A Topeka high school agrees to an undercover reality TV show. WHAT!?!?!?!!?!?

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Thursday, December 14th

My jaw ACTUALLY hit the floor when I read this. WHY would any high school agree to this?  Who does it benefit?  Aren't there ENORMOUS privacy concerns here?!?!?!!?!?!?


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcast on KNB easy. Gloomy weather on tap for the rest of today are high temperature rather recently only in the low forties. Now toward the latter half of today and into the early half of tonight. We may see a few sprinkles or flurries very light precipitation from a weak disturbance the overnight low falling to the upper twenties. Plenty of sunshine extending back and with high pressure tomorrow the high upper forties. And for the weekend sunny Saturday upper fifties could see if you rain showers especially early Sunday. I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer narrow more Katie NBC weather forty KC 941 downtown it's forty right now at your official weather station that's. Yeah me. Taught me. And just. They put this the only way. This is. And obvious story what are. I think it's fastening and mussina rod. OK I know I know you're gonna say but I want it'll look at the photo. And Karen tell these people. What this man caption OK so this guy's name is Adam Ellis he kissed been claiming since August that there is the ghost of a dead child living in his apartment in New York City. And so he don't post anything really a whole lot since honesty he did a couple of posts in November but and all the sudden last week. Are actually just two days ago he start he starts posting. Annie says sorry for the long. Break hemmed in feeling great. There wasn't much to say for the most part it was a sleeping while I was having weird dreams and I've been sleeping all day long I've been getting sudden bouts of dizziness. He goes on and he's talking about how he needed to go to see your doctor and all of a sudden he decides to set up. His camera is found on his night stand and watch his ground. Because he's had this ghost child it was appealing that he felt before he says time and it always accompanies David. Dear date it is what he calls this August. NE he says that malice dread. I'd chests. If he does I woke up suddenly feeling like I'd just miss seeing something like a candle had just gone out there is still smell it. So super creepy. Set up to this whole thing. You post these pictures. First one. Announcing anything. Second picture all of sudden out of nowhere. There is this tiny little person standing on a chair over next to his Dresser but. That this the thing whatever it is. He says seems to have a misshapen. Head yes it is the three are you look at this rod. It is so creepy so in the first picture. That kid is standing. Over him while he's sleeping. And what would you guess Kara three years old you get 232 hours to little little. And there's at one point he's got one picture with him the best tiled figure is draped over a chair. And then another one weary standing right next to the bed and then in the final picture the wanted to post most recently. You can CD year and that hair has it dead child's head is right next to the yeah this. Now people are saying this is totally a hoax this is our history on line but the the final photo is the child's head. Like way up close to the cameras you can't really make out features you'd just see this really rat the sparse. Hair sparse. Almost like the child was sick. And in that. Each year does not look like what in your should look out their machines and so I it is value people are saying this is stage whatever. These photos. Freaked. Me out C and he he had clips back in August of my chair move being and like his cats looking under the door at something that nobody else could see how cats are we at your hands and we will post on net. Became his for his campaign because even if you don't believe in this kind of thing. The photos are really. Really creepy. I think is a script what do you think it looks like regulars are a bunch or crap. It like Chucky dollars then I think it's daddy's maybe some stupid. Shot really close to make it look like something scare. I don't think it's going to be anything I'm not what you did at first I could find was pictures of his cat staring at a dole right. But then I don't. Cats now I found the pictures your target were but it's. Unlike. Higher than not like it at all and I would are on it at that house no wait a misshapen head kid's gonna come kill me in the night. He said I'm at a loss for words that malformed ear that's the scary didn't even know what to think. Looks like. Like ms. Satan. Like a cauliflower ear hate to say that that's like a proper term used but. It is a misshapen smaller than it should be year on he says like he did is drawing of this kid with like. Part of his head literally part of his head missing. He thinks that that might be. Craig Akers that will put that on the came zebras that it's really early I'll tell you on the front page. If you wanna see the Costco surveillance of the officer who