stickers. On my tennis for so you know we get these numbers and these are so excited and I love well and and parts bumper stickers that some of the pre has based on my spot but. Who. Who paid for the bumper stickers. Well we did in a roundabout way yes so that's when you know you're big time and I idea when guys by Euro bumpers stickers I love my levels in music Ivan tagging trash cans around town and I can have it but. Last night I gave I've actually been leaving them in. Grocery stores five really yes I gave fight I might as girlfriend's. And I said your fridge in the garage for a month you know your kids' cart whatever. And I came home I had won tonight looked at my youngest my eleven year old girls all eyes at what I asked for EU. And his ears perk up he thinks it's like he has three race Oxnard and I. I wanted to and on your water bottle an idea here ran at you but stickers on their water bottles. And without missing the access to totally dead and he goes. No thanks I icu. At all. I I'm kind of over. I don't need it the day in and parts in my face. Yeah these are just you know they just don't know what we do for a living animal now. Rod do you want a David pars bumper sticker for the cy on the barely runs anymore. I would love to have one yes so I like you to put it on your hat put it on your car. In my. At that in no would you like for me to pull one on your car when I leave tonight at six my Karzai here my wife scars I. I would there. On my car might. Yeah doesn't have to know where the bread gets sputtered right not here yeah. Her sides having was about mine not so much. Little dryer like Brad Bryant a member of the I've did you see the fights in Major League Baseball last cow to bottom. Between well the one I thought was best was when. Yankees in the Boston Red Sox. And did you guy hits the back. Many slams is back down on them on normally. Goes are you summit. Did you see that while I saw the fight and I didn't know what precipitated all he gets in the back and easiest answer is like. Hale no oh now and he slams the bat down on the plate and then chart is it with the charts about that. About the guy who always runs to the mound. The network and net. They never. Bored. And escalated quickly. I mean that really garner and friends. Who jumped up and it didn't didn't yeah am I stabbed the man in the heart. I saw that. I think any amount that would end network and that is why short. Because I know obviously and he won't. It's peaceful you can ask her swing the bat always swings on his list and. Tell you why it's because they're used to hitting things with a bat so when they don't have that extra length to candidates get a job like that rainy here. Back with you all that counts and I. No the the problem is when you're charging the mound in anger and fury. The dude at the mound is standing there watching you and trying to figure out which way you're gonna swing and he has all the time in the world to get out of your way. The best one ever was Nolan Ryan. Some kids like half his age charged Nolan Ryan and Nolan Ryan stood there waiting for him and just beat the snot out of I remember that that was like him early ninety's it had yeah it was colors and I was on before he retired. I mean he was it was an old tough dude economy and he was ready for. And who don't know one triumph. Mound fight while you're looking that up answer me this how come. Even as women Kara we don't like Ryland Chara we don't like fighting. A certainly don't like hitting. But when someone charges the mound and both. Bench is clear it is clear that what we say it's. Problem have been. Say it out that's from looking reverend Al with Robin venture I think it's because we're all really gladiators and heart and now. Who you're owed ten most shocking. If you did your violence warning us and I have to sign in with my email or some crap. Sit down these are two grown men throwing punches at each other give me. Not signing him just play the damn clipped. Oh. We'll turn off Hutu and get right to watch the Nolan Ryan Robin venture if we are doing a radio show here but I'm watching YouTube. Of attorney and he hit it all right back rob image. It. It. And learn. From him top 50 yeah and Robin insurers not having no rights is take your head. That's not fighting that's wrestling. We there's gonna headlines stars weigh on his face. I don't teach him to stay on base so is this where is. Rodney like you're in a. Are okay and you put another man in a headlock and you punched his face you would be probably taken to jail and charged with assault and a right. How come when the baseball teams do it no one ever is charged with anything it's just like okay it's it's like a law enforcement freeze zone. If you are on a baseball field well salmon hockey and. Others say here here's here's the other rod. People being other players with a baseball technically that can be considered battery. Aggravated. Attempted murder of you could throw a hundred mile an hour fast runner yeah. I mean how many times have you seen a player intentionally hit by the ball. Well one can assume that it was intentional if they're like getting back for. Their guy and hit is that aggravated battery. If they throw it like your kids yet but for some reason in the confines of the park no one is ever charged with anything because they're playing a game if you could give work to get it out and shot someone in the baseball park just because they're playing gay element. Doesn't mean it's not gonna charge pitchers with aggravated battery every time they intentionally throw at him at a batter. Here's here I'd I just Google dust clears the answer. Law enforcement generally allows the league to handle these events because whatever punishment the league's doles out is