tough hour about elder care, low wages and a looming CRISIS in the U.S...

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Tuesday, July 10th
The MEDIAN income is FAR below the poverty level for a family of 3.... 

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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcast on KNB easy. It is in their bets and side to side like that happened haven't analyzed it. New study about happiness I came out of this is going to be interesting you know when you first take a bite something eerie it's brand new car or war. Some of the first time experience. That I'm talking about and you get that kind of rush of pleasure. But after a few times it's over. Yes especially with the new car Bryce. Now it just doesn't paean Ritz Crackers weird. So I was is that about Maine this. There's a new series of studies that are coming out and say if you consume certain things in unconventional ways you will recreate that feeling of happiness. So they did this. By having people eat popcorn. And you had to do it slowly. And so the first people who were eating their popcorn like normal tank one piece at a time angers well and they gave the second group chopsticks. A tank those people how to. Whole lot more fun. And it lasted a whole lot longer than the people who were eating regularly. There's those who popcorn shops. That next time you go to the theater apply that principle to. The wider world what I conventional ways of doing that I have always said some times. That thing that you're enjoying. Your only enjoying because of the in environments. In which you are enjoying it crank case in point. We go all two years ago on a little girl's weekend trip some ideas are so in America. And there was a a glass of red that I had in. The restaurant. And and it was the best like I just fell in love with that I took a picture of the bottle like this I so hat yeah. Came back home. Several months later on in the store I looked down and I see this label. And I get Alex I'm like this is why. It's taken from uncorked at for a glass Mike. Oh wait that's the same wine but it was. I think you're just. If you're on vacation especially. Advanced things look better they sound better they taste better. You don't have I'm beyond bat man on the us I remember thinking I was so sure. That was going to be my new favorite thing. I think just being on vacations my favorite thing my makes sense right. So all tall boy zero. Yes the coaches out of the cave. Before Navy SEALs tight Navy SEALs that stable time they're now out of the cave the movie rights. Hunt is on. Wall Street Journal just clear this story a few minutes ago now that it is out of the cave that ties soccer team may be heading on to the big screen. At least one Hollywood producer is already in Thailand. Scouting the movie rides the story of the boys trapped in a flooded cave. Bull and a herald. Well well I'm just gonna be one year you. Can't. Yet Ali he's gonna stick out like a snow I didn't cave in Thailand. He's being. Entrepreneurial. He's he's doing his job that's his job is to secure the rights to the story. But can't give it twelve or is it you should think it's just all apple last kids how you've got to get Mo and before somebody else who's in first. Yen I think it's a little presumptive to go while they're really see here. You know here's the other deal what are some of the families wanna share their story and some of them don't they why don't get no money. Michael Scott that's his name a co-founder of pure flicks entertainment said on Tuesday that he was already in the northern Thailand near the cave pure flicks. Has already begun talking to actors writers and investors. About partnering on a movie about the ordeal. As news spread of the soccer team story some potential partners have reached out appear flicks including investors in highway. Interest in a potential project has so they're just Cirque. Land right over an hour and day from the text line spoiler alert they get out of McCain fun fun. Well it's the Chilean miners. Yes OK I don't remember every retailers sorry movie out about that all of the 33 okay it was phenomenal. I saw an island baby's six months ago as. You know looking for something to watch it was phenomenal how fast they go down in turn get those right now as a twelve hours later I don't think Seoul. Now now the what was it sees our call about. That movie is that those were 33 adult men. And so there was kind of this lord of the flies. Esque. When you 33 minute confined space and you'll think you're gonna die. It's interesting how the hierarchy. Shakes out so you have to have a leader okay picture you have to put all of your food and a pile. And and figure out the best way to ration your food. I've said from the beginning I think these kids survived because they were children. I don't know under the same circumstances of those were adults in that cave that had to go through what they went through to get out I don't know that we would have had a 100%. With with those that were trapped in the cave 100% success rate that. So do you think this guy who this Michael Scott guy with her flicks which I've never heard opportunities as they really Michael Scott yeah. From Denver Mifflin the office yeah. Yeah the first thing taught. But she's also exactly also does Jackie is something Michael Scott would do. At this makes me wanna play. The long running clip that's what she says from the office. It's kind of awesome. Shouldn't they just as he went their first he gets the right to that nothing actually nothing but if he goes or last seized up and are gonna get the rights would you agree. Politics should leave them alone for a couple days what is the single amount of time. To leave somebody can't sponsor of the hospital. There are multiple families that are going to be involved business today get legal counsel today get representation. And remember how pore of his salary if their or is this gays who gonna go in and say hey I