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Vacation Views with Mark Comfort
Saturday, February 17th

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You deserve. Vacation this is mark come for your host of vacation views and I'll tell you what this is I'm. Kind of love this is. Valentine's season everybody I hope you. Guys and talk and do you have you thought about what you're gonna do. For valentines. Or for your. Upcoming lady's birthday or anniversary something like that guess what we do to get to travel like cruise holidays and comfort tours and I'll tell you. More and more people are doing that I I love that I love and love and I think it's so cool and before. I don't know why I read all the time that people are not buying as many material things they're buying inexperience as they're buying. Vacations and it's note out. That the vacation. Vacation observer government of priority to everybody and I just love that. And by the way one. Ers were gonna talk to right now. Why he is become becoming a priority and they are right welcome tonic and Beers are. Having me I'm so excited to be here YE. Think of Hawaii you think of romance and a romantic destination absolutely. And you know Hawaii has been a bucket list item for me I have friends who have been over the years and I've watched other people go what I don't like us we've got to get to Hawaii I wanna do that. And so we are so excited. To be able to do this and share this experience with our listeners. I think it is just going to be spectacular. Trip and I'll tell you mark one of the things right now in the dead of winter I keep hearing. Is get me out of Kansas City ever want to say I gotta get out here. And so I just cannot wait to take our listeners on this excursion it's truly going to be amazing. Well let's say September 8 through the fifteenth of this coming year so Dana let's see that's the denying minus 270 my it's not bad at all and you know to me that gives you plenty of time to plan it gives you plenty of time to. Honestly my mom and Emerson pay for it just month to month or gonna put a little bit back. Until that thing is paid for my mom and dad are gone with all that's right guys. Excited yeah I figure mama bear experts are your mom is leaving works out there there are riot there real hit anyone is ever met my mom and dad it's going to be a really good time and down you know we're gonna golf. Were going to sight see. I cannot wait for the Pearl Harbor experience of Saddam on our program. So many times I think everyone has an obligation to gussy Pearl Harbor and I know you've been a we're gonna spent a lot of time and there looking at that site. Reuters sombre. You will be you'll feel so patriotic and I agree it is a must do thing for every American every American citizen should. Not be required but should take time to see Pearl Harbor and there Eric US Arizona but the USS Missouri are now so we'll do both of those and that is it's touchy it is really really touched. What is sings I wanna ask you about because I think people think crews and they think I'm full steam ahead out in the middle of the ocean. And there are of people listening and if you're not a cruise person I understand I have friends are like that mean this is a different experience because we are flying to Hawaii. And then as I describe it kind of slowly meandering from island island this is not a full steam ahead cruise experience. No this is actually the best way Dana I've been no YER gosh probably eight times I've done five cruises around the island so I know the differences in the two. And this is the most unique experience may be anywhere in the world by the white. Norwegian cruise line had to get permission. From the our United States government to do the itinerary they're doing you know one of the things they had to give up may have to flight to ship American. They had to have more American staff on board. And they had to put asunder of boy didn't believe in gambling so they had to take the casino off the ship. And that was the idea of now here's what they're that's the take here to give the give very simply. Is they literally. This ship goes at night from one island to the next and then. You are asleep when we're cruising or most of the time. No proves that goes around Hawaiian island spends more time at port then this ship right here. Five different stops. And it's over a hundred hours day and it's not quite a 110 I think it's 408 hours you get to see all game of the island's yep and that's what people like the best about it. It's a cultural experience Dana Norwegian cruise line brings on. Dance troops in the little older so cute the little hula girls you know you don't learn and a Lula and and do the dances and everything and they. Share would you you know what all that yeah signs are. I just think it's perfect because if you've never been to Hawaii this is the first experience time and place for you to see all of it. And then I had a friend who's done this cruise they're now going back and staying at their favorite stop which happened to be on this cruise now wait feet and and I've heard you say that this gives a taste of all of the islands need and that if you find one that you like or haven't experienced somewhere that you like above all else in a few years go back. And jewel landlocked. Yeah I still urging him there needs I just love it. Are people that