more than likely greater than what law enforcement when dale. Packed so. That player losses because they get fines for those types or loss of games right that is way more than misdemeanor assault charge. Is there any place in football that's not technically battery. To. The kick off. No the kick off is definitely battery you can in the Atlantic. Oh not when they take him leave but I mean you're job is to hit somebody so hard they can't stand up. And every play is battery. Yeah. Unless they score and don't get touched but if if I'm running the football and you just cold me and ask me right there in the field. You've just committed battling an hour. Eight say it the other way if they do something illegal and ripped the helmet and like break the guy's neck. You still don't ever hear about charges it's always handled by the late because it's not a crime it's a sport. If you just hit it anywhere else it would be a crime that's what's fascinating about office. You are not proposing that we start charging people. Who engage in a fight in the game so I'm not I'm just saying I've always found it interesting that you can punch someone in the face on a baseball field. And the Campbell's you know I would pay almost a thousand dollars city is a fight. In the PGA. Move our ala Bob Barker and Happy Gilmore home prices. Home. OK speaking of this real quick we found out that Rebecca Crockett. Used to fight cage fight. And let you know baca Crockett for like three years was all in the MMA cage fighting stuff she's like 82 pound could. You know why she watched it know she was participating. Insurers are the only girls she told me a story about breaking a wrist punch and somebody's in nose broke its latest taped it ups. She's going to have been out on it now he's on he. Yeah here's the thing I'm trying to work got to fight between her and we year. Additionally. I know it's going to be great. My brother owns Jim out there and in Belton how many get money gets set up and we're gonna go out there. They got all sparring equipment stuff Rebecca Carr is a factor you're going to crack about it on flying your I have again is out. It. Her and I were talking out here in the newsroom and she was like Tommy sort of breaker that's all casual like things like and then I was in this. Fighting pain was like cage fighting and I punch ARAMARK. She's no doubt about that but yeah. Totally totally it was she's like MM she was yes absolutely I am not Megan's out. I've not. Tyson if you or an aging parent is looking for a fund gorgeous retirement community silver crest at deer creek in south Overland Park. And silver crest at college view. Wanna see you. Month to month apartment homes are available right now. Gorgeous wooded views 24/7 on site security and all of the amenities of today's modern retirement community. This is a carefree lifestyle without the burden of maintaining a home at three meals a day housekeeping travel all that stuff in beautiful southern Overland Park. Staff members who have been there for 1020 years. One and two bedroom apartment homes are available now for anyone over the age of 55. Traditional assisted living services to if you need. Check out silver crested deer creek and silver crest at college if you ask any resident notes I yeah we wish we would have done this five years ago. So repressed deer creek so Christa college view an active retirement community. 9136811101. Six at 11101 silver crest love the way you live. Remember president Theodore Roosevelt. A man did they change the rules of football after a six players died in one season. And football survived its first threat. And I was just reading up on it. You cannot legally charge capable player for display on short a short. I just saw the story and this is a public service announcement and we will take calls on it because it happens every year and it makes me so. Angry. I thought Kansas City, Missouri at a handle on this apparently they do not this is from fox for. Illegally running Rex strong arming customers and charging outrageous prices those are the complaints. By people who were towed by north land company. Caroline's Foster said she became a victim of 24/7 telling recovery. After a racquet main street and 67 in downtown Kansas City. She says 24/7 pulled up to the scene and you know what a minute tell you the Fareed Antalya. What's gonna happen here. He told her you have to get off the road immediately. She said you've got to get out the ways and as possible you don't have time to wait for police and you don't have time to wait for another tow company. Lie. Lie. Lie. She wishes now she had ignored that advice because once they had her car on the hook. The driver refused to drop her at her collision center so you'll say the details endless breaks she says ticket sales in the spring he says now. Not and it I'm gonna take you are tow lot. Well the cars now hooked up to 24 sevenths toe truck so once they hooked you up your desperate. Wanna guess what they charged her. For on a few miles I mean from from downtown. To wherever they're located in the north land. How much 980. Dollars. I'm sharing my story because I was taken advantage of and she is not alone. 