got a deal for you and give you twenty dollars each for you to tell me your car a I mean you know I yeah. Why did you get it's so big. Hey that's what you said. For what mice and and remind me if I'm wrong but I think I remember about that 33. Before they got out or right after they got out. One of the guys had already been in touch with somebody for the rights to like a book. And the other guys. Were. Furious they're like. Okay I see how this is gonna go down you work animals ideal over there and really didn't. We had to go win as a team well here stuck down there is a team can imagine there's 33 of you stuck and one of you on the side. Is getting some kind of book deal now. It happens all the time. David Lee Roth left Van Halen in 1984. Goes on and releases a bunch of solo records starts making a lot of money these are people with no money the Chilean miners as I recall I don't think they got any money. Go back and look there was some that there was rob about that. Askew quest. This show which will not go on forever and her come see that. At some point the four of us are no longer going to be together it's just a fact. I hope they let us do the show for a long time. I really do. But at some point Entercom is gonna wise they're gonna realize. Kara is the only one machine would any real talent. And they're gonna fire the rest of us. For whatever reason and I'm not saying anybody wanted but Dana let's say somebody wanted to make. Write a book about the behind the scenes shenanigans that stories of the Eden park shortly thought for some reason they consult in Kansas City bookstores and people would buy yeah. And they came to you and they said Dana. We'll give you 250000. Dollars we want you to just. Throw out all the dirty secrets about Scott rotten care or anybody else on the newsroom for 250000. Would you go. All of us first you cannot profit from all now and you know you listen to what eight years. Ago. So like an miners say they were cheated out of the profits from that Hollywood film. Nine that the Chilean miners were trapped underground for more than two months. Have sued their lawyers because they didn't get any share or not an adequate share of the revenue from that. Film the plane as many of them are still suffering from physical and psychological aftereffects. Say they were offered bad advice and cheated out of income from books. TV series and that movie. The dispute has divided the group of 33 men. So it's a great point attacks. What's the difference between Michael Scott from pure reflects. Swooping in to buy the rights to tell this story and now I know it and the network and news. Reporters swooping in to tell it for free. Because we were the local Lee. Dying for information about what was going on with these children tell me they area an area are they out but what's the difference the good news networks will pin. It basically. Their tent. And they they're there for two weeks talking about these kids you know the story you know the story because you watched it on TV and heard about it on the radio. What's the difference between the network news people swooping in and some guys swooping in with money. To buy the story I would argue he is a better human being because he's got to pay these kids my. Chilean miners and money and you'll get results they didn't see dye. Shirt and buried him. It shall lay might ask that doesn't know how to contact someone from. Miramax really mean is an orange rod Woodson and I can see this is the deal these people are all going to be taken advantage out. Hollywood is gonna make all this money the actor Antonio Banderas are making money off that movie. It's to do act for free yeah. I expected someone when they were to hold your going to help you most of them were very poor and destitute anyway or they wouldn't. I expect someone to say going to kick to use some of the profits because we are profit teeing. Off of. Your story. Now here's the announcement attacks apparently pure flicks of the Christian film company. To their. The theory on line at least it is that they won't be better profit all of our other people's stories all the time. If there's a movie about 9/11. Should the profits go to anybody who survived. The Twin Towers. This is different. He's our children number one. Many of them people are living movies also. Events all the time and people don't profit from it. It happens all the time. We do World War II I mean band of Brothers. Did they give any money to the actual band of Brothers. I am angry the miners didn't get anything and I have a feeling. When it. Paul comes up analyze. These families will see very little of any profit. From the people slipping and trying to make money off the store records and they're telling a story I don't think just because somebody tells your story that you deserve money from. Now if you want to participate. And you wanna help mister OK here's what it was really like is gonna cost you money for me it's famous story. The Mets that's fine. I think that's what the guys from pure flex is trying to do. Is get in there pay these people say hey we want we want to hear your story sign on the dotted line that you're not gonna tell this story to anybody else. Don't so I. I know fourth of July is over but the sale goes on get ready to save at Nebraska furniture mart that huge holiday events. Is continuing right now with legendary low prices throughout the entire story you'll find one huge holiday deal after another. Right now pay 55 cents on the dollar on all furniture carpet and area rugs let's get an extra 11%. Off the tagged price. If you need to appliances. 