all the time and I I don't wimp but what a perfect way. To see all of the white and I was let me just read through this will leave out of Honolulu Hawaii and for most people are gonna come and like you a couple of days a day or two were out. Before then I think you should. At 7 o'clock at night we leave. Op pork and we take a leisurely. Drive we drive shifter cruised over to. Okay in Maui we are their two full days a week over 98 and now we're just using the ship is our hotel now. Food is included entertainment is included so much fun people can rent cars or will have gosh almighty they'll be ten to fifteen different option of things to do. Every day lawyer in port now. From the air we leave at night again and go to Hilo Hilo Dana as where that. The volcanoes are and it's volcano national park truly is one of the neatest things at the close is it that's what all those islands are out there they're a volcano made islands and and that will be a highlight their of that volcano national park. And and then we leave there in the evening and we cruise again leisurely. Over round and this could it. Be one of the most memorable parts of the whole trip that you could only see Bart crews. At 98 when I took David Lawrence is happy if that volcano. Is active. And if but a lot but is flowing now consider that it's seven pitched black sky wouldn't this out of the sky if you can picture this this orange. It's a lot of trail fire cal fire and then right down at the ocean there's smoke steam coming out or goes and it's so cool and then we end up at Kona Kona. Date arguably well co. What my favorite places on all islands and very few people got hurt that we go to col YE. And we cut in this op ambulance because most people Dana. This is called the garden island and most people like desire on the best as far as natural beauty. So I then worked their overnight that's also were the best. Lou will be and then we go back on Louis and up there and nets the day before we fly out there will go in NC Pearl Harbor and Arizona memorial and USS as a. One of the things I said to my golfers. Out there if you are listening is that. We will be playing golf we've RD scouted some of the courses I'm working with our golf pro to figure out OK if we have a limited. Number of courses we can play where should we go we we're gonna ship our sticks straight over the air. So they're there and ready for us if you're a golfer bring your clubs we will be golfing some of the best golf in the world even you'll find in Hawaii. Dana I'm a golfer I've golfed almost every golf course on most all of the islands here's Lisa back. Now I cannot wait yeah you know but it's a semi make all white paradise my dad calls at a golf a golf trip with Hawaii on the side. Well it has something for everybody and we sell a lot of first on cruisers on this itinerary Dana because you do so little actual cruising yeah. And you used the ship as you're floating hotel and it's just luxury hotel at that and by the way it's about 30% less. Is seat Hawaii by cruise and his stay in atom for for a five. There's no such thing as an all inclusive hotel unlike field and it really just gonna drizzly day in a dot com sign up we still have a few slots available cruise with Dana dot com. Very simple easy website to remember. Or just ask for the dinner right does mark when they call you guys Chris holidays that number of course it 167417. Before seventeen. 7417. Before seventeen. Asked for the Dana right desk but the easiest way to do it you'll see pictures and all kinds of stuff is to go with that Chris with Dana dot com all of the information you need. You'll find at Chris with Dana dot com please come with us what a delight this is going to be. Well you are and you're going to be so active and involved with everybody and people like that and then when they listened on radio that it's going to be like. And by the way we have Earl looked you can only talk about things afterwards on radio yes no first name no less what happens on the ship stay on the ship. You're always so much fun. When Dana dot com this is mark comfort vacation villas state do and I'll be right back with more. On the wonderful world of vacations. Welcome back to vacation days this is mark come for your host and I do wish. All of you. They're happy especially couples happy just to think Arab contribute what you should be thankful acquiesced. Valentine's. Valentine's Day this Wednesday guys again. Like grade probably. Ought to be thinking about gotten some thunder who have not been dealt roses are droplets. But what. Lot of people doing more writes I've found this happened more more more we can help you guys we can make it look like a hero or ladies' figure is eight here's a sneaky way ladies. If you wanna go. On a destination on a vacation somewhere. Where the. The gifted travel. Come on an hour or call us I'm Nicole moving bark takes care this and our office she can make up pay up. A certificate for you we can be as specific as you want we can make. A seven day cruise on September 8 through the drifting to a Dana right it back we can make of that specific. Or it's over birthday or anniversary your Christmas New Year's. Or we can just make a generic mean. Eighty. All inclusive resort. Who Dominican Republic. A over water bungalow. In more more. You know accrues. To. You know wherever Alaska. That we can we can make it simple. And easy. But