24/7 20 also showed that Jennifer surfaced in accident minutes after she dialed 911 you have to have this tote the driver told her it's not drivable. She asked for her car to be taken to her body shop yet we can't do that said the driver. Once her car was cut to the tow truck that tow truck driver refused to bring it to her collision center. Until. She paid him. 980. Dollars. While she didn't have the cash not ours at 24/7 brought the part of their law. And that's where it sat. That's how they get you once once it's in the lot they've got your car. Your script. Now listen to this it is illegal in Kansas City for tow truck drivers to run wrecks. And at the time these women didn't. She says one police officer showed up at her sing the second rack and did not tell her that and so maybe this is a function Scott. Of of this community working together. Police car wreck victims. And tow truck drivers. And we all need to be on the same page year if someone shows up to Iraq and demand sticks to. Your car up in New York are. I can't I would say you call 911 right there to the right to have your card taken review yes it's your car. Your called a tow company cameramen maim they're here and northeast on succumbing. They took my car from there for whatever reason Wendy just wouldn't start some strong computer. And they took it from my house over to sailors which isn't form. Actually no they took into the dealership a bigger part. They took us it was initially and then say it was like I think this is due ocean issue and so than they took it over to the dealership they only charged me 63 dollars yeah. That sounds about right listen to this. A Kansas City ordinance and this happened a few years and I remember clearly states. It is prohibited for a tow truck driver to stop at any accident. Unless they are flagged down. By the driver or police that's not what happened here. This idiot just stop and set up out of. By 76779. It how to stop this do you put price controls on. Do you licensed. Tow truck driver companies we have to educate the public about this. This education is one thing but what's the solution. Do you price control tow truck companies. I think once they are caught doing what 24/7 has done they lose their license they lose their life so you practice or unity so you need to licensed tow truck companies. If they're not already. 5767798. To the news or McCarron marks the Missouri senate leader talks about the allegations against governor greatness that's next. They folks spring finally is he. 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Remember was still wants to conceal it forget it go to seal once Casey dot com call 8169423927. Today. 232 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are Missouri's senate president pro tem Ron Richards is allegations that governor Eric crichton's was physically violent with his mistress are indispensable. But Richard on Thursday stopped short of calling and grains to resign he said it's upped the house to decide whether to attempt to the peak impeach the governor. President trump talked at the new tax reform water Rose Garden event today saying tax cuts have been increasing worker paychecks creating jobs and expanding the American dream. Telling those gathered his administration only cares about American families saying he's been fighting to drain the swamp since he was sworn into office. Every time you see me hit you know that I am draining the swamp. Traffic and weather together next. 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We have a potent storm. System heading our way an increasing chances for showers and thunderstorms in our forecast by Friday afternoon. Sunny breezy and warm up for the afternoon timer high low eighties. A passing shower out there tonight till I 65. And an increasing that chance for showers and thunderstorms on Friday we're monitoring chances for strong to severe thunderstorms across our area that high 75. Significantly cooler on Saturday that high mid forties. I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer near a more key NBC weather. It's a case CI we're looking at 81 downtown eighty at your official weather station. The radio dot com app is the official Obama's KM BZ downloaded today listen to us any time anywhere. I'm Kara marks are nears Eddy anyone KM BZ. That's you love. Just who walking down. On the streets thing is the. Good. Yeah. Good June. Grew up in restaurants and. The gap on the same line. Never yet you they've it is stripes but it's good. Right group where and where it's just fit. Because I really her underwear and who. It's something and you. Extra outs. There. Some of them. Welcome back this story makes me so mad and here's why Scott when it comes to toe. Drivers unscrupulous tow company's. And lock Smith's locks mitts or the other one where people command. A lot of them are here from overseas they set up shop they go under names like AAA. A a locksmith. So that when you call. Information and you sandy locksmith. That's the first one that pops up and say they'll do the same thing they say okay it's gonna be 65 dollars and then they get there and they go law. In relation at this kind of car. I need a special tools to get in here but I'm gonna do it and then after they get and they go it's actually 430. Dollars. I know the libertarian. Slash free market guy with and says well you should know let me finish let me finish. The free market guy says well you know what. You agreed to let them hook up your car and tow it. It's not Europe are their fault that you agreed to let an unscrupulous. Jerk. So your car however. And I do have a heart it's still beats slowly but it beats them. What these scanner listening to tow truck operators do. Is take advantage of view when you work at you or weakest mall or among your weakest moments. You've just been in Iraq yet you're probably headed to work you in the car just driving around you're going somewhere yet somewhere to be. And you did in Iraq. When it comes to material possessions and and throw away any like wedding albums or whatever I'm just talking about big material items the only thing. That is more important in your car is your house. And so you just wrecked the second most important material thing or most expensive material getting in your life. And along comes somebody who's gonna get you off the