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The three young women who worked who worked at Bentley senior living in Jefferson made the video in the room of the distressed. Seventy sexual patient according to police. They allegedly were filming while waiting for hospice nurse. Quoting here from a spokesman for the Jefferson police department. It was going to be an extensive time before the hospice nurse can be there so these three employees were supposed to closely monitor the patient. Detective tells WSB. In Atlanta. One of the women was smoking a straight pan am that they were using for families and making obscene gestures. They were completely ignoring her and posting the snap chat video. They were reported by another employee. One of the suspects was taken into custody by ice the other two were released on. If you riddle further there're couple things. I wanna point out about the story. These three women in question were how old again. It does this this is oratory I read it said like nineteen of those are in the 2121 in 1990 yes 192121. Is that right 212190. Okay. 1921. And 21. We already know from topics on this very program that when it comes to home health aides when it comes to hospice. Elder care all of those things. It is very hard to find. Qualified people it is even harder to retain. Qualified people because the pay is solo. And Scott you have to be an Angel to do that works and want to do that work. And show up every day for eight dollars an hour. You know doing. Sings for people who are. Dying or ill. That most of us would fines. On palatable. You have to wipe their books correct. You know it's just hit it there is a special room in heaven waiting all of the people listening who do that work. The problem is we don't pay. Anyone enough to do that work and and you end up with three idiots aged 1921. And 21. Being in a facility with this woman and taking advantage as one I don't know what the answer excusing their behavior of the long ago okay what I'm saying is the low pay leads to. Bad hiring outcomes like these when these women should never be in a help in helping profession are you kidding me. I 76779. It gets more this in his moment. We've got to address the wages in this line of work that's number one and number two was a law. Broken 5767798. To the news or care marks. How much more money will Kansas schools need to comply with the Supreme Court ruling that's next. You know I said it before I say again we started sleeping better as a moment that Brooklyn and dot com box came to our dual or they are sick luxurious there sheets. You spend a third of your life in your sheets they really do make a difference. With how you sleep if you're one of those bed in a bag people used to do that you got the big box or you buy a bed in a bag. 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I'm 31 in Kansas City from KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are the deputy education commissioner says Kansas would have to phase in another 364. Million dollars an increase to public school funding over five years. To comply with the recent Kansas Supreme Court order. This comes after the court ruled last month and a 500 million dollar increase wasn't enough lawmakers have until next spring to fix it. Where hearing from one of the moderate Republican voices in the senate who previously said that any Supreme Court nominee who would overturn Roe vs. Wade would not be acceptable. Speaking ABC news today Maine senator Susan Collins praised judge Brent Cavanaugh as background wall saying any judge's views on established president's remains a concern. Ahead of their one on one meeting not yet scheduled. Rove whispers decided sound 45 years ago it was affirmed its 26 years ago. People in our country have relied on having this constitutional. Right to. 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Remember with she'll want to seal forget it but a sealed once Casey dot com call 8169423927. Today. In the old days we zinc carbon copy in the new days we say cut and paste forecast is going to be identical for the next several days heat advisory still in effect. Also an ozone alert day goes in effect on Wednesday to you that means discount bus fares and best to top off the tank and Mo either early in the day or toward dusk. Sony 5 in the morning afternoon high of 97 degrees our normal highs 88 the winds will be light which is part of the reason why the pollution will be kind of clinging to the earth itself. In the heat index is high as a 103. From channel lineup for solar chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. 95 burnout case CI 98 downtown 96 at your official weather station. The only way you can take KM BZ with you is the radio dot com map delegates and listen to us any time anywhere. Tara mark sir Newsnight PA one KE ND EZ. Hey. It. She. A mu it's. Yeah. It's. It's. Street women down. It's been fired from an assisted living facility. They were 21 years of age 21 years of age in nineteen. The were waiting for hospice nurse to show up at the assisted living center but while they waited they decided to do snapped chat video and and titled and that. As they videotaped the dying resident who had suffered a stroke. Is there crime here and I. Hope the end is that a lot of people were saying that there is clearly a hip of violation and us. There's hit a violation that is having the carnage Imus and no I think it's probably a violation of wouldn't be an ordinance what do you call that's got. I just don't think it's a crime. You might eat you could navy make that case. Now I don't think it's elder abuse I mean it is. But I don't think under the legal Def as there's an older and older and act. It would be exploitation. It would be neglect if it's anything it would be exploitation. Cry yeah. And I ask out of ignorance of I don't know I hope there is a crime that is applicable here I just don't know what it would be. 767798. Made the point before we went to the news break. That when it comes to people who work in these adult living centers. Who have to do. Things. That most of us would not wanna do on a daily basis by that we mean clean with. Elderly people who can't clean themselves in on I mean. Maybe graphic about it. I'm not trying to. That we should pay them somebody writes I work at hospice and they definitely need to Prius. Okay