ends up shooting and killing the suspect. At the annex a cost of that is gripping stuff that is on there. What I really want everyone to go look at daycare. Are these very. Close up photos. Of this woman in the north land who has yet dealing. Packages off people's front porch and here's what I tell you if you live in the north land. Go look at the front gates of K and easy dot com or became easy FaceBook page because if this woman you can see the woman is not grainy she is looking at the camera you can see her. And even eighty can't see your face she's got a very distinctive jacket on she is a very distinct jacket you can see her if you'd know this woman you have never you know I mean if you that it. If you look at this photo. And this is a woman you know you immediately know it's this woman because. It's not like one of those grainy far away. Photographs where you can see this woman clearly. And her white two door looks like a mini. SUV it's at Toyota events yet Toyota then how many people try to Toyota vans that look like this nut. Also where we come up with a term ports pirates this year like it. I pubic Estes came out of nowhere yeah I had a chance to police departments even calling it that and I will tell you. Kara I know this has happened a lot of people they think this is a white woman and her thirties again white Toyota of Ben's. With no front plate. And go to K and easy dot com is the first thing pops up because I swear. Someone's days can hear me talking about this look at this photo and noble. That's merry soon from mine bump club if it is it makes me so angry. That she is doing business that I hope every single package she stole. Is one of those half that are boxes from CNN. That you see late. I cannot did you eyed kind either lady. Urged each and there I got nothing. But a bunch I. Am like some cool and lead dog did you see those parents are doing stuffing boxes full of dirty diaper good. Leaving them on the front or I think they should know it it. It makes me so. Mad because what ends up happening if you don't have one of these cameras on your ports. Is that you don't think what you paid for has arrived right you contact that vendor. The vendor is that like oh my gosh I'm so sorry we shipped two days like yeah right and like no we did and you're like yeah it just causes. Problems. For some. Idiot grinch who probably turns around hopes that there are some and in their from old navy and sells for five bucks on a swap and shops like. This looks like a new car by the way how desperate yet to this degree she's a Christmas XP so came easy dot com. Please identify this woman. I hopes mr. There's another Christmas items there is another case you they've found the packages or the package in this case but they're still looking for the woman involved. It happened here in town they posted the video on stolen Casey's FaceBook page and she stole eight to read mail. For this man's father who is like going through chemo. That's why they bought the treadmills to keep him active while he's going under chemo treatment here. And they found package I sat up and you notice I used to think people who had front porch cameras and you think depending on kind now. I used to think those people were like are you cooking meth and there are a third of seats out as curtains like what is going on the not anymore not more since about three years ago I think is a good investment and clearly see it. With this woman's photo because they will catcher because this but how other people didn't have these cameras via. That lost their stuff. And get this crap. If they find her. I sense accents and a mining is the number. Like eight different tax plan exploding litter box. It's so yes. Yeah and then you would have glitter all over the perpetrators or know that they try to steal a box or a bank Robert dye right Hughes yet is aipac yes. That's the only DBD going boxes at. My husband opens it. I except that it's number eight Texas twenty to 980 Scott parts is off today his dog is doing fine had surgery this morning. Michael MacKey will be in at 4 o'clock and when we come back. Would you want or allow. A hidden. Undercover. Reality TV show. In your child's. High school. One area school has done nets. They agreed to do it it is about to air. And I need someone did tell me why this is a good idea. 57677. And it talked about we come back right now it's time to check traffic and weather. Snowy we go to commercial then we sacked for a lot of you know when your service engine light comes on and you look down annually great winners here my car. Is not doing well go to Christian Brothers automatic yet implications all over town I got the one and only a you're gonna love these guys they of all kinds of great stuff exclusive to KM BZ listeners. Going on right now and you get 25 dollars often a service over 100 dollars 25 dollars off any service over 100 dollars. 