road. And keep you back to you know at least getting to where you're really trying to get. Q you're disoriented your calling your husband or wife cannot believe what just tap on my got to read just in Iraq will tell you. Locks and it's the same way where you are somewhere you need to get in please come help me. And and they come and help you and inflate the price and I've always said Scott. When it comes to tow trucks. And lock Smith's remembers its. Pick a company you trust that is locally owned and operated. Do Google search see if their stories like this channel four story with 24/7 toe and then keep that business card in your car. And in your wallet and when something happens and some dumb dumb drives up and tries to cut your car for thousand dollars you say no. We've always used Brandt lock and key and Waldo and Santa Saito. And it doesn't matter senator Ito that it doesn't. You lose. Make sure they are local they been around a long time and are not that you. And charged with thousand dollars benefit to drop me since the 62 dollars to talk Michael and then kidnapped your card I didn't know is what 24/7 okay. Simply toe treated me right that's same 24/7 not only took her partner networks segment Tourtelot. Michael online for hello Michael. Thank god of war and not be happy that I'm on it like you guys talk about that it is really get all the time. I'd be happy to answer important that you have and I just want it first. Mean it just about. A local company. And keep their card that's probably the best advice given today. Michael's these guys he's strong arm tactics I'm guessing they prey on women and and certainly older women more than they do men. And this woman was like he was very aggressive. And and I understand of someone's you're facing you gotta get this done. Oh. What are injured and so visit this course that way on any other Asian I've done. It doesn't matter a great point that Michael with the older respect I'm sure you remember reputable business. Actually I don't do any sport going at all the only my director cars when no one miracle and it didn't look. Like here. And who probably 3040 aren't we are probably over two are turned it down because I don't correlate the owner they want the court. But what I'm saying is often times when somebody needs it though and in the case of this story that day is referencing. You've lost your wits you've just been in a car accident your thanking god Euro came alive. You your car is. Out of commission for at least another week or two. And along comes some tow truck. That unbeknownst to you was missing to the scanner. You're not. At a 100% right now with two wits and news like ten toll just get out of here early got it I need to give all of my day. You know. When we got all in the utility. Driver in and done it before you know well when it. You wouldn't put our early. And it at least a ball like. If it's. Up to your situation with a certificate. That you work inner city and you work in we're following situation. We're putting people into work total situation where they know. What they do that it'll work. Egypt an agent make quick decisions without. Question. That it. Well and Michael I know that reputable so guys like yourself like Santa say hate these stories and these guys that go out and do this. Because it does give everyone else in the industry a bad. Name. Michael record for the ego. Would you be OK if in your mourns apparently six street Joseph would you be OK if the city and maybe Verity do. Set your rates. They're already do you actually disagree with the rate that the city. And the policy in the Iran over here I think there are little pot. They are up around a hundred dollar pick ones that are due for and so my issue with that is that these are. And evidently if you call me personally and you walk her ball. Trigger comparable. Might argue probably that it bought earlier are. Better but it in the Paula. And indeed even more that the group but at the poll I'm betting it. Call they graduate or situation you can get a if you're not that ultimately you know. You're taking your chances with encryption. You think the city of Lawrence has set the rates too high. I don't believe that it needs only netted more than double what your normal open would be. In what in what they're expected that you need that didn't let our our way and didn't during the wreckage. 300 are expected that you've got there and try and more than an hour. Mean it back problem and then the other thing isn't it they're out. Of the truck were the work everyday. And it over read. It yet. Number not. Another. But wouldn't. You know we did 6:7 o'clock. And you know what they're really in reality it. Could get. It. And they're important which most are within the industry these important you know. Brooke thanks Michael Michael. In social. Jason in Kansas City villages. Yeah you guys there. I just the kind of beat you back off what the last scholars. I was actually no driver. Ought to count. And all year note on this year only issue on the all the problems that there'll arsenal ready. Doctors and what the last caller. Most of drivers actually you make a decent living. Why else would you won't reveal called one hour days seven days we would. True. When you say that a tow truck driver makes a good living. What do you make. A year. If you possibly five and here. Rob I would like to talk you last year. And. Little I mean that's just wrong and just a regular you know role backer of flatbed. You know Amir heavier duty character out you know that all the character herself. Anyone that they're going in Europe Spain in outer corner of sound mean I make six figures. Yeah hey thank you for the call hasn't heard and set. This is wrecked chasing and it is illegal ands or if