but where does the money come for a it's always easy when it comes to white teachers. Or cops or privates in the army. It's easy to say all right pay them because nobody is gonna disagree with. Everybody can get on line with paying teachers more paying privates or paying hospice care workers more. Where do you get the money because for a lot of businesses that living senators. These people. And I don't mean that two rockets or early are there because that's what their family can afford. We need the government to get involved. Does the government start not only providing you with Social Security when you're able to live on your own but a Social Security when you're not. I found this attack It says they're talking about this caregiver earnings Jean Louis. And she provides personal assistance and health care support for all kinds of seniors and their eighty's and ninety's and it says. People are living longer. So these jobs are in demand but the page has not caught up with the demand. The way it should so where does the money kind 2050. Listen to this by 2050. The population of people over the age of 65 will nearly double. And home care workers and getting those people to fill these jobs. Is difficult. It's only going to get. Worse. Quoting here from an MIT economist. If nothing is done to improve these jobs by the year 2040. There will be a shortage of at least 350000. Paid caregivers. I 767798. Kathy in a late hello Kathy. Yes well. I did make a comment you're talking about the okay. And you know or any. I have a daughter didn't hear her she didn't act on her home. And I agree that. Rancher Robert I don't know what they play. I would like you. Mourn an extra money or. Helping my daughter act is Armenia are not under bright on my head and I can't I would you know an arm. They're going to keep actually really don't know don't can't and there are art get hired and I am. Well Betty a minute and then and I. Reprimanded for doing that and the EU and even count on it actually Iran and I. I guess I'd make that comment you know it to be part of it. I'm Catholic and I ask threw him out of business how much did you try to ever. To get it. And are now closed his eyes narrowed Kathy thanks for the call home health care workers are typically women. Often people of color. They have a median hourly wage nationally. Of just over ten dollars an hour. One in four home care workers was like the federal poverty line. What do you do I don't know. Because you see stories like this and people want to treat. The outcome here and not the quote this is the symptom of a much bigger problem. There's pork human beings everywhere yes. But I think because it's so hard to fill these jobs. You're getting people who have no business in this profession. Were doing it for the wrong reasons maybe it's the only job again at June. It in any job where it's Rick Nichols got to have compassion. Yeah. Any him that they need to be paid more. Ten dollars an hour to take care of my mom is not enough. Now where are you going to extract. The extra five or ten dollars per hour. That you need to take care of my mom when she goes into assisted living god forbid Lucius. He had taken on in my but you're taken out of whatever my mom's been able to say is government going to chip then what do we can't afford it. A daughter named Patricia. Lucy manage his care for her 75 year old mother has dementia over the last five years she says. She is seen numerous caregivers come and go including ten ports well. In the past years some show up late. Or not at all or they don't have the temperament for the job she says taking care of seniors requires patience and respect this is not engage. At Dunkin' Donuts or McDonald's with all due respect to those it says that those kids get more says you're not pouring a cup of coffee or flipping a burger you were basically assisting a senior with stately life you have to have compassion you have to carry. You should want to be there. Not just because of the little money your making and she says I realized. It is very little. You know that determine that a lot of people talk about them when you say well you know the pay for being a teacher for example is very low. Why would you do. And I've heard a lot of people who were in the teaching profession Tellme it was a calling. I don't know that I. Would ever expect him I don't talk to a lot of people working assisted living but I don't know the I would never expect to hear some say it was a call. It's not a calling to. Clean somebody's butt. I don't know Scott I think people for ten dollars an hour people who work in that industry will say and you've been doing it for a long time will say. That is where they're needed that's where. They're good at it they have compassion. I think the revolving door comes in with these younger people like these three idiots. Who exploited this woman that that's where we need to focus. Not only wages but how do you hire and retain. Compassionate people who want. To do that John give you one word. Money. And then I go back to my original point where does that come from. I'm 767798. AM in peculiar. Lamb. And I. Com I despondent and completely disgusted by. What I deterred that the people actually videotaping someone that was their last moments of life that you and it completely did him. I'm extremely offended by that. Crime. An announcer or a prosecutor ready target it was some kind of an emergency. Worker. In the comic I bet media picked someone. Dying and again. I can't understand. A human being very well a lot rocket that is trying to believe we're gonna live for ever. And yeah. I've recently I can't let any year each other hand. A opt out and possibly. Treated. The way. It does. He didn't you actually army I might and we ran it by people that make money. And other income and work act. And there are like Italy they they treated my really. Hey here's your answer Scott many households are finding help three home care agencies. Other households are