what I find that gift of travel does it just makes. You a hero and sometimes. Sometimes you earlier your spouses who let's make it specific but didn't. You wanted to change for whatever not a problem we can do whatever you want to we can make abide dollar value or we can make it by. I'm whatever it is you want whatever we can and has been secure so flexible with these things don't want to want older eight. We're talk right now about. The most romantic destinations in the world and I get asked this all the time. I'm in for thirty years we've only cruise holidays and comfort dirge where people all the time commencing any worse or should we Gore's most romantic place. You've ever been in a lot of times that conversation also start something like this my spouse and I. To get away and we have to spend some quality time together we need some time without the stresses of the daily. Life without departures in the world problems sometimes without the kids. And Greg gets. And you know that's a really hard thing to answer. The most from managers nation the world I'd give you what what we find. Our customers tell us. I I've pulled out a couple of bombs and I like travel and leisure a lot of think they're very good day poll. Their clients not our come up with a lot of things there's. It into everybody the word romantic. It is got a different definition. You don't to a lot of people. And ladies specifically it's a tiny room. Or especially. She. Doesn't have the responsibility is it cooking cleaning. And all the other things that go on in the house. It's a time. When she gets you. And you get her. Without the distractions and interruptions. Of daily life and I have found the best way you know intentions are always good. To go to bed and breakfast. Oh you know romantic place. Your you know hotel downtown what ever might be very good idea. Very good idea to get the way or something about get away get away from her home. Get away from you know when you are in your home when you are candidly. Where everybody get all the union get over her body. If it you're not really get away you're not get away mentally. And sometimes. Those distractions. Are necessary for a romantic destination right not to say why. What I have told everybody over the years. I've never been personally and I've been done 101 countries and on well over hundred cruise and well over fifty. Probably close maybe all inclusive vacations. More hotels and I figured it out at at at and the reality is you know what. If. Your definition a romance. Is to take all the stress pressures and distractions like there's nothing no place I've ever been like Bora Bora. In Nam. And in any of those over water bungalows there. That oh my gosh it is like heaven on earth. Have been honor. And Todd are that that would that's what comes to my mind. A low let me tell you are wasn't coast Rica. Couple years ago went and looked at a property called and I are. NI RS springs. And this nigh are up all my goodness and we are up in the armed. All Keno area. On the aren't all. Region of Costa Rica and and I I didn't stay there but I toured it 'cause I heard so much about it and it's very expensive very very expensive. My goodness gracious how again and it was lush. Flowers everywhere beautiful spectacular. Spectacular. Spectacular. And then literally stood out and now. There's so many so many places around. Cruises you know cruises women view. As one of the most romantic vacations there is why because she gets pampered she has no responsibilities. He has no. Yes she doesn't claimed you don't ever make a bad you don't have to auction you have to do anything somebody else doing that before she has a spot to go to. Or you know if you wanted to picked armed for yourself and the fitness centers are the ala. Things they have their with the yoga and Pilates that's that's a big deal to a lot of people wellness now is a huge deal well. Guys. About the old saying. You. Treat cure ladylike and queen. And you're gonna be treated like a king. And there's a lot of truth to that. So what ever kinda vacation that is it is unique and different I I will tell you it has been fascinating to me. You know I always look at what honeymooners are booking because honeymoons are exposed to be. On the most romantic. Get away. Well that's the pure definition a romances and and get away together. To start your life. And become one is a couple. In you know we're seeing some fabulously unique and different places right now for honeymoons. I'm what what is passing you me our own law honeymooners. All different ages I might add. That are going on safaris. And by the way if you ever look at the top ten. Resorts in the world. You'll find him many times where from five to seven depending on who you look at what survey company look at our. These small little. Romantic. Properties. Sometimes tented properties. In South Africa. Or now they're putting him in Tanzania. And Kenya. And you had the adventure of the safari to that that's really romantic to a lot of people. And everybody has a different definition romance hot tea sometimes is laying out on a beach beautiful beach. In Mexico. One of the best romantic things you can do Mimi and I love to go. To this Eldorado Roma. Property. In south Cancun to us. Those properties are so private. Bailout or Shia or purse there the beaches just. You know world class. And only he's idea of a