you really want is I thought this the City Council mayor Daley called to the wild wild west out there six years ago or ten years ago in Kansas City. So they've made it illegal. So where are the penalties for companies like 24/7 accused of digging both of these women almost 8000 dollars allegedly if this story is true that this woman tells. I fault with the City Council did was they got a list of tow companies that they believed to be reputable. And they rademan everything they can run into rotation every rack. That the police gets called to they have to go our it will who's next on the list. It's eight it's eight W Toronto and this tow drivers randomly shows up without being called. That to me should be illegal and she should take them to court. And she would win a judgment they were car according to her in the story they were called. But to me this is bigger than a civil lawsuit Scott they need to be companies. Who are doing this. In the face of the law need to be shut down. You cannot operate and prey on our citizens anymore or what you do take away their business license yes. Yes. You find them into obscurity only when it's gonna stop. 7677. And if you have tried or maybe you are trying. Online dating chances are you've run into one or more of the following lazy text messages dead and conversations. Some random matches that you don't have no chance. But have you seen the success stories from. We never thought we meet somebody online that was so compatible and we are so grateful. Haley down and our sales department here came easy sign up with the harmony a couple of weeks actually months ago. And she's been amazed great connections and great matches. And psychological research to send you the right match stop waiting and start your journey to a satisfying meaningful relationship. Fun. To play around upon my dating apps but when you're ready to fall in love with someone and have a meaningful relationship. 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Like guys at CMOs and son now called now mentioned the doubling your power vet. 8167814778167814707. Or CMOs and sun dot com. That'd be hold it here this and I. I did tune. Hear about. Thank god stay here and hey didn't you down won't grass he. Good job a year in the area. Real laid the next Friday week from tomorrow is it away. I need to check location. You're asking me nevermind bomb coming up. Next weekend miserable and then able to when it first now that I oh that's on Saturday April 21 prize here is next weekend. I this week yeah I've got to get arguable I never did get that kiss bowling ball you always do this. Well when I found out that the kiss bowling ball was 555. Dollars. I opted not to get the kids bowling ball. But I do need I I'm not going opening of sparkling bowling balls but Obama to show up I got to show off I got to bring my own bull. So I will be at a pro shop at some point this weekend purchasing my own bowling ball and getting it fitted so my fingers that holes properly. Important figures for the whole ferry import or import. John a blue springs hello John. Our. An actual driver not somebody's tired not somebody who's. Well I am again this year it was sort of like getting drive projection yet until I was wearing. If you're pathetic the way it works a lot of times especially like down in the city. Different cities at contract for up okay. Those companies contract with the cities the cities. More often than not do you separate. A now if you're downtown and all of a sudden you see you know one or trucks jacks I don't truck full on scene. There's an app. Every responsible so driver not a shark that response or our drivers have it given by the what that law. And from the cities. We are just back to those alt. Yeah. What happened that that truck running what is called auto parts are. Okay. It's batches two. And where is it then you have all covered insurance if you bought it should be involved in oh. Different things like that that's when prices get to. OK now if you're taco cart are no parties ensure that we built by a great city. OK so what you want a war is let's say that again safety grant like that I'll. Substrate still show up. Is he approaching the bully. And talking. Arctic ecology. Are they shaking as you are looking at as well. Or. Coach Oliver what we're losing it. You know they're good at your back can I ask you one thing now. Yeah if someone just randomly shows up before police get there and they're not part of the city rotation not part of the app. How was it they keep getting away with continuing business in the city. The city cracking down. They're actually kicking their car companies out of the city that they're catching these debt. That. There was a case here recently. That I heard about idol have our knowledge as just Gilbert Grape which the world Kurt I will. There was a topic about can't let that regulation here as Europe Asia Obama actually them. Tried to console reaction then and that we're rested their vehicle and count. It got to run you know what they should impound the vehicle and then charge them a thousand dollars to come back and get it 900 million dollars in there to the news really care marks. Happening now on KM BZ an accused cop killer will stand trial nearly two years after the shooting details next. You know I. T wanna run around and for Volkswagen of Lee's summit of the T one of the atlas and now is the time to buy. It defaults and Lee's summit they have got all kinds of deals their remaining twenty seventeens. Are up to 8000 dollars off and this appearance. The apple says is 4000 dollars off in Nasser. For less than. A 199. Dollars a month. 199. Dollars a month and you're gonna well of that car would you buy it. 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