hiring directly and paying out of pocket listen to this earlier this year the website cared dot com the tender of domestic work. Reported it had registered more than fourteen million consumers and eleven million aids. This author said when I posted my own bare bones listing. Seeking around the clock help for my fictional grandmother. At fifteen to 25 dollars an hour well about the Medicaid rate. I received fifty responses overnight. So maybe one solution is. If you can afford to do that you bring it back in home. I've 767798. Am sorry about your losses Steve Julie the other sitting tight. With all of you just a moment ever get Jonathan we're coming up right after these 6 o'clock news rob Babcock and run I'm Scott parks and communities. Right here for different programs or it would very low cost life insurance dot com always tell people go to the website first low cost life insurance dot com. And in a matter of seconds you can get a quote right there at your fingertips you got to plug in what are your man or woman the state eleven whether or not he smoked and then you. You have all this information right in front of that's were Stewart would very comes in. If you're wondering how much like insurance doing neat how long do I need it. That's the kind of things Steward has been doing helping people in Kansas City for decades navigate. When it comes to the sometimes confusing world of life insurance to find out what is appropriate for your family. When where why all of that good stuff calls to or Woodbury 8167920700. 8167920700. Or see how truly affordable. Life insurance can be for your family by going to low cost life insurance dot com. And I do the job. It was the so. The same. And it brings peace it's. Okay. Ari Tuesday throwback to the game. My 76779. Main job we're coming up right after 6 o'clock. Steve in grand UST hello my friend. They didn't do that. You know Scott EE treat this just like anything else you'd you'd save for college is saved for retirement. You you buy insurance and accidents not if they're going to happen when. So you stay at an actor parents have failed escape that or prepare for the then you'd have to do. Once you reach that age and you know it's within ten years three that this may be happening to your folks. You say and if that means knicks in the car payment you do if that means. It just eat eat just. You make it work you whatever whatever answer if you can look at yourself and find it. You do what it takes to play the car spotlight as culture that it but Ian we don't burden of government program. Cut why I would agree Zuma. But. I think a famous profit once said you'll always have the pour among you and I'm paraphrasing. What do we do with the poor who. Maybe. Have not today it was. I mean that. Sometimes when you when you ask the question where the the funding comes from word of the money come from a lot of times you can turn that around and look that your cell that's where the funding is gonna come for a but we're gonna Sempra. But some people are just pour you would agree with that I'd Steve I. Went to end and so. We can't just throw them out on the streets right I mean they're they're they're dying. Out that they need hospice care. The richest country on the face of the I'm playing a little bit of devil's advocate here but I do believe I'm saying the richest country on the face of the earth just can't have old people. Dying on street corners because their family for whatever reason. Can afford to take care of them. Absolutely and I agree with you however. This in this is gonna sound terrible. Putting it into words but it is sad reality we live well. That pour person. Cannot afford to drive a brand new vehicle yet somebody that works can't so that poor person and god look on. They cannot afford the best I hear that somebody that has. Save and provided you know provided insurance themselves in there or that or person again love them. They're gonna get the ten dollar and archer and asking just how it is. Artsy listeners are quick to the national median wage paying the national. Median wage. Is just over seventeen dollars an hour this is for somebody works and owners know national petroleum Harrison seventeen tank that's national media might. Nursing assistant that's part of we've earned just eleven dollars fifty cents at the median. Meaning half of the 650000. Strong workforce in this industry we're talking about. Makes less than eleven dollars and fifty cents an hour. And things have gotten worse over the years not better adjusted for inflation. Nursing assistants wages have fallen 7%. Over the last decade. Comedian of course not a giver her but he lesson here median means that half of Americans made more than seventeen dollars an hour. Half make less correct. Correct. So that means that half of Americans. Yeah maybe it is believable. Average Americans make less than I am 35003. And six dollars a year. Average annual income for that job I want to guess the average annual income if you are one of these. Workers in assisted living in. Elder care average annual income what would you guess. 30000. 191000. Dollars a year and is under the poverty line for a family of three. It it it we have to address the wages got nine dollars and thirteen and so does and the problem is only getting worse. As we have an aging population that because of technology advances in health stuff. We are living longer necessarily better longer. Are we got to run Jonathan we are coming up right after the. My good credit goes to Iraq and I am Skype parks and god willing. Call back tomorrow at 2 o'clock have a great night be safe but most importantly. Happening now one KM BZ thousands of executives from cities across the country coming to Kansas City more next. You do have an extra 151000 dollars will listen what happened that day when he called by French ship one to sell his home and Overland Park. Chips all inclusive marketing platform generated. 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