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That's always want a candidate. When I miss my nose with caffeine. I said on inside the bottle says alcohol may intensify the effects of this madness. Is that a warrior and encouragement. They're not clear. Welcome back. Today and part Scott parts of dog is fine he took the day off for that surgery the dog. Is up out of surgery it is our understanding here's on his way to go pick her up and and be with her to day and we are thrilled that so is going to be okay. I saw this story. Overnight and my jaw about. Hit the floor. And. When you here. What a Topeka school has agreed to let happ. In its hallways. I think you're going to be surprised but maybe I'm just not. Seeing it. Stock to be the first time that's happened certainly won't be the last but I failed to see why this would be a good idea and I am asking you. If this was your high school would you be angry I think I would be. Live it. If this was going on here so this is for mild on on the moderate Abby Abby don't you. They of bumps the documentary series. Set in cited this to be to high school it was supposed to start next week they have bumped it and we do not have. An air date but it targeted shot a tag Darden shot this is done the school agreed the cameras were in there. It is called undercover. Hot. Eight any network is set to premiere undercover high a gripping your docket series that follows seven young adults now listen to that. Ranging in age from 21 to 26. Who's secretly embed themselves for a semester. And Highland Park High School. The participants pose as typical students. They attend class they make friends. They joined school clubs activities. To provide an inside look at what it's like to be a teenager today at keep in mind these kids are 21. To 26 years old. I'm guessing they looked. Very very yup they have to pass as high school students even though they're 21 to 26. From bullying and the pervasiveness of social media to struggling to excel in the classroom. Under cover high is a look at life between the bells and in the halls. The superintendent. Of two peca public schools signed off on that's what was actually instrumental. In the implementation of this project quoting her here doctor Tiffany Anderson. It is critical that we understand. And support the success of public schools regardless of privilege ethnicity. Getting it. Any any network has served as a teaching and learning partner with Highland Park High School. The students and staff involved voluntarily. Chose to participate. In a project highlighting experiences in school and identifying issues impacting all year. I cannot. Be lean. A high school. Would want this. To happen. Just for a moment if you're an education. Let's just think about things. Go wrong when you let an entire camera crew undercover. With undercover young adults in your school I can not able leaked. H a peek a high school thought this would be a good idea and may it may went fine and everything's great here's what I don't understand. If you're a teacher. Or principal. You know. That bullying is a problem you know that there are certain kids that have trouble fitting end. You know that there are pressures on these kids that we could not imagine when you're growing up you know about all of these things. Why do you need a film for. With six under cover adults. Coming into the school. To that did you kiss. Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me I am missing. Some thing. Here here's the other thing if my kid was in the school and didn't know I didn't. That there were six young adults posing as high school students. Are there are two they have to sign waivers are there kids that are on can I would be. It is something happens let's say a bullying issue aura. I think of all the things that can go wrong on any given day and saddles and high school. What if there's an arrest. What if your kid gets cut in Beijing. How do they handle the privacy concerns with these young people. And when did they tell the students. That this was all. Undercover. 5767798. We're gonna post the story on the website. Maybe. This is a good thing. Please tell me now is announcing at 2980s attacks on if you want a way and it's time to and it's here's Caremark and changes to becoming your Internet service we'll have more next. They're struggling to find the perfect gift for someone who has at all the holidays are fast approaching. Ordered gifts for everybody on your list with just the click of mouse it's real easy. Just go to Omaha steaks dot com we've been doing that for two years we love the flavor we love the selection. We love the price. It took about Omaha steaks and how for only 4999. You get the family gift that when you go to Omaha steaks dot com. And the code word parks in the search bar for savings. 