romantic getaway my wife Mimi. Is where she. Can do what you want. Which means nothing at all most the time. And and reading books that's her she loves that her way of winding down unwinding and relaxing reading books. So I'm cool is that. You know it it did though she's there's hundreds of places in the United States. I've had people rent our Condo the comfort Condo and copper mountain Colorado. And I've had. A good people tell me is the world's most dramatic place. You know they've ever stayed in bend. So again that's totally. Totally. What your definition is a romantic and everybody's definition has different but the one thing I do know is. I'm critical is to spoil your spouse. Is to pamper her is and him. Give her right out I'll talk from a guy's perspective now that opportunity. To go to the spot. Maybe get a facial or pedicure manicure a massage some some people or my wife loves that that says as a relax and hers anything areas. And and then just haven't uninterrupted. Quality time together. We reached best don't have that in there's got a dirty war in June like. So that's why I think vacations. All over the world are becoming so popular but whatever it is that might be your definition. Of romantic. We'd love to help you win that and that's what. Are staffed as we call our salespeople counselors because a lot of times when a couple comes in let's just use. The example of a couple. One person has all different definition or were they wanna go or idea where they wanna go what they wanna do then the other couple than the other person so our council worst. I didn't find something works for both or. If we get away like always don't of flip going. And now one of the couples. You know one of the people picked this year and the other big picture in the no complainant. Or compromise and find the perfect vacation getaway but whatever it is and and by the way in Hawaii you can never go wrong with a wired I've been coy as one of the always the most dramatic places you go because it's so beautiful. So relaxing so priest. To a lot of people they want it were people speaking of that you Dick the American dollar. And that's a tremendous as some people it's going to someplace exotic like. You don't act Cambodia Thailand. South Pacific record just said. Maybe Australia New Zealand. Something you dream about doing. Your whole life that's why these bucket list things are such a big deal. Well whatever his tribute don't know what it is maybe that gift of travel. Is perfect for you you you can be the hero we can make up that gift to travel even as late as Wednesday afternoon. Or you give you that certificate. As detailed or as generic as you want. We can package it up we've put some brochures weather. And you can be hero. So there you go to get to travel to happy Valentine's Day everybody in this market for vacation do you they'll be right back. Welcome back to vacation views this is mark come for your Austin thanks for listen and hear this Saturday in. We are into the weekend before Valentine's Day and guys. Guys we can help be if you haven't found that perfect gift for your ladies or if there's just not. You want something more than flowers and chocolates. And I think gift to travel we can make your king. A gift of travel. Anywhere you wanna go any. As detailed as you want that. Gift certificate to be or as generic we can do that for you in were open today until three so give us a caller that's of interest to you weight 16. 505151050515. Honored. I wanna switch gears right now we're dark from our friend mr. Jared. Evans of regent seven seas cruises not tell you what deer were talking about romantic vacations. I'm about taking your sweetheart on a regent seven seas. Small ship luxury all inclusive cruise anywhere in the world can't get much more romantic than that Tenet. Absolutely not mean you talk about being hampered in being waited on hand and foot you know on onboard are shipped. Is that white glove service is no other way we have access to Cambridge ball. On board our ship can really. Indulgent experience onboard. Lifestyle. Additionally while traveling to these wonderful. You know romantic detonation there island you're a NG. They and by the way and I hear the word. Pampering and spoil lean a lot when I'm here. The definition of what people think about romantic vacations are aware about business class error if you're going. Over the long. Ocean to wherever it is across the world leaders say and that's pretty pampering spoiling business class area and that's included with a lot region Christmas. That edited and hit the net you you know if you're gonna crude if you're recruited body might go quiet island kick back relax. And really enjoy. The experience of getting married I mean that part of vacation experience as well. Not just the onboard experienced a hole. Start finish. Overall but yet didn't clap there is by far one of the great conclusion that we offer you know and we're the only one out there a ball in the war barred gap to widen last year as well. You know it is interest in Jeremy when I think about and I'll bet you find this to be true. A lot of our region customers that want that small ship luxurious. All inclusive feel. There're there're. They go to region for the first time maybe. For an anniversary for a very special anniversary may be an anniversary that ends with a five ever hurt or lose zero and they wanna spoil. Each other and and they use. Regent and and Jared I don't think there's any cruise line anywhere in the world that has a higher. Satisfaction ratio than you guys in re peat factor is I mean you know what you're repeat factor and satisfaction ratio is. Yeah you know it it's very strong you know and it in the industry as you know market. There's so many choices out there all of our guests stand and really you know having a high satisfaction of repeat business were a little over. Nor. 52%. Impact gas. Put that satisfaction we know what we have an opportunity to welcome memo or. That we're going to meet that satisfaction were going to give them the region experienced. And you know almost all the time or another I wanna come back and vote again what it. And I am and what I sent Jerry the other thing I wanted to talk about two in this age of ships getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger there are a lot of people and then that is right for there's a lot of people it's not right for. Regent seven seas cruises tell everybody about the size zero ships and what makes that intimate service that you offer so special. Yet it you know we we carry no more than 750. Jet off aboard our ships in the ad that you that you know just continue to get bigger and bigger in the industry. But you know are tried and true what we invite saying lifted. You know maintain those smaller ships. And really create. That intimate experience on board. And by doing so you know only having 750 gap occurred guest ratio of about 121 half. Were able to that they're really hit all those are all those box uncheck that box is or get. By doing. Peppering the service and all that great stuff onboard. Well you do a phenomenal job there is absolutely no doubt about that and I just love the fact that it's all inclusive vital I think Americans more and more want. And intimate service more more want. To pay one price up front and then not being nickel and dying throughout their vacation and that. Most certainly is what regent seven seas cruises stands for is all about what makes region you more unique than maybe any other line especially. Offering their business class air one. You go fly over the pond so to speak at the Atlantic or Pacific. And they Jarrett let's sound. A switch gears a little bit to destinations the other thing that's smaller ships can do the bigger ships cannot do is getting into different. Ports different harbors different cities different areas of the world that the big ships can't you guys can get they're catching. Alia that. That really a great benefit of happy all chip in and being able that you didn't get each of these smaller and more each sport Taguchi pork. You know and you know are we talking about romantic air you know there's there's a lot of those islands you know typically over in the Mediterranean area. Where we're at war and some of those dramatic that the nation exists so were able to take our customers failure customers there are so. It definitely. Look into an opportunity to get over there that. You know where I would probably our first outside of course you know the Caribbean South Pacific and all those other great. Right right right hey I Garrett a lot of people. Have and they just don't know really a lot about luck trees small ship cruising like regent seven seas. So on February 27. We are going to have an event that's a Tuesday. Two weeks from this Tuesday we will have an event that will be. Bob and I I like to call what my staff does like this but the good better and messed. The holding company that owns. Regent seven seas cruises Oceana. In our region cruise line and I think did we'd never done this before and I'm really excited care for people to come to learn. The differences. And kind of what you get for what you pay for and you three. Will be able explain that orchard. Yeah we love it I'm different than that I'm really excited about very passionate about as well. I'm partnering with our parent company and our sister company. Region and our Oceana and Norwegian well. You know like I said there's a lot actually about there and ordered thrilled to be able he's getting one platform. Or one arena so to speak. On the partner with you on this corner with all of your great cruise counselor Eric really. You know explain and decide which you have that choice. Because that you mentioned earlier you know 11 play maybe better for someone else another but it has the opportunity to really find. Wish experience is is that for you and aren't so I'd. I think you again mark for allow an opportunity to put it together you're great. Well I REI and I'm real excited about it because I I do know this and Mimi and I have. Spend part of our business model from day one the more we can educate. Our. Clients and our potential clients the better decisions they can make for the vacation that's. Asked for them in you and I both know not everybody. Is is regent seven seas cruises is perfect for same way not everybody. Is perfect for Norwegian cruise line or Oceana. So I think the importance is one and we can help you learn the differences. Between these cruise lines like I say you you learn. About what you get it for what you pay and that is always a big big deal like an end but at this event Tuesday. February 27 at our office to cruise on his office interstate 2972. Street. You will be able to get to talk to each of these representatives. And listened to them it's tell you what they're. What what makes their cruise line special and unique and different I I'm really excited about this too now you do need our history being let us know. That you will be coming it is going to be a fun event there will be. They'll be good reasons for you to come both from a culinary point of view as well as from a and ability to save some money so you do need our sleepy. Anyone 67417417741. 