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Scott parts of the backed hard into right Iran Babcock got her marks her and Michael MacKey on his way and as we continue talking about this new ground breaking. Dot U series. Called undercover high. And dates Topeka high school. Agreed. To allow a and with six young adults and by young adults I mean 21 to 26 year old young adults. Who go in and pose. As high school. Students. And monetary a couple more things about it before you weigh in but I am. Struggling. To understand why this would be a good idea. Some digging into their past that younger participants. Said the twenty year olds. Bring to the program a variety of cultures and experiences. The young adults include a former bully. Victims of bullying. A teen mom. I used motivational speaker. A set of siblings. And eighteen. Minister. Now they need is very quick to point out. That these young people went through thorough. Background checks. Extensive training. And ongoing meetings with psychologists. They went to highland park high school for the entire. Spring semester. They became friends with students. It. And let's go to Michael in Lee's summit hi Michael. Okay do. Member. If you get an article you know an all important Bluetooth. Tucker well alarm. Import arsenal. Yeah and I am now from future. I don't like this at all come you aren't you know and he knew that harper our children and it is and modern age and bright screen and choose to pick or shoot or trouble. But they went wrong part and I used it on a barge or outrage at America would. Wish you the questions I have Michael and I don't know this the articles make it sound like. These 620. Year olds OK who are embedded in the school. Do not know. Who else is in bed so these six young adults do not going as a group they don't know. Which of the other students. Is an a in the person and which of the other students is just a student. That's one thing number two. I don't believe. Any of the students were told. And someone correct me if I'm wrong. That this was happening or if they were told her told OK we're gonna have a film crew in here talking about. Bullying but they don't tell them hey by the way six of the people that you're sitting next to the semester our fate. And your partner at our story I think he could came across that it'd work. The outscored. It basically it drawers people horse show. Up right. And a victory. Der exploiting. I'm pork for their ability to increase trading for me. And I am not possible. Are you about any. And I think it used to be more arts and entertainment and now it is shows like my 600 pound life it shows and maybe that's TLC. I don't likeness. I just don't see the benefits. Of allowing this to happen. In high school now in he says it is partnered with a crisis text line. Which is step but it sounds like. And viewers will be able to. Reach out there watching this and they're feeling. Down about themselves there. Suicidal they will be heavily. Telling. Viewers young people. That hate by the way this is the prices text line and if you need help this is where call it. I don't even see that. As a benefit. Necessarily that the crisis Tex lines wrapped let's get a shot in Missouri nice on. A good welcome. As an educator. I would welcome. Not saying that. I grow up and speak went shopping cart tribe or go to the area. As an educator. Not in Kansas City now teaching him that there are small school. I think it's interstate because you know from Delhi area that we had a number. Mean suicide. And that's what the purpose is to come and we finished. Firsthand. You know thirteen bullies and everything there's a number of campaigns out federal mandate campaign to. Be a star. The influence thing like that and I think trauma educators standpoint. Nobody's fooling any we all know exploit that took place when we were in school when China actual treatment. It took place. Still. Even though we try to get them in part due to eliminate it. What happened as an educator that it mr. Robert de. Show me what's going on so I can remove it just. You know showcase. Actually counted and look at and say okay in this class this what's on the other do it all. Go. And I I just saying it but on the flip side of that. Do you think these children high school kids will truly be the same way. When the cameras oral high school. Who is suicidal. And for reasons decides to share. On camera. With me in that young adult that they think is. A friend. I. Or get her. Sixteen. And struck a suicide. What they get the block it. Out or got. A tent on. The cameraman or votes. Isn't it you know. Op where it got the big bulky camper at the news group are all that appealing that. Or like what the little button now cameras were you don't know what you. You know if it's more. Bulky camera is group that now it's not going to be a genuine watch your pot but it depends upon the small helped him. I think it's going to be more of an accurate reflection in the terms of transparency. Of the Ruble you know. Change based on TV you know when they show school yup they sign waivers that they can beat photograph videotape beacon schools now. Yeah if they're in it that our parents sign a waiver saying they write and use their likeness but but Sean there's a difference between taking your child's photo. And that would get on a website to highlight the caps program. And putting your child on eight and me. And entertainment network. To talk about bullying I just don't feel good about it. It was that situation maybe secondary. Question more or treat it like it was like a watcher and go a little awkward walk. I case on thank you for the call it's too you guys and to make it now and I should note that my mother earth. Graduated from Highland Park High School which is the school at the center of this documentary. 