7417. And Jerry knew you will be there him when Oceana will be their Clarence would. Norwegian cruise line on me there and you don't lead the thing that I just love is. We're doing this in February so people still have a chance to. Make a decision for this year's vacation or maybe they're taken already for 2019. And you can common you can learn and you can save and remember a delightful evening. So. Let me ask you one quick question in the last minute and a half we have a lap down. If if I am Christian not right now say Kristen near your wife cared Kirsten and I said. Or would you want Jared to take you for a Valentine's Day for one of the most romantic destinations anywhere in the world what would you say. Connected. You know it is but. I have to be honest she's she had a top spot for Italy and you know island that could create Italy would probably yeah. A very good security bird well. That's what I don't know outright. Well I've been a good Burry and that's a beautiful place and anywhere in Italy and regent seven seas cruises all around. I Italy in many areas right. Yeah exactly. Then you can definitely go anywhere in Italy looked at you all about trading at a lot as romantic island in the smaller leisure areas beginning to result. Very exciting time in the very great the nation. I gotta tell you crews are like regional would be so fabulous to go to the Greek island specially. Places like Santa green you where you cruise end of that crater and so incredibly fabulous. Are making those places like that there's just some of those organs such. Islands anyway Jared I look forward seen you and I just to tad over two weeks and thanks so much for joining me today and have. A very very happy and romantic Valentine's Day it is Tuesday this Wednesday. Thank you very much Martin you can help. All the best. As Jarrett Evans when regent seven seas cruises if you wanna learn the difference in those three wonderful cruise lines I like to call the good better and rest. Original group line Oceana and regent seven seas cruises. Are as PP please that it wants 67417417. Tuned Tuesday night February 27 starting at 6 o'clock and there will be reasons for you to come join us. Hey thanks so much this is mark Crawford vacation Beers and I'll be right back. Welcome back to our last segment of vacation here's oh my gosh this show is gone so fast over have a great Saturday and I'd. And wish you the very very best for. Or your vacation planning for 2018. Or maybe even 2019. The last done. Tuesday we had been. Our onstage Alaska mentally and almost 200 people. There it or even despite all the threats of snow this ever happened but there and all the throats of snow went. That that is just fascinating how many people we had not come to that event I wanna tell you about. As a story that happens all the time and happen again Tuesday. That two couples. Came up to be down. On stage Alaska. I'm performers of people who were brought in from Holland America line said hey we'll look not with Cruz Ali is Kansas City but with Costco. And we. We can't get them to tell us anything about the shore excursions are. Or any that we can't get any information on them they just took our money in and that's why we came to this event they said could could you help us with shorts versions. And the tell us that no no that's the job of your travel agent I I I I don't have time to go over. All that how we viewed takes a lot of time takes a lot of knowledge and any hint I'd I AM. Guy came up to me. Well I went up to them and Erica I was called up and the guy sent a kind of switch my booking over you. Arsenal. All have you made final payment on its a known and I suggest I'm sure you can you have to be proactive and tell. Holland America through an email that you. Are not getting the service from who you've booked wind and you want your bookings switched over to. I in this case Oscars holidays Kansas City and he he did that literally almost on the spot fuhrman's. Phone any elected may one when he's done he goes you know what I didn't know. There were travel agencies out there. That provided through this kind of service that that that you're offering to us that your offering all your clients and now I know the difference. And I got to tell you I just felt so. Good then. And that's why we do so money these events and frankly I do believe that's wire business have been so successful got as richly richly blessed us. I'm both professionally and personally in a lot of the professional part of this is because we. Have stuck with a business model for now thirty years thirty years can you really that we're going in north thirtieth here we open up and 1988. It'll just one and my wife and a part time employee. We didn't Payer by the lawyer we've traded out some vacations were there as we're not enough money to bear. And our grown am 128 employees there were one of the largest. I'm vacations specialist in the entire midwest but the one