5767798. As the number you can text me at twenty to 980. 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I show that was set to premiere I think this week they've pushed it back. And a couple of things I just wanna mention that have come in on the text line. We have a couple of texts from people who say they know people involved. It was a horrible experience and they thought they exploited the kids. I have a couple attacks from someone is says I know an educator who was involved and they thought it was a great experience. My question for Yale. Is would you want. An undercover. Crew with a unique. And six undercover adults ages 21 to 26 masquerading as students. In your child's school I would be lives it. And someone brought in on the checks and said. It's an undercover camera what do you not understand about that. While I was in television for seventeen years so I'm quite aware of what under cameras are and what they do. I will tell you there's a difference between putting an undercover camera in a public place. Using undercover cameras for law enforcement purposes there's an enormous difference between those thinks. And putting an undercover camera in a school. Full of miners. To broadcast on national. Television. When it comes to sensitive subjects like. Date rape. Bullying. Gang initiation. I IE. Really struggled a city. Why anyone would think this is a good idea unless there was a bucket of money given to this. School. Let's go to Lisa in Missouri hi Lisa. Oh. Well I'll let you know Richie and end my concern is former. They're teenagers and their emotional anyway and you have eight straight laced didn't think they've found a brand. First semester and then find out that they've been exploited. By the school and by another student. Turner entertainment value. Out how they feel at the end of this spring semester then. They've Sam app says. It would offer entertainment and they don't have different they thought they add an and app that. What experience shortly after that I depressing at bat. It's good right now eight and is saying. That they're raping this in with the crisis hotline and that the young adults ages 21 to 26. Were heavily vetted. Heavily background. Checked. And had to do weekly visits with psychologists. That may be true. But I sector fraud during a break what is one of those young adults posing as a student. Doesn't this high school and something goes wrong. Particular thing I can think of any number of things that could go wrong here's the other problem you have with say school. When you allow film crew dependent undercover not. You do not own the film. Or editorial rights. To this story once you sign a contract and you agree come on and bring your cameras. If something goes wrong is something paints. A certain students or a certain class. Or your high school as a whole. In a horrible. Light. Use then cannot raise your hand as a school and say. Now wait a minute I know we invited UN to teach. Part. I will tell you with 100% certainty that is not how that works. Once you let those cameras in. They have access to the good and the bad and the ugly and they have complete access and editorial control. Over how to use. And disseminate. That information. By 767798. Let's go to. Linda Italy's island at. Call her. I'm doing it every day I you're all right. Terkel era because. You're. The one or not. All the point you made Eric and I agree on the side and leaking. I don't mean you know about. Well you tell me you go about. And our school. The only school. You know the little boy or. Talk about the bulk. Of it looking lunched. You know our heart to. Probably stop that can't be key if you. It. I'm. Late to. You make it there there there. And then. Felt. You know car park N lock I need to be aware going on the school. That we have you'd be here. All it and I say if if it and thank you for the call. If this shows somehow can prove that it stopped a kid from. Doing that laureate. Just think. The percentage if if you if you made me guess. Of what things could happen that are horrible and can go horribly wrong. Verses the good that can come out of it I think is 99%. To one. I I just don't see any good coming out of this and in the big reveal which I'm sure they'll have. Know that you thought Michael Lewis Carroll's semesters setting from California. But he's really 25 year old. Planted here by a Annie. From the text line as a teacher. I don't need somebody to tell me there's bullying in mind middle school. I don't need somebody to show me what bullying looks like what bullying is happening in my school. We need strategies and help on how to stop it. And how to help kids heels. Isaac and 67798. At the moment and that's good news or earmarks are happening on KM BZ new details released into the shooting at Costello that's next. Your doctor take it is their fridge recently added 135 and you know I've got a girlfriend on more than twenty counts and that included Thanksgiving. 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