I can tell you as well one very very few in the country that has the kind of business model that we have and that's to give. Just outstanding. First class. Professional. Knowledgeable. Service. How long. How many dollars net vacation. Is TU. It's a very hurt very important investment and diamond money. And there are so many differences just like we're talking about the differences in the current lines so many differences and travel agents are so many differences and who you have an opportunity to book. Your vacation where ID you know the book kept. Directly with the cruise line we have so many people do that. And then they find just like I just described with Costco that they're not getting any surface. From. Groups like this cruise lines for the most part really are not designed. To spend a lot of time when you're talking about. You know should you have travel insurance what's the benefits what's done. Disadvantages how about pre nine hotels what about your air how about transfers getting to and from. The airport to our hotel the hotel to the ship. What kind of short versions are best port should you be sure not to amend certain not to do. You know those type things what are you Wear the number one question asked devices about clothing what to Wear. In all it is so important your vacation be in the very best it can be and there's nobody in the country Arab League quite like us that our first. And will take the time. To give you professional. Counsel. From our first hand knowledge. Of these vacation experiences whether their ocean cruises river cruises are all inclusive land based resort and that truly is what makes us special. I you've heard me say in a lot of these commercials that I do Q our success were big enough to have the buying power that very few other people world have. It's small enough to still care. About each and every client. Who we work with because we know we satisfy you on your vacation. You're gonna come back and do more vacations witness and you'll tell other people about it so that's our cruise holidays Kansas City and comfort to worst has grown too early to be one of the largest. Vacations specialist in the United States of America were very very proud of that. Very very proud of that but that mission of in the very best in customer service and product knowledge and destination knowledge. Matching our clients up with a what's right for them not what we want what is right for you and that. Just let that formula works and it's worked for thirty years we're not gonna change. Okay switch gears a little bit too now this comes up all the time we have so many people Lotta times are. First time travelers to Europe. Sometimes are solo travelers traveling by themselves that want to travel. Want to go places but they're just a little nervous. There would like to go. With a group like to go on a hosted trip I get people ask me all the time when I'm gonna posted trip to hear their wherever. And what I have to do is Tomei is here's what I've got planned well is that of interest to you. Or here's what we have planned for other. People like like being arraigned in the first segment of the show Dana right. The DJ hero 98 point one came BZ. Is not taken a group of people who like cruising around all of the Hawaiian Islands September 8 through the fifteenth. I encourage your boy if you wanna go to why this is a fabulous way to CY and Dane has so much funnel more aggression so much fun. Has similar cruise with the Dana dot com or call us a cruise holidays. And we can tell you all about her cruised to know why this September rate. By the way I am I've got a group that I'm taking on the Rhine river. June 11 through the eighteenth from Basel Switzerland. Amsterdam. Seven glorious days on that wonderful river we have bomb I think it's four. For a five Kevin's left. On that cruise and I will be sold out my did have shipped charter and its armed got a great great deal and you don't eat you know. You a lot of that's so much fun those verbal cruises are great then now and we've just announced this. Fact on February 22 Randy whisked off the director of the Kansas City zoo will be talking at the zoo about his upcoming. Trip to Tanzania his safari to Tanzania in February. Of 2019. So that's of interest to you are his three. 7417417. And we can tell you all about that mortgage you signed up for that in for racial seminar on February 22 that's going to be out of the zoo. Then I'm two days before that on February 20 I would be talking to propose. About. My February of 2019 Myers hosted trip called South America vineyards and are we talking knew about the trip from Buenos Aires. To Santiago. Would I stops him and Mendoza. More than make those great mall backs and then in Santa Cruz which is in Chile where they have it's the Napa valley of Chile. So we've got some home many things going on maybe might wanna go to Iceland where thus. This August I got to Gammons available on that for fourteen days at a Amsterdam. Iceland and Scotland Norway. One or white or Everett is that you might wanna go all the world. Whatever kind of vacation. Ocean cruising river cruising all inclusive resorts are customized. Closed on Sundays. 81674017417. Or check us out online you can go to our website cruise holidays. TC dot com cruise holidays. Casey dot com. And you're not happy Valentine's Day everybody and remember you deserve a great vacation.